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Chionesu Bakari Program For Young Men “Guiding Light of Noble Promise”

“Moving Forward”

March 2013 issue 001

A Word From The Director As we embark on our 7th year, I’m thankful for all that God has done through the ministry of Chionesu Bakari. I’m humbled for the opportunity given to me by Pastor Emeritus Johnny Ray Youngblood to pursue my dream and for the support of Pastor David K. Brawley to continue the work at St. Paul Community Baptist Church. In addition, I thank God for the continuous support of the community. I’m also thankful for the dedication of the staff that gives of themselves unselfishly. Last but not least, I thank the parents who entrust their sons to us; and our young men who trust the work that we do. Chionesu Bakari continues to reclaim, rename, renew and recondition the minds of our young men. In 2006, we started with 30 young men most of whom are currently attending Colleges & Universities throughout the country. Today we are excited about the 50 young men we continue to support and serve. We are tremendously excited about the upcoming summer session. This summer we will travel to six states that we’ve yet to visit. While we’re away we will visit various Colleges and cultural sites. Chionesu Bakari has been given the opportunity to expand beyond our four walls. We now have planted seeds in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY. As it is written “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 Namaste Horace Moore, Director


Letter from a Young Black Man Darius Davidson, a 2012 Rites of Passage graduate of Chionesu Bakari, speaks of the vital role CB played in his life while coming of age. As a founding member of Chionesu Bakari, I can honestly say that being a part of this program really prepared me for life and things that I will have to face in the future. Chionesu Bakari is not only a program, but it is a brotherhood. The bond that we built as young men through the program is something that can’t be

found anywhere else. Under the leadership of Mr. Moore, Elder Young and Elder Vaughn, I have grown into an intelligent and confident young man who is ready to take on any task that comes my way. When I started the program in the Summer of 2006, I didn’t know what to expect. However, I wasn’t nervous because I was surrounded by young men that attended both St. Paul Community Christian School and St. Paul Baptist Church with me. As the years passed, I began to realize that this program was more than what it seemed. The trips we took during the summertime helped us learn things about survival, cleanliness, hygiene










Upcoming Events March 23 Sponsorship Breakfast April 19 - 21 Parents Retreat June 7 2nd Annual Rites of Passage / Awards Gala June 8 Alumni Gathering June 9 Rites of Passage Presentation Ceremony

Chionesu Bakari awarded the

“Youth Involvement Award” The Ujima Awards recognizes Chionesu Bakari’s commitment and dedication aiding in the betterment of African American Young Men and as a change agent in the community.

and presentation. As a little kid it was cool watching the older guys in the program and copying what they did because I didn’t have an older brother at home. But as the older guys moved

onto bigger and better things and left the program, I then realized I was next in line and it was my turn to be an example for the younger children.

that Chionesu Bakari had on David’s life and how we represented as a brotherhood at his service. Marching into his funeral over 60 young men strong all dressed up Once I became a and well presented, it Prince and entered “ was only when was obvious to anyone into my final stages in we combined our there, that David, just the program, I began knowledge and our like any other young to realize that alot of abilities that we became man meant the world people, both young powerful.” to each and every one and old were watchof us. This hard time not ing me. The pressure of being one of the ‘leaders’ in the only opened our eyes to reality, but program comes with alot of benefits. it made us stronger and closer as a The most important one was being family. able to know that when you leave Going through the Rites Of Passage the program everything will be fine stage of the program was a journey. because you were given the right adIt felt like years, when it was actually vice and tools to survive in society. a few months. During this process, 10 Another benefit was knowing that if young men, including myself were at any time you stumble or have an going through a test, challenging issue in life you can turn to the Mr. ourselves as individuals while deMoore or Elder Young and they will pending on each other as one unit. do their best to help you. Through the ups and down, the fights One of the most important situations and disagreements, we all were able I had to face during my time in CB to finally realize what the point of it was the death of one of our brothers, all was. As a group we realized that David Jones. The news was shocking we have things to offer each other to to hear and it hit me hard because I help us become better men. It was had spoken to him the day before it only when we combined our knowlhappened. With all the memories and edge and abilities that we became thoughts about David it was hard to powerful. believe that he was gone. At David’s Darius is currently a student at Lincoln funeral, everyone was emotional and University in Pennsylvania majoring in tears, but the thing that I found in Criminal Justice and minoring in most important was the impact Sociology. 


CB Family Profile - The Moores In January 2013 Elijah Moore and his parents, Veronica and Ray, were welcomed into the CB family. A 12 year old 7th grader, Elijah is the youngest of the Moore family of five, which rounds out with his twin siblings, Rashida and Rashad, 22, who are recent graduates of Howard University and Morehouse College, respectively. Elijah’s mom Veronica is a Rewlationship Specialist at a large bank and dad Ray is a NYC Probation Officer who used to coach football and is presently a referee for football and lacrosse. The Moores are life long residents of the Bedford Stuyvesant


section of Brooklyn, New York and are members of the St. Paul Community Baptist Church, also in Brooklyn. Elijah enjoys playing football, where he has played center and defensive end. He also enjoys basketball, where he plays in the position of either center or power forward. Elijah balances his remaining free time reading and playing video games on his PS3. The Moore family do their best to keep family time a priority and together go roller skating, to the movies or have game night at home. Elijah shares, “(In Chionesu Bakari) the cont'd on back cover

AMERIGROUP Donates $5000 The AMERIGROUP Charitable Foundation is committed to enriching cities and neighborhoods where members and associates of AMERIGROUP live. The Foundation supports a broad range of organizations and programs that foster healthy children, families and communities. Their recent $5000.00 donation to Chionesu Bakari will go a long way to support the program’s efforts! 

Inside Chionesu Bakari

Within the Chionesu Bakari organization there are three committees: Finance, Social Media and Special Events/ Planning comprised of parents and staff. The committees work independently to achieve their given goals, and come together collectively to develop new strategies to enhance, uplift and enrich the organization. This newsletter will provide an update of what the committees are currently working on and how you can participate.

Finance The goal of the Finance Committee is to raise funds for Chionesu Bakari by acquiring grants and funding from outside sources. To maximize reach, the Finance committee has split into specific groups to target various organizations for funding. Currently, the committee is primarily focused on the budget for the upcoming Rites of Passage/7th Year Anniversary Gala on June 7, 2013. The committee is also broadening its knowledge on fundraising by leveraging The Foundation Center as a leading source of philanthropy information worldwide. The committee plans to conduct further research inperson as well as online. The Finance Committee is excited to assist Chionesu Bakari in expanding its reach this year! Please feel free to reach out to Rhonda Hartley, Finance Committee Chair at, if you have any questions or have identified a worthwhile sponsor. 

Social Media The goal of the Social Media Committee is to enrich and enhance Chionesu Bakari’s communication within our member families and with the organization’s friends and sponsors using digital means. The committee will utilize social media as well as the organization’s website,, to ensure that the latest news and information about the program is readily available. Additionally, the committee will ensure that all marketing and program information is kept up-to-date for both Chionesu Bakari families and friends. The committee has been busy with the launch of the New Parent Packet, updating the website and producing the newsletter you are currently enjoying! Please feel free to reach out to Susan Delmoor-Rodriguez, Social Media Committee Chair at, if you have any questions or additional ways for CB to leverage social media. 

Special Events The goal of the Special Events/Planning Committee is to introduce new and creative fundraising ideas to the parents of Chionesu Bakari. Their ultimate goal is to plan events that will promote team building amongst the parent collective in hopes of fostering meaningful relationships and strengthening their commitment to the mission of Chionesu Bakari. The committee’s current focus is planning for the Rites of Passage/7th Anniversary Gala to be held this June. The team recently conducted a survey to determine from CB families suggestions for viable events for the organization. One idea raised was a theme party. Given the success of the “70’s” and “All White” parties from previous years, it looks like the committee might have Chionesu Bakari headed to Harlem this year! Please feel free to reach out to Syeatta Bolden, Special Events/Planning Committee Chair at, if you have any questions or ideas for additional events. 


cont’d from page 2 young men are encouraged to think highly of themselves and not have low self esteem.” He would like to see more young men in the community overcome some of the negative stereotypes in the world. Elijah has already started thinking about his future. He would like to own his own business, possibly retailing urban apparel; he is also interested in clothing design or becoming a professional football player. In the brief time they’ve been a part of the CB family, Veronica and Ray have enjoyed networking with their parental counterparts and hearing about how the program has impacted their families. Even in this short time, the benefits of cultivating excellent adult and young male role models is clear to them. The Moores encourage other parents, whether in a single or two parent household, to take a look at Chionesu Bakari to aid in the development and maturation of their son individually, and their relationship as a family. They appreciate and value that the young men are given assignments that encourage them to think critically and analyze how to deal with real life choices. In addition, they are grateful for the educational and cultural experiences offered by the program through extensive travel out of state, to the midwest and southern sections of the U.S. and most recently to Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD during the Presidential Inauguration. The Moores are happy to be part of the Chionesu Bakari family and think the program is great! 

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Credits Editor Horace Moore Newsletter Team Susan T. D. Rodriguez Paulette Benson Jocelyn Brister Monica Britton Terri Butler Antoinette Miller Hakikah Shamsiden Sharon Swain

NEXT ISSUE An interview with Chionesu Bakari’s founding advisor, Rev. David K. Brawley, Lead Pastor, of the St. Paul Community Baptist Church. And much more…

This newsletter is published by: Chionesu Bakari 859 Hendrix Street Brooklyn, New York 11207 Phone: 347-708-2008

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