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Letter from the Principal


Annual Speech lvlrs CLare McQuillan - In Appreciation

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l\4 rs Anne Quinn * Special Needs Teacher of the YearlTeaching Slaft 2OO7 /2QQ8

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The American Dream


All.lreland Sc6r na nog Champion (Niamh

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Geo lVashup Competition

- (Aidan



European Day

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The Ju n ior Choir

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l\4aths Challenges

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All stars/College Captains uorn na nug The Stephen Quinn Memorial Shield Rannafast Cup/UUJ Elite Athletes Award


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Learner oJ the Year Awards Lourdes (Declan O'Kane)

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lVcGlinchey) Thai Visitors to St Patrick's College


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SOE Experience by l\4ichael O'Kane (Pupil)


SOE Experience by Karen Gilloway (Teacher)

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Stars in Yer Eyes School Charities 2007 /2OOa Trocaire Fu ndraising


Literacy Event in St Patrick's College Fun Day Out at Stormont Poetry Corner/Book Fair The lilagical H istory Tour


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Pope John Paul ll Awards Ceremony


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Personal Reflection on the Pope John Paul ll Award by lvlichael Toner

Trip to Auschwitz


Eco Day

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Destruction of the RainJorests,/ Vice-President


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St Pdtr cf s


ese. MaEhera


Letter from the Principal Once again we are almost at the end of another school 2OQ7 /8 has been one of the busiest years that we have had. Schools are always faced with change, and this year has seen just that. The Revised Curriculum which all schools are required to embark upon has successfully been implemented in the college and is now approaching it's third year. Whilst this has generated a huge amount


preparation for siaff, it has been very well received by pupils. The greatest impact has been in Key Stage 3 where there is some flexibility in the curriculum. The main work this year has been the development of skills. To date our work has not only been successful in our own situation but has been hailed across the North, with many schools visiting or contacting us to share our



One of the most rewarding experiences ot 2OQ7 /8 has been the introduction of the school as a Science Specialist school. With this designation we began our work with a very memorable and entertaining Launch on 7th November. This event was attended by primary school pu pils and parents and our own ju n ior pu pils. The evening was dominated by the presentation of a 'Mad Scientist', a young man, Gary Kearns, who enthra led the audience with amusing experiments, explaining the ha nar{^rmad

As part of the

Sc ence Specialrs"l

we planned


organised an event which would benefit the community. Th s took the form of an ECO event whrch was set uo in Nlaghera Leisure Centre to raise awareness of renewab e energies and the damage we cause to our world. The event was a huge success, attracting a large number of the public as well as members of the loca council, l\4LAs and even the l\4in ster for the Environment. On 24th October 2OO7 we were very sorry to lose one

ol our long serving and loyal classroom


Clare McQuillan lost her battle to cancer. Clare worked in the college srnce 1989, supporting numerous children

who had special needs. Clare made a very positive

impact on the lives of these children and their families. Our sympathies go out to Clare's family. She is a great loss to the co llege. We also said goodbye to l\4 rs D Bradley, Mr L Horner. Mr S lvlcKeown, l\4 r I Hynds and Miss K Devlin who left the college in June 2007. We wish these staff health and success in their futures. To replace these wonderful staff we welcome new staff, lvlr R O'Donnell. l\4rs L lvlcCrory, Mrs E lVuldoon, l\4iss l\4 Devlin, lvl r J Henry Mr P O'Connor and L4iss S O'Hare. We wish these staff every success in their careers in the college. As always we had nu merous trips and com petitions wh ich you can read about in th is edition. Allof these have added an enrichment to the normal school curriculum and all serve to make our pupils more rounded human beings. The gains made Jor pupils through these experiences is immeasurable, and whilst they create extra work for the college, we feel that they are well worth it. Having travelled with pupils myself on school trips, I have found the experience truly rewarding as a teacher and I know that the pupils Jeel the same. I hope that we will be able to continue to ofler enriching experiences to our pupils. At this point I would like to acknowledge and complement the work of the editorial team and their lead editor lvlrs Murray. They have done magnificent work in pulling together the articles and p ctures reflecting 200718.

I hope you will enjoy reading about the college and the work and life of the pupils and stafi l wish all the pupils who will be leaving the co lege. success in therr exam nations and in the r Juture education and careers. hope they w ll remember the co lege with fondness.

-Aanlcn{ Anne Scott

It- st Pat. cr,'s coltepe f/lashera

Reverend Fathers, Special Guests, Governors, Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and welcome to our prizegiving for this year. Welcome also to you the Class oJ 2007. am delighted that so many o1 you are able to join us Jor this important day in the school calendar. In particular, would like to welcome Jenny Quinn as our guest of honour. I will tell you a little bit about Jenny shortly. I would like to welcome our new Chaplain Fr Baker; whilst we are truly sorry to say goodbye to Fr Cargin who was chaplain for 7 I


years, we are pleased to have a very able replacement.

I am always Jilled with immense pride at this time of the year, when we are able to congratulate the boys and girls on their distinction and hard work' whether it is commendation

for academic work, a certificate for a music exam or recognition of individual sporting or team success. The end of year always provides an opportunity to consider what one has done and how to take a great deal of

satistaction from fulfilling one's own personal goals (and I'm talking about adults and children alike here). Encouraging genuine self.belief is something that we take seriously at this school, believrng as we do, that from genuine self. belief, success and achievement will flow in so many ways. St Patrick's is a school where everybody has a chance to achieve their something. And how extraordinary that something often turns out to be? Look at our examination results for 2QQ7. Yet again they were outstanding: 148 students entered {or GCE and/or VCE subiects across a menu of over 30 sublects. There was a 99/6 overall pass 1aIe al A2. 62% of pupils gained 3 or more A levels at A.C grades. 84/e of entries were above C, equivalent to the Nl average and above the UK average. 13% pupils gained 3 or more As at 42. Of 148 students, our top achievers with 3+ A grades comprised 19 pupils, 13 of which were direct transfers, 5 from the 11+ route and the rernaining 1lrom another school. The 6 top achievers with 4 Grade As were 5 direct transfer puprls and 1 11 + grade. Out of the top 6 highest achievers, 3 were boys and 3 were girls. C aran l\4aguire, l\4ar a I\,4cAlary, John McCloskey, Ronan McKaigue, Kathy l\4c[,4aster and Sinead Quinn all gained 4 As. At GCSE, the grade achievement has risen by 1O/e on 2006 at the higher grades. 95/e oI alL pupils achieved more than 5 good GCSEs. fhe 827a of A".C outranked the UK's 73% and the Nl 73%.

Naoimh Mc Closkey achieved the highest GCSE grades with 7A*s and 3 As.

The pupils from the middle and 3rd band performed exceptionally well with 100% pass rate in all 3 classes, 9270 of pupils in 83 achieved at least 5 subjects above C. As an all ability school we are proud of all pupils in their ach ievements.

As we join together in this celebration I'd like to take a moment to consider the concept ol "talent". What is it? What does it mean to have a talent? lt is a word that

we hear frequently at this sort oJ occasaon, oI course, where we are celebrating the group as well as individual achievements of our members. I used to think that one was born with a talent, that it was sort of hidden inside you, waiting to be released and in part, I've jelt that it is the task of a good teacher and a good school to help "discover" those talents and nourish them to fruition in our pupils (and stalf too, actually). But recent events have expanded my thinking along another, parallel line and I question whether this is always so. Undoubtedly, some children seem to have a very strong interest or "pull" towards a particular sport or musical

instrument or academic subject from early on. Some of you might be thinking that it is unfair that some seem to have such talent and to have risen to such heights in their particular specialisms. You might even be tempted io think it is unfair that you haven't had that leeling that there's a strong talent inside you waiting to burst out and "sock it" to the world! Perhaps not, perhaps you have felt an interest, a pull towards something but have encountered obstacles in your attempts to fulJil your initial desires. Perhaps you have found that some of the skills required to be excellent at someth ng are not forthcoming, not as easy as they "should" be for someone who is "talented". Perhaps you have tried something, thinking that this is where your talent lies, but have foJno it too tougl'and you have given up. l've come to the conclusron that "talent" rarely "pops out" of an lndividual, ready-made and rarrng to go. What defines a talent lor me, is the deep desire to get better, to improve in something, whatever that may be - a sport, an instrument. linear eouatrons or an ICT skill. We need to recogn se that talented people are those who don't give up; was Nigel Kennedy the virtuoso violinist able to play the

St Patrick s Collepe, Vuet',"ru -l



about their Teacher and posted it ofi to Dublin. lt is even more pleasing when it is the pupils who have nominated a 'stafj member. l\4 rs Anne Quinn who teaches and manages

F sharp perlectly? Was David Beckham born able

to score a perfect goal, or Sean l,4arty Lockhart for that matter? So, to my mind, "talent" is what we mean when we make a deep commitment-to practice, to overcome obstacles, to push ourselves over the next barrier in nurturing our special interest. This can lead to such rewards, not only in terms. of prizes and public recognition but n terms of self esteem and inner satisfaction. And so today, as we congratulate the boys and girls who have won prizes, we are recognising that they may have made those deep commitments. They might have got up early to practise, even when they felt tired. They might have

spent hours perfecting techniques and honing their skills in training when they'd might have preferred to go on MSN with friends. They might have pulled themselves up again after making a mistake. They might have refocused and accepted responsrbility after not reaching a target or goal. They may have possibly even endured pain along the way. In a sense they may have pushed themselves that little bit extra and have made some sacriJices in the orocess. This is what we are praising today and I would urge us all

to seize this opportunity and find encouragement in the examole o{ our Deers . then to look at ourselves and to nourish a deep commitment towards that unique talent lying within each of us. Please notrce too, boys and girls,

that prizes are being awarded today not just for excellence r'r particJlar academrc spheres. but also fo' specral involvement in the community ife oJ the School, as well as high levels oJ personal achievement. As a school we want

to recognise and encourage commitment and talent in all possible areas of learning. Now Dr Jenny Quinn is one of those people who through sheer talent, hard work and determination, has achieved very highly. Jenny successfully completed a l\4asters in Chemistry at l\4anchester University. Not sure of what she wanted to do, she went to Australia for a year. On her return she applied to do her PHD/Doctorate on lvlolecular Oncology at QUB, where she spent 5 years doing research in Breast Cancer. Jenny went on to work as a postdoctoral fellow and is an associate lecturer at QUB. For her fellowship she received 0400,000 in Junding to set up her own research

team. This award was the only one awarded in the UK, setting Jenny among the most notable in Cancer research work both here and internationally. We are very honoured to have Dr Quinn as our SpecialGuest and especially so, as we are a Specialist Science school.

In so many ways, I have been delighted by what


been achieved by all the pupils in our top year and they thoroughly deserve to be congratulated as they leave us. While there have been many headlines - record scholarship success, fine sporting performances, musical success and acclaimed drama performances, not least the splendid evening this week, there has also been a palpable sense of invo vement and support for so many aspects of school lile ihank you for allyou have done. You have a good base Irom which to go onwards and upwards and I am sure that as a year group you are destined to do very well. Each year we have many highlights and this past year has been no diJferent. I will leave the stories of the pupils to Michael and Aoile Head boy and Head girl. lt is my pleasure to tell of sta'ff and other highlights. This year we had 3 of our staff acclaimed with 3 teacher awards; l\y' rs Dympna Devlin for work in Key Skills was awarded the Keyskills Exceptional Achievement Award for Teachers and Lecturers 2006. Mrs Anne lvlarie l\4urray was awarded lrish Teacher of the Year. Pupils wrote an essav


the Special Needs Unit was nominated for the Special

Needs Teacher of the Year award. l\4 rs Quinn went through a rigorous process oJ interview and a day of scrutiny by 2 judges. The interesting aspect of this was that it was probably the interview w th pupils that demonstrated to the judges just how good Anne is, as a teacher. Mrs Quinn went on to win the Regional Final and will now go to London to compete for the National Award. This takes place on 21st

October, where we wish


rs Quinn good luck.

You will be aware that the face of education is rapidly changing and St Patrick's, as always, endeavours to be at the forefront of change if it is to be for the benefit ot pupils. To this end we have led the introduction oI the Revised Curriculum. The Year 8s and 9s have been exposed to the new curriculum to their advantage {or a most 3 years, yet it is only now that rnost schools are beginning to embrace th is change.

This year schools were of{ered the opportunity to apply Jor Specialist School status. This was competitive where schools had to meet very rigorous criteraa. The notion ol Specialist Schools is still a pilot in the North but has been operating in the U K for some time. There are su btle differences. In the UK. schools, once nominated, have to work towards excellence. Here, once nominated, it is considered that schoo s are excellent in the subject specialism. n this, we are delighted to have been awarded the Specialism of Science. The main purpose of the concept is to raise achievement across the school and to develop and strengthen community links. This is probably the most challenging work ahead of us. Nonetheless, Jor the next 4 years, we will work as hard as ever to give our pupils every opportunity to succeed at every

possible level. I would like here to publicly acknowledge the tremendous support in our application by our sponsors. I hope you noticed their names in the foyer. I would like to thank them most sincerely for therr support. As we look forward to the new academic year, I trust that you will have gleaned my perception of the success, enthusiasm and excitement of life in the college. We can look forward in a buoyant and positive mood, acknowledging as we go however, a critical, fundamental Jact - which is, that all of this deDends upon the "enablers" o1 these ideas and schemes amongst your children - in other words, the staff o{ St. Patrick's. I want to acknowledge that the only way that these lo{ty goals and aspirations can be realised, can be brought to fruition, is through the quality oJ the relationships between pupils and adults, - the trust that each has in the other to go forward and reach for new goals and to nurture new talents. lt is easy to underestimate the demands on teachers in our type ol environment - the role of "teacher" is wide and diverse and the time commitment is huge - | challenge you to spot the joins between teacher, coach, pastoral support, academic guide, extra.curricular activity leader, disciplinarian, advocate, and inspirer. there are none here. As always, I am hugely indebted for the considerable hard work and commitment demonstrated by each member ot my stafJ; that is ancillary, support staff as well teachers every day, along with their support and willingness to continue to move the school forward. ln thanking staff I would like to mention my appreciation to Mrs Mussen, Mr Kielt and the teachers who organised this evening, Mrs O'Kane and the l\4usic Department, l\4 ss O'Boyle and the Home Economics Department and the pupils who participated or helped in any way. fhankyou so very much loryour attent/bn.


II- st Put,.'.l s co epe, Maphera

Mrs Clare McQuillan

IN APPRECIATION first Classroom Assistant employed in St Patrick's College. During her time here, almost 20 years, she helped countless young people overcome personal barriers and reach their true potential. Her patient, quiet, caring nature showed empathy with the pupils experiencing challenging or difficult circumstances. She had a wonderful knack of turning the negative into positives with a "can do" attitude. Truly dedicated she continuously updated her personal skiils, often in her'free time', to ensure that she was in the best position possible to Clare was the

help the pu pils she obviously cared for so much.

Using her motherly instincts she encouraged pupils to flourish as she endeavoured to help them overcome their problems with dignity and pflde.

Clare often accompanied small groups of pupils to mainstream classes, and more frequently teachers requested her support. Her professionalism and unassuming nature meant that all mainstream subjects became accessible and rewarding. She was always able to tread that fine line between helping a pupil achieve their goal but leaving enough independence for free thinking and individual effort. Unit staff and pupils held Clare in the highest regard and knew she was a person they could turn to for help, advice, guidance, support and a laugh at any time. We all miss Clare but will always remember the many laughs and jokes we shared along the way. l\4ay she rest in peace.

Special Needs Teacher of the Year Award Anne Quinn, who leads the MLD Unit, was awarded "Special Needs Teacher of the Year" at a ceremony at the Waterfront Hall, in Belfast. Mrs Quinn was in competition with over a thousand nominations for the coveted award. l\4 rs Quinn has been running the unit for many years, successfully helping pupils to excel in their subjects and to integrate into mainstream school life. In addition to her teaching, lVrs Quinn coaches Camogie, delivers staff development to colleagues and spends a considerable amount of her personal time on her own professional development; she is a perfectionist and always sets herself a high cha llense.

Anne Quinn

The pupils and their parents hold Mrs Quinn in very high esteem for her commitment and hard work for pupils. Having won the local regional heat, Mrs Quinn attended a ceremony in London in October to receive her award. This was a very prestigious event where all winners from across the UK were hosted in the Tower Bridge Hotel. The ceremony took place in the London Palladium Theatre, with awards being presented by Televlsion personalities. Lord Putnam and Lady Shirley Williams addressed the gathering at a Gala dinner on the eve of the award ceremony. Mrs Quinn as an award winner is now a judge for the comDetition.

St Patrick's College, lVaghera



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| ,, ,urr,"t, s cc ege. ltashera

ffimericanDream"" June 2007 saw the Saint Mary Bu ild ng once more transformed into a journey from famine stricken lreland to the optimism ot New York. The cross curricular lessons were launched with a trip to the Ulster American Folk Park in May after which pupils began preparing for the big event in Geography, Science, Home Economics, Art, Music, Engllsh, History and PE. The school was

transformed and performers of all kinds took up positionl around the displays and in the hall ready for the arrival of loca schools and parents who were entertained with drama, dance music, a basketball competition and much more. Here are i few of the photos of the event and some thoughts from thos{ pupils who were involved on the day.

n.o-m das o'

fu.-h:d**t ,li,'iill"". "";


Amen.," n-;:;;;;";."'"::"

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f"o-",'.,"o,""-*::.';;:ill,;",i,li':,?llf;'o"J' ou' .'g , ,o,"0 o.".","e 'p. - "'L"i,,r ..^e , C .". o""o "" ' . i*'?,'-t.,ito'or"'1','o ,::," see t 'J;: lliJ:.ff;i":;;;'me '::::?:: Niamh DoherrY


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Kee{ry erine Mc





^o-'o tl^a Ame' ' 4,"1,,. . .eo d e'" 9 II'u c.ll ..., "", atso ,'." do ng a n1:'^e, nave been oo.ns.a _.-"""" r.e," il_.?.".



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St P.t' r[, s Co eee M.:ehera

Aidan Higgins (UUC), Mr lain Greenway (Ordnance Survey Northern lreland), Mr Mark Bennett, (Department Finance and Personnel) and Mr S6amus Gilroy (Managing Director ispatial lreland)

Aidan H iggins, a

Geography student



St enjoyed success this year in the 'Geo'

Patrick's College,

Mashup' competition run bY Ordnance Survey Nl and the Department of Finance and Personnel.

Having obtained a BSc in Geography from Queens last year, Aidan is now graduating wrth an MSc in GeograPhical

Information Systems from iversity of Ulster, Coleraine.


He benefited greatly from the many skills taught throughout hrs time at St Patrick's, both in the Geography and lrish departments, and would like to acknowledge his former teac



The competition


combining road traffic collision data with road network data usingGeographical Information Systems and revea led high levels of clustering across

Northern lreland and



public buildings rticu la such as schools and hospitals pa

showing the pivotal role GIS has to play in modern day society. He was up against stiff competition f rom two doctorate students from U n ive rs ity

nf lllsier lo rda nqtnwn, part As of the award Ardan

received a laptop, a bursary towards development and


week's consultancy with iSpatial, an international GIS

con su tta ncy.



St Patr cl s College. Maghera

CONGRATULATIONS!! We would like to congratulate both Annie McAuley and Jonathan lvlcPeake, two past pupils of the College, on each receiving a Learner of the Year Award for Occupational Studies from CCEA.

The Occupational Studies Learner

ol the Year Award

ls recognition of achievement by individual learners in each of the thirteen Occupational Areas; out of all those nominated throughout Northern lreland two of our pupils were awarded. Annie was awarded for achievement in Hairdressing and Beauty, Jonathan for his achievement in Construction. They were each presented with therr awards at a ceremony held at CCEA Headquarters on Thursday 28th February


Lou rdes

Declan O'Kane (Past pupil) lf

someone had asked me where my music would take me. the last place I would have guessed would be Lourdes.

When I picked up my favourite guitar and started to sing in the Rafters Bar in Swatragh, the last thing I expected was for someone in the crowd to recognise my talent and sign me up. That was exactly what happened! Some weeks after this event to raise funds for a local charity, I received a phone call from a Galway man who introduced himself as Gerard Regan. He continued to say that he was a complete stranger to me and that we actually hadn't met. However after hearing me perform and mingle with the crowd in Swatragh, he made it his business to track me down. Gerard was involved with the lrish Pilgrimage Trust who send young adults with special needs to Lourdes each year, in fact he had recently set up Group 306 and intended to lead a group of ten young adults and ten carers. This group was to visit Lourdes

at Easter The next stage was a meeting in Sligo, where the carers got an opportunity to meet the young people with special needs and their families. I realised immediately how important this meeting was, not only for the ones Soing to Lourdes, but also for their families. After all, their loved ones would be entrusted to total strangers for a week.

On Easter Sunday I made my way to Belfast International Airport. complete with suitcase, guitar and fiddle. As the flight was chartered. there was no limit to the amount of luggage we could IAKE,

At the airport, I met up with some of the other individuals in our group. The intention was to meet up with the rest of the group ln Lourdes, as they were flying out from Knock in Western lreland

Other groups had assembled in Belfast, awaiting the same flight. The atmosphere was electric with each group donning their respective colours. One other group wore red and green Whilst we all helped each other in the 8roup, I was assigned to a carer called Sean, a Jine big lad trom Leitrim With carers all dressed in the group colours, there was no "them and us". We were a team, and on reflection, I now realise the impact the other members of the group had on me. Yes, there were some prayers. We got up each morning for Mass at 7.45 am. This was a good start to the day. We visited the shrine together, we sang together, we ate together, but above all. we bonded. I was especially touched how some young adults with disabilities felt sorry Jor others in need. ltwas preciselythis point that made me realize how many people complain about their lot and realistically they have little to complain about These young adults could teach us a lesson in appreciation of life. The work was demanding at times, but the old adage, "The more effort you put in, the more you gain." was certainly true. With our delegates safely tucked up in bed for the night' some ot us would make a late night trip to the grotto. This was an experience I will never forget, nor be able to explain for that matter. With the multrtude of candles flrckering in the cool night air, the peace and the qLret. thrs was a truly sp'rrtual e),perience. I got a lot from the trip and in fact, I felt an emptiness when I ar.,ved back home. I woutd Strongly recommend anyone to spend a week n Lourdes with these magnificent young people. I have been asked, would I go back? Yes, please God, I will go back And I am still waiting for someone to ring me, perhaps lrom Lourdes, with that long.awaited record deal!

St Patrick s College. Maghera

is Niamh l\4c Glinchey and earlier thls year on the l6th February, I won the solo singing Junior Sc6r na nog, All lreland

lvly name


title. lvly

trip to the All lreland began with a simple bribe on my


daddy had been going on at me to enter the Sc6r lor one final year, but I was having none of it. The 2 years previous I just couldn't get past the province semi's and I was fed up. The more I thought about it, I decided I would do at for a small price. I wanted to go out to the Elk! I decided to take part in the Sc6r one final time as it was my last year io participaie n Sc6r and also da agreed to let me out myself. My friend, Una and I were both representing Lavey and the two of us had used the Sc6r as a means to get out, so we were only in it for the craic, but after the Doire heat here I was on my way to the Ulster Semi.flnal. I was delighted to be picked to represent Derry as this would be my 3rd year However I never was fortunate enough to surpass this level before and I kinda thought to myself maybe 3rd time wins. I was absolutely over the moon when I was announced in lst place to represent Derry in the Ulster Final and I knew ii wasn't iust for fun now, I could stand a chance if I really tried. For weeks I practised and I got so nervous, coming up to the Ulster Final. l\4y mammy helped me work so hard and gave me tips on how to irnprove. One night we were sitting in the living room giggling and chatting about it; imagine if lwon? I came out with this statement, "Well if I win the All lreland you're buying me a new guitar". Obviously it was a joke but mammy said yes and before I knew it I had made 2 bribes. The night of the Ulster Final came so fast and as results were being called out I was quite nervous as I wasn't completely satisfied with my performance. When I heard my name, I was absolutely ecstatic and iust like that I was an Ulster Champion. That in itself was more than enough for me, but as far as everyone in Lavey was concerned N4y

"l had bigger fish to fry"ll sang my song three times a night and the All lreland Final crept up quickly. Before I had time to calm down, I was on my way to Athlone, with 56 members of my lamily and friends travelling as well and at home candles were lit everywhere. I was expecting the place to be burnt down wnen lcame nome.


the 16th February came so


amidst all the phone calls and good luck cards. I couldn't believe the amount of people I was going to sing in front of- As I walked out onto the stage I was waiting tor my heart to stop and my nerves to hit the roof, but they didn't . il was fantastic. I sang my faithful song "Ragan Road" and the hall was dead si ent. As soon as I had finished my heart began to race. I thought to mysell "lt's all over. I have done my best ' now that I have been on the stage I don't care, win or lose, we are hav ng a good old session tonight." 8.30 came and my stomach was churning. I will never forget that moment when I heard the words; 'And in first place is Niamh Mc Glinchey, Doire".

My heart skipped a beat; I nearly dropped dead. I was swiftly pushed out of the hall and made my way to the stage. As I walked on, the cheering began. I was smiling from ear to ear. I couldn't believe it. lvly dream had come true. lwas an All lreland Champion!llll I saw Nicky Brennan waiting with my cup and medal. Photographs were being taken and my cheeks were so sore trom all the smiling. As I lifted my cup I could feel the excitement of friends and family. It was the happiest night of my life and I will never forget it for as long as I live! | will be forever grateful to my family and friends on my journey to ihe All lreland.

Thai Visitors to St Patrick's College On Thursday 4th October a group of educationalists from Thailand visited St Patrick's College as part of a Thinking Skills Study Tour to Norther; lreland. This was organised by the British Council, Northern lreland, and the School ot Psychology at Queen's University, Belfast. The Thai visitors were advised by CCEA to visit St Patrick's College as they have made a lot of progression n the field of Thinking Skills as a pari of delivering the Revised Curriculum. The group visited Year 8 pupils and observed two of their Thinking Skills lessons taught by lvlr Terrington.

Educationalists from Thailand with Mrs B Mussen (Curriculum

Presentation from the Thai Delegation to Mrs B Mussen and Mr

Vice Principal), Ml A Terringion (Teacher in charge of developing Thinking Skills) and Professor carol McGuinness from QUB.

A Terrington.


St Patnck s College, l\y'aghera

On the 10th January this year Mrs Mussen organised the Translink 'Safety Bus' to visit the St l\4ary Building and our Year 8 pupils. They were treated to an educational

talk about safety on school buses and it raised their awareness about how they should behave on buses to ensure everybody's salety and also the importance of wearins seat belts.

James Laverty

. Scullion Contracts . Civil Engineering

I choose this company because I knew that they were a small company and that I would experience not only the engineering part of the job but also the manual work side. lwas taken out by Brian Scullion who owned Scullion Contracts and due to the fact that he had only started off he also had to help with the manual slde ol things. I was taught new skills related to Civi Eng neering and shown how they would be used in the construction orocess, On my placement I observed the Civil Engineer for the first 2 days and was shown what certain markings meant on the ground and on drains etc. The company was constructing a new car park for the Technology Park in Antrim.

Over the next 3 days lwas shown how the groundsmen construct the car oark and make it take shape and I was also shown how to take the measuremeni of the site and find areas of certain sections.

This experience really helped me with my choice as I now believe that Civil Engineering is the career lor me. lt sends you from site to office and there is always something to do.

Sin6ad McVeigh

. Speech Therapy in Tor Bank School . MKB Russell Solicitors For two days of my placement I went to the Speech and Language Depariment in Tor Bank School in Belfast and for the other three days lwent to IIKB Russell Solicitors.

lvy reason lor choosing this placement was that I had previously been thinking of becoming a speech therapist. I chose the solicitors as it was an office iob and it would help me decide whether I was more suited towards an office iob or a job working with people. Tor Bank School is a school lor severe learning disability and I found working with the children challenging yet satisfying. During the two days I got to assess individual sessions with ditferent abilities of children and I also got to sit in on a group session. | 'found it very interesting iust how the speech therapist assessed the children. However, my days spent in the solicitors were also interesting. I had the chance to visit the county court and the magjstrate's court, I found this very jntrigujng, yet very unlike what is seen on television! I also had the chance to draw up a few wills and to transfer a liquor licence. I read some very inte.esting cases and enioyed the tew days rmmensely.

Heart rates were raised along with awareness tor levels of litness in January, Mrs Mussen and Miss Devlin, in collaboration with th€ USPCA (Ulster Society for the Prevenlion ot Cruelty to Animals) organised pupile from Years 9, 10 and 11to take part in a USPCA Bacliv4animals Fitness Event, This initiative encouraged pupils lo look after themselyes and their pets by staying fit and healthy. The event consisted ol a sponsor€d high impact aerobic workout, lollowed by an animal welfare educational talk. The event raised a total of t4458 for the school and the USPCA. This was a fifty. fifty fundraiser, The top collector was Daniel Maguire from 983. Local box€r Brian Magee joined them for the day ol fun and exercise. Pupils haye been asking'Can we do this again?' lt was a very enjoyable and educational event,

As much as lenioyed MKB Russell's, I found that I

enjoyed the Speech and Language Therapy much more and it certainly helped

making my career choice as I am novv seriously considering it tor my future.

St Patr ck s Coliege, lvlaghera

Lucy Clarke

Stephen Glass and Mark Duggan

. Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast . Nursing

. FG Wilson . Engineering

week was in 6 different wards w thln the ENT unit and each ward Over the

brought both new and exciting challenges.

Throughoui the week


The main reason that l\4ark and I went to FG Wrlson was lo get an Insrght for eng neer'ng

shadowed both

doctors and nurses, I checked the observations of patients and I completed


adm nistrative work. l\,4ost

of all lenjoyed meetng and talking with both the stafi


patients of the Royal Victoria Hospital. Aside from this, listening to the doctor and receiving a firm understanding of both the doctor's job and the nurse's job was most nteresting lvly work placement allowed me to see through one window of nursing, and it confirmed that I am interested in a caring career, but I feel there is a lot more to see where nursing is concerned. Therefore I woold now like to see into the world of some other caring professions before I would say nurs ng s the job for me.

Paul McLaughlin

. FP McCann . Building and Engineering I chose

this placement as I am interested in being a civil engineer.

I shadowed a civil engineer and watched him in his day of work. I got a background of how engineers plan, design and construct the r ideas into reality. What I enjoyed most was the designing of the new Meadowbank Sports Arena in Magherafelt and seeing the tinal touches being put to it. This placement helped me finalise my career choice Ior the future. I have set in my head the notron of becoming a civil engineer and I am now working hard towards my goal.

Niall O'Kane


global company based with


Northern lreland. When we arrived on our f rst day we were taken aback by the sheer size ol the plant as it totally exceeded our expectations. The main core ol our work experience at FG Wilson was going around the var ous departments on the engineering floor and talk ng to team eaders and engineers within these departments finding out their specific roles. In all the departments we were shown previous work completed by the engineers and although this part of the experience was highly informative it was quite tedious. We telt that a more hands on approach could have been taken; an example of thls could have been to be shown how to work Pro E and g ven some work to do on programmes like this. For a period of time we were briefly shown Auto.Cad and given circuit diagrams to draw out which we enjoyed. We fe t the highlight

of the work experience was the tour of the Hemi Anechoic Chamber which we found to be verv interest ne. This is the argest chamber of its kind in Europe. felt that the free tea and coffee machines positioned all around the work place were a great idea as they increase the feel good factor and therefore productivity was higher We

0n a more negat ve note we felt the canteen could have provided meta cutlery insiead of plastic knives and forks. Plastic cutlery and roast beef doesn't work! Generally we found that all the staff at FG Wilson were very welcoming and willing to convey as much information as they could. We greatly appreciaied the employees on the engineering floor taking time out of their busy schedule to work with us, and give us an insight into a career in engineering which we both consider is still a direction we would like to follow

. Liverpool

. Translation Agency I've always loved doing languages in school, so when it came to thinking about a future career I decided it would have to be a career that involves speaking something other than English.

I set about looking for one such job, but when I found a translation agency willing to show me the ropes Itound out that it would involve some travelling. I landed in John Lennon Airport in Liverpool completely clueless of what the next few days For work experience

would entail. I met my temporary boss who introduced me to the city, the people and the business. He promptly showed me how to use the Translating soltware and let me get stuck an. The first piece of work I was given was from a company based in Switzerland called "LB Swiss". It vvas a financial reDort for the last seven days of the stock market, written in German; my job was to translate it into English. lt seemed like a simple enough task but I soon discovered that beinga translator meant a lot more than knowing two languages, The material is often very complicated, and could range from a pamphlet from a football club to the handbook for an aeroplane. The work was challenging to say the least, but I really enioyed the experience.

On the plane home I thought about my tew days in the world of international business and decided whatever job I end up doing, I won't be speaking English. Vielen dank/ Merci Beaucoup!

Liverpool's commercial centre

Young Enterprise visited lhe school on the 15th and 17th ol Aprll to host their YE Nine workshoos with all of Year 9. The reDresentative from Young Enterprise delivered an innovative programme which was lots of tun and ihe Year 9 pupils all lâ‚Źtt with a good understanding ot vrhat it means to be enterprising.



There Ls something specral about headrng



a schoo tflp and no one shcwed any s gns ol

hornes ckness as the ter of us headed off ,, th Mr Terr ngton to Cha et 10 n the Share Centre on llpper Lough Erne. We were a litt e qulet to start ,\ th when rr]eet ng the students from the otfrer schoo s lor the f rst time. bLrt that didn t ast /onq The boys started p ay ng footba ltogether and ftre gir s started ta k ng, even belore unch was ovet We were there as part of the LET prograrnnre,

a speca Intatve lrorn the Young


teafir to teach bus ness awareness, team skr


rnotrvat on and to develop tflendsh ps irorn across re and. Our trme was drv ded between YE tra r ng and oLrtdoor act vlt es. We al got to rock c mb. canoe by day and by n tht, to go banana boat ng and oads more act vit es. The outdoor tct vit es teanr kept !s go ng even f it rneant gett ng soaked


y tddl

Everyone agreed that the best bit was meetrng up wth pLrp s frorn dLlferent schoo s who came tcgether to share the wonderful experence of these trips Even Nlr Terr ngton's sing ng d dn t spo supper'time who knew that shar ng toast

8R: FR:

Michael Mccormick. Eugene Mccrystal, Patrick McErlean, Jarlath Shaw. Mr A Terrington Katie NlcGuckin, Roisin Sweeney, Ciara McLaughlin. Holly Scullion (Abs:Ciara lVlcNicholl)

v/as such a great way of makrng fr ends Even though we know we w I meet them a I agarn in May each parting was a rtt e sad As w th every trip away. we a ways were I bed on t rne and fe aseep rght away NOT Althe sarne we w-oTe tired becauSe we had so mucrr to do and a I three of the resrdent als were packed ,,,! th act vit es. It lrr be a very d ff cu t occas on when we say goodb,. o tl e o 'or or o <,2 ' l 'o'l . gra, | 'a \!ork ng n Ferrianagh but t fas been a year ol greai expeiences wh ch we w never forget

The KEY Programme N ne months ago i was one of twe ve students who were chosen by the schoo to go on a progrannme ca ed the KEY Programnre. t rs a programme that s a med to __- o loget_e. |,groIgp"ooe'o" df." so that they cair develop the r se I esteern and the r


of enterprse ski s. The

programm-a was

cross border a--rd cross coTnmun ty aid ,\'e urere teamed !p vr' th two other schoo s. one irorn the G entres 1n Co. Donega afd the other froni Strab:rne.

We had loLrr

res dent a

s and we




Corrymeela Centre, outs de 8a yc.stle. There we took part in Enterpr se Train ng an.l many Indoor and oLrtdoor act vrt es. The Enterpr se Train ng was real y nterest ng. We learned a ot of skil s. such as how to \,fr te a C.V. how to part c pate n an interv ew and a so how to set up a busrness. n the bus ness or company we had to work together to design and make our own products and then we went tc the Tower Centre n Ballyrnena to se thelrr rea ly erloyed dorng all of the oLrtdoor act vrt es ke clrfl J!mping. rock clirnbing abse lfg canoerng and They were

a br


ant and great tun

ence t s a br Ll ant chance to rneet lots of peop e ancl become iriefds The who e programrne was great cra c and everybody got on rea y well wiiheachother. The last cay was very sad as we knew v/e wou dn t see the others aga n f had tre chance would go back n the morn ngl The KEY Programn're s a great exper

N amh McQu I an Year 11


Mr G Harkin. Declan Findlay, Michael Taggart, Darren Kearney, Lee McFalone, Ryan Winton Niamh McQuillan. Shannon McLarnon, Danielle Quinn, Oonagh McFlynn, Kellie Grant



elc At 11.30am on Thursday 27th lVarch, th s year, one of Chambers' buses left the gates of St Patrick's Co ege en route to Dubl n Airport. On board were 44 eager ard enthus ast c peop e . 40 pup s ancl 4 teachers. The puD s rangecl lror members cl Yr 1O to Yri3 arc the leachers were Mr Cl fford lVr Curn nghara, [4rs O Kane and N/l ss Zeo From Dub n we were to fly to G rona, one of the a rports that serves Barce ona on the Last coast of Spa n. As some pup ls had never flown by p ane before, th s added to the sense of adventure and exc tement. :he J ght eft at 6pm reach ng G rona at 9.15Drn. Ssan sN t me We then had qu te a Long rourney io oi..rr irote nSaiou whrch stotheSorthof BarceLcna. We arrived there at around 12.3Oam t red. but exc ted and g ad to have th s opportun ty to be together, with new experiences ahead 01 us. Everyone rnanaged to be up n good tirne tne next n-orningforthefjrstexcurs on to the c tyof Barce ona. Tlrere. under the expert eadersh p of a oca g,.l cle we v s ted ttre O yrnp c Stadrum and the panoran.'r c area of N4ontju c. wh ch overlooks tlre c ty and the port of Barce onzl. From there we went to Gaudi s rrnpress ve Sagrada Fam I a Church, w th all the , ,\, _ oiu'-. o, 6.- t. d1gJ.6. r,.d-d-rdd. from the gospel stor es evident on the outer wa s. Returnrng to the c ty centre we pa d :r re ative y br ef v s t to the D g Departrnent Store E Corte ng es and Il'en we took :r strolL down the Rarnb as. the farnous. tree irned walkway n the centre of Barce ona known for the act v t es and postures of the an mated street efterta ners and rrt sts and for the many co ourful quioscs w th a var ety of nierest n8 goods for sale. The main afternoon event was a visit and comp ete tcur of the famous Noucamo Stad urr home qround

of the ce ebrated Barce ona footbal te:tnr. What we d not rea se beforehand s that the p ayers wou d ;rctual y be therel We d C not ser, thurr but werâ&#x201A;Ź aaL;girt up ,r ar t:re --xii terrert aS tf e'It).tah eii tf r stad !lr to take tlri:.r':c the a rport 10r l ntat.f n tlthe Sev a team r the Soulh o' Sp:lr flo\,r'ever. r ook ng at some of the photos, it wou cl be thought that we did act!.r y meet the p ayersl A proud N,4art n \4cC oskey stand ng bes de Th err lenr or a group of deightecl Yr 11 pup s besi(le fwo of the p ayers real y g ve w tness to modelr plror:ograph : techir q!es rather t lr:in tar a face to faae encoL Nte" ,,,,' t't the farnors f or yl llov'ever the rrro e exle. erae and the awe of be ng n such a vast stad um (even w thout seerng Barca p ay therel) was very mpress ve cl

an0 enloyaD



St Palr cfi s Co ege Vlagh!ra

After the evening meal at the hotel in Salou, night had fallen. We walked down to one of Salou's four beaches, golden with dry sand. A fantastic and dynamic football match was then played on the sa nd..


boys aga inst girls, with lvlr Clifford

on the girls' team, Mr Cunningham, camera holder and referee and four

beach dustbins serving as goal posts. Light was shed on the scene by the tall promenade streetlamps and the waves of the sea coming onto the sand provided a welcome dampness and freshness for tired feet and the musical refreshing tones of moving, splashing water. A happy evening, a contented group - and the girls'team (with Mr Clifford) won the football matchl The next day we set off to the mountain monastery of l\4ontserrat, which is to the North.West of Barcelona. At first most pupils did not quite know what to expect but none failed to be impressed by the dynamism of the scenery and the far distant views, as the bus made its winding way up the mountain. lvlontserrat has a lot to offer - a historic church and monastery, the home and workplace of Benedictine monks and priests and a school for boys. The views from the edge of the mountain are breath-taking and the actual formation of the 'cut up rock' (mont serrat) is intriguing. Several shops and restaurants/ cafeterias. an art museum and hotel all add to the atmosphere. Instead of ascending and descending by bus, it is possible to make the journey by

and the bus drivers waiting in the car park. However,

Mr Clifford and a group of pupils were proud to be the only ones to visit the Black Madonna, the famous statue oi Our Lady at Montserrat, which people form long queues to touch and pray for a blessing. This was a very memorable afternoon and we would all like to return! ln the afternoon we visited a well known outlet centre known as "La Roca" which is laid out in the form and style of architecture of a nineteenth century village. It was a pleasant setting but unfortunately we found it was more exoensive than exoected. However one or two bargains were discovered and purchasedl That evening (Saturday) we went to lvlass in a small church in Salou, said in the Catalan language. In spite of the language barrier our pupils were as good as gold in attending and tollowing the Mass. lt was intriguing for them to discern they could follow the parts of the Mass, to recognise a few words (such as Alleluial) and to watch the elderly priest (who had a good voice himself) try to teach and lead the congregation in singing. When we returned to the hotel, we had a pleasant even ing us ing the hotel facilities, playing pool, using the computers, enjoying ball games on the patio, even dancing in the dance halll Flna ly Sunday, the big day! - the visit to the Theme Park of Port Aventura, not a long journey from our hotel, but only twenty minutes down the road! The excitement

and anticipation were mountrng as

or mountain train. The latter goes even higher up the mountain above the monastery in a steep ascent and Mrs O'Kane, l\4 r Cunningham and Mr Clifford valiantly made the ascent (and descent!) each with a group of pupils, while l\4iss Zeoli liased between the groups


entered the main gates and made our way to get the tickets, The Theme Park, with all ,ts lascinating areas, g,ves facrlities for groups and its members to explore, investigate, discover and try out a multiplicity of rides and experiences, in areas reminiscent of the lvled iterra nea n, the Far West, Polynesia and Mexico. Rides vary from the wet and splashy to the Jast and furiousl

Sl ratr

ck s


I 'n

ege. ['1n;] rrr.i

The Dragon Khan ls iamous for giving exhilarat ng e!pel ences. As we were there early i1 lhe season. pup ls discovered that, although there was a p easant number o{ people in the park, there were not long queues for the rides and some of them were undertaken and enjoyed time and t me again. lf you got soaked n the Tutuki splash, you cou d soon dry up on the Dragon Khan or on the fast (0-135km/h in 3.5 secondsl) Furius Baco. The atmosphere is very pleasant there with enterta nments and shows as we as r des and there are many stalls for food and drink, with some cafes. restaurants - or steak houses. Noone was hungry and the teacher wa t ng on duty was often vrsrted by pupi s passrng by to report and share on the events, enloyments and excitements oi the day. lt was always intriguing to know whom, frorn the group you would bump rnto or meet around the corner or on the next ride and many excitements and adventures were shared. That evening at the hotel, not surprisingly, everyone was more tired than the previous two evenings. We l'ad hoped to relurr to lhe bea( l- but rt begar to ra'n, which put an end to that prospect! This is one thing we must admit 'that the weather was coo er than expected (as it was also n the rest of furope at the end of March) and, initia ly, th s was disappointing. However the excitement of the new expe. ences of eacl- day. ard the p easJ'e o' being together as a group more than rnade up for that. The last mornrng gave us the opportunlty to briefly visit the smal shops in Salou near the beach, before boarding the bus to the airport to return home. We would have lrked rnore t me to visit Salou itse f and its little shops. We would have tked more time in Barcelona and in Montserrat - but this will be ior another day! We thank God that all returned home safely and happily. We thank all the parents for sacrifices made n allowing sons and daughters to take part, the school autho'rttes 'o' perrritt rg lhe trip to take place and in particu a( the teachers who toor pa.t. lor trerr watch'r ca'e of tl^e oup'ls ard their whole hearted participation in the events and l ow of each day. I

,O |I-

5t Patnc^ s co lese. Ivlashera


Franee Tbip 2007f

In June 2007 a large group ol pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 went to Paris in France accompanied by Mr Harrison, Mrs Donnelly, Mrs Murray, [,4 r Lavery and 1\4r l\4cDaid. We

met at the school gates early that morning to depart jor the airport. There were some tears as we waved good, bye to our parents and other iam y membersl We set off to the airport and the bus down to Dublin was so much fun that I nearly had forgotten t'rat I was actually go ng to be ir Paris within the next few hours.

On arriving in Paris the view from the aeroplane was truly amazing. I'd never seen anything ike that beiore and what stuck out the mosi was the outstanding and beautlful Eitfel Tower. never thought I would get to see it . I had always wanted to. We climbed out of the plane and went to retrieve our luggage, I was never as excited in my whole life. I couldn't wait to take part in all the activities I

just sit and have a tour around a beautiful city like Paris.

After our cruise we went SHOPPING. The shops were unreal; the clothes, the shoes, the jewellery, everything was amazing! That night some of us went on the lvletro to the town and as I had never had an experience on anything like the l\4etro. I couldn't wait to see what it was

like. lt was unbelievably Jast; if you were to blink you would mrss t. The next day we went to the Louvre to acknowledge some of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever laid eyes on. The

l\4ona Lisa was stunning, but rather small, much smaller than I had ever expected. Later that day we went to visit the Eiffel Tower, we went straight to the top via an elevator and the view Jrom the top was breath.taking. it was so scary looking down, To say that you had been to the top of the Eiffel


in itself is an achievement, for mysell

that had been planned. Before arriving at the Hotel we went

anyway! We left there to go back to the Hotel to change and get something to eat and then that evening we set off to v sit the L'Arc de Triumph. lt was so highly built

and even though it was very childish, we all piled on aryway. Wrrlst drivtng through the centre of Paris the traffic jams were colossal and the people were even more hectic than what they were back home. We arrived at our hotel, and we all shuffled in. We got the keys to our rooms and ran up to check them out.

and it is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole ot France. We, as a group, had so much fun that evening. After our visit there, we went to various shops along the street and I wasn't one to pass up an opportunity to go shopping. On the very last day of our trip we went to visit the Stade de France, a massive football stadium in Paris, I wasn't really fussed whether we went there or not as I wasn't really into that, but after the tour of the grounds was finished I was glad that I had gone... this was also a great experience! Then we got on the bus and made our way back to the

to the Sacre Coeur and it truly was amazing. There was a large carousel

We woke up the next morning so excited,

as this was the day for Disneyland... AHHHHH! We boarded a bus that lelt from the Jront of our Hotel early

that morning and made our way to the famous resort of Disneyland, Paris.

Approaching the site everyone began to stand up and peer out the windows. We'd heard so many rumours of the tascinating rides we couldn't wait until we actually got to try them out! We got our tickets as we passed through and we began our daylong adventure around Disneyland. Everyone split ofl into their own groups and we went on loads of rides that were

fun. I

had the time of my life. The weather that day started out

so much

beautiful with the sun shining but within about 2 hours of our stay at Disneyland the rain began to fa I and everyone had to run for shelter. lt was so Junny to see everyone scurrying around like that. There were yeilow raincoats that people had bought and to fit in and keep dry lvr Lavery and lvr lvlcDaid joined in with the yellow coat brigade. Atter that we went back to the Hotel. Everyone was so tired and actually couldn't wait to get back there! That was the end oJ a fantastic day. The next day we went to a site to see

the Eiffel Tower up close but we were not to go up it until the day after. We then moved on to have a cruise along the River Seine. lt was so lovely to

airport to head home to good, old lvaghera! The plane journey home was full of buzz aller our trip to France. Arrivrng in Dublin our journey was not yet over, as we still had to sit a three hour bus ride to Nlaghera. l\4ost of us slept on the way home apart from those nearer the back of the bus who were kept occupied by lvlr McDaid and Mr Lavery. This trip has made me aware of how much fun being away with your lriends really is, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking oJ going away on any of the school trips to grab the opportunity with both hands, Going to France will be one of the highlights of my school life and I'm happy to have been involved in this...l Laura l\y'ccloskey I 1Na



St Patrick's College, Ma8hera

The President's Award is a challenge, one which is completed in four activities:

Service; anything from helping at a shop, litter picking to volunteering at a local fire station! Marty Burke, Danny Ballard and I picked litter in several places under the guidance of Mr O'Kane. We felt that litter picking was a good service as it was helping the environment and our community. Skill; not one you have but one that you wanted to learn or improve upon for example: archery, football, sewing or pottery. Once you were sure you had your logbook up. on your service and skill you then had to pick a physical acttvity of any kind (which I thjnk was to prepare you for the expedition!) Lastly, the expedition. lt was, in my opinion,

the best part. You had to walk, sleep, cook and basically survive on the mountains for 2 days and one night, covering a distance of over 20 miles. lt was really good craic and a once in a lifetime experience. Rain or shine our spirits were always high. lt was a real laugh, and not only that but we were learning some vital skills of survival. We were first put to the test with a practice run on Benbradagh with the real expedition on the mountain of Mullaghash. The Sperrins are beautiful and we are certainly more aware of our picturesque surroundings now. Mr Cox was in charge of the President's Award and with the help of Mr O'Kane they guided us through a most enjoyable and challenging experience. Aisling McGilligan 1 1Cl

Ski Trip On New Years Eve 2O07, we gathered outside the school at 12 noon and set off for Dublin airport. After a safe flight we began our trek up the ltalian Alps in our coach. As twelve o'clock came, we had reached our destination; the village of Bormio and as we passed through, the ltalian New Year came upon us. We watched from our bus as the ltalians celebrated in stvle wlth many colourful fireworks. As we arrivld at our hotel we were greeted with a traditional Italian snack. to say the least it was a culture shock! By this stage everyone was exhausted and we were escorted to our rooms to get a few hours of shut eye before our early start on the slooes. As Mrs Donnelly woke us up at an unreasonabte

hour, we wearily climbed into our ski gear for the first time and headed for breakfast (hard rolls, chocolate spread and hot chocolate). Next up was boot f itting and we were equipped with our boots, skis and ski poles. As we walked up the stairs we were met by a breathtaking view of the glistening white of the ltalian Alps. As we clicked into our skis, which was a laugh, as most were on our behinds before we could sav "Ciao Bella". Next we were put into our groupi and met our instructors, and were taught the basics of skiing on the baby slopes. We also went down to the local village of Bormio, using

the cable cars, for our lunch in a pizzeria where they made our pizzas from scratch in front of our eyes. In the evenings, we had a few hours to ourselves before dinner, which was followed by a disco on the first evening and we also had a qulz, went bowling and ice skating all of which were great cratc, Over the next couple of days our confidence on the slopes grew and we decided to spilt up into groups of varying ability. Sooner or later we had all reached Bormio's summit of 3000 metres above sea level and successfullv made it back down again, On the last day, we had the opportunity to go down to the Iocal vlllage to shop, using the cable cars, with only the die hard skiers remaining behind for a few more hours on the slopes. Unfortunately the day had come for us to pack our bags and make our way home. With an early start we departed for home and arrived safely in Maghera. The trip was enjoyed by all and will not be forgotten easily. Many thanks to our teachers Mrs Scott, Mrs Donnelly, Mr McAteer and Mr O'Kane, and of course to our parents for financing th is incredible trip. Kathleen Kielt and Sara McCloskev

St Pair c< s Cc eqe lvlaghera

After the induction day in school we were all extremely excited as we got on the bus to go from Belfast to Lisnaskea. However, the lucky "chosen few" didn't fee so lucky ater that night when we got off the bus feeling tired, hungry and apprehensive that we were torn away frorn our friends and forced to bunk up with complete strangers for a weekend. We quickly realised though that we were not going to have any trrre for complain,nS, "noani'rg or sleep ngl A good meal later and we met our facilitators. had known Lisa from my interview for the Spirit of Enniskillen Summer Programme and Gemma had been working as a facilitator ln school so we were alreadywel acquainted, Ourfears about roommates were also quickly forgotten, as the introductory workshops went into the 'wee hours' and we felt as though we had been friends for years. The next day started at half past seven in the morning and after little or no sleep, everyone ln the 'chalet o{ loy'(our adopted group name) was in no form for a hefty day of workshops. Nonetheless, I


we talked the whole day long. The atmosphere was

brilliant. Everybody expressed how they really ielt about Northern lreland and also other cultures. Nobody was worried about offendrng anyone else and nobody felt offended. We actually really enjoyed learning about 'the other side s views. As we grew closer, we forgot that we were different

from one another. We became our own chalet farnily. We wore clothes.pegs and permanent marker tattoos to distingu sh ourselves from the others. As the competition between chalets grew we even forgot about our schools. Most importantly

we learned that il we could grow so close so fast, why couldn't everyone in Northern lreland do the same? We 'brainstormed' ideas to mprove our country and came up with an action plan to help. A noisy bus journey back and an emotional goodbye ended our brillia nt weekend. None of us are going to forget the lessons learned for a long timel N iall O'Ka ne

NiallO'Kane and Fearghal O Baoill (both Year 13) and Shane Donnelly (Year 14) have been awarded a Spirit of Enniskillen Bursary to travel for 2 weeks in the summer to Maine, Cyprus and Sweden respectively, Michael O'Kane travelled to Maine last summei.

St Patrlck's College. l\4aghera

Lisnaskea. Amaz ngly, by the time we lefi, it seemed I ke i had known these people forever. The weekend was about becoming a team, and challenging ourselves. With ihe help of our two co. ordinators, who were not much older than us, we somehow had a fantastic time with team building events and energisers and also managed to discLlss an astoundingly varied number of issues. Pol tics, lfesty e, violence, drugs, famlly . t was hard io believe we got so much d scussed. lt was done in such an interesting and engaging way that the two and a half days flew After the residential, I kept in touch with my group and it seerned no time until we were at Belfast airport, getting on a plane heading for the U.S.A. The whole group was unsurpris ngly in brilliant form, and when we got to New York the amazing view of the Manhattan skylrne put the energy levels through the roof. We transferred ll ghts and eventually arrived at the Job Corps at Portland, l\4aine, which was io be our horre for the next 2 weeks. The .Job Corps is s m lar to a tech, teaching trades and l.-1. and also var ous sports. However, the students ived on campus and were al young people who have spent time in prison, many for gang-related or racist violence. We spent the two weeks learning from these people, drscuss ng their lives and how they live in relative peace now. t is hard to describe the prolound effeci this had on every member of the group. Through workshops wrth the resldents and also as a group ourselves, know everyone learned many invaluable things about themselves. I certain y did. Learning to some people sounds like a chore. lt br ngs up images of exam papers and texi books. But this learning experience was fascinating. t is almost impossible to describe what a poweriu two weeks I had in Nilaine.

The Spirit of Enniskillen Trust was set up in the year fol ow ng the 1987 Remembrance Day bomb ng in Enn skillen in which 11 people were killed. Since that first year, the Trust has sent ofi 1000 young people from Northern lreland on amazing overseas

Apart frorn this, lt was a br lliant way io experience a wide range of cultures. The ethnic diversity in the corps was some shock for a Maghera boy. We also got to expeflence living in Ame/ica, and went on a home stay with an American fam ly. In the evenings, we would go kayaking, mountain biking, shopping. We went on tours oi New England and ate out in traditiona seafood resiaurants and Amercan diners. We went to baseba I and basketball rnatches. and played American football with the residents to the.lob Corps. Through a I of this, I ived with my group on the Job Corps campus, and the more time everyone spent together the n'tore fun we seemed


to have. Our two co ordinators were always there for support and

was lucky enough to be selected last year, after completlng my application and attending a short interview in Belfast. At that time, I didn't really know much about the programme. That didn't stop rne getting excited about a couple of weeks away tn a foreign country wrth 9 other people my age. When goi a letter te ling me I was heading to Maine, U.S.A., I was definlte y glad I had app iedl Before go ng away, met my group at a weekend resldent al n


anyone needed help with anything.

On returning from the project I have tried to stay involved with SOE.

The opporiun ties within the Trust, once the Explore programme has been compieted, are endiess. i have honestly never done anythlng as worthwhile and am still benefiting from it now in my everyday life. t is an experience that I wtll never forget.

St Patrick's College, Nlaghera


Lumps of metal stuck out of pavements, one example was just outside her front door She'd got into the habit ol walking around them so much that she forgot to tell me it was there. I tripped on it and we walked on as if it was just any old piece of junk. However when in Bosnia, star ng at some landmine awareness posters, I recognised the lump of metal as half of a landmine which had already gone off, the explosion causing it to get wedged in the concrete, All I could think was that I was lucky. Some years before someone else had triggered it; the army who were clearing the landmrnes, milrtra fighting there, a crvilian or a child . I did not know who? But the unnerving part was that for Jelena it had always been there. This was

Mrs Bradley (my English teacher) had

told me that a programme she

would encourage pupils to go on would change my life, I might never have believed her. That was almost eight years ago, and looking back now I can say that t did St Patrick's has always been involved n the

Spirit of Enniskillen Trust. Enthusastic

teachers encouraged us to apply and now

I find myself back in St Pats doing the same. Only you might wonder why I'm so enthusiastic about the programme. This is why. When a bomb exploded on Remembrance

Sulday In 1987, k lling two and Injuring many. it was lust like any other day in that period ol our troublesome hastory. But one man reacted ditferently to the death of his daughter. He spoke with

everyday life. The strange th 1g that I can'rever explain is that even though I was surrounded by the ghosts of war I was never afraid, only

courage and great dignity saying "l bear no ill will, I bear no grudge. Dlrty sort ot talk will never bring her back to life", and for the first time in our history there was no retribution. No one died in revenge for Marie. You might wonder what this has to do with me or the thousand others who have been through the SPirit of

Enniskillen prograrnme, but it was the debate over Gordon Wilson's courage which led to the beginnings of the Spirit or Enniskillen Trust. We are the living memorial to this atmosphere of forgiveness and reconciliation Hearing his words was the beginning ol my learning, and I have never met anyone on the prograrnme who has been untouched by

the honesty. This honesty is carried through in the discussions wh ch each project group holds. Each group of ten decides what

rt rs that they want to lalk about, what they want to learn and more imporlantly they facilitate their own learning. We discuss issues that are seen as 'impolite'; religion, politics, sexuality, race, and then there's always the one that causes the problem-which ice cream do we get? Yes, we look at ihe serious issues but we're

a group of young people. There's always going to be fun- The challenges lfaced most were not just when someone asked me my opinion. When I was a co.ordinator I had to let my Sroup hold the rope as we took part in a team-building activity. They let go eventually allowing me to swing forty loot through the aar in a forest clearing. I have never been as scared, or quiet, in all my life but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I've been lucky. The programme meant so much to me when


was in sixth form, that got involved in the follow up group Future Voices. I worked in schools doing workshops, met ots of young people from exchange groups, went as co ordinator of the Explore programme lo Vermont, and met quite a lot of interesting people. I suppose one of the most interesting was meeting the German Ambassador onboard a Franco.Prussian Naval Destroyer warship Although we were gutted when there was no Ferreo Rocher, we did want to hit the button that sent out the missiles t's just one of those things that you have to do, However, understandably enough, they wouldn't let us.

Although I have had so much lun, the learning I got from just talking to other yoLlng people will be something I will never Iorget lvy time on the programme as a sixth former gave me an insight that I would never have got otherwise. lvy group went to Croatia

and Bosnia where I spent some time with a host family Listening to the experiences of a girl who was just one monih older than me opened my eyes to reality. I became aware of just how lucky I was. Her bedroom wall still had bullet holes and ten years after the war had ended there was still over six million landmines within the area. You couldn't even set foot in your own back yard just in case.

humbled, Humbled to see people carry on with their lives, people who had lived through horrors, but who were worried for me as they saw footage on their news of the riots in Drumcree. The Spirit of Enniskillen has opened my eyes, given me confidence that I never had before and some of the best lriends I wrll ever meet. Their race and religion doesn't matter; I might not agree with what they say, or they agree with me, but all that is needed is that we listen to each other. Over the last number oJ years I have watched people become empowered and enthusiastic about life. You can forgive me for being biased and wishing that every sixth former in St Pats seized the opportunity to get involved. For those who did we loved it so much that we stayed involved. St Pats is perhaps the school with the most pariicipants who have stayed involved over the years. We have had several co.ordinators on the programme, lwas the second Chairperson of the lollow up group to come from the school in a row and currently the role of vice chair was elecied to another past pupll. So the next time someone speaks to you about an opportunity don't just faze out and think of lhe weekend. Listen to them as I can promise you, you might never know where it may lead. lt may help you find who you really are, let you travel, meet new people or even, heaven forbid, realise that you love working with young oeoDle and decide to be a teacher and come right back here to Si Pats.





\r ril

\\ ),i ix


r , to .;" l"'11*'.'"


St Patlcf s Co ege. lvlaghera

St Patnck s College, Maghera

St Pairick s College, Maghera

rr,; aJta

Lf' ll


se LE

g1.n,* bpr,

St Painck s Co lege, l\4aghera

St Patr ck s Co ege. Maghera




cfi s Co ese. [4aphe.a

8 pupils from St Patrick's College, Maghera took part in a "Halloween Literacy Afternoon" event, Pupils dressed uP as evil or villainous chafacters trom novels and comics, The guest storyteller was Mrs Carol O'Doherty from the NEELB Library service in Maghera. The event organiser was English teacher Mrs Kathryn McAteer.


St Patrick's College, Maehera

In September the College introduced Government and Politics into the list of subiects studied at A.S. As part of their course, students are taught a module on 'The Government and Politics

of Northern lreland.'

.for this module, To assist pupils with their preparation Mr Mccregor organised a trip to Parliament Buildings in April. On the day a group of 9 students accompanied Mr McGregor went to Stormont, where they enjoyed a guided tour of Parliament Buildings by Education Officer Marina McConville. During the tour pupils were given exclusive access to the

main chamber, where they witnessed a debate on the introduction o{ a Bill oI Human Rights.

They also enjoyed a Q&A session with lvlLAs representing four of our main political parties. Showing the early signs of future careers in Politics, students questioned l\4 LAs Francie Brolly from Sinn Fein, Steven Barr from the UUB David Ford lrom the Alliance Party and a representative from

the Green Party on a number ol key issues ranging from water charges, the abolition of the 11+ and the resignation


Rev lan Paisley.

trip ended with a final tour of the impressive grounds. you can see from the photos, everyone had a fun day As The




36 | t-

St Patrlck's Colese, /Vlaqhera

PQsFsv r Pefsonification Poetry



ivish ro present a ponion ofpowe*rrl poerrv ro make you; weil, weep, feeldngusr ard despair l,erhaps you could even offir class

a homc ro some

ofour vicrims of

circumsrance? Our individu,l pocns are.ll l(Dsely based on an origindl. We uscd the same fbnrar md substituted kev words with our own creative ideas. Pleasc; pull our a pew, pack up your preoccupations, pour a light refreshment, pur your precious phonc in you. pockcr, press pause on your pmale and pur up a placard which reads; 'Away and Annoy Mc


The rongue wenr away by



delightful spriry morning, Wlile irs owner went thmugh surg.ry for a rerrible gum problem, It went slithering along Iike a python gliding through a dcsert smpling u) iing edible. Ir rhoughr: I hrv€ r righr ro do rhis, \yhy should I be locked in a ronen brearhed mor:th all day? I will now enjoy mysetfand lcr mysetf go, have nor


been able ro taste

Ard it feh like ir

had just visirc<l

Itwandcred into Cenrra and whar did

On rhc fioor

ofthc body

rhe rest

k bounced along the

Vhile its owne.

was sl€€ping


Dodging every holc

Ii thoughr I can scc erFhing l nccd why do I need ears or nose

To be jollv and free, It was vew verv happy

I doni I dont


Whcn ir was atrached to a face It could have bcen walkimg inro macc, 'Ilat would have been berrer, 'than reading our a lcrrcr But now ir was prerry pcacctul Bur quire rircd and alonc As it was statgering down Main Sff€er, It got a cut by a stone. And all would have been well but rhat. Around abour midday, Having no eyes ro see, Very sad ir couldnt pla).

Bur ir didn! care ifrr h"d ro 6ghrwar, A-rd sadly ir

oded up

s<quished by a

The ThoughtfuI Tongue Thc Tongue wcnt aw:y by irself On r cold aurumn evening. While its orvncr was asleep.

It fiought ro iltlfwhy should

k felt like a completely

I ger

ncw Tongue

need to tastc need to feel

\fhy should I

be aaached ro



And ;r fel like ir couldnr be s(opped The world wc so full of beautifirl

nauseariry experiencel


h glided along lerving a rrail ofseliva, The rongue hadni a cere in thc world. And all would have betn well but for, That round rwenry to three, As it could nor see wirh no €yes, Crawld inro a puddle The poor thing drowned od aficr the best day ofits Life, Died with a smilc, I don't know rbout you, But if I saw a wandering ronguc, Id run a milel

Br Connot


k took r

wee dander Bcing nos€y (like it lvould do.)

It thought: I can do wlratc,ver I *ant, Why do I have m stay on my owncr I haven'r bccn able to grow so I may as well do ir now And ir felt

so wonderfulso it wenr to the Park and ir plal,ed on the wings it was Having rhe rime ofirs life.

Vhen it

Ir had no rime ro norice 'Nchen

was attached to a flce it was so Lonell licking lips all day Iooking ar reerh Thar were dirry ell rhe rime.


it wr connected to rhe head, was rold ro cry when it saw sad rhtnSs It wes srungwhen ir saw onio'rs

tsur now ir was so fr€e ir war havinS a great Time like a human on a

Hay fcver annoyed ir And pollen Dadc ir irchy


Rur now ir s'rs quire happy Rolling along joyfully

And all would have been well but...

a btack hol€.

t;ed it thoughr I will

Likc a liower blooming in rhe sun



'lb my owncr ard

all would havc been well

It saw r lovely bunch offlowers 'lfonly I could snrcll rhem'it though thcy bounced on ir cane across a beauriful looking plare offood

'lfonly I could wanted ro be

rhaf ir rhoughr ir reunited with his friends. rasrc

The Foolish





have ro go,

ger a good


in rh€ morning. By Aoife Coyle

The Nosy Nose


nose wenr away by


In the dark icy, cold morning When thc hce w* sriil asleep. It went bouncing up thc road Sniffing at everything in irs padr.

It thought I

I-ike a Slithery Slug. was as happy as on bc.

beautiful place. Like when you'rc ourside, looking out

I shouldni be attached to a face I havent been allowed to sprad my

'ft€n ir rhouthr ro irself

Bur now it was liberated and €nrir€ly

still our in


It had vomir

And once.rmazingly had to raste urine,


\i/hen it

have a personaliry




go over ir, ate a big green


.^ n. roollsn rrngcr wenr awry by ir€tr, ft wokc up in a rerllv dnk bur

Ai ir sl;rhered down Maghc.a Main

\XAen it was atrachcd ro a throat it




niddl€ ofrhe night.

1le eye went away by itself In rlc clrly momiDg

h thoughr likc r mouth would

which I would

'I})e mngue wenr away by

The Egocentric Eye


;r gobbled ir up as hsr a5 e mouse.


The Tasty Tongue

The moudr wenr away by itself In rhe lare hours ofrhe "ighr While irs owner wd fasr.rslccp, Ir srrolled along rhe srrccrs Taltifl I everything &ound, And didni cven m,Ic a pccp.

was a srrawberry

"Mmmmm' ir rhoughr 'this looks And



Tommy the Tongue




was anached to a body

saw a gap

in rh€ very daik room,

It wandered rhrough the gap.

Ir had no lifc it was miserable. Ir gor germs, it got bilten.

It felt like

So much of me has been discarded.


Trrough the

gap was brightness,

Peoplc running around, people garing

a slare having to ruste food

And ir felt young and at liberr.T ft virtually begrn to ftolic. The world was so tull ofsensitivity It never knew abour.

Bur now ;r was a free finally free, a life d ex€iring one.

The foolhh linger was in a hospiral, on a very busy morning. Ir lookcd one lcr time rhror-rgh the

Vhen thc nosc was anached to the face \feeping and made smell so many bad .hi"gs.


Catching all sons of rh ings And turning blue when it was cold.

It slithered along singing'dont

His owner war lying in d,e big bras'

\r)flho doesnt care about a Tongue?

h now had


be happy" h was as happy as can bc. And all had been well So later rhar yeer rfte tongue

'n1e finger wenr back rg.iD through th€ gap and hopped along the hall,

Gor manied rc a beaudful tongue and

hqc brccr:-

It turned around a corner and fclt k war

Later had 5 baby tongues and lived happily ev€r afrer

Atui& Pt Chrc'et


a door wide op€n.

Ir saw something in rhe distaff€,

It It

was a vehicle wirh Rarhing lighrs. was c,oming right forhim



Now it wa5 really tranquil Bouncing blissfirllywith a brceze Like a child playins in rhc pa.k A foundery full of seren;ty. And a.ll would have becn well But mrnd thc nexr coma

Only having the



h got caught by the nose police \Vrs dngged ba& to the face Har never gor eway si'cc!




Donini. McFaul

A'lling Conwaj

St Patr ck s Co ege. Maghera

The Enraeed Erre rhc cle qenr e\Lry D! lrselr rn rne middle of the dar', V/hile old grmdfather N"s hav;ng his

ft bounced along thc footparh, happy as

l-any, roll;ng



h rhought I beJong on mv own, Not on old Granda's face I havcni bccn allowed to see rhe sights So much time has been wasred.

Ard it felt like a lirde child on Chrisrmas morning, It beg.rn ro breah dmcc, There wcre so manY sights Io see ft h:rd not a iot oftime to see rhem. Bur ir lvas now happy, Jumping happily along l.ikc a kangaroo on a hor summers da1 have becn well but rhat

And allwould Around halfpast two having no mouth To ear ir looked ar a big stcik in a Burchers window and felt hungry so he jumpcd back to the race and Brcathed a sigh of rcliel


Decka Htgha


The Marvellous

'lhc ronguc \l'cnr

When ir feh rhe nmd ro To the rest of the bodv ''I feel likc nobodv

As soon as

dowr rhc srairs $c linle rhings around


'venr Lisrening to all


ia owncr frll

\(te know


rhoughr hc rvas his own pcnon. Hc rhoughr rhat his life was wasted for m ltng, Vhcncvcr hc was anached to a body.

To car a millry way That would make my day l.ors and lots oflollics Far bencr than plavnrg with dollics

And hc fch hr hrd linally got son,e

I Ie

Hc was rurlly g.ry.



\(hen thc

wds w;ggling all around

Unril I ger whrr I wart Ifl dont I'll l,ave a rant




It thoughr finally I am free ofthat

Be frcc to livc my own life. The cyc was so cxcitcd rr all the sighcs.

And they fik happier thm wer before They jumpcd up ard down all the way

And ir


After those years ofborcdom. It felt like a young child in a toy shop. 'Ihe eye was so happy ir could bumr. When ir was artachcd to the face.

\irhen thcy



Elery day was extremely boring. And rhe other pans ofthe fice. Vere not nice and the eyc hated it.

was so srd

ard unhappy.

Bur the wosr was gerting picked

they werc glad rhcre

was no more


But now it was happy and fiec. Feeling bener than thc happiest eycball


all would have been well Bur rhat, round about morning Unable to see or smell Thcy jumped into the mouth ofa big

durgry aog BJ

Ofin Ca in

Now that it was free of that boring face.

All would

eves were

And all would have been well But it wo all a drem When he woke the next morning He was verv upset ard cricd likc r

'Iisring cvcryrhing in thc


fu Naonh o'Kane

And all world have been well. Bur 3s he sccidentally rvi&Ced into soil, A bnd pickcd him up in his bcak. He didni know whar was happening An<l thcn he was dropped inro rhrcc

have been well but thc eye

got squahcd Luckily it sui.r'ived to see ano.her day. On its way to a new life. tu it boarded the plane. h looked back and laushed. Coodbye old boring life!

Br Padd:/ MtAtory

The Lip-Srnacking Lips

'lhe lips rvent away by rhemselvs they

did k wrs rippcd

apaft... 6! st'Ph" I

, oJk

The Terrible Tongue

'Ihc mourh opencd and rhe tongue In the dark ofrhe sharp nighr rcst o[rhc fac wu ft slid across rhe icy road. llsring cvcryrhing on its way.

It thought



can bâ&#x201A;Ź whar I want to


ncver going back ro the facc ever.


sick orrasring junk 3U lhe !ime.

And it fch uncontrollably happy. It fclt like a chill in a sweerie shop It was rasring so mary difiirerr ostcs It had never tasted beforc.

Vhen it

was atnched ro thc mouth

It was often bitten and forced ro l;ck things

And taste diffcrcni food and drinks erc. Bur now they were ar ease Hopping alonsjofully Like a happy kangaroo In a factory packed whh sound


He was so full ofenerg, He wanred to dance.

Vhile thc

But how do wc make sure he doesnt 6nd us?

were anached to a head The bxnging, rhe screeching and the



h was wiggling arcund chcerftrlly,

The eye went away by irself. On the 6rsr day ofsummer. k had cnough ofirs owncr's dullne$. And left m so to the town. 'Io pursue dreams it ne'er got thc


as happy as

\0lcn it wm anachcd

But now it was straighcforuard, V/iggling around like a worm in his

The Exquisite Eyeball


Some lovely chocolatei'

whole shop lor

And foods rhar hc crm.

say words rhar are bad ifit nakcs you sad


"\0hat wilt I gct hcr r juicy lip gloss or

But now rhc



r mouth,

k rhought: Mmnm

All sxrs ofplaque u<l bactcri.r front

A nrassivc bag ofswcrts Would Lre a lovcly reat I'll be rble to sing lor what I wmt,l;kca king


hc wrs attachcd to

rvent itself

Hc was nr such a good mood, He wanted ro buy rhe


tasting all the di{erent foods.


In rhe errly morning lb see what ir could l d For its girlfriend thc mouth

And ir leh


break into shops I'Ll definitely not stop

I can look at places I never lookcd at

l-istening to all the things in Maghcra have heard before


w'ggly wonn-

leave him and see whar

\?hich theywouldnr



He uigglctl down Maghua rreet like

thoughr: wc don't have ro lisren

\(rhv should we be hun when he plays

The Energetic Eye!

irselfin the

My wholc lifc has ben wasted there are lots ofrhings I havcni tasted I would love a bar ofmars That *ould take mc to thc stars

The Excited Ears

playing Hrlo 3

away bv

niddle ol dc nighr. sav

Beouse you doni krow where I ll bel

The ears went awav by themsclves In thc niddle ofa cool summer night \fhile rheir owner dozed ollafter

The Tantalising Tongue

'Ihe mouth *as u'alking down rhc

But now ir was

as frce as a


h was slithuing rround Like a worn or a snake

ile the omer.esrcd thdr heid nrey iumped oflli-ke ftoss Down onro the bed They thought "Who needs a body I ve got a life of my own

I know I haveni got finges In facr I haven t a bone!"


feels great rc be fre" They cried "rly'e on whar ever we want, I dcfinitely havc ro say right now all


When they were anached to a face They had norhing fun m do 'l hey had to open and close all day They couldn'r even visit rhe rcoll

But now rhey feh quite relued Out on the srreet rhey wenr Bur now they rhought it time To to climb rhrough a vent As theyclimbed through a vent 'Iley felt a slight breezt And they saned to slip back And were lost amongst some trees

fu Niamh Diana And all would hrvc bccn wcll Bur that, thc mouth policc came A.fter him and dnstcd him Back kcking and screaming To thc mouth So rhc ronguc had to go back -lb normal life again. Bv 5hrnrun Convcr,v

| .'

,t I

St Patrick's cottege, iraghera

PQslrsv r


Irish Ti'aveller

My sister

The Listening Rule

An Irish Tnvcller I am, I rm,

Bitcs, Fighs, Scrcams at nighr,

2lui Andrews rhat littlc rhing, didnr lisrcn ro anything, didnt lisren to anyrhing.

\(irites on walls, Plays with dolls, l-ills hcr nappy rhen she's happy, ErIs swccrs,

daughrcr how to listen.

I ve rtavelled so far I havc, As I walk so far, so far



I really wish I had a can

lrom Cork to Keny and Kerry to Dcrry I rhink I should hrve mlen the fcny.

In her clasroom by rhe bal, when her donc for the day.

(;ives me ihe crceps,

Up rhc Shrnnon and down thc Lifily 'lhrough woods thrt werc so nippy.

Hogs rhc l



An Irish liaveller I am, I am, I ve rravelled so far I have, I have, I m proud to llc what I am,

fu Kart Quinn,

A super duper lrhh rnveller!

She sits and stara at hcr



rhink;trg only ofhcr own inrcnrions. When her reachcr lifrs hcr work shc screrms our loud "You lirdc rwtrp. You wcrc ro wrirc abour

Cod, crearurcs, nor abour vour snobby

ry Odash O'Konr.



6 DarylGifin



Flighr of thc dova

Bccausc Mks Andrews

Son. tedthe$ aft a"notiftg, Sonc rcacho: an great, Som. ka.h.r' jwt uont bt sone tcachcr arcfunn1 Sone teachcn are cool,

FOTD Flight of the Doves kfr

Her mother tried with conccnrration ro teech 1,.,

didnt listen

shc was scnr ro

Robbic I';ston, thc principal ofa boarding school WIo war very stricr about the lis(ening rulc.


vhcnever 7nâ&#x201A;Ź didni lisren

l.opL thin* tbat th.t tiu


at rboot.

he would send her ro

So one day coming homc from the pool shc ran away from Piston's boarding schoo!.

Oar t? k anaztng,

rheir step-dad in London She ran our inro rhe middle

In thc middle of thc night Going ro 6nd their gnnn1. Havc ro h;dc from the police To gcr whcrc rhcy havc ro bc

BJ Brcndan

My favourite thing! Football is so qreat

On thc TV Fending for themsr:lvcs Travclling wirh rinkâ&#x201A;Źrs Heading for Galway

ofthe rord rnd rhen

something bad happcncd.

lvha, about YOURS?


Do 1ou really *z.nt to


Bf Enna Mccryttal

Om ttu bar Ticks anl

Eeting whatcver chey havc Doingwhat thcy crn


is uhat you

Bla* ofapphue uhm

Ovcr rhe sca Very ncady rhere Every minurc rhinking of gre-nny Slccping under bridges




A uan caUzd i! uho t pla for Litu all teans 'lrughaeil yr hr and yor uin Laugh out toud utun 7or By Keny



The 16th Annual Book Fair To coincide with National Book Week 2OO7, all KS3 English pupils attended the annual Book Fair in October. This year marked the 16th anniversaryof the launch of th is highlysuccessful and ooou lar event. As part of the event every class in years B-10 was given a period to browse through a wide selection of best-selling and critically acclaimed books, specially selected for their age group. There really was something for everyone: boys and girls, the advanced and more reluctant reader!

Not only was the event enjoyable, this year was a particular success. Proceeds from the book fair have heloed to contribute to the introduction of a new library in the St. Mary Building as well as providing new class novels in years 9 and 10 for next year. With an increase in sales o'f f26O for the year 9-10 event from last year, it's great to see the Annual Book Fair go from strength to strength! As you can see from the photographs, everyone enioved the break from classl

St Patr ck s Co ege. Maghefa

0n Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th


2007, St Patrick's College Maghera played host to 'The Magical History Tour' for the second year running. 'The Magical History Tour' is an interactive living history road show staffed by qualif ied h istory teachers. The 'History Tour' gives pupils the opportunity to take part in an archaeological dig, try on medieval clothing and armour, participate in medieval arts and crafts activities and witness a stunning display of medieval archery. This year the college was privileged to also have the expertise of Mr Tom Cully an Archery specialist and member of the Archaeological Society.

St Patrick's College has long recognised the value of 'hands on' interactive learning in the

classroom and these workshops link particularly

well to the Revised Curriculum. The event organised by M iss M McReynolds was thoroughly enjoyed by all Year B pupils,



St Patnck s Co lege. l\4aghera

:in! I9!T puPils, cormac Henry and Mark Craig, along with Miss M McReynolds April 2008. The day trip was organised by

tt""elled to A|..,schr"it.,Poland, on wednesday gth the Holocaust Educational Trust; the 'Lessons lrom Auschwitz' projecr consisted of a trip to the former Nazi extermination and concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau.The LFA Project aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust for young people and to clearty highlight what can happen if prejudice and racism become accepitable.

Auschwitz Camp One As lwalked under the infamous'Arbeit l\4acht Frei,(Work brings Freedom) sign on my way to Auschwitz Camp One, was shocked at how well kept it ooked. lt was far from what limagined an Extermination Camp to look like. The only outwardly, visible sign that this place held darker secrets was the rows oJ barbed wire and electrc fences. It was a bright, warm, sunny day when we arrlvedt t was difficult to imagine what the place must have looked like w'th thousands of sick, tired and hungry people. There is an eerie leel at Auschwitz Camp one. it's hard to describe. Many people choose to conduct their visjt in silence, as a mark of respect and reverence to those who were rmprisoned and killed. Our guide began the tour around the various buijdines and told us Stories o{ the human tragedtes, sone so horrific that it beggars bellef. The museum affected a of us. the human hatr, shoes, and suitcases, the Zyklon B canisters which carried the poison gas and the artificial limbs ot people who no longer existed. lt was a surreal exDerience, but there was worse to come. For me personallV the worst pla(e was the Death Block . lt was here that p soners were taken to stand for hours on end and starve. We visited the cellwhere lvlaximilian Kolbe the Catholic priest d ed; having heard the story so many times and to see the cell where he died was chilling. Outside in ihe 'Death yard, more stories were told of how prisoners were lined up against the wall and shot or hanged on the posts whrch are still visible, Beside the death yard was the building in which Dr Mengele carfled out experiments on women, children and men. As we conttnued, we were shown the house of the Commandant who lived with his family just outside the barbed wire fence. We were to d the story of how the Commandant's wife ater described it as one of the best places she had ever lived. I wondered dld she realise the 'Ovens were just around the corner? This would be our next stop; one of the coldest, darkest piaces we would visit in Auschwitz Camp One. Again more stories of jnhumanjty were told.

The camps were difficult to walk around, but ltook away many positives. There were lessons to be earned, espec a ly that everyone is equal regardless of race, rel gion or culture, and that these crimes should not be tolerated today. Another lesson is that we shouldn't turn a blind eye to bullying or intimidating behaviour either n our soc etv, our school or the wider world. By lvlark Craig

St Patrick's College, Maghera

Auschwitz Camp Two We visited Auschwitz ll - Birkenau 2nd. lt's most famously known as the'Death CamP'. We were expecting it to be quite secluded. However we were surorised when we arrived and discovered a main road beside it. We went up to the main watchtower first; from there we were able to see the full extent of how vast the four hundred acres was. lt was really shocking to see the area filled with wooden huts, watchtowers and never.ending electric fences laid out before us. As we entered a wooden bunkhouse we were told some horrific stories about just how gruelling life was within them. The bunks consisted of wooden slats, which would have been covered in straw. There was a form of heating although not enough fuel was provided, so they were rarely heated. The bunkhouses did not have any washing or toilet facilities. These were located in a separate shed, which prisoners only got to use twice a day tor a limited period of time. We were then taken to the platform where the separation of men, women, and children was carried out. Seeingthe railway track, which ran from outside the camp through an archway and directly into the camp was a powerful image. lt really makes us think about just how many people had made that journey to come to Auschwitz and be murdered. They were oblivious of this, right to the

shaven off and were given the camp uniform. Often these uniforms did not arrive on time, a deliberate move by the Nazis. The prisoners would have to stand outside in the freezing cold or blistering heat. This started the Nazis goal of breaking peoples' spirits so they would resist the Nazis. To finish the visit we had a memorial prayer service at the end of the railway line. Pupils from different schools read poems and prayers, and the Rabbi sang a hymn in Hebrew. The service was very thought provoking for us and really made us wonder how the people we had seen earlier in the photograph gallery would have lived their lives if it had not been so brutally taken from them. As we made our way out of the camp we left lit candles along the railway line. lt was a deep and emotional moment for the group and it left us thinking how so much evil could have occurred in modern times, but also how had it been allowed to happen again since the Holocaust? By Cormac Henry

eno, As the tour progressed we were taken to the ruins

of one

gas chamber and the ruins of the crematorium. lt was rather disturbing to see these two structures knowing so many people had lost their lives and had their bodies

disposed of in these exact places. After this we were shown cases full of cutlery, bowls, plates, etc, items,

which were used by people who were barely given enough to survtve on. The last place within Auschwitz ll that we visited was the Bathhouse or'Sauna'; here prisoners had their personal belongings taken from them. They were then washed

and disinfected like animals; they also had their hair

Miss M McReynolds, Cormac Henry and Mark Craig.



42 |

St Patr ck s Cor eRe, l!4ashe.a


Year 9 River Field Trips The Geography Department organised a Field Trip 1. Pupils were accompanied by two teachers and were helped by some AS Geography pupils. This was the first time that pupils in Year 9 went on a Geography Field Trip and it has proven to be an enjoyable learning

for each class in Year 9 in Term

experience. The river study to me was an enjoyable experience. ln my opinion I find it much easier to understand erosion and deposition if you are out there and

seeing what is happening instead of sitting in a classroom scratching your head and not understanding a thing. Going out to the Altalacky Burn and doing practical events was more mind filling and better crack than any normal classroom work. Not only were we learning important facts about the river but we were watching each other fall on our bottoms having a great laugh. lt really was a great day. Caoimhe Glass 9A2

Year 10 Field Trip to Peatlands Park

The Geography Department organised a Field Trip for each class in Year L0 in Term 1. The Geography and Science Departments linked up to accompany the pupils as part of the Specialist Science award. During the Field Trips pupils completed a study of a local ecosystem as part of the Revised Curriculum. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed their Field Trip to Peatlands Park, Dungannon.

St Patr ch s Co ege. Maghera

Year 11 Field Trip to Belfast

Mrs Hughes'/Mr McAllister's

Year 11 class.

Nearly 30 pupils in Year 1l got to experience a Field TriD in term 2 as oart of their GCSE coursework. Mrs McConnell and Mr McAllister accomoanied their classes to Belfast in March. Pupils completed a study of the Central Business District and also a socio, Over 50 Year 11 pupils also got to experience a river economic study in the lvlalone Road and Falls Road. study in term 2 as parl of their GCSE coursework. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day away to Belfast. Mr Clifford and Mrs McGuckin accompanied their classes to the Altalacky river in March. All pupils really enjoyed the Field Trip with N iall Scullion's great dress sense proving to be a particular talking point!

MLD pupils visit the Peatlands Park

On the lst October we travelled to the Peatlands Park. When we arrived we walked to the Visitor's Centre, A

lady called Mary gave us a lecture and we watched a slide show on the peatlands. We were able to answer the questions she asked because we had covered this in \reuBr dPry Lrd5r, Wewentoutsidetothe bogto seethe animals, plantsand insects. We were able to identify Bog Cotton, Bog l\4oss, Ling Heather, Sundew, Cranberry, Bog Myrtle and the Pitcher Plant. We learned that Bog Moss was used lor nappies manyyears ago. lt is totally sterile and was also used to dress soldier's wounds. We caught some insects while pond dipping. We also saw f rogs, ducks and newts. We completed a survey on the number of plants found in the cutover and uncut bogs. At the end of the day we went around the park on the


This was fun. Our trip to the Peatla nds gave us a greater understand ing of what we were doing in class. Peatlands Park is a National Heritage site so it will not be destroyed but many other peat bogs are being destroyed. This has a profound effect on the Environment. Niall Collins, Sorcha McBride, Enda McGill and Declan O'Dohertv.


St Patrrck's College. lvlaghera

0n Tuesday 29th April, eleven Year 11 pupils and five Year 8 pupils along with their teacher l\y' rs lvlarie l\4ccuckin were invited by CEA and The Consumer Council to attend the

The game fits appropriately into the Revised Curriculum, especially in the strands ol Environment and Society and

launch of an exciting new interactive game called 'Ecoworld'

Last year, Year 10 pupils at St Patrick's College were involved in the pilot study of Ecoworld. These pupils along with lvlrs Grainne Hughes completed a detailed eco audit of the school and presented their iindings along with six other pilot schools in the North of lreland. The hard work was duly rewarded with a high commendation from CEA and The Consumer Council and of course the subsequent invite to this event. St Patrick's College aims to incorporate the game Into current teaching as a tool for interactive learning and to promote its use as part of the ongoing Eco-schools work

Odyssey Arena in Bellast. This game aims to encourage young people to make responsible choices with regards to our environment and contains many important Jacts about environmental waste around the home. lt is hoped that this game wil heighien pupils' awareness of how to conserve our valuable resources that are so quickly running out.

at the

Deputy Firsi Minister l\4artin lvlcGuinness, Education l\4 inister Caitriona Ruane and famous Naturist David Bellemy made guest appearances at the launch of Ecoworld. l\4artin lvlccuinness expressed his delight to be involved in such a project and urged schools in attendance to do their

bit for the environment, stating that they were the iuture that holds the key to environmental change. David Bellemy has been involved in projects all over the UK to promote environmental awareness and enthused all who attended the launch. Acting chief executive of CEA praised the content of the game, which is available live on the Internet.

Scie nce.

in the College, You can log on

at home at: www,

St Patrick s College lv/laghera

The Geography Department of St Patrick's, lvlaghera organised two poster competitions for Years 9 and 10. The theme of the competition was 'Saving Energy in our School'. The winning posters were displayed at the Eco Event organised by the college. Each class recerved two prizes with the overall winners in Years 9 and 1O receiving f,20 top up vouchers.


St Patr cl


Co/ ege. Madhera

Yolaine French Assistant I came to Northern lreland to spend nine months working as a French language assistant. That was four years ago...

here. For such a small country, lreland has a lot to offer. lvly lavourite place on this island would be County Donega

I come Irom Brittany, which is the Celtic part of France. Northern lreland and Brittany share a lot of similarities,

the landscaDe there is iust incrediblel I really love my job as French assistant as well. I think it's very profitable tor the pupils; it helps them to put into practice what they've learnt in class and to discover that they can actually use it! My experience in St Patrick's College has been great. I find that there is a really good atmosphere in the school and the teachers and the pupils

notably the fantastic weather all year round, the drinking culture and they both have their own language; in my region it is called Breton; unfortunately I don't speak it. But I find that people in this country are much friendlier than the French, they really know how to make you feel welcome (resulting in foreigners not wanting to go back home). I also iind that there's always something new to discover


are very friend ly. So thank you all for being so weicomingl



++-ilH Konstanz IImm{ t--@u!!!I

Caroline German Assistant Mein Name ist Caroline Lafitte und ich war von September

und Fragen beantwortet.

2007 bis Marz 2OO8 Fremdsp rachenassiste ntin an zwei

Die Stunden mit Niall

Schulen in Nordirland, vier Stunden pro Woche in St Mary's Grammar School in Magherafelt und 12 Stunden pro Woche

haben mir groBen SpaB

in St Patrick's College in lvlaghera. Die meiste Zeit dort habe ich mit dem einzigen SchUler in der Oberstufe, Niall, verbracht. lvleine Aufgabe war es, ihn vor allem auJ den mLindlichen Teil seiner Abiturprufung vorzubereiten. Zwei Stunden proWochewaren reine Konversationsstu nden, in den Ubrigen Stunden haben wir Texte gelesen, Aufgaben geldst

gemacht, weil wir uns viel unterhalten haben und man oft gar nicht gemerkt hat, w e die Zeit vergeht u nd ehe wir


ns versahen war die Stunde auch schon

vorbei. Es hat mir Freude bereitet, ihm von Deutschland zu erzahlen und im Gegenzug von ihm viel Uber Nordirland zu lernen. Es gab nicht einen Tag,

an dem ich mich nicht auf


Unterricht gefreut habe. Au Berdem war ich jeweils ein Mal pro Woche mit den year 11 und year 12 Klassen zusammen. lvlit year 1l habe ich

spielerisch den



wiederholt. mil year 12 haben wir die Roleplays fur die GCSEs geubt. AuBerdem habe ich jeden lvlonat alle Klassen von


Cusack besucht,

um Spiele zu spielen oder andere Aktivitaten mit ihnen zu machen. Diese Stunden haben mir ebenfalls viel SpaB gemacht. Sowohl die Zeit in der Schule als auch die Zeit rn Nordrrland allgemein waren wunderbar und ich habe viele unvergesslich sch0ne Erfahrungen gemacht. lch danke den Lehrern und SchUlern des St Patrick's College in l\y'aghera von ganzem Herzen, dass ich so eine tolle Zeit mit ihnen verbringen durfte.

St Patrick's Col ege, Maghera

Gearalt lrish Assistant Working here in Col5iste Phiidraig has been a great pleasure for me coming from a background of lrish culture with the language, music and gaelic games, especially hurling and camogie. This school has such a itrong Gaelic tradition. Working with languages, it is very important.that children get a broader experience of the language as well as the culture. Knowin[ myself the effort that goes into extra-cu rricu lar activities, being involved with my own club Na Magha, in Derry City, Si Patrick's should be very proud to have such dedicated teachers who give of their time to coach teims in our tigundary national games and give the pupils the opportunity to take part in competjtions, quizzes, debates and public Jpeaking in lrish Seeing such big numbers heading to the Gaeltacht each year is a tribute to the great work and the love that thi teachers have for our very own beautiful language. Bail 6 Dhia ar an obair agus ni neart go cur le ch6ilel le Gearalt 0 l\4 ianSin

Estefania Spanish Assistant I can't believe it's been nine months since I left home. Time goes by so fast when you are a Language Assistant! | was told I was going to be an Ambassador of my language in Northern lreland but I didn't understand what it meant. Lesson one: my daily routine. lt's half past 8. Hurry up or you,ll miss the school bus to St Pat's! Students greet me. Hola miss! Hello Estefania! Even Guten Tag or Bonjour! First period with AS; I wish my English was half that good when I was their age! GCSEs atways eager to learn but so much pressure on them! Year 11, 10 and 9: I have to cooe with their fast speech and unique accent, but I enjoy it so much! year g on Thursdayi, they stare at me with smiling laces while asking one-of-a-kind questions about Spain. Bullfighting, flamenco, paella - stereotypes I never liked become the order of the dav and I also learn

how to aDoreciate them, The weekend is approaching. Let's explore lreland! There are so manv places to visit that I don't know where to start. You'd better take your winter coat and umbrella. "No rain, no rainbow" was the motto to overcome the rainy weather. Eventually, we managed to understand our task as Language Ambassadors: to open your mind and everyone etse s mind to new languages and cultures. We are leaving Saint Patrick's College with our suitcases filled with new experiences and fond memories.

Finally I'd like to thank you all lor your warm welcome, help and support. Muchas gracias. iHasta pronto!



St Patrick's College, lvlaghera

Year 9

Year 8

Niall O'Neill. Fintan Averill, John McAllister, Conol O'Donnell, Noeleen O'Kane Saorlaith Ni Chsarnaigh, Clale Burns, Cliona Martin

WELL DONE to these current Year 9 lrish Medium students who sat their GCSE lrish in J!ne and gained A* and A grades. Pictured are

Caoillhionn Nl Mh6irtin, Shariffa O'Kane, M6abhdh Nl Dhoibhlin,

Brogan O'Donnell, Oran Carlin, Colleen McGuigan, (Shaunl Hurley' missing trom photo).

Years 9-13


PhiliD Masuire, Cormac Gaston, Michael Warnock, Tiarnan MaG Bhloscaidh' Cathaoir O Caiside' Eunni 6 C]ui.ia", Liam 69 6 Flannagdin, Joseph 6 Lochlainn, Oran Quinn, Niall McAllister Oran Carlin, Declan Quinn, GrSinne Nf Chath6in, Shariffa O'Kane, M6abhdh Ni Dhoibhlfn' Caoillhionn Ni MhSiriin, Rachel McGuigan, Danielle Martin' Rachel Glibbon, Shauni Hurley, Brogan O'Donnell, Stephen McGuigan, Ruairi Craig Catherine Gribbon, caoimhe Quinn, Noelle Maltin, Danielle Quinn, shannon McLarnon, Grace Montague' Eills Ni Chaiside, Bridin Cassidy, Colleen Mccuigan

St Patrick s College. l\4aghera

There has been significant progress made in recent years in the groMh and development of lrish Medium Education in this scnool.

This year a second teacher was employed to accommodate the pupils coming from ocal lr]sh Language Primary schools. With a lot of help and support from teachers in the lrish department the school is now able to provide 10 subjects in Key Stage 3. In Year 8 the pupils are now able to receive the Core subjecis along with Science and lvlathematics through lrish. Over the past 30 years the amount of pupils in the lrish l\4edium sector has increased significantly. Starting with one Primary school in Bellast there is now at least one lrish Medium Primary school in each county of the North. While there are nearly 3,000 pupits attending lrish Medium Primary schools in the North of lreland, there are only three recognised Secondary level schools.

With all the imminent changes in the education sector, it is hoped that we shall become the 4th fully recognised provider ot secondary education through lrish in the North.

A great amount of work has been done by both teachers and subject co ordinators to make sure we are providing the best bilingual education for our students. We would ike to give a heartfelt ihanks for all the help and patience given daily by all members of those involved. The school is again taking a step torward not only in the teaching of our own students but in the development of lrish medium education in the North. The importance ol our own country's language is well recognised. Language is not worthwhile unless it is a living language. We are helping to ensure thai we keep our own language, lrish, alive. Well done and thanks aeain!

Gaeloideachais i gcol6iste Ph6d raag, Machaire Rdtha Ti dul chun cinn

srntasach d6anta le blianta beaga anuas ar fas agus forbairt teagasc tri rnhean na Gaeilge sa scoil seo. I mb iana fostaiodh an dara miinteoir le freasatal ar na p6isti atj ag teacht chugainn 6 na Bunscoileanna aitirla.

Leis na hathruithe ate i nd;n don earnailoideachais roimh i bhJad. ta s(il againn go mbeidh aitheantas tugtha 6n Roinn Oideachais ar an mh6r'obalr ati deanta againn anseo.

Le treen cuidiii 6 mhuinteoiri na Roinne Gaeilge t5 an scoil anois in ann 10 iibhar a chur ar f6il in Eochairch6im a tri. I mblian a hocht

roinne leis an oideachais dStheangach a chur ar f6il d6r scotairi. Ba mhaith linn buiochas 6 chroi a gabheil tibh leis an chuidii asus an foighde a thugtar d0inn go laethiil. T6 an scoil aris ag glacadh c6im iontach chun tosaagh ni amhAin i dteagasc er scolairi f6in ach i bhforbairt an oideachais Gaeilse i dTuaisceart Eirinn. Aithnitear an tebhacht a bhaineann le teanga dichais na tire seo. Ni fii teanga ar bith muna bhfuil si beo. ls muidne atd ag cu d I te teanga iir s'againn fe n a choinneiil beo. Ma th sibh agus mile buiochas arisl

t6 na croi iibhair, eolaiocht agus mata anois ar f6il do na p6isti. Le 30 bliain anuas talils agteachl ar lion na bp6istii mbunscoileanna ar fad i dtuaisceart Eirinn. Ag toiseacht le bunscoil amhiin i mB6al F6irste, tii anois Bunscoil lan-Ghaeilge ingach Contae igc[ige Uladh. Ce go bhfuil ag tarraingt ar 3000 paisie ag freastal ar bhunscoileanna anois, nil ach

tri mh6anscoilaitheanta

asa nn.

Tii obair mh6r curtha isteach idir mhiinteoiri agus ceannairi

Abair Public Speaking Competition in lrish This year the College hosted the regional bout of the prestrgious competition'Abair'on Wednesday 30th January.

St Patrick's had 7 pupils representing the College - 4 in the junior grammar section and 3 in the senior section. They were competing against pupils from St Mary's MagheraJett,

Loretto Coleraine and St Patrick's Dungiven. The pupils represented themselves very well

and some were very highly commended for their presentations but unfortunately no one made it through to the final.

The lrish department in the College wish to congratulate and thank all pupils who took part, for their hard work and effort. Pictured below along with Mrs C Donnelly, Head of lrish, are the pupils who represented the College in the competition:

BR: Mrs C Donnelly, Niall Robb, Ciara Glass, Caoimhe O'Neill FR: Grainne Ni Chath6in, Orla Glass, Rachel cribbon, Eimer Glass


St Patrick s College, Maghera

Magill, Paddy O'Kane, Noel O'Kane, Mrs C Donnelly, Liam Christopher Mullan On Wednesday 6th February Mrs C Donnelly and Mr w lvlcAteer accompanie( a large group of 42 pupils to the Senior Gael Linn Quiz in the Glenavon Hote in Cookstown. lt is a general knowledge quiz held through the med um of lrisf and followed by a short C6ili. Al pupils who attended thoroughly enjoyed th( occaston.

Unfortunately we had no winners but four boys from I2CI/C2 came 2nd I the Comprehensive sect on. Congratulations to Paddy O'Kane, Noel O'Kanâ&#x201A;Ź and Liam 0g t\4agill who received plaques. The above Year 10 pupils came 2nd in the Grammar School section Christopher lvlullan of the Junior Gael Linn Table Quiz which was also held in the Our pupils were competing against schools from Magherafelt' Cookstown Glenavon Hotel, Cookstown: Connor Murphy, Ciaran Mcwilliams, Dungannon, Ballygawley, Armagh and Dungiven So these four boys di( Peter McAlary and Shanâ&#x201A;Ź McGill

extremely well


Well done boys!

St Patrick's pupil makes presentation to lrish Minister, Eamon O Cufv! Minister Eamon O Cuiv, TD, visite to launch An Bealach chu

An Carn

Tosaigh'. He recently announce

the launch of a strategy ior th

rebirth of the South Derry Gaeltacf

in the Sleacht N6ill/Carn


area, outside Maghera,

number of pupils from th College accompan ed by thre


lrish teachers, Mrs C Donnelly, Ml

AM Murray and Mr R O'Donnel altended the launch.

The minister was entertained

pupils from the local



Naomh Brid, Tir Chiana lollowed b presentations from a Bunscoil PUP

and Cathaoir O Caiside from


l3 in St Patrick's. N4aith

Niall 6 Cathain, Dr Eamon 6 Cuiv, Cathaoir 6 caiside

th0 a Chathaoi

St Patnck s Collepe, MaRhera


Bean Ui Dhonnaile, Aisling Ni Ghallch6il, Eilis Ni Chaiside, Ciara Glas (Captaen)

Do Seachtain na Gaeilge d'eagraigh An Carn, Tir Chiana, diosp6ireacht don chdaduair i gceantar Gh16r na ncael, Machaire R6tha idir Col6iste Phadraig, Machaire R;tha agus Scoil I\4hulre, Machaire Fiolta. Bhi triir ar ghach foireann. Arfhoireann s'againne bhlar gcaptaen Ciara G as, Aisling Ni Ghal ch6ir agus m6 f6in. D'ullrnhaigh murd go crua agus an toipic a bhi dir lemha againn n6's learr an ceol an lae inniu'. Bhi Colelste Phedraig ag aont[ leis an rrin agus bhi Scoil Mhuire ag dul in 6ad6n an r0in. Bhi an com6rtas ar sifl i bhfoirgneamh an Chairn i dTir Chiana. Th6inig an lA agus bhi Ciara agus Aisling an. neirbhiseach arfad!! PhilipCummings, eagarth6ir ealaiona LA agus LeoneNi Loinsigh, oifigeach lorbartha na Gaeilge inAn Carn a bhi ina molt6iri don chom6rtas. Bhi lucht f6achana an-mh6r ann rud n6r chuidigh le mo chomhchainteoiri. Labhair Ciara ar dtrs faoin rndid stil ati le fA I sa lA at6 inniu ann agus ansin chuir foireann l\4hulre br6agn[ ar fhocail s'aici, f 0 agus i direach indiaidh bheith agcalntl Labhair A sling faoin taobh d6 rire den cheol agus faoin d6igh a gcuidionn an ceol ledaoine ina saol. Labhair m6 f6in faoin r6imse leathan ceoil ale ar fail na laethanta seo. Ni raibh seans ar bith ag an fhoireann eile bhi muidne ar tine! Bhi a lan pointi6agsila faoi na bealaigh difriila is l6idir leat 6isteacht leis an cheol, fi0 agus t[ amuigh ag sirl. Rinne scoil Mhuire iarracht ach nithiocfadh leo coineAil suas linn. Sa deireadh thug na molt6iri buiochas do Scoil llhuire ach dLiirt siad go raibh pointi s'againne i bhfad nios fearr agus go raibh mu d Abalta iad a chur trasna nios fusa. Bhi 6thas an domhain agus buiochas orainn agus don ch6aduair riamh thug Co iiiste Phidraig an Corn airgid abhaile. Bhi na mrinteoiri Gaeilge agus priomhoide na scoile an.sista linn, agus thug slad ardmholadh d0inn. TA siil agam go mbe dh seans againn dul san iomaiocht aris ar an bhliain seo chugainn. le Eilis Ni Chaiside



Sl P,rfr .f, s Co ege. fvlagl er.r


ls m se 6rlaith G as agus ta me i mbliain a d6 dh6ag i gcolAiste Phiadrarg, Machaire Rdtha. Ba mhaith liom nse dacibh inniu faoin ch6laiste Gaeilse idTeileann idTir Chona ll.

maidin, ranganna ceoil,

damhsa agus cluichi

trethn6na agus

ar nd6igh, ceili n6 diosc6

ls ceantar tuaithe 6 Teileann, suite ar an ch6sta n iardheisceart Dh6n na nGall. ThiocJadh leat sr6idbhaile a thabhairt a r, ach i ndairire, nil ann ach an cholaiste, teach

san oiche.

t6bhairne trasna an bh6thair, caife beag agus crpla teach l6 stin. zrnseo is ansidd trid an cheantar. s ceantar 6lainn agus stairi0il 6. T6 cnoic agus beanna ar thaobh amh6in agus tia an fharraige mh6r ar an taobh 6i e.

deireadh seachtaine i nGaeilge ach Aifreann ar leith a bhionn ann



beanna seo ar na beanna rs arrde sar Eorarp.

Ar ndoigh, tA sc6alta si faoi na cnoic sin, mar shampla: Cnoc Aine. Bhi cailin 69 trath. amuigh ag buailleacht b6 ar an chnoc. Bha storim uafAsach ann agus scaip na ba uilig. Nuair a d' in s si an sc6al d6 hathair, d6irt s6 l6i dul ar ais agus na b5 a chuartach. Mar srr. chuargh Arne ar ars chuig an chnoc agus go tobann, fosc aiodh an cnoc. Ghlac na daoire beaga seilbn urrth, agus ni{l-aca ao- durre Arne 6n 16 sin go dti an lii inniu. l\4ar sin, d' a nmnigh muintir na h6ite an cnoc i ndiaidh Aine. ls bre5 liom I6in an s6rt staire agus b6aloideas sin agus sin ceann de na fathanna a theim ar ais go Te leann gach bliain. Bhi m6 f6in i dTeileann ceithre

huaire anois agus t6


agam go mbe dh mâ&#x201A;Ź ag dul an sa mhradh seo fosta. In sna bl anta sin, caithfidh m6 a 16 go ndearna m6 cuid mh6r ca rde nua agus d'fhoghla m m6 cLrid mh6r Gaei ge gach bliain. Ar nd6igh, tA Teileann cosiil le

gach colaiste

sa mh



Bionn ranganna Gaeilge ann ar

Chomh maith leis sin, b[onn Aifrean


ann gach

leis an Athair

Edd ie.

"Legend" at6 san Athair Eddie. Bionn an tAifreann suimiUil agus uaireanta, iontach greannmhar leis. Uair amhain, th6inig s6 amach leis an Aifreann a re a9us e

agcaitheamh"mionsciorta" n6 "miniskirt"! | rithanAifrinn, bionn s6 i gc6nai ag casachtach n6 ag sraotharach agus uair amh6in f 0, shuigh s6 sios i ndiaidh an chomaoineach agus thit s6 ina chodladh. Phl6asc muid uilig amach ag gdire, bhi s6 chornh greannmhar srn. ls 6 an tAthair Eddie ceann de na fiSthanna eile a theim ar a s so Teileann b iain i ndiaidh na bliana.

Ar nd6igh, t6 f6th amh6in eile agus sin na buachailli. Ach, ni dh6arfaidh m6 m6r5n fao sin, ach amh5in go bhfu I siad oeasl

Te sliil agam gur bhain sibh sult as bheith ag l6amh taoi Theileann agus t6 s0 I agam fosta go bhfaighidh sibh seans

6igin cuairt a thabhairi ar


cheantar n6 an chola ste mar is 6it iontach i. ls iTeileann an ait is fearr ar dhro m an domhain, i mo bhariil f6in!

St Patnck s Collepe.


| I

i mbliain


a oscailt ag am sosa agus chomh maith leis sin bhi cluichi agus imeachtai eile le heagni againn don tr6thn6na.


Ar a bharr sin bhi orainn sUil a choinneSil ar na dallai, a( eagla go mbeadh duine ar bith tinn, n6 go mbeadh cumha

Thosaigh m6 ag dul go Teileann nuair a bhi me

hocht agus chuaigh m6 gach bliain ina dhiaidh sin, ach ba 6 anuraidh an ch6ad uair a chuaigh me ann mar Fuair m6 amach go raibh m6 in ainm a bheith ag obair ann go direach trf seachtaine roimh thus an ch[rsall

Ar an 16 imeachta bhi me an-n6irbhiseach ar fad. Ni raibh aithne agam ar dhuine ar bith ar an bhus. Nuair a bhain muid Teileann amach, bhi m6 ibhJad nios sasta toisc go bhfaca m6 go raibh mo chairde Arne, Shane

agus Deirdre ag obair ar an chorsa losta. Bhi m6 ag stopadh i dteach Caitlin le c0igear cailin eile. C0rsa beag a bhi ann agus mar sin chuir m6 aithne ar na daltai uilig go gasta.

Bhi dualgaisi ag na ceannairi achan la. Bh[ orainn an cholaiste a ghlanadh i rith na ranganna. Bhiorainn an siopa

ar dhuine ar bith. Reitigh mâ&#x201A;Ź go maith leis na daltai uilig, agus bhi craic ar d6igh ann leis na miinteoiri agus leis na ceannairi eile! Ag an ch6ili Mh6r bhi na scolairf ag caoineadh toisc go raibh siad ag dul abhaile....ach bhi 6thas an domhain ormsa...mar bhi mise ag dul ar ais an lii ina dhiaidh sin... mar dhalta!! Ni bheadh orm obair mar sin a dh6anamh ar an ch6ad chIrsa eile, ach ag an am c6anna, bhi s6 cin6al aite le bheith i mo dhalta arfs..... Thaitin an post go m6r liom agus t6 s0il agam go bhfillfidh m6 mar cheannaire i mblianal!! le Aisling Nf Ghallch6ir


54 |I-

St Patr ck s Cot ese, Vlaqhera

muid suas chuig Cnoc na Naomh agus chuala muid sc6al suimiIil faoi Naomh

Colmcille. Ina dhiaidh sin chaith muid tamall ag tiomaint thart ar an


Chonaic muid

Oile6n Thoraigh


Cnoc Fola agus an Mhuir

Atlantach ar nd6igh. Le deas a bhi ann agus da bhfeicfee na radharcanna sa cheantarsin. Bhi s6 d6chreidte. Stop mu id ag Teach Jack

ar an Ghlaisigh 15 choinne cup6n deas tae agus bhi radharc iontach againn ag amharc amach ar an l\4huir Atlantach.

Ansin chuaigh muid

chu ig dteach l6istin, ar an Bhun Bheag. D'fhag muid 6r m6lai ansin agus chuaigh muid chu ig

Teach Campbell,

Chuaigh an rang ardleibheal (m6 l6in Caoimhe agus Aisling) agus Bean Uf Dhonnaille agus Bean Ui Mhuiri ar thuras beag ag deireadh seachtain na C6sca. Bhi muid ag dul ar thuras thart ar Dhon na ncall leis an cheantar Gaeltachta a fheice6il. Ba 6 Grian6n Ailigh taobh amu igh de Leitir

an ch6ad stop a bhi againn. Ceanainn,

Ring fort a bhi air agus


6 sa

bhliain 1700 RC. Bhi radharc 6lainn againn 6n bharr


an tra leis an bh6d mh6r clIiteach a fheiceail ar an

trd. Ar aghaidh linn go Rann na Feirste agus bhi dinnear againn i dTeach Leo, ls teach t6bhairne iontach clriteach 6 mar ls ansin a rugadh baill Clannad agus Enya! Bhi burgairi againn ach bhi c0pla ceann acu iontach bandearg!

Chuaigh muid ar ais chuig an Bhun Beag agus chuaigh muid chuig TrAth na gceist. Chriochnaigh muid san eit deireanach

ach bhi an locht uilig ar Bhean Ui Mhuiri mar thug



freagrai contr6ilte!! Ansin chuaigh muid ar ais chuig an teach l6istin agus chuaigh muid a lui.

ar Thir Chonalll agus ar Inis Eoghan.

Ansin chuaigh muid


aghaidh ag tiomdint thart


thuaisceart Dh0n na ncall. Stop muid ag Teach na mBocht i nDunfanaghy. Fuair muid cuairt ar theach

na mbocht ansin agus chuala muid sc6al br6nach

faoi chailin 6g a sa teach





Ghorta Mh6ir.

Ansin chuaigh muid chuig

ceantar dIchais Chathal Ui Shearcaigh Gort a' Choirce, ceantar tuaithe thart faoi bhun an Eargail, Chuaigh muid suas an sliabh agus stop muid ag Staisfin Caiseail na gcorr. Scriobh O Searcaigh d6n faoin staisiUn agus chonaic

muid an chiall a bhi leis an d6n nuair a bhi muid ann. Ait uaigneach ach draiochtriil a bhi ann.

Ar aghaidh linn ag tiom6int thart ar cheantar


Rabhartaigh. Stop muid tamall ag an tr6 agus caithJidh m6 a admh6il gur 6it ghalanta amach is amach 6. Ansin chuaigh

Mhrscail muid an maidin d6r gcionn agus bhi triochadh iom16n agaann.

Bhi s6 iontach blasta ar lad. Ar aghaidh linn

chuig Raidi6 na Gaeltachta agus fuair muid turas thart ar an staisiin agus tuair muid t'l6inte saor in aisce. Bhf sin uilig iontach suimi0il.

Chuaigh muid chuig an ch6 ar an Bhun Bdag ach is 6 mo bharLlrl tdin go bhfuil ce Theileann i bhfAd nios fearr! Ansin chuaigh muid ar an bhealach abhaile agus stop muid in lonad Cois

r.,cfr.r f Da'r L[r che ChJa Eh T]rLr . alliac: ar thrras b, a] thart .ir af oaf agls bhi eag a alr clarnra - nr Cl"ac mhel F-ar T f|Lr il arraal fio sta r ra rial te aI an tuTa:. Ars n

aF!a q r l]'lr al c rLr g :eaah fiotla'a agrrs .ilrora a _nulo a_r do Eh a tlalearl]a s ad f odo reaaht aq!s a:f.r r;i.r rrrJ c ar sagha5 sao a bh ag na dao re iua r a ) ii s adsa| ag fas ar.ics sa cl.eaitar s n 3iri se ontaclr spe s .r .rr laral

d go Le t r Ce.r'r. fn .rg!s bhi an siop ce reii lraalr lga nn n onad 5 cpadorreacnta F!a r n'r d an arns n alg|]S a rLrai gh flLr d abha l-.. Afs n cirla gh riu

r nr!.1 ! .g af-su t agls t. rbhe as lf luras agrs bhi s6 c.iaafr s! nr! Dfhogha m rn.rd cLr d r'rhor'ao n chean:ar Gae lachir s'r agrrs tf.!g sa rirn th alL nf a"'ir iccht l,i Sirea'ararLglr AgLs ar ndo gf ch! r l.l, d snas af ir gcu al Bha

Gae gei Go ra bl'r rnaith aga bh





cK 5 Co

lege [1aghe.a

The Mass for the Opening of the new Schoo Year was celebrated on 26th September, European Day of Languages. St Patrlck's school commun ty embraces many d fferent cultures and nationalit es. In the Introductory Procession a placard, represenl ng the many different languages spoken by members of the schoo communlty, was brought forward and prayers were recrted in various anguages duflng the Mass. The entire school community were represented by Tom Farnoik, Rachel Gr bbon, Eadaoin lvlac Oscar. Emma N4ackle, lvlartyna Konko, Niall O'Kane. Antonia Mare. Maria Szola and Catsl n Boyle.



r. t . f'o .oe I n.

F rrnnper,



| :no,

ed a rerrps O' Otl-e. eve,tts tO Celebrate ada<

Year B pupils in the St l\4ary Build ng were nvited

to produce

European Day of Languages' and much enthusiasrn was shown n the part c pation of this.

a posier enttled


The Prizewinners were as follorvs: 1st Emma Mccrystal, 2nd Lisa McM!llan.3rd Cathal Quinn,4th Charlotte Burke, 5th Caiherine Mccuckin.6th John Toner



pupils who were highly commended


St Patnck's Collese.




Two pupils, Danielle Martin and Rachel Gribbon, entered an essay-writing competition in vrhich they tvere giyen the chance to ihank their lrish teacher, The title of the essay yras'An Mtinteoir Gaeilge is fearr sa tlr'. Their eftorts were picked out by the judges and lhey won a weekend break in Dingle Benners Hotel, Kerry, tor their lrish teacher, Mrs Murray. Rachel Gribbon is pictured presenting a voucher tor the weekend bleak to Mrs Murray.


A representative from Gael Linn, Pauline Ni Dhonnachaidh, visited the College and gave a presentation about the Gaeltacht Summer Courses in Machaire Rabhartaigh. This was tollowed by a very enjoyable Table Quiz organised by the lrish Department.

The winners were as tollows: Ciaran lvellon,

Maeve Quinn,

Naomh O'Kane, Grainne O'Doherty, Peter O'Kane, Marica Megan llerron

Year 10 pupils took part in a Poster Competition illustrating the theme ol 'European Inventors/lnvenlions'.

Some ercellent pieces of work were produced and the prizewinners were as tollows: lsl Joanne McAlary, 2nd Orla Quinn, 3rd Oonagh McLaughlin, 4th Fionntan Larkin Th6 efforis ot the following pupils were very highly commended: Rachel Burke, Sharon Doherty, Adele Heaney, Emma Mackle, Una Hendry, Aisling McMullan, Kirstie Mccerr, Megan O'Kane, Nicole Farren European Inventor/lnvention Year 10 Poster Competition organised as part of the celebrations for Eulopean Day of Languages, l, lst. Joanne McAlary 10D12.2nd Orla Quinn 10D1




;cl -'l

Si tr;ri' i , 5

Cr t;:e \l; afe.i;

Congratulat ons to fadaoin for her ach evements n Extra Curricular Activities over the past year. Eadaoin entered many cornpetitions over the year and has to be commended for her w llingness to part cipate and for a I her successes. County Derry Fleadh: 3rd

Bodh r6n


Gaeilge got through to the Al lrelandll!

Lough Neagh Feis

lst lrish Sing ng 4th English Singing 1st lrish Recitatio n Sc ho la rsh ip to the Gae ltacht

Feis na nGleann

1st lrish Singing 2nd lV iscella neous, Bodhrdn 2nd Duets


Ra bha

rta igh F5 in ne Airgead (S ilve r Fd in ne) Cailin an ChIrsa (Girl of the Course)

celebrate F6ile na Samhna, St Patrick's Coliege, l\y'aghera hosted a group of pupils from Col6iste Eoin, Booterstown, Co. Dublin. The boys played a Gaelic iootba I match aga nst the Colleges lvlac Rory team and this was followed by a traditional music session and a short c6i n the School Assemb y hall The lrrsh lVedrum students and A Leve lr sh students in St Patrick's College were in attendance at this very enjoyable afternoon of lrish music and dancing. To

BR: Mrs AM Murray, Aine Quinn, Lucy Clarke, Kerrie O'Donnell,

Aisling McGrogan FR: Emma Gribbin, Laura McGill Missing from photo: Cormac Henry

A group of Year 13 students in the College are takrng part if

tne fLropea'r SrJd es p.ograr,lrre. The EJropear Studrc: Programme is a post.primary curriculum based programrn( linking schoo s in lreland with schools across Europe througf sustained col aborative projects furthering toerance, mutua

understanding and apprec at on of the cultures of others. For the duration of this project the Co lege has been linked witf schools in Newtownabbey, Co. Cork, Co. Laois, Germany anc Po and.

5l PatflcL

The year began with the hardest part of the school year - the auditionsl We walked in to Room 76 io see 1\,4 r Terrington waiting for us. lt was ike someth ng from X Factor as we were sent to the back oi the room to sing a song of our choice. t was a ong wait to see the llst up on the board but thankfully we were in and on the way to the Odyssey to join with over a thousand other singers to celebrate mus c and Christrnas. Our first performance ot the year was In November when the P7s came to the school for Open Night. We sang many of the songs we had prepared for the Young Voices Concert and we even had Peggy and Emma singing a solo for all the waiting parents. Everyone who heard us was very irnpressed, particlrlarly with our version of Ellis slandl We next headed off to the Odyssey, where we got the very special opportunity of singing alongside Lee Ryan from Blue and Peter Corry. lt was the most amazing occasion as we were sitting righi beside the stage and cou d get everyone's autograph. lvliss Conway who came along wiih us was more excited than we were and led the queues for autographs. Th s was the last week before Christmas so we took the songs we had prepared and Mr Terrington helped us put together a special Christmas Service for the Saint Mary Building, which we tollowed with a big sing.a.long event. Everyone was reallyfeeling Christmassy which was brilllant. After Christmas we had our hardest event yet because we were leading an assembly for Year 8.10. We invited readers f rom each class and included sign language, lrish and Polish showing the

s College, l\/laghera

many people who go to our school. We sang a lot of songs and Hannah, Emma, Maeve and Shauna led some of these from the rn crophone. We did so well in our first performance; we had to perform for Years 11 and 12 as we l. lt was rea ly scary, but great. We are still working away every Thursday after school but the Year t have moved on to the Senior Choir so there is always space for a few more people! We have a performance at the end ot June so we are looking for keen singers to come and give it a go to see what allthe fuss is about! Hannah Ferpuson and Al esha Harold The .Junior Choir is really fun. li consists of pupils trom Year 8 and Year 9. You get to learn a lot of dilterent songs - some holy.

In the auditions we felt nervous but it was alright. During the irst term we learnt a lot of very cool songs. We got to sing at the Young Voices in the Odyssey in Belfast. lt was a really good day and we had loads of craic. We can t wait io go again next year. f

We learnt new songs for var ous events throughout ihe year. We performed at Masses and held a special assembly lor Easter for Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. There were solo singers who sang at these special events. The choir practices take place every Thursday evening until4.45pm. We will never regret auditioning for the choir as it s always good fun.

Shauna lvlcCloskev & Charlotte Burke



St Patr ck s Col ege, Maghera

54 Pupils from Year 12 entered the UK Intermediate lVaths Challenge in February 2008. The UK l\4aths Challenges are lively intriguing papers desrgned to stimulate interest in maths. The paper provides challenging mathematical problems, which will stretch and inspire pupils to develop their ability in and love of maths. The paper contains 25 multiple choice questions. Of these 25 questions the lirst 15 are accessible and the final 10 are more demanding. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are awarded to 40% of pariicipants nationally. Pupils needed to achieve a score of 70+ to receive a gold certificate. 27 of the 54 pupils entered were awarded certificates. Therewere2gold, ll silverand l4 bronze certificates awarded. Paul Kelly 12Al received a special award for the highest score in the College.

Year 8 Mental Maths Challenge l\4r G Haddock organised a very successful and enjoyable Mental lvlaths Challenge lor Year 8 pupils and the Jinal was held on Friday 11

January 2008. This competition

requires the pupils to use their mental maths skills and to make very speedy responses to the questions. Individual

class rounds had been conducted in the weeks prior to the event and the first three candidates from each class went forward to the final.

There was a very competitive atmosphere at the final with pupils responding in record times. Thank you to Miss B Quigg, N4rs


Bryson, Miss B Convery, lvlrG Haddock

and Mr R O'Donnell for conducting the individual class rounds. Thank you also to lvlr G Haddock and l\4iss B Quigg for conducting the final.

Prize winners L.R: Jonathan O'Dwyer (1st), Ciara Browne (2nd), Kate Cassidy (3rd)

Boy Prefects




tr | : C. rgt. Mrgr'rr

2008 College All-stars

Colf ege Captains 2007 /2OOg

Gerald Bradley, Colm Murphy, Christopher McKaigue, Brian Og McGilligan, Tiarnin Mac Bhloscaidh, Connor McAtamney Connor Carville, Bronagh Duffin, Sarah Kerr, Eilfs Ni Chaiside, Teresa McElroy, Rebecca Ferguson, Brendan McEldowney

st Patr (h


col ese. Maqherd



GBradley,MMolloy,CilcPeake,SO'Hafa,PMccrath,EO'Neill,OGlass,PCassidy,SMccuigan MrMMcconnell,MrSMLockhart,CCarville,FLarkin,RBateson,RDougan,SMcNicholl,BRogers,



R McDonald, C McFaul, C Muiphy, N Gorman, Mr J Henry, Mrs A Scott

Maghera began the Corn na nog campaign in a very tough group, with St lvlichael's Enniskillen, St Pius' lvlagherafelt & St Mary's Magherafelt, completing the line up, This particu ar panel had underachieved at D'Alton level the previous year and the main objectiye was to qualify from the so called 'Group of Death'. Their odyssey began with challenge games against Omagh, Dungannon, Abbey and Armagh with an aim to ascertain the standard of the panel, the bulk of which came lrom yea( 10 pupils with seven players from year 9. Maghera's first official game of the competition was against St Michael's Enniskillen, at a wind.swept Omagh. Enniskillen were one ot the main contenders for the Corn na nog title. The game was played at a ferocious pace with both teams showing tremendous commitment and effort throughout. lt was testament to both teams that the game was played at such a high intensity with no cautions or yellow cards. Throughout the contest, both teams were evenly matched until Enniskillen scored a goal 10 minutes from the end to put them 3 points ahead. lvlost teams would have wilted and conceded defeat at this stage of the game. l\4aghera, however, showed tremendous character in the face of adversity by pushing Jorward to score a goal at this crucial moment, Jrom Brendan Rogers. An injury time point from Neil McNicholl sealed victory for St Patrick's. This win proved to be a major confidence boost for this group

or prayers. The second game was a more one.sided affair against St Mary's, N4agherafelt, at Lavey. N4aghera were dominant in every position on the field and finished the match with a 32 point margin. The game itself provided opportunities for every player on the panel to show their skill and ability.

The linal game oJ the group was tipped to be a very close contest against our rivals, and, favourites for the competition, St Pius' Magherafelt. Glen, Maghera, was the venue to decide who would top the group. The St Pius'team boasted several individual stars whilst St Patrick's was built on a team ethic.

After a very competitive match, lMaghera's perseverance and determinat on proved decisive as they overcame their neighbours by 4 points on a scoreline of 1.12 to 2.5. Maghera now finished top of the group against the odds. At this point oI the campaign, Conor McAtamney was chosen as the captain of the team, a very worthy recipient and a real team leader amongst all the players. Two vice captains were chosen, Brendan O'Kane and lvartin Mccloskey.

The quarter-iinal was played in

Cookstown against

Carrickmacross. After achieving our goal of qualification our new aim was to reach the Both teams produced fast flowing, competitive football, but it was lvaghera who would prevail after yet another epic battle.

Final score:

2-!4lo 2-8.

The semi'final would prove to be our toughest encounter yet, against a very physical Armagh side. The game was played

at Glen in front of a large Maghera contingent. St Patrick's showed good spirit throughout the game but were chasing the game frorn the outset. Armagh's physicality posed serious problems for the Maghera side. In spite of this Maghera's

'never say die' attitude kept them in the game till the final whistle. The critical point in the game came when, leading by 1 poant, Armagh took advantage oJ a missed chance on the Maghera side to go ahead by 2 in the dying seconds of the game. The scene of devastation at the final whistle will surely inspire these players in future years. The 2OO8 Corn na nog campaign has been very rewarding and

enjoyable lor both the managers and the players. Although the panel didn't acquire any silverware they have developed into accomplished footballers with excellent skills and ability to work as a team. They should be very proud of their achievements

and remember fondly their days not only as Corn na n6g footballers, but as St Patrick's College Maghera footballers.



St Patncl,. s Co ege IVlaghera

8 nterclass Gae ic Football compettion n St Patrck's lvaghera, had a pognant ending ihis year when the

The annual Year

College renamed the trophy for the event as the Stephen Qu nn Memoflal Shre d. Stephen would have been an U6th pupil in the College this year but lost h s batt e w th cancer n the spr ng tirne of last year. As a Year 8 pupil himse f Stephen had actually been a winn ng capia n in the compet t on and his parents, brother and s sters weTe at the St l\4ary Bu lding for this year's football final a ong with a number of U6th pupils who would have been in class groups wiih Stephen in the College. As ever the final was a very exciting affair with c ass 8Cu ernerg ng victorious over 8Zn - the final com ng after two weeks of lunch t me garnes when all eight classes n the year group competed for the honour of contesting the Year 8 Footba I final. The natura 'theatre' that ls the pitch at St Mary Building had many noisy lunch t me games, as the pupils gave their support to the various class teams. 8Cu defeated a very spirited 8AgAu in the sem linal while the second semi saw gzn {ab a ate, but deserved victory over the fancied 8Cd team - never back the favouritesl n the final tself Conor Convery was capta n of the w nning 8Cu team and he accepied the Sh e d from lvlr Terence and N4rs l\lart na Quinn on beha f of h s team. During the presentation Mr P Hughes. Head of Sport n the College, thanked the Quinn family for allowing the compet tion to be held in Stephen's narre and reminded the year 8 pupi s of the great enthus asrn and effort which Stephen had always brought to his part cipatlon in Gael c games, both football and hurl ng - qual t es wh ch he hoped this year's group cou d a so cont nue to br ng to ihe r sporting careers in St Patrick's.

Mrs Maltina Quinn, Conor Convery, Mr Terence Quinn,

Ml P Hughes

St Pairrck s Col ege, Ny'aghera

D Bradley, J Bradley, s McGrogan, B og McGilligan, s Farren, llrs A Scott, C Chervning, K lllcFraigue, E Bradley, c McNicholl, MJ Groogan, K White, C Young,


Mr D McNicholl,


K Hardy, M Brrke, Mr M Quinn J Kielt, S Carey, O McPeakâ&#x201A;Ź, C Bradley (Captain), D ilcErlane, S Murray, N Deery

a flying start with a seven po nt victory against St Michael's Enniskillen. The performance suggested that the boys could give a good account of themselves in the competition. Detensively we were very measured and played with a degree ot control using the ball intelligently against a strong breeze in the first half. ln the second half we controlled the middle sector with strong performances lrom Connlan Bradley, ciaran Young and Brian Mc Gilligan. Our second game against neighbours St Pius X proved to be a largely disappointing and frustrating game in the sense that we did not perform to our potential. We lost our way for a period oI time atter the break giving away a rather soft goal and never responded to the challenge.

The 2008 campaign got otf to

In the end we were beaten by a hungrier Magherafelt side by two points, Our third match proved to be our best performance of the year even though we lost by a point to a highly skilled

Downpatrick side. Some serlous soul searching had been carr ed out by the group afier the Pius' deJeat and

collective y we d d raise our game and answered some of the questions.

In our final game against St Colman's Newry we made


slow start allowing a rnore physical Newry team to run into a 5 point lead. The ieam put in a big push in the third quarter but fell shori by 4 points. The team was ably led by Karl lVc Kaigue in the full back line, Connlan Bradley in midfield and Sean IVurrav up Jront.

UUJ Elite Athletes Award

These Sixth Form pupils were selected as Elite Athletes on the strength of their sporting expertise in difterent fields. The awards are part ot the UUJ Sports Bursary. Pictured are Colm Murphy, Cailear O'Boyle, Christopher McKaigue, Gavin Mcceehan, Bronagh Duffin, Sarah xerr



,u I


m Duggan, mney. PadraiB Cassidy. Peter Cassidy. James Mr John Downey, Eunan Kelly, Conor Gallagher, Meehaul Mccrath, Kevin McPeake, Conor McKenna, Conor Convery, NiallToner, Cormac O'Doherty, Mr Martin Mcconnell. Niall Gorman, Dominic McFaul. Gerald Bradley, Conor Carville (Captain), Neil McNicholt, Francis McEldowney, Stephen Coyle (lUissing. Stephen O'Hara)

D'Alton Cup Success for St Patrick's Collâ&#x201A;Źge, Maghera St Patrick's College, Maghera:4-2O St Patr ck'!i Academy, Dungannon


) A ton Cu p was loosened at Lissan on Thursday afternoon gr

p on


when St Patr ck s College. lvlaghera.

emerged vctorous n a crackng I nal that produced sLrperb footba tn rougnout.

n the end Dungannon can have few co.nplaints as lviaghera outscored them twenly tour t mes to e even a though w th oniy erght minutes to p ay it was the Tyrone ads who were n front. The ho ders though, managed on y one rnore score n the rema nder of the garne wh le lMaghera tagged on 2 5 to run out seven po nt w nners. Conor Carv le. Siephen O Hara. Nei McN cho N a Toner Dom nrc McFau and Gerald Bradley stood out lor tre winners wh le the Academy were best served by Shea Nara . Conor N4a on. Deasun Qu nn and Pau McElroy.

s Maghera. were n front ns de the first rn nute when fu forward Gerald Bradley converted a free and a few m nutes later the sar.e p ayer doubled hrs s de s adv;ntage fronr another p aced St Pair ck

St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon: 7-4 bali.

The Academy were slow to settle and despite a Deasun Qu nn point they looked to be in real trouble when Maghera half forward, Nial Tonet first tlmed the ball to the net rn the tenth rninute. In the 16th rnlnute the Tyrone lads were given a great chance to get back into the game when the outstanding Conor Mallon won a pena ty wh ch Quinn du y converted. lt was just the boost that the ho ders needed and two minutes later a Jarlath O'Rourke cross was pa med to the net by Quinn forthe lead. The Derry lads responded w th po nts lrom McFaul and Peter Cassidy to draw level but it was the Academy who had the final say of the opening perod when centre hali forward Pau lt4cElroy bursi through on a th rty metre run before frr ng past l\4aghera keeper Kevin l\y'cPeake for a 3.3 to 1


nterval ead.

St Patrick's lvlaghera

reappeared a I guns blazing and f ve Lrnanswered pornts frorn O'Hara. Brad ey l2l Conor

for the second hall wth

Convery and Janres Kearney had

them n front. As was the case in the flrst hali, the Academy were

5t Parr c[ s Co eqe. N4.el

era I I

St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon: Stephen 0'Neill, Feargha lvlccarrity, Tiernan Fee, James Campbel , Shea Hamill, Conor Mallon, Peter l\4cKenna, Jake Ferguson, Gareth Devlin, Padraig Bell,

Paul l\.4cElroy, Philip Donne ly, Stephen l\lcGrath, Deasun Qu nn, Jarlath O'Rourke. Sub Caolan O'Neill for Donne ly St Patrick's College, Maghera: Kevin l\4cPeake, Martin l\4ulgrew, Niall Gorman, Stephen Coyle, Declan Hughes, Conor Carville, James Kearney, Stephen O Hara, Neil lVcN choll, Niall Toner, Padraig Cassidy, Peter Cass dy, Domin c

Subs None used St Patrick's Academy, Dlrngannon scorers ' Deasun Quinn 3 4, McFau , Gerald Bradley, Conor Convery.

Conor Mallon 2.0, Paul Ny'cElroy 1 0, Jake Ferguson 1-0 Si Patrick's College, IVlaghera scorers Don'r nic McFaul 1 4, Gerald Bradley 0.6, Conor Convery 1.2, Neil McNchol 1.2, Stephen O'Hara O-3, Niall Toner 1.0, James Kearney 0 2, Peter Cassidy 0 I Referee - Declan Moore Down

of the blocks but thelr first score after ten minutes was well worth the wait as Mallon burst through from the centre half back position to hit a thLrnderbolt to the net. Within sixty seconds though, lvaghera had responded at the other end of the field wlth a goa of their own as midfielder Nell lVcNicholl fin shed past keeper Stephen O'Neill. l\,4cFaul then tagged on a point but s ow to get out

amazlngly the Academy got in for another goal when a quickly taken free from lvcElroy picked out midlielder Jake Ferguson who blasted to the net. Maghera ihough always looked capable of scoring every time they attacked and efforts from McFaul, Kearney and Convery saw thern

establish a three point lead once again. Academy lull forward Quinn drove over a point in the 20th minute and two minutes later he completed a hat trick of goals with an unstoppable shot to the roof of the net. That was to be the Last time that they would ead however, as from the next kick out Bradley placed lvlcFaul for a well taken goal. Maghera now had the bit between their teeth and when a speculative effort lrom the right wing from Convery sailed all the way io the net in the 26ih minute, it was all over, Dungannon being reduced to fourteen men seconds later when Ferguson was sent off Bradley and O'Hara added Maghera frees and even though Mallon hit his second goal of the game late on, it came too late to save the day tor the Tyrone lads.

Pupils from ColSiste Eoin, Dublin, who played the MacRory Team on a visil to St Pairick's College


68 |I-

St Patrck s Co lepe lvlaRhera

Very often in sport when a competition iinishes the first reaction s to look back and pick out h gh and low points of the sporting season just past. This is perhaps magnifled when expectations beforehand were high and these in time are left unfulflt ed - this is the time when quest ons loom about what happened....?, what if...?, we should have...., we had....?l Such questions were certainly very prevalent in the wake of this year's l\y'acRory Cup

f exit to St Michael's Enntskillen and for a number of reasons. The group contained a number of players who had been pari of a sem.frnal appearance the previo!s year, four of the team had played ln the Ali-lreland l\4inor Finat with Derry and there is always the l\4acRory factor to add in the fact that it is the last sporting cor|petition for pup ls who have spent up to 7 years cornpeting for St Patrick's in many different age groups. Where this final factor is very often a tremendous spur for players in the early part of the season it also magnif es the disappointment at the end of a compet tion when arnb tions remain unach eved. Should expectations have been high for this year's group? Anyone who attended ihe historic f oodlit eanre with St. lvichael 5 woJ d ldve 'e I in tre ooer -g period riat yes St Patrick's were right to have senous ambitions about reachins a MacRory Cup linal thrs year. Or thar night In Omagh the Cotrege MacRory team played qu te excellent football, as they made light of the novelty of playlng under ighis, and made I ght a so of ihe Fermanagh opposition -for the opening20 minutes of ptay. This was achieved against the backdrop of playing againsi a signi{icant tlreeze and two cheap y conceded goals in that same period oi tirre which served to keep St Michae 's in the game when it looked like St Patrick's could have the game won In the frrst half. With Enniskil en going on to narrowly lose the MacRory Cup final they were well aware ihat no other team in the competition had g ven

them such a difficult period in their season. Unfortunately the game lasts longer than 20 minutes and with St patrick's unable to maintain the r early efforts Enniskillen were able to regroup and reassert their control of ihe game through the second half. This was perhaps the most significant 30 minutes of the season for St Patrick's - a period of domination against the wind, goals conceded cheaply, recover from th s to have a 2 point lead with the wind behind - at this stage the ptace should have been secure.

Was this the peak

of the season? The final stages of the quarter. final saw St Patrick's give up the r hard earned lead, fall 4 ooints behind and, due to poor Enniskillen finishing and some last ditch effort, scramble a last seconds draw from a game which might have been won. Where the opening 20 minutes of the game had brought an excellent lvlacRory performance it was something which the group could not rekindle in the replay and Si Michael's were good value for their 6 point replay win the turnble out of MacRory made all the rnore painfu by the memory of that opening passage of play under the Healy Park lights when the atmosphere gave a brief and tantalising taster to all present of what a l\y'acRory Cup frnal day would fee like. Perhaps it is harsh tor a MacRory Cup season, which runs from mid October until mid February or beyond if successful, to be decided n just 30 minutes of football but sport is unforgiving aI t rnes. Forthis year's group mid October had a trialgame against eventual Hogan Cup w nners St Patrick's DLtngannon, (a 7 point loss was the result), played, and a panel a ready established to irave and compete In Enniskillen for the lnaugural Tommy Shendan Cup competition - coming on the morning after the U6th Formal it was perhaps no surprise that the group ran out of steam towards

the end of the b itz type tournarnent. A number of challenge

games and the hosting of Dublin schooi, Colaiste Eoin, brought preparations on through October, and November brought three

consecut ve l\.4ccormick

Cup v ctories as the


Cup 2OO7l2OO3


league stages got underway. A andslide win over St Patrick's Cavan was the second

of these but such was the ease of victory --"B\!lL

that the tearn seemed InT CteO


' WIn a


lvlacRory appearing

to be easy and ii

sr Mr( 3n.nsMonashm ' on':t. -o-! DUL


c.'-.";., x.r!;


perhaps the second ha


of the final league game




before St Patrick's really awoke from the seemingly Cavan

inspired slumber of sorts. With Enniskillen addrng to defeat as Armagh had also done the tearn's chances ol reta n ng the lvlccormick Cup won last year, had gone. December as ever brings the real work for MacRory as 20O0metre runs, 140's, circuits in the quadrangle and trips to the forest and the beach annually presents the players with an insider's view of the level of training required to compete at such a competitive, representative levelas MacRory Cup football is. Interspersed with the periods of hard work were picnics in the forests alter training,

a visit to the monastery in Portglenone and a 'last day of the old year'dip in the sea on the training day visit to Portstewart Strand. Football though is what MacRory is all about and early challenge games in January, as the team left behind the stamina work of Decembe( seemed to bring the re.emergence ot the post.Cavan malaise of not really reaching the heights in terms of sustained

performance throughout the 60 minutes. Another annual MacRory event - the overnight stay to play 2 challenge games in the South seemed to address this problem however as hard fought victories were gained over St Maccartan's Monaghan and St Patrick's Navan. These games needed the team to be at their best in terms of work rate throughout the tull game and on both occasions the team responded excellently. Perhaps this was the team at their height although the opening periods of both games brought the promise ol more to come from the players_ lvlaybe what the team needed after the two games in two days was another good tough challenge game to rein{orce the lessons learned when travelling - unfortunately circumstances mitigated against this and although lurther challenge games were played these games did not offer the same lessons as experienced when in lvonaghan and Navan. Had the team peaked when on their trip? Were victories over Monaghan and Navan accurate indicators as neither of these teams reached provincial finals? Could the team sustain the progress and build on it? Whatever the answer to these and the many other questions thrown up by the quarter final defeat this year the one certainty is that the best chance of progressing in MacRory was ultimately lost under the lights in Omagh when the team again performed excellently lor the opening 20 minutes but lacked the killer punch to'put their opponents away' on the night. As ihe song says, "lf you had one opportunity ....1" There are no ifs or buts in sporil

St Patr ch s Col ese, l\y'aehe.a




B Donnelly, D Mccloskey, G O'Neill, E Mccuckin, S Carey, O Scott, M Toner MrC Layely, G McPeake, P Mclaughlin, C Dillon, M Laveriy, S Mccloskey, DO'Neill, C Lagan, E McNicholl, P McNeill, Mr P Hughes, rs A Scott C Bradley, K O'Neill, J Layerty, C llcwilliams, G McGeehan (Vice.Captain), C McKaigue (Captain), C O'Boyle (Vice-Captain), L Kearney, J Kelly, C Murphy

Sport in St Patrick's - by Christopher McKaigue MacRory Cup Captain 2008 My name is Christopher McKaigue and I have been asked to write an article on my sporting experiences throughoul my seven years at St Patrick's. At present I am an Upper Sixth pupil and lor the 2008 season was MacRory Cup Captaan and Mageean Cup Vice.Captain. I belong to the Robert Emmet's Slaughtneil Club and have represented my club in both hurling and football many times. Over the last year I was Vice.Captaln of the Derry Minor {ootballers who reached the All lreland Final, and more recently was part of the Derry U21 team that was beaten in the U21 Ulster football final. When I cast my memory back to when I was a Primary Seven pupil, my aim was to go to St Pat's, Maghera, for one reason, to play sport. From a young age was always hearing of lvaghera's games in the MacRory Cup and the atmosphere that it seemed to create. lt was something that I really wanted to be part of some day. Going to St Patrick's seemed to have everything as well as being a household name n terms of Gaelic footballthroughout lreland. All myfriends went to St Patrick's as did my extended family, so it was always my academic choice. Arriving at l\4aghera as a first year was scary, but an exciting experlence, and with so many new faces in my year, I thought it would be impossible to get to know everyone but it was amazing how quickly I got to know people. The traditional class league was a great opportunity to mix with other people as well as gaining a strong bond with my fellow class mates. I will never forget how my class league came to an end, getting beat in the semi-final by 8D1 by five points after we mrssed two penalties. We had a late claim for a third penalty, but N4r Hughes waved play on even though it was a stonewa I penalty. As a First Year I was fortunate to be a member of some great teams. That year we won the 1st yealfootball blitz and the l\,lcNamee Cup which is the second year hurl ng competition. My first year also included a trial tor the

second year football, the D'Alton Cup, which I remember being so nervous about, because I was so desperate to make the team. We reached the final of the D'Alton only to be well defeated by St Pat's, Dungannon; the first defeat I had ever suffered with lvaghera. lt was only then that I learnt Maghera did occasionally get beaten, which I must adm t took me a while to acceot. lnthenextlewvears ' was a me'noer of the Corn na n6g and Gallagher Cup, Mageean. O'Keefe and Mccormick Cup. I still lind it hard to believe that I will leave the school an under-achiever compared to those who have gone to Maghera belore me. In lact lvr Lockhart constantly reminds me of his MacRory and Hogan medals with Mr McNicholl being above that again. I have so many great memories ol time at the school with Mr Cox's team talk at half-time of the semi-final ol the lvlcNamee cup being a time that I never was more scared, but I have to give it to him, it worked. .l\4r Mcoonnell's passionate antics along the line ol the Corn na nog final is a memory that sticks out with his lucky 'Port

Vale' hat spending more time on the ground under his foot than on his head. Memories of training on the back pitch in all kinds of weather will never be forgotten, with lvacRory training being at times so challenging that you began to doubt if you could make it back to the changing rooms. However dared ever complain, because as a player in N4aghera you knew training had to be tough to be prepared for the battles ahead. As a pupil of St Patnck's, now in my final year, it seems a long time since I was a Year Eight, even though time has passed so quickly. All the work over the ast seven years has been worth it, because of the lriends and relationships gained, with so many people through sport, in St Patrick's. All the trips to the famous back pitch where so many great players have graced before me, makes me feel proud to say lwent to and represented St Patrick's College Maghera for seven rong prouq years.


70 I t-

St Prtr ch s



eee. Maphera

N Farlen, M NcGuigan, P Cassidy, T McKenna, S O'Hara, S Mccuigan, C Mccrellis

MrTCox,JO'Dwyer,CO'Hara,MMulgrew,CMcDevitt,CMcGurk,DReilly,NToner,AMcKenna,MrsScott P Cassidy, C Mccuigan, F McEldowney, G Bradley, B McEldowney, C O'Doherty, S Quinn

2007/08 l\4cNamee proved to be one of the closest contested competitions in the last few years. Both league groups went down to the last match to decide the eventual finalists. The

St Patrick's joined Garron Tower, Keady, Ballymena and newcomers St Patrick's, Downpatrick, in group A.

Our first match was against Garron Tower and ended with us scratching our heads after a 0.9 to 3.7 defeat. Despite having the rnajority of possession we simply couldn't penetrate the crowded Garron Tower goal mouth bas c hurling skills being ignored with forwards trying to lft the ball inside the box while our defenders nsisted on pu ing on bal s to c ear.

After a few stern words from lvlr O'Kane and Mr Cox, the team rall ed and the r next outing against Downpatrick saw a better level We got off to a good start with goals from Brendan l\,4cEldowney and Jonathon O'Dyer and long range po nts from team captain Gerald Brad ey. However problems ln defence allowed the newcomers to raise the green flag 3 times n the f rst half yet we still f nished the first half a point ahead thanks to the workrate of Gerald Bradley. The second half saw the introduciion of Stephen O'Hara to midfield and his strength matched an impressive Downpatrick parring. Defence started imposing thernse ves on the game more with Peter Cassidy and Martin I\.4ulgrew dominating their lines. Maghera finished the game with a wel deserved 4.7 to 3.4 victory. Our match against St Louls allowed us try out other players and boosted the team's confidence with a comfortable win and very impressive display on long range point scoring amassing 33 po nts, 18 from the stick of Gerald Bradley. Our match against Keady was a must win game to secure a place in the semi.finals and no quarter was going to be given to either team. The game was played in Stewartstown with the first half

of proficiency.

tit for tat. Midfield was pivotal and Gera d and Stephen battled hard for every ball but the pace of the game was taking its toll and after 30 minutes we found ourselves a goal down. After some rearranging of players and the introduction of Brendan lvlcEldowney to corner forward, the team found another gear. Martin Mulgrew was rnonumental in centre half back and see ng teams score,

Keady could not cope with his strength and ability to accurately pass a ball. Brendan McEldowney was playing close to the Soal

mouth and expertly dispatched any loose ball into the back ol the Keady net scoring 4 goals. The Keady midfield did put in a l5 minute convalesce but found the Ballinascreen man, Mulgrew snuffing out every run that tried to cross his line. lVaghera tinished

Having secured top place in our group we faced St Mary's Beltast in the Playing at Cargin we got off to a slow start with Sl Mary's scoring 4 points be{ore Cormac O'Doherty answered. St lvlary's forwards were catching us out with their pace, and old habits began to surface in detence as the pressure was plled on. At halJ-time we found ourselves 7 pts down. In the second half our defence began to lilt their game. Solid performances by Peter Cassidy and Martin l\4ulgrew were being supported by l\,4ark Mccuigian and Niall Farren. Up front N al Toner started

to find space and Jonathan O'Dyer was throwing cauiion to the wind and launching balls at the Belfast keepe( O'Hara, Bradley and O'Doherty kept etching away at the lead and when O'Dyer linal shook the back of the net, St Mary's all of a sudden found themselves playing

catch'up. Discipline in the Belfast


wavered and gave O'Hara another chance to point from the 45 and we now went in front by 3 points. However a quick ball down field found its way past M O'Neill and helped settle St Mary's nerves. Again our poor clearances allowed St Mary's another 2 goals in

as many minutes.6 points down and time running out, O'Hara made hls way to full forward where we were not capitalising on possessing. Unfortunately a sturdy back line proved too much for our boys to break in their quest Jor goals and we ended 6 points behind. Following the final whistle the lads' disappointment was evrdent, however they should be congratulated tor their determination and comm tment. The depth of talent in the panel pushed this team on as they vied for a place on the starting team and this manager is under no illusions as to how hard players worked, and the potentral w thin this current crop of players.

vlr T Cox

St Patricl. s Col epe. l\y',lphera

I tt I


KRogers,MMclaughlin,CFarren,GO'Neill,DMcCloskey,BOgMcGilligan,PHenry,MHenry,PMcKenna MrTCor,MJGroogan,JKelly,COCaiside,DMccrystal,sMccloskey,SFarren,FMcKenna,CDillon,CO'Loan,MrsAScott,




Mr J O'Kane

The lvlageean panel of 2007 set out for the impend ng campaign with hopes of erasing the painful memories of the previous year in which the team were pipped to the title in very dubious circumstances. Knowing that it would take a big effort everyone knew the hard work that would be involved and throughout the campaign no'one let the side down.

Led by lvlr J O'Kane with the assistance of Mr Cox, the team perlormed very well during the league stages with thrilling performances of note against St Mary's, Bellast and Cross and Passion, Ballycastle. Against St Mary's at Cargin we put in a solid pedormance and were spurred on by a inspiring pre-match speech and eventually came out on top.

With our Year 14 annual formal to commence just literally hours after the game against Ballycastle a win would be a huge coup. In a tight game with the ground solt under foot, the team came out of Dunloy with a commendable two points. Some were more prepared Jor the formal afterwards than others. Goalkeeper Dan lvlcorystal had the wisdom to book a hair.straightening appointment in 'Trds Bien' that morning before the game to make sure nothing was left to chance.

Mr O'Kane scheduled the traditional training session the next morning. Great lengths were made to attend this training with special sleeping arrangements made. No sympathy was ofJered by N/lr O'Kane during the session which swiftly brought the upper sixth's down to earth. Dan McCrystal's impeccably straightened hair was undone after the session also.

Further wins against St Louis, Ballymena, De La Salle, Belfast and a hard fought stalemate with St lvlacNissi's, Garron Tower meant top place in the group was sealed. Solid performances in the group stages included several no.nonsense perJormances from James Laverty, Darragh l\4cCloskey and Chrissy McKaigue. Wlth midfield ol Dermot 0'Neill and Bliadhan Glass dominating largely and captain

Colm Murphy, Cailean O'Boyle and Colm Dillon chalking up scores for fun up front, the team was preparing nicely for the semi-final showdown with Ballycastle back in Dunloy. We got out of the traps early on in the game, despite being up against a strong wind, with a lot oJ the opening passage spent with Maghera piling on pressure in the Ballycastle half. Though we had no shortage of chances, the failure to convert these would tell. Cross and Passion did not make the same rnistake and took a six point lead going into the interval. Always an uph ill battle in the second period for St Patrick's, Ballycastle deployed restraining tactics and lrustrated our attack by dropping players into their own half. Unfortunately tirne was against us and we came up short but not a single player let themselves down. Every man with a blue St

Patrick's jersey conducted themselves faulilessly as they did throughout the season. On behalf of the l.4ageean panel I would like to thank both Mr O'Kane and Mr Cox for the time and effort they have dedicated th s year along with all the other coaches that the Year 14s have worked with throughout their time in the college. I wish the college the best of luck in the future years of sport and hope the Mageean will return home next year.




t4 | I-

St Pdtr cL s Collese lvlapherd

ii was that tirne of year again, time for the U ster 7s B itz, a competition in which our camogs take pr de n represent ng our


College each year. Mrs Scott and l\,4rs Qulnn selected a panel of 10 that would travel to Cookstown for the one day competition. The g rls were: N amh lvlc Quillan, Grainne McNicholl, Karen Kielt, Eilis Ni Chais de, Anne Marie Logue, Gra nne Ni Chath6in, lMar a

Taggart, Caoirnhe QLr nn, S obhan l\4cKa gue and Oonagh Dev in. We were lucky to have sorte exper enced players from previous years and two experienced managers who led St Patrick's to viciory before. On that day we arrived in Cookstown to see many faces we knew from c ubs and different counties but this didn't scare us. We were focused on the task ahead. n the morn ng we beat a I the teams In our section and qualif ed comfortab y for the semi finals. However we were very unfortunate to oose Grainne Ni Chathain eary in the first rnatch through injury, wh ch meant we had now only a panel of 9 players In the sem fina our f tness and the teamwork were supeflor to our opponents and we were now n an Ulster Finall

St N4ary's, l\-4agherafelt and ourse ves were through to the f nal. After a short rest it was down to business. The game was very intense with a strong breeze blowing. There was little difference between the teams and the half time score indicated th s. But in the second half wth great teamwork and rnagnifcent scores up tront we managed to pull away and allowed Mrs Scott's blood pressure level to return to normal for a whilel At last the final whistle was blown and a wave of sheer haooiness overcame us all. It was a great victory, winning ihe A sect on and go ng on to represent Ulster n the Al tre and.

With a few more tra nings we were ready for the occasion_ We set ofi ai 7.00am in the company of l\4rs Scott's beautiful children, Gary and Lara, who kept us enterta neo. We reached Blanchardstown sleepy and stiff. We played our first maich on arriva . We didn't seem alert enough and were defeated. we managed to get ourse ves back on track and w n our second rnatch but just a little too late. Our hopes of winning a 7s All lreland were gone but there's always next year! Six of this panel are still underage.

the mood by dolng a little retail therapy in Dublin and then made the ong journey home. A big thanks to lvlrs Scott and N,4rs QL] nn for their effort and well done to a I the girls. You did yourselves and your school proud. We lightened



Eilis Ni Chaiside FR:

7's Team Grainne McNicholl, Eilis Ni Chaiside, Siobhan McXaigue mrs A Quinn, GfSinne Na Chathain, Anne Marie Logue, Maria Taggart, Itrs C Scott Karen Kielt, Niamh McQuillan








Emma Agnew, Danielle Mccuckin, Nuala Kelly, Grainne McNicholl, Eilis Ni chaiside' Caoimhe lvloran, cara cassidy,

Faoiltiarna ward, McGillian Miss B Quigg, Chantal Feeney, Mary Kelly, Nuala Convery, Orla Gallagher, Rebecca Ferguson, Noleen McKenna, Maria Taggart, Shauneen O'Kane, Mrs G McKenna Niamh McQuillan, Karen Breen, Griiinne Ni Chathein, Jolene Bradley, Teresa McElroy, Elizabeth Corbett, Shannon Keatney, Karen Kielt

This year started out no different than any



large group of girls gathered in September at the back pitch, ready for another season of hard work and commitment. Our first garne of the year was against Keady on the 22nd of November. We won very comfortably, with a scoreline of 13-14 to 0-1. Over the following few weeks we played St Mary's, Magherafelt, Cross and Passion, Ba lycastle and St Louis, Ballymena. We trained over the Chnstmas holidays. This included going to the Portstewart Beach which helped us bond as a team. After setting out our target for this year, which was to win Ulster, we were now in the Ulster Junior SemiFinal against our neighbours, St Mary's, l\4agherafelt. We played these girls before Christmas, ending with a scoreline of 2.10 to 2-2. Ytle knew that this game would be tough, but were confident we would do it together as a team. In the end up, we beat them by an impressive 8 points. This meant that we now had to meet the very strong Antrim side, Cross and Passion, Ballycastle. The profile of this year's final was raised after the announcement that the venue was to be Glen.

We all sat patiently that Monday evening in the changing rooms with Mrs McKenna and lVliss Quigg, excited but knew we had a iob to do. We knew it was going to take a lot to achieve this, but looked forward to doing so. On Tuesday 5th February we arrived at GIen, full of nerves of course, but confident. From the minute the referee blew that whistle, every girl put in everything they had. With a very tight game, we unfortunately lost the Ulster title with a scoreline oJ 3-2 to 1-3. No one could be faulted for their effort. Ballycastle were a tough s de and proved to be strong opposition. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Scott, our Principal. and all the other members of


You. sJpporT was greatly appreciatedl Lastly, we would like to thank Mrs McKenna and Miss Quigg. Without your work and commitment none of our memor es with this team would be possible. There is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and we cannot thank you both enough for this. We all loved working with you both and had a

fantastic year. Teresa McElroy (Capta in)

Jolene Brad

ley (Vice Captain)



St Patrrcl s Co lege lvlaghera


Gemma McCullagh, Siobhan McKaigue, Jolene Bradley, Eiiis Ni Chaiside, Ciara Glass, Marie Hasson, Cloadagh McPeake Mrs A Quinn, Kathleen Kielt, Nichole Mclaughlin, Kieva Cassidy, Anne Marie Logue, Louise Doherty, Sinead Laverty, Griiinne Ni ChathSin, Aine Kelly, Carol Anne Murphy, Mrs C Scott Karen Kielt, Paula McKenna, Sarah Kerr, Maeve McGillian, Bronagh Duffin, Grainne McNicholl, Elizabeth Corbett, Caitriona Hassan, Adele Hassan

A word to sum up my experrence of my time with the Senior Camogie team would be 'rewarding'. Everyone

bonded extremely well with one another and created a frie'rdshro. We begar our camogie season well with great dedication to tra ning with l\4rs Scott and l\4 rs Quinn. A lot of talent was shown at the beginning of the year and it was an honou r to become a part of the Senior Camogie panel. Our first match was against St Vlary's, Magherafelt. Everyone put in an extren'rely good effort and we showed good tearn spirit. However we did not manage to get our scores allowing St lvlary's to come out on top. From this result we lifted our heads and kept training and battling as a team, preparing for our match against a very challenging tearn, St Patrick's, Keady. We started off with great determination and fought hard throughout the game which resulted in a worthy vrctory.

Our next match was against St Louis, Ballymena. St Patrick's, l\4aghera once aga n came out on top and achieved another excellent win against a strong, hard hittins tearn.

The second last team to play against was Cross and

Passion, Ballycastle. This was a very challenging game. The first half we fought hard showing a lot of quality resulting in a great lead. However, in the second half Ballycastle gave a great battle and the match ended up a draw. Our game was against lvagherafelt. We knew we needed victory in order to qualify and reach the Ulster final. In the lead up to our final match we trained extremely hard to develop both physically and mentally. On the day we were well prepared and we were focused for the big game. We gave a great battle and tried our best but unfortunately we lost to a very talented team, St Mary's, Magherafelt. On behalf of the school Camogie Senior Team I would ike to take this opportunity to thank both Mrs Scott and lMrs Quinn for their time and effort all season, would also like to thank everyone who gave us great support throughout the year including our sponsors ' l\4ackles' of Toomebridge. Bronaeh Duff in I

St Pair ck s Co eg-.. Vi gfrer!

s year the College entered a Ladies football team in an externa football competition for the flrst time ever. The tearn were entered into the Under 20 competition and played in Section C, under the management oi Th

Mrs C Donnel y a.rd l\4 rs Alvl lvlcE'hrnney. Their first match was against North West Reg onal College.

Limavady, in which the girls compeied well but were defeated narrowly. The following three games were all victories against St Pat's, Ballymena, North West Regional Col ege, Derry and a second game against NWRC Limavady.

With two games still rema n ng, the Vlaghera grrls were top of the r group.

Since t me was running out to get all the group matches p ayed the Ulster Councildecided to call a between the top two teams - lvlaghera and NWRC L mavady. This game was arranged and played in G en GAA grounds and agarn the Maghera girls were v ctorioJS.

The Ulster Quarter Final was arranged for Fr day 22nd

February aga nst Hoy Cross, Strabane, at the M d.Ulster Sports Arena n Cookstown. The pitch was n great condition 1or the time of year but the weather cond t ons were terrible. A gale.force wind was b ow ng r ght down the pitch and unfortunately Maghera lost the toss and had to play against the wind rn the first ha f. n the second half lvlaghera scored numerous po nts and a coupie of goa s but unfortunately they ran out of time before they could catch up with their opponents'score. A disappointing result for the Maghera g r s, considering al

the effort that was put nto tra ning both after school and at lunchtirnes. Howevel for a team to reach an U ster Quarter F na n the first year of the r cornpetition is a tremendous achievement. Everyone in the Co ege is very proud of the whole pane and how wel they have progressed this year. Well done Girlsl


Emer Breen, Karen Kielt, Christina Kielt, Laura Mullan, Caoimhe Moran, Cathy Kerlin, Danielle Kivlehan Mrs C Donnelly, Catherine Mcvey, Michaela McDevitt, Aneica Dufly, Claire Rice, Emer Murphy, Mrs AM McElhinney Louise lvlcKenna, Maeve lvlccloskey, Gemma McCullagh, Sarah Kerr(Captain), Claire McKenna, Nuala Browne, Niamh Milhe



St Patr cfi s Co ege. lvaghera

The College has had trernendous recent hrstory in ihis activity and many pupils have travelled to and competed s!ccessfully in events for St Patrick's and subsequently for the Derry team. Given this history the activity is now a full part of the Key Stage 3 PE curriculum and a regular after schoo club thanks to the efforts of lvliss Mary Devlin this year and the activity has developed signlfrcantly also w th the mproved ava labil ty of proper indoor equipmeni. lvlany pupils again participated for the College in this year's event, whlch was hosted n Maghera Leisure Centre and adrninistered over by St Patrick's pupils for the second year in a row. lvluch comment was made about the contribut on o1 the Year 13 group who worked at the event and the PE department ntend to replicate the event for all Year 9 and 10 pupils in the spring terrn.

At competitive level the College had top performers n the event in Shannon McG lligan, Sinead l\,4cDonald and Orlagh O'Kane who all won first olace in their resDect ve events.

A rragnif cent effort was made by a I of the pupils result ng in a tota of 26 meda s be ng brought back to school (2 gold,8 si ver & 15 bronze). Furthermore 23 of the medals were won by individua s who will remain in the same age category next year. UNDER 13 GIRLS (Year 8 & Yeal 9)

4 Lap Race




c Gilligan


Vertical Jump



Sinead Mc Donald l\,4egan lvlerron

Speed Bounce 1st Orlagh 0 Kane

4xlLapRelay 3rd C ara Browne Laura Hazlett Erin O Kane Shannon l\4c Gi ligan

4x2LapRelay 2nd Ciara Browne Niamh Kelly Shannon Mc Gill gan Dervla O Kane UNDER 13 BOYS (Year 8 & Year 9)

Vertical Jump


Joe Young




Conor Convery l\4eehau Mc Grath Sean Quinn Danny Ta lon

Yr8 Yr8

Yr8 Yr8

2xgLapRelay 2nd Conor


Danny Ta lon

Yr8 Yr8



Conor Convery Yr8 l\4eehaul Mc Grath Yr8 Yr8 Cathal Mulholland Danny Tallon Yr8 UNDER 15 GIRLS (Year 10 & Year 11)

Yr8 Yr9

Vertical Jump


2rSLapRelay 2nd Nuala

Yr8 Yr9 Yr8 Yr8

Yr8 Yr8 Yr8 Yr8


Anne Bradley

Convery Karen Breen

Yr 10

Yr 10 Yr 11




St Patrick s Co lege. l\4aghera

Cross Country running was again a key participation sport in the College this year. The NEBSSA Event at Ballyclare was one of two competitions taken part, in outside of school, by groups and some excellent performances were produced on the day in 1600 metre races with up to 100 participants in each race. The performances of Dervla O'Kane, 6th, Conor McAuley 7th, Saorlaith Kearney 1lth, all Year 8 pupils, and Shauna Quinn Year 9 were particularly noteworthy on the day. The Year 8 team had been chosen from a very enthusiastic group of runners who trained regularly after school during the winter term with Miss Devlin and was also based on performances in the lunchtime Year 8 Class league at the St Mary Building. In this keenly contested competition 8Ag boys defeated 8Cu in the final while BZn girls defeated 8Ne girls in their {inal. Top performing runners in ihe comoetition were l\4eehaul McGrath 8Cu and Sinead McDonald 8Zn. Finishing positions are given below for the runners who took part in the event. Approximately 100 runners took part in both the Boys and Girls races making some of the performances from our pupils quite excellent.


Conor Sean


Ciaran Pau I

McAulev l\4u


2. 3.

Dervla 0'Kane Saorlaith Kearnev l


Lisa l\y'cMullan





Dannv Tallon



Erin O



Siobhan McKaigue, Meggie McGuigan, Eills Ni Chaiside, Shauna Moohan G16inne Ni Chath6in, Anne Marie Logue, Oonagh Devlin, Aine Kelly(Captain), Caislin Boyle

Niamh McGlinchey - All-lreland winner of Sc6r na nog Solo Singing

Christopher McKaigue

Danielle Kivlehan, Maeve McCloskey, Christina Kielt, Karen Kielt. Caoimhe Moran


D6aglan Lovrry, Brendan Rogers, Carlus McWilliams, Ronan Lowry, Cathal McGuckin Sinead Rogers, Fiona Hart, Nuala Convery, Rebecca Fergugon


82 I-|

St P.r'r cf s




Sean Marty Lockhart holds alott the National League Cup

Derry Supporter of the Year, Miche6l Murray, piciured with

lollowing Derry's victory over Kerry in the Final.

Sean Marty Lockhart, following the National League Final.

Christina Ramos is on her way to lhe Grand Final of Stars in yer Eyes in the Millenium Forum. Derrv on the 20th June. Good luck!l

siffi& Onc e aoatn


ho Cnllcoc

held the annuai 'Stars n Yer Eyes' competition. There were twelve performances with a selection of totally different acts. Taking part were B*witched, Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Christina Agu lera, Amy Winehouse, Alanas Morrrsette, Westllfe, KT Tunstal, Cascada, Amy McDonald, Britney & Madonna and another Christina Aguilera, The evening was very successfu with some brilliant performances. B*witched grabbed first p ace and three other acts got through to the Regional Finals ' Girls Aloud, Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. The Regional Finals were held in our School Assembly Hall with St Colm's Draperstown and the Rainey Magherafelt, a lso taking part. It was sold out! In second place was Martin McGuigan accompanied by Amy Brady as Greenday, representing St Colm's High School. Draoerstown. First place went to Christina Ramos as Christina Aguilera. The finals will be held in the Millennium Forum in Derry on the 2Oth of June. We wish Ch ristina all the best in the Grand Finall

tO I

St Patick s College. Maghera

of a cheque for f,,,4,830, proceeds from Fast in aid


of Trocaire.

St Vincent de Paul A Sixth Form Quiz Afternoon, Carol Service and Staff Break raised I'750 for St Vincent de Paul, and local representatives of the charity accepted a cheque and luxury hamper from the

Principal, Mrs A Scott and Director ol Religious Education, Mrs F Walls. A guest appearance by Santa received a great response by students and staif alikel

,232.OO vJas raised

tor Friends of LIMA

Faith Friends


Ciara Kelly, Clare McLaughlin, Aoite Glass, Maria O'Kane,Arlene O'Hara, Maeve McGillian, Louise McKenna Mrs F Walls, Ciara McKegney, Caoimhe Hegarty, Mandy Scullion, Maressa McGilligan, Claie O'Neill, Adele Gormley, Niamh O'Doherty Aisling Gallagher, Michaela McDevitt, Amy Scullion, Martin Butcher, Clare McKenna, Orla Bradley, Tanya Conway

Si Pat'c( s Col

i,!(i Llaa-e,. I a:

Nlany students from all year groups partlcipated in the Troca rc 24llour Fast this year, ra sing d4830. The combined support ihat parents and students have g ven the Fast over the years has allowed Troca re to continue working on vital deve opment programmes throughout the developing world. This year the Trocaire Fast focused on water and the devastat ng impact that droughts and floods are having on the lives of sorne of the poorest people n the world. Top fund.raisers from every year group each received an Easter Egg. The top fund-ra ser was Nico e Mullan, 10B2. who ralsed {170 The char ty events were co ord nated by l\4 rs Wal s and led by the Year 13 John Pau ll groups as part of the Social Awareness

strand of the Award.

would ike to take this opportun ty to thank the College sta1f, students and parents for therr generos ty ln oLlr lund raising activit es throughout the year. We

Top fund-raisers from the St Mary building.

Top fund-raisers from the St Patrick building.

,u I

a, Patnck



cge. Maghera

I can only describe my experience in Tanzania as excellent.

The main difference in visiting a country as a tourist and with Children in Crossflre is the contact with the oeoDie. We met and worked with the people and got to know the locals as friends. I thought I was going out to help but I gained much more than I could give. Underpinning the whole experience was the quality oJ human interaction. The way we relate to people is so tmportant. especrarly those trom a dilferent culture. The Tanzanian culture is quite different to ou rs.

IMy luggage never arrived in Nairobl

arrport and


wondered how I was

going to

ma nage

thout any of rny belongings. lt is amazrng wnat we w

or worse than ours, it is just different. Experiencing these diflerences is what makes the trip special. The whole purpose of my trip to Tanzan a was to help out with a school building project, which Children In Crosslire began work on, in January 2007. Ihe new facilities are going to be bui t over a span of four years - not only will this project benelit the children of the town, Moshi, in Tanzania. and surrounding area, but is also a massive boost for the economy in this town. Children In Crossfire have local people working on the site and when we arrived thev were

worried that we had come

to take their jobs. When we explarned that we were lust here to see the school developing, taking p

ctures, helping

the labouring and to

with give

them encouragement, they

people in Africa live ofl the food that they

were happy, or perhaps it was the crate oJ beer we brought on Fridayl enjoyed getting my hands drrty on the build ng site,

grow in the garden, they rarely go to a

a school with no

actually really need

ano wnat we can do without. l\4any

shop to buy anything,

Everyone in the

group helped out by

grvrng me clothes, toiletries, etc. and this is the way people

work in

as a


com mu



everyone helprng each other. When

one of the traditional Chadda huts needs a

new roof (made out leaves from banana trees) the whole community

ot the mucks


in to



culture ls no better


but when you are building cement

mixer and all sand has to be sieved before you even start mixing, and you are

drawing water from the river a m e and a half away, and all bricks were be ng cut out off the side of a cave and transported manually, it will be a long time beJore I relish doing the same again. I thought that four years was a long time to build such a school, whenever the same thing in lreland would take less than a year, however when I saw for myself the way everything worked, I then understood that getting it done in tour years would be a success. In Tanzania nothing is wasted. The bottle tops lrom the beer were used as pieces on a make shift draught board the next time we visited the site. I have found communicatins my experrences orffrcult to put on paper. Al I can say rs I am delighted to have the opportunity to take 2 students from St Patrick's this year and I know they w ll have the experience of a lifetime.

St Patr ch s Co lege. Maghera

ren in Crossf ire Project in Tanzania

Ch i ld

Lower Sixth students Emma Leyden and

Oonagh McE!downey will be travelling with Children in Crossfire to fanzania in August. The girls were selected from 20 Lower Sixth students who applied lor the trip of a lifetime, and




were highly commended for their applications. They will visit Tanzania as part of a 10 day programme for students and teachers and will participate in many of the ongoing development projects in Tanzania that are being funded as a result of money raised in the College. Emma and Oonagh will provide us with an insight into how our money is being used to improve the lives of those living in poverty and we congratulate them on their achievement and wish them luck in their fund-raising. A non uniform day and School Calendar sale also raised f,2O0O Jor Children in Crossfire.

Emma and Oonagh are pictured with Mrs walls, charity Co-Ordinalor and Director of Religio!s Education

I have oJten sat to think Aboui the world in which I live,

And how lcould make a difference With all I have to give. I have sat alone and thought about Those that need my care, And how I have many talents that are important For me to share. I know I don't have the answers For all those that need a cure, But helping out in special ways I could do for sure. To get an opportunity To spread a little smile,

Would make my entire purpose in life Seem that more worthwhile.

ot a proiect That brings ioy to someone's face. To be involved in the footsteps To make the world a better Place. To be part

culture Distinct from what I know

To experience a

And to help beat poverty in Atrica And the people grow.

With passion and determination I will make my dream come true. 'lust need a helping ha.d to 8et there And ihat comes down to youl


St Patr ch s College Maghera

5t Patnr I s Collese I\/ashera



90 It-

St Patr ch s cot eee, l,4aqhera


Alice Doherty, Michael Tonei, Adrian .McKeever, Mrs J young, Fr paddy Baker

Cathy O'Kane, Bridgeen McCloskey, Aine Devlin, Catherine Mullan, Colm Murphy Bishop Seamus Hegalty, Mrs F Walls, Cardinal Sean Brady

12 students irom St Patrick's Col ege receved Gold and Silver Awards from His Eminence Cardinal Sean Brady and patron of the Award. Bishop Seamus Hegarty at the First Annual Award Ceremony held in the Millennium Forum, Derry. Family and friends of the students were present along with College Principal, lvlrs A Scott, Award Leader, Mrs Walls, and Head of yeir 14, Mrs Young. The school chaptain Fr paddy Baker also attended the Ceremony to celebrate the achievement of the students In his address Cardinal Brady was delighted to congratulate the young people for iheir involvement in this ,excellent initiative,and



spoke about how the award'brings together three of the great pillars of Catholic lifet the famity, the school and the parish acting together in service of the common good.' The Cardinal continued 'The award is an excellent example of how to bring out the best in the Church, in serv ce of the local community and in how to help young people to bring out the best in themselves., Currently there are 45 new participants from Lower Sixth engaged in activities for this award in iheir parlshes and school communttv, and rt rs hopeo llal lhe award wilr colrinue to hetp ano factlrtate young people discover they have a signiJicant role to play in the life ot their school and Church.

F Walls, Aine Devlin, Alice Doherty, Michael Toner, Bridgeen McCloskey, Adrian McKeever, Kevin Quigg, Colm urphy Finvola Oevlin, Cathy O'Kane, Emma Murphy, Catherine Mullan

St Patrick s College, lvlaghera

As I was participating in the Gold Pope John Paul ll Award, I was required to carry out twenty hours of voluntary work within my parish, Ballinascreen, and twenty hours of voluntary work helping others and minister to their needs. For my parish involvement, I elected to assist with the publication and printing of our weekly parish newslettet lconsulted my parish priest Fr Clerkin, and he willingly agreed with my suggestion of how I could help in the running of the parish. I knew this activity was of great importance, as the several thousand copies of the parish newsletter were produced each week, and then distributed at Sunday masses, meaning my work could be found throughout the parish. However after my discussion with our parish priest,

lfelt more confident and excted about my parish involvement. So early in July of ast year I began work on the Fr. Clerkin,

parish newslettet The ne\^,sletter was distributed every Saturday evening and Sunday morning. So on a Thursday evening of each week I began work on

the newsletter. By Friday evening, the parish newsletter was ready to be printed. This required the use of a special sed photocopier, which was located in the Parochial House. The printing process was at first very complicated as both sides of a sheet were covered in text. However after several weeks, I was able to work out a system and soon became more confident and assured about my work. Once the parish newsletters had been printed, they needed to be distributed amongst the four chapels of Ballinascreen parish. As a result of this work, I was able to develop many of my talents and skills, such as computer and other practical skills, which have also helped me to develop more fully as a person. I now feel more confident as a person, knowing that I can cope with positions of great responsibility. Despite completing my twenty hours of parish involvement, I still find that I can help with the publacation and print,ng of our parish newsletter during busy times of the year, when the parish office requires help. Several of my twenty hours for social awareness were completed within the school environment. This involved me participating with others in organising, running and assisting with many charitable events, throughout the school year The first fundraislng campaign I assisted with was to rarse money for St. Vincent de Paul n the lead up to Christmas last year, as we appreciated just how much help and support this noble charity provides for lamilies and those in need, especially at a time like Christmas. So we grouped together to think of ways we could raise money for this charity and eventually came up with the idea of a quiz for four hundred oi the schools senior pupils on the last day of term. We knew this would be an ambitious task to undertake, as a great deal of planning would be required, such as setting up the school sports hall with tables, chairs and a microohone to accommodate the pupi s, making up quiz questions, buylng prizes and gather ng the entry details and money. This was not made any easier by the fact that the quiz was taking place at one of the busiest times of the year.

On the last day of term before the Christmas holidays the quiz took p ace, and much to everybody's enjoyment and pleasure a great time was had by all, and in the process a lot of money was raised, making Christmas just that little bit easier for some oJ those less fortunate. To increase the size of our already generous donation to St Vincent de Paul, a collection was also taken up at break.time in the siaff room, with the teachers digging deep to raise around five hundred pounds. Another charity that helps in many ways is Tr6caire, who organise a twenty.four hour fast in order to raise money, during Lent, Ior the poverty stricken. I helped to organise an advertising campaign for this fast, and was placed in charge of the entire Year l3 year

group, to encourage as many as possible io participate in this event. This required me to speak on stage during the Year 13 assembly. The campaign went extremely well, with a huge number of pupils answering the call to help others and doing without food

for a whole day. This year during the summer, I also voluntarily gave up a week of my t me to help look after and care for young boys at a resident al summer camp in Dromantine, run by the SIVIA Fathers. This proved to be a most enjoyable week, provading me with great experience of caring lor others and being responsible lor ihose around me. It also enabled me to be a role model for the young boys I was looking after. We attended Mass every day. lt was a wonderful experience and hope to apply for a similar postion n future years,



As a result of this award scheme, I have discovered that young people can and should have an active role in the modern day Church. Before participating in this award I did not think that young people, like me, could really help the Church and ocal community in any great way and that only older people could contribute in a valuable way. But thas could not be further lrom the truth. I have now discovered that young people are vitally important in the day to day running of the Church. Who can offer the best advice io young people and encourage more young people to become active within their Church community, than other young people themselves? So through the work of young people, the word of God can be spread to the next generation, helping to encourage more to get involved n the Church, and as a result, possibly help overcome falling numbers ln vocations to the priesthood. Also, through thls award, I learned that there are many young people around who are actively involved in the life oI the Church. Many are involved by putting their God given talents to good use, perhaps through singing in a parish choir, adding to the reverence and holiness of the Vlass, or by reading. Others mayget nvolved In the maintenance of the Church whilst others still can participate in the Church by visiting and helping those who are lonely or no longer able to attend N4ass due to illness. In conclusion I now know that as a result of participaiing ln the Pope John Paul ll Award, many young people contribute a great deal to the Church today and wiihout their vital input, the Church would not function as well as it presently does.


St Patficl. s Co lege. lvlaghera

The Btec Sports Development Group who helped to organise the Eco Event


Clodagh McPeake, Laura Mullan, Darragh McCloskey, Kevin Rogers, Thomas Quinn, Nicole McLaughlin, Eimear Murphy,


Aisling Cartin, Mrs C Scott, Adele Hassan, Maeve O'Neill, Roisin McKenna, Cailean O'Boyle, Emmett Mccuckin, Sarah Kerr,

Mr D McNicholl

Carol Ann Mulphy, Paula McKenna, Aine Kelly Caitriona Hassan, Gavin O'Neill, Ciaran Byrne, Gavin Mcceehan, Colm Dillon, Eamon McNicholl, Adrian McKeever, Sinead Lavertv Co lege successful y achieved new Specialist status from the Departrnent of Education for Northern reland (DEN ), as a centre of excellence in Sc ence. Our aim is to use our spec a rst status to create a challeng ng env ronment for students that raises standards of ach evernent and the quality of teaching and learning in Science, leading to improvemeni in

n June 2007 the

perlormance. As part

of a four.year programme, the Co ege airns to be an act ve partner in a learning society with our netghbouring primary and

post.pnmary schools and hopes to work with local businesses and Industry to estab ish work related opportunities for our students. On Thursday, 3rd Apri , the college presented what will probably be the biggest Eco eveni in Mid.Ulster this year, in the town's eisure centre. The event was organ sed to highiight one of the most mportant g oba issues of our tirne . clirnate change and was aimed at ra sing communtty awareness of "Green Energy".

The theme of the event was "Pos tive Steps to a Better World." The event was the clrmax of many weeks and months of planning and preparatron and was well sLrpported by the local commun ty, parents, pup ls and v siting schools as well as a wide cross sect on oi po itica and c vic dignitaries. Principa s from other schools and colleges, representatives from the educational inspectorate, advrsors from the NEELB and a reoresentat ve from ihe French consulate were also n attendance.

A very welcome visltor to the event was Mrs Arlene Fosier, the Min ster for the Environment in the new devolved government, who found the t me in her very busy schedule to endorse the event. Mrs Foster took the time to tour the displays and exhibits, speak to those invoved and congratulate them on the qual ty of the work being d splayed. Another polit cal dign tary to attend the event was N4r N4ark Durkan l\.4LA. Leader of the SDLP l\4r Durkan speni much of h s iime speaking to the pupi s about their exhibits and was impressed w th the fervoLrr shown by them lor the r science projects. Before eavrng he also found tir|e to ta k to many of those n attendance. The event was officially launched by lvlrs Anne Scott, the principal of the Co lege. who warmly welcomed all ihose in attendance and thanked all those who had worked so hard to br ng the event to fru tion, n particular the exhibiors frorn local bus nesses as wel as ihe pupils frorn the college and those frorn the partner pnmary scnoo s. Thanks were also expressed io ihe sponsors whose contribution had made the event possible and lvlrs Scott passed on her good wishestothosewhowould be workingthroughoutthe dayto ensure the success of the eveni.

to speak was IVlr Paul McLean (DUP), Chairperson of l\4agherafelt District Councrl, who spoke of the work of the council n attempting to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to become more env ronrnental y friendly Lrnder his eadersh p. He recogn sed the rmportance of sLrch eco events in continu ng io raise awareness and congratu ated the co lege on the undoubted success of the Next


St Pair ak s



ege. lJa,gr ii'a



the p atform by l\'4r Patsy NrlcGlone Commrttee in the Assernbly Environment of the Vfn. Cnultp"r.on lMr McLean was 10 lowed onto

comrn ttee Mr VlcG one out Ined the work be ng undertaken by the PoLlut on of Control and Protectlon Environmental of in the areas to play a part n He stressed the mportance of the need for us all to lookinp after the envlronment lor the future He rnade reference was school t the eco aud ihe and speaker tl," *oil ot the keynote ro lPge to "oear^ lo LndprRorrg dncl 'r,/ited reo e)e^Iatvp5 ot rre

""--.- o n1 -lqa e3d'orrg t r' o-t o'n' a1o '1d â&#x201A;Ź5 .r lhe aroI ald t' "opl' ato_s -o cot aya_dlo' -'-al ,o.o, eoa'n-t].a' I'la pr'l 'od Vr\5'oll Ea,Pa as<J'an MrlvlcGonealso todoso nvtaton his accept tn".oit"e" wou d in.


""_,re en619

publlc awareness endorsed the importance of the event in raislng nvo ved I those a congratulated and The frnal and keynote speaker of the event was lvlr Donnachadh McCarthy.

for the Donnachadh f,.4coarthy was the on screen eco aud tor gAC Z hit."|. 'lt's Not Easy 8e ng Green' wlth D ck Strawbr dge ". of Saving the Planet Without Cost ng the Earth' ie is tre author He works as an ecoaudltor advising famLies charties buslnesses on how to green their act vit


and He is a freqLlent leatLlre


x"t4Sinn Fein), Donnacadh McCarthy (Keynote Speaker)'

Anne Scott (PrinciPal)

io The ndependent' and appears regu ar y on of nat ona TV and rad o prograrnmes, speaklng on a whole range

artice contribLlior

'first in London to sell environmenta issues. H s home was the gr the f rst to gain p annLng d and solar electrlc ty to the nationa permLss on for a domestic wind turb ne work and experiences ln the f e ds Nrl r Ny'c0arthy spoke about his footprrnt ng and hls presentatlon carbon and of cl mate change was enllshtenLng and stimulating as we as thought provok ng' He oerso-nally chal enged each and every one ot us to look at tfie protectLng contr but on we could make. no matter how small to the environment and thus offset the effect ol goba warmlng on the pLanet and on ts plants and animals After his oresentat on JVlr Mciarthy spoke to the pupr s of the co ege and ater carrled out an eco.aidlt ot the coLlege premrses w th the airr of helprng the school to ower ts carbon footpr nt and thus becoTne a T\'rore eco'

friendly environment for stafi and pupils The event was open to the pub ic and anyone v slt ng the exhib tion was ab e to v ew some of the products of oca ndLrstry wrro are contflbut ng to the environrnent by suppying and tnsta llng ecologica y friend y methods of obtain ng energy Products on d spliy rangeo from wind turbines to willow and b omass burners' purnps from solar dane s to geothermal heat ng sources, from heat pane nwater s to ra frorn Photovoltalc and to hrgh eificiency bor ers harvest ng Representat ves of the cornpan es were In attendance to answer any quest ons and enqriir es from the publ c


St Patr ck's Col ege, N4aghera Students fro m the college and from ou r local pa rtner pr ma ry schools were also active contributors to the event and demonstrated some of the work that is taking place in Science within the college as well as the sharing of resources and dissemination oi good practice with our partner schools. l\4any visitors were very impressed with the quality of the work produced by the pupils. Local government officers were also present to provide guidance and answer queries on the situation now pertaining to the availability of grants, both now and in the foreseeable future, for the installation ol renewable energy sources.

The event also had an international flavour with presentations beang made by students {rom our partner schools in Denmark, France, Germany and Poland. They have been working closely with students lrom the College as part oI a Comenius project on "Renewable Energy and Recycling in Europe."

As anticipated, the day turned out to be a great success,


confirmed by the responses oJ the general public to a questionnaire that was completed as they left the exhibition, with the vast majority of visitors indicating that the event was very informative and each taking somethrng useful away from the experience. The event could not have been the success it was without the contribution ol the companies and agencies that exhibited on the day,

Eco School Silver Award This year the College established an Eco Tearn, which consisted of members of Staff and representatives oJ the pupil body' mostly members of the School Council. A formal Environmental Review was carried out initially and this resulted in the development of an Action Plan to improve the Environmental Sustainability of the College. The main areas

St Patrick's College, Maghera

Our Eco Codc

targeted were




paper, plastic bottles. aluminium cans etc. This involved the

entire pupil body, especially the School Council representatives in each class and the Caretakers

' . .

Energy watch monitors in each class to point out where we are obvaously wasttng energy

We ahe




Put all


EdsutE rbnt


Keep to pdhs .nd dot dmagE floecr h€d! or tEes




Manaap rhc

An increase in the Biodiversity of the College grounds The establishment

of an

Eco Code

lor the College

Our work was recognised by Encams who awarded the College a Silver Award for our work on Sustainability. Much of what we were doing was supported by Mr Donnacha McCarthy Mr Mcoarthy is a well known Eco Journalist and visited the College during our Eco Event - Positive Steps to a Better Future. He also carried out a further Environmental Review' which the Eco Team have used to modify our Action Plan. This should place the College in the position to apply lor the Green Flag in the very near future.

conmrolty ofsl P.dd('s CoU.3! tgrE lo:

rll psper, crrdbo€Id, pltstic bottles rnd aluminium cans into BLUE RECYCLING BINS olh6

n aste in the second bio pl.ced in €rch

dl iaps, lighr comput!.s and pnnte6 uE tumed oflwh€rl aor in |lse

rldiaaoB bcing

cont olling



o[n.d ofr8ld|g

th€ comdoB

mpcratu€ io clacqrooms by

lh. h€.t


emined by ladiators

ndt.r thm

5t Patr cl. s Col ege

Vice President of Land Rover visits St Patrick's College, Maghera

Mr Finbar McFall with Miss Sinead Tracey and pupils trom St Colm's High School, Draperstown

Mr Finbar McFaul with Mr J Mccale and Mr N O,Kane and year from St Patrick's College

1l pupili

On Monday 3rd December St Patrick's College, Maghera, were visited by Mr Finbar McFall, the Vice president for Land Rover, North America. lVlr McFall gave a talk to a number of students from St Patrick's College and the neighbouring St Colm's High School, on the ideas and marketing methods behind bringing the new RJnge Rover Sport from being a concept to the market place.



St Patr cli s College Nlaghera

This year brought to a close the current Comen us project, 'Energy for Europe'. The frnaJ presentations by the participat ng schoo s coincided w th our Eco event at the beg nnrng of Apri . Both students and ieachers from our partner schoo s in Denrnark, France, Germany and Poland came rn large nurnbers to our lttle corner of Europe to fu fil the project objectves, savour the ocal cu iure and to build friendships. As well as manning their respective exhibitlon stands ai ihe Eco eveni they v sited the Giant s Causeway and the Folk and Transport lvluseurr at Cultra. They also toured Belfast n an open top bus, practised their lrish dancing sk lls Ln Ballinascreen GAA complex and of course took tirne out to shop n Belfast. Their experience of life in reland was further enhanced by the fact ihat the vis ting students were hosted by loca fam lies.

Thursday 3 Apr I in Maghera Leisure Centre. 36 students from our four European partner schools travelled with 12 of their teachers to be at the event. The project has been a great slrccess and strong bonds have been forged between the European partner schoo s.


Comenius prograrnmes seek to develop understand ng of and between varous European cutures through exchanges and cooperatron between schools in different couniries these experrences

foster personal development, skills and competences, and cult vate the notion of European c tizenshio. Comenius aims to boost the quallty of school educat on, strengthen lts European dimens on and promote rnob ity, language learn ng and greater lnclus on. CURRENT PROJECT I{ISTORY

ln November 2004, in Strasbourg (France) a Comenius Coniact Mleeting took place. Over 100 people frorn 16 Eti countries attended ihe meeting inc uding I\,4r Toner and Mr i\/lc Gui8an from St. Patrick's College, N-4aghera. The purpose of th s event was to f nd partner schools with whom to prepare a Comenius school project. Our school was grouped with schoo s from Denrnark. France. Germany and Po and. After 3 days of hard work and long drscussions we agreed on a project t tled 'Energy for Europe' and we prepared an action plan for the next 3 years. Dur ng each of the three years ior which the proiect was running (2005 2008) ihere were two Comenius meeiings. The f rst, in October, enabied the proiect coordinators to prepare the prolect plan for that year. The second rneet ng in April was io present the outcome of ihe proiect. At least four students from each country iook part in thls meetrng. The firsi meeting r|,r 2005 took place in Denrrark and the Apri 2006 meetng was hed in Poland. In Ociober 2006 the plann ng meeting was he d n Northern lre and and the Apr | 2007 meet ng was he d in Gerrnany. n the iinal year the rneet ng n October 2007 was he d n France and the f na presentations and the c ose of the project was held in Northern lreand concding, very appropratey, wth the ECO Event on

COMENIUS AT LARGE! Positive Steps - Every little helps!

Sixth Form students from St Patricks College, l\-4aghera spent the first Saturday of N4arch in Tesco's Cookstown store trying to convince shoppers that there is a need for change and immed ate act on rf the impact of Globa warming is to be contained. The Comenius group who are participating in a European lunded project enttled 'Energy in Europe" set up displays n the store, distributed leat ets and interacted w th customers in an attempt to alert them to the relatively pain ess steps they could take to reduce their carbon footpr nts. They h ghlighted the benefits o'f energy saving lght bulbs not on y to the environment bui to cllstomers' pockets. Shoppers who purchased energy saving bulbs on the day were entered in a draw for Tesco vouchers. S rn ar projects were undertaken by St Patr ck's partner schoo s, the deta s of wh ch were out ned dur ng presentations by the r students dur ng the ECO day event.

St Patrick s Col ege. Maghera

Alice Doherty

about life in their country and we got a 'jist' of their lifestyle.

I have been part of the Comenius project Jor two years now and I have loved every minute of it. lt has given rne the chance to learn so rnuch more about the env ronment and what we can do to rnake a difference by being more energy aware. I oved our vis tors com ng to lreland for the week and L made great friends from both Poland and Germany. I am really looking forward to getting the chance to see ihem again some time soon. The Comenius project was one of my favour te experiences at St Pat's and I am so gratefu that I got ihe chance to be part of it.

We had various Field Trips, including a

Maeve McGillian What a weekendll We have been involved in the Comenius project for 2 years. The friends we have made both amongst ourselves and our foreign visitors will make us look back and remember the great times we have had during this exper ence. St Patricks hosted the grand Jinale and we all hosted a foreign visitor either from France, Poland, Denmark or Germany and they were given an insrght into an lrish teenager's lite. The Eco day ln lvlaghera Recreat on cenire was the day when we all showcased our work from the previous 2 years n the projeci. The 5 schools nvolved were given the opportunity to Sive a presentation

trip to the Giant

's Causeway,

tour of Belfast followed by shopping and a visrt to Cultra museum. We all really b0nded........... some unforgettable memor es. Our visrtors experienced a rea lrish night out. We had an ' rish stew night' in Ballinascreen followed by a c6ili. The craic was brilliant and the performers did us and our school proud and showed ofl lrish culture at its bestll We had other n ghts olt on the town; we were in Walshe's on the Thursday night and we iook them to the Traz on Saturday night. They are now St Pat's wannabees as they a

now are allour classics!! I'rn so glad got involved in the projeci. The weekend hosting our fore gn st!dents is w thout doubt up there with my best exper ences in Si Patr ck'sll

NiallCollins I really enjoyed

my experience in the Comen us

projectforthe lasttwoyears. It was a great education to me and provrded me with a new insight Into energy.

and a so my in Europe. I look forward to meeting up with some of my fr ends from Germany again in awareness


the future. The Comenius project in lreland has been

the best few days of my year so far, and one ot my favourite ihings about Sixth Form in the College. The highlight for me was





the Ulster Folk lvluseum at

CuJtra with the German lrish gang; it was a brilliant day.


St Patr cl.


. Crl ege. Vl rgh'ra

Aisling Gallagher

shape of the hair after was NOT good...due to the bus trip the on y

The Comen us project for me was an unbel evab e expeTtence. Although I was not part of the or gina Comenlus group, I feel that I am now an honorary rnemberl o Before our guests arr ved, everyone seemed to be very nervous as to how they wou d take to their guests. I was hosting two Danish

girls lt4aria and Trine. The Danish arnved at the gates of St. Pairick s at B pm. took them to my home and they met my family. We rea ly clicked and although we had to be n the N4aghera Recreation Centre at 8 am the next mornlng rt was a strugg e for nry mother to chase us to bed for the amoLrnt of chattingl

The morning arrived far too soonllll6.30am??....m nus cra c.

Spent the day n the rec fror. 8 am until 7 pm...everyone was a rnost dead on the r feet...but spread ng news of a ttlegathering in Wa she'S Note soon perked a lew people upll lol A wile nites craicll Taught Gabby and Carolina and the other glr s how to


ooh ahh N,4aghera!!!! . and had


e srngrng sessronsl!

early very sensible heads that night as we had school the next rnorning.....hahall Fr day morning was another one of those mornings after the n ght before. Everyone gathered n lvlr IVlc Gu gan s roofir.. and stept. o After 1st class we headed for the sports ha I and had a few demonstrations of lrish sports. Even the visit ng students had a go at Carnogie, Hurling and Gael c Footballll Was an nteresting dsplaywthlvl chael A h tting IVlr Hughes the wi est s ap n the face with a football....wi e steamlll Lmao! So we headed then to the Giants Causeway. Unreal views!l Had thee best craic watchin Tanya slipp ng on seaweed. me and Aoife sprintin up the steepest steps I have ever seenll We are soo ft.... C



So after we got home

rushrng session

it was a mad

to try and


sornething to eat. and head on to 'Screen C ub' for an rrshstewnight. Watch n Nilr Toner try ng to ce i dance is poss bly one of the funn est th ngs ve seen in a LONG timelll The visiting studenis really enjoyed the ceil could do anything but augh!l

After a ate night

aga n n Bal inascreen we had to get Lrp aga n at 6 am... by th is stage we were try ng to get dressed while st ll asleepll ol We arrived at the Castledawson

roundabout at 8 am...and got a bus for Befast. We went on

on an

open top bus around Belfast... the

item purchased by Ao fe ln Be fast ater was....A HA RBRUSH... Primark's f nestllll lmaollll After the tour aroLrnd Belfast. we set out for Cu tra Folk and Transport I\,4useum and alter a walk round the museum we headed back to the bus to go shoppin in Belfast. But Tanya wanted to be coo and get the back seat in the bus aga n, so dec ded to run back to the bus....l've never seen her two wee egs move as fast in my ife!!l! EY . Tanya. .RUNNING TO THE BUS lS NOT COOL|ll Lol (Rern nded me a bit of C ara Glass (two long legs) running after her daddy s car one dayl A s ght not to be forgottenlll lo) So when we got to Be fast, everyl headed for the r favourite shop ever....PR MARK!ll lol (that s short y after we got pol tely asked to leave another shop..."cough coLrgh*

Nehu to cut a long story short, after aboLrt l5 mins of shopp n we decided to give up....believe t or not....we were T00 TIRED to shopllll Shock horrorlll So Saturday night came quickly...and well it wouldn't be a proper cu tural trip to south Derry, without vistt ng the TRAZ on a Saturday

night!l! lol A very enjoyab e night from start to f nish...but the part wh ch w strck n n'ry m nd the rnost from the Elk, s when ihe mus c fin shed

at the end of the n ght, the whole of the Comenius grolrp had gathered and began chantrng "ooh ahh lVaghera erirotional trrnes h


So it was a rnost tirne for rny v sitors to eave...hard to be ieve our t rne was up a readylll We went home ior the ast time and at 5.45 am, set out for Cast edawson where they would get the r bus to the airport. So hard to say goodbye to all of them, and a few tears were shed (mainly from mc devs coz "*""# was leavin....but l'll say no more .lol)

Cornenius was def niiely worthwh e exper ence and


felt privileged lwas a part oi t. I am now hoping to go over to Denmark soon with lVichaela to stay with Maria and Nanna as they have Inv ted us for a vis t...but hopeful y we w ll be able to stay for a lrttle more

than 4 dayslll

Emma McKenna 've been involved rn the ComeniLrs Project for two years now When first becarne

involved in t, 1 was new to the school. With n weeks, I'd made loads of friends and we a I looked forward to going to rt every weeK.

SrParr k,Cor eee lvlasl Durng the frst year, we were offered the chance to go to

Our Comenius classes n school also proved to be great craic. and

Germany and I was lucky enough to be chosen. Th s weekend was fantastic and we had so rruch lun.


After a few boing presentations we real y enjoyed ourselves learn ng about the r culture and being et

the form of our Eco day in l\4aghera

always looked forward to our together In the end our hard work and ded cation to the prolect paid otf and rnaterialised n e


photo shootll This year it was up to us to l-lost chose to host

two DanLsh girls, Bonnie and I\4aja.

Over the course of the iriP we grew to be very close and he Ped show them how lnsh teenagers lked to enioy therrselves After

we enjoyed our successful Eco day we let the fun begin We went on day ir ps to the Giant s Causeway, Belfast and the U ster Folk & Transport Museum at Cultra. At n ght time we ivened th ngs up a ittle with trips to Walsh s Hotel and the Elk and not forgetting the brilliant Ba linascreen club for a c6 li AlthoLrgh the Comenius project requ red hard work and ong hours it was aefinLtely something I was g ad to be part of and would do it al over again!!

Aine Devlin My Comenius experience over the last 2 years has been great. I h;ve had the opportunity to travel to Gerrnany where I experienced

ife in one o'f our partner schools and learned a lot about the r a great

t me

over there and made many friends.

This year I hosted Laura Kopplng from Germany She had great Engl sh wh ch really helped as I don't have any German She was a pleasure to host and as we becarne close over the few days she was here. I was sad to see her go. Due to the hectic prograrn we were always on the go and didn't have much time to rest but t was a great experience and l'm sure

thatwewill all remain frends for a Long timel was defin tely worth itl Lol



Martin Peter McElchar For the past two years at St Patricks I have been a member ol the Comenius group. Being picked to represent the school Ln Cottbus in Germany was a great privilege tor me as I had never been abroad before and the trip provided me with the opportunrty to vis t a European country and also to make friends with European students. I thought that L would be at a slight disadvantage as I did not speak any German bui didn't let that get in the way of making friends with thern. The overall experience was very good and have really enioyed the trip and the Comenrus proiect

Liam Kearney I have been part of the project for 2 years now I

have enloyed

us every Friday rnornlng with the usual craic from the group, main y d rected at McKaigue's relationship status have 6xper enced an eye opener n the ife oi energy sav ng with the guidance of lvlr McGuiSan and Mr Toner' also pLlrchasing a fruit of the loom sh ri on my travels l was fortunate to have the Cornen

opportun ty to host a young German, Henry lvlattusch during thelr visit in Apr l. Henry was Sreat craic. with pleniyof energyandwas loved by the community and buzz bar alike Such was the strength of the Comenius Group that whenever 'Glani' prob ems arose they were qucky resolved. In concluson. lthoroughly enloyed the project. the whole experience and the Comenius week all great!! Comenius abu.

Orlagh Bradley I have been part of the Comenius experience for two years



what the proiect involved and what was expected of me. Last year, I trave ed to Germany as part of the project and loved it- got to experience the cultllral aspect ol Germany as well as the night ife!! | rnade many friends during my stay, many of whom have rernalned n contact

At first I was unsure

wth our ves lrom

Our project concluded fore

where Bronagh, Or agh and myself were involved in a prolesslona

traditions. I had

sure centre. This t!rned out to

oe a grear success.

oose in the c ty of Dresden. the last night we let our ha r down at various entertalnment sPots,





our fore gn





and, Germany, Denmark


France visiting lreland. The week consisied of many trips to various p aces such as the Giant's Causeway and Cu tra Cu tural Centre. We aLso showed them some of the more refined places of Northern lreland such as Walshe's Hotel and the E k; they seem io apprec aie th s side of rlsh cultLlre tool


it was a great experience and lwill be sad to leave rt


Aoife Glass To try and tel you what sort of an exper ence Comenius means to me sn't easy, as t was an unbelievable experience So I fee the best way s to g ve yoll our full itineraryl!!! lol wed 2nd . I\y'y two French 8irls. Alexandra and Karima arrived at haf pasi 9 at the St Patrick's gates. We took them home and lei them least on some good od lrish tea and toast .a strong delicacy n lreland. Thurs 3rd - Up ai 6:45 arn to be in the Recreation Centre for 8

o'c ock.....not good timeslll Longest day ever, although t was great craic staying there until 7 pm. Hotel that evening with the ent re group . a night not to be forgotten. Teaching them our'oohh aahh Maghera' chant and myself and Tanya teachlng the French girls how to say 'Leee thallll lol A very sensib e night had by all yes indeedll! Lol Hitting the bed on a SKUL NlTE. at near I am after a night out......we no da craic!!l



Arrved for a day

of schooling....notll A ot of

dy ng

bodies in Mr Mc Guigans roorn that morn ngl Lo The schooL provided some shows of our local rish sport, and sorne traditional rsh music. At 12145 pm we all boarded the big doube decker

Chambers bus on our long awaited iourney to the Giant's Causeway I am ashamed to say that it was rny 1st time .tut tutll Lol Me and my two girls Aisling and Tanya had a great day with Tanya nearly slipping on seaweed and rryse f and Ais ng sprint ng up a IVIASSIVE MOUNTAIN of steps in about 3oseconds God we are good!!! That night we headed to Balllnascreen Club for a nLght of Ceili dancing and a night of laughlng and silly banter' Sat 5th .An even ear ier r se to be at the Castledawson roundabout for like 8:00 am.....not nicelll lt was a day filled with a srghtseelng bus tour in Be fast which, m ght I add, had an open roof -nryself and lvlichaela neary died with the co dness God ii was co dl] After our sightsee ng they et us regain our body heat wrth a good

hot cup of hot chocoLate...mmmmll We then headed to Cultra

where Aisling, Tanya and further thawed out by sitting n the tearoom most of the t melll Hehe. After gett ng ke a mill on group photos taken Tanya took off on a ra y to get the back seat of the bus....all I could visualrse was her landing in a heap .thank God she didn't but good news....she got her back seatll! Lol We then headed back

Michaela McDevitt My overa I experience of Comen us has been lethal have really enjoyed the last two yearsl D dn't expect when started thai I

would have had to host a European person, but looking back now' I'rn really glad I had to! The four days where unforgettable from the crac we had at the Gants Causeway to Cleary's ma's lrish stewl Then the very windy bus tour round BeLfast, wth me and Aoife nearly catching pneumonia. but all wth good intentlons! Hotel on Thursday nlght, unreal..teaching the Germans all our lrish songs....'ooh ahh l\4aghera'l Saturday n ght at the E k a so unreal, neverto be forgottenl ButaLl in al lhad4lethal days' and made some really good friendsl Roll on Denmark for me, Aishling and Cationa...cant waltl(",) PS I love wind power



St Patrck s Co lege, lvlaghera |


Be fast again for a little retai therapy. We witnessed a bible preacher doing break dancing outside Castle Court....w le craic!l My purchase for the day......A brush....oohh yeal!l Lol The final night eventually arrived and to everyone's excitement we all took a trp to the famoLrs ELK|ll Lol what a was rhe best n gnt I can f .m.y say everyore has l-ao 1 agisll! We all danced the n ght away and none of us wanted it to end. Once the clock struck 1t30 arn no one wanted to go home, as it would have been the last t rre most of us would see each other.....a lot of tears were shed as a few 'couples' were finding it hard to say goodbyelll



6th lhiswasthe lastt

mewewoulcl haveourvis tors._...a rse

of 5:45 am was not in rny favour wiih us going to bed at after 2 am

the night before. The three ol us headed down for some breakfast and they said the r goodbyes to mum. We loaded the suitcases into the car and made our way to the Castledawson Inn for 7tl5 arnl!l It was very hard saying goodbye as it was scary how close people can connect in four definitely isn,t the last time we will be seerng each otherlll

af eld. I had the privilege of hosting a young German named Paul. He enjoyed the lrish lifestyle and scenery. hope to keep n touch wiih him.

Oran Cleary Being part of the Comenius Project for the past two years has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile exper ence for me. During this

vist I hosted a German student called Tobias who got to know rea ly we I and intend to keep in contact with him. The visit of the students to Northern lreland was very enjoyable: I really enjoyed our visits to the Giant's Causeway and to Belfast on the Saturday because it al owed us to spend time gett ng to know the vsitrng students. We also met up in the evenings and had a tew great nights. We had a c6ili night in Ballinascreen which was brilliant craic wlth everyone geiting involved. On the Saturday we a I met at the Elk which proved to be one of the best nights ever and won't be forgotten easily! The Eco day went well and al the hard work pa d off. year's

In conc usron I enjoyed the Comenius Project torget this experience easily.

Au Revoirll

John Joe Cassidy I have real y enjoyed the Comentus proiect over the past two Vears, rt was good fur and sl,BhLly eduLdtionall I rever thougnr it woJtd be this good when we were told we were doing a European thingy whose name we couldn't rerrember, never mind soe l. I sot to vis t Cottbus 'i Germany wlrch was great ano ner ols ol niw people who were r.teresled n wnal was nrerested In a'rd thought the way I thought. t has taught me to be m ndful of my carbon footpr nt and i have also learned a lot about Europe. All in all have had an exceilent time and I hope someone else wi I also get the chance to take part ln this proiect in the fLrture.

Christopher McKaigue Comenius for the last two years has been very hard work and at trmes stressful, but when the Eco day turned out to be a success all the hard work was worth it. l\,4r Toner and I\,4r McGuigan were great leaders of the group although at times they struggled to keep their cool; the lrish dancing night seerned to have calrned their nerves though, with Mr Toner in particuiar, quite nifty on his feet. I was very glad of the opportunity to demonstrate my line dancing ski ls for which I am renowned throughout Europe and dare I sav fLrrther



a ot and

w ll not

St Patflck's College, Maghera

2008 was a phenomenonal year for fund raising for the worthy

cause of School Aid Romania. The Sroup ol 2008 surpassed all previous records with regard to fund-raising; a whopping !32,000 was raised in a very short three months period. All credit must go to the hard work and dedication of the group who travelled.

This year the group decided to stage Strictly lrish Dancing with staff and pupils. There was much scepticism from l\4r C and Mrs D regarding the viability of running such a show, thinking that there were not 10 staff willing and able to make a show of themselves, but how wrong can you be? Not only were there 10 statf, but they even practised really hard at making a show of themselves. Twice a week some of the staff and students could be seen strutting their stufl behind closed curtains thank Godl The whole event raised close to t3000 and SAR are indebted to all those who came and supported the event. The reports were very positive and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. The video will be avatlable very soon.

Other fund raisers included a concert by the 'Raporees' in Lavey organised by the Lavey contingent of SAR. The Parish of Lavey traditionally have been great supporters of SAR and along with the church gate collection nearly t3500 was raised.

| 'o'

This year SAR stretched into County Antrim where a very successful 'girls night in' was organised by Anne Mcl\4eel and Sinead Laverty. Anne's uncle, who is a famous chef, cooked supper for those invited.

A great night was had by all who attended and nearly collected.



The street collection in Magherafelt lifted close to 11500 whale the annual SAR Feis in Watty Graham's lifted close to f,2000. The list of fund raising goes on and on and I am indebted to all those who

contributed in some way. As ever SAR is indebted to the local communities who support the project each year and it is hoped that their support will be continued long into the future. Each year new projects that need assistance come to our attention and it is only through the generosity of the people connected with St Patrick's College we are able to help. I know I have not been able to mention all the fund.raising that took place this year but I do know

that Romanians we helped during our stay are so grateful to the people of South Derry and beyond and they would want to thank all of you from the bottoms of their hearts. Multumesc de la toti prieteni de la scolile si orfanele in Brasov.

Strictly lrish Dancing l4th December hosted one of the most memorable nights for both the pupils and the teachers oI St Patrick's College. Maghera in the lorm of Strictly lrish Dancing, School Aid Romania Style. The purpose of this fundraiser was to gain money for the School Aid Romania team headinB off on the 17th January and also for a bit of light entertainment for all to enjoy. The search for teachers to enter the competition was touch and go but we ended up getting ten from all dilferent departments within the school to do so and pair up with ten dancing students within the school to bring about a bit of a role reversal where the students became the teachers and the teachers became the students to put together a performance for the night ahead. The talent was somewhat questioned but the entertainment factor you can not deny was first class as the judges lvlrs K lvlcAteer, Mrs P Mallon, I'Ir A Terrington and Mrs A O' Kane agreed. The couples included; l\4r P O' Connor & Anne Bradley, Mrs C Donnelly & Enda Burns, N4rs AM Murray & Carlus l\.4c Williams, l\4iss J Conway & Ronan Lowry, lvr W lvlcAteer & Kathryn McKegney, lvlrs The

& Deaglan Lowry, lVIr N O'Kane & Emma.Rose l\4ccloskey, r R O'Donnell & Fiona Harte, Mr C Lavery & Sinead Rogers and finally Mrs C Scott & Emmett lvlccuckin. Various routines were developed and each individual act brought something new and entertaining to the stage and kept the audience entertained all night to try and win the crown of King and Queen of Strictly lrish F Walls l\4

Dancing. The l\4asters of Ceremonies, Mrs C McHugh & lvlr J O'Kane, kept the whole night flowing with their witty remarks which added to the success of the evening. To make up for the lack ol talent it was extremely refreshing to see the fantastrc danc,lg of the Watty Gral'ams Glen Scor na nog All lreland Finalists who ensured the event had more to convey than just the comedy value. The Aid Romania team would also like to

thank Niamh McGlinchey and Declan O'Kane for singing at the interval.

A big thank you must go out to all the participants who gave up their free time to make the event such the success that it was, all the pupils and teachers that worked behind the stage throughout the night, Signworks who kindly donated the back drops for the stage and all who attended the night.

Strictly lrish Dancing raised a considerable amount of rnoney all for the School Aid Romania fund; this money will go a long way in contributrnB to the poverty In Romania. The night ended with a re'enactment of the dance from High School lVusical "We're all in this Together" and Carlus lvcwilliams and Mrs AM Murray were crowned the King and Queen of "School Aid Romania Strictly lrish Dancing". This was one night that I'm sure all involved and those in the audience will agree was priceless and holds memories that we will never rorgel.

by Sinead Rogers



St Patrick's College, Maghera

Everyone who has ever been to Romania takes a personal experience from it. Although the people on the trip with you, know what you saw and know what you've been through, no one ever knows how you feel. You could never imagine what you would see in Romania until you've actually been. I remember the shock I got on the Very first day, in the very lirst place I vislted. lt hit me that I was

can see up there Christina." Truer words couldn't be said. l\4 r C, Romania 2008, best week ever, craic was 90 and experience was amazrngl

Christina O'Hagan

totally exposed to this poverty, there was no barrier between it and me, the way there had been, between me and the books I read about it and the people that had told me about it. I remember feeling this is it; l'm actually here and ail the fundraising l've done and all the preparation 've done, it is here where I use it. lt was really quite scary on the first day. We did not know what to expect or how to react to these liifle children and adults coming up to us. l'm glad I had the hand of a very special friend to literally hold on that very first day. My lirst day was probably my scariest and after that it all got better. I had an incredible time in the old people's home. the only place in the many that we visited where I couldn't hold back the tears. The orphanages were amazing and the children were all so happy. Although we knew that they were orphans it was not until I stopped to think about it that I actually reatised that these children had no one except each other Romania was the most incredible experience I have ever been through. There is no way possible to summarise my week or to write down how incredible it actually was. Although it seems to be getting further and lurther away, the memories will never fade and I am so glad to have been able to share it with all the people I did. lt was an experience I will never ever Jorget and one lfeel beyond privileged to have been a part of. Anne McMeel

Roman a was the best week of my life; I have so many memories which I will never forget. I never thought that a week could make so much of a difference but it did; just going out there and being able to play and talk to the people that needed so much but asked for very little made such a difference to my

outlook on life. On one of the days we drove out to a little remote village in the middle of nowhere. In the morning we were going to the school and then in the evening we were doing a food run. When we went to the school there were children coming at us from all angles looking to see what we had for them. Onelittlegirl just sat in her seat so I went over to talk to her. She was very quiet and didn't want anything from me but then I got a balloon and she just loved it! She came completely out of her shell and started playing with me, just giggling away when someone dropped this balloonl lt was so worthwhile being able to make this child laugh and bring some happiness to her lifel In the evening when we did the food run, people invited us into their homes and offered us sweets, lruit and simply anything they could, just to try and thank us, even though they had very little. That meant so much to us, it just showed, how much the work we were doing, was appreciated and it made me realise how ungrateful we are. We really don't appreciate the life we have, the things we get and the opportunities we are given. Catriona O'Kane Romania was a once n a lifetime opportunity, it's kinda hard to expla n in words what we experlenced, can ever truly understand until they have experienced it for themselves. lt was good to go out with a m nd'frame to expect the unexpected , , . there were some highs and lows in the group and each individual experienced it, but the week is what you make it for yourself and others around you. There are a Iew things that learned about myself when I was away- | learned that all the little things we have are massive, to treasure our trlends and family, that when I complain about things and want things to think back and picture what I saw Romania was a great weeks craic... it may but over but NEVER forgotien!l!! I

Romania, what a weekl still can't look at the diary without memories flooding back and eyes filling up. Of all the places we went my tavourite had to be the day oi the IB. hospital and the mini bus with the Romanian authority woman. lt had to be the best day; the whole atmosphere was amazing and getting N4rs D with the face paints and glitter wjll never be forgotten. Mr C says "memories lade fast" but memories of Romania will remain in my heart lor a very long time because a wise man told me, "The best photos are the ones only you

Eimear Duggan Romania was without a doubt the best week oJ my

liJe!! lt

was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will never forget how happy I was the day that Mr Cli{ford told us who


St Patrick s Co lege, l\4aghera

had been chosen to go on this amazing trip. Throughout the week we got an insght Into daily life rn Rornania when we vis ted orphanages, vi lages, schools and the old peop e's home, each of them giv ng us memores we wi I never forget. The TB hospital and Rupea were probably the highlights of my week where we met these amazing children who had these big srn les on their faces even though they were either sick or had no far'tes Ove.all rt rea ly was a1,ng e\periencc and the memor es wil ast forever. The week was ndescribable and don't think lve sang if you're happy and you know it, or head, shoulders. knees and toes so many times. I cannot thank Mr Clifford, l\l rs Devlin and the entire gro!p enough for giving me the most arnazing week. The tr p has given me friends for lfe and I on y wish I colld go back next year. Emma Rose l\y'ccloskey


'n. t'--

remember walking

down the


to her when she threw her arms around me and sayrng goodbye

screamed so hard not for us to and having to be carried away by her

teachers. This little girl was very specia to me for many diJferent reasons, she reminded me of the special liitle grl at home and every t me I think

of the ltt e gir at home remember the litt e girl in Romania. She wil always be ln my heart and I will never ever {orget her. Coming home from Romania was probably one of the hardest things I wi I ever have to do, Returning to 'norrnal' I fe and try ng to I ve our lives as we used to after being through such a ife chang ng, eye. open ng experience seemed almost impossible. Those around us tned so hard to be ihere for us and understand but they knew they couldn't truly understand . it was just too hard. The


people who knew exactly what we were going through were those

My rnost valued experience in Romania iook place in the kindergarten. The kindergarten was set up for those children with hearing irnpedimenis. Walking into the classroom each member oi the group took up cornpany with a ch ld. E leen, the nurse on the trp, and I, took up company wth a small

down'syndrome girl. We spent 45 minutes with thls child. She didn't speak once throughout the 45 minutes. Eileen brought out a bouncy ball to play with, and we started to throw the ball to each other. The little girl joined in. 0n the 45th minute th s sma I g rl made her iirst and only effort at communicating with us. When I dropped the ba l, she shook her head and laughed at me. Never did I think that someone laughing and shaking their head at me could mean so much. Hearing her laugh made those 45 minutes worihwhile. Lucy Clarke Romanra was the best experience l'll ever get to be a part of. lt s

impossible to describe what Romania meant to me and how it changed my life. Before I went to Romania lthought I was going to struggle to handle my emotions, but when got to Romania realised that there was no iirne to be sad or upset, allwe could 1

do was be glad for the good we did, and the happiness we brought to so many. The smiles that lasied even for one second were worth everything in the world and the feeling it gave us s unexplainable. The high ight of the week for me would have been our v sit to the Down's Syndrome school where the people there wanted nothing from us and all they wanted to do was play and enjoy our company. not once did they stop smillng. When I think about Romania I remember the face of one special lit e gir there, the youngest aboui three, who cried so hard when we left. When I was play ng with th s ittlegirl shesuddenlyput down a party horn we were playing with and hugged me so hard and kissed me. This moment wrll stay with me for the rest of my life. lt was a happy moment because it was this moment that I knew lwanted to spend my life changing other peoples but t was also a sad one as t was this rnoment I knew there was a special lttle g r at home, who reminded me so much of the girl from Romania, that wouldn't get to see grow up.

who had been part of it, those who had been there everyday experiencing what we had and it was this that helped us and made us stronger. Friends and special bonds were made on the trip that will never be broken; we experienced something together that other people will never understand. Romania he ped me to understand what was important n life and what wasn't. Worries that we have are noth ng In comparison to the problems that those in Romania experience. but yet they smile all the time and get on with things still with as much generosity and kindness as possible, sornething people in our own world lack. In a world where material possessions are so important to people, they sti I have no time to spend with others and can be so ungrateful and selftsh, while n a world with poverty all around and suffering, al they want to do give is thanks and look after everyone, where even the smallest gi{t is cherished. This remarkable realisation of the world we live in. w th so many different ways of lives, opened my eyes. Without a doubt I would go back to Roman a this second; lt really was a life changing expenence, one that I am so proud to have been



[/]i r6ad McCloskey When I got picked to go to Romania lwas so exc ted but anxious because I d dn't really know what I was going out to. One of my favourite parts of the experience was the fundraising especially

our'Strictly lrish Danc ng night which we held. All these small thrngs led up to the experience of a litetirne. Mrs D rnade rne

run out n the pouring rain to get her a trolley for her uggage when we got to the arrport. obviously because she had j!st got her hair done before we left and didn't want to get it messed!! Even though everybody else was complaining about having to f y out of Dublin airport Mr C knew I iust couldn't wa t because of the duty free, I knew my opening t mes and altl! (",) lt was a long journey but I didn't mind because it was the start of really getting to know everyone, even though we already had wee gatherings, it wasn't the same. Well...the fl ght over I just had to be sltting beside Enda Burns who just happened to have never f own before! knew about it when we took off and he grabbed my hand and squealedl!! I got a wee tiny bit homesick in Romania, just a wee bit Mr C?? But my week there really opened my eyes to what's outside our own c ose commun ties. t hits home when we think of our fam lies and how much we care for them. I had two favourite days; my first was ai the old peoples' home and second was at Dachia. I met amazing people in these two places who will never forget and I have photos to keep my memory fresh. These two days got to me the most as I was reminded of family back home. I have a young s ster who I thought of when was in Dachia and comparing what she has to them made my hear.i sink. In the old peoples' home I stayed with an old man, and I


St Patrick's Col ege, Maghera

in him all I saw was my granda. He didn't want anything but company and these are the things we take lor granted. There

were so many things I enjoyed throughout the week, Lewis painting my face, Audrianna calling me Mona Lisa, just Charlie in general, SARAH, Paddy my balloon friend (sorry again), and Peter; I was his balloon friend, lvrs D became my second mammy for the week, I got close to people from my school who I never really knew before, mel amazing people from Ballyclare and Methody, our wee hot choc stop with Miss Glenn alter sleighing, our meetings with Mr C, and Charlie again. met amazing friends and have stayed in touch, got a lot closer to my own best friends. Since coming home I have tried to change the way I do things and the way I am towards people but others just don't understand sometimes and because of this I lost contact with peoDle I was closest to. ll was a week full of memories which l'll never forget, especially my new friend tor liJe EIMEAR. "i don't want the world to see me, 'cus i dont think that thevd understand'!" I

Vlelissa Gormley

l'manemotional person. Sowhen visiting the orphanages, old peoples' homes and the poor towns, I decided that this was a once in a liletime opportunity and didn't want to spend my time crying. I loved every minute of it. lt was so hard when I made a close friendship with the children like lonela. I have learned that there are more important things in life than going out, sports and clothes. I now know that any of the problems that lface in lile now I will be able to deal with them, knowing that I have a lot more than some olher oeoole in the world. I now feel lrke I should achieve the most I can in my life as have the opportunity to whereas other children don't have this privilege. Finally I would like to say that giving a small gift to the children was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. They told me they loved me for me giving them a hat and gloves ' this was a life-changing moment. I

Sinead Laverty Romania for me was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. lt gave me an insight into the everyday lives of the people there and the conditions in which they have to live in. I learnt that our own problems do not even come close to what these people go through everyday. On the other hand it was brilliant craic and the memories will be kept for a long time. Ger McPeake

try and sum up my week in Romania in just a lew paragraphs is without a doubt the most difiicult thing I have ever been asked


to do. The poverty and distress we saw throughout the week will always mingle in the back ol my mind. We saw orphans ..,

L4y most memorable moment of our week was our visit to the Gypsy village. As we drove further and further from the city, the surrounding countryside became poorer. Cars were replaced by horses and houses by streets and slums. When we finally arrived, our guide Viorel led us up a dirl path into two houses. he lirst was cramped, but quite comfortable. The

people were very appreciative of the little, which we gave them, giving each of us a hug as we left. The second however was not so pleasant. Outside the family's washing was hung across a dead tree. As we entered the dry stone house, Eileen, our nurse from Ballyclare, commented that this must have been the shed. The first room of this two room shack was filled with siicks for firewood with just enough room to walk over the litter of puppies blocking the door, to the other room. As we walked into this room we really couldn't believe what we were seeing. Eight children, aged from 0'13 and two parents living in one room. One of the children, who was crippled, sat on the bed and ate from the same plate as one ot the puppies. As we moved the bed (which had a mattress of cardboard) to replace it we were glad the house had no lights, as we were sure there must have been rats under the bed. After that we tried singing and dancing with the children, but realised that our jumping around could have damaged the cheap wooden floor. In the corner was their stove, with only one cup of food. When Viorel noticed the street children were gathering, we quickly lelt. On the long iourney back we all thought about the same questions. How do eight children live in one room? What do they eat? What could we do to help? Niall O'Kane When I was in Romania I had the experience of a lifetime. From what people told me they said I wouldn't be able to cope as

who were happy, people at deaths door ... who were happy and people with no reason at allto be happy ... but were. l'll never forget our day out to the extrernely deprived school of Dachia. We spent our day there playing and entertaining the children; all they craved was a simple touch o{ your hand to know you were there. One thing I couldn't believe was how happy and

welcoming these children were. To see these children who have nothing, yet beanng a huge smile on their face, I often thought to myself, "Why are these children so happy?" lt was later through the week I realised... these children don't know why they should be sad. They don't know what luxuries and lifestyles they are missing. Basically, what seemed to be extreme poverty and horrendous living conditions to us, was complete normality to them. However, Romania wasn't all tears. In the middle of it all you do have 'while' craic... e.g. Eimear Duggan pranking at all hours of the morning, Ger getting a 'curt' or two but the best had to be l\4rs Devlin running top speed through the corridors of the hotel with a water pistol. Cliche as it may sound, Romania was without doubt the best week of my life. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the cause and urge you to keep doing so in the forthcoming years. I would also like to stress to all 5th years, and below, to apply to travel to Romania when the opportunity is presented. It will be good craic and you deJinitely never regret what you achteve.

Enda Burns

St Patflck s Collepe.


l\y'aphera | I

Romania was a brilliant experience. I had the chance to see a whole different world to the one I live in. Everything we did and everything I saw, I will never forget. I couldn't pick just one thing that I thought was the highlight of my work, as the whole week was my highlight. I had the chance to meet other people my same age from other schools and got to know them a lot in that week. I would recommend a trip like this to anyone, as it is a worthwhile exper,ence. Charlie O'Hara

I don't know how to describe Romania. Just everything we did with Romania was brilliant. The group who were chosen were excellent. Everyone was up ior a bit oi fun and everyone had brilliant ideas for lundraising and this is why we raised so much. Romania was the best week of my life. Everywhere was brilliant whether it was the Kindergarten or the orphanages. Everyone was happy when we were there. l\4ost ot them had nothing and didn't want anything and I just found this amazing as il it was me. I would have wanted something. lf you gave them a sweet they thought you were brilliant and they just wanted to thank you. Romania has also given me many new friends from the other schools that went. At the end of the week no-one wanted to go home because how good we all lelt and if I ever got the opportunity to go again I wouldn't have to think about it. Darren McNicholl

It's hard to select iust one experience from Romania ' there are so many great ones and each one is fantastic and memorable in it's own special way. On Vlonday the 21st January we \,Yent to Dacia School. We travelled for over an hour to get there Jrom the hotel. To many ol us it appeared ',e were just driving further and further into the Romanian wilderness, until finally we reached the isolated village of Dacia. As we got of the bus we noticed some strange sights under the Jrozen snow, we were later told that the street was an open sewer. The school itself was extremely run do,,Yn and cold inside. The children there performed some songs for us on our arrival and were excited and happy to see us. Myself and Amy, one of the girls from Ballyclare, quickly bonded with a seven year old boy named Teo. We began playing a bouncy ball game with him lt was amazing to see the sheer enjoyment and excitement he got lrom this simple game and he wouldn't let us stop for quite some time. We later played football with him and had a snowball

As we left we gave him some small presents, which he was delighted with and he seemed genuinely thanklul. lt still


amazed me how much enjoyment he and the other children were getting from such simple things. This becamea recurring thought throughout our week in Romania. We were confronted with the realisation of how little these people had but also how much our efforts were helping lhern. Coming home from Romania we were left no doubts that all our {undraising had been 100% worth it, but also that we had delinitely made small but life-changing differences in these peopies' lives.

Cormac Henry Romania lor me was unbelievable; it was one ol the most worthwhile and enjoyable weeks of rny life. Throughout the week we visited many people and places. I personally enjoyed the old peoples' home the most. Here, we received the warmest reception, and they were just so kind -they wanted nothing only

our company and attention for the short wile we were there.

Romania showed me a lot it taught me to treat everyone and everything I have with respect. I met many people in Romania; people who I had never even spoken to before. 'm really glad I gained

this experience. Sinead Rogers


LO6 |

St Parlnck s Co ege. lvlaghera

8Pt BR: MR: FR:


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St P.r:r.k s Co ege lvlagher.




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St Patnck s Co lege. |\,4aghera

BR: Aidan Woods, Gavin Toner, Cathair Glass, Shauneen Mullan, Conor Murphy, Grainne Ni Fhlannagiiin, Odhran Mccuckin, Oisan Hegarty, Aodhiin McKenna MR: Deirbhile McParland, Niamh Kelly, Niamh Pallraman, Natasha Lockhart, Emer Hegarty, Bronagh Begley, Shannon Burke, Shannon McGuckian, Sinead McDonald, Aoi{e McElwee FR: Ciaran O'Hagan, Darren McPeake, David Walsh, Cathal Mullholland, Niall Mawhinney, Philip O'Kane, Peter Hagan



Karl Quinn, Tony Molloy, Emma Mccrystal, Shannon Hunt, Sarah O'Kane, Nicole O'Loughlin, Paul McBride, Jamie Mcconigle, Ryan Harkin Brendan McGilligan, Kerry Mullan, Ciara McKee, Alisha Johnston, Orlagh O'Kane, Erin O'Kane, Shannon O'Kane, Sarah Grant, Emma Feeney, Christopher McKenna James Kerlin, Jonathon O'Dwyer, Conor Taggarl, Sean Quinn, Cormac O'Doherty, John Toner, Daryl Griffin







12At Bryan O'Kane, Patrick O'Connor, Connlan Bradley, Patrick McKenna. Hugh Mulholland, Ryan lvlcKenna. Patrick Campbell, Brian 0g Kearney Cahal O'Loan, Orla Glass. Emma Dillon, Sinead O'Kane, Catherine Morgan, Anne Bradley, Elaine Convery, Nicole McKee, Siobhan Barry, Mark Kelly, Mark Kelly Bronagh Maguire, Cathaoir McClenaghan, Steven Dillon, Michael James Groogan, Dominic Carville, Paul Kelly. Eunan O'Neill, Shona Mullan


1242 Anthony Mccurk, Sean Murray, Daniel Morgan, Aidan Glass, Diarmaid Kelly. Gavin Downey, Frankie Lagan, Dean Convery. Ciaran O'Neill, Aidan McGuigan, Ryan Conway, Christopher Bradley Kevin Hardy, Ronan Lowry, Oisin O'Doherty, Anna McMullan, Cara Cassady, Eimear Glass, Eoghan Mulholrana, Patrick Mullan. Ciaran Ferris Oonagh Devlin, Carla McFall, Kelly lvlcKeague, Camille NlcNicholl, Lauren Agnew, Jenna Rice. Rachel Mclylullan. Sarah Glass





ar: a, .ae.


t*t ! -:

1241 BR: MR:

FR: Abs:

Declan Donnelly, Christopher Henry, Martin McQuillan, Ciaran Farren. Joseph Bradley, Ciaran Kearney, Sean Dillon. Turlough Hendry Fergal McLaughlin, Ciaran lvlccrellis, Kerry-Ann Cunningham, Tracey Talbot, Emma McDonnell. Rose Marie Murphy, lvlarjanne Carey, Emma Rafferty, Sean Tohill Ashlene O'Kane, Caitlin Gribben, Laura Coyle, Jemma O'Kane, Shauna Moohan, Rachel Gribbon, cabrielle Mccirr, Niamh McErlane Ciara Mccrogan, Siobhan McKaigue

.iffil \ ":*!edw\


i4:i.+ p...| "'

!! r-iftri{i:ldsrtr \ ri${l\u


r .',,+.

BR: MR: FR: Abs:

7282 Michael Gormley, Orrie McPeake. Dean Bradley, Patrick Rogers, Enda Bradley, Connor Morgan Cathy McKenna, Conner lvlorren, lVlichael Corrigan, Fergal Kelly, lllartyna Konkol. Ryan Convery. Steven Hughes, Oran Quinn, Oeclan Og McFlynn. Jessica Anderson Orla Gallagher, Eilis Mulholland, Rachael Deery, Naamh McGlinchey, Emma Cassidy. Fiona Hart, Kathryn McKegney, Briege fvlccuckin, Ciara Quinn Owen lvlc Cusker, Una McGill


Sl Pat' (:( s 0o iege lvlagheri

7283 BR: MRI FR:


Carla O'Kane, Neill McAllister, Michael Hughes, Shea Glass. Michael Diamond, Karl Mufray, Caroline O'Connor Roisin Mccarry, Claire McGuigan, Nicola McAlary, Niamh McGrady, Eimear Birt, Bronagh Mackle, Rachael McCloskey, Danielle Martin Nuala Moohan, Orlaith Kelly, Ann Marie Logue, Carl McNicholl, Diarmuid McErlane, Orla McGillian, Maria McGuigan, Eilis Ni Chaiside Sean Carey, Lorna Crowe, Kerri Diamond, Sarah Louise McGrath, Nicole Mullan

BR: MRr FR: Abs:

72C7 Kevin McKeefry. Martin McKenna, Christopher Mullan, Noel O'Kane, Paddy O'Kane, Matthew lrwin, Craig chewning, Shauneen McAteer, Michaela Shaw, Nathan Deery, Michael Bradley, Christina Ramos, Grainne Dougan, Sheena Logue. Maeve McGill, Danielle Mccuckin' Lisa \ryaters, Niamh Hegarty Antoinette Deery, Ciaran Duggan, Mark McAtamney

St Patr ck s Co ece.

1rf2 IVI

Ryan McMullan, Aaron Flanagan, Christopher McErlean, Liam Og Magill, Michael Scott Stephen Mccuckin, Michael Convery , Sean Mccroggan, Christopher Wallace, Mark Mccusker, l-larry O'Kane


Cathal Dousan

BR: R: FR:

BR: FR: Abs:

Lauren O'Connell, Mary Teresa McCloskey, Laura Harkin, Shanice Mullan, Claire Mcoonald, Bronagh Mccoy

L2D Cahal Mcllvenny. Niall lllclernon, Chiistopher T McErlean, Gavin Doherty, Sean P McNally Nichola Mooney, Nicole Maguire

Kayleigh Bartlett, Gabriel McGill

12J Stephen McAtasney. Danielle Martin, Ryan Lelters, Christopher Taylor

S: l';,1r




ege l',/l;i'lhrrir

BR: fvlR: FR:


Tiarnan Boyle, Martin Butcher, Henry Cassidy, Eoin Burns Saorise Brady, Hugh Bradley, John Joe Cassidy, Martin Bond, Damaris Brennan Caoimhe Caldwell. Emily Birt. Orlagh Bradley, Ciara Averell, Catriona Cassidy, Patrice Chambers



Tomasz Farniok, Niall Collins, Fergal Devlin, Donagh Farren Aine Devlin, Oran Cleary, Shane Donnelly, Diarmuid Dillion, Colm Dillon, Bronagh Duffin Sinead Dillion, Ciara Murray, Finvola Devlin, Aileen Dillion, Tanya Conway Absenti Carol Donnelly, Alice Doherty, Kylia Doole



BR: lllR: FR:

Matthew Henry, Fergal Hegarty Caoimhe Hegarty. Patrice Hardy.Sheree Gribbon. Aoife Glass, Ciara Glass Aaron Ferson, Michaela Farren. Aisling Gallagher, Adele Gormley, Bliadhan Glass Absent: Ashling Forbes, Jade Hegarty



Maria McCann, Christopher Lagan, Liam Kearney, Helen lvladden Ciara Kelly, Gemma Hilman. Catherine Kerlin, Rachael Kealey Sarah Kerr, James Kelly, Sean Martin, Ryan Martin, Kara Hughes Absent: Naoishe Mccann, Niamh Kerr




Martin McElchar. Seamus McCloskey, Gavin Mcceehan. Steafan Mccloskey, Jarlath McGill, Daniel McCrystal

Maeve Mccillian, Bridgeen McCloskey. Niamh McGurk, Maressa McGilligan. Colleen McCloskey, Gemma McCullagh FR: Michaela McDevitt, Ciara Mccoy, Sinead lllccuckin, Jamie Mccarvey, Louise lvlccloy Absent: Christopher lllcKaigue, Helen McGlone

BR: lllR: FR:


Clare McLaughlin, Fergal McKenna, Fergal McQuillan, Adrian McKeever, Colm Murphy, Emma Murphy Michaela McMacken, Claire McKenna, Julie Montague, Roisin McKenna, Katrina McKernan, Erin McLaughlin,

Caitlin Mc Kenna Michelle McLaughlin, Louise McKenna, Emma lvlcKenna, Brona McKenna, Ciara McKegney, Maria Goretti McMullan. Catherine Mullan

St F'.tr c. s Co r:gc lulrg'r,r;,


Berach O'Hagan, Dominic O'Kane, Rory O'Kane, Darren O'Kane, Colm O'Kane Joanne O'Kane, Orlagh lvlcCloskey, Cailean O'Boyle, Maria O'Kane, Emma O'Kane, Niamh O'Doherty Arlene O'Hara, Aine O'Hagan, Cathy O'Kane, Donna O'Connor, Megan O'Donnell


Claire Rice, Mandy Scullion, John O'Kane, Thomas Quinn, Suzanne O'Kane, Caoimhe O'Neill Claire Sweeney, Nuala ward, Amy Scullion, Claire O'Neill, Megan Quinn, Sheena Quigley Kevin Quigg. Michael Toner. Michael O'Kane, Odhran Scott. Stephen O'Kane Absent; Shauna O'Kane,







Garret & Danielle Duggan, Emer & Oisin Hegarty Mark and Conor McAuley, Patrick & Michael McWilliams Colin & Daryl Griffin, Shannon & Shaunine BrollV



BR: Adrian McKeever, Aisling callagher, Niall Collins, Catherine Mullan, tvlichael O'Kane. Michael Toner (HB). FRr Aoife Glass (HG). Mrs A Scott, Tanya Conway




- - ^r


s -



Fergal O'Baoitl, Mrs AM Murray, Roseanne Hegarty, Siephanie McFaul, Caislin Boyle, Niamh Molloy, Nicola McGilligan, Kirsty Hughes Dervla McKenna, Laura Kelso, Lucy Clarke, Colleen Campbell' Clara Neeson (Missing from photo - Cormac Henry)

The Patrician Editorial Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed articles and photos and those who helped in any way towards the production of this year's magazine. A SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS MUST ALSO GO TO OUR MANY SPONSORS We hope you enjoy the Patrician 2008.



St Patrick's College, lvlaghera I

Ciara Averell

Emily Birt

Martin Bond

Throughout the past 7 years, I have made some great lriends,

Great claic and great memories.

Enjoyed the cfaic.

I will miss St Pats and them,

Tiarnan Boyle O77

49507326,........ Call met!!

Hugh Bradley

Orlagh Bradley

Time passes when you're having tun.

Great times!!

Saorise Brady

Damatis Brennan

Good times, Formal 2007, best

Eoin Burns

Had good times and bad.

I don't like this pictufe....... I nced my hair cut!!!

night ever, although can'l wait

to leave xxxx Miss ma wee torm buddies.

l'll miss people, but I will be glad to be moving on

St Patrick s College. Maghe

Martin Butcher

Caoimhe Caldwell

Catriona Cassidy

Red biro,

I have had good limes and bad. Can't wait to leave. Will miss my wee form class buddies.

Will miss most people. ilade so many triends

A-level Arl, there miss!

Had good and bad times.

I won't forget.

Henry Cassidy

John Joe Cassidy

Shape ot ms!

Not bad, not bad at a|1......,. suPPose.

Patrice Chambers I

Throughout the past 7 years have had some good



times and



.^^l rzt

Si Patr ck's College, Maghera


Oran Cleary

Niall Collins

Tanya Conway

Many good times but I wouldn't do il again,

This school taught me one thing. "l'm unique iust like

Had an unreal time this past lwo years, the hard work has definitely been worth it.

everyone else"

Made many good friends and memories that I will keep with me throughout my years.

Aine Devlin

Fergal Devlin

Finvola DeYlin

I've only been here two ysars, but have made lots of good friends ihat l'll really miss and have had some lethal claic here!

iladc some great triâ&#x201A;Źnds.

I'Ye had some good times at St Pal's and have made some unreal triends too. l'll miss it but, hey, roll on Beltasl. p.s. we luv Pat!

Aileen Dillon

Colm Dillon

Diarmuid Dillon

Good times!

Yesh!! Good times.

Yssh!! Good timGs.

St Patrick's College, Maghera

Sinead Dillon

Alice Doherty

Carol Donnelly

Enjoyed the craic.

Great friends, great craic!

Can't believe it's all ovef!!

Memories fot lite.

Shane Donnelly

Kylia Doole

Bronagh Duffin

It only got bctter with time,

The ertra yeaf really was the best; well worth coming back.

Good two years in lite, met tots of new friends.

Tomasz Farniok

Donagh Farren

People arc born tired and llve


to râ&#x201A;Źst...

been an enjoyable erperience. I will actually miss this place as I have good friends and memories lrom here. Good times!

llme at St Patrick's has

Ciara Murray 8 years at St Pat's..... how many people can say that! Roll on

Beltasi, it's been a long time coming. Rs, We luv Pat!



St Patrick s College, Maghera

Michaela Farren

Aaron Ferson

Ashling Forbes

Had 7 great years; St Pat's will

Mel so many new friends, will miss them all.

cood luck to the class ot 2008.

definitely be missed.

Aisling Gallagher

Aoife Glass

Bliadhan Glass

7 years gone... Some good times,.,. And some great lriends!!!

So many memories, so little time.

some greai times....,..,, Brilllani memories tor the rcst ol my

Head girl, Romanla, Grease...




Ciara Glass

Adele Gormley

Sheree Gribbon

Good craic for 7 yeals.

Enjoyed my 7 years here at St Pat's.

Greal times.

Camogie det the besl times. Tae and bickies in

Good times.



St Patrick's College, Maghera

Patrice Hardy Great experience

Caoimhe Hegarty


besl decision to move lor 6th year, Yvish I had chance to spend full 7 years in St Patlick's, rathel ihan only trYo!!

Enjoyed my time at St Pal's!

Jade Hegarty

Matthew Henry

Had some good times.

As Keyin Rubber once said, 'Good times.' Ttaz?

Thanks St Pat's.



St Pairick's College, l\4aghera

Gemma Hilman

Kara Hughes

Rachael Kealey

Had a good two years.

While craic! Gunna miss it!

lor seven yeaE.

Met a lot of friends here. Enjoyed the craic!!

I've been to the College Dreading getting up lor school in lhe mornings has now come to an end. Had an enioyable

experience and mel friends that I vvill have forevet

Liam Kearney

Giara Kelly

James Kelly

what's the craic xelly? You for Hungry Jack's al dinner

Greal craic ....,, soms of the

Not a lot Kearney.


I dunno at all yet sit about the feed, might go to Toners, while


good value.

That's deluxe!

Catherine Kerlin

Niamh Kerr

Sarah Kerr

Made some good lriends here! Enjoyed the craic.

Enioyed my tims hele and enioyed the crack.

tootball & camogle for the

Enloyâ&#x201A;Źd thâ&#x201A;Ź craic and playing

school! OOH AAH MAGHERA!!!

St Patrick's College, Maghera

Christopher Lagan

Helen Madden

Ryan Martin

In my time at St Pat's I met many great people - lriends for lite. Great erperiences - good

Made plenty ot memories none

Good laughs!

of which lcan mind.


Sean Martin

Maria Mccann

Naoishe Mccann

Loved St Palrlck's College, so much fun, going to miss all my chums.

Made loads of good friends.

Was good craic.

Mel loads ol new friends,



St Patrick's College, Maghera

Bridgeen McGloskey Two years

of tun and meeting

Colleen McCloskey

Seamus McCloskey

Good timesl!!

Good memories.

Louise McCloy Hasn't been allthat bad! Going

Time at St Pat's iust like a

new people. A good erperience,

Steafan McCloskey Good times.

to miss everyone here!

Giara McCoy bungee lt|mp - lill€d wlth highs and lows but what an erperience, a real good time, u ntorgettable !

Daniel McCrystal

Gemma McCullagh

Michaela McDevitt

Enjoyed the craic.

Good tim€s, vrlll miss it!

Gleat memorles; trom g€tting to go to Romrnia, 'SAn 07' and the week that the Comenlus Group had with all tho Europeans .-.,... Great tl1ne3!!!




Never torget the experience and my friends from St Pat s.

Jarlath McGill ..THOSE ARE MY SHOES''

Jamie McGarvey

Gavin McGeehan

Good timesl

Greal experience, met some good peopre.

Maeve McGillian

Meressa McGilligan

Great memories shared with great peoplel Maghera Abu!

Really going to miss the place. good times.

ristopher McKaigue

Helen McGlone

Sinead McGuckin

Niamh McGurk


Good times, met new people and made good friends.

Glad to be gone!

Can't believe it's over...roll on Belfast!!

Mc Cormick Crip Champs '07. great day!


St Patrick's College, Maghera

Brona McKenna

Adrian McKeever

Ciara McKegney

No craic up here Murphy!

So many great memories lo take from school between the shows to the friends I made. Has been

Any room down thefe?

a brilliant seven years, sad to go.



My experience at Si Pat's has been one to remember, from 1st year to 5th form. I have delinitely many memories to take with me, Haw met some

unreal people through the years who I will not be in a hurry to foiget. l'll be sorry to leave.

Gaitlin McKenna

Claire McKenna

Emma McKenna

How much....?

I haye some great memories to take trom this school, that I will

I had loads of fun here, have some great memories, I'll be sorry to leave.

never forget.

St Pat's has enabled me to make best triends for life. I am

proud lo have been a student here, and will be sad to leave.

Katrina McKernan

Clare McLaughlin

Erin Mclaughlin

Goes the whole way around the world, just to gel down the road.

St Pat's vrooo! Made the best ol lriends and haye the best

llade 3ome great friends.

memories. Roll on unil

St Patrick's College,

Michelle McLaughlin

Michaela McMacken

Good times!!!

Great times. Lots of laughs..... will miss the class of 2008.


Fergal McQuillan

Julie Montague

Gatherine Mullan

Happy Days!

Lored the place!!

Big shout out to Mr J O'Kane!!!

Colm Murphy

Emma Murphy

Good time6, will mi8s-th! placel 6th Form and 5OB ABUI

to Mr Cunningham!

Big shout out G'Luck to ye!!




St Patrick's College, Maghera |

Orlagh McCloskey

Cailean O Boyle

Donna O Connor

Glad I stayed on a year. Will miss everybody, can't wait for london!

Good iimes. will miss the placel 5th Form and 5OB AB0!

Enioyed my time at St, Pat's.

Niamh O Doherty

Megan O Donnell

Aine O Hagan

Curtains finally closing; it was quite a shovi, very entertaining!!

Good times.

Made Eome amazing triends.

Cathy O Kane

Colm O Kane

what's a penguin's aunl called? Aunt Altica.

3rd t8ar Flâ&#x201A;Źnci class with A.lene marrying her pens 8nd

Arlene O Hara lst -5th year great


pencil3, (shG's still doing it)

St Patrick's College,

Darren O Kane

Dominic O Kane

Enjoyed the crai6!

Me too!


Emma O Kane I hope ldon't look like this all the time!

Joanne O Kane

Maria O Kane

Rory O Kane

Did the iob!!!

I have my time done now!

Some might describe me as a veteran of this place. Been around her half ot my days. True.





St Patrick's College, Maghera

Sorcha Boardman

John O Kane

Michael O Kane

Obviously I can't get enough ot this place. Lol good times and cool peps, much love.


Really enioyed my years here.

John O'Kane lf found please relurn to Tommy

Good luck to the class of 2008!

Quinn ASAP Lol@Mandy+Sorcha+Kevy

Shauna O Kane

Stephen O Kane

Suzanne O Kane

Best 7 years! Met the best

Yes..... I am this tidy in real

Never laughed so much in my life. Si Pat's will bâ&#x201A;Ź missed!!

friends and some good



Caoimhe O Neill

Claire O Neill

Some great memories especially Romania.

Kevin Quigg

Had a ball ot a lime,..

Only joined in lowar slnh, piles

Met my best friends here,

ot great times + grcat friends madâ&#x201A;Ź!

St Patrick's College, Maghera

Sheena Quigley

Megan Quinn

Thomas Quinn

Came here in lower 6th and I loved il, can't believe my 2 years ale finished. Made some gfeat lriends and memolies going to miss it.

Moved here in lower silth madg great lriends and great memories. Solry to be leaving, but glad to be moving on!!

Wasn't bad crack!

Claire Rice

Odhran Scott

Amy Scullion

Best 7 years eYer! Will

I'm t€lling l,lammyl

Had a ball of a timel

definitely mls3 it!

andy Scullion l[ada some great tri€nds.

Claire Sweeney

Michael Toner

Nuala Ward

scllool times= happy times!!! Great memori€s and great

The past 7 years just flew by. Never laughed as much as ldid here, Really going to miss it.

Had a ball of a time,




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