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Stun Guns: Are a direct contact weapon- not to be confused with a Taser Shooting Device A stun gun is a protective device used to quickly immobilize and stop an attacker from harming an individual. These hand-held devices are electrical and use high voltage to stop an attacker through pain and loss of muscle control. They are typically used by police, security agencies and many individuals. Laws regarding stun guns vary by state, county and city. Function Stun guns frequently use nine-volt batteries to transmit anywhere from 85,000 to 625,000 volts of electricity to the body of an attacker. When directed at the body, stun guns disrupt an assailant's electrical system. This can result in temporary paralysis, immobilization and a loss of control of almost every bodily function with the feeling of pain and burning. Effects When the muscles are stunned and immobilized they are in a state of confusion. The body must work harder than normal to determine the signals the brain is trying to send. The energy expended in this effort lowers the body's blood sugar. This causes the attacker to be incapacitated for varying lengths of time. Considerations The electrodes of the stun gun must touch the attacker's body to be effective. By touching the stun gun to the body, the gun sends an electrical noise to the body's nervous system. The resulting pain signals run through the body's entire nervous system. Using a stun gun on an attacker will often immobilize him for several minutes. The duration of immobilization is dependent on the strength, mental capacity and pain tolerance of the attacker. The stun gun affects all of the body's muscles and nerves; it can be applied at any part of the body to work effectively. This makes it different than defensive sprays which need to be aimed at a particular part of the body to produce a comparative reaction. Once an attacker is down and have been temporarily immobilized you may effect an arrest and hold the attacker in custody as law enforcement are in route.

Stun Guns  

What is a stun gun? How do they work? Let us tell you what you need to know about stun guns.

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