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THE CITY DWELLER And the Urban Habitat

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Issue 4 May 2012


Imagine a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lifestyle. An environment that takes you away from the noise and pollution that are inextricable from our daily grind. A place where you can find solace after mindless traffic, hectic schedules and countless meetings... Now, imagine this place at the comfort of your own home in our urban community. This is what we would like to show you, our readers, in this magazine. The focus of this issue evolves around the value of existential art and the importance of design in defining your lifestyle. As we all know, more and more high rise condos are being built in the city as a product of our urbanization, and it is indeed a booming trend as well as the ecosustainability in buildings and products. Many of our brands follow suit on this genesis for ecological attainment be it from Gan Rug, which specializes in hand-crafted designs, to Cinova’s completely natural ecofriendly bed, and much more. You will also find that a limited space should not limit your creativity and ability to integrate your own design concept as an expression of yourself. A small space has just as much potential as Karim Rashid’s New York apartment which is featured in this issue. But let’s not forget that design should not only stay at home, but should be evident everywhere. Bringing design inspiration to your work place is as easy as famous Italian architect and designer, Piero Lissoni, adding another project under his belt. We would like to open your eyes to newer possibilities in the field of ergonomic and innovative home and office design and encourage you not to confine yourself in the recesses of a complex urban space. Being under new management, the team behind the local distributor of Italian super brands, Spazio, is excited to bring a lot of new developments on the table. As we end the first trimester of 2012, we are also looking forward to begin a new journey that we hope would keep you on your toes, as we are on ours. We’re excited for our June issue as it will feature highlights from the recently concluded Milano Fair. As our Veli lamp from Slamp (designed by Adriano Rachele) has been honored the 2012 RedDot Design Award, we expect nothing short of excellent from the new products introduced by our featured brands. Live your best life today. Be bold, live luxuriously. Bubbles Aguilar Editor in Chief

Issue 4 May 2012

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QUOTES OF THE ISSUE Wisdom from The Architects




REVIEW @ A GLANCE In Retrospect - International Design Weeks




THE ITALIAN JOB Milan, where else?


URBAN ART Temporary architectural installations


TOP 10 10 Hues of the Year


CRASH COURSE Concrete, glass & steel - Office design


Living Divani Twice Sofa

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The Prime Mover When a brand decides whose name they want beside their new products, they know they can never go wrong with Italian architect cum designer Piero Lissoni. And these are not just any brands, these are the big brand names of the design industry. His clients are unsurprisingly as internationally renowned as he is. Upon establishing the studio Lissoni Associati with Nicoletta Canesi in 1986, and creating Graph.X in 1996,his projects range from everything related to design such as products, interiors, architectural, corporate identity and more.

“The scope of work for our studio is to be children for our whole lives - it’s a playground.” PIERO LISSONI

Kartell Pop Sofa

Living Divani Curve Armchair

Kartell Audrey Chair

Issue 4 May 2012


Step into the Lights The Spazio showroom is lighted up with the exceptional collection of a variety of lamps from Slamp. The lamps designed by Nigel Coates, Adriano Rachele, Stefano Papi, Elodie Longo and more, transformed the showroom and created a very different and unique space for each section. The Veli ceiling lamp and Lillibet suspended lamp have immediately proven to be the bestsellers while Mille Bolle is the one that cannot be missed.

Issue 4 May 2012

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Broader Horizons, Wider Spaces The brand Gan Rug known for its hand tufted and hand knotted rugs from Spain has recently introduced a new collections of rugs as well as a new concept - Gan Spaces and Glaouis rugs. Gan Spaces consists of 3D rug products of poufs, modules and cushions, which can be rearranged into unending combinations designed by Sandra Figuerola. While the Glaoui collection are woven, knotted and embroidered rugs with a perfect blend of colours and textures that has a rare craft process technique unique in Morocco.

Issue 4 May 2012


A Cut Above Another Spazio brand has once again been proven to be top of the line. The Veli ceiling lamp from Slamp will be awarded the RedDot Design Award 2012 Honorable Mention on July 2. It was chosen by the jury as they were impressed by the outstanding piece designed by Adriano Rachele. Meanwhile, the Mangas collection from Gan Rug designed by Patricia Urquiola, which also won the same award in 2010, was later awarded by Dwell in 2011 for the Live category.

Issue 4 May 2012

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chicago sofa design Bruno Fattorini and Partners

This Busnelli 2011 collection sofa by Bruno Fattorini and partners exudes modernity and sophistication. The multilayer wood and metal frame with non-deformable cushion makes it a perfect piece that’s worth the value. It will be a focal point for any space with a variety of accessories.

The Primetime table is one of Busnelli’s, primetime table design Bruno Fattorini and Partners designed by Bruno Fattorini and Partners innovative products with the surface of the top covered with the resin HI MACS by LG. The new technology preserves the surface by dirt and abrasion resistance, while the sculpted leg is made in steel.

Issue 4 May 2012

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” All architecture is shelter, all great LEONARDO DA VINCI

architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.


“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”

To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects. LE CORBUSIER


Issue 4 May 2012

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It is insufficient for architecture today to directly implement an existing building typology; it instead requires architects to carefully examine the whole area with new interventions and programmatic typologies ZAHA HADID

Not many architects have the luxury to reject significant things.


The great thing about being an architect is you can walk into your dreams.

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Issue 4 May 2012

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.


Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. FRANK GEHRY

I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.


Issue 4 May 2012

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SIGHTS& SOUNDS Every city has their own music to share with which you’d be happy to lend your ears to.

Issue 4 May 2012

Unica Antonello Venditti

Ciudad Vacía Fotos del Otoño

Born to Die Lana Del Rey Midnight City M83

Du Temps Mylene Farmer


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Issue 4 May 2012

Hey Hey Hey

Laurent Wery ft. Swiftkid

Troublemaker HyunA & JS

Honey Bunny Girls

Perdoname Pablo Alboran

Diamond Heart Active Child


Issue 4 May 2012





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IN RETROSPECT A round up of an eventful year of international design, innovation and all of the craziness from the different cities.

REVIEW @ A GLANCE MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2011 A spectacle of unending product of inspirations. The 50th of the most celebrated design week was evident by the fairgrounds packed with people. One of the big names, Kartell, were one of the major highlights because of their presence in the fair with theatrical bright lights. Meanwhile, Kenkoon, an outdoor furniture company from Thailand, shown a much more breezy collection made for the beach with the S collection. As for the Salone Satellite, more aspiring talents were discovered. The light collection by Mooi was presented too.

NEW YORK DESIGN WEEK 2011 The International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Noho design district featured some independent and student-made products without lacking creativity. The eccentric pieces opposed to the modern, clean lines furniture mostly presented in the Milan fair, were a breath of fresh air with unusual materials and techniques. Like the Vinco chair by Toni Grillo for Corque design. Something extraordinary like the Redemption table by Christopher Kurtz was an example of an uncommon form. While a splash of color was the image of the week long fair, a Brazilian designer Bruno Jahara exhibited the Armรกrio Alto/Mini Closet. Showing diversity at its best.

Issue 4 May 2012

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LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL 2011 The Timber Wave - a three story wood sculpture by architect Amanda Levete welcomed everyone at the V&A museum. A photographic installation by Mooi incorporated an underwater theme with its furniture collection. Yet a collection of sculptural shoes by Victoria Spruce at the Dezeen Platform gave a high fashion take on design. Not forgetting the design part, this “Pillhead” squashed-head lamp by A+Z Design and a bedside table from the Companions family presented by De Le Espada were both statement pieces as well.

CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK 2011 A festival of installations and kaleidescopic colors - proved it was better than a success. Damein Weighill’s illustration for the design week established the mood for the event goers. A Slamp exhibit featuring the new collection, form the Milan fair, such as the Faretto was never been missed. At the same time, the Moody and Woody set by Lievore Altherr Molina for Andreu World were exhibited likewise.

Issue 4 May 2012

REVIEW @ A GLANCE PARIS DESIGN WEEK 2011 The first of its kind taken after the Maison & Objet, making it another design capital. First in the mix is this Danish craft stand, which there was a lot of, at the Maison&Objet. Alessi also exhibited one of its young designer Pauline Deltour’s minimalistic “A Tempo” stool. And another minimally designed piece the “Casetta 1” cottage box R&D De Castelli with the Kuusi Collection by Anna Karell for Delica. A bright statement at Merci sets the je na sais quoi.

BEIJING DESIGN WEEK 2011 What did the East brought forth in terms of design? A Lot. To begin, the installation Manuscript - a giant poetry by Paul Cocksedge celebrates the Chinese invention. Meanwhile, an infographic “How much water do you eat?” presented to diners was a menu of how much water each ingredient in a recipe needs. As for design, a collection of bamboo made lights by Lasfera and LetThemSitCake! by Dejana Kabiljo made an impression.

Issue 4 May 2012

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APP AND design We’ve gathered online’s most reliable resources on design’s apps to help you complete a house project or refresh a sagging interior. Let technology train your design eye so you won’t have to dread the three letter phrase - DIY.

Issue 4 May 2012

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You know what there’s not enough of? Expert design information or advice that’s on the go and which is actually reliable. While there are countless sources online, we narrowed down the list to the three - Wallpaper*, Yatzer and Architonic. These sources have come up with their own apps for the iPads, iPhone4s and Android user, which is like having your very own portable designer. First up, Architonic’s Virtual Showroom© App and Product&News App. Both designed for dealers and designers, these apps will help you access over 92,000 products from the Architonic database of furnitures, lights, etc., although you’d still need to have internet access.

Issue 4 May 2012

TECHNOLOGY TODAY Second is from the all about creativity and design blog, Yatzer. With Yatzer on the Go, you’ll get an update on the most groundbreaking design and fashion news everyday that are incredibly awe-inspiring. In addition, 10% of the app sales goes to the chosen charity they partnered up with - the Blood: Water Mission, which tackles on HIV/AIDS and water crises in the sub-Saharan Africa. Last but not the least, the magazine that no design aficionado should be caught dead without - the Wallpaper*, now on iPad. Lacking none of the all the latest reports on design, art, interiors, fashion and travel but with added interactivity. Now with technology, we can all just browse away!

Issue 4 May 2012

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Another exposition at the Milan fairgrounds happened from the 17th to the 22nd of April this year. A carnival of the most prestigious brands and famous designers presents new and fresh products, ideas and innovations at the center of the home and design industry of the whole world. Brands like Arper, Slamp, Fornasetti and more have already shown a preview of the products they will showcase in the upcoming event. Not that it could make us less excited since more and more brands had a sneak peek. Better yet, we are getting enthralled at the selections waiting for everyone. While some brands are going for enhanced technology, some are towards eco sustainability with special materials and a more environment friendly manufacturing process. And this trend goes over the kitchen and bath sector as well. Slamp, the brand of lighting on the other hand, unveiled at the start of the year a few variations of pieces they have added in the collection in the latest Milan fair.

Issue 4 May 2012

A great deal is to be anticipated from the much-awaited event of the design world. Not only the latest products but also the potential talents waiting to be discovered and turn into articleworthy items or better yet, classics. 20

SPACE12 49

URBAn ART Temporary geometric structures for a regular dose of inspiration, a few footsteps away from wherever you are in the city. And it’s more than just any other street art.

Double Happiness, 2009 - Didier Fiuza Faustino

12 SPACE20



rban art is a term that corresponds to a border between architecture and art, maybe a little more of the latter with added creativity and expression. It’s more than just any other art project - an architectural installation built from the pavement up, designed to move an audience. By that means passers by. But what does it take to move an audience? Let alone passers by who mindlessly walk their way to work or errands. The viewer must then experience and interact with it, unlike an artwork where when it’s plastered on the street mostly in the form of graffiti. Take for example the project Double Happiness by Didier Fiuza Faustino from Mesarchitectures. A billboard converted to a playground staple, the swing, where one, or two, can rediscover space or see the urban habitat in a very different perspective. A could be daredevil stunt for the faint of the heart but definitely a break from routine. Another form is social interaction - think of it as an adult playground of sorts. Like

Crater Lake Installation, September 2011 - 24° S

Issue 4 May 2012

the project Crater Lake Installation by 24째 Studio in Kobe, Japan. It was designed basically for people to have space where they can meet and interact, observe, be inspired with peers by providing the wooden planks where they could sit, squat and lie down. The structure is made of wood to create sturdiness in the piece while being cost effective. Its fluid form had adults and children alike flock about the 360째 majestic view of the man-made island.

Tape Installation, 2011 - Numenl For Use

Speaking about materials, no one could deny the craftsmanship put into these structures. The discerning public may or may not be easily amazed, which is why for these architects and artists, their first job is to innovate. Only then could they wow us. While social interaction still manifests from this project, Tape Installation by Numenl For Use in Melbourne, its the transformative material, none other than transparent tape, that will catch the attention of anyone. The amorphous form although rather humongous where people can crawl into was assembled without any computer-aided software One must wonder, what are all these bold,

udio, Japan.

Issue 4 May 2012

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Ring Installation, October 2011 - Arnauld LaPiere & Audi, Paris, France.

sculptural installations for? Is it all for visual publicity? You should know that to understand the point of a piece, you must exploit your senses and let the creativity sink in. Case in point, the Ring Installation by Arnauld LaPiere & Audi in Paris. Looking through the mirrored cubes, you engage yourself in the morphing of the surrounding environment as well as the sky. The reflections made by the cylindrical form is ever-changing and at times transparent because of the gaps where one reimagines a complex urban space, which has been there for a very long time. Abstract art is a perplexing subject that more or less needs an artist to explain, give an elaborate title or tell its story otherwise viewers have a different take on it. Its subjective judgement lies most of the time in the medium or technique used.

Anemone Installation, 2011 - Oyler Wu Collaborative, Taiwan

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

An elegant form such as the Anemone by Oyler Wu Collaborative is an art/architectural installation that at first glance would only invite the eyes. But it was actually built for human interaction. Something as aesthetically pleasing maybe somewhat intimidating seeing it as fragile - finding out it was built with table and benches inside is quite surprising. Throughout the design weeks around the world, urban installations are what mostly welcomes guests. As if they don’t already have a constant supply of inspiration during the exhibitions. When one could not just get enough of the amazingness in the course of Milan design week, Zaha Hadid Architects’ Twirl, in partnership with Lea Ceramiche, fabricated a contemporary project exploring courtyard architecture. The undulating geometric panels have voids where visitors

Twirl, October 2011 - Zaha Hadid Architects, Milan.

Issue 4 May 2012

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3013 Installation, 2011 - Architectural Association, London.

are called for to explore the curves and dynamic shapes. A series of fluorescent tubes laid out from the middle to its edges spreads a multihue light giving the design a varying perspective.

Crystal City Mind, 2011 - Coordi

entitled 3013. The project brief looks into the near future of London’s urban landscape where everything will expand inwards and upwards. Thus they study how the inhabitants can adapt to a more compact and vertical space. To address this conclusion, they weaved together recycled plywood strips, which were suspended and twisted from the terrace down, creating a multilevel like environment - probably permanent in the future.

When working on a large scale project, one cannot justify it as something done for fun. As a rule, the artist or designer ought to have a certain profound meaning or a long narrative of how an idea was conceptualized or brought to form. For instance, the students of Architectural Association in Not every single installation travels. Just London recently constructed an installation imagine the inconvenience of transporting

ination Berlin, Germany.

Xtra Moenia, September 2011 - SOFTlab, New York.

a tremendous structure. Yet the project Crystal City Mind by Coordination Berlin teamed up with diephotodesigner for a literally moving piece. This “multi-faceted design object” was toured from Berlin to London and other cities around the world. The photographs produced were theatrical set amidst the different urban spaces and skylines. In addition, as it was going to be part of the exhibit “Citizens of Berlin: 20 years of creativity”, the project portrayed the unique and undeniable Berlin design. Unlike




a form assembled suspended from the ground already may not be remade in a different framework bearing in mind that it was built site specific, which makes installations more precious. These are nonpermanent structures that transforms an urban setting. In particular, Xtra Moenia by SOFTlab in New York, served as not less than the North Gate during the San Gennaro Festival. It is a vivid, translucent, canopy-like piece hanged from the surrounding buildings. Afar it’s mostly non-interactive but it is indeed. There is still something to experience, installation, although it’s from below. Nonetheless the

Frozen Trees, 2011 - Like Architects, Portugal.

12 SPACE20


outdoor installation is extraordinary. Another temporary installation produced for a holiday, Frozen Trees by Like Architects in Lisbon. Set for the holiday season, the lighting expanding across the Rossi square illuminating the street giving a Christmas ambience. How would one say an architectural installation is successful? It is when the visitors enjoyed them and appreciate it as an addition of the urban space. People approached, peeked into and interact with the individual and collective pieces of this specific project. That being the case, it did not only became effective on spreading the holiday cheer but also became history. Dealing with a public piece, may it be either an architectural installation or just street art. One can’t help to go into the sublime. A surreal piece like the Eye by Tony Tasset is not a typical interactive project or

Issue 4 May 2012

playground. What it does is it engages you as a viewer. You come as an unsolicited audience by being a mere pedestrian but with this piece, one cannot help to look away and just wow. The thirty-foot tall eyeball was in the Pritzer park - quite disturbing and creepy for some though since it either makes you do an eye staring contest or get goosebumps from the fact that it will somehow follow you in your sleep. These are projects that literally come and go. Unlike the buildings and homes the following architectural firms worked on, these are made to be phenomenal. Another platform, a complex mix of values where they just the same build with architectural discipline but an artist’s expression. Lead people to break free from the gritty once in a while, transition from the routine, or a change of perspective in their average habitat - the urban city.

Eye, 2010 - Tony Tasset, Chicago.

Issue 4 May 2012

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HUES OF THE YEAR Splash your home with the top ten color palettes of 2012 - cause Tangerine’s not the the only trendy hue.

12 SPACE20



SPRING Start 2012 with the colors of spring - vivid, breezy and contemporary to perfectly set your mood everyday. The soft pastel palette with vivid contrasts lets you in a summer that is full of renewed energy and creativity.

Issue 4 May 2012



NONCHALANCE The first palette of Pantone home+interiors 2012 sets the direction to casual, relaxing tones. The comforting pastel blues, browns and grape will blend great in the living room as you greet your home in the morning.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20


12 SPACE20



SUBTLETIES Just when vintage became cool, this palette comes in with some soft yellow greens, brick reds and corals. It has now become contemporary more so with sleek furniture pieces and home accessories.

Issue 4 May 2012


RESILIENCE Deep browns are very much organic and masculine but mixed in with yellows, greens and flamingo gives it oomph. Brown is no longer boring with this rather single toned palette.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20


12 SPACE20




INDIGO EFFECTS With a seemingly blue and gray toned space, one does not simply forget a twilight sky of colors. Yet with some accents of maroon and woodrose turns it into a spectacle of a galaxy.

Issue 4 May 2012


TRANSCENDING TIME A balance of sheer colors and feminine pastels with deep purple. Any interior in these hues houses a particular person - someone demure or elegant indeed.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20


12 SPACE20



BACK TO THE FUCHSIA Everyone would agree this could be Betsey Johnson’s pad. More purple and pinks capture the attention of a metropolitan woman. Incorporated with interiors and it’s sure to perk you up.

Issue 4 May 2012



REFLECTIONS Tones from way back the art noveau period have become modern. Glossy and metallic tones no longer just belong to jewels when combined with bright blue greens.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20


12 SPACE20




NOVEAU NEON Karim Rashid does it right again with the non 80’s shades of neon oranges and pinks. Combine it all in your apartment without too much shock with a rum brown to turn down the volume a bit.

Issue 4 May 2012



THE COMICS A bursting box of crayola almost complete with the color of the rainbow. This palette is put together in a 21st century vibe and set down with a phantom black like an outline of a comic strip yet not taking out the joy in it.

Issue 4 May 2012

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See a different perspective of a nine-to-five job plus adapt your working hub to your everyday creative process whether in the office cubicle or at home.

Issue 4 May 2012

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THE COMPLEX This smartly designed, award winning office have matching sleek floors with sophisticated stainless steel, black and white furniture, which makes it corporate and undoubtedly modern.

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

Be inspired with what could be the first solar powered laptop. Luce, Andrea Ponti.

Stainless steel, leather and classic - modern yet a timeless piece office chair. Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair, Herman Miller.

Aesthetics, check. Functionality, check.

Get more points on organization with

Stack your collection in a customized,

Nuur Office, Arper.

aluminum desk sets. Boxit set, Lexon Design.

designed shelf. Bukva, Living Divani.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20



WAREHOUSE An abandoned warehouse converted into a studio without much upgrade. The result? A casual approach to design yet unexpectedly pleasing to the eyes.

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

What makes you think? This clock’s

Interesting bookcase that will suit a

interface would. Clock, Daniel Weil.

warehouse. Ladder bookcase, De la Espada

A layered piece of storage solution plus a worn out look. Oturakast, Rianne Koens.

Synthetic concrete to blend with the

Classic pieces finished in rustic leather laid out as an accent and also comes convenient

space. Solid desk, Magnus Pettersen

whenever you want to rejuvenate in your workspace. Armadillo, Busnelli.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20



RESERVED Minimal, clutter free and full of open space - that was exactly the concept when the i29 architects designed for this international digital marketing agency.

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

Keep track of time with this simply designed desk clock. AC 01, Punktgroup.

A multipurpose and very compact flash

An efficient working space providing privacy like your own little bubble while you organize

drive. Data clip, Nendo.

your thoughts. Rewrite Desk, GamFratesi.

Work on your numbers in style. Electronic

Opt for a wooden legged chair and leather

Like a floating canvas of time. Wall clock,

Calculator, PlusMinusZero.

seat. Darling, Frag.


Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20



TETRIS Boring is a word that would never describe a Google office all over the world. An example is this avante garde office in London that’s been built like an architectural tetris.

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

Fits right in with any space like a mere reflection. This geometric, mirror like desk will make

Visible circuits of this transparent phone

any home office like a CEO’s. Vega table, Cattelan Italia.

make it stand out. X Ray, Tokujin Yoshioka.

A seating inspired by the Golden Gate bridge with such stunning ergonomics plus

Painted steel and LED lights is truly

sustainability makes it a true Herman Miller. SAYL Chair, Herman Miller.

magnetic. Megneto, Foscarini.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20



PLAYGROUND People in this office need not look no further for inspiration. Bursting with colors and geometric shapes achieves the “narrative tree” concept of the whole office.

12 SPACE20


Issue 4 May 2012

From its name which means outline, this

Another classic and timeless by George Nelson. Partner with an eye popping colored chair and

mouse make you click away. Rinkak, Nendo.

vintage wallpaper. Swag Leg Desk, Herman Miller.

Upholstered with a vivid color makes it

Personalized yet iconic storage system.

truly yours. Danda, Cattelan Italia.

Stack, Seletti.

Let your productivity go up a notch with

Eliminate stress with this soft, modular sofa with interchangeable blocks of seats. Neowall,

this brand’s desk products. Poppins.

Living Divani.

Issue 4 May 2012

12 SPACE20



Living Divani Family Chairs Junya Ishigami

Living Divani Looper Harry & Camila

Tisettanta Annette Studio Sicia Mario Perati

Tisettanta Giullieta Tisettanta Design Lab

Busnelli Fiocco G14

Busnelli Fiocco G14

Living Divani Curve Piero Lissoni

Busnelli Bohemien Castello Lagravinese

Living Divani Opera Claesson Koivisto Rune

Living Divani Opera Claesson Koivisto Rune

Tisettanta Sleeve Tisettanta Design Lab

Tisettanta Kompasso Tisettanta Design Lab

Busnelli Chicago Bruno Fattorini and Partners


Living Divani Extrasoft Piero Lissoni

Living Divani Ile Club Piero Lissoni

Living Divani Ile Piero Lissoni

Living Divani Twice Piero Lissoni

Tisettanta Art Light Tisettanta Design Lab

QuadroOK:QuadroOK 27/01/11 18:20 Pagina 2

Tisettanta Quadro Tisettanta Design Lab H 240 H 91/2

Tisettanta Swing Tisettanta Design Lab

Busnelli Primetime Bruno Fattorini and Partners

Noir Yves

Modiss Isabelina Alfonso Fontal

L 900 - 1200 W 351/2 - 471/4

P 900 - 1200 D 351/2 - 471/4

Living Divani Wedge Arik Levy

Modiss Penussa Alfonso Fontal

Modiss Valentina Alfonso Fontal

Slamp Cactus M Adriano Rachele

Slamp Cactus S Adriano Rachele

Slamp Comodina Fume Nigel Coates

Slamp Comodina Transparent Nigel Coates

Slamp Faretto Nigel Coates

Slamp Fiorellina Fume Nigel Coates

Slamp Fiorellina Gold Nigel Coates

Slamp Mille Bolle Adriano Rachele

Modiss Anaca 60 Jaff Studio

Modiss Cala 60 Jaff Studio

Slamp Atlante Nigel Coates

Slamp Cactus XXL Adriano Rachele

Slamp Cactus XL Adriano Rachele

Slamp Ecstacity Nigel Coates

Slamp Battista Nigel Coates


Slamp Fiorella Fume Nigel Coates

Slamp Fiorella Gold Nigel Coates

Slamp Ginetta Black Nigel Coates

Slamp Ginetta Silver NIgel Coates

Slamp Girafiore Elodie Longo

Slamp Mille Bolle Adriano Rachele

Slamp Woody Nigel Coates

Slamp Atlante Nigel Coates

Slamp Aurora White Nigel Coates

Slamp Aurora Black Nigel Coates

Slamp Aurora Mini Black Nigel Coates

Slamp Aurora Mini White NIgel Coates

Slamp Ceremony Fume Bruno Rainaldi

Slamp Ceremony Fume Bruno Rainaldi

Slamp Crazy Diamond Luca Mazza

Slamp Faretto Nigel Coates

Slamp Fiorella Gold Nigel Coates

Slamp Ginetta Gold Nigel Coates

Slamp Ginetta Silver Nigel Coates

Slamp Girafiore Elodie Longo

Slamp Goccia Aqua Stefano Papi

Slamp Goccia Opal Stefano Papi

Slamp Goccia Prisma Stefano Papi

Slamp Goccia Tetra Stefano Papi

Slamp Ceremony White Bruno Rainaldi

Slamp Ceremony White Bruno Rainaldi

Slamp Fiorella Fume Nigel Coates


Slamp Lillibet Mini Fume Nigel Coates

Slamp Lillibet Mini Transparent Nigel Coates

Slamp Mille Bolle Adriano Rachele

Slamp Veli Large Plum Adriano Rachele

Slamp Veli Large Charcoal Adriano Rachele

Gan Rug A 180째 Francesc Rife

Gan Rug Broken Francesc Rife

Gan Rug Caleido odosdesign

Gan Rug Champinones Jose Gandia-Blasco

Gan Rug LePark Enblanc

Gan Rug Mangas Puf Globo Patricia Urquiola


Gan Rug Punto Lana Collection

Gan Rug Trokk - Gris Francesc Rife

Abundance Cambodian Male & Female

Abundance Sculpture LK003

Abundance Sculpture LKO51

Abundance Sculpture LKO56

Abundance Sculpture LKO88

Abundance Sculpture Composite

Abundance Seated Woman Sculpture

Abundance 09100801 100 x 120 cm

Gan Rug Wall Jose Gandia-Blasco

Abundance Sculpture LK136

Gan Rug Trokk - Marron Francesc Rife


Abundance 72031101 80 x120 cm

Abundance 08200406 80 x 120 cm

Abundance BTD 055 67 x 87 cm

Abundance BTD 056 67 x 87 cm

Abundance BTD 057 67 x 87 cm

Abundance GF338 100 x100 cm

Abundance BTD 053 67 x 87 cm

Ivan Acu単a Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 10 x 8 ft

FADED Year: 2010 Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media Dimension: 5 ft x 5 ft Price: P160,000


Ivan Acu単a Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 6 ft

Year: 2011 Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media Dimension: 5 ft x 8 ft Price: P250,000

Raquel Bautista Awakening Mixed Media 5 x 8 ft

Raquel Bautista Faded Mixed Media 5 x 5 ft

TWINGE Year: 2010 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimension: 4 ft x 5 ft Price: P150,000

Raquel Bautista Twinge Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 5 ft

Tessa Alindogan Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 3 x 4 ft

Tessa Alindogan Black and White Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 ft

Tessa Alindogan Inflection IX Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 ft

Tessa Alindogan Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 3 ft

Tessa Alindogan Midnight Blue Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 ft

Tessa Alindogan Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 4 x 4 ft

Tessa Alindogan Untitled Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 22 cm

Parrot Zikmu Speakers Philippe Starck

Space 2012 04  
Space 2012 04  

International Design/Graphic Resource: The City Dweller and the Urban Habitat