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Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve

Issue 5

Come Grow With Us

UPHOLDING TRADITION: Students bring up their tractors to teach the elementary students about them at AGstravaganza.

“Build a Legacy And Uphold Tradition”

The sounds of kids practicing for contests and seeing more about the Webberville FFA in the newspaper and in the news is becoming more of a familiar thing for the Webberville FFA , the community, and Webberville High School. The chapter continues to build that legacy with being selected again as a top 3 star chapter in the state of Michigan. This shows that the chapter has met the criteria of being a superior national chapter. The Webberville FFA Alumni continues to support the chapter and helps us continue to build that legacy. The community is always continuing to come in and help prepare the chapter and students for contests, speeches, and special events that chapter is involved in. The chapter continues to donate chickens to the food bank and time to the community. The chapter continues to demonstrate traits such as, upholding the small town traditions and being a superior chapter.

Kubiak--Star Farmer Candidate Moving to the top 3 By Kelsei Hull

The State Star Farmer award is given to a candidate who is considered the best in developing a program that will enable them to be a successful farmer. This person is selected every year beginning with candidates that enter from each chapter of the entire state. Travis Kubiak, a student at Webberville High and local farmer, is considered for the State Star Farmer this year. There are many different aspects that go into becoming the Star Farmer that are all present in the application Kubiak completed. Any senior who has completed four years of records of their FFA SAE project can become the Star Farmer. “The application covers a four year experience of your SAE project that involves recording everything that will go into the application. You must have good record keeping skills to make it easier when filling out the application,” said Mr. Wheeler, previous Ag teacher, FFA advisor, and full time volunteer. Becoming the Star Farmer isn’t all about how much money the candidate has or has made in the past. The Star Farmer takes into account all aspects of the candidates life, SAE projects, involvement in the FFA leadership development, fair projects, land owned, equipment owned, and also how much money the candidate makes every year. “There was a lot of time and work that went into the application but it all paid off in the end,” said Kubiak. Kubiak has lived on the family farm just outside of town all his life. He learned to drive a tractor before a truck and spent all of his free time down at the farm learning new skills that would help him in the future from his dad, grandpa Ed, and Uncle Mike. Filling out the application and becoming the Star Farmer, will help Kubiak later on in life by helping him learn to set goals, keep good records, and develop relationships with future employees. “Travis has accomplished so much. He is on the right track for State Farmer, and his lifetime career path,” said Mrs. Colleen Scott-Keiser, FFA Adviser. Becoming the Star Farmer is a great honor. The Star Farmer is a candidate that has been selected by professionals, in the agricultural field and have recognized the amount of time and effort put into the candidates career goals! “By becoming the Star Farmer it would help me in the future with owning and operating my own farm,” said Kubiak. Travis has been selected to move on to the top three for Star Farmer. He was interviewed at Farm Bureau by judges and Farm Bureau members in January. Kubiak will find out the results at FFA State Convention at Michigan State University in March.

“Being able to be in the running for Star Farmer has been a great honor. It really shows that hard work does pay off in the end and can get you far. I would like to thank my parents, Grandpa Ed, Grandma Joan, Uncle Mike, my entire family, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Wheeler, David Wheeler, and my friends. Without all your help, I would not be in this position,” said Kubiak.

FFA Member Wins



1. Adam House received a $1,000 grant from his SAE.

$1,000 SAE Grant 2. Emily House, Nick By Jordan Burrum Webster, and Sasha Glover show off Adam House was recently granted a their Silver trophy 1,000 dollar grant! Every year Supervised from State Broiler Contest. Agricultural Experience grants are given out by the national FFA Organization. To 3. Gabe Marshall and Kelsei Hull achieve this grant an active member of FFA received a Silver must submit a valid 5 page application. Trophy at the State Broiler Contest. The competition of receiving this grant is high, about only 4 or 5 students receive it in State Broiler Contest each state. House’s category of choice was By Alyssa Arnold grain production, this grant helped him buy The goal for this year’s Webberville FFA at the 2012 State Broiler Contest was to seed, fertilizer and experiment with crops. become a state winner. Two teams this year reached that goal with bringing home two “Students with an SAE learn by doing. silver trophies from the contest. The winning teams included captains Kelsei Hull and With help from their agricultural teachers, Gabe Marshall, and Emily House, Nick Webster, and Sasha Glover. Webberville had students develop an SAE project based entered eight teams in the contest this year, two of which were winners. on one or more SAE categories.” Said by The broiler contest involves raising a pen of broilers to have the best conformity and Advisor Colleen Scott. Adam’s most help- weight, a written report and pictures that support the work that was put into the contest. ful agricultural teachers were Mr. Wheeler At the contest, the teams go through the whole process and see all of the parts that go and Mrs. Scott. “Adam put together an into it. At the end, the teams are questioned on the feed efficiency, housing, and ventilaoutstanding application. He was one of 5 in tion during the contest. Michigan, and one of 6 to receive the Chore “I enjoy being involved in the broiler contest because you learn about the production Time Block Grant,” said Scott. of broilers and how different feeds affect their growth. The contest is a good event that

FFA Brings Home Two Trophies


keeps me involved in FFA and teaches me a lot about agriculture,” said House. The state broiler contest has been held at Munsell’s Poultry Processing in Fowlerville, Michigan for the past two years. The broilers are raised in the FFA Ag facility, just outside of the school. They are raised for about six to seven weeks and at the end of the processing the broilers weigh anywhere from three to five pounds depending on what feed is used. One of the winning team members, Hull, said, “It was an honor to win a trophy and it felt good to know that all of our hard work paid off. It is also a good experience for all FFA members and good way to learn more about FFA.” In the upcoming years the Webberville FFA hopes to win more trophies and add to the past years’ collection. The chapter would like to thank all of the supporters of the FFA for making it possible for them to go to the contest, conventions, and providing scholarships to the graduating seniors.

FFA By the

Numbers 1 Star Farmer

1 4 5 5 14 25

National Choir Member Proficiency Awards Outstanding Juniors Pigs litters farrowed State Degrees Leadership Contest Participants


Total FFA members


Dollars SAE Grant Received


Members’ Pictures Posted to Facebook


Service Hours


Dollars Living to Serve Grants Received


lbs. of food donated



Annual Update

News and Events Fair 2012

Leadership Contests

Circle of Life By McKenzie Kollek

Striving for Excellence By Jenna Kinglsey “I believe in the future of agriculture”, “the horse industry in Michigan is falling due to the opening of casinos”, or “Enbridge oil pipelines disturbing many land owners property,” are just some of the many presentations you hear outside Mrs. Colleen Scott-Keiser’s room during the contest season. Our very own Webberville FFA was very busy in January and February to get ready for leadership contests in Mason and Durand to perfect their leadership skills, especially public speaking. “This year I am doing a demonstration presentation with Gabe about electricity. I hope to get gold with my team and learn about my issue and strengthen my public speaking,” said sophomore Adam House. Webberville FFA will be taking one Ag Issues Forum, one demonstration team, three Creed speakers, three prepared public speakers, three green-hand public speakers, two extemporaneous speakers, three job interviews, and three middle school public speakers at districts in Mason. “I have been to states for Ag Issues last year and it was a great team to go with and a great experience,” said junior Sasha Glover. “What I got out of it is determination to work hard and see where it takes you. If you work hard enough with a group of people, you can really have some good memories and go places.” With the leadership contests, you have the opportunities to advance to regionals, states, and even have the chance to compete on the national stage during National Convention in October. “I am going to compete in the Ag Issues contest this year. My ultimate goal is to make it on the National stage with my team. Competing is a great way to build my skills in teamwork, communication, and public speaking,” said junior Emily House. During these times of preparation you are likely to hear many phrases coming out of Mrs. Colleen Scott-Keiser’s, FFA Advisor, room after school, such as “I believe in the future of agriculture.” Participating in competitions is a great way to build leadership skills and learning about some issues that you might not have known about agriculture.

The Webberville FFA participated in the circle of life at the Ingham County Fair the first week of August to educate people about farm animals and where their food comes from. “I think the best thing about the Circle of Life is that it was a great opportunity for children who don’t get to interact with farm animals can at the Ingham County Fair,” said freshman Jenna Kinglsey. When asked if she planned on working the circle of life next year, Kingsley said, “Yes I do because I enjoy teaching children about agricultural experiences.” You witness the live birth of animals, including cows, rabbits, pigs as well as the hatching of baby chicks. You will be amazed at the many species of animals on display in the Circle of Life exhibit. This exhibit is to educate fair visitors about the importance of agriculture and learn about the birthing process of livestock and poultry. “ I believe the best thing about the Circle of Life was seeing the birth of these animals,” said Autumn Stowe. “Being able to help educate younger kids about the animals was really Paige Wilson stops and smiles for a picture before amazing.” she enters the ring for show! “We are so very appreciative of Farm Beurui continuing to help educate students on agriculture.” said advisor Colleen Scott.



Moo Hoo’s

Ice Cream

Main St. Webberville, MI 48892

FFA Makes Their Appearance Again! Firemans Field Day By Travis Kubiak Each year for the Fireman’s Field Day and Homecoming parade, Webberville FFA makes their appearance. The Ag Science class works very hard the week before to prepare the float. “It’s always a lot of fun working with everyone the week before to put the float together, and it’s even more fun when we win,” said senior Gabe Marshall Each year the FFA makes the float about a mixture of community members and the Webberville FFA, and of course it always has Webberville’s Mr. Bill Wheeler on it. Webberville FFA always makes a great appearance everywhere they go and the students have an outstanding reputation with everything they are involved in. “It’s always nice to know that we have a good reputation, it makes our chapter and school look good, along with our community.” said junior Emily House.

Max Crandall and Gabe Marshall help hang up a sign for the back of the float with Mr. Wheeler.

Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler and Ezra Fuller show their pride with all of their FFA gear.

I Believe...

Maci Kubiak and Kelsei Hull on their way back to the barn, Maci received first in Junior Showmanship.

85th National FFA Convention By Emily House

55,000 corduroy blue and corn gold jackets. Over 55,000 guests, FFA alumni, and FFA members in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s National Convention, the highlight of every FFA member’s year. One city full of students, advisors and other people filled with passion for agriculture, the FFA, and the blue and gold jackets. The Webberville FFA Chapter was represented by six chapter members and one National Choir member. The FFA members that attended were Sasha Glover, Emily House, Alyssa Arnold, Paige Wilson, Chelsea Stanley, and Ezra Fuller. Nick Webster represented the chapter in the National Chorus. “It was an honor to represent my state and chapter at the national level,” said Nick Webster. “I learned many new life lessons.”The Webberville FFA Chapter was represented in “The National FFA Chorus” for a second year in a row. Nick Webster was selected by his chapter and his state. He arrived in Indianapolis and had long 14 hour rehearsals before performing in the city, at sessions, and at the welcome luncheon for state officers and other important guests. The chorus consists of members from New York to Puerto Rico and almost every state is represented. “National Convention was awesome,” said senior Alyssa Arnold. “I loved meeting all new people from across the country and the sessions that I got to watch were incredible.”

Paige Wilson, Chelsea Stanley, and Jenna Kingsley pose for a picture during the opening session.

FFA members enjoy their time before dinner at National Convention.

Webberville favorites, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler walk with the FFA members to one of the sessions. The Wheelers never miss convention.

Alyssa Arnold cuts out letters for the FFA float. It is her very favorite job when preparing a float.

Kelsei Hull and Travis Kubiak staple National Chapter on the front of the FFA float.

Sasha Glover, Jenna Kingsley, Paige Wilson, Chelsea Stanley, Alyssa Arnold, Emily House, and Ezra Fuller enjoy their last night in Indianapolis at National Convention.


FFA Annual Update

Living to Serve 3.


1. CHICKEN BBQ: Nick Webster, Michalea Chambers, & Jarad Eberly are packing bags for the supporters. 2. FUNDRAISING. Members unload fruit and nuts with alumni Mr. Wheeler for the annual Fruit and Nut fundraiser.

3. FOOD BANK. FFA donated chickens and cans of food to the local food bank. 4. COUNTY COMMISSIONER OFFICE. Webberville FFA is granted a Resolution from the County Commissioners this past November.


5. COMMUNITY GARDEN. Senior, Justin O’Connor, is digging up potatoes from the community garden.

6. STATE BROILER CONTEST. FFA members listen while Dr. Karcher, the judge for the contest, talks to them about the conformity of their birds. 7. FAIR. Megan O’Connor and Emily House stop before entering the show ring for the fair.

7. 5.

8. COMMUNITY PLANTING. FFA members go to the Leroy Fire Department to plant flowers during the summer.


9. GRANTS. Webberville FFA received the Pfizer Grant from the Kern Road Vet Clinic


10. CHICKENS. Max Crandall gets a chicken ready to be weighed. 11. FUN AT THE FAIR. Members of the Webberville FFA chapter play cards and drink lemonade during their time at the Ingham County Fair. 12. DOING WORK. Gabe Marshall and Max Crandall help put up the National Chapter Award sign.

9. 8.

13. TRACTOR TIME. Calvin Scofield poses in front of Travis Kubiak’s big John Deere tractor on Drive your Tractor to School day.


14. NATIONAL CONVENTION. Alyssa Arnold and Emily House get ready for an opening session at national convention in Indianapolis. 15. PHOTOGRAPHY. Bernie Dengel, Lexi Lyons, and Lilly Sessions enter the FFA photography contest.



16. NEW PIGS. In December the Webberville FFA chapter welcomed 4 new piglets and there are 3 litters expected to be born in February.


17. PROUD. Mr. Wheeler congratulates Max Crandall on his new FFA Jacket!



14. 15.

18. LEARNING. Max Crandall and Gabe Marshall are being taught about wood work with Fred Moon.


By Alyssa Arnold

Webberville Active in SAEs Working to improve By Gabe Marshall

Webberville FFA has had grant winners for the last three years. SAE grants allow members to fill out an application that tells about your SAE and explains what you would like to use the money for when you receive the grant. An SAE grant provides $500 to $1000 to do something of your choice around your farm or for someone that is in need. We have had four winners of the SAE grants and all have been spent in four different ways. There were two that were used for winter wheat, one for equipment restoration, and one to help the less fortunate by paying for their horseback riding lessons. Adam House and Travis Kubiak have used their money for winter wheat . “By getting this grant it has given me the opportunity to buy seed so I would have extra money to rent land to grow my crop production,” said senior Travis Kubiak. The grants helps out a lot when it comes to purchasing fertilizer and seed. “This has helped me by helping supply seed and fertilizer and helping to further my SAE in farming,” said sophomore Adam House. Gabe Marshall used his grant to restore a disc. Not only using the money to restore the disc Marshall used some of it to buy a set of tools to assist in the project. The fourth winner of the SAE grant was Sasha Glover who used his money to provide free horseback riding lessons at Northfork Farms in Webberville, where he has held his SAE. “Doing my SAE grant was a great thing to do for a awesome group of kids and for a community that was very supportive,” said junior Sasha Glover.

Weighing in at One TON!

Webberville FFA “Picks Up the Tab” By Chelsea Stanley

The Webberville FFA is partnering up with the elementary school to collect pop can tabs from anyone who is willing to bring them in for a service project. We will be collecting them until March to compete against all of the chapters at State Convention. “I think that if we try to get this involved with the school they will participate because more people will know about it,” said junior Sasha Glover. If we can have the school more involved the better we will do at State Convention against the rest of the chapters. The FFA last year, collected about forty pounds of tabs. This year the chapter would like to double the amount collected last year. “If we were to have a competition between the grades it would help us collect more tabs and it will help get more people involved,” said Mr. Dowker Collecting the tabs from outside of the FFA members helps the students and local community members to be more involved. The chapter has advertised this over the school announcements and to members of the chapter. “If you were to advertise this more, more people would want to become more involved knowing that there might be a competition between the grades,” said sophomore Adam House. The Chapter would like to keep up the two year tradition and continue to collect the tabs. The tabs are collected as a state wide FFA service project and are donated to the Ronald McDonald House after FFA State Convention. “Picking Up the Tab” is a great way for the community to get involved with the chapter. The elementary school is also raising tabs for the Ronald McDonald House that will also be included in our total at State Convention helping the chapter to their goal.

Agriculture in School Ag Science Class Excels By Jesse O’Connor

EARNING TO LIVE. The Ag Science class is shown here holding packets for their annual Fruit & Nut Sale.

In our small school system, here in Webberville, we have a class surrounded by the works and wonders of the FFA, Ag science. Our class is run by Ms. Scott; she is also the FFA advisor. We had two teams participate in the FFA State Broiler Contest this year. One team had consisted of Webberville seniors Kelsei Hull, Travis Kubiak, Alyssa Arnold, and Gabe Marshall. The other consisted of Sasha Glover, Emily House, and Nick Webster. Both teams received a silver award. The contest starts in late September when we get the chicks and raise them until the end of the contest, which is in early November. This contest gave students a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) that furthered their knowledge and gave them a new experience. “It was a fun and educational experience,” said senior Gabe Marshall. In Ag science speeches were written for an array of topics. One covered the problems we will face in 2050 knowing the population will be over 9 billion. Some of the speeches will be entered in the district leadership contest this year. “It further expanded my knowledge of my topic,” said sophomore Adam House. Ag science is a fun and knowledgeable experience for everyone, this class is very important to many kids in our town of Webberville. This class is for school credit, FFA, and gaining the knowledge of how to do things in life.


FFA 2013

Annual Update

Webberville FFA Member Runs for State Office By Alyssa Arnold

Webberville FFA has ran one member for state office this year, chapter president, Nick Webster. The application process starts out with a long application followed by many interviews. The candidate is interviewed by the FFA Board of Directors and the current FFA State Officers. Webster’s dad was also a state officer while in FFA. If chosen to become a state officer, Webster will be working closely with fellow state officers and the FFA state advisor organizing the 2014 State Convention and other FFA activities. It is a great honor to become a state officer and we are wishing Nick Webster the best of luck in his future of FFA.

New Landscaping at Ag Facility By Jeremiah Thomson

News and Events

Chicken Talk Chicken BBQ

Broiler Sales

By Ellecia King The Webberville FFA chapter held our annual Chicken BBQ on September 23rd, 2012 at the Leroy Township Fire Hall. The purpose for us to hold the Chicken BBQ is to sell lunches. “I traveled in the gator to deliver lunches back and forth, from the Fire Hall to the Tractor Pull.” said freshman Jenna Kingsley. “I think the Chicken BBQ was very successful. “We sold a lot of lunches and had a lot of fun.” The event was booming. Tons of people attended and there was a time that the chicken wasn’t cooking fast enough! We were so successful, that we sold out of dinners. “The food was delicious and it was really busy,” said eighth grader Austin King. “The best things that come to mind about the Chicken BBQ are the delicious BBQ chicken, Mrs. Wheelers fantastic coleslaw, and seeing the smiles on the FFA members and locals faces,” said sophomore Paige Wilson. The Chicken BBQ is the perfect time to interact with people; you see old and new faces. It really brings the community together.

By Paige Wilson The local Webberville FFA Chapter sold homegrown broilers to the community over the last few months as a fundraiser. It was a successful sale. “I believe broiler sales went very well this year,” said chapter Vice President, Sasha Glover. This year the FFA Chapter sold out of all their broilers. Sophomore, Adam House held the position for most sold, as he does every year. “I went around to local farmers,” said House “then asked them to support our FFA chapter.” FFA members are taught from start to finish how to raise these chickens. It creates a learning experience for everyone. “I enjoyed the experience of learning to raise these chickens,” said freshman, Jenna Kingsley. “Some kids never get this chance, and I learned a lot. It was interesting to learn about the different feeds.” Our community helped support us through the Broiler Sales. A large number of students in our chapter participated this year. “The FFA impacted the community by selling a quality product at a reasonable price. They also purchased the feed for the chickens from local elevators, making an economic impact.” said Mr. Bill Wheeler. “These sales also helped students learn marketing skills for the future.” “The Broiler Sales also promote the opportunities that FFA offers,” added Webberville alumni, Dave Wheeler.

New Chapter Officers President Nick Webster

Vice President Chapter Development Sasha Glover

Vice President Community Development Kelsei Hull

The Ag Science class assisted Mrs. Slider in creating a new path in front of the barn that cuts through the flower bed. Work began last fall pulling weeds as well as, moving plants and shrubs to create the path. Later they would like to create another path, plant more flowers; all to make the FFA facility and greenhouse unique. “It was fun putting all the stones in with everyone, we had a great time while making improvements to the greenhouse,” said senior Kelsei Hull. About a month of work was put in to the school’s garden by Max Crandall, Kelsei Hull, Dmitri Glover, Jeremiah Thomson, and Webberville FFA Annual Fundraiser Once Again A Success other FFA and community members under By Adam House the direction of Mrs. Eileen Slider. advertising by selling the products. When Fall rolls around you know that Secretary Paige Wilson “It is a great way to raise money and the Webberville FFA is gearing up to begin its yearly Fruit and Nut sale. The fruit and involve the community with the chapter,” said senior Alyssa Arnold. nut sale has always been a success for Webberville and its community. “The Fruit and Nut sale has taught me responsibility,” said freshman Jesse O’Connor. “It was a fun opportunity.” The Fruit and Nut sale starts early November, and goes until December 7th. As a chapter, Webberville FFA sold 205 items of fruit, and 276 items of nuts. The Fruit and Nut sale first began nearly 40 years ago, and has been a success every year following. The Fruit and Nut sale teaches students responsibility by allowing them BETTERING OUR GARDEN: Senior Jerimi- the opportunity to handle money and work ah and retired staff member Mrs. Slider with the public. Students learn skills like Reporter prep garden for new stone path accounting from handling money, and Jenna Kinsley

Vice President Student Development Emily House

Fruit and Nut Sale

Thank You...


Treasurer Alyssa Arnold

Schneider’s Pork Barrel Historian Lexi Lyons

Hodge Farms 2040 Gramer Road, Webberville MI

Webberville Garden Tractor Pullers

Sentinel Dmitri Glover



By Alyssa Arnold

FFA Annual Update

Leading Out Loud

Kick i kno n’ it up tch a



Year in Review

- State Travis Kubiak inalist Star Farmer F

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Adam House nt Receives gra ce


Fruit & Nut Sale










Operation Christmas Cheer



the Donating to Food Bank


Drive your Tractor to School

National Convention

Tractor Pu











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By Sasha Glover

Farm Bureau Circle of Life

National Goat Showmen



FFA Annual Update

News and Opinions

Presidential Update

What a year for our chapter. With four members going to Washington Leadership Conference (myself included), 2 of our broiler teams winning silver at states, various grants (both individual and chapter), and to top it all off, the chapter being awarded National Chapter 3 Star Award, and having the opportunity to walk across the stage at Indianapolis. The chapter has had so many honors throughout the year. So far, the chapter has received $4,000 worth in grants. These grants will be used for various things, such as our gardens. The chapter was the second runner-up at the State National Chapter Contest. At National Convention, the chapter was named a 3-Star Chapter, one of the highest honors for a chapter. While the chapter has grown the past year, the individual members have grown too. Adam House received an SAE Grant. Travis Kubiak was chosen as a Star State Farmer candidate. Three members received State Proficiency and several more have applied for them. Also, several members have applied for their Outstanding Junior, Regional Degree, and State Degree. Two of our broiler teams received silver awards at the state level. This is just the official record of individual growth. In the unofficial record, I have seen members grow in their knowledge in agriculture, their love for the FFA, and growth as a leader. It has been great fun to watch individual members be so excited for what there is to do in the FFA. I have seen a middle school student who has passionately memorized the Creed so well, that she is moving onto regional competition. I have seen several members stay involved in things, such as the Chicken BBQ, float building, and helping out when pigs are born. There are many different activities that offer a variety of experiences. While 2012 was a good year for the chapter, we see 2013 being even better with new experiences and activities arising.

Keeping Tradition

How a Community “Pulled” Together By: Gabe Marshall The month of September is always filled with many exciting events happening in the Webberville FFA chapter. The tractor pull happens to be one of the most exciting activities the Webberville FFA chapter participates in the tractor pull is put on by the Garden Tractor Pullers and the Webberville FFA Alumni. The tractor pull is held on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the garden tractor pullers pull and on Sunday, the “Big Tractor Pull” happens. On Sunday, the FFA members haul chicken barbecue dinners up to the tractor pull throughout the day for people to buy. There are many FFA members that help the Webberville Garden Tractor Pullers and alumni all day, some sweep the blacktop, and others move weights. This year, just like every other year, the tractor pull went great with many participants. The Webberville FFA chapter is greatly supported by the Alumni and Webberville Garden Tractor Pullers. They are both greatly appreciated for all of time and effort they put into this event.

Webberville FFA Receives Grants The Webberville FFA chapter has been awarded $2500 as part of the FFA: Food For All program. The nationwide program provides grant money to local FFA chapters to support year-long service-learning projects focused on developing and implementing sustainable hunger relief projects. The Webberville FFA plans to help fight hunger by The Webberville FFA Chapter plans to plant container gardens for area residents receiving food assistance from the Family Impact Center and Webberville Food Bank. Students will raise flats of vegetable plants in the FFA Greenhouse. Moreover, they intend to donate plants for the raised bed gardens. The FFA: Food For All grant program is administered by the National FFA Organization, with funding provided in part by Farmers Feeding the World and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. The program provided approximately $323,000 to FFA chapters in 42 states. More information about the program can be found at The National FFA Organization recently awarded more than $160,000 in Rural Youth Development grants to 58 local FFA chapters in 15 states across the country. The grants will continue the outreach to rural youth and will support service-learning projects that impact local community needs. To be eligible for a grant, FFA members must live in a rural area and submit a competitive proposal for a service-learning project which successfully addresses a local issue or need. One successful Rural Youth Development chapter was the Webberville FFA Chapter. They received $2500 to fund their project “Come Grow With Us—a school and community garden” The goal of the project is to provide access to fresh produce and poultry to those in need of food assistance. The chapter will raise fresh broilers and vegetable plants for area residents. In addition, they will plant a school and community garden on their land lab. The Webberville FFA Chapter advisor is Colleen Scott Keiser. The grants are administered by USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) through the National FFA Organization. For information on the “Rural Youth Development” program please visit .

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

FFA Alumni has supported the annual Tractor Pull every year. They also supply all of the trophies. We love their support!

Washington Leadership Conference By Sasha Glover Friendships, fun, and lots more would be how any kid coming back from Washington D.C. would describe the Washington Leadership Conference. This year the Webberville FFA sent four members. The members included, Sasha Glover, Dmitri Glover, Emily House and, Nick Webster. “It truly was a great memory and opportunity to have,” said Nick Webster. At the conference they learned how to live to serve better. The students learned how to better them selves as leaders and were given tools to better them self in FFA and life in general. The conference lasted a week and the group attended many national monuments including the National Mall, Martin Luther King, World War II and many more. “This trip was truly inspiring and I was honored to be able to attend,” said Emily House.

Dylan Diederich is preparing his garden tractor for the pull! Dylan always makes his appearance in the Tractor Pull.

Continuing to support the Webberville FFA!

ADM Grain Company Phone: 517-521 3400 2700 N. M-52 Fax: 517-521-4074 Webberville, Mi 48892 Toll Free: 800-289-4521\webberville A Division of Archer Daniels Midland Company

January FFA Update 2013  

Highlights FFA achievements.