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History is a company dedicated to sell innovative technology products in Chile. This company began as a one-man venture in late 2010, but over time has been building a team capable of meeting all the challenges the company has had and will have in the future. Initially, MercaTech began only in the niche of sports cameras, quickly achieving recognition in Chile. Later, we decided to expand the business into other related areas, focusing primarily in innovative technological products.

Strategy Since our inception, MercaTech have characterized for occupying our web platform and social networking as the only means to market our products. However, we have plans to soon open several boutiques throughout Chile, and in a medium-long term, also in neighboring countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and the rest of South America.



Daniel González Vargas - CEO Daniel González at his 17 years, is the founder and CEO of In few years, he has managed to stand out as one of the youngest entrepreneur in Chile, achieving good results in his past Start-Ups.

Raúl González Zamora - Marketing Manager Raúl González is Certified Public Accountant and has a B.S. degree in business and administration. In the past, he has work with Langton Clarke auditor, currently Erns & Young, and Edyce, one of the leading steel structure factories in Chile. His last position, was as Financial Assistant in the Delegation of the European Union in Chile.

Veronica Vargas Zincke - Finance and Accountancy Verónica Vargas is a Certified Public Accountant. She worked as external auditor with Langton Clarke Concepción, (currently Ernst & Young), and more than 18 years as general accountant in Congelados Pacifico, a leading salmon farming company.

3 Camino de las Violetas, 8254, PeĂąalolĂŠn, Santiago, Chile


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