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Comenius Project Substance Abuse By Karol , Amandine , Ai Nhi Doiminic , Paul,Tanja


What is a drug? • A drug is a substance, that is consumed to get into a state of intoxication or to satisfy an addiction • When someone takes a drug, it changes the perception and the awareness of the person that took it. • There are different types of drugs which people use, some legal and some illegal. Both can be very dangerous if used incorectly

Medicine abuse •

Mostly people who are hooked on medicine are less recognized than alcohol or drug addicts. Most common addiction after alcoholism The medicine groups that have the highest addiction potential are:

• • – – – –

painkillers cough mixtures hypnotics soothing medicaments

If you take too much of it the effects are similar to taking cocaine or LSD

• Celebrity addicts are/ were: Heath Ledger

Michael Jackson

”Thephysical withdrawal fromthedrug is nothing short of agonizing pain”-James Symptoms of withdrawal can include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, cold flashes with goose bumps (known as “cold turkey”), and involuntary leg movements. One of the serious risks of opioids is respiratory depression—high doses can cause breathing to slow down to the point it stop and the user dies.


• Smoking describes the inhalation of tobacco smoke • Nicotine a hard neurotoxin that is a part of cigaettes, was used as a pesticide in former times • It makes the communication between the nerve cells faster

Short term effects: - Your blood pressure is higher - Your memory will work better - You’re a little sweaty - You are more concentrated

Long term effects: - The risk of thrombosis is increasing -

You can get lung cancer Men can get impotent Women get into their menopause much earlier The risk of infarction is higher

Alcohol •

Classed as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions(slurred speach,unsteady movement,disturbed perception) Most people drink because ofthe stimulant effect, just to ”loosen up”

But if you drink more than your body can handle ,you start to loose control

Thats the reason why it’s forbidden to drive a car when you drunk alcohol

• It’s not unusual that people freeze to death because they can’t feel the cold outside. • When you drink alcohol you are more likely to take risks that you normally would not take. • Vomiting and sickness are causes of alcohol abuse • Longtime Alcohol abuse is destroying your liver cells • If you drink too much you can get into a comatose state

Alcohol kills more teenagers than other drugs combined!

• Celebrity addict: David Hasselhoff

Only you decide how you want to look like!

Cannabis • Street names are: Weed,Pot,Ganja,Texas tea,Herb….. • Marijuana and hashish users build up a tolerance to the drugs,which lead them to take more of it or experiment with stronger drugs to the same effect • It can create a strong community feeling, or a feeling like you are a bit ”out of yourself”,depending to the mood of the consumer. • It can also lead to panic situations

Short term consequences: -Drowsiness -Red eyes -Increased appetite -Loss of coordination -distored vision,hearing and sense of time -increased heart rate

Long term consequences: -Psychotic symptoms -Growth disorders -Lung damage -Reduced ability to learn and retain information -Heart damage -Reduction of male sex hormons



• Cocaine

can create a sexual and mental stimulation • Next to methamphetamine creates the greatest psychological dependence of any drug •Mostly it’s combined with other drugs like amphetamines

•It’s effects are unpredictable • A tiny amount can produce 12 hours or more of effects •It’s one of the most potent mood changing chemicals

Substance Abuse  
Substance Abuse  

Comenius Project Substance Abuse By Karol , Amandine , Ai Nhi , Doiminic , Paul,Tanja • When someone takes a drug, it changes the perception...