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Empowering Students to Learn Lead Succeed

Welcome to the Lanier cluster!

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to our community. We serve our families with a commitment to excellence in all we do, and we consider it both an honor and a pleasure to do so. We invite you to visit our schools and to contact us to learn more about the services we provide.

Our Passion We are passionate about students. They are the reason we do everything— the reason we work, the reason we study, the reason we care. Everything we do is for them. Our passion is our students.

Kerensa Wing

Jaime Espinosa

Chris Godfrey

Amy Bryan

Jean Loethen-Payne

Kim Holland

J. Alvin Wilbanks

Daniel D. Seckinger

Principal Lanier High

Principal White Oak Elem.

Principal Lanier Middle

Principal Buice School

Principal Sugar Hill Elem.

CEO/Superintendent GCPS Board of Ed.

Principal Sycamore Elem.

District II Rep. GCPS Board of Ed.

Dedicated to empowerment We leaders & educators in the Lanier Cluster are dedicated to empowering our students to learn, lead, and succeed.


Lanier High School

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Lanier Middle School

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GWINNETT COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS GCPS Vision & Mission GCPS will become a system of worldclass schools where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce. The mission of GCPS is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

Welcome to the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation (LCEF). Since our cluster was formed in 2009, The North Gwinnett Schools Foundation has provided tremendous support for all 12,000 students in both the Lanier and North Gwinnett Clusters. With the support of the Lanier community and a generous donation from the North Gwinnett Schools Foundation, it was time for the Lanier Cluster Schools to form our own identity and support our own students. In April 2011, we voted to establish the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation. LCEF Board

President Lisa Ramsay

Vice President Steve Edwards Secretary Denise Wilcox

GCPS Core Beliefs

Treasurer Betsy Bridwell

• Our core business is teaching and learning. • All children can learn at or above grade level. • All children should reach their potential.


• The school effect is important and has a profound impact on every child’s life.

LCEF c/o Lanier High School 918 Buford Highway Sugar Hill, GA 30518

• A quality instructional program requires a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching, and ongoing assessment.


• All children should be taught in a safe and secure learning environment. Donations can be made online at

GCPS Leadership Commitment

• GCPS will give its core business, teaching and learning, priority over all other functions of the organization.

The mission of LCEF is to help the Lanier Cluster schools to empower students to achieve at high levels and foster their learning through academics, leadership, service, and extra-curricular activities that will positively impact their community and prepare them for a postsecondary career and/or the work force. We are steadily working to implement fundraising efforts to support these goals. Our Board, principals and community leaders are right at the front of those efforts. Throughout 2011-12, we will be announcing exciting events and easy ways for everyone in the community to help us with our efforts. The first and easiest way will be through when you register your children for school. Look for the Foundation line and please consider adding a $1, $5, or $10 contribution. With almost 3,000 families in our cluster, if everyone gave $5.00, you would give us the ability to start funding grants to our schools this year. I wish to extend my warmest appreciation to all of our donors and supporters, community leaders, and especially to the Board of Trustees, for their efforts to make this the #1 Foundation in the Gwinnett County Public School System. With your help, the Foundation will truly transform the education landscape of our schools. It is an honor and an inspiration to be a part of it. We look forward to an outstanding year at the Lanier Cluster Education Foundation.

• All students will learn at or above grade level. • The school effect is important, and GCPS will have a positive impact on every child’s life. • GCPS will have a quality instructional program that includes a rigorous curriculum, effective teaching, and ongoing assessment. • All GCPS students will be taught in a safe and secure learning environment. Lisa Ramsay, President

Sugar Hill Elementary

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Sycamore Elementary

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The Lanier Cluster Education Foundation is committed to the effective and efficient use of resources and maintains high ethical standards for the stewardship of gifts. Donors can give with the confidence that their gift will be used to enhance the education of all students in the cluster and to provide funds which enrich and extend educational opportunities. The Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation under the umbrella of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.

White Oak Elementary

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Buice School

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Lanier High School It is great to be a Lanier Longhorn!

Lanier High School had a fabulous first year and is excited to build on its great start. My leadership, faculty, and support teams are ready for our new freshman to arrive and all of our returning students for a rigorous year of Learning, Leading and Succeeding. The Lanier Cluster has a wonderfully supportive community in Sugar Hill, Suwanee, and Buford and we are thankful for the strong community connections between our partners in education, community organizations, parents, teachers and students. It truly takes everyone’s focus, dedication, and passion to provide our students with the highest level of education.

Our Mission

Lanier High School will empower students to achieve at high levels & foster their learning through academics, leadership, service, & extra-curricular activities that will positively impact their community & prepare them for a postsecondary career and/or the work force.

The foundation has been laid, traditions have begun, and Lanier High will continue to soar as we climb the mountain of success. Our student and teacher leaders have set high expectations for our academic successes, and the students have responded by stretching themselves. We have a threefold increase in Advanced Placement enrollment for the 2011-12 school year, which is an indication of how the students are rising to our expectations. Student engagement on campus is very important to our culture at Lanier High as research proves that students that are involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are more successful in school. At Lanier High we provide a wealth of opportunities to learn at high levels, lead daily, and be successful in their studies and activities. I invite you to join us and become an active force in shaping the community around the Lanier Cluster Schools.

Kerensa Wing

Principal Lanier High School

Uniting as one We have become a family. Together we stand, no matter where we are from. Standing as one is what LHS is all about.



“I like being a part of the 1st sophomore class at LHS. I also enjoy being able to meet people and being able to be a leader and help our school grow.”

LHS INAUGURAL YEAR POINTS OF PRIDE Offered all major sports, band, orchestra, chorus, and clubs for student involvement. • French National Exam had four students who were recognized at the state and national level for their excellent scores. • At LGPE our band, chorus and orchestras received Superior ratings. • National Honor Society, Beta Club, National French Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and Tri-M Music Honor Society all established chapters at Lanier High. • Our Softball team made it to the region 8AAA tournament, and we had a Region 8AAA 110M hurdle champion that was our first state competitor, Sloane Mattadeen. • In the Media Festival we had 6 state competitors. • Began a Lanier Student Leadership Team that helped start many clubs, developed captains, and provided tutoring for 90 students daily. • Longhorn Student Success helped 110 at risk (failing 3 or more classes during the semester) students improve in their classes with 50% of the group passing 5 or more at the end of the semester. • AP scores were good for a first year with 48% of our 168 students making a 3 or higher on their AP exams. • Relay for Life team raised just over $10,000 for cancer research! • Lanier’s Center for Design and Technology provided an innovative approach to learning Language Arts integrated with digital media and web design. The project-based learning approach tapped into student creativity and their ability to design, plan, and produce real world applications for their learning. Some of their work is being used by Autodesk to demonstrate how their software should be used. • A group of students started an online magazine called “The Legacy.” • Eighty-eight percent of our first graduates plan on continuing their education at a postsecondary institution.

LHS Administration Team

Mr. Joe Cobb, A.P. & Community School Director • Dr. Ruben Gresham, A.P. of Student Services • Mrs. Kerensa Wing, Principal • Mr. Bill Wells, Athletic Director • Mrs. Julia Osborne, A.P. of Curriculum & Instruction

“The school is huge, new and exciting. There’s always something going on.”


“I feel empowered by our motto, lead by helping others.”

Jenna REED

“I like the way Lanier’s academics are. They have set the bar high for students’ futures.”


Lanier Middle School Dear Longhorn Community,

Lanier Middle School is proud to be in the newly-founded Lanier Cluster. We have always prided ourselves on having a wonderful relationship with the community, and we know that this partnership will continue. I believe our school has the most beautiful building and campus in the county, but more importantly, the entire staff at Lanier Middle is committed to serving the children of this community for many years to come.

Our Mission Our Lanier Middle School staff is committed in establishing high standards for all students and engage students so that they will all be successful academically. Lanier’s staff will also work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this purpose.

Our vision drives our success. We are committed to being an exemplary, professional learning school. In order to achieve this status, the school and all of its community members must commit to the following ideals: • • • • • • •

Respect Collaboration Recognition Curriculum Planning Research Based Instructional Strategies Protecting Instructional & Professional Time Constant Revision

Our student achievement continues to be a cornerstone of our success, and, as principal, I will continue to focus and lead our school in ensuring that our students are given every opportunity to be successful. In addition, we will strive to give our students the opportunities to participate in accelerated curriculums whenever possible. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your students’ lives. We appreciate your trust, support, and partnership with us.

LMS Administration Team

Jaime Espinosa

Principal Lanier Middle School

Committed toCare

In a partnership with our LMS families, we are committed to fostering high academic expectations, promoting positive attitudes, and achieving excellence in a safe, caring environment.



A.P. Ms. Nancy Caudell-Trammell A.P. Ms. Wenda Peltz, A.P. Ms. Suzanne Best Principal Jaime Espinosa

“My teachers have helped me in class and helped me get my grades up. They help everyone in class because they care about us, and we are what is important to them. Thank you so much for helping me and others.”


Lanier Middle surpassed its Relay for Life goal of $10,000, raising over $20,000 and ranking 3rd among GCPS middle schools. • Lanier Middle students raised over $1,100 for schools destroyed by tornados in Tuscaloosa, AL. • LMS is consistently recognized for its “green” achievements by being awarded the Reaching High Green and Healthy Schools award from Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful. • Two sixth grade students won first place at the regional science fair and participated in the state science fair. • Approximately 30% of Lanier students participate in accelerated/enriched curriculums in math, science, and/or language arts. • All students who participated in the accelerated math curriculum met state standards, with 75% exceeding these standards. • All students who participated in the accelerated physical science curriculum exceeded state standards. • The Lanier MS choral program had 3 participants chosen for Spivey Hall Honor Chorus and 3 participants selected to participate in 6th Grade State-Wide Chorus, and they all earned superior ratings at state Large Group Performance Evaluation. • The LMS band program earned all superior and excellent ratings at state Large Group Performance Evaluation where four 8th graders were accepted to District 13 Honor Band, eleven 6th graders were accepted to District 13 First Year Honor Band. Additionally, the clarinet choir performed at the Governor’s mansion • The LMS orchestra program earned all superior (highest) ratings at state Large Group Performance Evaluation, and in the Solo and Ensemble competition, students earned 20 superior and 7 excellent ratings • 100% of LMS faculty and staff joined PTSA for the 2010-11 school year.


We provide a school-wide learning environment where students learn the essential curriculum. • We provide a school-wide learning environment where all students are given the time & opportunities needed to learn. • We value and protect instructional time. • We provide a school-wide learning environment in which all members of the school community are treated with respect.

Janelle WILSON

“Being able to instill a love of science in my students is an honor; it is the ultimate goal for my classroom. There is nothing more rewarding at the end of the school year than to hear students who did not enjoy science when they entered my classroom now proclaim it to be their favorite subject.”


“As a mother of a 6th grader, I had all the usual fears—will she fit in, will she be safe, will she succeed? The LMS staff quickly put them to rest. The teachers produced a fun, safe, encouraging learning environment, and the administrators lent guidance and a helping hand. My daughter is now a young lady—confident, self assured, and ready for the next steps that lie ahead of her.”

Sugar Hill Elementary Our Vision Sugar Hill Elementary will be a world-class school where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful as they continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or enter the workforce.

Sugar Hill Elementary is proud to be a part of the Lanier Cluster. My name is Chris Godfrey and I am honored to be the principal of Sugar Hill. We are a school and a community with a rich heritage and an exciting future. Our school and cluster motto, “Learn, Lead, and Succeed” is alive and well in the halls and classrooms of Sugar Hill. Our teachers and support staff are focused on helping ALL students achieve at high academic levels.

I look forward to partnering with you to make your child’s experience in the Lanier Cluster a rich and rewarding one. I believe that elementary schools build the foundation for success in middle school and high school and we are committed to building a strong and positive foundation for our students. There are many exciting things happening every day at Sugar Hill. I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our campus. We are very proud of our students and staff, and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the wonderful learning that occurs each and every day! Respectfully yours,

Chris Godfrey

Sugar Hill Elementary Administrators

Principal Sugar Hill Elementary

Pursuing excellence

“I love SHES for the quality of teachers & their dedication to all students. The teachers & administrators encourage parent involvement, which creates a collaborative learning environment. It makes me very happy that my children wake up every day excited to go to school and proud to be a Sugar Hill Longhorn.”

Our mission is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, & behavior for each student.


Assistant Principal Steve Kriete Principal Chris Godfrey Assistant Principal Barbara McNulty



Robotics • Art Club • Continental Math League • Science Club • Wittzle Pro Math Tournament • Accelerated Language Arts and Math Classes in Grades 3-5 • Reader’s Rally • Science Fair • Chorus • Accelerated Reader • School Newspaper • “Kids Going Green” Environmental Club • Safety Patrol • Chess Team • Student Council

“We love Sugar Hill Elementary because everyone is nice, and the teachers make learning fun.”

Skyler & Lauraina HORACK


“Not all of us are lucky enough to work in the community in which we live and where our own children go to school. I have been one of the lucky ones. As a Sugar Hill parent and teacher, I get to see the school and my own child flourish. Sugar Hill is a school built on the idea of community. Our school leaders exemplify what community means in word and action each and every day.”


Quality instruction is our main focus at Sycamore. We continue to work to improve student achievement in the areas of literacy, math, and science. Sycamore teachers strive to improve literacy skills of all of our students through the use of daily reading and writing activities, guided reading in every classroom, reading workshop, writing workshop and large group writing activities like Cafeteria Writing and Bistro Bites. Also, every teacher will be implementing Guided Math to make sure all students master the skills required for their grade level. To aid our teachers in providing the best possible science instruction, every grade level has a science lab for hands-on, studentcentered learning. Sycamore teachers participate in continuous learning in the areas of literacy, math, and science through regular professional learning and collaboration.

Our Mission Our mission at Sycamore E.S. is to achieve our personal best in our school, community and world by setting goals, doing our job, and making every minute count.

Another one of our top priorities is effective communication. We make every effort to keep parents well informed through our schoolwide weekly newsletters, the Husky Happening, weekly teacher newsletters, student agenda notes, parent teacher conferences, phone calls and our school website ( Being named a Title 1 school has given us many opportunities. We have a Title 1 Assistant Principal and a Parent Instructional Support Coordinator to help us provide quality instruction and support teaching and learning. We also have a Parent Center which offers materials and support so that parents can stay involved in their child’s education. Title 1 funds have allowed us to purchase additional technology and class sets of fiction and non-fiction books to support instruction and curriculum. We have high expectations for our Sycamore Huskies. We challenge our students to be leaders, and, as our mission states, “to achieve our personal best in our school, community, and world by setting goals, doing our job, and making every minute count.” Sycamore Elementary Administrators

Achieving our personal best

Ms. Tassi Schroll - Assistant Principal Ms. Amy Bryan - Principal Dr. Kim Glass - Assistant Principal

Amy Bryan

Principal Sycamore Elementary School

“The wonderful sense of community and teamwork among the administration, staff, and teachers at Sycamore make coming to work everyday a joy! I love teaching at SES.”

We challenge our students to be leaders and to achieve their personal best in our school, community, and world by setting goals, doing their job, and making every minute count.


Melanie BREWER

WE ARE ALL LEADERS AT SYCAMORE ELEMENTARY! We lead by being the best we can be. We lead by creating a positive place to learn. We lead by setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. We lead by making a difference in the world. We are all leaders at Sycamore Elementary!


Sycamore is one of a few elementary schools with an active Junior Beta club. • Sycamore has been awarded the Title 1 Distinguished School Award for the past two years • Sycamore staff and students raised $10,000 for Relay For Life during the 2008-2009 school year • Sycamore is considered a Clean Air School • Sycamore has been awarded numerous Environmental Achievement Awards by Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful • Sycamore staff and students have supported Toys for Tots, Muscular Dystrophy, American Red • Cross, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Relay for Life, and United Way.

“Being a Charter member at Sycamore, a Distinguished Title 1 School, I am proud of the quality of teaching and education for my family. I am proud of the way the students work together as a team to build strong relationships with our caring and friendly teachers and staff while producing future leaders in our community.”

“My favorite thing about learning at Sycamore is my future education and being prepared for middle school.”



WhiteOak Elementary School Just over 100 years ago, a one-room schoolhouse stood nestled on the land it shared with a grove of white oaks. Typical for the times, 20 students, divided into three grade levels, were taught by one teacher. The children who attended the original White Oak School received an education that provided them the basis for their own success as well as a foundation for their children and grandchildren to build upon.

Our Vision Our vision for the students of White Oak Elementary is to develop a community of Thinkers, Learners, & Leaders who engage in critical thinking and problem-solving activities, thus achieving the highest level of academic success for all.

Today, the commitment to an education that produces lifelong learners remains our focus. We are dedicated to our students, their families, and the community. Our vision is to develop a community of Thinkers, Learners, and Leaders who engage in critical thinking and problem solving activities, thus achieving the highest level of academic success. Our staff is committed to providing a rigorous academic program. They work collaboratively to implement strategies that challenge students to learn at a deep conceptual level. During our first two years, we participated in professional learning to develop instructional teams to enhance reading, writing and math instruction. The primary literacy focus has been reading comprehension strategies through Reader’s Workshop. Our staff formed effective instructional teams to implement Reader’s Workshop, wrote instructional frameworks for reading, created common assessments, developed units of study, and began work on instructional frameworks for writing. All of this work has promoted the highest level of student engagement and learning as reflected in our assessment results. In our first two years, we experienced a high level of academic success and have developed a strong foundation of learning. There is still much work to do to ensure learning for all students, a goal to which the staff is committed. Together, with our community, we will support each student as they strive to reach their full potential. Our work each day at White Oak honors the students who came before us and ensures a bright future for the students entrusted to us today.

Jean Loethen-Payne Principal White Oak Elem.

Mentoring lifelong learners

We are committed to mentoring our students into lifelong learners who work at the highest levels of student engagement and learning which yields measurable academic success.


White Oak Administrators

Jean Loethen-Payne - Principal Joan Johnson - Assistant Principal Stacey Pickett - Assistant Principal

“At White Oak there is no limit to how much we can learn and accomplish.” Teacher of the Year 2010-2011


WHITE OAK POINTS OF PRIDE • Our School was recognized by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement at the bronze level for the Highest Percentage of Students Meeting or Exceeding Academic Standards on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) in 2010. • Our PTA organized the school’s Hoot Scoot fundraising event in which we raised money to support our literacy initiative, technology and special area programs. Thanks to the dedication of our families, more than $27,000 was raised each year. These funds purchased classroom libraries, mentor texts, leveled reader books, book sets, and professional resources. Additionally, we were able to purchase a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, Mimio interactive devices, and materials to enhance the art, music, and physical education programs. • White Oak was presented the RAMP Award this summer by ASCA in recognition of its commitment to developing and delivering a comprehensive, data-driven program in accordance with The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs. • We received the Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful Recycler of the Year Award for 2010-2011. This was possible due to the collaboration and support of our business partner Publix. • Our Reader Rally team took 1st place honors in its division at the Gwinnett County competition in 2010. • White Oak Elementary was recognized as a Green-in-Action Spotlight School for 2011. This recognition was awarded due to our student involvement, successful outcomes, potential for sustainability,


“There is a real sense of community at our school—a partnership of parents, teachers, staff and the heart of the school, the students. The teaching methods used at White Oak are innovative and truly engage the children. I believe that, as students at White Oak, my kids have a firm foundation in academics and have become thinkers, learners and leaders!”


creativity, and the opportunity for others to replicate. • A Legacy Tree Program began in honor of each 5th grade class with our students planting a White Oak Tree. In the future, each 5th grade class will plant a tree to commensurate their learning, eventually becoming a beautiful canopy of oaks surrounding our school. • Our PTA generously dedicates funds each year to grow classroom libraries. Currently each library boasts 200 + titles representing a variety of genres, interests, content topics, and authors. These additional books support our vision of “lifelong readers” by increasing reading stamina, building background knowledge, and the use of comprehension strategies. • The School Council sponsored the development of our Academic Partner Program. Parents, community members, Publix employees, and Lanier Middle School students served as reading, writing and math tutors for our students • The Lunch Buddy Program was formed with the firefighters of Fire Station #26. Each month, firefighters eat lunch with student mentees, providing the children with recognition, encouragement, support, and above all an appreciation for those who serve our community. • Students participated in a variety of extracurricular activities, including Yearbook Club, Page Benders Book Club, Chorus, Jump Rope Team, Dance Team, Geography Bee, Exercise Club, Track Club, Environmental Club, Drama Club, Robotics Club, 5th Grade Peer Leaders, 5th Grade Band, 5th Grade Safety Patrol, and 5th Grade Broadcast Team.

“White Oak Elementary has great students, teachers and a supportive principal who taught me many valuable lessons, such as seeing that school can really be fun, once you put your mind to it, by staying focused and giving it your all. I’m sad that this is my last year, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at White Oak Elementary and hope that future kids will have as great an experience as I have had.”

T .Carl Buice School

T. Carl Buice School is a Gwinnett County Public School (GCPS) serving preschool and pre-kindergarten students with special needs. Through a cooperative agreement between GCPS and Ninth District Opportunity, we have state lottery funded Bright from the Start Pre-K classes for general education 4 year olds and federally funded Head Start classes for general education 3 year olds. This provides a very rich inclusive opportunity for special education and general education students to learn and grow together.

Our Mission The mission of the T. Carl Buice School is to challenge all students to reach their highest potential.

Our Local School Plan for Improvement (LSPI) focuses on improving student achievement in the areas of language arts, science and math. This year, we will be working with the Language Arts Curriculum Director from the county to enhance our literacy instruction and integrate new teaching materials into our thematic units. Preschool and Pre-K students love to explore and inquire, so we are thrilled to have a science lab where classes will be able to conduct ageappropriate and developmentally-appropriate science experiments on a weekly basis. We are also looking to deepen our understanding of early math skills and develop rigorous rubrics to assess where our students are achieving in this area. It is going to be an exciting year of learning at Buice! We truly believe that ALL students at Buice can learn, lead and succeed at high levels. Each student is a unique learner, and it is our job to discover their strengths so that they can be utilized to further the student’s learning in all academic, social and motor domains of development. I encourage you to visit our website at BuiceSchool to learn more about our amazing school!

Buice School Administration

Shon Hardy, Head Start/Pre-K Center Director Kim Holland, Principal

Kim Holland

Principal T. Carl Buice School

Laying a strong foundation

Cindy Alverson, Assistant Principal

“There is a saying by Carol Buchner that I build my teaching upon: ‘Students may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Teacher of the Year

We provide a very rich, inclusive opportunity for special education and general education students to learn and grow together.


Lindsey DAVIS


Buice is the only Gwinnett County Public School exclusively for preschool and pre-k students. • Our special education self-contained classes have had “buddy” general education class so that we can provide opportunities for general and special education students to learn

Michelle RUSSELL

together. • All of our classes have a computer special, media center special and science special each week. • Every classroom is equipped with interactive white boards and flip camcorders to enhance learning. • For gross motor development, we have an age-appropriate

“Our son attended Buice two years in a self-contained classroom receiving special education services. Not only did the Buice School work with him on his weaknesses, they also focused on his strengths, building an early foundation for his future academic and personal success.”

and developmentally-appropriate playground, a gym with a sport court floor for safety and a designated motor room within the building. • We have a sensory room designed to help students get prepared to learn. • We have a courtyard with a beautiful garden and a

Koi fish pond. • We have a therapy dog program that our students and teachers love. • Our students go through the cafeteria line, carry a tray, choose their milk, choose their lunch items and then take the tray to their table just like they do at the elementary schools!

“Children are the top priority at Buice. The teachers, therapists and administrators do whatever it takes to create a strong foundation for learning in each child. Everyone here truly cares for each child and makes going to school fun and exciting. I can think of no other school that can give young children the technological and hands-on opportunities that we do. The kids who start here enter Crystal kindergarten with a strong foundation GREENFIELD that will benefit them for a lifetime!”

Our Passion

Many Thanks to

THE SMART SOURCE VENDING COMPANY for supporting Lanier Cluster schools by funding the printing of this brochure

Our passion is our students. Always. Their success is our success. We leaders and educators who serve our families of the Lanier Cluster are dedicated to empowering all our students to learn, lead, and succeed. We serve with a commitment to excellence in all we do, and we consider it both an honor and a pleasure to do so.

OUR PRIORITIES The number one priority is you. If we satisfy you, our customer, we know that we have done our job right. Customer retention is our number one goal. Additionally, we focus heavily on the following items: EQUIPMENT Reliable Equipment that is updated with the latest technology. All of our machines are equipped with remote monitoring capabality. Remote monitoring gives you the ability to have all of your machines effectively managed from our operations center in Sugar Hill, GA. “Smart Source Vending has been a pleasure to have as a Partner in Education at Lanier High School, and they are geared to meet the new standards in healthy choices for students. The owner/operator is a responsive, trustworthy, and truly caring individual, that has built positive relationships in our community and supported many of our school programs through her partnership. I highly recommend Smart Source Vending to any school looking for a partner.” — Ms. Kerensa Wing Principal, Lanier High School


Lanier High School 918 Buford Highway Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (678) 765-4040

Lanier Middle School 6482 Suwanee Dam Road, Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (770) 945-8419

Sugar Hill Elementary 939 Level Creek Road Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (770) 945-5735

Sycamore Elementary 5695 Sycamore Road Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (678) 714-5770

White Oak Elementary 6442 Suwanee Dam Road Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518 (678) 546-5550

Buice School 1160 Level Creek Road Sugar Hill, GA 30518 (770) 271-5060

Designed courtesty of Mark & Gwen Childers of Herff Jones Yearbooks Photography by students and staff members of the Lanier Cluster, Magic Moment Photography, and Brian C. Robbins of Robbins Photography, Inc.

Lanier Cluster Brochure  

Learn about the Lanier Cluster schools in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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