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Stout’s Island Summer Workshops Join the College of Visual Arts’ faculty for a summer respite at historic Stout’s Island Lodge. The island provides a wonderful backdrop for studies in painting, writing, photography, and drawing. Courses run Sunday through Thursday with a balance of instructional and relaxation time. For detailed course descriptions and registration information visit

Textile Design: Inspiration Nature | June 12 – 16 | Course Fee: $180 plus lodging and meals Meditation hikes deepen your observations and relationships with nature. This workshop will allow you to interpret the natural world through the exploration of textile design and natural dye. Textile artist and naturalist Patricia Black will introduce a variety of techniques for creating images on fabric, including multiple dyeing techniques, printing digital photographs on fabric, embroidery, and the use of multi-media and found objects. A supply list will be provided.

Painting from the Landscape of Stout’s Island | June 19 – 23 | Course Fee: $180 plus lodging and meals Enjoy the natural wonders of Stout’s Island as you create a painting on location. You will learn how to capture your observations as you study color, light, and atmosphere. Val Jenkins, CVA’s Chair of Fine Arts, will cover basic elements of painting, including color mixing, composition, and technique. You’ll learn to translate what you see to the canvas. Create dynamic compositions through quick studies and capture the landscape in a sustained painting, whether your view is panoramic, close-up, or in-between. Beginning or advanced levels are welcome. Acrylic paint is recommended. A supply list will be provided.

The Writer’s Summer Notebook | June 26 – 30 | Course Fee: $180 plus lodging and meals What better way to tap into creative inspiration than by visiting a beautiful natural setting, engaging with landscape and history through observation and guided writing exercises, and developing ideas and drafts for poems, essays, and stories in a summer notebook? Through discussion, writing, and reading aloud, with award-winning poet James Cihlar, you’ll generate many new approaches to subjects, moods, and memories inspired by your surroundings. Summer can’t last forever, so take advantage of the opportunity to fill your notebook with new beginnings that you can develop throughout the year.

Introduction to Digital Photography on Stout’s Island | July 17 – 21 | Course Fee: $180 plus lodging and meals This is your chance to learn about digital photography while exploring the beauty of Stout’s Island. You will learn the basics of making a proper image (f-stops, shutter speeds, etc.) as well as basic digital camera issues (white balance, file size, etc.) to make your photos stronger and more interesting. Immediately use what you are learning as you explore Stout’s Island with your camera. CVA faculty member Steve Stenzel will touch on the use of Photoshop, but previous experience is not required. Laptops may be helpful, but are not required. Participants are asked to bring their own digital cameras.

Drawing to Pastel | July 24 – 28 | Course Fee: $180 plus lodging and meals Learn to see through drawing. Capture the lush landscape and lake horizon with a graphite pencil and dry pastels. Taught by CVA President and internationally collected artist Ann Ledy, this workshop is designed for both the novice and the intermediate artist. Instruction will include the basics of pictorial composition and mark making. Intermediate students will be encouraged to explore the local color of the Stout’s Island in dry pastels.

Course Fee, Lodging, and Meals

Adult Programs

CVA and Stout’s Island Lodge have partnered to make this an affordable 5-day/4-night package. Registration must be completed in two parts: Step 1: Course fees are paid directly to the College of Visual Arts online at Step 2: Lodging reservations are made by calling 715-354-3646, asking for the College of Visual Arts package, and noting which week you’ll be attending.


$730 Total Costs | $180 Course Fee | $400 Lodging, 4 nights ($100/night/person) | $150 Meal Package* *Meal package includes all meals except Monday and Tuesday evenings. If you’d like more information about Stout’s Island Lodge please visit


Summer 2011

Community Catalog Summer 2011  

Community Education Catalog for Summer 2011 featuring Adult and Youth enrichment. Includes driver education, swimming, gymnastics, classes...

Community Catalog Summer 2011  

Community Education Catalog for Summer 2011 featuring Adult and Youth enrichment. Includes driver education, swimming, gymnastics, classes...