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Broadband: Enhancing the Life of the Internet User A broadband service, in its ideal definition means certain types of high speed internet connections, of which, the most common types are DSL or the digital subscriber line, cable broadband and cellular services. The greatest advantage of such a service is the increased speed that has almost replaced the dial up connection system. With high speed, users can now exploit the benefits of the internet more than ever. A very interesting feature is that most of such services are independent of a phone line. Though the DSL connection transfers data over a phone line, they do not tie up the phone connection and enable calls while in action. A range of entertainment as well as utility activities are possible with a high speed service, ranging from lag free online gaming, video download to video conferencing and usage of internet telephony at much lesser costs that traditional phone systems. The most important requirement with a broadband service is the need of a computer or laptop always connected to the internet, which can be considered both an advantage and a disadvantage. With the computer connected to the web round the clock, users can enjoy uninterrupted service but on the other hand, the system is also exposed to virus attacks and hacking threats and needs an additional firewall installation.

Users of broadband usually vouch for the following advantages: 

  

Unparallel Speed: Compared to other forms of internet connection such as a dial up, it is more than one hundred times faster, making it effective for users who engage in large amounts of data transfer and also for them who are constantly working on the internet. More Reliable: Users can enjoy better dependability as the service is less prone to failure in a bad weather compared to a dial up service. Service Consistency: Unlike the dial up, the broadband network does not deliver varying speeds depending on a good or a bad weather condition. Ease of Use: Features like automatic connection with system start up saves time of re entering password every time the connection snaps, a disadvantage with the dial up system Fixed Charge Service: With slow connection like a dial up, page loading time is huge which reflects in the monthly bills. Broadband service providers generally have fixed charge and bandwidth dependent plans on offer.

Apart from the many advantages discussed above, there are a few pitfalls that need attention, such as: 


More Expensive Option: Users who do not require the internet constantly may find it a more expensive option compared to a dial up. With such a connection, the charge is fixed according to the plan which has to be paid irrespective of the usage. Less Secured Connection: With the computer always connected to the net, the system is vulnerable to internet based threats and a separate firewall system needs to be installed which is an addition in cost.

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Broadband: Enhancing the Life of the Internet User