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So, you have a college degree. Now what? A liberal arts education from Hood prepares you to think analytically, to argue persuasively, to write coherently and to read and assess critically. Just the tools you’ll need to pursue a graduate degree or myriad of professional careers. Dana Davenport '11


Getting your feet wet in a real-world situation is the first step in gaining entrance into a career or graduate school. Hood’s career center has associations with more than 200 internship sites—private businesses, local and federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations, research facilities—throughout the Baltimore-Washington-Frederick region.

Jonathan Butterfield '12 Troy Hubbard '12

GRAD SCHOOL Sometimes an undergraduate degree isn’t enough; students have multiple passions to explore at a higher level. If graduate school is in your future, Hood can help you get there. Your professors will challenge you to lead, learn and succeed, all necessary skills for the very competitive nature of graduate school.

Ben Garretson '09


Whether you’re sure what your career path will be or you’re still exploring, a Hood education is the foundation for success. Our graduates are attorneys, musicians, veterinarians, doctors, teachers and university professors, social workers, art conservationists, journalists, pharmacists, television news directors and software engineers, to name a few.

George Littrell '89


Hood graduates are well prepared to enter the work force and employers appreciate the experience and skills our students bring to their workplaces. From Booz Allen Hamilton to the Mayo Clinic to the Peace Corps, you can find Hood alumni working for an array of employers the world over. Jamie Bussey '08, left

Kristan Hawkins ’11

phill Yerby ’11

Candice Moreland '08

Our alumni

Kevin Lollar '97

Jen Cinclair '02

have done remarkable things and have had incredible experiences in their professional lives. Some have entered the work force directly after graduation, others have gone on to earn professional, master’s and doctoral degrees before beginning their careers. On the following pages, meet some of our outstanding graduates and read about their amazing journeys.

peter cha, D.D.S. ’81

Blake Rust '10

Beryl Pfizer '49

Internships Our alumni speak volumes about the value of internships and how they can pave the way to that first job after graduation. Internships are a practical way to gain realworld experience and put classroom theory into practice.

Jessica Henry ’12

Steve Bearman ’09 Project manager, DynPort Vaccine Company

For nearly two years Steve worked side-by-side with Professor Craig Laufer on National Science Foundation grantfunded research, developing novel enzymes for use in biofuel production. Professor Laufer also helped him obtain an internship at U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at nearby Fort Detrick. The internship led to a full-time position at DynPort Vaccine Company, where Steve is a project manager on the U.S. Department of Defense’s recombinant botulism vaccine development project.

“I chose Hood because I knew about the outstanding reputation of the biology department and the professors’ strong connections to the local biotech community. My friends at other schools were blown away by the type of research I was doing with Professor Laufer compared to their experiences. I graduated with two internships, three years of research experiences and a job offer. You can’t beat that!” 2

Chad Doremus ’11 Information technology analyst, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“My success at Hood helped me find a full-time position before I started my senior year. I believe that the focus on group work, small classes and studying a broad range of subjects has been very valuable. At Hood I gained a sense of responsibility and dedication; the benefits of my total Hood experience have already become evident in my workplace.”

Kristan Hawkins ’11 Event manager, National Conference Services, Inc.

“My internship experiences—from small local companies to a large national organization—helped me prepare for my career. Working for a variety of companies helped me gain a better understanding not only of the business world but also of myself. My experiences helped me to become both an independent person and an effective team member.”

PhilL Yerby ’11 Assistant account executive,Weber Shandwick

“I chose Hood because it afforded me a world-class education. I learned almost as much on the tennis court and in extracurricular activities as I did in the classroom. A strong foundation in the principles of communication as well as experiences as a student worker in the Office of Institutional Advancement and as an active participant on the Campus Activities Board prepared me for life after Hood.”

Internship Sites Below is a sample of some of the more than 200 sites in which Hood students have interned. Advocates for Homeless Families

Meals on Wheels

Sirius XM Radio

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Merrill Lynch

Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center

National Aquarium

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases U.S. Department of State

Frederick County Historical Society

National Cancer Institute National Institute of Standards and Technology

U.S. Lacrosse Association U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s Office

National Museum of Civil War Medicine


Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Weber Shandwick

Frederick County Office of Economic Development Frederick News-Post Maryland Ensemble Theatre

WFRE Radio


GRAD SCHOOL With a background in the liberal arts, you can take your education

anywhere. Graduate schools appreciate students who have a breadth of knowledge and the skills to apply that knowledge in creative, analytical ways. Our graduates have earned master’s, doctoral and professional degrees at some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country.

Lindsay Nagy ’08

Major: Mathematics

Doctoral program in economics, University of Arizona

“Hood gave me the opportunity to do research in my field, which exposed me to what it takes to do research in academia. My advisers were very supportive throughout the project. I still refer back to their calming words of advice when I face roadblocks in my current research. I not only learned the basics, but also I was challenged to think outside the box and to apply what I learned in more complicated situations.”

Andrea Raffauf ’09

Major: Psychology

Master’s degree in forensic psychology, University of Denver

“For me, the overall experience at Hood—both in and out of the classroom—was liberating. It opened my eyes and expanded my horizons. Coursework was so much more than simple memorization. The courses I took and my experiences at Hood helped shape the person I am today and ultimately helped me get into graduate school.”

Ben Garretson ’09

Major: Psychology

Doctoral program in psychology, University of Pennsylvania

“My graduate course work at the University of Pennsylvania pertains to consciousness, which is an interdisciplinary subject. As a liberal arts college, Hood prepared and fostered the intellectual growth and flexibility that is necessary for such coursework. My favorite memory of Hood is when classes turned from being obligations to being subjects of enjoyment.”

Amanda ALLEY ’08


Curriculum developer and instructor, EmersonWrites Program, Emerson College

Major: English

“Hood taught me to take chances. It was a safe place for me to explore my leadership abilities and other academic and educational pursuits because there was always a mentor to guide me. Professors taught me how to be an open-minded and valuable citizen in my society—they don’t just teach you what’s in the books. I was given the strength and independence that has helped me be a successful graduate student and professional.”

Jeremy Bonebrake ’10

Jeremy Bonebrake ’10

Major: Biology

University of Maryland School of Dentistry

“The value of the education I received at Hood is priceless. It not only provided me with the tools I need to succeed in dental school and in life, but also it gave me a strong academic foundation that prepared me for the rigorous demands and challenges of the dental school curriculum.”

Blake Rust ’10

Major: Biochemistry

Doctoral program in biomedical science, Tulane University

“My undergraduate coursework fully prepared me for graduate school. In fact, it has often saved me. While fellow classmates were delving into the world of biochemistry for the first time, I had already been exposed to many of the topics and had an established understanding of the field. I also found that the undergraduate courses that had really tested me—like biochemistry—were now helping to solidify my position in Tulane’s graduate program.”

Dana Davenport ’11

Major: Social Work

Master’s degree program, University of Michigan School of Social Work

“The benefits of a Hood education are so numerous. I earned advanced standing in my graduate program because of the preparation I received from Hood’s social work curriculum. In addition, Hood’s strong focus on undergraduate research and developing research skills has given me the confidence to complete research-related assignments in my graduate classes. The numerous leadership- and service-related extracurricular experiences that I had at Hood have provided me with transferable skills that I can use in all situations.” 5

Many of Hood’s graduates are accepted into master’s and doctoral degree programs at institutions throughout the country. A strong academic foundation in the liberal arts, coupled with real-world undergraduate research and intern experiences make Hood students well prepared for the rigors of a graduate school curriculum. Some of the graduate schools recent Hood alumni have attended include: Drexel University Loyola University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northeastern University Law School Shenandoah Conservatory of Music

Temple University School of Medicine The Catholic University of America The Courtauld Institute of Art The Johns Hopkins University

“The faculty and staff at Hood are very supportive. I would not be where I am today without the invaluable advice and guidance from numerous mentors.”

“A Hood education is unique. Not only did it provide me with an exceptional foundation for pursuing a master’s degree in physician’s assistant studies, but also it gave me a solid breadth of knowledge across disciplines.”

Tulane University Touro School of Osteopathic Medicine University of Colorado School of Pharmacy University of Edinburgh University of Geneva University of Maryland

“My leadership experiences at Hood—an admission tour guide coordinator, orientation assistant and vice president of the Class of 2008—provided me with the skills necessary to be an outspoken leader in the medical field.”

University of Michigan School of Social Work University of North Carolina-Winston Salem University of Richmond School of Law University of South Carolina

“At Hood, I was able to take a variety of courses, including several Spanish courses, which came in handy while travelling to Nicaragua on a medical mission during my second year in PA school.”

“Many successful physicians have told me that a professional with a liberal arts degree is distinguishable in clinical practice.”

Candice Moreland ’08 Major: Chemistry

Master’s degree in physician’s assistant studies, Shenandoah University


Jen Cinclair ’02

With top-notch preparation both inside and out of the classroom, it’s no wonder that Hood alums thrive in their professions. Our graduates are employed all over the country and in every field imaginable. So whether you decide to be a researcher or a pastry chef, the knowledge, skills and confidence you’ll build during your four years at Hood will take you where you want to go.

George Littrell ’89

Vice president, senior financial adviser, portfolio manager, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

“At Hood I learned many valuable things that have furthered my career, but the greatest is the honor code. This standard by which we judge ourselves and govern our actions has been a great tool in a business where people need to trust you with their valuable information and their money. In addition, the foundation I built and the network I developed at Hood still help me every day. The Hood connection is strong and helps me to develop and grow my business.”

Jen Cinclair ’02

Pastry chef, Spoon, New York City

“Deciding what you want ‘to be when you grow up’ is not always clear-cut. A liberal arts education gives you a solid base to begin any number of adventures. Having the flexibility to take classes in any department opened my eyes to previously unimaginable possibilities. Though I am not obviously using my degree in sociology as a pastry chef, my experiences at Hood gave me the confidence to pursue any number of careers.”

Michelle Donati ’04

Public relations supervisor, American Automobile Association

“The curriculum at Hood is challenging but not impractical. It taught me that no matter what the obstacles are in my personal or professional life, I am equipped for the challenge. Hood’s perpetual truths—Hope, Obligation, Opportunity and Democracy—are values that have undoubtedly shaped who I am today.” 7

Bridgette Harwood ’06

Kevin Lollar, Esq. ’97

Attorney, Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center

Development director, Housing Authority of the City of Frederick

“I would have been lost in my career path without the guidance of so many people who advised me to try many hands-on work experiences before making a final decision about the direction of my career. It was Hood that gave me the confidence I needed to take on a new adventure and shaped my desire to pursue a career path that allows me to give back to others.”

“One of the beauties of college is that it’s a great place to fall, get back up and learn how to achieve one’s goals. From academic experiences to managing the campus swimming pool to planning a monthlong film series, Hood helped me to understand, as well as live up to, my potential. I work with a diverse group of people—from residents in public housing to the mayor of the City. Hood has given me the well-rounded education that a person in my position needs to be successful.”


Jennifer StieglerBalfour ’05 Assistant professor of psychology, University of New England

“Hood provided me with a first-rate education. The faculty members in the psychology department were not only very knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise but also they were genuinely interested in helping students achieve their fullest potential and succeed in life. Professor Farreras was instrumental in helping me narrow down which graduate school would be the best fit for me.”

Beryl Pfizer ’49 Retired, Producer, NBC’s “The Today Show”

“College is like a buffer zone, an island that lies between growing up and actually being a grown-up. It’s an opportunity to learn to make choices for yourself about you. The four years I spent at Hood was a special time in my life, one on which I have looked back fondly. The extracurricular activities in which I participated— editing the student magazine, reporting for the student newspaper, working at a local radio station—helped prepare me for my career as a television news writer and producer.”


peter cha, D.D.S. ’81

Peter Cha, D.D.S. ’81

Owner, Family Smile Center

“Hood College and its dedicated faculty prepared me not just to survive but also to thrive in dental school. The education I received was the starting point for my career, my life and my ability to give back to the community. I rely on my liberal arts education to help me understand and deal with many aspects of everyday life.”

Rachel Paine Caufield ’95

Associate professor of political science, Drake University

“As a professor, I have always tried to model the professors that I had at Hood. Their classes were rigorous and challenging, but I knew that the professors always cared about and respected us as people. The environment at Hood not only created excellent students, but fostered a sense of collaborative learning in the process, one that I bring to my own classroom today.”

Shahrzad Ehdaivand ’03

Physician, Clinical Pathology, Anatomical Pathology, Rhode Island Hospital

“My Hood education has been invaluable to my subsequent education and career progression. The rigorous academics coupled with the small class sizes and one-onone interactions with faculty provided fertile ground for my academic interests to expand and grow. As a physician, I use the leadership and communication skills I honed through student leadership positions on a daily basis.”

Emily Heflin ’10

Second grade teacher, the Summit School

“Hood prepared me in so many different ways. Through classroom instruction I learned the fundamentals I need to be successful at my job. Through my work as an admission tour guide and orientation coordinator I learned how to develop professional relationships, to be a team player and a leader, and to work with a diverse group of people.” 10

Ruth HurtadoDay ’00 “Hood gave me the foundation for a career in the behavioral health field. My psychology courses and professors provided me with the framework I needed to be successful in my career while the internships I got through Hood gave me the experience and connections to get my foot in the door with the federal government.”

Kenny Huyser ’05 Owner, Excalibur Title & Escrow, LLC

“Hood taught me so many things that are essential to my business: time management, to communicate my thoughts and opinions effectively in print or in open discussion, to look at issues from many different angles and to think critically. At Hood I learned the importance of having a strong work ethic and integrity in everything I do professionally and in my personal life.”

“My professors prepared me to step into a newsroom and not look lost or confused. With those skills, and with the help of those same professors, I was able to line up an internship that led to a full-time job.” -Blair Ames ’10, Reporter, Frederick News-Post

Amber Miller Vince ’06

Public health adviser, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Multimedia journalist, Fox 42, York, Pa.

“Hood professors don’t ask you to simply attend classes, memorize information and regurgitate it. They ask you to process the information, look at it from every possible angle, and then possibly alter your interpretation based upon what you learned. They taught me to think outside the box and to understand that a different view isn't necessarily the wrong view. As a journalist, this is crucial.”



With thousands of employers located in the D.C., Baltimore and Frederick areas,

Hood students have countless opportunities from which to choose. Our graduates find employment throughout the country in private and public businesses; nonprofit organizations; and in local, state and federal government agencies. They hold positions in the science and technology, arts, psychosocial, economic, management, education and government sectors, to name a few. Hood graduates are top picks among employers, and for good reason. Known for their strong work ethic, enthusiasm and problem-solving abilities, Hood alums stand out in the workplace.

Lonza Walkersville, Inc.

Rhonda Routzahn Human resources business partner

“Hood students bring a wide range of skills and experiences that are applicable in many parts of our business. They are well-rounded individuals who possess strong technical backgrounds and exhibit professional behaviors that support the Lonza culture.”


Steve Askew Director of business operations

“As a recruiter for positions in a number of professional, scientific, clinical, mortgage and other local industries, I look to Hood not only for quality candidates to fill these positions but also for my own company’s personnel needs. Hood students have been successful employees; I’ve found them to be a good fit for my internal hires.” 12

RESOURCES Career Center The Catherine Filene Shouse Career Center staff partners with faculty and students throughout a student’s four years at Hood and provides services that help prepare students for the professional world—résumé evaluations; mock interviews; volunteer connections; internship and career guidance; and pre-law, -vet, -med and -dental school counseling— and access to alumni who serve as mentors. Students who seek career center guidance gain the necessary skills to maneuver through the often confusing world of graduate school and employment. They learn and develop skills that they will take with them when they leave Hood, skills on which they will rely throughout their professional and personal lives that will enable them to continue to develop long after they graduate.

Bruce Persons ’09

The career center staff advises students to seek out their resources and expertise early. First-year students are encouraged to engage in the Frederick community by volunteering, a hallmark of Hood College’s mission. The sophomore year is all about discovery and the career center staff helps guide students through this process, encouraging them to think broadly and explore different options while searching for a path that best suits their skills and interests. In the junior year, internship experiences are invaluable and students often rely on them to discover how classroom instruction can be applied in a

real-world setting. Students who have multiple internship experiences have an advantage in that they are far more marketable. In the senior year, the focus is on making the transition from college student to professional. The career center’s guidance and resources help seniors connect academic interests with a career path or select a graduate program that will take their education to the next level. As an added bonus, a cadre of alumni returns to Hood each year to share their expertise and experiences, and to offer career advice to current students through group presentations and oneon-one conversations.

Some of the employers that have hired recent graduates include: AAI Corporation

Frederick County Public Schools

National Geographic Society

AdvanceProduct Enterprises

The Federal Reserve Board

National Park Service


Frederick News-Post

Peace Corps

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Harris Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation


Head Start

Social Security Administration

Howard County Public Schools

State Farm Insurance Companies

Booz Allen Hamilton

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases

Boys and Girls Club

LACE Financial

U.S. Census Bureau


Life Technologies

DynPortVaccine Company


U.S. Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Intelligence



Fairfax County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

U.S. News & World Report has called Hood “A Great School at a Great Price.”



Financial Aid


Hood is an independent liberal arts college, known for its outstanding faculty, research opportunities and experiential learning.

Women: 67% Men: 33% States represented: 26 Countries represented: 24

Merit aid awarded to the class of 2014: $3,906,464 Average financial aid package for all full-time undergraduate students with need: $21,782 Percent of all full-time undergraduates receiving aid: 93%

107 regular faculty; 98% of all full-time hold the terminal degree in their field Classes taught by faculty: 100% (no graduate/ teacher assistants) Student-to-faculty ratio Undergraduate: 13:1


Hood students participate in more than 60 organizations and 17 honor societies. Student groups include academic/ departmental, cultural, governing/representative, media, performance, programming, service and social groups.


Located in historic Frederick, Maryland (the third-largest city in the state), Hood is an hour from Washington, D.C., an hour from Baltimore and 30 minutes from the I-270 technology corridor. STUDENTS

Total students: 2,448 Undergraduates: 1,486 Graduate students: 962

Students intern at more than 200 sites in Frederick, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Admission Office 401 Rosemont Avenue Frederick, MD 21701

Entering Class Profile, Fall 2010

New first-year students: 327 Women: 64% Men: 36% Racially/ethnically diverse students: 28% International students: 2% SAT middle 50%: 950–1180 (Critical Reading, Math) Average GPA: 3.53 Top 50% of high school graduating class: 87% Top 25%: 56% National Honor Society scholars: 50 Residential students: 80%

Hood College offers the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in 30* major fields of study, 14 master’s degrees, 5 post-baccalaureate certificates and a certification program in educational leadership. Average class size Undergraduate: 17


Honors Students

Average GPA: 4.16 (weighted) Average SAT: 1259 Average class rank: top 11% of high school class

* This number includes the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program, which is available to transfer students who are registered nurses. For more information about Hood’s nursing program, visit

(800) 922-1599 (301) 696-3400

Hood College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, religion, age, or any other protected classification under applicable federal, state, or local law, in recruitment, admission and access to, or treatment, or employment in its programs, services, benefits, or activities as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, and their implementing regulations. Hood College complies with applicable laws regarding reasonable accommodation for disabled students and employees. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the application process, or to have access to a program, service, or activity of Hood College are requested to contact the Disability Services Coordinator. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Carol M. Wuenschel, Executive Director for Human Resources Equal Employment Officer/Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator • Alumnae Hall, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701 (AD 312) • (301) 696-3592 •

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