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Blog Appeal Using the Blogosphere to Your Advantage In the world of advertising one must adapt or die. In other words, to be successful in this business a company must take into account the new day in age audience they that are trying to sell to. When times change, people change, and advertisers must adapt to their viewers and how they receive messages from the media. With the creation of the internet, became the big bang of social media networking and blogging. In the past, advertisers shot out their messages through the familiar ways of television and newspapers without customers input. Now with institution of social media and the blogosphere, customers can relay messages back to companies to create conversations about a certain company. It’s getting the companies to listen to their customers is the tricky part. While branding myself as my own personal CEO of my brand, I first had to look at what messages I am trying to convey to the world and how I could use blogs and social media to help transmit my own messages. In the current state of my life I am a college student looking for an advertising or sales job when I graduate. Therefore, while I am on my social media and

blogging sites, I network with people in these fields to get a sense of where I could possibly end up after I graduate. The neat thing is, (if I’m lucky) professionals actually respond. I am constantly spreading the word about what personally interest me and how I hope to relate that to my future employers and careers. If companies put out information to their companies on their websites, blogs, or social media accounts I guarantee they will get valuable customer feedback. When trying to get to know me and what I’m all about, you’ll soon realize I have wide varieties of interests. One of those interests is advertising. I am fascinated by the way advertisers form creative ways to put ideas into audience’s heads. One of those ways is to form a brand for a product or service. Branding is put simply as things (logos, name, slogan) and differentiate one product from another. You can use a brand and see where and how it relates to the market by using social media and blogs to get a better understanding of where one is in the current market. A company that I follow in the blogosphere world that exudes great ways of how to form a brand and get that idea out to an audience is called Worx Branding and Advertising. Worx claims that they provide three services that a modern day marketer provides. “Brand analysis: A better

understanding of where you are in the market, and what your opportunities for growth are. Brand Architecture: A better blueprint for your ownable brand and how to package it across all channels – both internal and external. Brand Activation: A better optimization of your resources through the full-service integrated agency inside our walls� (Worx, About Page). One way Worx gets their content out to their viewers is through social media. On their home page of their website, one can view posts from their social media sites in real time. They are constantly updating information 24/7 about their company; I can’t imagine how many employers run their social sites. Worx understands the importance of tapping into social media to help brand themselves and reach their customers. Other advertising blogs I follow are: Adrants and Adverblog. Also, a cool media site to check out is MediaStorm. MediaStorm is another example of efficiently using blogs and social media to their advantage. They have a special device that they use to indicate other bloggers who share and embed their videos. They also can control who uses their content which I believe could be an extremely useful tool in this day of internet advertising. Advertisers do not have a lot of

control of who views their content and having that control could be very beneficial. While analyzing these successful blogs I thought of how I could brand myself and what content that would be interesting for my viewers. I approached this concept as an online/interactive resume that future employers could look at to get an idea of what material I could produce online. On, my goal was to produce in real time updates about what I am currently pursuing in my life as well as my interests and hobbies. Along with these updates, I have links to my other social media sites and blogs that I have created so that my viewers have other outlets of starting conversations with me. One of the other blogs that I have is one called I created this blog for a class and in turned into a fun way to express my passion for dance. Not only does this site articulate that passion, but it also shows my ability to manage a blog and my ability to place interactive content on the web. Along with the interactive, the concept of this blog was to constantly follow dance trends that young college students are interested in. I put simple instructions of how to do theses certain dances with easy follow along steps.

Now my blog’s may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it indulges in my other interests so my viewers can get a sense of diversity when it comes to my brand. A lot of different things and values make up what is Paige, so why not express those things on the web as well in my personal life? Everyone has all types of personalities that are unique and I think it is important to express those qualities online to better diversify one’s brand. Overall, my main goal with my own sites is to grab content from other professionals that are blogging in my field, and create my own version of that for my own personal brand. I think branding yourself is an important tool in the job market today. The ability to creatively differentiate yourself is the reason why people come back to visit your site. Creating a certain resonance with other bloggers starts an ever important conversation between the blogger and the audience. Starting these conversations between the brand and the consumer is what new advertising is all about.

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Using the Blogoshpere to Your Advantage

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