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Paul Emory   Computer  Drawing   Week  2   Project  Statement     The Project Statement 1. Background I decided to create an illustration for this article because It really made me picture country leaders playing battleship and one of them cheating or a command center with things just going “haywire”. I am going through with creating this illustration because I feel this situation is a evil nightmare that will become a reality eventually. Thinking about someone hacking into our defense system and being able to launch a missile scares me and its something this article addresses. 2. Target Audiences I want everyone that touches a computer to see this and understand that every type of file they send to someone they know doesnʼt just have the opportunity of making a mess but helping pass along a virus to someone else they may know that holds a position somewhere that can open up a can create a situation that breaks down important walls that cannot be undone. 3. Objectives I want people to be more careful with emails and pranks and pay attention to the information they are passing along. 4. Obstacles I think a possible obstacle is people not fully understanding what is going on in my image. 5. Key Benefit people will gain the benefit of knowing that there are threats out there 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why I believe this illustration shows a common threat to all peoples personal security in there own computer aswell as the threats against the information stored by our government. 7. Tone I want this illustration to be authoritative so people will better understand what is going on or possibly going on with cyber threats. 8. Media

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