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April 2014 Our Dropper-inners How is the drop-in working for them? 35 told us what they think




How long have you been coming to Parachute? Since beginning

8 28 %

2 years+

1 03.5%

1 year+

13 37 %

6 months+

4 14 %

2 months+

6 21 %

Not Sure

3 10.5%

Since you started coming to Parachute have you got to know more people?

34 97%

Is it easier to talk to people at Parachute now than when you first started?

33 94% 2 6%

1 3%




Do you help out sometimes?

31 89% 4 11%

What kind of things do you do? Computers (Facebook Twitter) 1 Tidy Up Wash Up Clean Up


(Tables, coffee table, kitchen, art cupboard‌.. ETC) Put rubbish in bin 1

Put pictures up (displays) 3

Lots of things 1

Hoover Up 2

Make a cuppa 4

Help other people (with art, advice)

Work Placement 1

Admin 2

Answer telephone 5

Charity Bazaar 1

Helping with Raffle prizes 1

Make things for Barnaby 1

Games & Puzzles 1

Ideas 4

Show people around 1

Take part in meetings 4

Do subs 1

Fill the kettle 1

Writing 4

Book my own taxi 1

Art 3

Chair meetings 1

Open meetings 1

Walking (Barnaby Parade) 1





Do you enjoy the drop-in activities?

35 100%

What things do you like to do? Art (on Tues) 15

Everything artistic 1

Painting 6

Monoprints 1

Crafts 3

Drawing (and tracing) 7

Letters 2

My File/folder 2

Maths 1

Writing 2

Reading 1

Looking at magazines 1

Decorating the window 1

Wii 2

Wordsearches 1

Computers 12

Tablets 1

Lifeskills software 1

Computer Games 2

Music 1

Games (cards) 4

Quizzes/Puzzles 2

Bingo 1

Activity Themes 2

Drugs & Alcohol Workshop 1

New Thinking 1

There’s lots – it’s hard to say

Well I like being funny

I like it all

Weds talking/in group (Airspace) 3

Working in a group/sharing ideas 4

Blackpool Conference 2

Have a laugh 1

People coming in 1

Chilling Out 1

Guest speakers 2

Talking (to my friends) 5

Barnaby 3

Going Out 1

Meetings 1

Newsletters 1

Taking photos 1

Posters 1

See new/a lot of people 5

Talking to staff 1

Projects 1




Do you feel you can share your ideas?

29 83%

6 17%

What kind of ideas have you shared?

Pamper Night

First Aid

Karaoke Night

Being Around People

About computers

Driving a car (Andy Helped)

Barnaby Parade (art/uniforms) 5

Arts (& Crafts) 4

At Blackpool conference

Coffee Machine

About smoking/not smoking (Wshop)

Lots of things 3

Going to places 4

Going out & about in town

More social events

Pictures (cinema)

Singing & choir

About working

Playing board games

Bringing newspapers

Makaton 3

Pub meal

Mate Crime


Putting pictures on the wall

Not shared YET


Taking turns to hear

Art Exhibition

Sponsored Walk

Inviting Police

Summer things


Talking about job

Group photo

Write on board when talking

My news


Projects & how to do things

Making cards

We need fans

Film afternoons

I would like to meet more people

Meet people


Go driving

Go to the pub the people listen to me




Now that Parachute is open, do you feel you have more choice of things to do during the week?

33 94%

2 6%

Have you joined in any of the social activities?

26 74% 7 20% 2 6%

What kind of things?

Valentine’s Party 19

(X Factor) Karaoke 14


Art Exhibition 9


Blackpool 4

Samba Night 2

Anniversary Party 7

Internet 1

Pub Meal 2

Ranger’s Walk 2

Xmas meal 4

Xmas Fair 2

Xmas Concert 1

Church 1

Parties 1

Chatting & laughing 1

Art gallery (Silk) 2

Eccles 1

Making displays 1 Would do if timing worked w work hours 1 Haven’t been able to been on holiday 1 Not yet 1




Since you have been coming to Parachute do you feel better in yourself?

30 86% 3 8% 2 6%

In what way do you feel better? - Being looked after - Much better Feel happy More activities - I like making friends and meeting different people It made me feel more confident - Happy, glad, kind - Don’t have to do gardening, it’s nice to be here. Disappointed can’t come more bcause of (other) work. It’s relaxing - I have a better understand() of people and made some friends. I like to help people. I like doing different activities myself. - I’ve always been with people because I’m talking with people and for once people listen to me. Since I’ve been ill people don’t really listen. People being patient because everyone’s got problems here and disabilities - More confident - Alright, happy - I feel happier, I have more to do with my day - I feel perfect because I like it - Happier to be at Parachute - Getting out and coming here, it makes me feel good - Beat Andy at Dominoes. Helping out more, getting used to us.

- More proud for myself - Can talk to people especially if you have got any problems - Because you get more confident - I feel more like doing things, have more energy, more confidence - More confident, times goes quicker, enjoy socialising more - A lot better, good, fantastic. It helps people. Happy - Confident, I used to be scared to a book but I’ve got a piece of paper in my file so I can read to the taxi driver, read the address of Parachute and I can read my address so I can tell the driver that I need a taxi at 3.30, it makes me feel more confident. Sometimes I talk to my friends at break times. I don’t want ot talk to strangers I want to talk to people I know. It makes me feel happy. - Being with my friends, makes me happy. - Feel I can talk to people easier despite communication difficulty

(checked this was person wanted to say, was a definite yes), Happy at Parachute, relaxed, enjoy it. - Feel as if it is somewhere to go. Nice to come out and talk to people rather than just sit at home. - Independent, more confident - Not sure - Get’s me out of the house, doesn’t get me bored. Plus meeting lots of people. - Meeting my friends, makes me feel happy - I feel happy. Nice People. Nice time - Meet people. Alright. Brilliant - I’m helping people more. It feels as though I’m doing things brilliantly. Great, excited. I meet people.




Have you done any of

22 63% 12 34% 1 3%

Community events with Parachute? Which ones?

Went to Sutton Mill Gallery/Arts Centre Barnaby 16 St Michael’s (Art Display) 3 Art Exhibition Who Do You See? 4 Not yet I want to get involved in helping

Valentines Party Recycling Treacle Market 8 Charity Bazaar 2

Do you feel more involved in things that go on in the town?

21 60% 6 17% 8 23%

Do you have any thoughts about Parachute that you would like to tell us?

- Helping the staff, discussions and meetings - I enjoy coming to Parachute. I like doing drawing when I come - It is a colrful (colourful) place. I like the Ipads - Like using computer, don’t have one at home - NO - I enjoy it, it fills up my time between work when I’m bored. I get to meet new people - Enjoy hanging out with people. I like coming here with my P A - It’s essential for me – the only way to keep social connections since leaving college - I find you learn things here. I’ve learnt a lot of things coming here on Wednesday. Everybody is very nice, I get on with them all. - It does me good as I get out, I socialise with people instead of being at home alone. It’s changed me for good - Enjoyed the art exhibition - Everyone’s friendly. Well it helps people, it helps social activities. The people are sharing ideas, everyone’s communicating together - It’s nicer to talk than to do gardening. I like the trips out. It’s fun. I like the computers - NO - Nice. Nice time. Richard is my friend - I think that it is local to town. We do more things. And I think that if the council can give us a bigger place in town, we could be bigger - ‘Cos I like coming down here. It’s very nice when I come - I enjoy it and have fun - I want the people from the seaside to come here (Blackpool S A

conference). Liked Andy the Health Worker visiting - Parachute is good to come to and you make new friends

- I walk here from the charity shop (where I volunteer). If Parachute wasn’t here I would just go back home. Please don’t let the people close it. - Love it! Good night at Valentines - I’d like to get more involved on Wednesday afternoon. - It’s very friendly and you meet people. I’ve got to know people I didn’t know – makes me feel better - It’s lovely meeting people in the group - It’s normal. I like coming here. It’s interesting - It’s good to come to, getting more involved in the writing and reading more. It’s good company, it’s good to come to and I like coming because I get to know Karen and Clare - Sometimes you know, it’s fantastic! - I meet people from other places. I look forward to it every week. - A really friendly and welcoming atmosphere, plenty to do and get involved in. Everyone’s suggestions and input is welcome - Chatting with friends, enthusiasm when I’m here, it’s fun. I enjoy meeting people here. I like being friendly with people (being cooperative) - It’s really good, it’s really fun and funny. It makes me smile. I like making new friends - I like doing more Art. It is fun, I like it here - I think it’s very good – I like it. Enjoy myself. - I look forward to it. It’s very…….. it gets me out of the house and it makes me meet other people – not from the centre – different people.

Are you?

17 49%------



7 20%


15 43%


13 37%

18 51%


Dropper inners questionnaire 2014 results  
Dropper inners questionnaire 2014 results  

Our dropper-inners have told us what they think about the drop-in, what they like best and what they would like to do more of.