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APRIL 2014 |


The Formula for Your Breakthrough by: Felicia Brown

“I NEED A BREAKTHROUGH AND I NEED IT NOW!” Many of us have experienced the need to receive a breakthrough from heartbreak, lack of finances, unemployment and countless other concerns and issues at some point in our lives. We cried out to God, “If I could just get a breakthrough from behind the gates of entrapment that have me bound, then I will be free to love again; to regain control of my finances; to get my house in order. However, many of us did not know how to receive the breakthrough we so desperately longed for. We were taught to just pray. I used to love to hear my Grandmother say: "Baby, when you don't know what to do, just take it to the Lord in prayer." So, when life started happening, I started praying. I would pray without ceasing! But that was not enough. I felt better but I still had not received the breakthrough I was longing for. I began to talk to God and ask Him, “Lord, what is it that I am lacking? I am praying to You and I know You hear me. Your word says in Psalms 116:2 that when I pray that you will bend down and listen.” Then Psalms 22:3 came to mind, reminding me that the Lord inhabits the praises of his people. That meant that God dwells in our praise!

You can pray all day and night, which is good, because the bible says that we should pray without ceasing both day and night. After many years of just praying without praising, however, I learned that praise was the missing piece to receiving my breakthrough. After receiving this revelation, I began to rise early in the morning to seek God. No longer just praying; but also praising Him and letting Him know how much I adored Him. The more I worshiped and praised, I could literally feel a shifting taking place. Imagine a brick wall or a wall of stone hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher. Strength and power of this magnitude will cause buildings to collapse. This is what happens when we praise and worship while in need of a breakthrough: those things from which we need to break free will collapse. While deep prayer is good, the real formula for your breakthrough is your worship and your praise unto God. Will you still worship and praise Him when you don't want to or feel like it? It is not always the easiest thing to do. But as a living witness, I can promise you: if you are in need of a breakthrough, begin to rise early and seek Him by way of your praise and worship. And begin to rejoice in advance because your breakthrough is here! Contact: IG: Prettyprayinglady FB: Felicia Brown

April 2014 |


The Formula for Renewing Your Mind by: NinaMotivatesU It is easy to be positive when things are going good in your life. The challenge is being positive when things are not so well. Usually when things go left, you can think of all the wrong that is going on and has gone on as well as those things that could go wrong. That is what the enemy would want you to do. As I said in a previous article your thoughts are powerful and your thoughts create! If you think it, you can become it. Usually when you become familiar with a cycle, (good or bad) you begin to mentally expect that cycle and whether you know it or not you secretly desire that cycle. Now if we have a formula to mentally accept only good cycles, we can begin to break more negative cycles in our lives. That includes inner and external wholeness! As I like to say, anything we make a habit of becomes a part of our daily routine. Here is a formula you can use, through your good and bad that will create good mental habits: Scriptures + Affirmations + Determination + Focus + Work + Consistency = A strong successful mind Scriptures assist you with remembering the promises of God. Scriptures assist you with remembering what you have in you and who you serve. Affirmations builds up beliefs.

Affirmations give you self-confidence and makes your sub-conscious and conscious line up with what you want. Determination is a driving force. If you are mentally determined you can do anything! Focus keeps you moving forward regardless of what is going on around you. Focus keeps you from sinking. When you are focused you work! Work brings success. With work, you are telling yourself no matter what it looks like, you can and will make it. As you add consistency to the formula, you begin to go up. You will get to a point to where you don’t even remember being down. You will be so consistent in being positive, your outcomes will blow your mind. Everything we do starts in our mind. Everything we have started with us thinking about it. Let’s use this formula daily and make it a habit to have a strong successful mind. I will even give you an example of how a day can go with this formula.

Scripture: Psalms 84:11 (NLT) For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.”

Affirmation: I

can do more than my eyes can see. God gives grace and favor so anything I touch is blessed.

April 2014 |


The Formula for a Great Body by: Buffie Bodynomics Carruth What motivated you to start Bodynomics?

There are not many African American women in the forefront of fitness, so I wanted to fill that void and show our sisters that you can exercise, be healthy, eat right and still have CURVES!

Tell me about your new DVD, Bodynomics.

It’s an intense lower body workout specifically targeting the glutes and thighs. I start with a cardio session to warm-up the body. Then, I start the weight training session followed by a light stretch to cool the body back down. This DVD will help women to sculpt their thighs and plump their booties!

What is the Bodynomics philosophy?

Why sacrifice your curves for health when you can have both?

Which one of your Bodynomics workouts is your favorite? Why?

Quadruped Hip Extensions. This exercise activates the gluteal muscles more than squats and it’s a lot less pressure on the knees and lower back. What message do you want to send to women of color about their bodies and their health? Stop being so concerned about our hair and focus more on our health.

Most of us will never know how important our health is until we lose it.

What do you ultimately want to Where do you see your company achieve as a health/fitness leader? going in the future? I want more women to become active. Being active and making health our number one priority is how I want more black women to think. Most of us are still not taking our health seriously and it’s sad.

Offering online classes for women, fitness apparel and producing more fitness DVDs. - continued

April 2014 |


The Formula for Flawless Hair & Makeup by: Gotmyla A group of people were asked: “What is the formula for flawless hair and makeup?” Majority ruled and agreed: Quality products and ingredients, as well as stylist application and performance. Well they're right. But flawless hair and makeup go beyond good products and your stylist’s knowledge. We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat." If greasy Big Macs with large soda pops is your thing (I'm not judging), "Lucy, you have some learning to do!" Treat your body well and it will be good to you. As a freelance hair and makeup artist who has worked in salons, in barber shops and on backstages of fashion shows, I’ve learned that you will not always eat. And if you do, it won't be healthy. So, packing a lunch with carrots or apples will boost your energy and keep you going. With that being said, I've come up with a formula for flawless hair and makeup that you can easily apply. To start, daily hydration and vitamins are good intakes. My personal favorite dietary supplement, Biotin, promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

For Flawless Hair:

Depending on your daily activities, a weekly to bi-weekly cleanse and conditioning will remove dirt particles and restore strength.

Leave-in conditioners help detangle the hair and maintain moisture during the day. Remember "less is more" when it comes to styling agents. You shouldn't put stress on your hair, especially if it's thin, brittle and curly. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and know the ingredients. Some are harsh and can do more harm than good. Stay away from petroleum-based products which weigh the hair down.

For Flawless Makeup:

Good makeup starts with good skin. Keeping your facial cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers and mask in weekly rotation are a must. Again, know your ingredients. Look for products that provide aloe vera and jojoba oil, which soothes and moisturizes. Some makeups have drying agents such as talc and alcohol which dry the skin. Look for foundations with sunscreen protection. If your skin is very oily, you should consider a powder over liquid foundation.

April 2014 |


The Formula for the Perfect Sex Toy by: Crystal Vanderlinden Warning: The views and opinions that are displayed on the next page in this article are not the views and opinion of SpeakITNews but are the views of the author. Some material may considered explicit in nature. Sex toys are finding their way out of clandestine shops into private bedrooms. These highly sought after playthings have created a niche specialty market and growing demand, by women, for intimate accessories. A sex toy is defined as an object designed to enhance sexual pleasure. This definition can be expanded to include not only standard sex toys, such as dildos and vibrators, but items such as a spoon, spatula, electric toothbrush, tie, belt, ice cubes, etc. Essentially whatever your mind can imagine and that your body safely accepts can be utilized as a sex toy. Considering the numerous options for sex toys, one can be overwhelmed with the massive assortment of these erotic objects. This Secret Guide to the Perfect Sex Toy can help you with selecting the toy that best suits your individual needs. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a sex toy: 1. Function 2. Material 3. Cost Functionality of a sex toy is an important element. Not all sex toys operate the same

although they may appear similar in appearance. Ask yourself what it is that you want your sex toy to do. For example, do you want your toy to stimulate your clitoris externally or do you prefer one that would provide vaginal penetration. How do you want to use your sex toy? Do you want to use your device for massaging the external areas of your body or primarily for sexual play? Would you like to use your sex toy in the shower? Are you seeking special features in a sex toy? Some toys have various speeds and multiple vibrations that are controlled with a button or remote. There are other toys that target the clitoris and g-spot, in addition to the devices that mechanically rotate and thrust simultaneously. You have to decide what functions you are seeking in a sex toy and select accordingly. Sex toys are made of various materials ranging from plastic to metal. This guide will provide a general overview of some of the most popular sex toy materials. Jelly sex toys are made from a rubber and polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC, to produce a soft pliable texture, resembling jelly. They are luminous and realistic in appearance, but also have a slight odor from the rubber content. Jelly toys are very affordable and come in range of shapes, colors and sizes. The disadvantages of jelly toys are that they are highly porous and contain phthalates. Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that are mainly used as plasticizers, which are substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility and durability. There exists a growing concern about the health risks of phthalates, because they can leak toxic compounds, which

April 2014 |

can cause irritation to the genital region. Conduct additional research before selecting a jelly toy and it is recommended that your use them with a condom. Elastomers are similar to jelly, but to do not contain phylates. Although comprised of a different material, they are somewhat harder in texture, but pliable enough for pleasure. Rubber is what is found in most dildos. It’s latex, but unlike a condom very porous and requires careful cleaning. Toys made of rubber tend to be very sturdy, which is great for “creative sexual activities”. Silicone is one of the most popular materials for sex toys. It’s very soft, pliable and possesses the distinctive feature of warming to your body temperature. It’s phylate free and non-porous, which makes it safe and easy to clean. Silicone is a superb conduit for vibration and is highly durable. Acrylic toys are hard and hypoallergenic. They maintain their original shape and are usually seamless. They are long lasting and available in medical grade. Glass toys posses exceptional quality, in that they are smooth, hard and low-maintenance. They are also some of the most beautiful devices created for sexual enjoyment. They offer firm pressure, ease of use and compatibility with multiple lubricants. Most are medical grade and offer unique pleasures, which can be experienced through hot cold temperature play. Metal toys offer similar properties to glass toys regarding their functionality and beauty. Some of these toys are hollow, while others are solid, which adds to their weight. Most of metal toys are made from aluminum and stainless steel, however some luxurious models are made of gold. Metal toys, when properly cared for, can provide a lifetime of pleasure. Cost is a relevant factor when purchasing a sex toy. Sex toys have numerous price points and you have to consider what you can afford to spend. Cheap sex devices are not going to serve your needs and what you may save monetarily, you’ll likely pay for with frustration of lacking functionality and quality. However, inexpensive sex toys can be acquired that wont blow your budget and provide you with the features you desire. For example a clitoral massager or bullet with multiple speeds can be purchased for under $50. A vaginal wand or g-spot stimulator of silicone grade can be purchased for around $60. Sex toys can be compared to cars in that there are a variety of models and each one offers different features, with various prices. For example a Chevy is a nice reliable vehicle and will get you wherever you need to go, but doesn’t have a lot of extra features. However a Lamborghini is a luxurious vehicle brand, with every amenity and function imaginable. It’s priced at a premium because its enhanced motor is going to take you from 0 to 60 much quicker! The destination you’re seeking with your sex toy is orgasm! You will get there with the basic rabbit that will cost you about $70, however the motor, functions and materials in a Platinum Collection rabbit toy will cost your about $200. Additionally, there are some very luxurious sex toys made of precious metals and embellished with jewels that are extremely expensive. Most notable are Lelo’s gold plated ergonomic vibrator for $15,000 and the infamous Pearl Royale, a diamond, and sapphire and pearlencrusted vibrator, made of solid platinum with a $1 million price tag. After reading The Formula to the Perfect Sex Toy and thinking about function, material and cost, you should be better able to choose a sex toy that satisfies your personal needs. Remember, when selecting a sex toy you should focus on what personally appeals to you. Not everyone will like the same vibrator, bullet or dildo. Also, just as you don’t have just one pair of shoes, ladies, you do not have to limit yourself to owning only one sex toy. As you explore sex toys ask questions, read product reviews, or host your own in-home sex toy party! Most important, allow yourself to appreciate that sex toys are a beneficial, permissible and enjoyable part of sexual pleasure. References: Kelly, S. (2011). The Little Bit Naughty Book Of Sex Toys. Berkley, CA: Amorata Press. |

Crystal Vanderlinden is an alumnus of Northwestern University and a “sextoyologist”. She can be contacted at April 2014 |


The “Secret Formula” to Creating Revenue Generating Contacts in 7 Steps by: Donna Smith Bellinger Step #1

Understand the basic rule of connecting: Not everyone is going to need you… not everyone is going to like you. (The upside is you really don’t want everyone to like you…it’s too time consuming. How many events can you attend, call and emails can you return and how much time do you have to dedicate to the needs of other’s.

Step #2

Step #4

Perception = Reality Do you understand how other’s perceive (see) you? A quick exercise: Ask 5 people from work, play, faith, school or business. People who represent the kind of folks you want to meet. Here is the question, “If you were going to recommend me to someone, how would you describe me?” Would it be cooperative? Bright? Complainer? Self starter? Unreliable?

It is not profitable to be a “cardboard connector”, handing out business cards at warp speed, Relationship Marketing is an important part of personal and professional development so get strategic. Leverage the personal touch as much as possible and remember you are a professional – NOT a peddler. Give twice as much as you receive.

Step #5

Step #3

Step #6

Relationship Marketing unlike its poor cousin “networking” is developing a value driven relationship with your peers, prospects, clients and the world at large. WARNING COMBUSTIBLE: Do not judge a person’s value by the immediate perceived value they may or may not add to your current objectives. This is a sure way to limit your personal and professional growth. You must get to know people on more than a superficial level to determine their values, what keeps them up at night (beliefs), their vision (goals) as well as who THEY know.

Embrace what makes you unique. Don’t dwell on your deficiencies (we all have them). DON’T fall into the trap of trying to be a pale imitation of someone else’s idea of success! Are you a connector, a communicator, Super tech savvy? Use what you’ve got to stand apart.

Leave your fear at home. You already have 100% of what you’ve got…and it isn’t enough. Leave your comfort zone. WARNING: If you attend events where you engage with the same people again and again, and they are not supporting you…You need new friends. Change your events and change your people.

Step #7

Preparation meets opportunity. When you make a new contact, listen twice as much as you speak. This is how you learn who the

April 2014 |

players really are. Know who it is you would like to meet and get to them before you start in on the cocktails. Look like the person you plan to become. Cover the cleavage, unplug and get ready to embrace your new normal.

Donna Smith Bellinger, “The Advancement Strategist” Keynotes, seminars, private clients Author of “You Lost Me @ Hello” (Available on Amazon) and “Creating the 8th Day & the 25th Hour” (Available at ) Mentioned in Essence magazine and NBC 5 Blog as Business Development and Relationship Marketing subject matter expert. Join Donna at her upcoming event:

April 2014 |


The Formula to Online Marketing Success for Small Business by: Dean Cantave When it comes to leveraging the internet to generate leads, gain new prospects for your services and products, and increase profits and sales of those same products and services, navigating the "how-to's" in using online marketing for your business can be quite a challenge. Most people who are solo-preneurs have to wear multiple hats where they are solely responsible for managing sales, marketing, finances and accounting, etc. so if you already have a ton of items on your plate adding an online strategy to the mix may prove counter-productive for you. So what do you do if you have a business where you want to use the internet to grow that business, OR you are looking to leverage the internet to earn an income online selling products and services? There are a number of ways to get started so let's touch on a few key points.

the number of people who don't have a website and if they do have a website it's not properly aligned to help grow their business. There is a science to the internet that the average person simply does not have an education on, and that's fine. If you want to be successful you need to find someone in that industry that has proven expertise and can demonstrate that they can yield results. So if you have a site and it's not optimized properly you may need to bring in someone to help do a proper assessment. For example, there are certain areas on a homepage that require a clear call-to-action (a CTA is where you are giving the visitor very clear and explicit directions as to what you want them to do on a specific page). Also, one of the primary purposes of having a website if to build a list, or an audience where you can build a relationship.

There are a variety of ways to approach this and if learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) blogging, lead generation, conversions, back-linking, and all else that is entailed with online marketing is proving to be a headache then the best answer here is to outsource! You can always hire talent from sites likes Odesk and Elance to help with all of your online marketing needs. However, let's start with some basics....

I have a lot of friends in the industry that are six-figure earners online and when you look at their structure, websites, marketing, social media, etc., you will find that they have put a lot of time and attention to detail in building online businesses that are sustainable, creating platforms that run on auto-pilot, and employing marketing strategies that bring in new leads daily. Success in any business requires 3 very specific things across the board when we consider an online strategy: 1) A high quality product or service 2) Sound marketing practices that attract leads and new prospects

EVERY entrepreneur at a minimum should have a website. I know this sounds like common sense but you would be amazed at

April 2014 |

3) An infrastructure (website, fanpage, social media footprint) where people can come While all of this may sound simple, it takes some thought and strategy to make sure it's sound and that it works. I highly recommend a website platform hosted on WordPress as it gives you the greatest flexibility to make changes to the site. WordPress also allows you to own all of the content you create and provides the greatest capacity for SEO optimization because the developers of WordPress have created the platform with maximizing the amount of organic traffic your website receives. Organic traffic is free traffic that you don't have to pay for. Consider that when you log into Facebook you don't necessarily pay a fee, it's free. However, advertisers pay millions to get their message, product, and service in front of your eyes. You are more valuable that you realize and Mark Zuckerberg early on realized the value in you even though you probably didn't realize it! In the same way with your business, your audience is where your value lies. When you are giving value it's sure to be reciprocated in a big way but it has to be done correctly.

There are no big secrets that will make you a lot of money. There are no push-button tools or miraculous WordPress plugins that will generate tons of free traffic and thousands in sales for you... If you are familiar with how things work online, why do you think, someone who claims to have found the secret to easily make $10K a month while working only an hour or two a day goes through all the hassle of putting together a product, spending hours on promoting and marketing the product, recruiting affiliates, writing a 10-page sales letter, putting together all the affiliate promotional materials...and then selling this magic product for a few bucks on Clickbank or some other affiliate site? Online Marketing strategies are very pervasive and selecting the right one is critical to your success. Dean Cantave, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur

April 2014 |


The Formula for “5 Active Steps to Reinvention” by: Lisa Lockwood 1) Build your personal empowerment list: Think back and write down all of the things you have done in your life that you once thought were impossible. You will amaze yourself at how far you've come. This will build your esteem, lift your spirit and prepare you to take the next step toward your next reinvention.

2) Go Undercover—Act “as if”: Kids have this mastered. They pretend they’re princesses, firemen, dinosaurs etc. Pretend you’re auditioning for a role, like the next US President, and have fun practicing at home until you believe you have the talent or ability. Then begin applying those talents and abilities in everyday tasks.

3) Develop the “Yes” habit: Start getting into the habit of saying ‘yes’ to every offer and opportunity that arises. Start small with things. For example, if someone ask you; "Lisa, would you like 2 desserts tonight?" Say ‘yes.’ Then graduate to big things like this, "Lisa, would you like to go skydiving?" You say," Yes absolutely!"

Even if every cell in your body is screaming the opposite, even if you change your mind later, sit with the feeling that arises from developing the say yes habit until you accept how saying ‘yes’ really feels.

4) Don your Teflon suit and Wonder woman bracelets: (thick skin) With any new reinvention comes the inevitable naysayers—the boo team. Your job? Every negative and unsupportive comment needs to be ricocheted off of you as if you're completely impermeable. Have fun with this and be vigilant. Know the comments are just air and watch them disintegrate—poof—into thin air.

5) Create your Super Team: (peer group) Engage your cheerleaders. Surround yourself with all of the people who believe in you and ask for their support. Tell your close friends and relatives your goal of reinvention and have them hold you accountable. Ask them to call you out if they see you’re being negative or brushing away the chance to try something new.

April 2014 |

Reinventing YOU: The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career

Autographed Copy:

Autographed Memoir: Undercover Angel From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team...a true story

Millions of people have seen Lisa on ABC, NBC, FOX Business News, CNN, CNBC, HLN & CBC Canada. Her expertise has been featured on Steve Harvey, Donny Deutsch, Nancy Grace & Jane Velez-Mitchell. Profiled in,, Success Magazine, Chicago SunTimes & Tribune. Interviewed on more than 300 radio shows.

April 2014 |


Formula for a Great First Date (Part 1 of 3) by: Nolen James Have you ever wondered how to have a great first date? Let’s say that you are in dating mode and ready for that first date. You’ve made plans to go out with this good-looking person and feel a little nervous, but you got this, right? Well, not so fast. Consider this… you have had other first dates, but how did they go? Was it good? Was it less than desirable? I’d like to give you three tips on how to have a great first date. But, first let’s set some ground rules. Rule #1, Not that you have to be, but it’s a good idea to be single. That means, no cheating. If you are in a relationship or married, then it may be a good idea for you to be single before dating a new person. Yes, even those of you who are separated or sleep in different rooms. Rule #2, Personal grooming and hygiene are non-negotiable. It’s required. You have to wash yourself and trim those nose hairs and fingernails. Men and women like people with great hair. So, you want to make sure you smell good and look good. Put on some eye-catching clothes that do not have the conversation before you get the chance to talk. Rule #3, Reboot before you reshoot. Get your mind right about your approach to dating. If you have just broken up with someone, it may be a good idea to give yourself some time to reset your starting point and approach. One way you know that you are ready to date is when you are talking to a new person face to face or on the phone, you are not thinking or talking about your

ex. You are engaged in the present conversation in a pleasant way and not critically comparing the new person to your ex. Try not to reshoot the same old conversations you had with your ex and expect the new person to understand certain behavior. Both of you are new to each other, so you can be a new person with the new person. Now, let me get on with what I’m supposed to be talking about. How to have a great first date. If you are single and have taken the time to look good, smell good and think good, then you might be ready to have a great first date. Tip #1. Weather you met online or in person, you are opening the door to a new person who does not know you. So, be authentically nice. Most people forget that they have a clean slate with a new person and spend the opportunity to get to know them on being overly cautious. This is not to say that you should ignore a clear red flag. However, you should trust your instincts. By nature, most people get a certain unexplainable feeling when their instincts tell them to sound the alarm or take cover. If you have ignored your instincts in the past, then you may want to take some time to talk to a councilor or therapist to hear you talk and receive some professional guidance.

To be continued…

April 2014 | Email: Web:


The Formula for Publisher’s Peace The Black Agenda by: Carl West Whenever I hear someone make the statement, "What is the Black Agenda?" I get really pissed. Especially if it's another black person. There are leaders and political operatives who continue to ask 'what is the black agenda?' as though the game plan for black progress has changed the last 100 years or so. I was at a recent luncheon when a nationally celebrated elected official, who I think is very smart, progressive and works hard on behalf of black people... and their agenda. And the conversation was about our current president and his agenda for black people... his people. So, I respectfully asked this Congressman, why do people like Rev. Sharpton, Ben Jealous and Marc Morial, whom he know well, keep talking about the need to take the Obama's administration the 'black Agenda.' Aren't those gentlemen black? President Barack Obama is also black, correct? And haven't these men in mention fought the fight for black people the last 40 years, collectively? So with that said, they should have the black game plan within them. They've lived through it. They've felt the affects of not being represented from past actions. And it probably was the same

'Negro Agenda' when they where young hustlers. So why do they keep asking such a stupid question, over and over again? And not only is the question stupid, they act like black folks don't have a clue what the 'black agenda' is, so therefore, how can black folks take their concerns and issues to the White House. WOW! I wonder if white America is asking the same question within their community? Hey Baby Boo Boo, what is the damn 'white agenda?' Their agenda is the same as the 'black agenda, 'the 'asian agenda,' 'the 'hispanic agenda' and every other race of people in this country who has an America agenda for their community. Economic development, staple and progressive communities with unlimited educational opportunities. This is the American agenda, regardless race, creed, color or sex. Our agendas are so much alike, except, white America has a different way in which they exercise their demand for an agenda. The difference between the 'white agenda' is that whites aspire for economic dominance, private and exclusive communities, for the most part. While everybody else just wants a simple slice of the America dream to survive and live collectively in peace and harmony. TRUTH Be Told: White America has no problem with black folks or any other race climbing up the latter to prosperity, as long as they don't try and knock them off the latter in the process.

April 2014 |


The Formula for a Nice Tavern by: Amber L., Blogger Recently I went to a really nice restaurant called Nouveau Tavern Chicago which is owned by Teddy Gilmore. This place is for the grown and sexy crowd, it features live music, a beautiful bar, ample seating, and the food is delicious. My best friend and I decided to go grab a bite to eat here and I am very happy that we chose this place. We walked through the door and immediately felt a sort of mellow, yet upbeat vibe hit us. We were greeted by the host, who swiftly walked us to our seat and became enthralled with the acoustics of the performers on the stage and the colorful light chandeliers. We were seated and as we watched the performers dance and we sang along as the woman holding the mic sang “Deja Vu” by Beyonce. We got so caught up in the music that we actually forgot to look at the menu. When we did look at the menu there were decisions to be made. It has so many delectable items to choose from, the decision was very hard. There are a lot of southern cuisine and New Orleans options to choose from. I ordered a caramel apple martini and for my main dish, the Chicago pork chop. My friend ordered the rib eye and a glass of Riesling. The presentation of the food is amazing. My pork chop was brought out smothered in red-eye gravy, accompanied by generous servings of macaroni and cheese, greens, and sweet cornbread. My friend’s plate came out with a beautiful filet migon, creamed spinach, and mashed potato. We

tasted each others plates both satisfied with our orders. The next minutes that passed were pure bliss. It was like my father made my pork chop, the food tastes like family made it. It was so good I saw Teddy walking through the restaurant and had to offer my highest regards. I would definitely recommend this place as an ideal first date, a place of interest for a night on the town, or even if you want to just take yourself out and enjoy the Chicago downtown area. They have seating at the bar, as well as televisions, add on the live entertainment and friendly people that frequent this place and you’ve pretty much got a party! This place is top notch so it’s on the pricey side, but well worth every penny. Want to visit Nouveau Tavern? Here’s where to come to: 358 W. Ontario Chicago, Il 60654 (312) 915-4100 Hope to see you there! Have a business, product or event you want me to review or write about? Email me at Curious to know where I’ll be next? Check out my events page at

April 2014 |


The Formula for a Happy Entrepreneur by: Julie M. Holloway What makes up the formula for a happy entrepreneur? Let’s review! BE.HAPPY This may sound simple, but first and foremost, be happy with your decision to be an entrepreneur or small business owner. If you are questioning yourself inside, questioning your abilities or reasoning for doing what you are doing, you will never be happy. Do it because it’s doing something that you truly love or are wholeheartedly passionate about, and do not do it for any other reason. BE.CONFIDENT Embarking into entrepreneurship whether full or part-time, is a journey! You must ensure that your confidence levels are at an all-time high! You are bound to get hit from the left and right with challenges that question your actions, skills and philosophies on a regular basis. As long as you stay true to who you are, and what your goals are, you are bound to be happy. Have the confidence to demand the respect and value for your work, whatever your industry. If you do not, you will find yourself broke and unhappy. BE.COURAGEOUS In my days in corporate America I was quiet and shy, timid and hardly ever spoke what was on my mind. Speaking from experience, that gets you nowhere very fast. In your quest to be a successful entrepreneur, one must be bold, take risks, endure challenges and step back up again with courage. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, full-time, fear and courage (which often go hand in hand)

were my first two tasks! With a little coaching and a lot of experimenting, overcoming and defeating the challenges that were hindering me early on as an entrepreneur truly made me happy inside. This is one of my favorite quotes about fear having courage: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” -- Nelson Mandela BE.COLLABORATIVE Stop. Collaborate and listen. An entrepreneur will never be truly happy if they do not learn to collaborate with others. Think about all of the departments that a small corporation is made up of. Now, think to yourself, how can I possibly be “every” department within my small business? It’s impossible. Do not try to do everything yourself. You are bound to be much happier if you learn to create a team. Collaborate with others in your industry. Delegate the tasks that you dislike with those who actually enjoy them. You know the old saying, “stay in your lane.” Do the things that you do well, and outsource or collaborate on the rest; and your happiness will skyrocket! BE.YOU Do something for yourself each morning before you handle any client related business. For me, I take the time to check on my own social media pages, listen to my favorite uplifting songs and take a few moments to gratefully give thanks for the journey ahead, and the blessings of the past. Before I handle any client business I take time for me, and it truly makes me happy inside.

April 2014 |


The Formula of Friendship - Chemistry, Chaos, and Components by: Deondriea Cantrice As children, anyone in close proximity sandbox, playground or lunch table - that shared a common interest with us was our friend; and remained our friend for many years to follow. Today, we have close friends, best friends, true friends, real friends and even fake friends. How did something as pure as friendship become so chaotic and convoluted? Did we misinterpret the definition of a friend? Or, have we defined our friends based upon experiences and emotions? The label “friend” has become too subjective and commonplace. Calling colleagues, coworkers, partners and other people we interact with on a regular basis “friend” is the main reason why friendships require so many different classifications. We confuse those friendly relationships with the characteristics of a friend. Yes, the people with whom we work or do business can very well be our friends. But, in reality, they are providing a good or service or share some other commonality through friendly interaction, which is not synonymous with friendship.

Just like chemistry, friendships require the right combination of components to produce the desired results without blowing up in our faces. To formulate a friendship, three key components are required: communication, commitment and character. These components serve as the foundational compounds necessary to have healthy relationships. Of course, other additives are needed based on individual needs and desires. Communication between friends doesn’t have to be daily or consistent, but the formula does require that communication is open, honest and an even exchange. Friends may not always make you feel good or say what you want to hear. But with friendship comes trust and you will know that your friend always has your best interest at heart. When communication between the parties is multiplied, it reduces the room for misunderstanding and blame.

What exactly is a friend? A friend is a person who enjoys being with you; who supports you; and who has a genuine love, respect and admiration for you. He or she also has a vested interest in your success. A friendship is not about equitability or tit for tat; it is mutually beneficial. Don’t set expectations for friends that you cannot or do not deliver. April 2014 |

A successful friendship requires commitment. Each person has to be committed to the success of the relationship and committed to contributing his or her best. The truth is, your best may be 100% most of the time only 28% at others. Giving the best that you have to offer at that moment is necessary. Above all, character is the bonding agent of a fruitful friendship. As a friend, you have to be willing to be transparent, authentic and nonjudgmental. You have to know how to be happy with and for your friend. In addition, always have the best and positive intent behind your words and deeds. Remember, with the combination of communication, commitment and character, you are sure to discover the compatibility of camaraderie rather than combustible dangers of chaos. Deondriea Cantrice, Author/Speaker

April 2014 |

From Editor-In-Chief, AJ

The Formula for Having a Successful Job or Business by: Adam Jackson

I am not going to waste much time getting right into this, if you want a successful job or a successful business these are some proven facts and principal. Just like a 12 step program for AA (alcoholics anonymous) to recovery, there are steps that you need to take to have and create a successful job or business environment. Have you noticed that people are complaining about their jobs more than ever, or have you been complaining that you just don't have enough business to survive as self employed? Well that's where it all starts! What you say, what comes out of your mouth is what your life produces. If you don't like your job or are not happy with your business I have 10 secrets to turning it around today! Are you ready?

Well let’s get started. 1) Have a phenomenal attitude about your job or business. Come in with the right positive attitude. Make people say, "Wow what got in to you?" Become the environment leader, you are the product of your environment. Become the boss. 2) Be on time and don't leave early, take your job or business serious. They will take you more seriously as well. Work your full day! Stop looking for excuses to leave or not come to work. Trust me this will become dead after a while. Worst of all, you are training your mind to come up with excuses all the time. This is not good because after a while this will become all that you know and true leaders do not think like this, you are what you speak. 3) Always be prepared. Proper preparation will prevent poor performance. By thinking like this, there will never be a problem but there will always be a solution. 4) Stop just doing your job only! Go above your normal job duties. Stop limiting yourself for your own selfish and

April 2014 |

lazy reasons. The things that we do that are hard in the beginning will later become easy, BUT the things that we do that are easy in the beginning will later become harder. 5) Maintain a positive attitude all the time! Do this for everything, by doing this you will retrain your brain by just speaking it, knowing is believing that you receive it even before you speak it. 6) Know why you are there and where you are going. Information is powerful. Make sure you have the full knowledge that it takes to complete your job. Set your goals at all times. Always know what it will take to get you to the next level then achieve it. Do it for you. 7) The take over! At this point after incorporating steps one through six, this will position you differently from anyone in the entire company or organization. This will also make your business shine as well. Eventually you will start receiving promotions, raises, possible partnerships, and your business will start making more money. Why? Because you did something so simple. You change the way you were thinking and you spoke it, therefore the law of attraction states that IT HAS TO HAPPEN. 9) Favor and wealth transfer kick in! Just receive it. 10) Maintaining and gratitude. At this point you are reprogrammed. You will know when you have arrived because you will see it yourself. All you have to do is continue these steps in every area of your life and you will continue to progress. Make sure you show gratitude all the time, with everyone, in every area of your life, until it becomes a first mind response. Always say "thank you" or "I appreciate you." Rather it's your job or business tell everyone how wonderful they are, and the great job that they have done. You will become the head and not the tail. My name is Adam Jackson and I approved this formula for a successful job or business. Take care and God bless,

Adam C. Jackson Editor-in-Chief

April 2014 |

Speak It Author Spotlight Marty Fletcher Author / Blogger

Marty Fletcher

give women pointers on how to mend, improve, and maintain friendships with their girlfriends.

In an attempt to answer the old question, “why can’t women get along?” Marty decided to write, “The Better Than Best Friend Guide: Becoming The Friend You Need Her To Be.” It is her belief that before women can get along with women on the outside of their circle, they must focus on the women that are in their circle-- whom they call friends.

This book like her other book in her Short Attention Span Series, “Broken Whole” is not a book to beat women over the head but a book to be used as a tool to help improve the friendships between women and help increase women’s self-esteem one book at a time.

Author | Blogger The Go-To Girl for Girlfriends’

Marty continues to write with women in mind, from her daily tweets that offer Marty believes that the downfall of all motivational and encouraging quotes, to women is a bad friend. It is that friend her weekly blog at who will ‘send you off’: encourage you to do the wrong things; intentionally not You and your friends are invited to the celebrate your success; not check you book release party for “The Better Than when you are wrong; and other Best Friend Guide: Becoming The Friend You Need Her To Be” at Ravens Place, unfriendly behavior. 13031 S. Western in Blue Island, Illinois Like the most important relationships-- on Sunday, April 27th from 5PM to 8PM. parenthood, marriage or friendships, it is Hosted by Wendy Fuller. assumed that individuals should know what to do in these roles. The truth is, The cost of the book is 14.95 (cash only that is not always the case. Some please), there will be free raffles—if you women don’t know how to be a friend! win your friend wins. The Better Than Best Friend Guide will April 2014 |

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Special Offer from AJPublishing This guide is inspired by the tenets and inspirational quotes from the faith-based book, Speak It! Receive It! Achieve It! By Adam Jackson

Praise for Speak It. Receive It. Achieve It. Mr. Adam Jackson, my dad is a successful leader and author because he learned from his mistakes, so he wouldn't put other people in harm's way. He has a positive influence on everyone and circle. If you’re in his circle life would seem a lot easier. He took a lot of risks to get where he is now. One of the most useful quotes that he taught me was "There is never a problem, always a solution". This quote led me to keep looking for a solution whenever I thought there would be a problem. I would really recommend his book to people who want to be successful in life because that's what my dad is all about. ~ Adam Jackson, Son My daddy, Mr. Adam Jackson, an inspiring author, taking a step in life making a book of life changing quotes dealing with his life. After reading his book, I felt more confident about myself. I recommended his book to a few friends and a few weeks later, their life completely changed. They became a whole new person. This book is better than using a lot of money for counseling. If you want to change your life and make it fresh, I recommend getting his book Speak it, Receive it, Achieve it ~ Lourdes, Daughter This book is a must read! It is impact with powerful quotes that could relate to everyone, Mr Adam Jackson live those quotes that are in his book, He is definitely a real mover and shaker in his field, And that is the reason why I personally nominated him To be one of the Men Of Excellence for 2013 Chicago defender. Mr. Adam Jackson is truly a man of excellence. ~ Michael House, President of The Chicago Defender

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Self Reflection Perspective Spirituality Success Building Leadership Building Wealth Building Relationship Building

By: America’s Implementation Expert, Mr. Adam Jackson Adam Jackson @AJ Enterprises $25.00 US

speakitaj speakitaj speakitaj

author adam jackson Mr. Adam Jackson

Expires 5/15/14 April 2014 |

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Our Sponsors This guide is inspired by the tenets and inspirational quotes from the faith-based book, Speak It! Receive It! Achieve It! By Adam Jackson

Praise for Speak It. Receive It. Achieve It. Mr. Adam Jackson, my dad is a successful leader and author because he learned from his mistakes, so he wouldn't put other people in harm's way. He has a positive influence on everyone and circle. If you’re in his circle life would seem a lot easier. He took a lot of risks to get where he is now. One of the most useful quotes that he taught me was "There is never a problem, always a solution". This quote led me to keep looking for a solution whenever I thought there would be a problem. I would really recommend his book to people who want to be successful in life because that's what my dad is all about. ~ Adam Jackson, Son My daddy, Mr. Adam Jackson, an inspiring author, taking a step in life making a book of life changing quotes dealing with his life. After reading his book, I felt more confident about myself. I recommended his book to a few friends and a few weeks later, their life completely changed. They became a whole new person. This book is better than using a lot of money for counseling. If you want to change your life and make it fresh, I recommend getting his book Speak it, Receive it, Achieve it ~ Lourdes, Daughter This book is a must read! It is impact with powerful quotes that could relate to everyone, Mr Adam Jackson live those quotes that are in his book, He is definitely a real mover and shaker in his field, And that is the reason why I personally nominated him To be one of the Men Of Excellence for 2013 Chicago defender. Mr. Adam Jackson is truly a man of excellence. ~ Michael House, President of The Chicago Defender

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Self Reflection Perspective Spirituality Success Building Leadership Building Wealth Building Relationship Building

By: America’s Implementation Expert, Mr. Adam Jackson Adam Jackson @AJ Enterprises $25.00 US (c) 2014 AJ Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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