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Are UFOs Real? By Victoria



Builders The Nazca Lines


Vanished: the Crew of


the Mary Celeste The Bermu- 3 da Traingle

Amazing 3 Escape: The Story of Anastasia All about Black holes


When you see UFOs, you think of aliens or Martians. But there is much more to it. In military bases or within the government, we know that they are hiding something. The government has let some projects open to the public. You usually see UFOs at dark, but it is common that they are seen at sunlight. Sometimes you see them in the air, on the ground, in military bases, or in hidden places. The crafts that are flying are commonly known as FLYING SAUCERS. They are also as FOO FIGHTERS. These objects baffle people, as well as our government. We have plenty of questions about these objects. Crop circles can occur on

farms with crops. People believe it is aliens’ spaceships that make these things. Crop circles are carvings made into crops (usually corn). When

Above: Crop Circles

police get contacted, they usually think it is the farmers who do it. But they are not. We all think that it is because these aliens want to get in contact with us. They are trying to show us something, but we can not understand them.

The Legend of Atlantis By Elijah

The Builders of the Great Pyramid


The people that live in Atlantis are called Atlantians. The Atlantians were all in bed one night when it was flooding and rthere were really

strong earthquakes. That night was their night of misfortune and the island sunk beneath the depth of the sea.

Some think they have come in the past. Are they coming back now? This still remains a mystery until we now for sure that they are here.



Obstacles 

There were no shovels or cars before to dig or transport rocks.


The builders had to use natural materials from animals and plants.


Bluestones are found 200 miles from the construction site.


Bluestones are about 2000 pounds or 1 ton.

Stone Henge Builders By John Druids, Geeks, Phoenicians, and Atlanteans built the Stone Henge to allow observation of astronomical stuff like the seasons, the moon, and more. They built it with Bluestones a mineral that is found about 200 miles away from Wiltshire, England. Researchers are puzzled by how ancient people were able to move those 2-ton rocks from Preseli Hills to the construction site at England.

Wally Wallington attempted to make an exact replica of Stone Henge in his backyard. He calculated that a

water and sailed them along the coast and then to the Avon river to Salisbury Plain.

builder can move a heavy block a long way in just about an hour. Another theory is that builders made a lot of rollers out of tree trunks and wood to move the bluestones from the place it was found. They moved the boulders onto rafts and small boats once they reached the

The Stone Henge was built from 2800-1800 BC.

The Nazca Lines By Joseph The Nazca Lines are one of the best mysteries in history and man kind still hasn’t solved it. They are giant lines that make pictures in different places in Peru. They where made about 2,000 years ago by the Nazca Indians. But how?

Theories 1. Aliens came and made lines and the Indians came and made more lines to try to lure the “gods” back. One of the Nazca Lines (above) 2. They could be a memorial place for things that died by a big flood. 3. They are an astronomical calendar. 4. They are sacred paths to walk on.

Vanished: The Passengers of the Mary Celeste Above is a picture of The Mary Celeste. Pictured right is the captain of the ship.

By Isabella and Hwain On December 4,1872,The Mary Celeste was found with no people on it by a fellow ship. When the fellow ship’s crew got on The Mary Celeste there was only alcohol and belongings to the captain, crew, and passengers. There were only two passengers, and the passengers were the captain’s daughter and wife. THEORIES 1.People think The Mary Celeste fell to pirates and the crew was murdered, then thrown overboard. 2.Some people think the weather was bad, so the crew left quickly. 3.Other people think there was a fire or explosion on The Mary Celeste because of alcohol leakage. 4.One more theory is that the crew, captain, and passengers died from starvation, dehydration, or of exposure.









The Bermuda Triangle By Benjamin The Bermuda Triangle was found by Christopher Columbus on October 8,1492. The Bermuda Triangle is between Miami, Florida, the island ,Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It is about 500,000 square miles. Scientists are studying the Bermuda Triangle and why its so mysterious. When Christopher Columbus was in the Bermuda Triangle he saw a fireball hit the ocean. Hundreds of plane and boat acci-

Interesting Facts About the Bermuda Triangle dents have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

“People said the t o

There is said to be an electronic fog and magnetic field that causes the compasses to go crazy.

Romanov children

It has been said that the humans that go into the Bermuda Triangle make an error that causes them to crash.

could have sur ived, This is a map of the Bermuda Triangle.

Amazing Escape: The Story of Anastasia because Anastasia’s father, the king, wasn’t caring for the people’s basic necessities. The family was captured and brought down to a cellar under a house near a Siberian city in Yekaterinburg to be slaughtered, then lined up for a family photograph. After that, they were said to all be killed with a gun, except for Anastasia and her brother Alex. A study shown in 2009 showed nobody survived. There are a lot more theories on this mystery, but these are only a couple. People said

All About Black Holes By Christopher Black holes are gravity’s relentless pull, and they do exist. With that gravity not even light can escapenothing can escape. The gravity is so strong that a Planet can escape. (like pictured on the right.) They can be formed by dead planets, they can become black holes or dwarf planets like Pluto.

diamonds on their clothes protecting

By Ellie and Elisa

On July 17,1918, the people of Russia attempted to kill all the Romanovs,

because of the

There is a good news about the sun and Earth. Fortunately, the Earth nor the sun can become a black hole! Also there are or will be other planets like the Earth that will never become a black hole.

the two Romanov children could have survived, because of the them om the g n diamonds on their clothes protecting them from the gun shot. many people said that they were Anastasia. The most convincing shot”. person who was said to be Anastasia was a woman named Anna Anderson. Anna Anderson had the same birth-mark as Anastasia. Anna Anderson died in 1984. In 2007, a scientist found the body and proved that Anastasia really did die with the rest of her family. Like in the Disney film Anastasia, many people believe that Anastasia and her grandmother escaped and flew to Paris.

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The Builders of the Great Pyramids of Giza By Max

How the ancient pyramids were built has been a mystery for almost a millennium. There are many theories on it like aliens and many more. There is evidence of wooden rollers being used to transport the blocks of sandstone and marble. There is also evidence of sleds pulled by slaves to transport the stones. We know that the biggest pyramid the pyramid of Khufu the ancient Egyptian king was built as a grave for Khufu by his brother it was covered in marble but now the marble is gone due to many civilizations taking all of it to build buildings and repairing them. The pyramid at the base is as big as 10 football fields standing 449.5 feet tall one side is 5.5 acres and weighing 6.5 million tons. The pyramid is at a 51

degree angle is on the Giza plateau and Many theories contain stuff like slaves has 203 steps to it’s summit.. It started (which they did have), aliens and tons in 2540BC and took 23 years to comof stuff about gods helping and new plete. To build it they used 7.5 ton technology never discovered. Many blocks of sandstone and marble. The theories are scientific like they worked sandstone was mined from down the 24,7 or they used forced slaves. Nile river and the marble was brought from 500 miles away. Scientists believe that to get it done in that time it would require a lot of workers and working every day and night in that 23 year period. The ancient Egyptians had slaves which would of helped building the pyramids so that would have helped them. A thing that puzzles scientists is that the stones that were set in place they didn’t use mortar so you would expect that they would be “It stands at a 51 degree angle. The apart a little but no you can’t even bottom is 10 football fields wide put a knife blade between the stones and is 449.5 feet tall.” they are so tightly put together.

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