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SPCC library ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ●Book recommendation ●

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SPCC library ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ●Book recommendation ●

Book Recommendation

Twenties Girl is a non-fiction book about Lara, who is an imaginative woman, struggling her business but just got tricked by her business partner and has broken up with her boyfriend. Enter Sadie; Lara’s aunt, suddenly appears before her, requesting her to find a beloved necklace. The whole story is narrated by Lara and is extremely enjoyable, particularly when Sadie comes into the picture and Lara wonders if she’s going mad. Not only does Lara need to find her necklace, but she also has to satisfy Sadie by making friends with a handsome guy- Ed. On the other hand, I think it was hilarious when Lara decided to spy of her ex-boyfriend Josh and she kicked his table – that had me laughing out loud. Lara was funny, outgoing, and of course blithe. For me, the real protagonist of the book was Sadie. I thought Sadie is a lovely character – sunny, talkative and nice. She is rather prone to teenage strops. I enjoyed finding out why the Dragonfly necklace was so precious to her and who took it. She reveals her life stories and greatly describes the Twenties. I think Sophie Kinsella is quite good in describing details of a character, which certainly gives a vivid image to readers. Additionally, I think she has done much research about the historical customs, such that she could give great details about the customs in the past. I have got to say that the ending gave me tears in my eyes. Although I know that Sadie is going to disappear after she had found necklace, I was in tears when I finished the last page of the story. This is really an outstanding book – making me laugh and cry. I am sure it’s one of the best books written by Sophie Kinsella and I am looking forward to seeing her new books. By Cheung Lok Mang Bebob 5C

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