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THE SCHOLARS 2012-2013 Newsletter #1

An Introduction--Know About Us!

We hope that you enjoyed our first morning assembly presentation last Thursday and that we have effectively shared with you the scope of our passions! The Scholars is a student group which aims at promoting the passion for learning. We love knowledge, and we want to share this love with you all. This year, we have in total twenty in-school Scholars, from F.4-6. Read our short introductions below to know more about each of us! (Order according to Class and Class number)


David Chong


I am a dedicated learner who is always eager to know more. I have a passion in unraveling the marvels of mathematics and sciences, both in the beauty of the symmetries, and the perplexity of the asymmetries. Academics aside, I also have an interest in games, and in particular, card games. Although I am not a good card player, I enjoy the elegance of the designs of card games, and may sometimes remark on poor designs as well. In my opinion, everything can be a learning process and intellectual pursuits should not be limited to the field of academics. 4F

Derrick Ng


Whenever I look at things, my mind asks itself this question – why are things the way they are? It is sheer curiosity that spurs me on to learn more. Biology and chemistry fascinates me a lot, particularly genetics and organic chemistry. In short, I’m inseparable from science. I also like psychology and philosophy, to mention some of my other areas of interest. Most importantly, I am always ready to share my interests with all of you! 4G

Victoria Kwok


What is 'nothing'? Can it exist without 'something'? Why do we need history? Is the Law truly unbiased? These are just a few of the questions that have recently been reverberating in my mind. I find that my learning is not a quest, but rather a journey - a journey towards an answer that I may never come to. It may seem inane, yet it is through this long and never-ending journey that I have furthered my understanding and interest in writing, philosophy, politics, history and more. With the greatest pleasure, I hope to share this passion with you all. 2


Edie Chan


My academic interest lies in the science subjects, chemistry in particular. To summarise my character, I am someone who is still trying his best to admit all of his mistakes and correct them. In every aspect of my life (especially my study in chemistry), mistakes appear all the time. Therefore, I hope to improve on my shortcomings as a Scholar this year with the aid of my fellow schoolmates, through discussions in the future. 5A

Manton Woo


I am Manton Woo of 5A. I regard music as a kid of art that cannot be hung up on the wall, which exists as an inseparable part of life, something rather similar to warm breezes and comforting embraces; something comparable to effective medicine and caring friends… Yet the sense of music is nowhere to be sought for - it is deep within every single one of us. 5A

Priscilla Cheng


I always wonder “why” when I see anything around me. I love science, especially life sciences such as biology and ecology. I like studying the Earth and life on this wonderful planet. I also appreciate chemistry and physics a lot because of their complexly structured ideas. Science is always successful in leading me to ponder about the nature of everything and even ancient civilizations’ mysteries and technologies. I really look forward to sharing my passion with all of you! 5A

Gladys Poon


Even though I was a junior secondary student, I was more inclined towards literature, especially Chinese literature, which I read about in most of my free time. I have observed that this is common among girls. Most likely it is due to our maturity at an earlier stage and for me, personally my upbringing; my father is an enthusiastic lover of the Chinese culture and literature. However in the course of my growing life, my interest in science has also been growing. I discover more and more about the nature of knowledge. To me, physics is as poetic as poems can be and the feelings of being awed at the thought that the beauty of two seemingly unrelated subjects can be one and the same.



Hampton Tao


Words are one of the two forms of human expression I am particularly obsessed with. In literature, the ways of expressing ourselves are limitless (though you must know the rules before you can break them!) Distilling centuries’ worth of literature into bits and pieces that particularly resonate with and touch me has been, I believe, an extremely pleasurable task that I would very much like to share with you all. Yet I am learning. Ancora Imparo. 5F

Peter Wang


How do things work? How are they related to each other? Why are they so? I find myself asking these questions as I see everything around me. Science is my passion. I especially love biological and chemical sciences, and my interests lie particularly in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry. Apart from sciences, I also like philosophy and theory of knowledge. I'd love to discuss with you all about anything. Let's share our interests! 5F

Joyce Fung


I won’t say I can’t live without art because that’s simply a lie. But take art away from me, and I’ll plunge down a million miles. (Believe me, true story.) What I love about art is that even if there’re birds flying still higher up in the sky, when you’re creating art, a whole wide world exists only for you. And you know in that one indefinable moment, no one can ever replace you. 5F

Stephanie Wu


I am very excited to join the dynamic group of Scholars this year and I hope to engage in many insightful conversations with my schoolmates. I am interested in Science subjects such as Chemistry. The wonderful colours that have first fascinated me several years back have not lost their effect on me and I am very keen to share and learn more from my peers. Furthermore, I am increasingly interested in Spanish, both the language and the culture. I remember reading City of the Beast in Form One, the very first Latin American novel which I read, and from there onwards, I have come across other captivating Spanish literature. I am looking forward to the exciting year ahead! 4


Zachariah Lee


In terms of personal interests, I believe I have quite a diverse range indeed. Within the field of academia, I am passionately interested in the Sciences, in particular the esoteric facets of molecular biology. On the other hand, I also revel in discussing some especially sensitive (ahem) moral and ethical dilemmas with fellow classmates. Of course, I can’t leave out my – sometimes excessive – love for the art of debating. 5G

Zita Chan


No man is an island, entire of itself. Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.’ ~ John Donne I am Zita Chan from 5G, a new member of the Scholars. I am interested in Chinese and English literature, and in particular Humanities subjects like Economics, History and Psychology. No man exists in complete solitude; thus, it is my obligation to fathom the everyday lives of the human race. Humanities are more than knowledge: it is a study of life. I possess no exceptional talent, only an open mind and a humble heart. I wish to express how grateful I am to be part of the Scholars. 5G

Evangeline Tsui


I’m an avid reader, a maniac when it comes to sports and a patron of different forms of art. Those who know me would find me too energetic most of the time and that’s actually true- my parents did have a hard time settling me in bed when I was little. At the same time, I’m easily absorbed in a good book, movie or musical. Last thing- my name is Evangeline!


Douglas Choi


My areas of interest can be very diverse: I am fascinated by how dynasties rose and fell one after another in the 5000-year history of China, as well as how countries are run under different political systems. At other times I devote my interest to the enormous world of science, studying how chemicals react and organs work together. 5


Sydney Lam


Three centuries ago, the respected scholar Rene Descartes advocated ‘scepticism’ as the foundation of academic pursuit. To me, satiating our inherently sceptical minds with logical deduction is the primary objective of learning, but it is also a process of challenging conventional ideas for the exploration of truth. While possessing interests in various areas, Chemistry and Biology are the most appealing subjects to me. I sincerely hope that I can help spread the passion for learning in the school community.


Koe Cheng


I am most interested in how some seemingly different ideas interact with one another. One subject that represents my passion would be Liberal Studies, since various academic areas such as psychology, science and politics are often involved in the study of social issues. I also enjoy learning languages because they reflect the cultures and values of the people using them. Overall, I would love to “learn something about everything and everything about something”.


Jane Wang


My major academic interest lies in Chinese while Mathematics and other science subjects also appear fascinating to me. Having been a member in The Scholars for one year, I am totally inspired by the enthusiasm of fellow scholars and am eager to continue sharing my passion this year. Learning is a life-long process in which one acquires new knowledge and transfers it to daily use. It will be my greatest honour to share my knowledge with all scholars and schoolmates through exciting activities in this year ahead.



Brian Ng


I am Brian Ng from 6F. Science is amazing to me as they generalize knowledge and organize our world in an elegant and systematic way. However, it is only possible to appreciate science with an open mind as scientific theories may interpret the world from a counter-intuitive approach. I am also interested in Chinese medicine as its medical theories can explain a variety of physiological phenomenon in our daily lives. 6F

Mak Hoi Kay Esther


Although I have a wide range of interests, my passion lies in the social sciences, especially in economics and international relations. To make connections, draw distinctions, or consider implications between multiple arguments are not only challenging but also stimulating. I endeavor to read more, think more, and question more – learning is a pleasurable journey and I believe you will find it as fascinating as I do.

In our later newsletters, we will feature special articles written by individual Scholars. Moreover, we will also include articles from our schoolmates. Thus, we invite you all to send your inspiring articles to us! Also, we’d love to receive suggestions for the themes of the up-coming newsletters and small group discussion activities. Tell us what you want! Stay tuned for more newsletters!


The Scholars 2012-2013 Newsletter #1  

Want to know more about The Scholars? Read the first newsletter of the school year! Enjoy!