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THE RESULTS ARE IN... Mr. Ashbrook’s “Student Homework Survey” came to surprising results.


Couple of weeks ago, a survey sent to us by Mr. Ashbrook left a seed of curiosity deep inside of our minds. It probably has not been thought of lately, but the Spartan Voice staff wanted to know what the results were. Everyone probably did at a point. When I took the survey in the privacy of my home, I immediately thought, “maybe there’ll be a chance of reduced homework amounts!” -- Unfortunately, we do know that far, but from the results, the possibility is definitely there. 208 STUDENTS HAVE RESPONDED Less than an Hour - 3 1-2 Hours - 60 2+ Hours - 145 Didn’t finish even after 2+ Hours - 70 As I was looking over the poll, I realized there were a couple of students that stated they performed less than an hour of homework. Whether or not these students were pulling the administration's legs or not, it was very impressive; impressive of the fact that they only took less than an hour to finish their school work or impressive of the fact that out of 208 students who responded, they are the elite 1.4%, who I am assuming have a golden brain. Or they were just joking around, who knows. What appalled me the most of this survey was this: not only were 70% of the respondents took over two hours to finish schoolwork, but 48% of that same group could not finish by night-time. Are we being over-worked? At this point we’re all saying “obviously!,” but we cannot blame the homework. We have to take other things into account: video game distractions ( 2). Wichita Collegiate School Newspaper





JUST GIVE ME NUMBERS Less than an Hour (HW)

3 1-2 Hours (HW)

60 2+ Hours (HW)

145 Didn’t finish after 2+ Hours (HW)


S e p t e m b e r 2 3 , 2 0 1 3!

V O L . 7!

issue iI

S P A RTA N V O IC E Seniors Brett Waddell, Jack Naron & Landon Root dash off the field after a brilliant rendition of our nation’s anthem. Photo Design by Jordan Hull.

Cont. from pg. 1 (Ex. GTA 5), new episodes on TV, internet, clubs, sports and maybe some friend/family issues. According to a research led by Robert Matchock, the highest point of productivity is from noon to 4PM (WSJ). Does this strike anyone so far? I understand from noon to 3:00PM, we are at school, but by 4PM we are at practice or at home. After school, many (not all) students go home and play video games or go on the internet, knowing the fact that they’ll “finish their homework” afterwards (by night-time or after dinner). But by the time comes, our highest point of productivity is already low. Could this also be a reason? Or is this just over-analyzed? I think both parts should be taken into account: student’s laziness and teacher’s understandable (for this is the great Collegiate) inclination for student work. As I type, the back of mind is saying “remember, you have four tests next week...mwahahahaha...” But that could’ve just been bad planning...Who knows.

KANSAS STATE FAIR By Jenna Farhat The Kansas State Fair turned a hundred years old this year. Whether you’ve made your way out to Hutchinson every year for the occasion or you’ve never been before, be sure to stop by next year and take in some of that Kansas pride. This year, there were all the classic events like the butter sculpture, as well as a couple of new ones, like the petting zoo. Check it out and get up close to giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, donkeys, llamas, rabbits, and have your picture taken with a trained monkey. Or you could just spend all day playing carnival games and take home a hermit crab or a giant teddy bear. You can watch everything from pumpkins to goats get crowned for being the best of the best. The State Fair is not a place for diets, so you might as well talk yourself into a fried Oreo or cookie dough. And you can never go wrong with the best homemade ice cream you’ll have all year. So be sure to check it out next year and enjoy what makes Kansas so quirky and unique. Wichita Collegiate School Newspaper

S e p t e m b e r 2 3 , 2 0 1 3!

V O L . 7!

issue iI

S P A RTA N V O IC E Mortal Instruments: City mundanes (humans). But wait, there's more! To add in the of Bones Review

Twilight appeal, there are vampires and werewolves in addition to a whole host of other mythical creatures such as pixies, faeries, warlocks (half human, half demon), ifrits, kelpies, and all other assortments of creatures known as Downworlders (basically demon-hybrid mutts).

By Jake Barrett

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has entered the markets as a wanna-be new Hunger Games. It is very popular with the teen audience that devours the paranormal-thriller-love-storysuspense genre. The premise is pretty simple, even being stated in the book as "All the stories are true."

The Shadowhunters kill demons and Downworlders who break the Accords, basically the law. But the story centers around a ginger girl named Clarissa, Clary. She finds out in her teens that she is actually a Shadowhunter, and her mother tried to shelter her from it. Too bad her mother was captured by an evil man known only as Valentine before she could have a heart-to-heart with Clary.

Without giving more than the first hundred pages away, Clary Long story short: there are becomes friends with a local demons from different Shadowhunter trio of teens and dimensions who are trying to winds up going on all sorts of consume the life force of Earth, escapades, from warlock parties just as they have done with every to vampire hotels to a Downworld other planet. There are wards in fast-food joint. All the while she place put there by angels, or God, falls in love with the angelic or whatever that keep most of Shadowhunter boy named Jace. them out, yet several slip through There is a decent amount of from time to time. The action and suspense throughout. Shadowhunters, or Nephilim, basically half-angels, are there to However, the characters are a little too conveniently ignorant of kill demons and protect the Wichita Collegiate School Newspaper

their surroundings at times and always explain things that can easily be inferred. The characters are real enough, but just too hard to get attached to. The real hook to keep you going for the rest of the series comes at the end in a plot twist of all plot twists. The book as a whole earns about three-and-a-half stars, maybe four if I'm feeling generous, out of five. The beginning and middle were a solid three, while the end was easily a four-and-a-half if not whole five stars. I recommend reading it, and then going to see the movie that came out in August. Rotten Tomatoes reviewed it very poorly, but viewers showed a 70% satisfaction rating, pretty high. It doesn't have much literary or cinemagraphic value, but it is definitely a good way to spend your time. Check it out in the library! GENEROUSLY...




(out of five)

Why not join a club this year? You might be surprised and find something you really enjoy!


Lit Club: Next meeting: October 6 First Book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Gardening Club: "To be honest, it's a lot of fun. Gardening with your friends actually relieves some stress. Hard to believe? Could be, but you're with Mr. Trombold the whole time. How could you not want to join?" - Diana Kim For more information go to: Mr. Trombold or Austin Daniels

Lit. Club is for you if you have a love for reading.

French Club:

Didn't read the book? Doesn't matter, you can still come and talk about it. We don't annotate. Meetings

First meeting: September 11th (R Day) During break in the French room. Meet every R Day during break.

are usually held once a month at a cozy cafĂŠ or at someone's house to discuss a book the group pick. Want more info? Talk to: Mrs Mykel, Rachel Fernandes, Diana Kim, or Ayesha Mohammad

Come and enjoy French food while French music plays in the background. "The half French-American food is heavenly" Caroline Engel

SADD-- Students Against Destructive Decisions First meeting: Wednesday during break in Mrs. Schriefer's office SADD is a national club created to raise awareness about how powerful some of the decisions we make can be and the impact they can have on the rest of our

EARLY CHILDHOOD DAD’S DAY.... Guess who came to make dreams come true? Do your thang Spartan Man!

S P A RTA N V O IC E Meet our Swedish Student: Gustav

Senora White Interview: About Coach Fiegel By: Heba Alshamary

“I think he lives here. He corners the teachers to work at the games.” 3.Any funny stories about Coach Fiegel? “I plead the fifth!” 4.Word or phrase that describes Coach Fiegel? “You are tardi-o... He has amazing Spanish skills.”

Q What is Kansas like compared to Sweden? A: “I haven’t been outside of Wichita. Wichita compared to Sweden.. Sweden is so much bigger. And... you guys don’t really have a... Like a concentration of buildings. And you really need a car to get anywhere.” Q: What do you absolutely love about Kansas? A: Well, I really like the whole school spirit. In Sweden you just go to school, study, then go home. Here you can stay after school and meet with friends and stuff.” Q: Tell me... Are there any sports that are very new to you here? Will you join any? A: In Sweden we don’t have American Football.. or baseball. We do have basketball, but it’s much bigger here. I don’t really want to join any sports, but I want to play

soccer if that’s possible, but i’m not quite sure at the moment.

5. What does Coach Fiegel remind you of? “My older, way older brother.” 1. How long have you known Coach Fiegel? “Eight years. I didn’t talk to him for the first couple of years” 2. What does Coach Fiegel do around here?

6. Any advice to Coach Fiegel? “Keep practicing your Spanish.” 7. Anything else you want to say? “No, or he will make me work a couple of extra games.”

How NOT to cheer at Collegiate games....ExCheer leader and senior Carolyn Lewelling on strike.

S P A RTA N V O IC E The Dos and Don’ts of Homecoming

Attention Guys: DO brush your hair, it would be greatly appreciated!

want to, do still ask another girl, because there are plenty of girls that want to go!

Meet our Swedish Student:

By: Alex Bayless, Emily Ramsey, and Caroline Engel.

Guys: make sure that you Don’t go to McDonalds pay for your date’s for dinner, your date will dinner. It is just how it is probably hate you. done. Don’t ask your girl the Make sure your date is day before; no way could It’s that time of year having the best time of they get a dress that fast. again guys: time to start her life. asking those special girls. Guys, it’s totally not There are some very cute Make your date feel okay for you to call their ways to ask that the girls special; compliment her house phone and ask will love, but there is on how pretty she looks. them like that! also that awkward “will you come to Do be prepared to take a DO NOT ditch your date homecoming with million pictures. Just even at the dance. Make me” (by the locker). For smile at all those parents. sure you slow dance with the seniors they have this them. down pat, well we would hope so after 3 years of Girls: DON’T say no to practice. Freshman, start a boy when he asks you Don’t ask a girl at the thinking up those ideas unless you have a REAL same time as another for the next 4 years! (not superficial) reason guy (Awkward for the Homecoming will be why you physically can ladies and pretty uncool). fun, if it is done right! NOT go with him.


Do’s: Ask in a very creative way. Wear the color your girl wants you to, just don’t go off and get like a purple suit… like no, not cool guys!

Don’t ask in a very simple way at their locker (don’t just say “Yo bro, wanna go to the hc?”)

So if you follow these rules you will have a successful and fun homecoming! :)

Don’t you dare boys, ask another guy’s girl… not cool! Help yo bros out!

Your date will have a fun time and so will you. Guys don’t screw up this night because it only happens once a year.

Just because you don’t get to ask the girl you

Julia Q: What is one Think you

absolutely love about Collegiate, or Wichita? A: That teenagers can drive. In Sweden we have an age limit of 18. So... I was so surprised. I am so jealous, I’m, I’m....” Q:What is Sweden compared to Kansas? A: It’s warmer. Um.. smaller. Hmm... I don’t really know how to answer... Q: I mean is there anything in Kansas that interest you? A: “I don’t really know much about Kansas. We are all teenagers, so basically we are all the same. Hmmm... I don’t know how to answer this question nicely (in terms of Kansas).” *laughter* Q:What is your favorite class? A: English. I love Mrs. Mykel, I really like her. I mean, her teaching style is amazing, I came here to learn more English.”


How to wear shorts at Collegiate BY KATE SORENSEN



no no


What People Want to Change about Collegiate By Lillian Clark Although our school is pretty much perfect, there are still a lot of things that we could add or change to make it even cooler. Here are some ideas from teachers and students, which hopefully we can fit onto the budget next year. "We could have a sparkling water fountain… and a fireplace in the library." -Mrs. Cunningham "Digital thumbprints for your locker." -Spartan Voice

ACCEPTABLE (green line)

"We should have swimming pools as hallways." –Kate Sorensen

“Zip lines down the hallways” – Shreeya Dalla

"Every locker should have iPhone chargers." -Alex Bayless

Most hours of the day are spent at school from August to May, so it should be made as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. Although we can’t change the curriculum or work load, we can ease the stress of school days with awesome additions to the school. Comfortable chairs and heated blankets would make classroom time more pleasurable, and music playing during passing period would be soothing. Let’s take our spoiled-rich-kids status to a higher level and make these ideas happen!

“Chik-fil-a (or other restaurant catering) for lunch.” –Leen Bakdash “The hallways should be trampolines.” –Madi DeVore "An area with recliners and speakers in the chairs to sit down and relax." -Mr. Ashbrook "We should have a Starbucks vending machine." -Sophie Shawver


Leo(Jul23-Aug22): This week you will accomplish more than you have in your whole life! You'll find yourself By Rachel Fernandes standing in the "Hall of   Fame", and the world's going Aries(Mar21-Apr19): This to know your name. You week you will go window could be a student a teacher shopping and realize that a politician or a preacher. you have a lot of needs but   no means to obtain them. Virgo(Aug23-Sep22): You want to be a billionaire Having trouble starting that like one from the song essay due in a week? Once "Billionaire". You should go you pick up that pen (well, out and get a job and see if once you pick up that that'll help with your ThinkPad pen) you won't stop predicament. and can't stop. It will be one   Taurus(Apr20-May20): You of the best essays you have ever written! "I Can't Stop" by are growing tired of seeing Flux Pavilion will be running others fall asleep in class. I have a solution for you. When through your head as you write it. you see it happen again this   week just po-po-po-poke Libra(Sep23-Oct23): You their face. have been feeling very self  Gemini(May21-Jun21): This conscious lately, but it's only because you don’t know week you will dose off in you're beautiful (and that’s class when we are taking a what makes you beautiful). test. Don't worry; I'll wake This week you will take a you up when it's all over. look in Justin Timberlake's   "Mirror" and see how Cancer(Jun22-Jul22): You awesome you really are are losing focus this week. I   know that it's tempting to picture how Luke Bryan's "My Scorpio(Oct24-Nov21): This Kind of Night" would be, but week you are going to feel like Bruno Mars on a "Lazy your nights consist of mind enriching homework. Time to Day". You won’t feel like doing anything. You'll just get started!

want to lie in your bed. Welcome to my life, but you will still need to come to school! Sagittarius(Nov22-Dec21): I knew you were trouble when you walked in. This week you will take two pieces of candy from the office instead of one. Shame on you.   Capricorn(Dec22-Jan19): This week you will look back on your life and realize how horrible middle school was. No need to worry. You started from the bottom, but now you're here.   Aquarius(Jan20-Feb18): This week you will become unexplainably angry. Take a breather before you go all Adele on us and try to set fire to the rain. I regret to inform you that water cannot be set on fire.   Pisces(Feb19March20):Have you been listening to Kay Perry's "Roar"? This week you are going to be as fierce as a tiger( possible fiercer than Richard Parker). Beyoncé will get jealous as people start to call you Sasha.


All photos by Jordan Hull.

THE SPARTAN VOICE ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES: The Spartan Voice is a newspaper operated by students at Wichita Collegiate School. Content in the Voice will consist of articles, editorials, letters, and any other material pertaining to the Wichita Collegiate community. The Spartan Voice was founded on the principle that all students should have an equal opportunity to share their opinion in an open, unbiased forum of discussion. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents make up the four fundamental parts of the Wichita Collegiate community. Although controversial subjects maybe featured in The Voice, no part of the community will be discriminated against. The views expressed in printed material do not necessarily represent the views of The Spartan Voice or Wichita Collegiate School.

SPARTAN VOICE STAFF: Editors: Jake Barrett, Diana Kim, Rachel Fernandes, Jordan Hull, Aaron Clothier, Caroline Engel, Jenna Farhat, Heba Alshamary, Lillian Clark, Kate Sorenson, Emily Ramsey, Alex Bayless

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