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21 years of supporting adults with a learning disability to Speak Out & be heard.


“We’re Keeping Safe with Speak out in Hounslow”

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April-June Spring 2019

Speak Out AGM 2019 in Hounslow

Tuesday 14th May

London Museum of Water & Steam Green Dragon Ln. Brentford TW8 0EN

Vote in our Management Committee Find out what we have been up to Fun and entertainment Meet the staff, MC and Members Free lunch! Speak Out News

Update from the Directors Welcome to the Spring SOH News! Read about what we’ve been doing and find out what you can get involved in. There are 6 pages of outings, tasters and chances to learn. Sarfraz will be starting a computer skills course where he wants to know what you want to learn. Ring him to book your place. Our Garden Group starts again too! Plus... don’t miss our AGM. Put the date in your diary and we’ll see you there!

Sally Malit & Nick Benjamin Co-Directors, Speak Out in Hounslow

Get involved with Speak Out Radio Listen online anytime: SOH.org.uk/radio Recording May/June.

See Outings & Tasters for dates.

Ring Nick to book your place on 07949 076062.

Supported by COOP Community Fund

Speak Out News

Keeping Safe

Travel Training News Our ‘Keeping Safe’ course has been running for the 2nd time throughout March with 10 eager students! At the start of the course, we asked everyone what they most wanted to learn about how to keep safe and happy. They told us Being safe at home - especially if you are on your own and someone knocks on your door Being safe when you go out to meet your friends or go shopping How to be safe on the bus or on the train Where it is best to cross the road Looking after valuables like mobile phones, your money, your bus pass and your keys

Keeping Safe

More Info? Ring Steve 07904 494 677

Two Police Officers called Vincent and Angela came to our class. Our students asked them lots of questions about how to keep safe and happy. The Police Officers told us all first not to worry too much! Hounslow is a nice place to live. They gave us all some top tips as to look after ourselves if something goes wrong and we need to get some help. The Police enjoyed themselves so much, they want to come along to the next time we run the course! Also on the course we do some drama with Terri about mate crime. Sarfraz helps us to be safe online. We look at what it means to “give consent”. We also do some work on looking at who to trust and who not to trust. If you would like to sign up for the next round of the ‘Keeping Safe’ course - or find out about Travel Training please speak to Steve. Remember - keep safe and be happy!

Speak Out News

CCP News Members of the CCP (Campaigns Consulations & Partnerships) project had a good start to 2019. The visit to the House of Commons was a great success and very useful. The members were very fortunate that the MP for Isleworth & Brentford, Ruth Cadbury met up with them. She answered questions and very helpfully explained about “Brexit”. CCP are really pleased that the Human Rights organisation Change asked us to get involved with the Prescription Charge consultation & their Cancer Research focus group. Change invited CCP to their Grass Roots Inclusion workshop looking at access to NHS services & the experiences faced by Learning Disabled Adults. Results from this workshop & one held in Leeds will let the NHS know how people feel.

CCP meetings Fridays 1-3pm Clayponds Community Ctr. 26th April 17th May 21st June

Two CCP members had problems buying a delivery item with at the new Argos in Chiswick. So we ran a mystery shop to find out what the problem was. Anthony found out from the Manager that customers do not need an email address if they want an item delivered. Also if any LD Adults have any issues their staff are trained to give more informed customer service. From the start of the building of the new Hounslow Council offices, members have voiced their concerns about where CCP meetings will be held. We have been officially told that the meeting rooms will be on the 6th floor. CCP members asked to visit Hounslow House before it opens, so that they can see how accessible it will be. Unfortunately, this has not happened, so another building – Clayponds Community Centre (with level access) has been booked for April, May and June’s meetings. It is on the 65 bus route. We look forward to seeing you there!

Speak Out News Drama 3-5pm Thursdays Line Dancing 10am-12pm Fridays at Hounslow Arts Centre.

Drama and Movement We are talking more about belonging, and what belonging means for our members. Learning Disabled adults need to find that place where they are valued & can contribute to their community. Our Ushering project did just that! Speak Out’s ushers covered over 20 performances of Robin Hood & Creative Academy’s production at Hounslow Arts Centre. Ushers have been learning many important social skills including team working. Our line dancers continue to work very hard on new routines. Why not join them? You don’t need a partner, its lots of fun and helps with your fitness. Our drama group rehearse weekly. We are working on a play “Plastic not so fantastic”. We hope to perform it later this year. We are creating fish and collecting plastic bottles for props. We’re also working on some comedy sketches to perform at the AGM. We use movement, music & dance so we have a lot of practicing to do! Night of Festivals Speak Out’s drama & line dancing members will be involved in this year’s Night of Festivals in Hounslow town centre on Sat 15th June. Do come and support us!

IMPORTANT: We welcome all adults with learning disabilities to get involved with what we offer. We provide activities, outings & learning. We are NOT a support service. If you are not independent... you must come with your own support worker or carer. If you suffer from fits or epilepsy, you need to come with support. We CANNOT provide support or additional care. Our staff are not allowed to assist with lifting or personal care matters. Please do NOT ask our staff to help in these areas. Please arrange your own travel to/from our events. For the safety of our staff they are not allowed to see individuals home.

Outings & Tasters Bring food/drink

Thursday 4th April


April 2019 Bring money for food/drink

Bring spending money

Come and see the High School version of the musical Chicago. Book with Jeff by 1st April


6.15pm at BBs, or 7.15pm at Questors Theatre, Ealing. £14 for tickets.

Saturday 6th April

Come & learn about great local history around the corner at Twickeham Museum.

Meet Thursday 11th April

Meet Monday 15th April

Meet Wednesday 17th April


10am at BBs. Entrance is FREE!


Every song tells a story. Bring your favourite songs on CD, phone or sing them... then tell us why you like them. 10.30am-12.30pm at Mission Hall, Brentford. FREE TASTER! Puzzles & Board Games. Come and sharpen you wits. Challenge yourself, your team & your friends! 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE TASTER!

Are you up for knocking down the pins at Heathrow’s Airport Bowl? 10am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £5 for game & shoe hire.


Outings & Tasters Tuesday 23rd April

Meet Saturday 27th April

Meet Monday 29th April

Meet Wednesday 1st May


April and May 2019 Come with us for a lovely visit to London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

10am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ Entrance is FREE! Acton Town Depot. Get to know your favourite London Underground line! Book with Jeff by 6th April 10am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ £10 Entrance fee. Meditation and Relaxation Learn some simple postures, exercises, breathing techniques & mind calming methods. 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE TASTER! Hand Massage - Discover what a good hand massage feels like and learn how to do it yourself! 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE TASTER!

Friday 10th May

Lunch at The Plough Pub, Norwood Green. £10 for lunch. Meet 12.30pm BBs.

Sunday 12th May

Brentford Sportsfest Register for a sponsored walk Try out new sports, explore Syon Park Sports Village! 10am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ Ring Jeff for details & to book.


Outings & Tasters Tuesday 14th May

Meet Wednesday 15th May

Meet Friday 17th May

Meet Monday 20th May

Meet Tuesday 21st May

Meet Wednesday 22nd May

AGM 2019

May 2019 The Speak Out AGM. Hear about a year in the life of Speak Out. Includes entertainment and free lunch!

12pm-3.30pm at London Museum of Water & Steam in Brentford. TW8 0EN. FREE! Model Building! Create your own model with lego, clay, and lots of other building materials. 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE TASTER! Free classical music concert from the London Symphony Orchestra at St Luke’s Chapel in Central London. 10.30am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ FREE ENTRY! Come and learn how to find a Bargain Buy. Learn about bargain hunting when out and about and shopping online. 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE TASTER! Marketing Day Special! Guided tour of GTB - a big marketing company. Find out about the world of marketing. 10am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ Book with Jeff by 20th April. Get involved putting together the next Speak Out Radio Show. Phone Nick to book your place. Recording at QWest 4pm - 6pm.

Outings & Tasters Thursday 30th May

Meet Thursday 30th May

Meet Tuesday 4th June

Meet Sunday 9th June

Meet Thursday 13th June


May and June 2019 Musicals Day Films, fun, arts & crafts -all with a musical performance flavour!


10.30am-12.30pm at Mission Hall, Brentford. FREE! Bring own Lunch!

Sing-along-a-Jeff! Continuing the Musicals Day theme... make some great sounds with us!


12.30am-2.30pm at Mission Hall, Brentford. FREE! Bring own lunch!

Join us for a cinema trip. Film choice nearer the time. 12.30pm at BBs, Treaty Centre. £14 for entry. Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre - Open Day. Try out kayaking, canoeing, rowing & other water sports. 9.30am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £5 for entry. Book by 30th Apr.


Covent Garden Murder Mystery

follow a trail of clues around the famous market to find out whodunnit! 9.30pm at BBs, Treaty Centre. Bring money for lunch!


Outings & Tasters Saturday 15th June

Meet Thursday 20th June

Meet Saturday 22nd June

Meet Wednesday 26th June


June 2019 Camden Market Shopping Explore the famous delights of this wonderful market.

9.30am at BBs, Treaty Centre. £ Bring spending money. London 3 Parks Walk Join us for a stroll through London’s Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park. 10am at BBs, Treaty Centre.


Picnic and Park Games Bring your bats, balls, frisbees for a fun day in one of our local parks. 12pm at BBs, Treaty Centre.


The Birthday Party Bash. Come and celebrate Speak Out members with birthdays in April, May and June. 10.30am-12.30pm at Clayponds Community Centre, Ealing Road, Ealing. W5 4RQ. FREE!

Wednesday 26th June

Get involved putting together the next Speak Out Radio Show. Phone Nick to book your place. Recording at QWest 4pm - 6pm.

Friday 28th June

Lunch at Hungry Horse, Hounslow. £12 for lunch. Meet 12.30pm BBs.

Learning, Fitness, Friendship... and it’s all FREE! Group/ Class Garden Volunteers

What Time & Day?

Where is it?

Start Date/ End Date

Mondays 10am-12pm

London Museum of Water & Steam Start: 8 Apr

AQA Tuesdays Arts & Crafts 10am-12pm

London Museum of Water & Steam Start: 30 Apr

AQA Exercise Tuesdays

St Raphaels Home The Butts, Brentford. TW8 8BQ


Will to Win, Chiswick House Grounds. Chiswick. W4 2RP


Brentford Fountain Leisure Ctr.


for Fun!




Gym Group


Wednesdays 1.30-2.30pm

Meet up and Wednesdays 3pm-4pm swim AQA Learn to cook

Thursdays 10am-12pm

Green Dragon Lane, Brentford. Green Dragon Lane, Brentford.

Brentford Fountain Leisure Ctr. Start: 1 May

Gym members FREE. Others £3.10

Mission Hall, Mission Square, Brentford TW8 0SD.


Mission Hall, Mission Square, Brentford TW8 0SD.


Thursdays 3pm-5pm

Hounslow Arts Centre Treaty Centre, Hounslow


Mixed Line Dancing

Fridays 10am-12pm

Hounslow Arts Centre Treaty Centre, Hounslow


Computer Skills with Sarfraz

Fridays 2.30-4.30pm

AQA House- Thursdays keeping Skills 1pm-3pm Creating Drama Together

Speak Out Office (see back cover) Start: 5 Apr 5th & 12th April. Then End: 24 May 3rd,10th and 24th May.

Red dot NO SESSIONS Mon 8th April - Mon 22nd April Blue dot NO SESSIONS Mon 27th May - Fri 31st May We acknowledge the kind support of our activities/courses providers and funders:

Nick Benjamin 07949 076062

Director Lead Director for day to day operations

Pat Azille Jaspaul Vilkhu 07904 494674 07949 075499

Sally Malit 07949 076081 Director Lead Director for fundraising & monitoring

Sarfraz Kherdin 07873 360708

CCP Project CCP Project Worker CCP Project Worker Co-ordinator

Jo Chapman 07984 728037 Empowerment Co-ordinator

Steve Joyce 07904 494677 Travel Training Co-ordinator

Vaishali Arora Rebecca Driver Terri Kember 07904 494696 07538 419911 07949 075603

Empowerment & Outings Worker

Jeff Munday

07904 494686 Outings & Tasters Co-ordinator

Movement & AQA learning Administrator Drama Co-ordinator Speak Out in Hounslow 2-03 QWest 1110 Great West Road London TW8 0GP 1stname@speakoutinhounslow.org

All information within Speak Out News is correct at time of going to print. Please look at our website or contact us for the very latest information. Edited & Designed by Nick Benjamin. (c) Speak Out in Hounslow 2019.

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Speak Out News - April to June 2019  

Read the latest news from leading Learning Disabilities charity Speak Out in Hounslow.

Speak Out News - April to June 2019  

Read the latest news from leading Learning Disabilities charity Speak Out in Hounslow.