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2012 - 2013 Fall/Winter Edition

Advocate Spartan Royalty Homecoming 2012 By Alexis Lyons

Football Malik Turner kicks off the Webberville vs. Byron game

Basketball Senior Lynsey Hitchcock shoots a basket to try and win the game

Homecoming had many unique twists this year as there were many new events in order to replace not having a varsity football team; such as, an alumni game and powder-puff under the lights. As homecoming quickly approached, the student council planned a new list of activities that would include many members of the community. Even though there was no Varsity game, Webberville found a way to incorporate football. After the traditional homecoming parade took place, there was an alumni football game for both women and men who graduated from Webberville Schools. Many people of all ages attended to either play or watch the games. The idea of the alumni game was a hit, as people filled the bleachers. “I did like how Homecoming was this year. One of the things that I really liked was that there was a lot of community participation with the alumni games. I also really liked that for powder-puff, we got to play under the lights, and that our families could be there to watch,” said junior representative, Kierstynn Holman.

After the games had ended, it was time for the homecoming court to be announced. As a part of homecoming tradition, two representatives from each class were announced. As the freshman, sophomores, and juniors were announced, the seniors waited anxiously to hear who would win Homecoming King and Queen. As the seniors lined up the king and queen were announced. Owen Judd and Kelsei Hull were announced the 2012 homecoming king and queen! “Being on homecoming court was really fun and so was everyone that was on court. Winning queen was a great feeling. I love my school and everyone in it,” said senior, Kelsei Hull. After the homecoming court was announced, the girls on the homecoming court rushed to get ready to play the powder-puff game. First to play was the sophomores and juniors. In the end, the sophomores won and would go on to play later that night. The freshman and seniors played next. After the seniors won, it was time for the championship game. After a long battle, the seniors and sophomores ended the game in a tie. As the excitment and the activities came to an end, every Webberville student was preparing

for the Homecoming dance the next night. The Homecoming dance began as loud music came from the high school cafeteria and students began to pour onto the dance floor. Every student gathered onto the floor for the big group dance and danced all night until it came to an end. “The homecoming dance was fun as always, and I was sad that it was my last one, but I had a great time with my friends and my fellow students!” said senior, Alyssa Arnold. The 2012 Homecoming experience was great even though there were many changes to Webberville’s traditional schedule for Homecoming. The Webberville Spartans always find a way to make Homecoming a memorable and fun event.

Cheerleading Freshman Autumn Stowe shows her school spirit while cheering at the game

Ready to Dance The entire Homecoming court poses for a group picture before being announced at the 2012 Homecoming dance.

Spartan Royalty After the Alumni game, Kelsei Hull and Owen Judd pose for a picture after winning the title Homecoming Queen and King.

Parade of Avengers Homecoming Parade

Assemblies Sophomores Maddie Monroe and Jackie Klein cheer on classmates at the ROOTS assembly

Band The Middle Schoolers show of their musical skills at the band concert

Volleyball Jackie Klein goes up for a spike at volleyball disrticts vs. Morrice

By Janet Lorenz This year the homecoming parade from Webberville High school carried the theme avengers. The classes freshman to senior spent a lot of time creating interesting and pretty floats. Every class put as much effort as possible in their floats to win this year’s competition. The senior class of 2013 put a self-made avenger called Thor on their float. The junior class of 2014 created a float with Ironman. The sophomore class of 2015 put avenger Hulk on their float and the freshman class of 2016 created a movie roll with pictures of avengers. “My favorite float was the senior float I liked the individuality of our float and how legit the avenger looked.” said senior Shawn Byrne. Every class presented their floats at the homecoming parade followed by the candidates for the king and queen.. The senior couples were Kelsei Hull and Daylan Howe, Sarah Decker and Owen Judd, Kayla Aldapa and Trenton Hawley and Lynsey Hitchcock. Autumn Stowe and Owen Gaffney represented the freshman grade. Taylor Mayville and Ezra Fuller represented the sophomore grade and Kierstynn Holman and Kyle Reed represented the junior grade. Furthermore the firefighters presented their fire trucks with loud sirens. Some farmers also showed their best tractors. Both Cheerleading teams from the high school and elementary school threw candy in the parade. “My favorite part about the homecoming parade was walking in the parade as a cheerleader and throwing candy, “said sophomore Taylor Mayville. The parade ended at the football field at Webberville high school. Right after everyone arrived at the football field the alumni games started with the first team being the girls game. Then the men’s alumni game began. After that the repre-

sentatives were presented to the audience. After a short and interesting introduction of the representatives the king and the queen were crowned. Homecoming queen this year was Kelsei Hull and homecoming king this year was Owen Judd. Both were glad to receive that honor. “Being homecoming queen was a good feeling. The court was really fun and we created some memories. I love our school and everyone in it,” said Hull. In the end the girls of the high school classes freshman through senior showed their football skills at the powder puff games. The junior class started the first game against the sophomores. The sophomores left the football field as proud winners. In the next game the senior class and the freshman played and the seniors won. After a long game the seniors and sophomores tied. “The Powder Puff game was a good time. Everybody enjoyed playing and fighting for their class, “said freshman Alex Elowsky.

Iron The juniors float was themed after iron man, it tied for first this year with the sophomore class

Hulk The sophomores walk with their Hulk themed float, it tied for first with the junior float

Seniors Seniors Beverlyn Salva and Brad Sleight pose with their Thor themed float

2 News Welcome To America Exchange Students

By Kayla Aldapa “Wincentsen and Lorenz are very kind, caring, fun, and very outgoing,” said friend Owen Judd. Webberville had the opportunity to have two exchange students that would go to school here for a year. Stine Wincentsen from Denmark and Janet Lorenz from Germany. They are both in the junior class. Having Stine and Janet around has taught the rest of the student body about two new different cultures as well as them learning our culture. “I didn’t really know what to expect I was just excited to meet new people and learn a new culture,” said Wincentsen. They both got to experience a lot of new things sports, friends, homecoming, and extra-curricular activities. They both are doing competitive cheerleading and Lorenz is doing basketball. Wincentsen and Lorenz fit right in with our students and made lots of friends both of them will be

around.” “Stine is the type of person that is always happy and getting people to laugh, she has made a lot of good friends and is doing very well adapting to our culture,” said Judd. Stine is currently doing competitive cheerleading. “I will miss Stine very much because she always puts a smile on my face,” said Albin “I will miss everyone and everything about this town, I definitely want to come back to visit soon. People have been so nice and welcoming; I really like how this community is like a family. My favorite memory so far has been homecoming week, I love how much school spirit this school has. “Thanks for all the great memories and I am going to miss everything about Webberville,” said Wincentsen.

missed very much next year. “I will miss the school and all my friends when I leave, I have met so many new friends,” said Lorenz. They both came here not knowing what to expect, they had no idea what it was going to be like. “It is very different but I am very happy, and I love the small school because I got to know everybody, I have had so much fun already and I’m excited for the rest of the year,” said Lorenz. “Janet is very outgoing and a happy go lucky person, I will miss her big smile and her great friendship said Judd. Lorenz joined cheerleading and basketball. “I love being able to play sports, it is a lot of fun and I will always remember my teammates.” When asked what she liked most about Lorenz teammate Chelsea Albin said, “She has a lot of energy and is very funny and fun to be

4 Questions, 4 Answers New Teachers By Dani Wadley Lindsay Estep “Mrs. Estep is a great, caring person” said neighbor Kayla Farrier. “ She really throws herself into her job, and you can tell she really enjoys teaching.” 1)Have you taught at any other schools before Webberville? Yes I taught 5th grade at Byron Elementary School from 2008-2011 2)What has influenced you the most in your career? I have had a few mentors in my career. Tammy Streeter, my student teaching mentor and Deb Olrich, my mentor teacher my first year of teaching. They are both wonderful teachers who taught me a lot. 3)What do you like about Webberville? I LOVE my job here at Webberville! The community has been so welcoming to me and my family! 4)Do you have any advice for students? Work hard and never give up.

Friendship Janet Lorenz and Stine Wincentsen are all smiles at their first Webberville homecoming dance. “I love homecoming week, the town showed so much spirit and it was something I will remember forever,” said Wincentsen.

Cheerleaders Stine Wincentsen and Janet Lorenz at the pink game ready to cheer for the boys with their cheer family.

Alanna Pape “I love the games we play in class. Respect the bottle and Continental Drift are so fun.” said Vicky Swarez 1)Have you taught at any other schools? I have tutored and student-taught at a few schools in Lansing, but working at Webberville is my first full-time job. 2)What has influenced you the most in your career? I had an awesome professor in college who helped me develop my philosophy of teaching. She taught me that it’s important to encourage creativity and get to know your students. She helped me see why I wanted to be a teacher and influenced me to be the best I can be. 3)What do you like about Webberville? I love the people at Webberville because they support a positive learning environment. The staff are caring and knowledgeable and the students are talented. 4)Do you have any advice for students? My advice for students is to be confident, and of course, to do their school work.

Working Hard For A Win

Ty Paff “Mr. Paff is a pretty awesome teacher, he has great teaching methods, and knows how to connect with his students,” said Nolan Grossbauer 1)Have you taught at any other schools? This is my first time as a full time teacher. I did my student teaching at Hartland High School teaching Honors and basic Chemistry and graduated from Eastern Michigan University in April 2012. I also spent approximately 10 years in the US Marine Corps in the roles of Platoon Sergeant and Commander. 2)What has influenced you the most in your career? The Marine Corps. When I became a Marine I learned how important drive, and integrity and how that brings a certain honor to your life. 3)What do you like about Webberville? It is my home town! I moved here when I was ten and graduated from Webberville High in 1996. My parents still live in-town. It is a nice and small community where you are more likely to know everyone in the town. 4)Do you have any advice for students? Persistence - never stop trying. If you don’t get it the first time, there is always another chance. Teachers are here to teach what you need to know. Dont give up.

Powder Puff 2012

By Amanda Crandall During our Homecoming week every year our girls participate in powder-puff. Each grade has their rivalry and their goals they plan on accomplishing to win the championship. The main thing is to have fun, and gain experience and get better for the years to come. It seems as if over the past couple of years sophomore year is the year of gold. This year with a tough battle ended with a tie between the seniors and the sophomores. Freshman getting the short end of the stick fought a hard game with the seniors but did not come out with a win this year. Last year the champions were the sophomores, however this year’s juniors discontinued their victory. “My favorite thing was to be with my grade

of girls and work together for a win!” said Junior Samantha Driver. With this type of positive attitude it’s sure that in the future they will continue to fight. “My favorite thing about powder-puff is that you get to group up with your class of girls, plan the whole game, and be aggressive for a strong win!” said Senior Beverlyn Salva. This is exactly what they did. Although they tied the seniors truly enjoyed their last game of powder puff at Webberville. Powder puff is unpredictable; winners one year could lose the next. It takes determination and patience to work so hard with girls you may not even know and a game you may have not ever played. “What I love most about everything is the fact the sport most known as

a boys sport, girls can come together to bond and work hard.” said Sophomore Jordan Burrum. Proven every year, no matter which class, girls play tough. Best of luck to the next years powder puff teams!!

Class of 2014 powder puff team and the coaches.

Class of 2016 powder puff team and the coaches.

Class of 2013 powder puff girls and the coaches.

A Night To Remember

Homecoming Dance

By Stine Wincentsen After a successful homecoming week everybody was ready to end it with a dance off on Saturday night. Students ninth through twelfth grade came together and had a great time. Smiles, fancy dresses, loud music and cool dance moves were shown off on this wonderful night. Everybody had a fun and memorable time. “I had a fantastic and fun night! It definitely lived up to all my expectations I had for my first homecoming dance,” said freshmen Alexandria Elowsky The night went on and the court got presented one after another ending with this year’s homecoming King and Queen

Class of 2015 powder puff team and the coaches.

Kelsei Hull and Owen Judd. “Being crowned for homecoming king was definitely a big surprise for me but being with my friends and show school spirit was even better,” said senior Owen Judd The court started the first slow dance and other couples later joined in. People were ready for this night and there was not a moment the dance floor was empty. “The homecoming dance was probably one of the highlights of the week. Just the whole dressing up and dancing is always a good time. Also the avenger decorations in the cafeteria were sweet and everybody was enjoying the loud music” said sophomore Hayley Wagner

The night ended off with playing the song “Don’t stop believing” and everybody happy joined in. A big circle got created and hand in hand students enjoyed the last moment of the dance.

Smile A group of sophomore girls taking a break from dancing to take a group photo at the homecoming dance.

Bonding a group of cheerleaders dancing the night away at the 2012 homecoming dance. Left: Taylor Chase, Haley Wagner, Sarah Decker, Samantha Driver and Bailey Perkins.

Up Coming Seasons

Sports 3

Winter Sports

By Aaron Driver Webberville’s four winter sports teams are boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, wrestling and competitive cheer. In Basketball Webberville will be hosting the guys and girls districts at home the girls will be held on February the 25th through March 1st. The boys will be holding their districts on March 4th through March 8th. For our wrestling team they will be holding the league tournament also at Webberville this year. “This is my first year wrestling I have learned a lot so far, it is a lot of fun our team is growing and I really enjoy Mr. Moulton helping me with everything I don’t understand.” said senior Kigabi Muzaliwa. Muzaliwa has done a great job so far this year winning The Sportsmanship Award at the tournament the team went to in Concord on December 15th. Some other contributors for the team are freshman Owen Gaffney, and junior Dalton Slaughter. “We have a very hectic schedule with all the dual sporting. So it is very hard

for our team to find time to practice.” said senior cheerleader Sarah Decker, the competitive cheer team has been working hard all year they started working on their cheers in the summer and have changed a lot throughout the year. “We need to come together and figure out how good we really want to be, we just need to put the work in” said Decker, the team has decided that they really want to be good this year and by that they have put in a lot of time in either after practice, on the weekend or find a way around everyone’s schedule to get everyone at practice. “I feel this team has the ability to overcome through their ability to be an intellectual team. That is, win games via using their heads more than their talents alone.” said varsity boys basketball coach Mr. Brown. The boys basketball team is a young team experience wise they are going to make mistakes but they are going to get better and better as the year goes on.

New Ideas for Varsity Program Webberville Football

returning captains Lynsey Hitchcock, Kelsei Hull, and Bailey Perkins. In my mind, our success is going to be contingent on consistent performance of our team.” said Tennant. The team has five seniors on their team this year and all of them have been with the program for the last four years. “I firmly believe if they play together as they have been taught, they can be unstoppable. The challenge has been getting them to buy into that”. said Tennant. This year the girls will be holding their districts at home, there are only three team in districts this year and they are Morrice, Lansing Christian and Webberville. The girls got the better end of their districts this year getting the bye straight to the finals, while Morrices and Lansing Christian will be playing each other for the other spot. So come on down to the girls Districts being held on February the 25th through March 1st.

Bump, Set, Spike Volleyball By Maria Rubio

By Kyle Oesterle Webberville varsity football team was unable to field a team this fall. There are many reasons but here is what Mr. Smith the alethic director has to say, “Our inability to field a varsity football team came about for a variety of reasons. It would be difficult to answer this question in a short answer response. One of the many reasons was low numbers of participation. This came down about what was influenced by a variety of reasons as well. In short, we are trying to build our participation and our program through development of our youth program and the JV team,” Next season “We are going to playing an 8-man football next year and I am very excited about the opportunity. It will give us a much more competitive atmosphere for our program we will be able to gain success which leads to much more fun and participation,” said Smith. This is like normal football but you get rid of three spots on the field and you shorten the width of the field to 40 yards from its normal 50 yards, you can play a full width field but both teams must agree on it. “This year we were able to field a solid

“The team needs to learn to work together, our core Owen Judd, Aaron Driver, Daylan Howe, Kyle Reed, and Tyler Adair needs to be role models of this consistency. Each one of these guys can pick each other up through their skills so it will be important that each of them find a way to contribute daily.” said Brown. The basketball team will be playing their district at home this year with Morrice, Lansing Christian and Holt Lutheran. Lansing Christian will be a tough challenge for the team after winning districts last year and not losing very many players from last year. “Our entire squad returned this year and we have high expectations for the season.” said Coach Tennant the varsity girls’ basketball Coach. The girls’ basketball team last year had no seniors, so this upcoming season they will have all of their players returning from last year with all of them with a little more skill then the year before “We are continuing to look to our

JV team for the entire season. In recent years when numbers were low, the JV has been cancelled and freshmen and sophomores were forced to play varsity football even though most were not ready, this was a contributing factor that reduced numbers on the teams last year. We have very optimistic about the future and all signs are pointing to a very successful recovery for the program,” said Smith. “The JV season had a successful season this year. They won 2 games and tied in another. More importantly, they were competitive in nearly all of their games and our kids were afforded the opportunity to compete and learn the life lessons that are part of being a football player”. We already have a new head football coach. His name is Joel Emmons. “I coached at Williamston high school for 10 years. I also coached at Pinckney for 1 year,” said Joel Emmons “The numbers for next year are looking optimistic. MY goals for our football program will be that we have minimum of 10 dedicated student-athletes from each grade participating. If we reach that goal our program’s success will grow rapidly,” said Smith.

Integrity after a rough start to the year the JV football team poses for a picture before their final game of the season. No matter what the controversy was they endured it and are proud to call themselves Spartans.

Unity The Varsity Boys Basketball Team listening to the national anthem before there game against the Morrice Oriorles at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The boys played good but ended up losing the game to Morrice. After the game the boys stayed to watch the Pistons play against the Cleavland Cavaliers.

Volleyball is a team sport played by two teams on a playing court divided by a net. The object of the game is for each team to send the ball regularly over the net, and preventing it from touching the ground, having a bump set and spike. Here at Webberville High School girls have the opportunity to play Volleyball. Volleyball is A valuable sport to play, and isn’t an independent sport, it’s a sport where you have to work with everyone else and help each other out. “Being a volleyball player doesn’t just help you become a better teammate, it also helps you to be able to work with many other different people that you didn’t know”, said by Junior Varsity volleyball player, Lillian Sessions. To be on the Volleyball team you have to follow the rules by getting to practice and game on time, bringing all your equipment, and having a

positive attitude towards your team and coaches. “One of the hardest parts about volleyball was working with a new coach and new teammates” said by Junior Varsity volleyball player Samantha Driver. Some of the activities the Volleyball team did this year was going to the Michigan State girls’ volleyball game and working at Meet the Spartans selling t-shirts and signs. Both JV and Varsity volleyball teams have bonding time during the week or weekends once or twice a month. By that they become closer and built friendships. Volleyball teaches you to work hard on everything that you do and everything that you do you have to put all your effort into it. “Volleyball has taught me not to just become a better team player but also as an individual myself. To work hard and give my best on everything that I do”, said by Sophomore Jackie Klein.

Sticking Together Webberville JV volleyball players capturing their team. As the season progressed the girls grew together and became more than just teammates, they became friends as well. They share many memories and are all excited for volleyball next year.

Teamwork The Competitive Cheer team spending Seniors The seniors getting together before there last pink game of their time at their first competition of the year at there High school career. The girls played the Bendle Tigers, they lost Saint Johns on January 5th , the team did good in the end but had a fun time. they did very solid on their first and third round but need to work on their second.


Fine Arts

Webberville Band Concert

The Christmas concert By Dmitri Glover

The high school and middle school bands really enjoy what they do. They work really hard to learn their music and preform it to the Webberville community. The Christmas concert was a big success with a great turnout. “I’m really glad I showed up to the concert, it was a lot of fun and the band clearly worked very hard to learn the music “said Senior Beverlyn Salva. The band took a long time to prepare for the concert. “It took us from the end of marching season to prepare for the concert. Most of the effort was spent on Sleigh ride said French horn player and student Jacob. The band worked really hard to learn the song Sleigh Ride. “We had to practice every day” said Senior Co-

rey Weston. The song had many solos and each person had to pull their own weight. A really interesting part of the song is that it was the original version of the song. “We managed to learn the original song and I think that we did great” said Weston. The students weren’t the only ones who thought that the band did a great job. “The band did an excellent job and their hard work really shows” Said Katie Elzerman. The cafeteria looked really beautiful because of all the Christmas lights put up by Mr. Depue. “The kids work really hard to learn the music, I want to make sure that they have a concert that looks good” said Josh Depue. Mr. Depue has been a member of the Webberville community all of his life.

Sack Attack

Middle School The Middle school students practice songs before performing on stage.

Middle Schoolers Emily Weber and Faith Erwin pose for a picture before the band concert.

High School The woodwins do their part at the winter band concert.


By Ken Grossbauer The Robotics team’s main goal is to get kids excited about technology and encourage them to pursue a job in the technology area. Robotics is a competitive extracurricular activity that involves smaller teams that make robots to complete tasks. Although they have smaller teams that create the robots, they like to think of themselves of one big team. The Robotics team competes in different games, this year’s game is called Sack Attack. This year the Robotics team will be creating 6 robots. The Robots are controlled by the makers, and used to play the game. The game Sack Attack is where players control the robots and it is their job to move sacks into the goals.

“Robotics is fun and it’s a great way to learn about technology” said 2nd year Robotics member Jacob Aubuchon. “Building Robots is a great way to bond with your friends” said 2nd year Robotics member Denae Hummel. Robotics meetings are held Tuesday through Thursday. At Robotics meetings, students such as Aubuchon and Hummel build robots and practice driving them. The Robotics teams work on their Robots before the competitions. Some robots are small and agile while others are large and can move five or more bean bags!

Junior Jestin Griffes attempts to solve the problem simply by staring at the robot.

Team Inspection The Team Bravo 5681B, put down their robot to be inspectcted by Mr. Dean Wilson. (Left to right KT Wylie, Dillon Brown and Jestin Griffes

Robotics Club The High/Middle School Robotics team has a meeting before their competition begins.

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Giving Back 5 Spreading Joy Operation Christmas Cheer By Trenton Hawley Operation Christmas Cheer is something the whole high school and middle school gets involved in. Each teacher receives a package of Christmas cards, with these cards the teacher’s sets aside time for each student to decorate and sign each cards during the class period. With the cards the student will then put Webberville High School, there name and grade on the card, that way the people receiving it will know a little about the decorator and where the Christmas cards came from. This operation has been going on for over 20 plus years now, it’s a tradition at Webberville. “The joy that the seniors get out of it makes it all worth making the cards,” said Senior Brad Sleight. Once the Christmas cards are made they are sent back to the journalism class so then they can edit and look over the Christmas cards. “I always like looking over the Christmas cards to see what everyone has come up with,” said Senior Amanda Crandall. When the editing process is finished the class then counts and puts them in bundles for the right amount of the place the cars are delivered. Christmas cards are delivered to over

7 assisted living homes throughout two counties, Ingham and Livingston. “Christmas cards are also delivered a couple different ways, the journalism class will hand deliver them or through meals on wheels,” Said Mrs. Scott. Making Christmas cards is a great fulfillment to the seniors. “I believe making Christmas cards will put a smile on the seniors face,” said Crandall. Christmas cards are a great thing for the seniors to open up, on or around the holidays. Students love the idea of taking time out of there day to make Christmas

cards. “Making Christmas Cards it always fun, since it gives me a break from my school work,” said Sleight. It takes a lot of leadership and group effort to decorate these cards and get then done in time to send them out. Every year after the journalism class get delivers Christmas cards we will receive thank you letters from the places that we have delivered. “On Behalf of the Howell care center we would like to thank you for your generous donation of Christmas cards and your support, your friends from the Howell care Center”.

Dedication Kelsei Hull and Alyssa Arnold are getting ready to deliver Christmas cards that they students had made for the elderly. The Christmas cards are delivered every year around the holidays. The students love making them to see the joy it brings to the people.

Be the Change You Wish to See

Operation Christmas Cheer This is one of the many Christmas cards the Journalism class made.

Community Service By Lynsey Hitchcock

Webberville students have been actively involved in helping others, whether it’s during school or on their own time. The FFA was involved in pick up the tab, food drive, donated fresh chickens from their broiler contest to the food bank, and operation Christmas cheer (Christmas cards for the elderly). “It always feels good to do the right thing and I am glad I can make a difference on someone’s lives, said Senior Alyssa Arnold.” Student council was in charge of organizing Toys for Tots and the food drive. Toy for Tots allows children to have presents under the tree Christmas morning and the food drive helps families have home cooked meals over the holidays. “I’m glad we got the opportunity to give back to our community by participating in Toys for Tots. It’s a great feeling to know you made

someone’s Christmas amazing in these hard times, said Senior Bailey Perkins.” The cheerleaders made cookies of appreciation for the athletic boosters and helped serve ox burgers at Fireman’s Field day. “It feels good to give back to the athletic boosters because they went out of their way to get us new competition mats, said Senior Sarah Decker.” The National Honor Society organized a blood drive that was hosted at our school and plan to organize another one in the spring with the American Red Cross. “Every year NHS organizes two blood drives hosted at our school and it is amazing to see how many people donate and save a life. There is no better feeling when you know you are saving a life, said Senior Kayla Aldapa.” The girls’ basketball program has completed over 15 hours of com-

Spreading School Spirit Assemblies By Derek Woodrow With each assembly there was a chance to have fun and to show school spirit. In 2012 we have had three assemblies; one was for Homecoming, Drug abuse, and Roots.

“The assembly was very motivational and inspiring it showed me the way I shouldn’t live my life and I learned so many things during the assembly, said Senior Trenton Hawley”

The Homecoming Assembly was a chance to bring everyone together and to have a good time. The games that were played were exotic but challenging. The seniors came away with the Spirit stick, as they won the 2012 homecoming games.

Before the students go to break there is always an assembly to show that we have school spirit throughout the year. It gives the students a chance to see who is playing winter sports and so they can give them support to keep going and to push through even when times are hard.

“Homecoming was a fun and exciting time with the pep assembly and the dance, said Senior Amanda Crandall”

“Roots decided to plan an assembly for the school before everyone left for break. The games turned out to be a huge hit and a lot of fun, said Senior Aaron Driver”

The assembly about drug abuse came with a huge learning experience. Everyone learned the reasons they shouldn’t do drugs and what will happen with your life if you choose to do them. The reason for this assembly was to put the students in the right direction and to show them that they shouldn’t do drugs.

munity service for each player. The team has been part of Pass it Forward for 4 years. They have bought food for customers, paid for random peoples bus pass, and made cookies for the police officers. The girls are very proud of themselves but this year they went above and beyond, they went to a family’s home, whose dad was very ill. They painted their porch, picked tomatoes, cleaned their garden, moved mulch, weeded, and trimmed trees. “I have been part of pass it forward for four years and every year we do something different, but this year I feel like we really made a difference in people’s life by just giving them a helping hand, said senior Kelsei Hull.” As you’ve read Webberville students and community members are going above and beyond and continuing to improve the Webberville Community.


2 3

1. Be The ChangeWebberville Girls basketball team spent a summer day making a difference not only in their community but others. In this photo you see them smiling for a quick picture before they go back to work. 2. Generous The FFA had donated some fresh meat from their chicken broiler contest this fall to the Webberville Food Bank. In this picture you see Paige Wilson, Dmitri Glover, Jeremiah Thompson, and Chelsea Stanley. 3. Making an Impact Webberville schools hosted a competition for grades 12th through 6th to see who good get the most food in their box. After weeks of competition, the seniors won. The Student council had later taken all those boxes to the food bank and sorted through and put them on the selves. Two of the student council members are picture, Beverlyn Salvia (senior) and Nick (senior).

We Are Spartans Senior Owen Judd cheering along in the stands after the Senior class wins the spirit stick.

January 2013 Spartan Advocate  

Highlights fall achievements.

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