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The Spartan Muse Christmas Break As we all know, Christmas break is what everyone has been looking forward to since August 25th. As the days get shorter and the time draws near to the holiday season, the South Caldwell population has eagerly waited for the final weeks till December 16th. This is the official beginning of the two week

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Have you ever felt like you had to inhale your lunch during school? Many kids that are in high school feel this way. I personally think that increasing lunch by 5 minutes, isn't going to hurt anything and extending the day fifteen minutes would be more productive in classes. Another idea is having enough time to go out and get something to eat for lunch. It's a break Pinterest, I from school and it cannot stop would make the kids looking at happy to get away it! It is full from school for a bit. Photo compliments of of the coolAs the year goes est ideas on the cafeteria sales holiday vacation. During for art as well as recipes, inte- the same thing everyChristmas break, there rior decorating ideas, clothing day, except for Papa are many things people trends, workout tips, and gift John's day. If they have made plans for. Of suggestions!” It is a website sold more Papa course, people will rethat millions of people use and John's, I think they ceive and give gifts but post their own ideas and picwould make more of it’s not all about that. tures to share with other people a profit because peoIt’s more about spreadthat are viewing the site. Pinter- ple would buy in the ing the Christmas spirit, est is very useful for many dif- cafeteria more. Havbeing thankful for more ferent reasons: it contains pages ing a variety of than just presents and and pages of the latest trends, choices would help spending time with loved has decorating tips, and has a the students eat betones. ter, and possibly not blog section. As the economy is in pack their lunch and Story by: Ashlin Walsh & recession and the unemeat in the cafeteria. Alex Barker


F R I D AY D E C E MB E R 9 , 2011

Longer Lunches

ployment rate is high, Christmas gets harder and harder for families with a low income. For anyone interested in ideas or special things to do during the holiday season, you can visit many websites to gain information and acquire new interests that people all over the world are involved in. The newest and most popular website to visit is According to Miss Jamie Clark, “Ever since Mrs. Heavner sent me an invite to join


Having a variety of choices would help the kids get to choose healthy or unhealthy, instead of just unhealthy. A salad bar that kids could get to would help too. In conclusion, having a little longer lunch, healthier food, and extending school by fifteen minutes would benefit us. People are always complaining on why our lunches are so short, its because we don't want to extend the school day. We have to give up something to make our lunches longer and giving up something or extending the school day is what we would have to do. What do you think?

U P C OM I N G E V E NTS December 12 • Senior Project Presentation December 13 • Basketball @ Hibriten 4:00pm • Wrestling @ Draughn 6:00pm December 14 • Swimming @ Lenoir December 15 • Chorus Concert @ 7:30 December 16 • Basketball @ St. Stephens

December 17 • Wrestling @ RS Central Dual • V Reising Volleyball Charity Challenge @ Main Gym 2-4pm Editorial by: Kristen Clark & Moriah

Tanglewood Festival of Lights Ever heard of Tanglewood Park? It moving lights including snowflakes falis located in Clemmons, North Carolina ling from the sky, elves playing tennis, about an hour drive from South Caldwell and even water lights scenes with a ship High School Tanglewood Park is perfect in the water! It’s a straight narrow drive to uplift your so no need to Christmas worry about spirits this getting lost in the season with ride either. their Annual If Festival of you’re feeling a Lights show! little more up to Tanglewood being in the cold Park will be weather the park celebrating also provides th its 20 Annihay rides versary of through the Festival of lights and also Lights this horse drawn Photo compliments of year as well carriages. The featuring lots ride may take a little bit longer than in a of new lights and fixtures for your eyes to car and a lot colder for sure, but it’s pergaze upon. The best part is you don’t fect for the romantic setting or for the even have to leave your car! You can adventurous family. Still needing a few void the cold weather and stay nice and gifts for Christmas or maybe even a cozy inside your car. The Festival of Christmas tree? Tanglewood also has a Lights is basically a drive through the Holiday Gift Shop at the Red Barn you park where the more you drive, the more can stop by and park your car to tie up you see lights and displays. Scenes of that fresh fir Christmas tree or go inside

for many different holiday gifts and nick knacks. Right outside the barn there is also a designated area with a huge fire pit for marshmellow roasting and hot chocolate, venders will be there to provide the marshmellows and sticks to roast and enjoy your treats. The park opened on the 19th of November and will continue until the first of January. Times are 6:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. every night except the very last night on Jan. 1st from Midnight to 2:00 a.m. Admissions are at the gate and vary by day $10 Mon.-Thurs. and $15 Weekends and Holidays. For more information you can also call the park at 336-778-6300 or go online to their website at tanglewood/. Expect long lines in the car getting to the park entrance, because there are usually people from all around North Carolina. So come join the uplifting Festival of Lights at Tanglewood Park this holiday season and have a Merry Christmas. Story by: Alicia Miller & Zack Smith


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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows The movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows directed by Guy Ritchie, is being released December 16, 2011 and is rated PG-13. Warner Brothers Pictures are the distributors of this movie. This movie is one of action, adventure, thrill, and suspense. Starring

in this film is Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes), Jude Law (Watson), Jared Harris (Professor Moriarty), and Eddie Marsan (Inspector Lestrade). In the movie Sherlock has uncovered the plot of Professor Moriarty in his attempt to destabilize the Western world. Solving this plot may lead to the end of Professor Moriarty, and maybe the demise of Holmes as well. Along side Holmes is his faithful sidekick, Dr. Watson as Jude Law returns to play his faithful friend. Other actors in the sequel include: Noomi Repace as Sim the fortune teller, Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler, Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes. If you attend thi movie at Carmike Cinemas in Hickory, NC you can receive major deals! Carmike Cinemas has something called Super Stimulus Tuesdays. On Super Stimulus Tuesdays you can receive $1 popcorn, $1 drink, $2.50 candy, and $5 off on one of their fantastic concession combos. Hope to see you there! Story by: Leslie Wagoner & Aaron Wingate

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Santa Ana returns to California! Santa Ana winds have returned to Southern California once again. Santa Ana is a blustery, dry and warm (often hot) wind that blows out of the desert. This was caused from the pressure change in the Northwest and Southwest regions. Santa Ana winds began in Los Angeles and have spread across the region. These powerful winds have left more the 370,000 people without power. Many people are frustrated and just want their power back on, but yet there are still more winds to come later next week and may cause more power outages. The National Weather Service predicted winds to be over 100mph. The heavy winds caused downed power ines, shattered trees, and roof shingles to fall off. Some say this was probably the worst windstorm to hit this area in over

a decade. These nasty, terrible winds are said to continue through the week. Adding to this there have been fire threats due to the winds and dry conditions. Due to the Mediterranean climate in Southern California, the fire danger is larger in the fall. The winds have earned many nicknames such as “Devil Wind” and “Red Wind”. If a fire gets out of hand the strong winds will not allow the firefighters from using aircrafts to put the fire out. The Santa Ana winds can occur at any point of the year. However, the winds are the worst in October because of California’s unique climate. The winds are said to last only few days at a time More updates are being set as the week continues on.



Spartan Spotlight Jade is a fifteen year old sophomore at South Caldwell High School. She has three older siblings that have all graduated from South. Jade enjoys Hip-hop Jade Noland dancing and cooking. Her best friend is Nikki Hicks. Her favorite class is Theatre. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Saxe. She plans to attend Johnson and Wales University in Miami and hopes to become a chef someday. Mr. David Colwell is the assistant principal, here at South Caldwell. He has been here for two years. Before taking the position here, he was principal at West Caldwell for two years. Before being a principal, he earned his Masters degree from the Citidal and graduated with our principal, Mr. Peake. Mr. Caldwell In his spare time, Mr. Colwell likes to spend time with his wife, Sherri, and their dog, Peaches. His favorite sport to watch is basketball. His favorite movie is Patton. Mr. Colwell enjoys what he does, as he mentioned, “I like being here. I have found that Caldwell County kids are generally great kids. They have more similarities than differences.” Story by: Ashley Beck & Katherine Conner

Story by: Madison Harrison & Amber Reeves

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Wrestling is officially on a roll. With the boys placing third in this past weekend’s Jamie Tuttle tournament at Hibriten, Coach Billy Miller said, “This group of boys are off to a good start. All of them have good potential, talent, and ability. With our practices being as intense as they are, we can be a very competitive team.” Two of our wrestlers won first place in their weight classes: Sean Faro at 138 and David Crouch at 182, leaving both of the boys with an undefeated 9-0 record so far. The boys have come a long way since the first practice and are continuing to

improve. The Spartans have a match at Freedom, Friday evening along with Hibriten, West Caldwell, and McDowell. With another match at Patton next Monday, the boys have a lot of work to do, but plan to come out on top. Come and support your Spartans at Freedom and/or Patton, for only five dollars a person. Matches often become very intense and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. The Spartans are taught to be a pinning team, which means they win all of their matches by pinning and not just by points. Billy Miller says, “We teach them to be more brutal instead of finesse. We want them to pun-

David Crouch is attempting to pin his opponent.

Cartoon by: Tabitha Horney, Art III ish the opponent for stepping onto the mat.” The Spartans are going to have several intense matches and are hoping to have at least five state qualifiers including one or two state champs. This should be a strong season for the team. Story by: Jennifer Phillips & Sydney Lail

December 9, 2011  

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