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october 2012


St. Paul Community Baptist Church

David K. Brawley, Lead Pastor


859 Hendrix Brooklyn, NY 11207 718.257.1300


Who are we?

By Jada Regester | Team Q JV

Quiver is the youth ministry of St. Paul Community Baptist Church. In Quiver, also known as Team Q, we do bible study, community service and fun trips. Quiver is my family and I love them. Quiver helped me find friends and eventually, my best friends Imani, Joanne, and Eden. Every Tuesday, we are in bible study and sometimes we have over 50 people. Minister Jerry Simmons does bible study for Team Q Varsity (ages 14 to 18) and Junior Varsity (ages 9 to 13). Ms. Shannon Meminger teaches Little League (ages 4 to 8). We have learned so much, from the meaning of grace, why Jesus cursed the fig tree

and what it means to live out the purpose God has for us, to Abraham’s obedience to God & how his son Isaac trusted his father and his Heavenly Father.

Suite... A Healing Journey. We have helped with Habitat for Humanity, Cool Kidz (a Back to School event for the youth and their Parents in Imagine U, Team Q and selected Homeless Shelters) and other projects at St. Paul and in the community. If you have children bring them to Quiver. We are a family and welcome everyone on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. We welcome YOU with open arms. So come out, it will change your life because it has changed mine.

As Team Q, some of us work in the church’s onsite nursery - My Imagination ChildCare The ministry name Center, Inc., at the Imagine QUIVER U Freedom School summer can be found in Psalm 127:5 literacy program, and you “Happy is the man who has his see us ministering in the quiver full of them; They shall praise team or through dance, in the theatrical not be ashamed, But shall speak productions “Beyond the with their enemies in the gate.” Cross”, “Unto Us A Child Is Born” or The MAAFA

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012


school. I had better days than usual "’Amateurs practice until they get it and honestly, started doing better in certain classes. The reason why I right; however, professionals say this is because after becoming a practice until they can’t get it member I most definitely knew that wrong.’ My mum got that from I had God on my side. somewhere and I've loved it ever since!” Eden Sanaa Duncan I still have to work hard and be Smith | Team Q JV aware of every decision I make paying attention to be sure what “College can the best time of your I’m doing is what God would have life or the worst. It is up to you to me to do. For a teenage girl, that is hard to do but, I understand the manage your social life, studying, and extra curricular activities. Will rewards are greater. it be hard? Of course, that’s life, Coping with Stress just come home with a degree." By Khalifa Francois | Team Q Quintin Thomas | Team Q Varsity Varsity Freshman at Morehouse College I have to face many challenges as a teenage girl. A journey I’m taking with every other teenage girl out What’s Going On? there, we all have ups and downs while growing and Being...A developing into young Teenage Girl “Be anxious for nothing, women. We have to By Christie but in everything by make decisions while Ferdinand | Team Q prayer and balancing school, Varsity supplication, with work and family life, thanksgiving, let your As a teenage girl, requests be made known believe it or not, stress getting baptized and is a key factor in our to God.” joining a church can lives, too. Philippians 4:6 be challenging. You Additional have to meet new stress factors for a people and get used to the way the teenager include peer pressure, church runs; its just like joining a friendships, bullying, challenges new school in the middle of the with work or managing classwork/ year. Being a teenage girl is not as homework, relationships and our easy as it may seem. You have individual family dynamics. While adults say things like “you don’t have anything to stress about” or “I went through the same thing, I wasn’t born yesterday...”, they fail to realize that everyone copes with issues in different ways, even teenagers. Stress also causes teenagers to live a life of uncertainty, putting the stresses of life on their shoulders and truly many distractions and temptations. missing the point. They can miss Some girls worry and focus on their out on expressing their abilities and skills, receiving the blessings and hair and nails, always trying to look perfect. Some girls care about grace from God because they are focusing on hardships. Life is their reputation and how people meant to be enjoyed and lived to look at them, even feeling that joining a church is uncool. Others, the fullest. To help us (teenagers) like myself, do not see the problem succeed in life, it helps to have with it. positive influences to be around us. This includes friends, associates When I became a member at St. and most importantly, family. Paul, I started to do better in Rather than experiencing broken


homes alone, disloyal friendships, and teachers who are inadequate and unable to educate us, we need people who are motivating and willing to listen to us. We want/ need someone in our lives that is willing to give constructive criticism so it can be easier to cope with our stress. Grandparents Day Some Of Our Best Friends By D. Simmons | Team Q Youth Leader Over the past year, some in our Team Q family have had to endure the transition of their grandparents. Through it all, these students have shown up and been present in church, at MAAFA production rehearsals/in other ministries while being supportive of each other and their parents. In the midst of the turmoil and the pain, God will see you through. I know because I am child who has lost a grandmother who was one of my best friends and a grandfather, who while growing up was the first male figure that I knew. As I reflect and I ask you to join me, we can focus our attentions on the memories of fresh baked pies, a hot house but loving atmosphere, love & laughter and the life lessons that they leave with us. I ask you to embrace the good about them and learn from their mistakes. Everyone teaches us good and bad from their successes, relationships, flaws and communication. Lastly, in the present here and now, love and respect those walking with us today. Take time to talk to an Elder or a SPCBC grandparent. They have some wisdom and knowledge that we need to continue on...


TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Freedom School

Reading is Fundamental By Nivea James | Team Q Varsity The SPCBC Imagine U Freedom School is NOT a summer camp. It is similar to “regular” school with a focus on reading. It is a wonderful, necessary program since many kids neglect reading during the summer and subsequently, don’t build upon their vocabulary. The Leading Lady of St. Paul Community Baptist Church, Debra Brawley started Imagine U Freedom School in 2011. St. Paul’s Leading Lady, Mrs. Debra Brawley photo: Robert Munroe

This year, she had Ms. Shea (SPCBC Member Shannon Meminger) and Michael Whitfield “Big Mike” (Imagine Me Leadership Charter School 2nd grade teacher) working with her. Freedom Schools were originally temporary, alternative free schools for African Americans, located mostly in the South. They were also a part of a nationwide effort during the Civil Rights Movement to organize African Americans to achieve social, political and economic equality in the United States. As a staff person, I had fun and could be myself. It is rewarding work; however, it was also an opportunity to make new friends. We helped each other and operated as a team. If a Junior Servant Leader (like me) needed help, the more senior staff were always willing to assist.


The Freedom School model divides the learning into 3 levels. In Level 1, there are the students from grades K-2nd grade, Level 2 has the 3rd -5th graders and Level 3 has the 6th-8th grade. As a Junior Servant Leader, I worked with Level 1. Sometimes you can’t understand them because they haven’t developed their communication skills and some are just shy. The way they process information is also interesting. However, I was successful in my role and am grateful for the learning experience. In conclusion, Freedom School helps students build up their

vocabulary through reading but, it also builds and develops youth workers like me. The Children's Defense Fund grew out of the Civil Rights Movement under the leadership of Marian Wright Edelman. The first Black woman admitted to the Mississippi Bar, Mrs. Edelman directed the NAACP Legal Defense and she worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. In 1969, Mrs. Edelman began the Washington Research Project, a public interest law firm that monitored federal programs for low-income families and, out of that initiative, she founded the Children's Defense Fund in 1973. The CDF Freedom Schools program provides summer and after-school enrichment that helps children fall in love with reading, increases their self-esteem, and generates more positive attitudes toward learning. Children are taught using a model curriculum that supports children and families around five essential components: high quality academic enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; intergenerational leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health. Training is provided on the Haley Farm; a beautiful 157-acre farm that once belonged to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alex Haley. Purchased in 1994 by the Children's Defense Fund, Haley Farm is a warm, welcoming bucolic retreat consisting of guest cottages, chapel, meeting lodge and library. The facility connects young leaders and activists with the glorious heritage of the struggle for freedom, and is where policy makers and community builders come to connect, recharge their spiritual and physical batteries, and brain. Source for final 2 paragraphs:

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Great Opportunities: Team Q Junior Varsity and Varsity By Team Q Leadership

The International Humans in Space Purdue University: Freshman Scholarships: Youth Art Competition encourages youth to “Be Inspired, Creative and Heard.” We ask them to think about the future of human space flight and to creatively. Young people from 10 to 18 years of age can submit visual, literary, musical and video artwork expressing their vision of how humans will use science and technology in the future to explore space and uncover its mysteries. The winning artwork will be woven into displays and performances designed to relay the youth artists’ messages to other young people and adults around the world. Submission date: Midnight October 21, 2012. Competition winners will receive awards and have their art displayed and performed worldwide. Major events include the 19th International Academy of Astronautics’ Humans in Space Symposium in Cologne, Germany, July 2013 and locations across the United States associated with NASA’s “50 Years of Solar System Exploration” Celebration from August 2013August 2014. Artwork will also be continuously displayed in our online gallery. For additional information contact online go to:

Jasmine Lockley volunteering for Team Q/Habitat for Humanity. Far right: Malaya Benjamin



Michigan State: Arthur C. and Lois D. Kittleson Endowed Scholarship Awarded to a student who is majoring in a premedicine or education major; preference is given to students based on academic achievement, financial need; out-of-state residency status, and previous military or public service (peace corps) experience. scholarships_nonResident.asp#outside Michigan State: Earvin Magic Johnson Scholarship Endowed by the Los Angeles Lakers Awarded to a limited number of students based on academic achievement, financial need, and demonstrated leadership in extra-curricular activities and community involvement. scholarships_specificCriteria.asp

University of Minnesota: Presidential Scholarship $1,000 - $10,000 each year for Purdue University: The Law Enforcement four years. Academic performance, Personnel Children's Scholarship For a child outstanding leadership, creativity, community of Law Enforcement Personnel or a child involvement, and contribution to diversity whose parent is deceased but was a member of Law Enforcement Personnel. The Application Upcoming Events and Activities for this scholarship will be available December By Jane Lockley | Team Q Youth Leader For all our sports fans who love to play 1st for the 2013-14 academic year h t t p : / / w w w . p u r d u e . e d u / d f a / s a n d g / basketball and football (male & female), start honing your skills to prepare for our upcoming announce_pu.php Hoops for Hope Basketball Tournament and Team Q Flags for Football Events.   You don’t want to miss out on these events!  Listen & watch out announcements & more information! Lastly, we’re excited about planning for specific age appropriate workshops and activities for the three Team Q Divisions as well as College Tours.  We don’t want you to miss out on a thing! With God’s Blessings, we’re Expecting More under the leadership of our youth minister, Minister Jerry Simmons, and our Lead Pastor Rev. David K. Brawley.

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Essential Piece Team Q

please sign up in the Central Office.

By Jane Lockley | Team Q Youth Brooklyn Public Library - If you are 14+ go to the Brooklyn Leader

We are excited about the SPCBC Essential Piece movement! This is an opportunity to give back to our community, build great skills, connect with some good people and truly live up to our name as the St. Paul COMMUNITY Baptist Church. Team Q is encouraged to sign up for and complete volunteer activities on a regular basis; there will be opportunities posted and announced for which you can participate. In addition to the altruistic reasons for participating, Team Q youth are now required to have volunteer hours to participate in Team Q activities and trips.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Public Library website to sign up for a 2 -3 hour commitment per week for three to six months to be a Computer Coach, Welcome Ambassador, Read Aloud Troubadour and more!

Unless someone like you cares a whole, awful lot. Things aren' t going to get better, they're NOT! -- Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

New York Cares – Youth Service Clubs – Our awardwinning program engages thousands of students from underserved high schools through service learning and volunteer YSOctober2012Project.pdf activities. Group Volunteer Opportunities – SPCBC Opportunities These projects give • Deaf Ministry New York City high • Aspire schools and • Team Q Griot c o m m u n i t y • Assimilation Ministry organizations that • Administrative are not already part of our Youth Service Essential Piece Contacts! Club program the Monica Britton opportunity to do a one-time ext. 123 service learning and volunteering (or) projects. Rev. MarQuerita Story ext. 445

VOTER OUTREACH - On Election Day 11/6/12, as part of Pastor’s Projects, St. Paul will be a Voter Mobilization Unit responsible for directing people to the polling sites.  Drivers will also be needed to transport people if GroupVolunteerOppsApplication.pdf necessary. All those interested,

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King


TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Each Morning I Pray Discovering Curtis Jones

By D. Simmons | Team Q Youth Leader As we find ourselves at the culmination of MAAFA 2012, it would be a grave oversight not to acknowledge the work, creativity and spirit in the life of our directorCurtis Jones. On the surface, he directed a great production, people were moved and the story of our ancestors was clear, poignant, raw and real.  There is more than what you may have realized.   Young Curtis Jones is from East New York where he lived until the age of 8.   His family made their home in Virginia where he currently resides.  His childhood was filled with the trials of being a young black man living in America and the draw to "pharmaceuticals"; perhaps, it was the wrong crowd, a bad decision or seeking out something missing in his life.  Everything happens for a reason.   After High School, Curtis attended Long Island University and studied pharmacy by trade. When God began to change his life and redirect his path, he began to write. So, for

Team Q Varsity member Diasia Robinson rehearsing her ensemble piece “Freedom After Fire” (cast members not pictured: Brianna McIntosh, Crystal Kettrell and Nicole Duncan Smith)


Curtis to be the stage manager for the Langston Hughes Black Nativity. Curtis not knowing anything about stage management was concerned.  Jesse said, "Don't worry I will teach you."  There were over 150 technical cues that contributed to his introduction to getting off the stage and behind the scenes.  

Curtis Jones (l), 2012 MAAFA Director with Keir Nelson (r), Assistant Director & Actor who brought to life MAAFA Suite....A Healing Journey production scene “Blood On The Leaves”

those of you paying close attention to the MAAFA Suite...A Healing Journey production, the opening piece "Each Morning I Pray" was written by none other than Curtis Jones. There is the feeling that this was his truth from his personal prayer closet; adapted for the telling of the story of our ancestors. It includes the ebbs and flows of what they may have felt, as we discover properties of water including it's strength and unrelenting anger as it received our ancestors into the oceans. Writing is truly a gift he has displayed over the years as we see in audience favorites “Hog Killing Time” and “Blood On The Leaves” (an adaptation done in

Blurting out his hearts desire once again, Curtis said he would love to direct a big production.  Even though he also felt like he had a teacher inside of him and, coming from a legacy of preachers and a father who was a member of the Elder Board at St. Paul, Curtis was clear that his ministry did not involve youth.  Soon after, Linda Murrell (one of our current Women's Ministry leaders) said that he would direct the annual Resurrection production"He Got Up" in the next year.  Former Quiver Ministry leader, the late Elder Robert Hooks asked him to direct the holiday youth production “Unto Us”. collaboration with former SPCBC Drama Curtis found himself every year for Ministry Director, Jesse Wooden) and other projects like "The Joint" based on the 10 years resisting the call to direct: he directed it each year for 10 years. music of Quincy Jones. His foray   into acting included “Ship To Curtis' training involved watching Shore” (also in the MAAFA Suite) and learning from Jesse Wooden, and various off-broadway productions. Through the years he jumping in and going on faith when would utter certain things and much God said so, along with   to his dismay/delight, God was understanding the power of truth.  On listening. stage each section of the stage and each placement of prop and/or actor He had blurted out that maybe he tells a particular story, a certain truth.   wanted to work behind the scenes It fascinated him how posture, and God answered this utterance by placement and other minor details way of Jesse Wooden when he asked can change the story.  continued on page 9...

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Where Education Is Key B-20 Leadership Scholarship Fund The St. Paul Community Baptist Church/ B-20 Leadership Scholarship Fund was established specifically to assist young men and women of color in their pursuit of higher education. The SPCBC/B-20 Leadership Scholarship Fund also seeks to serve as a resource in educational & life skills mentoring as well as additional academic aid.     The SPCBC/B-20 Leadership Scholarship application is available on/about February 1st annually.  One of the major requirements is service to others and/or the community. This aspect is an integral part of the fund since its establishment as a way to recognize 20 SPCBC students who traveled to Mississippi and selflessly served by building houses with Habitat For Humanity in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. To date, the fund has disbursed over $45,000 to aid in the advanced education purusits of sixteen Brooklyn borough and/or St. Paul Community HS graduates. For more details, please visit or email

Left: Pharaoh Turpin & SPCBC Lead Pastor, Rev. David K. Brawley Right: (from l-r) Yuseff Hamm, Jr. Pharaoh Turpin Kia Robinson Imani Phillips


Pastor Brawley, B-20 Decision Team member Yolanda McBride, Min. Jerry Simmons (pulpit)

Congratulations 2012 Winners! $5,000.00 + Kindle Fire Ms. Imani Phillips | Cornell University ’16 $4,000.00 + Kindle Fire Mr. Yuseff Hamm, Jr. | MIT ’16 $2,000.00 + Kindle Fire Ms. Kia Robinson | Hampton University '16 $2,000.00 + Kindle Fire Mr. Pharaoh Turpin | Morehouse College ’16  Kindle Fires Ms. Amani Alexander | U of Wisconsin - Madison ’16 Mr. Quintin Thomas | Morehouse College ’16

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

Elder Robert Hooks ...In Loving Memory

The best side of pain By Naomi Barrios | Team Q Varsity

Pain is a feeling everyone dreads. We plead for numbness Your novocain savior Without even feeling it we cringe A pinch and we're deformed in a instant And yet we need it. For without it we can't see the finer things This you taught me elder With every encounter we had I melt in pain I scream for a way out while you create a home In it You Elder always knew the button That button that has me bent over , stomach aching Tears threatening with my face inflating You were patient with this pain And knew when to enforce it You played our game and then forced it upon us This pain . God almighty this amazing pain Like fire in your eyes elder your implemented pain had us singing Dancing Rejoicing Loitering in the presence of your amazing wisdom We became one And as we mourn now with Unordinary pain


I will continue to carry on your pain for your pain gave me life Life inside my soul Life with my family Life with my friends Life with my enemies And life till my end For this pain This pain This pain That you taught me wasn't the pain most think I'm talking about But that crazy pain you get when laughter consumes you beautifully And you topple over Head bent Knees quivering Eyes glistening Heart blistering with joy And that pain That beautiful pain I thank you for me giving me the greatest sensation For your pain will never go on in vain Ohh that sweet sweet pain.

... Discovering Curtis Jones

TEAM Q QUARTERLY october 2012

By D. Simmons | Team Q Youth Leader

"Directors are creative people who don't want to do the same thing. We have to be careful about not getting away from the classic old feel" he shared. So this thought, coupled with the MAAFA Commemoration 2012 theme "Remembering to Weep", helped Curtis bring about a cathartic production. He credits previous production directors Jesse Wooden and Michelle Hawkins-Jones for their work and recognizes these are the shoulders on which he stands.   As I begin to wind down my conversation with Mr. Jones,  I wanted to be able to convey to you his true loves and advice he readily shares with young actors or directors.  Advice for those with the passion to act: be able to let go of self and be vulnerable. Anger is the easiest emotion and there is no vulnerability. In showing love, being scared, or conveying role of victim you take a posture that requires letting go of self.  We want to hold on to the image of ourselves and to be a good actor you have got to get out of your own way.  If directing is what you want to do, study your craft. While not opposed to learning in a school environment, but study has a broader meaning than just traditional school. You have to have a heart for it and do it for not other reason.  Curtis wakes up at 3:30am thinking about the details

Watching Mr. Jones during this MAAFA season was an absolute pleasure because of the magnitude of his gifts. In parting, I leave you with these words from that sums up the story of Mr. Curtis Jones, writer, director extraordinaire - Your past does not disqualify you from finishing well.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them. Romans 12:6

Great Opportunities cont’d... We love teens. They are creative, active, wired…and frustrated that our world is so messed up. harnesses that awesome energy and unleashes it on causes teens care about. The call to action is always something that has a real impact. With a goal of 5 million active members by 2015, is one of the largest organizations in the US for teens and social change. 1. We'll help you make a real impact on causes you care about.. • Be part of a social change movement with others like you.

Lakai Worrell, 2012 MAAFA Choreographer and Co-Executive Artistic Director of Purelements: An Evolution in Dance Company

• Ideas. Yeah, we know it can be hard to think of something specific to actually do. • Recognition for the good stuff you do 2. Cash money. That's right. We'll give you $ • Money for social change projects

• Money for school 3. SWAG you can actually use. • Stuff you movie tickets, food, etc. (Send us your wish list!) because of his passion.   It is not glamourous and the applause and accolades are fleeting. 


• Celeb-signed goodies Go to for more information.

Contact: Min. Jerry Simmons ext. 311

Foundation Scripture: Psalm 127:5

The mission of the SPCBC Quiver (Youth) Ministry, affectionately known as Team Q , is to continually build a comprehensive youth ministry, with the goal of teaching our children their heritage as African-Americans, but more importantly, as children of God and joint heirs with Christ. Quiver programming has opened a gateway of expressive freedom, which allows our youth to be creative artistically (poetry, song, dance). These avenues of freedom have provided opportunities for our youth to evangelize outside of the walls of the St. Paul Community, which enables them to challenge and introduce other youth to Jesus Christ, thus making “Church” the place to be. The St. Paul Community Baptist Church Ministry to Youth (Quiver) ministers weekly at our Tuesday night Bible Study at 6:30 p.m., on Sundays and in various ministries to hundreds of youth, ages 4-22 years old.  All participants are sure to find a place for themselves, and if they do not, are encouraged to create a place for themselves and their ideas within our fellowship.  Team Q Varsity:  youth ages 14 - 22 Team Q JV: youth ages 9 - 13 Team Q Little League: youth ages 4-8 Team Q Growth Groups:

St. Paul’s youth minister, Min. Jerry Simmons photo: Robert Munroe

Quiver Bible Study - Tuesdays at 6:30pm ALL YOUTH are encouraged to attend for their Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) study. This is the foundation for a relationship with God and finding your purpose. Collegiate Connection - college preparatory ministry + HS students grades 9-12! Request to join our scholarship & internship info group on Facebook® by emailing your (1) full name, (2) FB name, (3) grade and (4) school to! Chionesu Bakari Program for Young Men - a year round, tuition based program*, offering services to young men between the ages of 10 through 16 years of age. (*) interview required Imagine U CDF® Freedom School - a tuition-based daily summer literacy development  program under the umbrella of the Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools model.  Applications are available annually in March.  Contact Leading Lady Debra Brawley for more information on 718.257.1300 ext. 460.  My Imagination ChildCare Center, Inc. - Gratis childcare service and Bible enrichment for babies & toddlers offered on Sundays during our 8:00am and 11:00am worship services.  Director: Leading Lady Debra Brawley. Pearls - Programming for young women Young Gents of Quiver - Dance ensemble for young men  

SPCBC Team Q Newsletter Oct 2012  

Take a look inside the SPCBC Team Q (Quiver) Youth Ministry!

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