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Youth and Teen Classes

Youth and Teen Classes

COLLEGE OF VISUAL ARTS 2011 Summer Art and Design Programs CVA’s summer classes are designed for YOU, young artists and designers ages 12 through 18. These week long classes are your chance to do what you love, meet some new friends, spend some time on campus, and have some fun! Register Online: Ages 12–14 Classes held at CVA, $275

Ages 15–18 Classes held at CVA, $370

Impermanent Art July 18–22, 9a–3p Do you really need tools or fancy art materials to exercise your creative mind? Create art with stones, chalk, or sand while learning about India’s rich culture, history, and customs through the visual arts. Try henna make rangoli, and create designs with colored sand.

Drawing Intensive June 27–July 1, 9a–3p In this drawing intensive you will work with a drawing instructor to develop and refine your perceptual drawing skills. Working from stillife you will explore methods of seeing and translating what is seen using graphite, charcoal, and ink.

From Here to There July 25–29, 9a–3p Create a path from your room to the studio. What shape does it take? What do you notice along the way? Connect the dots to map your life in a three-dimensional model, enhanced by drawings and photography.

Portraiture July 11–15, 9a–3p This figure drawing course explores the complexity of the figure with special emphasis given to portraiture. College-bound artists will develop competent and exciting portfolio pieces.

Light Painting Photography August 1–5, 9a–3p Create amazing photographic images with light and movement in front of the camera using long exposure photography. The Artist’s Book: Pictures Words, and Places Aug 8–12, 9a–3p Create and assemble an original artist book. Combine two- and three-dimensional images with text to make your ideas come to life. Be inspired by important landmarks in Saint Paul. Brainstorm and exchange your ideas with others while creating your own work of art.

Picture This! Illustrating Children’s Books July 18–22, 9a–3p Work on character development, sequential images, creating dummies, and using your imagination in this illustration-based, children’s picture book class. Create Your Own Brand July 25–29, 9a–3p Ever wonder how your favorite poster, logo, or brand is created? Explore the world of design and create your own brand. If you want to learn more about graphic design, this course is for you.

Youth and Teen Programs

Shadow Works August 15–19, 9a–3p What shadow do you cast? Capture silhouettes cast by shadows using your digital or phone camera. The CVA neighborhood becomes your studio, as you scout local landmarks and sculptures for inspiration.

Got the Shot: Digital Filmmaking July 11–15, 9a–3p Produce, direct, light, shoot, and edit like the experts as you make your own movies. Work with video footage you have created while developing storytelling and visual communication skills.

Hot Monotype: The Painterly Print August 1–5, 9a–3p This lively course focuses on the painterly quality of monotype printmaking while working in a fully equipped print studio. Also, learn how to make your own printing jig for hand transfer of monotype.

Please feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on campus! College of Visual Arts Continuing Education Office 344 Summit Avenue,Saint Paul, MN 55102, 651.757.4054,

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