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The Canon EOS Rebel T1i is a great small and compact digital camera that is more often than not a top selling digital camera time and time again, day in and day out. And what's not to like? It's compact and and about the same size as bridge camera such as the Canon SX20is, which is fantastic camera on it's own but the Canon T1i, mostly due to the single reflex DSLR design, improves on that. First, let's get the megapixels out of the way. The Canon T1i offer 15 megapixels which is more than enough for all but the most serious shooter and offers resolution that's capable of creating poster sized prints with this small and compact DSLR Using the most up to date DIGIC 4 processor available today the benefit of the Canon T1i is speed. You will not be waiting for this small DSLR. The autofocus is fast and offers responsive performance in such a small digital SLR. Shutter lag if there at all, is not noticeable when shooting fast moving subjects. If any, I could not get any. Shooting with the Canon T1i is fast. A DSLR without a lens to match just makes no good sense, but Canon has seen fit to include the very capable and affordable 18-55 IS lens as a Camera Kit lens. The zoom of 18-55mm is more than enough and a great walk around lens that can shoot wide with a 28mm equivalent, or zoom into about 70mm which would be considered mid telephoto by most. Of course, the lens offers image stabilization which means you can leave the tripod at home and just go out with the Canon EOS t1i to get your perfect shots. The Canon EOS t1i is a capable performer that won't break the bank. It offers greater resolution and quality than what you can get from most compact point and shoots and the included kit lens is a perfect match for this new digital SLR from Canon.

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==== ==== Click Here For The Best Deals On The Canon T1i www. ==== ====

Canon EOS T1i Digital Camera Review