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edding Dance

By: Paige Breedlove


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Dance Now, Eat Later Suprise your guests by entering the wedding reception and heading straight to the dance floor. A popular fad at wedding receptions is having the bride and groom’s first dance right as they enter the reception. Although this is not tradition style, by having the first dance right away it allows the guests to give their full attention to

the bride and groom. Usually the the couple’s first dance is not until after dinner, cake cutting, and speeches. After all of those festivities, the guest have to be corraled together to watch the important dance, and this distracts from the beautiful moment. Take my advice and take a different approach, dance now, eat later.

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Skip out on hiring a choreographer, a first dance that is not planned is more organic and more enjoyable to watch. If you feel as if you are not a very good dancer, thats ok. When the couple dances the way they would naturally it shows off the personaility. Your guest came to see you, not a paid version of you. Ditch the planned moves, and keep the dance as real as possible.


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To heat up the dance floor, designate your “dancer” friends to get out on the floor and start the dancing. To many guests, staring at a bare dance floor is scary and intimidating. When the floor is full with bodies, it is more inviting for the guest to come and dance. Here’s a tip: Serve a cocktail hour before the reception to give your guests some liquid courage.

Wedding Dance  
Wedding Dance  

Tips on how to dance at weddings