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You Are The Hostess.

We Are Pure Romance. We’re life-enhancers. We’re your Consultants on everything related to relationships and sexual health. We’re making in-home parties empowering, educational, & entertaining—for FREE. We’re romantics who like to have fun. Since 1993.

You’re the one who wants to see her friends in real life, the one who wants to switch up her routine, the one who wants to learn more about relationship-enhancement products and her body, or the one who’s interested in free product. Or maybe you’re a combination of all four. A Pure Romance party can become whatever you want! We’re here to help.

Why Pure Romance? Because

you like to get free stuff!

A Hostess earns a percentage of her party’s sales—that could mean over $100 in free product! (Yes, please.)


you’re inquisitive. By inviting a Consultant into your home, you’ll have a top notch education about our products and your body in an environment where you’re comfortable and ready to learn!



Stalking your friends on Facebook just isn’t cutting it! A Pure Romance party will have you all laughing together…in the same room…in person.

Hosting a Pure Romance party will add that dose of excitement you’ve been missing—in your social life and your bedroom.

you miss your friends!

you’re tired of the same old.

You can party anytime. Your Pure Romance party is just that—


Every one of them is fun and educational and might unfold something like this:

{ 6:30 P.M. }

Your Pure Romance Consultant arrives at your home, ready to set up the party! She provides the fun; you provide the friends!

{ 7:00 P.M. }

Your Consultant kicks off the party with a game. You don’t have to worry about your guests being bored— entertainment’s taken care of!

*Your party can start anytime, on any day.

{ 7:30 P.M. } HOW SWEET! Your Consultant gave you a free gift just for hosting the party!

{ 8:15 P.M. }

Your Consultant finishes the demonstration and ordering begins. You’ve set aside a private shopping room for each guest’s convenience.

{ 9:00 P.M. }

After totaling up party orders, your Consultant tells you you’ve earned $100 in free product! Thanks to her demonstration, you know exactly what you’re going to spend it on.


your fun’s about to be gin


...and it’s all

for free!

With millions of dollars given away in cash, prizes, and free product to Hostesses each year, Pure Romance parties are the most rewarding way for women to party with their friends!

Your Party vs... There are dozens of ways to spend an evening with friends, but none of them pay you for having a GREAT time! The Movies


Dining Out


You love movies as much as anyone, but why go watch someone else’s love life unfold on screen when you could be spicing up your own?

Dancing At The Club


A night at the club is great when you’re ready to dance, but you and your friends want to learn a whole new set of moves!

Earn up to

$100 in free product!

A Pure Romance party costs you nothing - in fact, you earn free products!

A gourmet dinner for two may delight your palate, but we’ll help you create an evening that leaves all your senses stimulated!

A Day at the Spa


A pedicure is a relaxing way to spend an hour, but you could be learning how to relax with that special someone!

So what are you waiting for?

With so many reasons to stay in and party for FREE, why not let Pure Romance turn your place into party central!


How to find your g-spot! The rumors are true— it really does exist! All about the only organ whose sole function is pleasure.

Give your bedroom a sensual makeover! Here’s just a taste of what you may learn from a Pure Romance Consultant that you won’t find anywhere else!

How simple games can help you spice up your intimate life. How to bring the spa home and rejuvenate your relationship!

Tips for Your Perfect Party Pure Romance parties are pretty easy to navigate, but just in case you’re looking for a bit more information, here are 10 tips to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Only women 18 and over can attend. No men and children allowed. You can party in any size space. Want to maximize your free product? Tell each guest to bring a friend. Hosting a party is FREE. Most Hostesses earn up to $100 in free product. Ordering is private— we’ll designate a separate space for shopping. Customize your party with a theme! Invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers—anyone who likes to have fun. Your Consultant’s your guide, so relax and have fun!

Hottie Hostess - Be One!