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SPCC March - April


HONG KONG BATTLE OF THE BOOKS and let the games begin!




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TOP PATRONS OF THE MONTH Dear schoolmates, You may have heard of our 'Battle of the Books' team, whether through eClass, announcements, or the activities. However, do you know what they actually do? Each year, the Hong Kong Battle of the Books committee will organise the Battle of the Books competition: in the competition, participants will have to answer questions based on the books that they had read before the competition. Our school send out a team annually, and although they have not won thst place in the past [fat check needed], all the members enjoyed the experience immersely. If you would like to know more about the team and their weekly meetings, read on in this issue! Happy reading!

Duncan Yuen, Head-Librarian

introducing... TICs:

Our Team! Chairperson:


3B Leanna Jackson

Miss Huang

5B Grace Chan

Miss Wong


Art and Design Coordinator: 3B Chloe Yeung Treasurer: 3C Jemimah Russell Secretary: 3D Angelina Pang Liaison and Publicity Director: 3D Nicole Wong Internal Affairs Coordinator: 3D June Wong External Affairs Coordinator: 3E Helen Wong

the Battle of the Books!

The HK Battle of the Books competition was introduced since 1999. It is a live schoolon-school battle about reading trivia, designed to encourage reading, develop teamwork skills, and expose themselves to different varieties of books. Our school is not an exception to joining this competition, and if you are F1-F3, with an interest for approaching different writing genres and a knack for trivia, then consider signing up for the Battle of the Books group!


other Teams!!! King George V School (Host) Yew Chung International School Creative Secondary School Nord Anglia International School American School Hong Kong Shatin College

Group A

St Stephen’s College Preparatory School (Host) French International School Victoria Shanghai Academy Hong Kong International School St Paul’s Co-Educational College Harbour School

Group B

PLK Choi Kau Yan School (Host) Renaissance College South Island School Delia School of Canada

Group C

German Swiss International School (Host) Canadian International School Carmel School Discovery College Independent Schools Foundation Academy Kiang Su – Che Kiang College

Group D

Harrow International School (Host) Kellett School International Christian School Hong Kong Academy HKUGA College West Island School

Group E

Cheers to our warriors! Karson Chan, Charisse Moy, Daniella Issa, Ally Yiu, Jasmine Kwok, Serene Zhai, Annette Shum, Alice Gao, Wu Chi Mei, Alistair Lam, Serena Chu, Charlotte Ng, Thomas Ng, Ivy Wong, Stephanie Kam, Jocelyn Tsang, Brittany Wong, Cyrus Chan

Recent friendly match with HKUGA College! Date: 10th April Venue: LT of SPCC

Library newsletter April 2018  
Library newsletter April 2018