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Survey Analysis Theme: Smoking

Comenius Project HEY! Year 1- ”Into the body”

presented by: Paul Kermas and Christian Stritschke

Question 1 ď Ź Balanced

survey: male and female people were asked (nearly the same percentage)

Question 11  Polish

people think a lot about their health  German people don’t care about their health  All in all just 50 % agreed  that’s not much  And 25 percent don’t care!!!

Question 13  German

people are the happiest ones with their weight  A lot of people from Ireland want to lose some weight (51%)  Less 1 out of 5 said that they want to put on weight

Question 14  Most

of the people do not smoke or just tried it once  most smoking people are from France  in Ireland nearly no one smoks

Question 15  most

of the smoking people do not want to stop it  it‘s different in Ireland and France: 

The people from this country who smoke want to stop it.

Question 16  again

most people don‘t smoke  most of the smoking people think that help of their friends would help them best to give up smoking

Question 17 ď Ź not

many Polish people live together with smokers ď Ź on the other side are the Germans who live together with a lot of smokers

Question 18 ď Ź the

statistics are nearly the same in all countries ď Ź France seems to be on the top -> most of them have friends who smoke

Question 19 ď Ź the

statistic shows that Irish people know the facts of smoking best of all ď Ź the French people are the most unsure ones

Question 20 ď Ź The

statistics are in all countries nearly the same ď Ź Most people disagreed that smoking helps you being one of the group.

Question 21  most

people of all countries are for the law  Ireland wants this law most of all.  Denmark and France are not absolutely convinced of this law

Question 22 ď Ź most

of the responded students are 16-17 years old

Question 50 ď Ź The

majority of the students from Ireland and Germany think, that young people are responsible for the crime in their local communities ď Ź In Poland & France the opinions about are mixed up, so there is no clear conclusion to make ď Ź in Denmark the most of the students think, that teenagers are responsible for most of the crime in local communities

Question 51 ď Ź We

cant make any conclusion, because there are a lot of the students who don‘t know what they should answer.

Question 52 ď Ź In

general the most students get their cigarettes from supermarkets or family members.

The End ď Ź Thank

you for your attention.


Theme: Smoking Comenius Project HEY! Year 1- ”Into the body” presented by: Paul Kermas and Christian Stritschke Question 1  Balanced survey...

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