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Project 3 (Motion graphic) Project Statement Summary My client is The Seattle Seahawks football association and they are hiring me to create a 30 second commercial ad for the team. They are requiring a video that has the ability to motivate fans to get "pumped up" and ready to support the team. Objectives 1. Create a video that motivates and gets fans "pumped up." Obstacles 1. Getting good footage of players and fans that I can use. 2. Finding the right sound tracks and sounds to use. 3. Deciding what effects to use and introduce in the video to create the right element needed to make it interesting. Solution Being that I am a huge Seahawks fan and have HUGE Seahawk Fan friends, Fan footage will not be an issue. I will be using some new video copilot effects to help with shock and aww. I plan on working hard to find just the right music and I am pretty sure of a few that I have in mind already. I have looked into some hi resolution footage that has been previously used to get some of the players in action.

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Biohazard Title Shatterize into 12th man Green Smoke into “Bigger” Sure Target Presets into “Faster”, “Louder”, “Stronger” Or Find a transition for “tronger” into Hawk Logo ___________________ Rotate in “Seattle Seahawks 2012” with Soft Shadow presets

Hawk Commercial  
Hawk Commercial  

Possible commercial fro Seahawks(comp)