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Ingredients: Salad sauce 4 dl fraise 9% ½ cucumber in slice, then quarters. (ca. 200g) 225 g radish in half Garlic Salt Pepper Dry pasta Vegetables bouillon Bacon in squares. Flutes

Method Salad sauce: fraiche touch with cucumber and other ingredients. Taste. Put the salad sauce covered in to the fridge for at least ½ hour. Take 1.5 litre water, and drop 1 bouillon square. When it’s dissolved, and the water is boiling, put the pasta into the bowl of water. After about 10minutes, It should be tender but not soft. Pour the pasta to drain in a sieve. Invert the warm pasta in salad sauce and season.

Ingredients: Pita bread – granary bread red or green pepper Red onion Ice berg salad sweet corn Shrimps Tined tuna Cucumber Method • Chop the vegetables • Toast the bread, and cut them open, and put what you would like in them.

(4-6 persons.) Methods: • Cook the peas for 1 minute, in lightly salted water and let them drain in sieve. Mix all ingredients with blender and season with salt and pepper.

Ingredients 200g fine frozen peas Garlic Olive oil Salt Pepper Parmesan cheese

Methods: • • • •

Chop all the fresh fruit. (remove the bad pieces on the fruit). Then chop the tinned fruit, and put the all into a bowl. After this, you take the sugar and scatter it over the fruit. Squash the juice out af the lemons, and pour the lemon juice, over the mix. If you want to pep your monkey food up, you can take some nuts into small pieces and scatter over.

Ingredients: 5 apples (red) 5 banana 45 grapes (green) 2 tablespoonful sugar 4 tablespoonful lemon (fresh) Pineapple, pear, peach (tin) Nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds) Vanilla Crème

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