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October 26th 2012



“Proba Te Dignum”

Glass Slipper By Austin Daniels Every year, at this time of year, students of the Upper School and even the Middle or Lower School (when needed) come together for the Musical. This year’s musical is ‘Cinderella.’ So far the musical has come along very nicely. With practice almost every weekday, a lot of work gets done by the musically talented. Most people already know this, but for those of you students who are new or just haven’t been paying attention, Collegiate

Senior Trip those freshmen will go on in four years. Every year the dinner theatre has always been a huge success with the help of the one and only Mrs. Thiel. So to you freshman who think Mrs. Thiel is bossing you around, be thankful because she’s doing this to help make your dinner and trip a great time in your life. Remember, the

does the musical a little differently than other schools. Every year musical will be performed November 8, 9, and during the musical performances, the 10. So mark your calendar and prepare to be blown away by Freshmen Class hosts its annual the great talent this great school has to offer. ‘Freshman Dinner Theatre.’ This event helps raise money for the

Ummm Whales.....

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My Playlist By Kayla Cooks

Favorite Costumes By Caroline Breit With Halloween quickly approaching, there is little time left to choose your costumes. Even though some adults may tell you that you’re too old for dressing up or trick-or-treating, don’t believe them. You still deserve to dress

like a princess or a superhero and eat candy until you puke. Don’t This is number 1 on my playlist let anybody tell you differently. For some inspiration, I asked some because ALI SHERWOOD kept fellow classmates what their favorite costumes of all time were. playing it! And because I love Chris brown #SORRYHATERSJ Elena Murati: I was Winnie the Poo one year. I looked like a Pedophile.

1. Baseline (Chris Brown) -

2. Cockiness (Rihanna) - I really like this song because it has a nice beat to it. (Though I don’t like her).

Alexis Sherwood: An M&M Caroline Crosby: I was a skunk when I was little. Ellen Oehmke: A Bumblebee

3. Racks (Lil Wayne) - I only like this song because it’s the remix by Lil Wayne.

Corbett De Giacomo: One time, I was an inflatable toucan. That was great.

4. One night stand (Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson) – THE TITLE EXPLAINS ALL.

Abbey Gluck: Lizzie McGuire

Sam Horner: Promiscuous Wonder Woman

Meagan Richardson: A Lioness Lindsay Funke: I was a grandma once.

5. Dip it low (Christina Milian) – Umm old but a very good Amanda Pochelska: Either Winnie the Poo or Mickey Mouse. song! (I will advise if you do not Sophie Beren: The Israeli flag know how to dance then PLEASE listen to J). And then there was AARON CLOTHIERS PLAYLIST…… 1. Creepin’ ~ Eric Church

Ellie Frank: I was a Grape one year. That was pretty cool, until I sat down and one of my balloons popped. Mrs. Thiel: A princess Kaylea Knappenberger: I was a teenage mutant ninja turtle when I was four.

2. 2. If you want to play in Texas ~ Alabama

Abby Boyd: A Powerpuff girl.

3. Song of the South~ Alabama

Julia Brooks: Faith Kim and I were washing machines & dryers in 5th grade.

4. Like Jesus does~ Eric Church Lauren Hutchinson: I was Britney Spears four years in a row. Hassan Farhoud: I don’t celebrate Halloween.

A SPECIAL SECTION WHEREIN THE MALONEY’S DISCUSS THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH TAYLOR SWIFT What is Country Music? By Kara Maloney Why is Taylor Swift classified as a country singer? This is a question many of us ask ourselves when we see that T-Swift has yet another album on top of the charts. This week, with her new album entitled “Red”, Swift came out with 13 songs in the Top 25 on iTunes. She is still considered a country artist, while in fact, her music sounds as though it should be classified in the pop genre. Pop music is defined as “an emphasis music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock’n’roll with more rhythm and harmony on romantic love”. To me, this sounds much like Taylor Swift, considering the majority her songs are about her ex-boyfriends, regret of boyfriends, meeting new boyfriends…the list goes on. Country music is defined as “A form of popular music originating in the rural southern US. It is traditionally a mixture of ballads and dance tunes played characteristically on fiddle, guitar, steel guitar, drums, and keyboard”. This definition doesn’t seem to fit Swifts’ style quite as well. In conclusion, I do not believe Taylor Swift to be a true country artist, but rather a pop artist.

Anonymous Letter to Taylor Swift By: Patrick Maloney

Dear Taylor, It has come to my attention that 5 of the top 10 songs on Itunes are from your new album “red”. I can only assume that 99% of the content within these songs are about your exboyfriends. Judging by the one single I have heard off of this album, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,”I can safely come to the conclusion that the majority of your songs were written by a sexually frustrated 13 year old girl. When will you understand that maybe, just maybe, you’re that problem? I mean honestly, HOW MANY GUYS HAVE YOU DATED that you can possibly sing about. I can come up with a few scenarios about your relationships. All of them include you in the role of the crazy stalker chick. The only reason your songs are even popular is because you sing to the simple minded and pre-pubescent adolescents of society. The only song you were even tolerable in was “Both of Us”, the cover of which was by B.O.B. Please do a few new things- hire new song writers, take a voice lesson, and most of all stop being that weird chick that everyone has a restraining order on.

Halloween at School??


By: Ellen Oehmke

Should we have a Halloween celebration at school? A day when we go trick-or-treating from class to class and dress up in costumes. Then we could hold a costume contest and the winners could get a prize. Maybe even do what we did in lower school and middle school and decorate cookies in class. This is what some students had to say about this idea: Whitney Goldberg- It just wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t celebrate at school. Patrick Maloney- We should do it. It would be fun. Kayla Cooks- I want candy. Elliott Mann- Sounds fun. Not a bad idea. Wynn Hukle- If the costumes are in dress code, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to celebrate.

As you drive around town, you’ve probably noticed the emergence of Halloween decorations multiplying as the night of trick-ortreating and dress up approaches. If you’ve walked into a grocery store or target, you’re bounded to notice an abundance of ghost decorations, orange wrapped candies, and pumpkins lining the entrance. Clearly, Halloween is nearly here! Unfortunately it seems that as we get older, Halloween has slowly started to lose some of its excitement- take it from someone who has two little siblings who wake up each morning counting down the days and drawing squiggly pictures that vaguely resemble coffins or witches stirring a concoction of magical goo and enchanted herbs. Talk to any five-year-old you’ve ever met, and at the very mentioning of trick-ortreating, their eyes will light up and their whole face animates like someone lit a match under inside their pupils to make them sparkle. However, if anything high school students should in some ways look forward to Halloween more than anyone else. What else could be better than a night to take a little break, hang out with some friends and have a little fun? Looking to get in the Halloween spirit? Perhaps you’d like to go to a haunted house. If you’ve ever been to Field of Screams, you probably know that the word haunted house is a bit of an understatement due to the fact that it’s many passages and long walks in the dark that make up more of a haunted forty-five minute two mile walk. If you think that the idea of getting chased after by guys with chainsaws and strolling down mazes filled with creepy people lining the walkway sounds like a good way to get in the Halloween spirit, then go visit Field of Screams this weekend! If haunted houses aren’t really your thing, maybe you’d rather go to the pumpkin patch and pick out some giant pumpkins to carve or decoration. No one is ever too old for some good pumpkin decorating! Then of course, there’s always the obvious solution to get ready by putting together an elaborate costume to show your Halloween spirit. Lastly, one of the highlights from my childhood was walking down the high school hallways as a lower school student and having the high school kids place an assortment of candy into my sack as they commented on the costumes and complimented us as we passed. So if nothing else, get ready for the visit of the little kids, and I think you’ll find that their Halloween spirit and joy will soon become your own.

PowderPuff Volleyball Presidential Announcement Yes boys and girls, the infamous, legendary and much anticipated Powder-puff football game is back and bigger than ever this year! For those of you who don’t know, Powder-puff is a game of “flag” football played between the Senior vs. Junior girls. So that means guys, mark your calendar because Friday, November 2nd 7:00 pm, we will watch a game of epic proportions. Girls, any hard feelings over the past year or two? Well this is not the time to hold them back (but try to spare a bone or two if you can). Guys, any juicy gossip you’ve been holding on to? Well you should probably still hold on to it because if the game gets too out of hand, it’ll probably never happen again. (but the occasional stir of the pot to get some tension going can’t hurt) A full out game with four quarters, 3 refs and about 50 girls ready to go at it. Not to start a betting pool or anything, but I would have to say my money is on the senior class of 2013! Stacked with power, speed and raw strength, the senior class may be looking at a blowout; so juniors, you better start practicing! With music and concessions, this is looking to be like any other football game. Maybe even theme?...Patrick Maloney…So invite your family and friends because the more people, the better! Stay tuned for further details!

SCARY GOOD Sweet Potato Muffins By: Chef Jemma and Grace

Ingredients: Dry: 3 cups freshly-ground whole wheat 1/2 cup of sweetener 1 Tablespoon baking powder

Vafa’s TOP PROSPECTS Elly Vosburgh: Height: 5’ 7” Weight: CLASSIFIED Special Ability: She even scares me

Abbey Gluck: Special Ability: Height: 5’3” Soccor STUD Weight: CLASSIFIED Special Ability: Feisty Meagan Richardson Height: 5’3” Julia Gurney Weight: CLASSIFIED Height: 5’ 3” Special Ability: Weight: CLASSIFIED Weird Faces S.A: Lean, Mean and ready to hit PROJECTION:

Brooke Weber: Height: 5’ 3” Weight: CLASSIFIED SpecialAbility: Softball Julia Camp Keli Dunn: Height: 5’ 7” Weight: CLASSIFIED Special Ability: Tough and has a pretty nasty stank face Maddie Lett Height: 7’ 3” Weight: CLASSIFIED Special Ability: Juniors, have fun looking up to her… literally

Height: 5’5”

Juniors: 36% Seniors: 64% Weight: CLASSIFIED 35-21 Special Ability: She hurt her back.. and now shes back with a vengeance Caroline Breit Height: like 4’ something Weight: CLASSIFIED Special Ability: Small… but MIGHTY Weight: CLASSIFIED

1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Wet: 1 cup cooked, mashed sweet potato (no peel) 3 cups milk 1 Tablespoon organic raw apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon vanilla

Directions: Preheat oven to 375. In a large mixing bowl, whisk dry ingredients together. In another bowl, whisk wet ingredients together until smooth. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and stir until mixed well. With an ice cream scoop, divide the muffin batter into 12 muffin tins that have been greased or lined with paper cups. Bake for 30 minutes, or until muffins test clean and done in the center. Let cool on a rack.

4A State Champions by Diana Kim

Before we start talking about basketball, swimming, and bowling season, I just want to go ahead and recognize this years’ 4A Tennis State Champions! Well, I don’t want to say it like we haven’t recognized them (because we did during grandparent’s day) but what’s recognition without the story on print? This year we had six talented young lady Spartans that went and dominated at state… again. Honestly, this shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore. These Spartans that represented Wichita Collegiate included seniors Keli Dunn and Lindsay Funke. These lovely ladies have been partners for many many tournaments in their high school (and possibly middle school) tennis career. This year they placed 2nd at state. For singles, junior Brooke Withrow took first place with a score of 6-0 throughout all of her games during the tournament (wow). Our other singles player was Jaya Montavoni of the Class of 2015

(sophomore). This is Jaya’s first year playing at state and has dominated playing tennis. Last but not least were two incredibly talented freshmen who placed 1st place in the tournament. Hannah Osland and Morgan Bergen played our very own seniors to own this title. It was a very tight game and both ends played strong and determined. On behalf of Spartan Voice and the whole school…

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES! Keli Funke and Lindsay Funke – 2nd Brooke Withrow – 1st Jaya Montavani – 4th Hannah Osland and Morgan Bergen – 1st

with her, it allowed us to experience it all together.” Hannah Osland: “This was my first year at state tennis and it was a great experience. Morgan and I played very well together and got better as the tournament progressed. I’m very happy with how we finished the season.”

Interview Sesh: Question: What would you say is different from this year’s state tennis than last year? Did you like how you played overall during the tournament? Brooke Withrow: “I wouldn’t say a whole lot changed. We came together as a team and won another state title and I am happy with how I played at the tournament.” Keli Dunn: “It was a lot different from last year. It was more of a developing year as of last year we had a lot of experience. I think Lindsay and I played really well throughout this year and I’m glad I got to finish with her.” Lindsay Funke: “The biggest change for me was being a senior, so we had to step it up as leaders for the team. Also this state tournament was different than last years because it was my last tournament, so it was really sad. I’m proud of how Keli and I played overall, and like she said, I was happy to be back

Morgan Bergen: “I wasn’t in high school last year therefore I didn’t go to state, but this year was a great experience for me and the fact that I was on the team for top six was very honoring. I think that Hannah and I played very well at state.” Jaya Montavoni: “Last year I was able to watch and learn from the players who did go to state to better game. And I think I played pretty well at tournament. I mean, I had some ups and down throughout the tournament. But overall I think I played pretty well.” Question: “Overall, how did you like this years girls tennis season? Any differences from this season and the last?” Coach Hawley: “ I loved the season…. Great girls working hard all the time!!! Coaching with talented coaches, seeing significant growth out of all our players!” Question: “How do you think this year’s six tennis girls played at state?” Coach Hawley: “The six who went to state could have been TEN who went…. We were that deep! But the faults were phenomenal!” Photo Credits: Keli’s dad.

By Riley Kemmer Basketball conditioning is out in full force this year. After having as few as six members of the team out running last year it is very refreshing to have seventeen this year. The numbers might have increased, but the times have not. Camron Chugg set the mile time record this year with a 5:18 beating the previous best by 1 second. Camron was closely followed by Daniel Hullings. Bringing up the rear this year was your very own Coach Fiegel. “It’s refreshing seeing Coach Fiegel out there running the mile with us, it shows us guys how much he embraces our conditioning.” Said Senior Vafa Behzadpour. Coach Fiegel finished the mile with a time of 11:42. “It was pretty neat having him run with us, but I don’t think he was too happy about me lapping him…3 times.” Said Freshmen Camron Chugg. Even the girls team admired Coach Fiegel for his speediness on the track. With only one week left, the guys are hoping to push through to the buffer week and are anxious to start up practices.

By: Sophie Shawver and Kate Sorensen Halloween is coming and many of you are probably wondering what you should be! With so many choices or not enough, it’s hard to decide! Even though Halloween in on a Wednesday (sadly), you can still join in on the Halloween spirit! This guide will help you choose your disguise for the night! Here are some ideas: 1. Dress up as you normally do. If someone asks what you are, tell them you’re a werewolf. If they ask why you have no hair or fangs, explain that it’s not a full moon. (Unless it’s actually a full moon… then it’s just awkward.) 2. Tape a bunch of green and/or purple balloons to yourself and wear green or brown clothing underneath. Voila, you are grapes. 3. Wrap yourself in orange felt. Get an orange ski cap and glue green fabric to the top. You are now a carrot for Halloween. 4. Get a large box and paint it white. Make a large hole at the top for your head and two of the side for arm holes. Glue on some magnets and post-it notes with shopping lists and phone numbers written on them. Go as a refrigerator. 5. Get a role of orange yarn and a few bags of roasted pumpkin seeds. Glue them all over a cheap orange sweat suit. You are now pumpkin guts. 6. Glue some (clean) garbage all over a sweat suit. Go as a trash heap. 7. Get a gorilla suit and get one of those head bands with the springs on the top. Remove whatever is on the end of the springs and attack tiny toy airplanes. Carry a little Barbie doll in an evening gown and you are King Kong. 8. Get a bunch of small single serving sized cereal boxes and glue them all over some old clothes. Carry around a rubber knife and go as a “cereal killer.” 9. Paint your car or bicycle tires with black paint and lay old clothes on the street or driveway and run over them while the paint is still wet. Let the clothes dry and then put them on. You are now road kill. 10. Wear a raggedy pair of shorts and a shirt and don’t shave if you’re a man. Mess your hair up, get a garden tiki torch from party city, and go as a recent loser from survivor.

10 reasons why winter sucks.

First V-Mag Experience

By Jordan Hull.

By: Daniel Hullings

1. It’s cold. 2. Girls stop shaving their legs (aka pants/leggings season)

As many of you know I am a new 3. Even if it snows, we will have school. student here at Collegiate. That being said I have never seen a 4. It’s cold. Collegiate V-Mag, and I thought last Thursday’s V-Mag was awesome. 5. It won’t snow but if it does in 10 min it will turn into slush. Along with the Freshman I have a completely unbiased opinion of V- 6. Patrick will wear more corduroy pants. Mag, and with everyone saying, “V7. It’s cold. Mag is back!” I am one of the few saying “V-Mag is here.” I have 8. Your 30 second walk into school will be atrocious. absolutely nothing to compare it to, but I can assume V-Mag used to be 9. Riley and Patrick will begin humming Christmas music in October. very funny and something that everyone looked forward to, and the 10.Coach Fiegel will have that crazy look in his eyes till March. The first I heard of it this year was from forehead vain will be making its yearly appearance. someone telling me “ V-Mag was -Have fun good three years ago, but it has changed a lot,” but practically all I heard after morning meeting was “V-Mag is back.” I thought it was really entertaining no matter your sense of humor. The Playground Inspectors with their dry humor, the Batman and Bane skit with the ironic humor, and Olympic Typing with the rather ridiculous humor. There really was something for everyone. I really enjoyed V-Mag and hope that everyone else did too. I am looking forward to the next one and hope that everyone in VMag tops their last performance.

Smile By Jake Barrett

Simply being nice is one of the most valued traits in America, and it has been valued since the beginning of time itself. Proof of recognition of just being nice is evident everywhere. Vafa and Molly, our voted homecoming king and queen, are two of the nicest people in the school. Why, then, are so many people rude. Why is it natural to favor those who are just mean to others, "as long as they aren't mean around me"? This trend is startling, and it's sweeping the nation. Rapidly, people are moving towards rudeness and harshness. The frat boy scene is taking over by storm. Not that being in a fraternity is a bad thing. By all means, it is a good thing. They give someone a new family and great friendships as well as a ton of fun and parties. College is the time and place for such things. But why is it sinking into high schools? The frat boy scene: suit jackets, croakies, Sperry's, khaki shorts, bow ties, and such are invading into high schools everywhere, not just WCS. This rudeness, that a few bad egg fraternities are associated with but not all, that also comes with the “fratty� attitude is also infectious. Just remember that everyone is a person (even GDI's), and everyone deserves respect. Don't criticize or berate people unless they affront you first, not just because they're "different" or "that guy". Tolerate people, even just ignore them if you can't stand being nice. The attitude of America could use a tune-up that is as simple as a smile or a meaningless compliment that actually takes you less energy to think of and produce than a targeted insult. Be nice, and get treated nice in return. If everyone was nice all the time, this school would be an oasis in the turbulence that is America, so start the trend, one smile at a time. THE SPARTAN VOICE ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES: The Spartan Voice is a newspaper operated by students at Wichita Collegiate School. Content in the Voice will consist of articles, editorials, letters, and any other material pertaining to the Wichita Collegiate community. The Spartan Voice was founded on the principle that all students should have an equal opportunity to share their opinion in an open, unbiased forum of discussion. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents make up the four fundamental parts of the Wichita Collegiate community. Although controversial subjects maybe featured in The Voice, no part of the community will be discriminated against. The views expressed in printed material do not necessarily represent the views of The Spartan Voice or Wichita Collegiate School.

SPARTAN VOICE STAFF Wynn Hukle, EDITOR Vafa Behzadpour, Patrick Maloney, Bell Schwartz, Riley Kemmer, Caroline Breit, Daniel Hullings, Spenser Schooler, Kayla Cooks, Jake Barrett, Julia Camp, Rachel Fernandes, Diana Kim, Austin Daniels, Aaron Clothier, Jordan Hull, Kara Maloney, Jemma Davies, Grace Kohn, Jenna Farhat, Sophie Shawver & Kate Sorensen.


Aries(Mar21-Apr19): This week you will be the only one who dressed up for Halloween. Work it. Taurus(Apr20-May20): Halloween doesn't scare you. If anyone tries anything funny you will go all Jackie Chan on them because you have black sarcasm.   Gemini(May21-Jun21): This week you will be depressed that you can no longer have a "fun" Halloween, but have no fear. You will make some new friends, and their names are Ben and Jerry.   Cancer(Jun22-Jul22): You're usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood, but for some reason you want to get creative this year. No one wants gram crackers or a Nickelback CD.   Leo(Jul23-Aug22): No need for a costume. You intensity this week will scare people off by itself.  

Virgo(Aug23-Sep22): This week you will have a craving for some interesting really interesting...But hey, whatever floats your boat. Libra(Sep23-Oct23): This week the moon will unleash you inner wolf or your inner lemur. Let's hope it's the wolf.   Scorpio(Oct24-Nov21): You have a great sense of adventure, but that will get you into trouble. If you come across any warnings in your explorations that say "Proceed at your own peril" or "Curse the ones who cross" might want to listen.   Sagittarius(Nov22-Dec21): If anyone asks you to play a game this week just say no. (Saw will happen)   Capricorn(Dec22-Jan19): Too old for Halloween?! Little kids should steer clear of you. Now that you are older and wiser you have already come up with a game plan to up your candy revenue from last year. You are determined to dominate. (I am judging you).   Aquarius(Jan20-Feb18): Stealing your brother's Halloween candy will backfire on you...the jaw breaker will break your jaw.   Pisces(Feb19-March20): This week when you check behind the shower curtain for a murderer...there will be one. (Nice knowing you).

By Rachel Fernandes.

Dr. Nixon’s “deathtouch” photo... Interesting and historical facts facts about Halloween 1. Halloween has be known as All-Hallows Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool, Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End. 2. “Souling” is a medieval and Christian precursor to modern trick or treating. On November 1 (Hallowmas), the poor would go door-to-door offering prayers for the dead in exchange for food or “soul-cakes.” 3. The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually turnips or potatoes. 4. According to Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after a fellow named Stingy Jack, who tricked the devil and was then forbidden to enter either heaven or hell. He was condemned to wander the earth, waving his lantern. 5. The White House is purportedly haunted by Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson and even Abraham Lincoln. It is said that Lincoln has been sighted in the Oval Office, looking out of the window, across the Potomac to the former Civil War battlefields beyond. Lady Bird Johnson reported feeling the presence of Lincoln while watching T.V.

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