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October 12th 2012


Spartan Gangnam

“Proba Te Dignum”

By Austin Daniels. Whether you are a senior or a freshman, a student or a teacher, or a hater or a freshman, we all agree that Homecoming week is by far the best week during the school year. Being a Junior in high school, I have experienced the high school version of homecoming three times (including 2012). It is way more fun than middle school’s homecoming week, but then again middle school sucks. Being a member of the Collegiate band makes homecoming even better because I get to do what I enjoy and present it to the whole high school during Photo by Jordan Hull the game. The past two years of the band’s performance were ‘ok’, as I have been told by several people. And let’s be honest, the fireworks were the best part. One junior says: “This years’ performance (2012) was a huge improvement from the past, and I liked the dance moves, especially Gangnam Style. I really regret Spartan Royalty: Vafa Behzadpour & Molly Haines quitting…” I agree. This years’ band performance was a huge success and you section all have fun during it. This years’ homecoming know it went well when the performer, in all was a huge success. A big S/O to Mr. Fischer and Mr. Hake cheer leaders, dance team, and student and the whole Collegiate band for doing their part in making it awesome. GO SPARTANS!!!

Yep. It was goood.

Our Favorite pics from Homecoming

Twin Sandwich

American Floats. By Caroline Breit & Diana Kim

Freshmen from the 50’s: Emma Schmaltz, Addison Root, Bryanna Stocker & Sophie Shawver Vafa Behzadpour astride the Senior float with Jack Stewart & Joe Asbridge & Mt. Rushmore.

This year’s Homecoming Float competition was fierce. From the seniors’ horses, to the juniors’ Lady Liberty (that was actually a guy), to the sophomore’s candy throwing to the… freshmen’s’ CARPENTER? That’s right, the Freshmen actually hired a carpenter for their float this year…but I feel as though that might be a bit of a sore subject, therefore I will just interview members of each class about their views on the outcome.

Don’t drop that dun dun cheerleader....

Freshman Addison Root: “I didn’t help, so don’t blame me for the carpenter. Ask Morgan.” Freshman Morgan Bergen: “I helped with the flag painting and didn’t see any carpenter.” Sophomore Samuel Beren: “I spent a whole 2 hours working my tail off trying to make our float as good as it possibly could be. The fact that we got 4th behind the cheating freshmen with a freaking carpenter makes me want to cry myself to sleep.”  Junior Seth Carder: “We are the only one that didn’t do a standard flag and we should have won. I’m still angry.”  Senior Ellen Oehmke: “Our float looked really good. I didn’t work on it though…but I was there in spirit. Everyone else did a fantastic job.”

Juniors representin’ da 80’s yo: Brody Dick & Landon “Call Me Maybe” Root.

Ever wondering what to get at sonic? Here are 10 new sonic drink combinations to try! By: Sophie Shawver 1. Watermelon sprite. 2. Strawberry pineapple Dr. Pepper. 3. Cranberry vanilla slush. Highland Style: Patrick Maloney, Cora Burgoyne, Brianna Lowden & Rhys Powell

4. Sprite with pineapple and blue coconut. 5. Raspberry powerade lemon slush. 6. Orange soda with vanilla. 7. Vanilla cream Dr. Pepper 8. Strawberry orange creamslush.

Kara Maloney choreographs the Homecoming Court Dance.

9. Diet cherry limeade with pineapple (for those of you watchin’ that figure). 10. Ocean Water...radioactive blue! My personal fave! 7-UP & Coconut...what!!!

Homecoming Court served a la mode.


Early Departure

By: Vafa Behzadpour (This is what happened to Vafa By Jake Barrett after Homecoming). Why do people leave homecoming? To drink? To Spenser Schooler: “I’m Kaylea’s white boo” party? To "have fun"? Homecoming comes around once every Sonny Frank: “Women are not Human.” Ellen Oehmke: “umm lemme think of one” (never got back to me). Austin Daniels: “I’m rarely late, and I enjoy a nice pair of slacks.” Sam Brown: “Hi” Kaylea Cooks: “I like public school.” Hunter Cusick: “These bathrooms are disgusting, I try to avoid them…plus this sink hasn’t work from three years.” (asked while using the restroom)

year, and your senior homecoming comes around ONCE. Why do people so freely waste it? At the dance, a couple of songs after the homecoming court dance, half of the dance floor suddenly emptied.Where did everyone go? The common assumption would be parties. They left a party that comes once a year for a party that can happen on any given weekend. For those of you who went to parties without alcohol, congratulations. I respect you and your willpower. Continue looking at pictures and skip the rest of this article because obviously this doesn’t apply to you.

What is the obsession with parties? People drink, Caroline Breit: “ The greatest gift in life is the sage which destroys brain cells and gets people killed, people do cookies…and I’m averaging about ten per day…Its our version of Collegiate crack…In fact I’m gonna go things they wish that they wouldn't, for instance hooking up with buy one right now.” someone and realizing it was a huge mistake the next day, and Jordan Hull: “Sea otters hold hands while they’re sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other”

people can die.

Awful things can, and do, happen. Our school is relatively small, so incidents have been isolated and infrequent. Riley Kemmer: “Would you eat the moon if it were Don't be off guard, though, because accidents happen, and when made out of ribs?” they do, your or your friend's life can be altered or destroyed. Aaron Clothier: “heck, I’d have seconds!!” Not to mention the severity of the crime, this isn't college, so cops do actually care about minors drinking. If you get caught, Patrick Maloney: “I call Caroline Breit, Elena now, I you get a Minor In Possession charge. If you were driving, you don’t really know why… I just do” get a Driving Under the Influence charge. These two things euphemized as MIPs and DUIs, just six letters, can change your Sam Horner: “Whenever I’m home alone I like to hang myself by my underwear” life for the worse. They bar you from jobs, scholarships, colleges, sports, and countless other things. By making one Dusty Youngman: “Look under the sink but make stupid choice, you close thousands of doors for yourself. Why do sure you wear a scarf. Now give me the peanuts.” it? Roses are red and octopuses can swim, however when you add 2 and 5 you get pie, because Harry Potter once said, “Hakuna matata.” I know this doesn’t make sense, but that’s okay because I can swim. Whenever you understand what this article is about, go run around a track with one foot tied to your neck. If you are confused, then good, because pigs can fly. Now that you are confused, and think I’m crazy, I hope you enjoyed my article and had a good laugh…or a serious look of concern on your face…but I hope it was the first one because this is RANDOMOCITY.

Because it's fun. Yeah, so are video games, so are movies, so are concerts, so are pools, so are friends. Just call up a few friends and watch TV, without alcohol. Or hot tub, or go to the pool, or go for a walk, or go play tennis. Why does a good time have to be determined by drunkenness?

I don't know. It just is. Yeah, well maybe you could figure it out if you had those brain cells that you killed when you tossed your life into alcoholism :‫ ﻉعﻝلﻯى ﺍاﻝلﻙكﻉعﻙكﺓة ﻡمﻥن ﺏبﺱسﺏبﺏب ﻩهﺍاﺭرﻯى ﺏبﻭوﺕتﺭر ﻕقﺍاﻝل ﺫذﺍاﺕت ﻡمﺭرﺓة‬that will persist through college, if you go, and your entire life. ‫ ﻭوﻝلﻙكﻥن ﻁطﻱيﺏب‬,‫" ﺍاﻉعﺭرﻑف ﻩهﺫذﺍا ﻝلﺍا ﻡمﻉعﻥنﻯى‬.‫ ﻡمﺍاﺕتﺍاﺕتﺍا‬hakuna" This article isn't written to inspire controversy, or cause , ‫ ﻙكﻝلﻡمﺍا ﻑفﻩهﻡمﺕت ﻡمﺍا ﻩهﺫذﻩه ﺍاﻝلﻡمﺍاﺩدﺓة ﻉعﻥن‬.‫ ﻝلﺍاﻥنﻥنﻯى ﻱيﻡمﻙكﻥن ﺍاﻥن ﺕتﺱسﻝلﻙكﻩه‬arguments. Everyone can make their own decision for .‫ ﺍاﺫذﻩهﺏب ﺍاﻝلﺩدﻭوﺭرﺍاﻥن ﺡحﻭوﻝل ﻡمﺱسﺍاﺭر ﻡمﻉع ﻕقﺩدﻡم ﻭوﺍاﺡحﺩد ﻡمﺭرﺕتﺏبﻁط ﺭرﻕقﺏبﺕتﻙك‬themselves. Just acknowledge the consequences of your actions ‫ ﻭوﺫذﻝلﻙك ﺏبﺱسﺏبﺏب ﺍاﻝلﺥخﻥنﺍاﺯزﻱيﺭر‬,‫ ﺙثﻡم ﺝجﻱيﺩدﺓة‬،٬‫ ﺇإﺫذﺍا ﻙكﻥنﺕت ﻡمﺽضﻁطﺭرﺏب‬like an adult before you make a mistake. Oh yeah, and it makes you fat. .‫ﻱيﻡمﻙكﻥن ﺍاﻥن ﺕتﺱسﻝلﻙكﻩه‬

Class of 2013 Picnic Day Disappointment By Daniel Hullings

We the seniors, of the Wichita Collegiate School, lost to the class of 2014 in the boys tug of war last Friday. We had been undefeated in previous years, except for freshman year when we were all fairly small. (The Class of 2010 didn’t loose anything that year). Our class holds its strength in numbers, but we failed to realize we were going to have to bring it all against the juniors. The majority of the offensive line, which by the way is doing a great job this season, are members of the junior class. We the seniors failed to consider this before the tug of war and that little mistake lead to our picnic day disappointment. Congratulations to the junior boys. On the bright side, seniors dominated Homecoming week. We at Spartan Voice hope you all have a picnic day next year that is wonderful as our

most recent one was! Seniors on the brink of defeat at the hands of the Class of 2014.


Tennis: 2012 Edition. State Championship: October 13th-14th By Riley Kemmer This year as the Lady Spartans Tennis team heads off to state there are some very high hopes. Being picked to win the state title however, doesn’t make the task any less difficult. When asked about the pressure the girls felt heading into this weekend, senior Lindsay Funke stated “There is definitely some pressure…But we aren’t worried about that we are just here to try and win, and have fun.” Brooke Withrow, who won the title individually last year claimed “there is none, I’m way to excited to be feeling any pressure.” Senior year is always a big year, it is the last chance you have for everything. One of the most gratifying experiences in high school is winning a state championship. “I would be the happiest person ever. It’s my last year and I know I can win, so why not win!” State Lindsay Funke when asked about winning the title. However that is in the back of their minds. The girls are trying to calm their nerves by enjoying a few days away from school and spending time with their teammates. The girls all know it is not just smooth sailing to the title. When asked about what they must overcome to win, Keli Dunn replied by saying “I just need to keep my focus on every point. Take the tournament one point at a time.” Brooke, the defending champ says “I know I have pressure to win again, but it’s easy to forget it and focus on each point.” I asked the ladies a few questions:

What is the most exciting part of going to the state tournament? Lindsay: Probably having qualified as a team so we have our whole team here. Knowing we have a chance to win as a team. Brooke: team bonding Keli: Skyping with Holden, and just having fun with the team. Who will be your biggest challenge individually? Lindsay: Def. just relaxing and playing how I want to play. Not locking up or being timid. Keli: Staying focused on each point. Brooke: I don’t really have any. Not letting any pressure affect her Do any tough teams stand out from the crowd? Lindsay: No not really. All 6 of us qualified and we have indirectly beaten everybody so we have the strongest team. What is your favorite part of this year’s season? Lindsay: Being a senior, and being able to be a leader and example for all of the younger girls. Brooke: Being with the team and developing relationships with the other girls.


The Most Anticipated Shows of the Fall… By: Ellen Oehmke

Next week both the University of Chicago Jersey Shore: They’re back for their final season! Snooki’s pregnant, Mike quit drinking… What’s to come? Now the only single people in the

and Elon are visiting Collegiate next week!

house are Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D. Will the season be as crazy as the past six? Or will we have a boring Jersey reality show? Gossip Girl: One of the most missed shows of the summer is finally back. Ivy and Charlie are ready to take down Lily, Lily left Rufus, and Blair

and Chuck decided they’re in love. Serena is no longer Serena, but is now “Sabrina.” Dan is hanging around Georgina and Ivy is hooking up with Rufus. Looks like this will be one of the most drama Stop by room 121, Cool filled seasons yet.

Beans? Press from our president/king: Vafa Behzadpour

Grey’s Anatomy: This show has been back for 2 weeks now. They all have returned from the plane crash and two people have died. Dr. McSteamy and Lexi Grey are no longer on the show and Arizona has had her leg amputated. Dr. Shepherd can’t do surgery with his hand right now… Will his hand heal? Will all the surgeons get along and be able to overcome the trauma? Tosh.O: Back for season four, one of the funniest shows continues to stay on tv. This season’s wardrobe is expensive t-shirts. For those of you who haven’t watched it, Daniel Tosh plays internet videos and

The King is dead...Long live the comments on them. May sound dumb, but it is one of the funniest shows King. on tv. If you have not watched it, you must. It’s every Tuesday night on

Comedy Central. Modern Family: Yet another funny show that has returned. This season Gloria is pregnant. A show that is filled with classic lines and some of the funniest characters on tv. Phil and Luke just goof around all day while Claire tries to keep everything under control.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave By Wynn Hukle I have felt a surge of patriotism in 2012 that I have never experienced before. Not surprisingly, this first came to my attention when American flag-themed clothing became trendy for summer 2012. As ridiculous as it sounds, it subconsciously planted the notion in my mind that “America is trending…my country is cool.”

in many ways, the experience and sentiment was quite different.

Despite all of this, my peers specifically have made it obvious that they are concerned with their country as opposed to being apathetic and uninvolved, which might seem like the only easy thing to do. Granted, there are many heated quarrels regarding politics that take place Part of the reason American-themed clothing between my peers, be it via Twitter, Facebook or actually reached such high demand this summer was because face-to-face, but this means we have not given up. The of the impending 2012 London Olympics. High-end reason people fight about politics because it matters to designers including Alexander Wang and Versace them. People do not voluntarily argue about things they do featured minimalistic clothing on the runways last not care about. As obvious as that sounds, I cannot recall spring with a slight nod to athletic motifs as well. one single girl-fight that gets as many people heated and The Olympics is one of the only examples that comes involved as a political tweet. to my mind when asked to think of a contemporary event that unites Americans of all age with a positive, Even though the views of people my age are divergent as to uplifting experience. Like most Americans, growing what is “best” for America, it is true they are identifying up I was instilled with the notion of “American with their country through small gestures like wearing Exceptionalism,” and the fact that I am blessed to be American-themed clothing, discussing their beliefs, and living in “the land of opportunity.” The Olympics choosing “America” as a homecoming theme. That might gives us a chance to flex our muscles and experience seem trivial; however, there might be more to it than what that sense of American Exceptionalism because we are giving it credit for. People would argue that “our American athletes usually win the most medals as a country is divided now more than ever” and that the collective team. future may bring great hardships. That may be true, but when a group of students can agree upon one thing for It was about my 7th grade year that I independently their homecoming, “America,” it was symbolic to me. began to take even a remote interest regarding the During that week, like any other homecoming, students affairs of my country. Thanks to the unique timing of went all-out to stay in character. It is interesting to me this, it is hard to think of many experiences in which though that a group of students can be just as excited, if I have felt overtly patriotic, given the state of our not more excited, to be “American” of all things for country over the past few years. Sometimes, it would their homecoming. be just the opposite, when I would watch the news and inevitably hear something about the national debt-crisis, the obesity epidemic, or how “American Homecoming is an opportunity to truly identify oneself with their school and take pride in it. This year was a education is slipping through the cracks.” It little different because we as WCS students identified definitely made me wonder: Is America still “the ourselves with two homes we share: Wichita Collegiate greatest country on Earth?” Even despite all of the School and the United States of America. The energy of depressing information that tells me the exact young people was not “grim” with the cast of Americana opposite? upon their homecoming like you think it would be for My generation has been brought up with a the students of a country that is in “decline.” Instead, it different sentiment as far as feeling a sense of security and pride, just for being an American. I was was unified, strong and uplifting. That gives me hope sitting in my first grade classroom on September 11, and also gives me the impression that even though we as students have only seen America from a certain 2001, when the World Trade Center was unexpectedly attacked by terrorists. The entire time I vantage point, that we can still incorporate it into our lives with valor and pride. We are the students who are was growing up, I felt the threat of terrorism upon my nation, and I still do today. There never was that about to graduate and move out into the world, and this seemingly “peaceful” time for my generation in which lets me know that we will do that with our heads held our country was not at war or threatened by potential high, no matter what circumstance we are in. acts of terrorism. This fundamentally alters the perception that people my age share of our nation from the perception that our parents shared because

Support the Spanish Club! By Julia Camp For the last three year, the Spanish Club has sponsored a little boy named Lorenzo through CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children and Aging). Lorenzo is a first grader in Guatemala, and the money we give him is put towards his education, encouraging and making it possible for Lorenzo to attend school. While we make it possible for Lorenzo to learn, the fundraiser also gives Collegiate Spanish students the unique opportunity to take sometime to study The Day of the Dead which is a Mexican celebration of the lives of those who have passed away. Every November, Collegiate's Spanish

classes decorate bags to be filled with candy in honor of this Mexican celebration. These bags will be for sale next week during break  in order to raise money for

Lorenzo. This is a special opportunity for Collegiate to give back, so support Collegiate, support the Spanish Club, and support Lorenzo by purchasing a bag of candy!

Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies By Chef Jemma. Found by Chef Jemma Fall is coming! Spice it up with these delicious autumn flavors. Enjoyed by Editors & Homecoming Kings everywhere. Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour (1/2 cup of whole wheat flour) 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1/4 tsp baking soda 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1/8 tsp salt 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 tbsp butter, melted 1 egg white 2 tbsp pumpkin puree 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

In a large bowl, combine the flours, baking soda, salt and pumpkin spice; stir to blend. In another bowl, whisk the sugars, butter, egg white, pumpkin puree and vanilla together until light and fluffy.

Whisk the dry ingredients into the wet Directions: Preheat oven to 350°. Line two cookie sheets with ingredients in two additions until the batter is non-stick silicone baking liners or lightly spray cookie sheets very well blended. Place a spoonful of the batter onto a cooking with cooking spray. sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes

Spartan Horoscopes

By Rachel Fernandes

keep dropping like flies. You believe that you will get sick week you are especially environmentally friendly. You will too, but alas you will not. It'll have the urge to plant a tree. Look at get so bad that you will be the you recycling that water bottle. You only one who shows up for school one day...that's right. go Virgo! The only one.  

Aries(Mar21-Apr19): You will be Virgo(Aug23-Sep22): This very irritable this week. Your friends better watch out. If they accidentally annoy you, you will high five the face...with a chair.

Taurus(Apr20-May20): This

week you will be feeling generous. You Libra(Sep23-Oct23): With so will share your awesomeness with others, much going on this week you really Aquarius(Jan20want to take a time out and go Feb18): I see that you are and be quite kind to those who do not camping. Hey, it's never a bad time deserve it.  Hats off to you! (even though still in the homecoming mode. so sing the ‘Campfire Song’ song. I'm not wearing a hat) School spirit is a good thing to have, but if you are still     Scorpio(Oct24-Nov21): This showing up to school on Gemini(May21-Jun21): This Monday wearing your color for week you will feel poetic, but do not fear. week you will be feeling flirtatious, color day, you have a problem. but using the lyrics to “Call Me Go and read some Shakespeare. Your   friends are not going to stay near. It will Maybe” is never a good move. Pisces(Feb19probably last all year and make you want   to drink root beer. Sagittarius(Nov22-Dec21): March20): Last week you   unleashed your wild side...and This week you will be feeling it hasn't settled down. No, you Cancer(Jun22-Jul22): All of this gloomy. Don't be like Kristen are not the Lion King. Settle week Gangnam Style will be stuck in Stewart. Show the world that down  or someone will fork your head. Starting now... dazzling smile! your house. (Ahem...Kara     Leo(Jul23-Aug22): This week you Capricorn(Dec22-Jan19): Maloney) will feel like you are in the Hunger This week you will be feeling Games. It will be okay, just go get some anxious. As it is flu season, people food. Pillow Fight!!!

Cool Websites & Apps By Kate Sorensen & Jenna Farhat

is tag it on the bookmarks bar on the top of your computer and then Harmonyyou go to the website of choice If you enjoy drawing, or even if and click on it. The only problem is that it makes your drawings you just like to scribble, this site is a wonderful place. It has many different stiff so circles are close to impossible to draw. settings including squares, long fur, Website Link- http:// chrome, sketchy, ect. It makes anything you draw look super awesome. Website Link- projects/harmony/ There is also an app called ‘Harmony’

By Kate Sorensen A really CUTE blog about anything you can think of. Founded by actress Zooey Deschanel.

GranimatorThe ULTIMATE art app. You can create all kinds of AMAZING backgrounds and works of art. Just might be the best app of all time. Even if you don’t like art I suggest you give this app a try!

Mighty Optical GogglesHave you ever wanted to deface A blog full of dizzying, confusing, a website, but were unable to? Well and astounding optical illusions. then you will love this site. All you do Be sure to check it out!

THE SPARTAN VOICE ACCEPTS THE FOLLOWING RESPONSIBILITIES: The Spartan Voice is a newspaper operated by students at Wichita Collegiate School. Content in the Voice will consist of articles, editorials, letters, and any other material pertaining to the Wichita Collegiate community. The Spartan Voice was founded on the principle that all students should have an equal opportunity to share their opinion in an open, unbiased forum of discussion. Students, faculty, administrators, and parents make up the four fundamental parts of the Wichita Collegiate community. Although controversial subjects maybe featured in The Voice, no part of the community will be discriminated against. The views expressed in printed material do not necessarily represent the views of The Spartan Voice or Wichita Collegiate School.

SPARTAN VOICE STAFF Wynn Hukle, EDITOR Vafa Behzadpour, Patrick Maloney, Bell Schwartz, Riley Kemmer, Caroline Breit, Ellen Oehmke, Spenser Schooler, Kayla Cooks, Daniel Hullings, Jake Barrett, Julia Camp, Rachel Fernandes, Diana Kim, Austin Daniels, Aaron Clothier, Jordan Hull, Kara Maloney, Jemma Davies, Grace Kohn, Jenna Farhat, Sophie Shawver & Kate Sorensen.

SPARTANS vs Trinity...... 7pm @ Circle..... Trinity is 3-3 as of right now, your Spartans are 5-1 and will be moving to 6-1 after tonight. COME SUPPORT. PINK OUT

Spartan Voice  

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