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May 2012 Dear colleague: Your practice likely sees patients who are incapacitated by painful vertebral compression fractures (VCFs). More than 700,000 patients in the United States are affected by VCFs, which occur more frequently than hip fractures and often 1 result in prolonged disability. With only one-third of VCFs being clinically diagnosed, many are treated with narcotic 2 medications, bracing and bedrest. th

Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, located on the 4 floor of Genesys Regional Medical Center, specializes in the treatment of VCFs using vertebral augmentation procedures, including kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, and curved needle augmentation procedures. My colleagues and I would like to partner with you in the treatment of patients who present with debilitating VCFs, and help them return to living fuller lives. When you refer your patient to Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, you can depend on us to provide: • •

• •

A thorough assessment of your patient by a board-certified neurosurgeon. Selection of the most clinically appropriate treatment based on fracture etiology. Whether vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty or curved needle augmentation, our clinical treatment decision can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of your patient based on our findings at the time of treatment. A dedication to minimizing patient risk and reducing healthcare costs by using a unipedicular approach whenever possible. Timely follow-up from us so you are aware of your patient’s response to treatment.

When you encounter a VCF patient who may be a candidate for vertebral augmentation, prompt diagnosis and treatment can be essential to achieving an optimal outcome. For that reason, I would be more than happy to discuss such cases with you in detail and on a priority basis. Together, we can ensure that your VCF patients receive the highest quality care and are able to quickly resume their active lifestyles. We have significant experience — having performed 347 of these procedures with a low complication rate of 1.15%— so you can be sure your patients are in good hands. If you would like to contact me at any time, please call 810-606-7200. I look forward to being a resource for both you and your patients. Sincerely,

Avery M. Jackson III, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.N.S. Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, P.C. Diplomate of the American Board of Neurological Surgery

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MNI: quick response and low complication rate for patients with vertebral spine compression  
MNI: quick response and low complication rate for patients with vertebral spine compression