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JANUARY 31st 2014

Hey Ladies....these lads need dates to Sadie Hawkins!












The original Sadie Hawkins! Courtesy of Lil’ Abner.


The Sadie Hawkins Dance is in 22 Days! By: Alex Bayless, Emily Ramsey, and Caroline Engel. Sadie Hawkins is coming up girls, and you have less than a month to get ready. Everyone should come; it will be a lot of fun. Don’t wait too long to ask, as there are only so many boys in this school. So it’s time to find and ask that special man in your life ladies; get creative and ask away. Tips about Sadie Hawkins: - Remember it is kinda fancy but not all the way fancy. - Red and black are cute colors for February (don’t feel like you have to wear these colors). There is a prize for coordinating with your date however! - Guys, you don’t have to wear a tux or a suit! For example, you could wear khakis pants and a blazer.- If you can’t come up with a creative idea to ask someone special ask Mrs. King: she is the master of creative ideas.

- Try asking that special someone by incorporating something they like or do. - Don’t ask someone to Sadie Hawkins through snapchat or text messages. - Involve food in your asking: remember you are asking a guy! - Don’t be awkward when you are asking someone and if you do something special don’t be scared, smile and talk to them. - Don’t steal someone else’s man if you know they are asking someone, respect the dibs. - Don’t ignore your date at the dance, you did ask them. - Last of all have fun and don’t start drama. - Ladies, don’t forget your wallet, dinner is on you tonight.

Original comic strip of Lil’Abner’s Sadie Hawkins!



Boys Dance 2014

Back it up freshmen & sophomores!

PEP RALLYJunior & Senior Boys roll to a victory in the Boys Dance Off Competition. By Caroline Engel. The upperclassmen rolled away to victory during the boys dance team dance off! The juniors and seniors definitely were making the crowd laugh with their jeans shorts and wife beaters

Copeland, nobody who saw this dance will ever think of “wrecking ball” the same way again! Although the underclassmen’s dance was not as funny (according to the crowd), the underclassmen dance was

when they came out. The laughter increased as the boys pretended to be ballerinas (I mean did you see Zack Schmaltz’s first position?! That was perfection)! The “dance” moves

definitely the dance that could take away the technical award! The sassiness of the boys was definitely shown off in the first section of the dance by Levi Aldag, Jalen Skar, Peter Larsen and Cooper

that the upperclassmen used went great with their song choices! When it came time to vote for the best boys dance team, the upperclassmen definitely took that

Root! Although the underclassmen might not have won the dance off, they definitely had the crowd laughing to tears too! Thanks to all the boys that showed off their skills during the dance

win… for this year!!! Thanks to Mitch



Listen up! Make 10 days of your summer be ones you will never forget for the rest of your life! Come with us to England, Scotland & France and visit these historic and iconic cities ~ I promise you will love it!


We have created this travel opportunity

Sign up now. The deadline is

for all upper school students to experience the world beyond these walls! Every other year we will travel to different cities in the don’t miss this opportunity to see England, Scotland & Paris!

Shakespeare’s birthplace, visit the

Louvre & Edinburgh castle. There is so much to see & do and yet still Feb 10th. have free time. #shopping!! Please stop by the Library if you have any questions about this excellent adventure!

This is a great way to enhance your resume & see the world! Sign up is easy..just enroll online at The cost of the trip includes round trip airfare, hotels, transportation on tour, breakfast and dinner every day, entrance to all sights and an tour director with EFtours. All of the logistics are taken care of so you have nothing to worry about! Join Mrs. King and Mrs. Cunningham and see these iconic cities in person!! We will go to places such as, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower,


FLAPPY BIRD Watch out vine, Candy Crush, tiny wings, there’s a new addicting app in town; Flappy Bird. If you have not downloaded this app, then I applaud you and your willpower. I downloaded this app because anonymous sources repeatedly asked/ forced me to play once, and I could not help myself from enjoying that timid tapping of the smartphone. I have a combined total of eleven, I repeat ELEVEN points in this game. To be quite honest, I don’t understand how within a weekend an app can all of a sudden become one of the most popular and recommended apps in the App Store. It literally took two days for it to spring up at Collegiate! I have realized, after being confused for a couple of days, that the reason why people

The Selfie Olympics: By Lilian Clark. Selfies have been all over social media for quite some time now, but they are recently getting extreme with the new trend, the Selfie Olympics. Teens all over the world are hanging upside down over their doors and dragging ridiculous objects into their bathrooms to be a part of it. Although entertaining, these selfies can be dangerous too. There have several stories of teens falling off bathroom doors while hanging upside down, and injuring their necks or heads. One report claims that an 18year old was found dead by his mother while attempting to take a selfie hanging on the door. Although this report cannot be proved as true, it could be possible. Here are some of the best #SelfieOlympics competitors…

have been bumping each other in the hallway is because their eyes are almost physically locked to their iPhones. So watch out teachers: if a student is looking down at their lap during class, you now know what game they’re playing. Flappy Bird has skyrocketed in downloads within the past couple of days, and has probably been one of the most frustrating games ever invented. If you hear “honestly right now” or “I am so done with this,” in the hallways the next couple of weeks, it’s probably because they are playing this game. “When I get passed four, I’ll start doing my homework.” – Caroline Engel (High

Caroline Engel: NEW ADDICT

Score: 14)



The Starbucks Secret Menu By Rachel Fernandes

Bored with lattes? Well, you Neapolitan Frappuccino should check out the world of Ask for a Strawberries and options on the Starbucks Secret Cream frappe with some vanilla Menu! There are several bean powder and a pump of websites mocha. ( and Secret menu apps that have Cotton Candy Frappuccino conjured up everything you Vanilla Bean Frappuccino could possibly desire. Just don’t 1 pump of Raspberry Syrup. order the complex drinks when baristas are busy!! Zebra Mocha Captain Crunch Strawberries and Crème frappe with a pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump of hazelnut, and two scoops of chocolate chips.

Sometimes called a Penguin Mocha, order a regular mocha with half white chocolate and half regular chocolate. Biscotti Frappuccino

Raspberry Cheesecake Buy a biscotti and ask the Order a White Chocolate barista to blend it up with any Mocha (iced, hot, or frappe) and flavor of Frappuccino. It blends add a few pumps of raspberry into tiny cookie chunks that add syrup. a delicious little crunch to your

Swedish Berry Iced Tea Iced passion Tea Sub water for Berry Hibiscus juice. 2 pumps classic syrup 2 pumps Raspberry syrup Scoop of berries Slice of lime

Oreo Frappuccino Ask for a double Chocolate Chip frappe with white mocha syrup instead of the regular mocha.

frozen coffee. The Cold Buster Venti Cup w/ a bag of Refresh Tea (mint) and a bag of Calm Tea (chamomile).

The Nutella Add half hot water and half Order a Café Misto with a steamed lemonade. pump of chocolate and a pump of hazelnut with caramel drizzle. Add a little honey for it’s antimicrobial effects! Optional: Add a pump of peppermint.


Bullinger’s 3D printing By Jake Barrett

As many of you already know, Mr. Bullinger has a 3D Printer in his back room. This 3D printer can print any STL file that is imputed into it. An STL file, or Standard Tessellation Language File, is basically a digital model for whatever the file is about. There are hundreds of STL files on the internet, from things from video games, movies, art, or even Barak Obama’s head! Some of the most popular things that Mr. Bullinger has printed are golf balls, a really cool artistic skull, an airplane, necklaces, sunglasses, key chains, and several other very cool or useful things.

print, as the nozzle gets clogged if it isn’t cleaned. On the bright side, there are three available colors of printing now: white, red and black! If you want Mr. Bullinger to print something, ask him in person and then send him the STL file of what you would like to print. Some good resources for STL files include:,, and Links to these are below (yes I realize you will have to type them out, but it’s ten characters). Turbosquid:

The process of printing has become a bit slower 3dvia: because the printer has to be cleaned after every Grabcad:

Weird Science....Some examples of things made in the Physics room.


Introducing the International Club



Ahmed Alshamary Could you explain what the club really is? “It's an opportunity for Collegiate students to learn about others countries and culture through fun activities like watching movies, playing games and eating ethnic food. We have a lot of people from international backgrounds so this is a way to get to know more about each other’s cultures.” What is the goal for this club? “Our goal is to get to know the world and different cultures through fun activities. We also want to become more aware of the world we live in and know more about what's happening.” What are some of the activities that you will be doing? “For every country we focus on, we will try to watch a movie, play some game or sport and have a meal together.” When and where will you be meeting? “We'll release details for our first activity soon. It's going to be focused on South Korea.” What is the most important idea that you are trying to support or enforce through this club? “To not live in a bubble and to make an effort to get to know other people, places and culture.”


Rat: Rats are honest and generous. You will find that people will elect you to be on honor council this coming year. Cow: Cows are good leaders. Sometimes it’s lonely being on top (shout out to Humanities class). Follow your heart and you’ll make good decisions. Tiger: Tigers are sensitive, stubborn, and emotional. People will not want to be around you when you don’t get that grade you wanted on your math test. (Yes, decimal places do matter) Rabbit: Rabbits are famous for their out. It’s good to plan for the future, live in the moment (like the Pepsi

ambition. You already have your life planned but every now and then remember to commercials say).

Dragon: Dragons are known This week you’ll have so you’ll lead our team to (aka the basketball court)

to be brave and energetic. much school spirit that victory on the battle field

Snake: Snakes are quiet angers you this week you finish plotting your

and wise. Anyone who will feel the wrath once revenge.

Horse: Horses are natured. Beware because advantage of you. You

popular and good people might take know the honor code!

Sheep: Sheep are known to wish I was as creative as you for your pictures and artwork you are—t.

be elegant, artistic, and shy. I are! Those gold and silver keys really “paint” a “picture” as to who

Monkey: Monkeys are clever and inventive. Students call you the class clown. Teachers call you trouble. Quit monkeying around or you may have to pay Nesmith a visit! Rooster: Chickens like to dress well and dislike boredom. Girl, you start the clothing trends! When the warm weather comes in you’ll have all of the 2014 spring Lilly Pulitzer collection. Dog: Dogs are loyal and expressive. When your best friend gets picked on by the school bully, instead of starting a fight, you’ll give them the best payback ever—telling Mr. Ashbrook to call their parents. Pig: Pigs are reliable and sincere. People will most definitely want you as a partner in the Shakespeare project.


SPARTAN BASKETBALL Let’s Go! Lady Cat Classic @ El Dorado Fellas! Come cheer on the Lady Spartans at the tournament! Game Tonight Saturday TBD

Collegiate Spartans vs. Rose Hill @

Rose Hill

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Spartan Voice Staff Editor Diana Kim, Rachel Fernandes, Jake Barrett, Jordan Hull, Aaron Clothier,Caroline Engel, Kate Sorensen, Jenna Farhat, Lilian Clark, Emily Ramsey, Alex Bayless.

Spartan Voice Vol. 7 issue 9  

The Student Newspaper of Wichita Collegiate School

Spartan Voice Vol. 7 issue 9  

The Student Newspaper of Wichita Collegiate School