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JANUARY 17 2014



The Bromance Issue


What Kansas team gets to the final four...of attractiveness?? Page 2-3

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Birthday wishful thinking By Kate Sorensen


the Shockers roster and for good reason. Ron balances his good looks with a nice Kansas boy personality who is just happy to be where he is today.

By Jordan Hull The debate on which Kansas men’s basketball team is the best has become more and more heated as the Shockers continue to win and the Wildcats fail to, but let’s take a second to talk about what we really care about; Which team is the most attractive.

John Robert Simon: JR has become everyone’s favorite walk on because of his crazy good looks and his unbeatable style. Many fans hope for a blowout game just so they can get a glimpse of him as he “drives” right into our hearts.

WSU’s Key players Tekele Cotton (My personal favorite): Tekele is 6’2 of complete and total hotness. From his sculpted arms to his gorgeous smile there isn’t a lot not to

With this line up WSU will be hard to beat, but don’t you worry there is plenty more Kansas basketball players to look in awe at. KU’s Key Players:

like about the Shocker guard.

Wayne Selden Jr.:

Fred VanVleet: Fred is going up and up in the ranks of one of the best guards in the nation, but it’s not just his fancy footwork that makes all the girls go crazy. From his mocha skin, to his beautiful bone structure Fred is making a splash in the hopes and dreams of young Kansas girls.

Wayne is a 6’5 guard with gorgeous light eyes to balance with his darker complextion. He has the looks and skills to make girls everywhere go crazy over the Jayhawk guard and as an added bonus he is only a freshman, so we have plenty more time to gawk over him. Andrew Wiggins: Although Andrew doesn’t seem to be the most

Ron Baker: In the last year, Ron has made more and more “Man Candy Monday” appearances than any other player on

attractive player on the team his skills and talents will



Which team is more attractive? make any girl go wild. The 6’8 talk dark glass of water has quirky smile that would make any girl squeal. This is one

Shawn Meyer:

Canadian we don’t want to give back.

Shawn is a walk on junior from Kansas City who is

Brannen Greene (My second favorite):

probably one of the most attractive men on the team. His playing time might be limited, which is sad because all we

Brannen’s light skin and beautiful bone structure

want to see is his beautiful face. I hope Coach Weber

make him a big help to the Jayhawks case for most attractive basketball team in Kansas. He has an electric

gives us a chance to see more and more of 6’3 guard. Will Spradling: Will is a senior guard from Overland Park and a cutie

smile and crazy good looks, all going along with his amazing basketball talent. This freshman will be one to look out for as the year progresses.

for sure! If you just ignore his voice and focus on his face and shooting he’ll be perfect for you.

Tyler Self: Although he doesn’t play often he has the gene pool to turn into one of the hottest and frattiest men you could

It was a tight race (between WSU and KU because let’s be honest, K-State never really had a chance to

find. Tyler will make his wife very happy one day.

begin with) but the winner would have to be. . . Our home

K-State’s Key Players:

town boys the Wichita State Shockers! Their gorgeous looks mixed with their loveable personalities make them

Justin Edwards:

unbeatable. KU came into a close second, with the help from one of my personal favorites Wayne Seldon Jr. and

Justin is a transfer from the University of Maine and

Brannen Greene, but even with Brannen they couldn’t

oh are we happy he came. With his dark eyes and bright white smile the 6’4 guard is making girls go crazy in two

surpass WSU.



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From Jerry Seinfeld.. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Now This

The A unique survey of literature & art

Geek, Tech news from the digital frontier



By: Caroline Engel

The new found obsession with Hunter Rain Boots has now taken over the common Collegiate girl’s wardrobe! Even if it isn’t raining, girls pull out their Hunter Boots. Hunter boots are an easy way to spot a common Collegiate girl.

Bromances of Collegiate... What is a true bromance? Well, this is how it is described by Urban Dictionary: A Bromance Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

5. Jack Copher, Jaques Williams & Trevor Flamini. 3!! 6. Dr. Nixon & Mr. Darmon. 7. Jack Naron & Zack Schmaltz. 8. Mr. Trinchet and Mr. Myers (How was your movie date?).

9. Mr. Bullinger & everyone! Steve: Ah, Dave!!! I can't believe you stole this first pressing of 10. Mr. Wren & Brutus (his Aladdin Sane from your record dog). store for me. We were just talking about this the other 12. Alex Fanning & himself. night. 13.Juston Flowers, John Egan Dave: No sweat, pal. Steve: That is some full-on and Evan Voegeli. bromance. You're the man. 14.Jalen Skar & Nathan

Here are some of our guys that certainly fall into that category! 1. Coach Phox & Mr. Bixler. Another trend that is taking over the closets of every common Collegiate girl are Patagonias! From the vests to the pullovers, it seems like you see them everywhere in this school. Usually they are worn on the “I’m really tired and don’t care day” but hey, they are so cute! Who doesn’t love these fuzzy pullovers?

2. Max Moxley & Mitch Copeland. 3. Landon Root & Brodey Dick. 4. Jake Flamini & Peter Larsen.

LEGGINGS! Another thing that every girl must have! If you don’t consider these pants, I don’t know what you are thinking! It seems like at least one person every day is wearing a vest. Recently, people have started wearing the heck out of vests. It seems like this is another way you can spot a common Collegiate girl! Well, if you are every looking for a common Collegiate girl, just look for these items of clothing and I’m sure you will find one! #CommonCollegiateGirl#AcademicChic


Burgoyne. 15.Levi Aldag & Sam Hatchett. 16. Rithwick Chary & Xzaviar Adams. 17. Cooper Root & Colton Sorlie. 18. Mr. Fisher & Mr. Hake BY: ALEX BAYLESS and EMILY RAMSEY

DEBATE Going to State


Coach Rodney Wren, Jaya Mantovani, Richard Sun, Mike Park, Adam Davies and Zak Roberts comprise the WCS Debate Team.


As some of you may or may not have noticed, the cookies are back. No, not the chocolate chip cookies, not the sugar cookies, but the double chocolate chip. Those dark wondrous morsels of deliciousness bestow both a soft centered goodness and a hard outer edge for crunching all in the small package. But wait, there’s more: there are two of them. Seniors might remember these cookies that were around during their freshman year, but they are back, and in a smaller size, but in greater quantity. Those cookies flew off the shelves like the first-day PS4 sales, but every day. They were coveted, and if you shared them with a friend, you became friends for life. For those of you without Sage accounts, it is recommended for you to deposit a few Jacksons for the evanescent wonder that is the double chocolate chip cookie. The transient bliss can be renewed every lunch time; however, they are not present at break. It is also recommended to stock up every lunchtime by buying two sets and leaving one in your locker for next break. All in all, these cookies should bestow a much-needed bliss to carry WCS through the second semester. They are prescribed by doctors to cure even the worst senioritis, but only temporarily. The only stipulation is that you must like chocolate (… and have Sage money). By Jake Barrett. [6]

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? By Jenna Farhat With so many words in the English language, it’s not surprising that definitions tend to get mixed up pretty often, and before you know it you’ve gotten used to the word meaning something entirely different. Take a look at a bunch of words that probably don’t mean what you think they do. 1. Ironic. What you think it means: a funny coincidence. What it really means: different than you might expect. 2. Compelled. What you think it means: to feel obligated to do something. What it really means: to be forced to do something. 3. Nauseous. What you think it means: to feel sick. What it really means: to cause nausea. 4. Redundant. What you think it means: repetitive. What it really means: excessive, able to be cut out. 5. Terrific. What you think it means: fantastic. What it really means: causing terror. 6. Literally. What you think it means: actually. What it really means: in a literal way, exactly, without exaggeration. 7. Travesty. What you think it means: something unfortunate. What it really means: a parody. 8. Bemused What it really means: confused. What you think it means: amused.

Madame Fernandes’ most accurate horoscopes.... Aries (Mar21-Apr19): Do you feel as if every day is longer than the last? That school is never ending? Ready for summer? I think you have a bad case of senioritis.

Taurus (Apr20-May20): Your New Year’s resolution was to be healthier. But eat a Snickers! You're not yourself when you’re hungry. Gemini (May21-Jun21): You thought you were safe from sickness since you didn't get sick during break, but you should've never let your guard down. I see illness in your future. Cancer (Jun22-Jul22): Coming back from Christmas break, the first question you asked yourself was "When is Spring Break?" The next couple of months are going to be long for you. Leo (Jul23-Aug22): Sunday is going to suck for you because this weekend you will binge watch all of Breaking Bad on Netflix and forget about all your other work. Virgo (Aug23-Sep22): What are you doing with your life? Stop procrastinating so you can and start living! Libra (Sep23-Oct23): You’ve had some bad days, but that’s all about to change this week. You’ll finish all your homework for this week in a day, get a haircut, lead our team to victory in the next basketball game, and find the cure for the common cold! Go you! Scorpio (Oct24-Nov21): Your luck will unfortunately change for the worse this week. You’ll spill hot tea on both yourself and your computer, get a flat tire, and forget your little sibling at Target. It’s okay we all have those days. Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21): That test you worried about? A plus my man. Nice! Capricorn (Dec22-Jan19): With so much coming up in the next couple of months you're going to start stressing. Breathe! Just remember that summer is almost here :) Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18): Christmas break is over and you just can't let go of the holiday spirit. I'm sorry to tell you that you are going to be a single bell singing Jingle Bells. Pisces (Feb19-Mar20): Your life felt a little empty for some time, but no need to fear! The new season of Pretty Little Liars has finally come.



Collegiate vs. Clearwater

Come & See Mitch Rule

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