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The Spartan Muse The Search For A New Leader

The schedule of entertainment includes: 2:30 - Winkler Karate demonstration 3:00 - Art in Motion- Belly Dancers 3:30 - Ultimate Fighters demonstration

“Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze, It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata!”

worldwide. It seems as if 3D is the new generation of movies says Joseph Pixoto, president, world wide cinema at RealD. RealD is the new 3D. Pixoto said that this 3D experience is going

to be new for everyone. Even the young kids get RealD 3D glasses, colored to match the movie and decorated with a picture of the cub Simba, until the limited supply is gone.

Photo compliments of 3D Vision Blog

“It will be the special two-week theatrical extravaganza.” says Disney. The Lion King 3D will be the must-see, must-own title for everyone who experiences this movie. “The all-new 3D format immerses viewers in the epic settlings and puts them face-to-face with these beloved characters,” said Bob Shapek, president of distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. Since the original movie, The Lion King was awarded Oscars for Best Original Score and Best Original

September 19 •

Spartan Idol @ 7:30pm

Men’s Soccer @ F.T. Foard

September 20 •

Volleyball @ Home v. Watauga 4:30pm

Women’s Golf @ Watauga 3:30pm

Woman’s Tennis @ Watauga 4:00pm

5:00 – 6:00 – Celtic Band 6:00 – Sims Country Cloggers 6:30 – 8:00 – New River Band – country and rock Bring your family and friends for a day of food, entertainment and fun.

September 21 • Men’s Soccer @ Hickory September 22

Story by: Ashlin Walsh & Alex Barker

JV Football @ Home v. St. Stephens 7pm

Volleyball @ Alexander Central 4:30pm

Woman’s Tennis @ Hibriten 4:00pm

September 23 • Varsity Football @ St. Stephens 7:30pm

Downtown Granite Falls

The Lion King in 3D will be premiering September 16, 2011 at your local cinemas. It took around four months to covert the original movie to 3D. If the Lion King in 3D is a success, they may convert more popular classic animations into 3D. Lion King 3D has a good chance of doing this because the original was one of Disney's most popular animations and brought in some the the highest profits. It grossed more than $783 million


4:00 – 5:00 – Colours Beach Band

After Gaddafi’s four regime that ran the country.” decade rule, the group of rebels that drove him down Story by; Kristen Clark & from power just might have to Leslie Wagoner face each other to figure out what they should do to create

Lion King Roars into 3D


F R ID AY S E PT E MBE R 1 6 , 2 0 1 1

Festival On Main

Come join the Granite Falls community while they host their third annual festival In March 2011, a major a new Libyan government. of the fall season. Festival on problem began in Libya beOther than the fact of coming Main will be happening this cause of their leader Muam- together to help defeat GadSaturday, September 17, from mar Gaddafi. The way he ran dafi, they now have to figure 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. the country was upsetting to out what they should do to There will be tons of vendors the people of Libya, because help rebuild a government that that will be selling everything he was brutally killing his will work and make everyfrom homemade guitars to own people. President Obama body in Libya happy. The jams and jellies. They will be said, “More and more, we all people of Libya want more having a wine tasting booth confront difficult questions jobs, better education for their sponsored by the Rain Tree children, and a Cellars, you will also be able stable working to purchase the wine. government. Also there will be snow Will they get cones, funnel cakes and other that? Right types of food. There will also now the answer seems to be plenty of activities such as a dunking booth, which are be no. always fun! The festival will The be hosting all kinds of enterrebels are not tainment scheduled throughable to decide out the day. They are also who will rule adding a new addition to the Libya, befestival, there will be a Grancause everyite Falls Idol competition. The one wants to festival and the idol are both Muammar Gaddafi, compliments of run the Libyan sponsored by the Granite Falls government Merchant Association. Come their personal way. Yahoo out and support Jill Howard about how to prevent the news states, “There isn’t one and Justin Smith as they move slaughter of civilians by their rebel leader that is respected on to the final contest. own government, or to stop a by everyone.” Gaddafi ran civil war whose violence and the country as a cult, which suffering can engulf an entire took away individuality of the region.” Therefore, NATO Libyan people. The rebels and the United States interstated that they wanted, “a vened and supplied the rebels completely new face” to run with ammunition to overthrow their country. “They want no Gaddafi. suspicion of past links of the


Song. It also earned Golden Globes in both of these categories as well as Best Motion Picture for comedy and musical. The new revised Lion King 3D will most likely get as many or more awards than the original film. All in all, this classic movie is going to be a great 3D movie, a real experience in the theaters. Story by: Rachel Adams & Taylor Chester

Number One’s of the Week Movie:



“Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Album: “Own The Night” by Lady Antebellum Viral Video:

Backin’ Up


V O LUME 2 ,

while planning their routine. Mr. Cook, “King of Spartan Idol” as some would call him, usually roasts his colleagues. Mrs. Johnston is known for her outrageous Students of South Caldwell High dancing. In the past, teachers have done School are you ready to hear your spoofs of Britney Spears, Beyonce, and favorite teachers sing their original Vanilla Ice. Come out and see your fasongs? Well, then come join your vorite teachers perform and be judged by student body in the 10th annual Spar- past students. tan Idol fundraiser for the South Caldwell Band on September 19. Spartan Idol starts at 7:00pm in the Story by: Joshua Gragg & Amber Reeves Theater and is only five dollars. In Spartan Idol, teachers sing their heart out to many different songs, some seriously and some for fun. This gives the students a chance have a good laugh at their teachers' expense. We tried asking around but all the teachers are being secretive about whats going down Monday night.

It’s that time of year again...

According to Mrs. McKercher some EC Teachers have something huge planned, they have been meeting after school for a

Dude, They took our table! In any high school lunchroom you can look around and pick out a clique at any table. You can see all the jocks sitting with their girlfriends, you got your down home country section, all the social “outcasts” dotted at different tables, and various other social groups sitting down to cram their mouths full of food. These cliques are what make up the high school experience. Being in or out of these cliques should not effect how you view your high school. Just because you may not be accepted by one group, there is always another you can start or join. Many people belittle cliques and view them as a way to exclude someone based on one of their attributes. They however do not see the big picture, cliques in fact not only promote individuality but also help people adapt to

Cheated For A Tie Going into the game against the Hibriten Panthers, our men’s soccer team was “feeling confident,” says Nick Shields. Nick is a junior on the varsity team. He also said that the Spartans are usually better in the second half than the first, when playing up to their competition.



Spartan Spotlight Alec Melton is a freshman with a lot of character. By the end of his high school experience, he hopes to have passed all of his classes. His favorite teacher is Coach Kirkpatrick. Alec wants to attend the University of Kentucky. After college, he plans to join the military. In his free time, he hangs out and rides dirt bikes. His most Alec Melton embarrassing moment would have to be in 5th grade, when he got his pants pulled down in the hallway. Alec is a basketball player, and is going to play for South this year. His hobbies include motocross, basketball, hunting, and fishing. If his classmates had to describe him in one word, that word would be awesome. Rachel Koser is a freshman English teacher. According to Mrs.Koser she chooses to teach freshman because she has the chance to give them the greatest positive impact, and can set high standards for them. When Mrs. Koser graduated, it took four Rachel Koser years to get her Bachelors Degree then an extra semester for her certification in English education. Now she is in a two year grad school program. Mrs.Koser confessed to us that, “It’s so exciting to be a student again.” Over the summer Mrs.Koser likes doing yoga, hiking, and building Lego towers with her two kids. She also picked up the hobby of baking bread from her husband. Through the years of teaching she has stayed faithful to her students and her Christian faith. Story by: Brittany Hicks & Madison Harrison

the change between middle school and high school. In order to understand cliques they must be broken down. Each one consists of a leader or leading group who is looked up to or viewed as an example by the rest of the members. There is the contributing group that contains every member except the leader who everyone else follows. This piece of the group helps establish the identity and takes care of adding or denying “membership.” The last piece are the groupies who seem to belong to the group but in fact are not viewed in a favorable way by the main members, they are just along for the ride because the group seems to be the best thing to be a part of at the time.

Think of the group of friends you hang out with. Why do you hang out with them? Is it something you like to do, is it a sport you play or is it the beliefs you share? Each individual clique or group is always founded on one common interest or belief. This is why certain people are attracted to different groups; they share that same belief or interest. Every person that is part of the group, contributes their own little twist, creating the identity of the group. If a person does not fit into a group it is not because they are being excluded for no reason it is just that they are different and it is this difference that makes a human being unique. The phrase “birds of a feather flock together” is not just a silly rhyme,

it goes right along with the creation and meaning of cliques. Those who have something in common will come together to discuss or to express their ideas on the same subject. At lunch time each and every table belongs to a clique. Each member sits at their selected spot time after time, day after day forming an established routine of habit. When this routine is broken then the chaos ensues. The simple changing of seats throws everything into confusion. Exclamations of “this feels weird” or “I want my seat back” are murmured around the table. It is just another day in high school.

Editorial by: Aaron Wingate & Sydney Lail

Craig Hall easily passed in for a goal. Craig is a sophomore at Caldwell Community Early College. The final score was 2-1, Hibriten. If Adam’s first goal would have counted, the game would’ve gone into over-time, giving the Spartans a possible chance at victory. After the game, Nick Shields stated, “I’m not trying to make excuses because there were some things we could’ve done better, however, we were robbed.”

The first half of the game ended with the score being 2-0, Hibriten. The Spartans came out determined to score in the second half. Adam Almieda, Story by: Katherine Connor & Ashley senior, scored the Spartans a goal which Beck was thought to be “off-sides” by the referee. When the goal didn’t count, it not only caused the team to be furious, but the Spartan crowd as well. With 6:00 minutes left on the clock, Carlos Tovar, seniorcaptain, had a direct kick right outside the box, yet the penalty happened inside the box. Knowing that the referee was mistaken and made a bad call, Carlos managed to make a beautiful cross to Nick Shields and Austin Miller the back post where

Cartoon by: Jordan Ward, Art 3 student

September 16, 2011  

SCHS Newspaper

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