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n many institutions, intercollegiate athletics has taken on its own life. This is especially true in some of the larger public and private universities and colleges. When this occurs, the emphasis on athletics and the drive for victories may become distorted and rise above the virtues espoused by the institution. To effect a positive environment, a healthy balance must be established wherein athletes are perceived and treated as student-athletes and where success is not measured by wins over losses. It makes me proud that our athletic director, coaches, and students, both athletes and fans, recognize this distinction and support it wholeheartedly. We are proud of our intercollegiate athletic teams. The Pioneer Spirit of sportsmanship, fair play, emphasis upon healthy competition, and pride of who we are can be seen in the eyes of our student-athletes, regardless of the win-loss record of the team or their own performance. Sure, we enjoy winning as much as anyone, and students and coaches proudly put forth their best efforts to win. Our trophy cases are filled with honors and awards that reflect a proud heritage of SMC championships in virtually every sport. However, as with life itself, winning isn’t always the outcome of athletic contests, and it certainly isn’t everything. We win some and we lose some. Character emerges in the way we handle the outcome… whether it be winning or losing. Spartanburg Methodist College was established upon a commitment to develop Christian character in our students. This continues to be a significant part of our mission in higher education. Your support of our student-athletes enables us to instill in them a strong character and optimistic attitude in life. We hope you will attend as many of our athletic events as you can. Cheer for the Pioneers! Support these fantastic student-athletes as they dazzle their opponents and fans with their amazing and graceful athletic abilities! Be supportive of them whether they win or lose, for in doing so, you will help them develop a positive character that will remain with them throughout their lives. This is the virtue of intercollegiate athletics. Let us never lose sight of this worthy goal. Go Pioneers!

Sincerely, President of the College


Making a Difference in Just Two Years The first two years after high school graduation are times of self-exploration and exciting discovery. For most of us, the decisions during those two years are crucial ones guiding the rest of our lives. Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What do I want to study? SMC provides a great place to make those two years count. For nearly a century, we've helped thousands answer those crucial questions and make life-changing discoveries. Tools to Discover SMC offers a full liberal arts academic curriculum. Instead of huge lecture halls where classes are taught by graduate assistants, SMC offers a studentfaculty ratio of about 21-1. Our students and faculty get to know one another. Discover the Leader in Yourself You don't have to wait until your junior or senior year to become a team captain, editor of the school newspaper, or leader of a student organization. Your two-year experience puts you on the fast track, allowing you to become leaders without competition from juniors and seniors. Discover the joy of service There's a lot to discover about yourself and your world. SMC gives you the place and the time to do so. Our students reach out to others in the community through a variety of service learning opportunities. Others benefit, and so do you. More to discover — Thirteen nationally-recognized intercollegiate sports teams — A diverse student population from many states, countries and religious backgrounds — Focused tutoring programs and facilities provide help where needed most — Ninety-Five percent of our students receive some form of financial aid More than 90 percent of our graduates transfer to other institutions of higher learning. Hopefully they are better-prepared because they took time to make some important discoveries in their freshman and sophomore years at Spartanburg Methodist College. Why Spartanburg Methodist College? Because the first two years of college are the most important years in college.

QUICK SMC FACTS Location: Spartanburg, S.C. Founded: 1911 Athletic Affiliation: Member of the National Junior College Athletic Association Enrollment: Approximately 775 students Nickname: Pioneers Colors: Royal Blue and White Address: 1000 Powell Mill Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301 Phone: (864) 587-4000 Website:

Contents Athletic Department Contacts . . . . . . . . . 6 Baseball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Women’s Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Men’s Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Men’s Cross Country . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Women’s Cross Country . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Golf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Men’s Soccer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Women’s Soccer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Softball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Volleyball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Men’s Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Women’s Tennis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Men’s Wrestling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Cheer Squad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Dance Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Athletic Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Schedules are subject to change



2 I-

Westgate Mall

Powell Mill



U.S. Hwy. 29 (W.O. Ezell Blvd.) to Spartanburg

For fundraising, for your club, church or group

Call Glenn Reese (864) 585-1956 354 N. Church St. — Spartanburg

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From the Athletic Director


elcome to Spartanburg Methodist College, home of the Pioneers! Spartanburg Methodist College has a strong history of excellence in athletics. SMC has over 250 Student Athletes that compete on 13 Athletic Teams as well as Cheer and Dance Squads. The SMC coaching staff is experienced and dedicated to their students and their sport, leading our teams to excellence in all areas. SMC competes at the Division 1 level of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). As a two-year institution, SMC athletes have the opportunity to be leaders as soon as they arrive on campus both in the playing arena, around campus and in our community. SMC athletic teams have won National, District, and Regional Championships in recent years allowing SMC athletes to gain valuable competitive and life experiences. Many of SMC’s student athletes have continued their athletic participation and education at four-year colleges and universities and have also gone on to compete professionally in Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Softball. SMC athletes are also committed to the Spartanburg community, which is demonstrated in the thousands of service and volunteer hours they log each year with area schools and organizations. As the only two-year, private residential college in South Carolina, SMC offers a unique opportunity for students to excel in academics and athletics. SMC’s focus is excellence in both areas: athletics and academics, to prepare our student athletes to move on to their junior and senior years at four-year institutions. Our motto for 2006-2007 is “Stay Focused Together.” SMC strives for excellence for it’s student athletes and it is our goal this year to “Stay Focused Together” on academics, athletics, and life. On the playing field or in preparation for a career, SMC is dedicated to the success of it students! “Stay Focused” Pioneers! Mark Perdue Athletic Director




Mark Perdue . . . . . . . . Athletic Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sherry Collins . . . . . . . Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tonya Wright-Stone . . . Volleyball Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rob Burke . . . . . . . . . . Men's Basketball Coach/Professor of Physical Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robbie Higdon . . . . . . . Wrestling Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mike Foley . . . . . . . . . . Cross Country Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim Greene . . . . . . . . . Tennis Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kristi H. Phillips . . . . . . Cheer Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karmen Smith . . . . . . . Dance Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dan Kenneally . . . . . . . Men's Soccer Coach, Women's Soccer Coach & Professor of Physical Education. . . . . . . . . . . . Ralph Patin . . . . . . . . . Women's Basketball Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rick Pauly . . . . . . . . . . Softball Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Mancebo . . . . . . . Athletic Trainer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark Perdue . . . . . . . . Golf Coach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tim Wallace . . . . . . . . . Head Baseball Coach, Director of Baseball Camps & Professor of Physical Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


864-587-4237 864-587-4244 864-587-4008 864-587-4005 864-587-4244 864-587-4244 864-587-4353 864-587-4244 864-587-4244 864-587-4270 864-587-4345 864-587-4244 864-587-4376 864-587-4237 864-587-4267

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Sherry Collins


Support the Pioneers To find out how,

contact Michael Reese, Director of Athletic Fundraising, at (864) 587-4310 or E-mail

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9027 Fairforest Road Spartanburg, SC 29301 864-574-2111 TUESDAY NIGHT IS COLLEGE NIGHT 10% OFF WITH STUDENT ID

Mutt’s BBQ 1000 N. Pine St. Pinewood Shopping Center

Spartanburg (864) 591-1350

Catering for 40 to 4,000 

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Baseball Coach

ROSTER Tim Wallace Head baseball coach Tim Wallace returns for his 16th season at the helm of the Pioneers. His previous teams have produced a 610-192 record with NJCAA Region X Championships in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2001, and 2003. His .760 winning percentage ranks him among the leaders of those actively coaching at the NJCAA level. Wallace was named Region X Coach of the Year (1992, 1998, 2000), Carolina’s Junior College Conference Coach of the Year (1992) and also the Louisville Slugger Coaches Award (1993, 1996, 1997, 2001). In 2001, Wallace earned his first Eastern District Coach of the Year award as his 49-12 club sported the best record in Grand Junction, Colorado at the NJCAA World Series. He earned his second Eastern District Coach of the Year award in 2003, when his club posted a 50-16 record. In addition to having successful teams, Wallace has helped individuals realize their potential. Two Pioneers have participated on the NJCAA All-Stars, a group put together to face international competition.

No. Name





2 Jon Lewis FR 3 Justin Brewer FR 4 Ryan Wilkins SO 5 Travis Armour SO 6 Jeremy Smith FR 7 Allen Caldwell FR 8 Matthew O’Rourke FR 9 Justin Weaver FR 10 Jon Lewis Floyd FR 12 Jacob Wallace FR 13 Kedrick Wadsworth FR 14 Logan Bland FR 15 Travis Botts SO 16 Will Fulmer FR 17 Kendall Miller FR 18 Curtis Murphy FR 19 Brad Rollison FR 20 David Walters SO 22 Michael Mokriy SO 23 Keon Graves SO 24 Phillip Morgan SO 25 Bucky Wells SO 26 Tim Rau SO 27 Bret Elliott SO 28 Gaston Wingo FR 30 Tristan Toorie FR 31 Craig Roberson SO 32 Brock Dorsett SO 33 Trey Delk SO 34 Jeff Dulaney FR 35 Adam Bullard SO 36 Phillip Brannon FR 37 Brooks Robinson SO 38 Robby Bray FR 39 Matt Layman FR 40 Kirk Ullery FR 41 Corey Prescott FR 44 Zeb Heidt FR 45 Jonathon Williams FR 47 Carlton Watts FR



5’11” `5’9” 5’10” 5’10” 6’0” 5’11” 6’0” 5’10” 5’9” 5’11” 5’8” 6’2” 6’1” 6’2” 6’1” 6’3” 5’1” 6’2” 6’1” 6’3” 6’0” 6’0” 5’11” 6’6” 6’1” 6’1” 6’2” 5’11” 5’10” 6’2” 6’4” 6’2” 6’2” 6’4” 6’2” 6’4” 6’8” 6’4” 6’0” 6’0”


High School

180 Buford 160 Eastside 155 Spartanburg 165 Waccamaw 170 1st Pres. Day, GA 165 Sumter 175 Saratoga Central Catholic, NY 160 Hillcrest 165 Broome 200 Dorman 185 Mid-Carolina 185 Bishop England 180 Chesnee 215 N. Augusta 165 Lewisville 215 Brookland-Cayce 160 Greenville/Presbyterian 175 River Hill, MD 205 Richview Collegiate, CAN 190 Dillon/Coastal Carolina 205 Chapman 180 Socastee/Coastal Carolina 170 Mauldin 200 Lancaster 195 Mauldin 220 Brookwood, GA 175 Liberty 195 Leesville Road, NC/Winthrop 190 Lugoff-Elgin/South Carolina 175 Glenelg, MD 210 Mauldin 190 Broome 190 Greenbriar, GA/Coastal 210 Independence, NC 205 S. Mecklenburg, NC 205 Riley, IN 260 Lakewood 185 Murray County, GA 155 Mauldin 215 Thornwell

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The 2007 SMC baseball team is shaping up to be a good one. With three weekend starters returning on the pitching staff and five hitters who contributed significantly in the offensive line-up back, the foundation is there for a strong squad. The Fall was productive and the Pioneers are poised to make a run at defending their 2006 Region X championship. The pitching staff should be a strength for 2007 as those returning accounted for a 25-14 record in ’06. David Walters (10-3, 3.61) leads the returners and should step back in to the weekend rotation. He will be joined by Trey Delk (5-3, 2.63, Clemson commit) and Travis Botts (3-3, 2.24). The fourth weekend spot could be taken by Adam Bullard (3-1, 2.18, Gardner-Webb commit), Brock Dorsett (1-1, 3.60) or Jeff Dulaney. Freshmen Allen Caldwell, Robby Bray and Matt Layman might force their way into the weekend picture but initially will be used in midweek games. The relief corps will include Bret Elliott (2-3, 4.25), Craig Roberson (1-0, 2.53), and Phillip Brannon. Brannon (Pittsburgh draft pick) will be used as a closer after a stellar Fall in that role. Pitching support could come from any number of freshmen on the roster. Offensively, the Pioneers return lead-off hitter and USC commit Ryan Wilkins (.335, All-Region), Phillip Morgan (.365, 8HR, 53 rbi), Bucky Wells (.333), and Matt O’Rourke (.320). Bullard (.315) and Botts (.352) also return as solid hitters. Newcomers Keon Graves (Transfer-Coastal Carolina), Jacob Wallace (Transfer-USC) and Brooks Robinson (Transfer-Coastal Carolina) should make an immediate impact in 2007. Freshmen Allen Caldwell

(Cont’d on p.12)

Schedules are subject to change


Travis Armour

Logan Bland

Phillip Brannon

Travis Botts

Robby Bray

Justin Brewer

Adam Bullard

Allen Caldwell

Trey Delk

Brock Dorsett

Jeff Dulaney

Bret Elliott

Jonathan Floyd

Will Fulmer

Keon Graves

Zebulon Heidt

Matt Layman

Jonathan Lewis

Kendall Miller

Tim Rau

Craig Roberson

Brooks Robinson

David Walters

Carlton Watts

Michael Mokriy

Phillip Morgan

Curtis Murphy

Matthew O’Rourke

Corey Prescott

Brad Rollison

Jeremy Smith

Tristan Toorie

Kirk Ullery

Kedrick Wadsworth

Justin Weaver

Bucky Wells

Ryan Wilkins

Jonathan Williams

Gaston Wingo

SMC’s intercollegiate athletic teams compete in National Championships, Regional and divisional Championships and World Series Appearances. Now in its 95th year of providing a quality education to students in a Christian environment, Spartanburg Methodist College is the only private two-year residential college in South Carolina.

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SPARTANBURG METHODIST COLLEGE Wallace (Cont’d) Eleven players have been named NJCAA AllAmericans during his tenure, while 43 have signed professional contracts. Of these 43, 13 are actively playing and pursuing a shot at the Major Leagues. In 2002 Coach Wallace had his first player reach the majors, 1998 graduate Orlando Hudson with the Toronto Blue Jays. Also during the Wallace era, players have signed letters of intent with or gone to play at major NCAA Division I institutions such as South Carolina, Clem-son, North Carolina State, College of Charleston, Coastal Carolina, East Carolina and West Virginia (just to name a few). Numerous others continued their careers at the NCAA Division II level. Prior to his coaching career, Wallace was a standout player himself. A former second round pick of the St. Louis Cardinals, he played professionally for seven years. This included a two-year stint in Italy, where he led the league in hitting and home runs.

Assistant Coach

Matt Williams

Matt Williams, a former Pioneer left hand pitcher, returns for his second year as Assistant Coach. Williams also pitched for the Mid Missouri Mavericks. Since then, he has been Pitching Coach under Wallace for the American Legion Post 28 team. Williams has also


While playing in the United States, Wallace was named an All-Star for both the Appalachian and Florida State leagues and also was team MVP for the 1983 St. Petersburg Car-dinals. This continued a streak of team MVP awards that included two Lancaster High School, one Post 31 American Legion, one Baptist Col-lege and two Wofford College seasons. It was at Wofford where Wallace attracted professional scouts. During his two seasons there he posted records for career batting average (.456) and longest consecutive game hitting streak (37). He also led NAIA District 6 and the state of South Carolina in hitting as a sophomore. For his ef-forts, Wallace was inducted into Wofford’s Hall of Fame in 2000. Wallace returned to Wofford after his playing career and completed his B.A. in Sociology. He then earned an M.A. in Physical Education from Gardner-Webb University. Wallace and his wife of twenty-two years, Beth, have three children: Jacob, 20, Amy Kate, 18, and Mary Grace 16. assisted in youth baseball camps at SMC during the summer and has been giving private pitching lessons. As a Pioneer, Williams threw a no-hitter in the 2003 Region X Tournament game 6 against the Knights of Surry Community College. That year the Pioneers played in the National tournament at Grand Junction, Colorado. Before coming to SMC, Williams played four years for the Lancaster High School Baseball Team. Williams is the son of Steve Williams, Baseball Coach at Lancaster High School, and Jan Williams. Williams hopes to one day become a college head baseball coach.





# Games


Febuary 10 17 18 22 24 28

Sat Sat Sun Thur Sat Wed

Truett-McConnell Southeastern Southeastern Limestone (JV) Truett-McConnell Newberry (JV)

Cleveland, GA Whiteville, NC Whiteville, NC SMC SMC SMC

2 2 2 2 2 2

1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

March 3 4 10 11 15 17 18 24 25 27 31

Sat Sun Sat Sun Thur Sat Sun Sat Sun Tue Sat

Florence-Darlington Florence-Darlington Surry Surry Limestone (JV) USC-Salkehatchie USC-Salkehatchie Wilkes Wilkes Walters State Rockingham

SMC SMC Dobson, NC Dobson, NC Gaffney, SC Allendale, SC Allendale, SC Wilkesboro, NC Wilkesboro, NC SMC SMC

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

April 1 6 7 11 14 15 21 22 28 29

Sun Fri Sun Wed Fri Sat Sat Sun Sat Sun

Rockingham Pitt Pitt Newberry (JV) Louisburg Louisburg Lenoir Lenoir Blue Ridge Blue Ridge

SMC Greenville, NC Greenville, NC Newberry, SC SMC SMC Kinston, NC Kinston, NC SMC SMC

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

May 9-13 18-20 26-6/2

Wed-Sun Fri - Sun Sat - Sun

Region X Tournament TBA NJCAA Eastern Districts TBA NJCAA World Series Grand Junction, CO

Preview (cont'd) (Sumter), Will Fulmer (North Augusta), Logan Bland (Bishop-England) and Justin Brewer (Eastside) played well in the fall and will see significant time on the field in ’07. Support will come from other first year players Jeremy Smith, Curtis Murphy, Tristan Toorie, Kedric Wadsworth, Jon Lewis, Brad Rollison and Jon Lewis Floyd. The 2007 version of the Pioneers should do a good job of keeping SMC at the top of Region X. A strong pitching staff, solid defense, and quality hitting are all ingredients shared by successful teams, and this year’s group has all three. Add in a little team speed and enthusiasm and the Pioneers will be a fun group to watch in the spring.

Schedules are subject to change


The Best Pizza In Town...


Large 1 Topping Pizza $5.00 + tax ALL DAY Monday-Friday

Wednesday Is Student Day Show School ID and get Buffet for $5.50+tax 100 McMillian Dr. Poppy Square Spartanburg, SC 29303 585-8897


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Women’s Basketball Coach

Ralph Patin For Patin, whose father coached basketball and football in his native Louisiana, coaching is a natural progression. Patin’s father was also his high school coach at Lutcher High School in Lutcher, La. Most recently Patin coached the Varsity Girl’s Basketball Team at Ridgeview High School in Columbia. Before that, he coached at C.A. Johnson Preparatory Academy and coached and played while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Patin credits his father as being influential in his decision to become a coach. Patin attended college at Jackson State in Jackson, Miss. He is married to Nalinee Patin, and they have two children: a son, Jamal, 13, and a daughter, Jasmine, 8. “I’m a disciplinary kind of guy,” says Patin, who wants to lead the Lady Pioneers to a winning season, but also wants his players to be just as successful academically. “I would like to see a consistent graduation rate,” Patin says of his players.




Melinda Aguilar India Belton Erica Caldwell Britney Cohen Annette Glover Kandace Green ShaRhonda LaBoard Latisha Lee NeShonda McLurin Renique Riley Brooke Williams

Fr Fr Fr So So So Fr Fr Fr Fr So



5'9" 5'4" 6'0" 6'0" 5'6" 5'5" 5'9" 5'5" 6'0" 5'8" 5'8"

Columbia Charleston Columbia Charleston Charleston Blythewood St. Johns Island, SC Columbia Mccoll Estil, SC Saluda




Nov. 2 Truett McConnell Nov. 7 Georgia Perimeter Nov. 12 Louisburg Nov. 14 Roane State (DH) Nov. 15 Caldwell Community College Nov. 18 @Lenior Community College Nov. 20 @Walter St. Nov. 26 @Roane St. (DH) Nov. 30 @Truett McConnell Dec. 5 @Georgia Perimeter (DH) Jan. 11 @Wilkes CC Jan. 17 Walter State Jan. 20 @Patterson School Jan. 24 Clinton (DH) Jan. 27 @Lenoir Community Coll. (DH) Jan. 31 Clinton Jr. College Feb. 1 Wilkes Community Coll. Feb. 3 Louisburg Community Coll. Feb. 5 Patterson School Feb. 7 Caldwell Community Coll. Feb. 10-11 @Louisburg College Classic Feb. 17 Lenoir CC (DH) Feb. 18 @Louisburg Feb. 21 @Wilkes Community Coll. Feb. 24 @Clinton (DH) Feb. 28 @Region X Tournament (DH) - Double Header

Schedules are subject to change

TIME 6 pm 6 pm 2 pm 5:30 pm 7 pm 4 pm 6 pm 2 pm 5 pm 5:30 pm 7 pm 5 pm 1 pm 5:30 pm 1 pm 7 pm 5:30 pm 2 pm 6 pm 7 pm TBA 1 pm 2 pm 7 pm 1 pm TBA


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Men’s Basketball Coach

Rob Burke Burke is entering his third season as Head Men’s Basketball Coach for the Pioneers. Prior to SMC, Burke was Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Campbell University. He has also served as Head Junior Varsity Basketball Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach and coached Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams at Limestone College. Prior to that, Burke played overseas for the County Clair Jets, a professional basketball team in Ireland. He also briefly coached the Jets. For Burke, basketball is a family tradition. His father, Bob Burke, coached 22 years at Chowan College and is currently Assistant Basketball Coach for the Portland Trailblazers. Burke counted it a privilege to play under his father for four years while both were at Chowan. Burke is a native of Murfreesboro, N.C., and a graduate of Chowan College, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. He is currently working on a Master of Education degree from Campbell University. Burke has a wife, Neily, and an eight-year-old daughter, Mina.


ROSTER Name Kedrick Casey Keshawn Clyburn Shawn Creal Stevie Evans Loinel Gilliard Sam Lewis Kendrick Watkins Jermaine York Harry Austin Edrick Cherry Chad Dewitt Dee Evans Derek Haile Markese Holloway Brendon Knox Kendrick Robinson Taylor Singleton Ricardo Smith Vernon Taylor



So So So So So So So So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr

pt.guard forward guard guard wing wing guard post guard guard guard wing wing forward post pt. guard wing guard guard

Ht. Wt.


5’11 6’9 6’2 6’3 6’7 6'4" 6’0 6'5" 5’10 5’11 6’2 6'4" 6'2" 6’6 6’10 6’2 6’5 5’11 6’3

Spartanburg Lancaster Spartanburg West Columbia Eutawville Hilton Head Spartanburg Kingstree Johns Island Columbia Darlington Greenville Columbia Saluda Georgetown Goose Creek Clinton Darlington Cross

181 204 204 194 202 175 183 235 175 167 175 171 174 215 211 179 197 174 186

Schedule High School Byrnes HS Lancaster HS Dorman HS White Knoll HS Lake Marion HS Hilton Head HS Dorman HS Kingstree HS St. Johns HS C.A. Johnson HS Darlington HS Southside HS Dreher HS Saluda HS Georgetown HS Goose Creek HS Thornwell HS Lamar HS Cross HS



Nov. 3 Nov. 4 Nov. 7 Nov. 9 Nov. 14 Nov. 16 Nov. 26 Dec. 3 Dec. 5 Dec. 10 Jan. 6 Jan. 10 Jan. 20 Jan. 21 Jan. 23 Jan. 25 Jan. 27 Jan. 29 Jan. 31 Feb. 4 Feb. 10 Feb. 13 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Feb. 23 Feb. 24 Feb. 28Mar. 3

@Tip-Off Classic, Atlanta,Ga. TBA Truett McConnell 5 pm Georgia Perimeter 7 pm @Catawba Valley CC 7 pm Caldwell CC 7 pm Roane State 5:30/7:30 pm Catawba Valley CC 7 pm @Roane State CC (DH) 2/4 pm Limestone JV 2 p.m. Georgia Perimeter (DH) 5:30/7:30 pm Louisburg CC 3 p.m. @Brunswick CC (DH) 1/3 pm @Wilkes CC 7 pm @Cape Fear CC 3 pm @Louisburg College 3 pm Clinton Jr. College 7:30 pm Aiken Technical College 7:30 pm @Lenoir CC (DH) 3/5 pm Guilford Tech 7:30 pm @Rockingham CC 7 pm Brunswick CC (DH) 2/4 pm Cape Fear CC 3 pm @Aiken Technical College 7 pm Lenoir CC 3 pm Rockingham CC 3 pm @Guilford Tech 7 pm Wilkes CC 7 pm @Clinton Jr. College (DH) 1/3 pm Region X Tournament , Aiken, SC

(DH) - Double Header

Schedules are subject to change




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Men’s Cross Country Coach

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Mike Foley Mike Foley starts his first season at SMC as coach of the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams. In recent years Foley has coached cross country throughout the Upstate, most recently as Head Boys and Girls Cross Country Coach at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities in Greenville. He was also a head coach at Blue Ridge High School in Greer, where his Boy’s Cross Country Team won the Class AAA State Title in 2003 and 2004, and his Girl’s Cross Country Team was a Class AA State Title Runner-Up. Foley was also an assistant track coach at Eastside High School in Greenville and was also Head Coach at various Greenville Track Club and cross country youth teams (AAU & USATF). He was also coach of the Asics/Players Choice Racing Team at Fort Walton Beach, Fla., was Assistant Women’s Track and Cross Country Coach at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, and was Assistant Boys and Girls Track and Cross Country Coach at Okemos High School in Okemos, Mich. In 2004 Foley was named Cross Country Coach of the Year, for S.C. High School

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SCHEDULE ROSTER Name Joseph Barton Scott Bernshausen Kevin Brabham Griffin Cole Jacob Dill Brent Durden Travis Eiler Todd Hines Wells Johnson Ross Kaiser Brian McGuffee Shane Simmons Jeremy Vangsnes

Class Fr Fr So So Fr So Fr Fr Fr So So Fr Fr

Hometown Greenville, SC Kinards, SC Greenville, SC Columbia, SC Gaffney, SC North Augusta, SC Myrtle Beach, SC Union, SC Charleston, SC Gilbert, SC Taylors, SC Enoree, SC Cowpens, SC

High School Mauldin HS Thornwell Riverside AC Flora Gaffney Midland Valley Socastee Union James Island Lexington Eastside Woodruff Broome

SMC TO HOST CROSS COUNTRY NATIONALS The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has selected Spartanburg as the site for their national cross country championship in 2008 and 2010. Instrumental in making a bid for the event were Eric Cummings (former Spartanburg Methodist

College M e n ’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach), Jules Bryant (Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau) and Jack Todd ( S.C.School for the Deaf and Blind and Team Spartanburg), with help from Mike Ponder and Mike Baird (Milliken). NJCAA officials were

Schedules are subject to change

DATE MEET/LOCATION TIME Sep. 9 EYE OPENER* Milliken Rsrch Pk., 8:30 am Spartanburg, SC Sep. 16 Winthrop Invitational Winthrop Univ. 9:30 am Rock Hill, SC Sep. 30 Citadel Invitational James Island Co. Park 9 am Charleston, SC Oct. 6 Blue Hose Invitational Presbyterian College 4 pm Clinton, SC Oct. 13 Blue Ridge Open XC Appalachian State 5 pm Boone, NC Oct. 27 Brevard XC Invitational Brevard College 6 pm (M) Brevard, NC Oct. 21 Region X Championship* Milliken Rsrch. Pk. 7:15 am Spartanburg, SC Nov. 4 NJCAA Nationals El Paso, TX TBA Nov. 18 NJCAA ½ Marathon Championships

impressed when they visited the 660-acre Milliken Research Park, according to Mark Perdue, SMC Athletic Director. The Milliken site, situated adjacent to Interstates Business 85 and 585, has been a venue for several cross (continued next page)

PIONEER SPORTS MAGAZINE (Foley - cont'd from p.18) League Class AAA and in 2003 was named Cross Country Coach of the Year for S.C. High School League Class AA. Other awards include Peach Blossom Region Cross Country Coach of the Year and Appalachian Region Cross Country Coach of the Year. Foley earned a Bachelor’s degreee in Journalism at Michigan State University and is currently working on his Masters degree (thesis pending) in Mass Communications from the University of West Florida. He is married to Robin Tarpinian, a high school English teacher at Blue Ridge High School and a former track and cross country coach at Blue Ridge and Greer high schools, as well as a former cross country coach at Converse College. He is also a writer for the Greenville News.


(cont'd from p. 18) country meets, including the 2000-2006 Eye Opener, the 1995 NCAA Division II National Championships, the NCAA All-South Region Championships in 2004 and 2005, the 1999 National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships, the Spartanburg County Championships, the Region 2-4A Championships, Milliken’s Corporate Earth Run Race, and the 2006 CVAC Championships hosted by Converse College. Perdue commented that Spartanburg has been building its reputation for hosting national events

after hosting its first NJCAA National Half Marathon in November 2005, in which 110 runners from across the nation completed a course that ran through the city of Spartanburg. Future Half Marathons are planned for 2007 and 2009. Estimates are that the NJCAA Cross Country Nationals will bring approximately 400 runners from across the nation. During previous ye a r s , t h e N a t i o n a l s have been held at sites across the U.S. including Levelland, Texas, Lawrence, Kansas and El Paso, Texas.






26:29 27:29 27:31 27:45 27:48 27:49 28:05 28:13 28:22

Richard Munson Griffin Cole Tommy Hunt Jonathan McAlister David Hill Eric Weathersbee David Vass Steven Flores Eric Duncan

2003 2005 2004 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004

28:21 28:32 29:04 29:10 29:24 29:25 29:50 29:51 30:04 30:22

Ross Kaiser Dale McVicker Jared Webb AJ Burton Cayce Crews Adam Geary Kevin Brabham Joseph Barton Nick Timothy Brent Durden

YEAR 2005 2005 2004 2003 2004 2002 2005 2005 2004 2005




1237 Boiling Springs Road

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Sep. 9 EYE OPENER* Milliken Rsrch Pk., Spartanburg, SC 8 am Sep. 16 Winthrop Invitational Winthrop Univ. Rock Hill, SC 10:15 am Sep. 30 Citadel Invitational James Island Co. Park Charleston, SC 9:45 am Oct. 6 Blue Hose Invitational Presbyterian College Clinton, SC 4:45 pm Oct. 13 Blue Ridge Open XC Appalachian State Boone, NC 4 pm Oct. 27 Brevard XC Invitational Brevard College Brevard, NC 5:30 pm Oct. 21 Region X Championship* Milliken Rsrch. Pk. Spartanburg, SC 7:45 am Nov. 4 NJCAA Nationals El Paso, TX TBA Nov. 18 NJCAA ½ Marathon Championships Butler CC (Kansas) 8:30 am Region Meets*



Buff, Ashley Eddinger, Krystal Harper, Kara Nash, Erin Richards, Hilary Rubalcaba-Trigueros, Maria Veit, Jocelyn

So Fr Fr Fr So So So

Hometown Piedmont, SC Murrells Inlet, SC Duncan, SC Greer, SC Duncan, SC North Charleston, SC Cayce, SC

High School Wren St. James Byrnes Riverside Byrnes North Charleston Brookland - Cayce

Support the SMC Pioneers! 20

2005 - 2006 Season Review The Women's Cross Country Team began the 2005-2006 season with four returning runners from last year's squad. Cassie Rowland and Christine Lotito served as Co-Captains for the season. The team also expected strong leadership from Charley Montgomery and Valerie Hammond. The team also added five freshmen to make up the strongest team under former Coach Cummings. At the 2005 Eye Opener, Jocelyn Veit and Maria Rubalcaba led the SMC Cross Country Team to the first-ever Junior College Division Championship. The women defeated seven NJCAA schools on their home course. The team had strong finishes at the Lander Invitational, (led by Hilary Richards and Christine Lotito), the Winthrop Invitational (led by Veit and Hudson) and the Citadel Invitational

Schedules are subject to change

(led by Ve i t and Richards). The women went on to finish third at the Presbyterian College Invitational with Jocelyn Veit breaking the school record with her time of 19:17. The women qualified as a team at the Presbyterian College Invitational to run in the NJCAA National Champion-ship in Kansas. The team also turned in a strong showing at the Belmont Abbey Invitational lead by Veit and Rowland. The women went on to win the Southern J U C O  C h a m p i o n s h i p s with a College record 18 points. Veit and Rowland led the charge with a second and third place overall finish. Throughout the first seven weeks, the women's team was ranked in the top 15 in the Nation. The team also had the privilege of hosting and competing the NJCAA National Half Marathon Championship.







19:17 19:40 21:02 21:18 21:27 21:35 21:38 21:58 22:13 22:15

Jocelyn Veit 2005 Cassie Rowland 2004 Kelly Futch 2004 Hilary Richards 2005 Jessica Hudson 2005 Alexis Nichols 2003 Sarah Lohmann 2002 Charley Montgomery 2005 Maria Rubalcaba 2005 Bree Benson 2002

22:21 22:26 22:29 22:37 22:38 22:44 22:46 22:47 22:56 23:00

Whitney Tilley 2003 Valerie Hammond 2005 Mandy Yeomans 2003 Jamie Turner 2003 Teri Montgomery 2004 Heather Cunningham 2002 Briggs Byars 2002 Christine Lotito 2005 Jamie Owens 2003 Courtney Tilley 2003


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Golf Coach

Mark Perdue Perdue came to SMC in 2004 from the University of South Carolina Upstate, where he was Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and a Physical Education instructor. Before coming to the Spartanburg area, Perdue was the coordinator of Athletic Training Services at the University of Charleston in Charleston, W. Va. In addition to coaching the Golf Team, Perdue also serves as the College’s Athletic Director. Perdue received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Athletic Training and a Master of Science degree in Physical Education from Marshall University in Huntington, W. Va. Perdue resides in Boiling Springs with his wife, Paula, and children: Sam and Tess.

Mark Perdue expects the 20062007 season to be a very competitive and exciting year for his Pioneer golf team. Perdue enters his second season as Head Coach and has a very talented recruiting class (10 freshmen) to compliment his four returning sophomores. Sophomores Kyle Parker (Gaffney) and Kyle Scruggs (Chesnee) will anchor the golf team this year coming off of a very successful freshman season. New team members Andrew Stancil (Chesterfield), Tad Toler (Greenville), and Spratt Howey (Northwestern) bring plenty of SCJGA experience to the team and promise to make this year’s team more competitive in Region X competition. Rounding out the team is local talent, including sophomore Scott Cox and freshman Andrew Fortune (Spartanburg). Overall the team is going to have much greater depth than in past years, which will make SMC Golf more competitive in the region. The 2006-07 tournament season will play NCAA Division II teams such as Barton College, Tusculum, Limestone, North Greenville, and Newberry.



Michael Assey Bradley Benton Scott Cox Brad DiFranco Chad Dubard Andrew Fortune Craig Hudson Spratt Howey Matt Jackson Kyle Parker Kyle Scruggs Andrew Stancil Jonathan Thomas Tad Toler

Schedule DATE


Fr So So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr So So Fr Fr Fr


Hometown Mt. Pleasant, SC Jefferson, SC Spartanburg, SC Aiken, SC Rock Hill, SC Spartanburg, SC York, SC Rock Hill, SC Gloverville, SC Gaffney, SC Gaffney, SC Chesterfield, SC Rock Hill, SC Greenville, SC


Sep. 8 USC Lancaster Lancaster CC Lancaster, SC Sep.16 Newberry College Mid-Carolina CC Prosperity, SC Sep. 18-19 Montreat College Crooked Creek GC Hendersonville, NC Sep. 24 USC Lancaster/TC Lancaster CC Lancaster, SC Sep. 25 USC Lancaster/TC River Falls GC Duncan, SC Oct. 2-3 Dogfight@The Neuse Neuse GC Clayton, NC Oct. 8 SCJC Tournament River Falls GC Duncan, SC Oct. 9 SCJC Tournament Boscobel GC Pendleton, SC Oct. 16-17 Coker College Hartsville CC Hartsville, SC Oct. 30-31 Jack Shadwick Cross Creek GC Seneca, SC

Beautiful River Falls Plantation in Duncan provides the setting for the Pioneer Golf Team’s home matches and practices. The Par 72, 18-hole course is a Gary Player Signature Golf Course. SMC grad Terry Johnson is the pro at River Falls.


Schedules are subject to change

High School Bishop England HS Pageland Central HS Home Schooled South Aiken HS Northwestern HS Spartanburg HS York HS Northwestern HS Midland Valley HS Gaffney HS Chesnee HS Chesterfield HS Northwestern HS Greenville HS


Men’s Soccer Coach

Men’s and Women’s Soccer

Dan Kenneally Kenneally joined SMC in 1995 as the men’s soccer coach after coaching at Greensboro College in Greensboro, N.C., where he was assistant coach for the men’s and women’s soccer teams from 19901994. Kenneally began coaching the women’s team in 1997. During his career at SMC, Kenneally has coached the men’s team to a 91-63-9 record, and the women’s team to a 69-55-8 record. Other coaching experience includes ODP Western New York, Eastern New York, Greensboro Soccer Club, Spartanburg Soccer Club, Camp UNC Chapel Hill, SUNY Farmingdale, and Alfred University. Kenneally played soccer for ODP Eastern New York and North Carolina State. Kenneally received an Associate of Science degree in Business Management from State University of New York at Farmingdale, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Alfred University. He resides in Spartanburg with his wife, Marissa, and two children, Thomas, 9, and Ashley, 7.


DATE TEAM TIME Aug. 28 @Truett McConnell 3 pm Sep. 5 @Anderson JV 7 pm Sep. 9 @Cape Fear CC* 2 pm Sep. 16 Wingate JV 3 pm Sep. 17 Gardner Webb JV 2 pm SMC Invitational Sep. 22 Truett McConnell College 5 pm Sep. 23 Georgia Perimeter College 10 am Truett McConnell v. Louisburg Coll. 12 pm Sep. 24 Georgia Perimeter v. Louisburg Coll. 1 pm Sep. 27 @Louisburg Coll.* 2 pm Sep. 30 Hiwassee Coll. 4 pm Oct. 4 Tri-County Tech 4:30 pm Oct. 5 Anderson JV 5 pm Oct. 7 @Howard 3 pm Oct. 8 @Gordon 1 pm Oct. 11 Louisburg* 2:00 pm Oct. 14 @Hiwassee Coll. 4:00 pm Oct. 21 Cape Fear CC* 2:00 pm Oct. 24 @Wingate JV 4:00 pm Oct. 28-29 Region X Tournament TBA

The Men’s Soccer team is coming off a disappointing season last year where they finished second in the Region during the regular season. The outcome for this year’s team is promising. Returning for the Pioneers are four starters: Shane Abbott, John Caratella, Bryan Smith and Justin Brunko. Other sophomores returning are Craig Francis, Mike Wessinger, Corey Lee and Arron Van Der Schaegen. Returning after a year off is an All-South, All Region performer Jansen Brown. The freshman class joining the Pioneers is very strong. Incoming freshmen players include Nathan Arroyo, Ben Brahnan, DJ Piers, Andrew Phillips, Mitch Gullick, Taylor

No. Name


Class Pos.

2 Ben Brannan Fr Def 3 Jansen Brown So Mid 4 Ryan McCracken Fr Mid 5 David Godino Fr Mid 6 Shane Abbot So Fwd 7 Jordan Kibler Fr Mid 14 Matt Riggio Fr Def 9 Nathan Arroyo Fr Mid 10 John Caratella So Mid 11 Justin Brunko So Def 12 Andrew Phillips Fr Fwd 13 Brian Smith So Def 8 Aaron Van Der Schaegen So Mid 15 Donald Piers Fr Def 16 Harper Kemp Fr Def 18 Umut Engin Fr Fwd 19 Lee Smith Fr Mid 20 Corey Lee So Def 21 Rob Tice Fr Def 22 Mitch Gullick Fr Fwd 23 James Cannizzaro Fr Mid 24 Tim Haney Fr Fwd 25 Andrew Lehman Fr Mid 27 Ben Martin Fr Def 28 Justin Pardue Fr Fwd 30 Mike Wessinger So Fwd 31 James Talanges Fr Fwd 26 Walker Smith Fr Mid Mike Videtto Fr Fwd 29 Quay Whiteside Fr Mid 17 James Cochran Fr Mid

Crawford, James Cannizzaro, Andrew Lehman and Rob Tice – all from Northwestern High School. Some of the other freshmen include DJ Godino (Mauldin, S.C.), Ryan McCracken (Charleston, S.C.), Jordon Kibler (Moore, S.C.), Edwin Delgado (Spartanburg, S.C.), Justin Pardue (Boiling Springs, S.C.), Brad Rush (Barnwell, S.C.) Harper Kemp (York, S.C.), Lee Smith (Columbia, S.C.) and Matt Riggio (Fort Mill, S.C.). The three players from Fort Dorchester

Hometown Rock Hill SC Rock Hill SC Charleston SC Mauldin SC Murrells Inlet SC Moore SC Fort Mill SC Rock Hill SC Rock Hill SC Surfside Beach SC Rock Hill SC Aiken SC

High School Northwestern Fort Mill James Island Mauldin Socastee James F. Byrnes Fort Mill Northwestern Northwestern Socastee Northwestern South Aiken

Columbia SC Dreher Rock Hill SC Northwestern York SC York Comprehensive North Charleston SC Fort Dorchester Columbia SC Brooklyn Cacye Richburg SC Chester Rock Hill SC Northwestern Rock Hill SC Northwestern Rock Hill SC Northwestern North Charleston SC Fort Dorchester Rock Hill SC Northwestern Summerville SC Fort Dorchester Inman SC Boiling Springs Chester SC Chester Woodruff SC Woodruff Blue Ridge SC Landrum Beaufort SC Beaufort Chester SC Chester Barnwell SC Barnwell

High School are Tim Haney, Ben Martin and Umut Engin. There are also three players from Woodruff High School: Jorge Santos, Ryan Leonard and James Talanges. The men will face a tough schedule with Georgia Perimeter College, rated number one in the country. Second-ranked Louisburg College is on the Pioneers’ schedule twice. The team will also be facing Region X foe Cape Fear Community College twice.

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Schedules are subject to change


Women’s Soccer Having won the Region X Championship last year, the 2006 Women’s Soccer Team is looking forward to another good season. This year’s team will be returning nine players from last year, including midfielders Sydney Otero (All-Region) and Ashley Buonaiuto. Also returning on a strong defense are Lisa Turner (All Region), Desaraie Woods (All-Region) and Ashley Ingels. Other returnees include Blazely Kelly, Carrie Robinson, Katie McSwain and Soraya Graham. There will be two other sophomores coming out for the team: Crystal Pugh and Megan Ortwerth. We also have a strong freshman class coming in to join our Lady Pioneer roster. In goal there are two strong keepers coming in: Katelyn Gristick (Orefield, Pa.) and Michele Wilson (Dalzell, S.C.). Other players coming in are Samantha Decker (Lexington, S.C.), Dianna Perry (Gaffney, S.C.), Stacey Hires (Sumter, S.C.), Jennifer Johnson (Boiling Springs, S.C.), Amy Wilson (Sherrils Fall, N.C.) and Eliana Zamora (Rock Hill, S.C.). The team will play a tough schedule this year including two games against four-year schools (Columbia College and Converse College) as well as games against Region rivals Louisburg College and Cape Fear Community College.




GK/21 GK/15 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 22 25

Michelle Wilson Katelyn Gristick Stacy Hires Soraya Graham Katie McSwain Jennifer Johnson Dianna Perry Blazely Kelley Sydney Otero Ashley Buonaiuto Carrie Robinson Amy Wilson Sam Decker Eliana Zamora Chrystal Pugh Desaraie Woods Famita Kamara Allysa Turner

Class Pos. Fr Fr Fr So So Fr Fr So So So So Fr Fr Fr So So Fr So

GK GK Mid Fwd Fwd Mid Def Mid Mid Mid Fwd Def Def Mid Mid Def Def Def

Hometown Dalzell, SC Orefield, PA Sumter, SC Camden, SC Duncan, SC Union, SC Gaffney, SC Bishopville, SC Duncan, SC Hilton Head, SC Charleston, SC Sherrills Falls, NC Lexington, SC York, SC Darlington, SC Allendale, SC Conway, SC North Augusta, SC

High School Crestwood Parkland Lakewoood Camden James F. Byrnes Union Gaffney Hartsville James F. Byrnes Hilton Head West Ashley Bandy Lexington York Darlington Barnwell Conway North Augusta




Aug. 26 @Converse Aug. 28 @Truett McConnell Aug. 31 Georgia Perimeter Sep. 8 Georgia Military Sep. 9 @Cape Fear CC* Sep. 16 USC Salkehatchie* SMC Invitational, SMC Sep. 22 Truett McConnell v. SMC Sep. 23 Truett MCConnell v. Louisburg SMC v.Georgia College (reserves) Sep. 24 Louisburg College v. USC Upstate Sep. 27 @Louisburg College* Sep. 30 Hiwassee College Oct. 3 @USC Salkehatchie* Oct. 7, 8 TBA Oct. 11 Louisburg* Oct. 14 @Hiwassee College Oct. 21 Cape Fear CC* Oct. 25 Columbia College Nov. Region X Tournament

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1 pm 5 pm 5 pm 4 pm 4 pm 1 pm 3 pm 2 pm 4 pm 3 pm 4 pm 2 pm 3 pm TBA 4 pm 2 pm 4 pm 4 pm TBA




Schedules are subject to change


Softball Coach

Rick Pauly Head Softball Coach Rick Pauly is in his second season at SMC. Pauly’s coaching career covers 16 years at all ages and skill levels. On a personal level he was an ASA Softball AllAmerican and competed in 12 National and International Championship Tournaments. During his years of coaching and instructing he has helped numerous girls achieve their goal of receiving a College softball scholarship. Three of his former pitching students have been drafted into the Womens Professional League. Pauly sees the SMC softball program as great opportunity to continue helping college bound student athletes continue the pursuit of both their academic and athletic dreams. Pauly is a native of Wisconsin and has a BS degree in Industrial Technology from UW-Stout. Pauley and his wife Joan recently relocated to South Carolina from Phoenix, Arizona.

ROSTER Name Allen, Ashley Bonnette, Leslie Edwards, Chelsi Guice, Brittany Hall, Kayla Hamilton, Karen Hartley, Amber Huggins, Lauren Hutchinson, Brittney Johanson, Ashley Ledbetter, Jessica McGuirk, Ashley Phillips, Rachel Putnam, Courtney Shaw, Jessica Shirley, Bree Smith, Nikki Story, Kasey Thompson, Amanda Wiles, Whitney Williams, Katy Wilson, Allyson

Class Pos. So C/OF Fr SS/2nd Fr P/3rd So 2nd/3rd Fr 3rd/2nd Fr SS/2nd Fr C/OF Fr SS/OF So OF/C/SS Fr OF Fr OF Fr P/SS Fr P/1st So 3rd/1st Fr P/3rd Fr OF Fr 3rd/C/2nd So OF/SS Fr OF/C Fr OF Fr 1st/3rd Fr 3rd/2nd

Head Softball Coach Rick Pauly believes his team can build on a strong foundation with its returning sophomores and talented freshman newcomers. The 2006-‘07 Season is Pauly’s second at SMC. He predicting an elevation of SMC Softball into the upper ranks of JUCO teams.


Schedule High School

West Columbia SC Airport HS Bamberg, SC Bamberg Erhardt HS Inman, SC Chapman HS Hendersonville, NC East Henderson HS Greenville, SC Berea HS Easley, SC Southside Christian HS Batesburg, SC Batesburg Leesville HS Georgetown, SC Georgetown HS Anderson SC Belton Honea Path North Charleston, SC Fort Dorchester HS Gaffney, SC Gaffney HS Fort Mill, SC Fort Mill HS North Charleston, SC Fort Dorchester HS Hendersonville, NC East Henderson HS Saluda, SC Saluda HS Starr, SC Crescent HS Gray Court, SC Laurens HS Cowpens, SC Broome HS Darlington, SC Mayo HS Iva, SC Crescent HS Lancaster, SC Lancaster HS ...... Edgefield, SC Strom Thurmond

“We have a very talented group of young ladies coming into the program and they will be bolstered by the return of four of our top players from last year’s squad. Returning players are Brittney Hutchinson, a Region X All Tournament Selection; Kasey Story, one of the 2006 leading hitters; Courtney Putnam, a strong defen-



Sep 16 Round Robin Sep 23 Round Robin Sep 29 - Round Robin Sep 30 Oct 6 Truett McConnell Oct 7 Round Robin Oct 21 Round Robin Nov 4 North Greenville Jan 1 Southern Wesleyan Feb 3 Scrimmage Feb 6 Young Harris Feb 10 Scrimmage Feb16 - Aiken Tech RR Feb 18 Feb 24 NorthGreenville Feb 25 USC-Salkehatchie Feb 27 Georgia Perimeter Mar 16 Truett MConnell Mar 18 Pitt CC Mar 23 Florence-Darlington Mar 24 Walter State Mar 31 USC-Salkehatchie Apr 1 Aiken Tech Apr 7 Pitt CC Apr 8 Louisburg Apr 13 Aiken Tech Apr 14 Georgia Perimeter Apr 21 Florence Darlington Apr 29 Louisburg May 4 - Region X June 6 Tournament May 17 - NCJAA National May 20 National Tour



Byrnes 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. USC-Upstate 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Winthrop 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. SMC` 2/4 p.m. Gardner-Webb 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. SMC 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. SMC 1 / 3 p.m. Central, SC 12 / 2 p.m. Spartanburg 1 / 3 p.m. SMC 2:30 / 4:30 p.m. Spartanburg TBD Aiken, SC TBD North Greenville 1 /3 p.m. USC-Salkehatchie 1 / 3 p.m. Atlanta, GA 2 / 4 p.m. Truett McConnell 2 / 4 p.m. SMC 1 / 3 p.m. Florence, SC 4 / 6 p.m. SMC 1 / 3 p.m. USC-Salkehatchie 2 / 4 p.m. SMC 2 / 4 p.m. Pitt CC 2 / 4 p.m. Louisburg, NC 1 / 3 p.m. Aiken, SC 5 / 7 p.m. SMC 2 / 4 p.m. SMC 2 / 4 p.m. SMC 1 /3 p.m. Hartsville, SC


Plant City, FL


sive player at third and first; and Ashley Allen, one of our strongest hitters and most versatile defensive players. (continued on p. 28)

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Pauly with assistant coaches (from left): Brian Pack, Deisha Moss, Coach Pauly, and Sarah Pauly Brian Pack is a native of the Spartanburg and Boiling Springs area. Pack has been very active in coaching area youth sports. He worked for the Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation Dept. teaching youth sports for six years. Additionally, Pack is an Upper Division Level baseball and softball umpire. Brian enjoys volunteering his time and is currently assisting a 14U Softball Travel Team that qualified for the ASA National Tournament in 2006. His 2005 14U girls basketball team was the South Carolina state champion. Pack is excited about being at SMC and looks forward to a great season! Deisha Moss is a native of Laurens, SC and is proud to be able to work in her native state. Her athletic (cont'd from p. 27) The incoming freshman class features five High School All-State Players along with an additional five All-Region Players. Pauly sees several strong points to this year’s team. Defensively, the outfield will feature girls with outstanding speed and strong throwing arms, he noted. “It will very difficult for opposing teams to get a ball into the gap with the speed we have,” Pauly said. Pauly anticipates the infield to be exceptionally strong defensively with several players being standout shortstops for their high school and travel ball teams. “We will have the luxury of depth at all the infield


positions,” said Pauly, adding that the catching position has been strengthened with the signing of three catchers, all of whom have strong throwing arms. Four new high quality pitchers will further strengthen the Lady Pioneers’ pitching position, according to Pauly. He commented, “Each brings a different look to the mound and should give us the ability to upset the timing of the opposition.” “The real excitement is on offense where the Pioneers will have a lineup that can pressure the defenses with the short game and also drive the ball into the power gaps. Four of the newcomers are left handed slap hitting specialists with outstanding running speed. They should set the table for the power hitters in the middle of the lineup. Several of the new

career started at Laurens High School, where she was a three sport athlete. While playing all three sports she was awarded MVP honors in basketball, softball, and volleyball. She received a four year athletic scholarship in softball to Lander University in South Carolina, while earning her B.S. in Physical Education. At Lander, Deisha was decorated with honors in Team Handball be being named SouthEastern’s All Conference and All-tournament Player. Her success, talent, and passion for competition landed her a spot, as a resident athlete a the Olympic Trained Center in Lake Placid, New York as a team member on the Women’s USA National Team for Team Handball. Being selected to the team allowed her to compete in International and National competition as she represented the United States. Deisha now thrives to give back to young athletes throughout the Carolina’s that have the passion and dedication to build their overall sports performance. Sarah Pauly is a new addition to the coaching staff in 2006/2007. She is the daughter of head coach Rick Pauly and will be handling the pitching responsibilities for SMC. Sarah recently finished her debut season with the National Pro Fastpitch League where she was named the Outstanding Pitcher for the 2006 season. She graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi where she was an NCAA Division 1 All- American in 2005 and led her team to three straight NCAA Regional playoffs. Pauly ranks in the top 10 in three Division 1 statistical career pitching categories. Additionally, she was named three times as the Big South Conference Most Valuable Pitcher while in college and was an All-State pitcher while attending high school in Phoenix, Arizona. girls have the power to put up some impressive slugging numbers. Another upgrade to the program is a more aggressive schedule this coming season that includes games against four NCAA Division I teams and another eight NCAA Division II teams. The Lady Pioneers also face the toughest JUCO competition in the neighboring states. In all, the team will play 17 games this fall and 40-plus games in the spring season. “This is undoubtedly the most aggressive schedule we have had at SMC. The fall season and early spring season will definitely get us ready for the tough Region X contests,” said Pauly, who expects to challenge for the Region X championship and get to the Junior College Nationals with his squad.

Schedules are subject to change

Additionally, three new assistant coaches will help Pauly this year. Brian Pack, a Boiling Springs native and local club softball coach, will be assisting with the infield. Deisha Moss, a Lander University softball graduate and member of the USA National Team Handball Team, will focus on the outfield and also develop the strength and conditioning program. Sarah Pauly, a pitcher in the National Pro Fastpitch League, will assist with the development of the pitching staff. Pauly is proud of his assistants, commenting, “This coaching staff will rival those of any major university and will give the girls the opportunity to reach their highest potential. We will have some outstanding experience to help develop these girls.”


Volleyball Coach

Tonya Wright-Stone Tonya Wright-Stone is entering her first season of coaching the Lady Pioneers Volleyball Team. Wright-Stone has coached at Landrum High School and Junior High School, Lockhart High School, and Fairforest Middle School. She was also a member of the volleyball, basketball and softball teams at USC Upstate. Wright-Stone sees herself as a motivator who wants her players to excel and aspire not only to a national championship, but to be motivated about life in general. Wright-Stone recently began scrimmages and has already seen potential as well as a willingness among the players to adjust to her coaching style. She is impressed by their teamwork and ability to communicate with one another. “I want to teach the true fundamentals of volleyball,” said Wright-Stone. “Volleyball in the South is pretty much a power game, but there is a whole element beyond that.” She is confident about coaching on the college level and looks forward to helping her team increase their skill level. A Pastoral Family Counselor at Evangel Cathedral, Wright-Stone says her faith plays a

Schedule DATE




Aug. 26 Notre Dame Coll. SMC 11:00 am Sep. 6 @Wilkes CC Wilkesboro, NC 6:00 pm Sep. 8 Southeastern CC* SMC 6:00 pm Sep.10 Guilford Tech* SMC 2:00 pm Sep. 12 @USC Salkehatchie* Allendale, SC 7:00 pm Sep. 15 @Rockingham CC* Wentworth, NC 6:00 pm Sep. 22 Pitt CC* SMC 7:00 pm Sep. 23 Lenoir CC* SMC 1:00 pm Sep. 24 Louisburg College* SMC 2:00 pm Sep. 27 @Blue Ridge CC* Flat Rock, NC 7:00 pm Sep. 30 @Guilford Tech* Jamestown, NC 1:00 pm Oct. 4 Wilkes CC* SMC 6:00 pm Oct. 6 @Southeastern CC* Whiteville, NC 6:00 pm Oct. 7 @Cape Fear CC* Wilmington, NC 1:00 pm Oct. 11 USC Salkehatchie* SMC 6:00 pm Oct. 13 Rockingham CC* SMC 6:00 pm Oct. 20 @Pitt CC* Greenville, NC 7:00 pm Oct. 21 @Louisburg Coll.* Louisburg, NC 1:00 pm Oct. 22 @Lenior CC* Kinston, NC 1:00 pm Oct. 25 Blue Ridge CC* SMC 6:00 pm Oct. 28 Cape Fear CC* SMC 1:00 pm Nov. 10-11 @Region X Tourn. Wilmington,NC TBA (Cape Fear Community College)

Name Kara Borkowski Amanda Bouchillon Rachel Goldin Nikki Golston April Million Kimberly Nicholson Jennifer Smith Samantha Stewart Britany Bremer Monika Bryson Jashayra Frierson Laura Kies Kathryn Orr Kayleigh Sheehy


So So So So So So So So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr

Hometown Ladson SC Taylors SC Winnsboro SC West Columbia Spartanburg SC St. Helena SC Liberty SC Ninety Six SC Cowpens SC Boiling Springs SC Kingstree SC Gaffney SC Charleston SC Gray Court SC

High School Fort Dorchester Eastside Richard Winn Broome Battery Creek Liberty Ninety Six Broome Boiling Springs Kingstree Gaffney First Baptist Greenwood Christian

major role in who she is, including her approach to coaching. Wright-Stone earned a B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education at USC Upstate, a M.Ed. in Special Education from Converse College, and a M.Ed. in Counseling from Clemson University. She and her husband, Stacy Stone, reside in Boiling Springs with their children: Justin, 15, Jordan, 11, and Nina, 8.

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Schedules are subject to change


Men’s Tennis Coach

Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Jim Greene Greene is in his fourth year as coach of the Pioneer Men's and Women's Tennis teams. Greene has been providing professional in-struction in tennis for the past 11 years at various clubs throughout the GreenvilleSpartanburg area. He maintains a professional teaching status with the United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) and has been a member since 1995. Greene has played tennis since age eight. After a six-year stint in the Navy and a brief time in Hawaii, Greene returned to his native Upstate. Greene sees himself as a teacher as much as a coach, giving advice to his players on diet, exercise, and other areas of wellbeing that relate to being a better player as well as being a better person. Greene’s coaching philosophy is based more on process than outcome. A Greer native, Greene played tennis while attending North Greenville College and the University of Hawaii. He currently lives in Landrum with his wife Rhett and their sons Jay, 24, Jonathan, 14, and Alex, 10.

The Pioneers Tennis Team, for the 2007 season, returnees include three players for the starting lineup. Team captain Scott Murray, from Hendersonville, NC, secures his spot at number two on this year’s roster. Scott possess solid groundstrokes as well as a keen court sense. Also, returning to the team this year is Fort Mill native, Jake Parker. Jake is the perfect example of an all court player; combining powerful groundstrokes, as well as uncanny net skills. Don Bailey comes to SMC from Lexington, SC. Don’s abilities have improved tremendously within the past year, and will contribute to the overall depth of the men’s team. Returning red-shirt sophomore, Peter Hooper will likely reserve the top spot on the men’s side. Base liner, serve-and-volley, or all court, Pete is a formidable foe for any oponent. Filling out the freshman ranks includes the following: Mark Boswell, William



Derrick Alston Don Bailey Mark Boswell Peter Hooper Andrew Hopkins Blake Keeler Scott Murray Jake Parker William Stone Miles Tinsley


ROSTER Hometown

Ridgeview Lexington Wren Spartanburg J.L.Mann Broome West Henderson Fort Mill Forsyth Central Northwestern

Stone, Blake Keeler, Miles Tinsley, Derek Alston, and Andrew Hopkins. Mark, who is from Piedmont, SC, brings a high level of dedication, along with the heart to take his college tennis experience to the next level. William comes to SMC via Cumming, Ga. He brings an over abundance of energy to the court, coupled with innate shot-making abilities. Blake, from Spartanburg, SC, proudly represents his hometown at SMC. Blake’s court demeanor and all around game can be summed up in one word…”Tenacious.” Miles, hailing from Rock Hill, SC, puts forth an unending determination com-

High School

Ridgeview, SC Lexington, SC Piedmont, SC Spartanburg, SC Pelzer, SC Spartanburg, SC Hendersonville, NC Tega Cay, SC Cumming, GA Rock Hill, SC

bined with a strong will to win. Derek from Ridgeview, and Andrew from Greenville, will lock the starting lineup for this season, and will help round out a very promising men’s team. These young men posses all the promise and talent necessary to become a top nationally ranked team. It is this very team that will break the mode in past SMC men’s tennis records. The overall performance and season’s outcome will only be determined by each team member’s attitude and desire for success. Coach Greene has complete and unwavering confidence that his men can achieve their highest level of play.

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Women’s Tennis The Lady Pioneers returnees include three of last year’s players to the starting lineup. Team captain Jasmiene Allen, from Fairfield Central, contributes a great deal of talent to the team and will likely secure the top spot on the ladies’ side. From her serve to her solid groundstrokes, she has a complete game and will be a tough opponent for anyone who might be across the net. Also, returning are sophomores Emmy Hoppmann, from Scared Heart Academy, in Rock Hill, and Amanda Butler, from Greenville. Emmy and Amanda have improved their skills and will likely secure spots within the starting line up. Incoming freshmen for the Lady Pioneers include the following: Margaret Daugherty, Kristen Cooper, Martha Cromley, Elizabeth Shealy, Dayonna Moore and April Bigham. Top recruit Margaret Daugherty, hailing from Lexington, will most likely play at the number two position. Her talents and shot making abilities help her secure that position on the roster. Kristen Cooper comes to SMC from North Augusta with great potential; she combines a great serve and powerful groundstrokes to round out a well-balanced game. Saluda native, Martha Cromely will assist in bolstering the starting line up. Her passion for the game and strong determination will help her to win many matches.


From Colombia, Elizabeth Shealy will also be a true asset to the top six Lady Pioneers. Elizabeth possesses great strength of mind to match up with a beautiful all around game. Dayonna Moore, from Gaffney, will help round out the roster along with April Bigham, from Bamberg, who both have the drive and ambition to do well. The Lady Pioneers will prove to be a team that can compete with any opponent on any given day. This team’s success will be directly relevant to the undying effort and confidence attained through match play. This season’s results will be reliant upon the dedication and hard work provided by each team member. Coach Greene has the utmost and greatest expectations for this year’s squad, as it is his best Ladies team to date for SMC.



Jasmiene Allen SO April Bigham FR Amanda Butler SO Kristen Cooper FR Martha Cromley FR Margeret Doughtery FR Emily Hoppmann SO Dayonna Moore FR Elizabeth Shealy SO

High School

Fairfield Central Bamberg-Ehrhardt Greenville North Augusta Saluda Lexington Sacred Heart Gaffney Richland Northeast


Winnsboro, SC Bamberg, SC Greenville, SC North Augusta, SC Saluda, SC Lexington, SC Rock Hill, SC Gaffney, SC Columbia, SC

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Wrestling Coach

Robbie Higdon Higdon is entering his first season as Head Wr e s t l i n g C o a c h a t SMC. He plans to build on the successes the P i oneers have made during their first three seasons of intercollegiate wrestling and to seek higher national rankings. Higdon brings several years of coaching and wrestling experience into the SMC team as an assistant coach at Carson-Newman College for three years, and more recently at Darlington High School where he was wrestling coach for two years. He was also on the Wrestling Team at UNCPembroke, where he was a two-time qualifier and All-American. He was also on the W r e s t l i n g Te a m a t Southeast High School a t B ra d e n t o n , F l a ., where he grew up. Higdon has a Masters D e g r e e i n Te a c h i n g from Carson-Newman and a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education from UNCPembroke. (continued on p. 35)






Nov. 5 @Citadel Open Tournament All Day Nov. 11 @Pembroke Classic Tourn. All Day Nov. 14 @King College 7 pm Nov. 16 @Anderson College 7 pm Nov. 20 UNC Pembroke 7 pm Nov. 29 @Belmont Abbey & Campbell U. 6 pm Dec. 1,2 @Southern Slam, Eastside HS All Day Dec. 5 St. Andrews College 7 pm Jan. 18 Maryville Coll. & Pensacola Christian 6 pm Jan. 30 Newberry College 7 pm Feb. 1 @Limestone College 7 pm Feb. 6 Carson-Newman College 7 pm Feb. 10,11 @Mid Atlantic District Qualifier TBA Williamson Trade, Pa. Feb. 24,25 @NJCAA Natl. Championships TBA Rochester Minn.

The Pioneers' Wrestling team has a lot of Freshmen on its 2006-2007 team. But after having completed its first two tournaments of the season, here is how the season looks: 125 - Mike Boring is the starter here and took 3rd at the Citadel Open. He is a great kid and is very coachable. Wilson Fraiser is pushing Mike hard for a starting spot and has quite a bit of potential. Kyle Long has wrestled well in tournaments and Kyle Queen is


Dexter Askin Justin Ballard Michael Boring Joseph Brazier Tim Burdine Freeman Cooler Wilson Frazier Cody Galloway Adam Gibson Bryan Hall Johnathan Jackson Matt Johnson Joe LaFaille Kyle Long John Murray Justin Newell Nathan Pena Kyle Queen James Robinson Tyler Slaughter Ray Steele Chris Tindal Brant Tomlinson Richard Vaught Robert Waddell Jerimah Webb Jonathan Webb


High School

Camden,GA Bowling Town, SC Outer Banks, NC Columbia, SC Durant, FL Bamberg, SC Lincoln, FL Rock Hill, SC Woodruff, SC Lexington, SC Lake City, SC Elbert, GA Anderson, SC Orange, NC Auburndale, FL Kell, GA Woodruff, SC Ringgold, GA Wild Lake, MD Ringgold, GA Irmo, SC Woodruff Camden, SC Aynor, SC Charlotte, NC Beaufort, SC Tallassee, AL

Camden County Edisto Manteo Lower Richland Durant Bamberg-Ehrhardt Lincoln Northwestern Woodruff White Knoll Lake City Elbert County Westside Orange Auburndale Kell Woodruff Ringgold Wild Lake Ringgold Dutch Fork Woodruff Camden Aynor Butler Battery Creek Tallassee

redshirting this season but looks to be a big factor next season. 133 - Freeman Cooler won the first wrestle off in a thrilling match with

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197 174-184 125 165 149 133-141 125 165 285 174-184 157 141 165-174 125-133 165 133 174-184 125 141 125-133 141 285 141-149 141-149 165 197 141

sophomore Justin Newell. Freeman is a smart, tough, hard-nosed wrestler and is a joy to coach. Justin has (continued on p. 35)

PIONEER SPORTS MAGAZINE Higdon (Cont’d) He currently teaches physical education at Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary School and resides in Spartanburg with his wife Carmen and their four-year-old son Robert Paul “Bo.”

Assistant Coach

Adam Haymond Haymond, 27, is in his fourth year as Assistant Coach of the Pioneers Wrestling Team. A 1998 graduate of SMC, he also studied at the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College. Haymond also assisted for two years under Coach B.D. Laprad at Dutch Fork High School in Columbia, S.C. As the team’s recruiting coordinator, Haymond feels SMC has a lot to offer student athletes. "SMC wrestling is unique in that we can give an athlete a year or two of seasoning and build their leadership skills. Many of these guys would waste on a bench their first two years at other schools," said Haymond. Haymond enjoys coaching alongside Higdon and having great student athletes to Coach. “Our team GPA is very high and we have many student leaders on the team," Haymond added.

(continued from p. 34) looked better than any wrestler on the team in the two open tournaments and will have his shot to start this season well. Tyler Slaughter has great quickness and will be a big contributor next season. 141 - Brant Tomlinson is the starter here in the toughest weight class on the team. Brant is a solid wrestler all the way and really loves the sport. Ray Steele, who, through two tournaments, leads the team in pins pushes him hard. Sophomore Jonathan Webb is a team leader and will look to regain his starting spot soon. Richard Vaught has wrested well in tournaments and is getting better everyday. Matt Johnson is redshirting due to a shoulder injury but will be a good wrestler next season for the Pioneers. 149 - Tim Burdine is one of the best wrestlers on the team and looks to have an excellent season. He took 2nd at the Citadel Open and was a match away from placing atthe UNCP Open. Tim is fun to watch and coach and will be a great wrestler for the future. 157 - JJ Jackson is a team captain and wrestles with a lot of heart. He is a tough all around wrestler and has wrestled very well early in the season. JJ has a lot of promise this season and will challenge for All-Ameri-

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can honors at nationals. 165 - Joe Lafaille is the starter here and has a lot of talent. Joe, a sophomore, is very coachable and a joy to be around. John Murry is a very tough kid and will challenge for a starting spot here all year. John has a bright future. Joe Brazier is a tough kid and will be a big factor next season. 174 - Cody Galloway is the starter here and wrestles with a lot of heart. He is also very smart and fun to coach. Bryan Hall is working hard and is going to be a fine 174 for next season, if not this season. 184 - Nathan Pena starts at this weight and is wres-

tling tough. He is very coachable and wrestles with a lot of heart. Justin Ballard is working hard to push Nathan and is going to be a fine wrestler in time. 197 - Jeremiah Webb starts here and is one of the best wrestlers ever at SMC. He has wrestled well this season and won the Citadel Open. Dexter Askin is pushing Jeremiah and has a lot of potential. HW - Adam Gibson starts and has all the tools to be a great HW for years to come. Chris Tindall is every bit as talented as Adam and will be pushing for a starting job all year. Chris is very smart and coachable.

More than 250 student-athletes compete in Spartanburg Methodist College's athletic programs

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Cheerleading Coach

Kristi Phillips Phillips is in her third year of coaching the Cheer Squad at SMC. Before coming to SMC, Phillips was an Assistant Cheerleading Coach for the University of South Carolina Upstate. She was also Junior Va r s i t y Basketball Cheerleading Coach at Greenwood High School. Harvey judged several local college cheerleading tryouts, and was also captain of the cheerleading squad at Limestone College. She was also a cheerleader while a student at Broome High School. While at Greenwood, Phillips taught at Merrywood Elementary School. She is currently a teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary School in Boiling Springs, S.C. Phillips received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Elementary Education from Limestone College and received a Master's degree in Elementary Education from Converse College.




High School

Brittney Andrews Dwanique Blakney Tiffany Goforth Brent Griffin Phillip Ingram Quinessia Jefferies Stacey Jefferies Keshia Johnson (Capt.) Danessa Kilpatrick Ashlyn King Misty Lamb Dani Neely Erin Nash Hannah Nivens Princess Thompson Kelli Padgett Sommer Pruitt Amanda Shelnut

Spartanburg Darlington Boiling Springs Asheville Lancaster Gaffney Gaffney Pageland Pendleton Northwestern Mauldin York Comprehensive Riverside Clover Dorman Chesnee Boiling Springs Thornwell



Spartanburg, SC Fr Darlington, SC Fr Boiling Springs, SC So Asheville, SC So Lancaster, SC So Gaffney, SC Fr Gaffney, SC Fr Pageland, SC So Pendleton, SC Fr Rock Hill, SC Fr Mauldin, SC So York, SC So Greenville, SC Fr Clover, SC Fr Spartanburg,SC Fr Chesnee, SC Fr Boiling Springs, SC So Clinton, SC So

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Dance Team Coach

Karmen Smith This is Smith’s first season coaching the SMC Dance Team. She is a 2004 graduate of the University of South Carolina-Upstate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She is a former USC Upstate dance team captain, with a background in competitive dance, as well as coaching. She also has experience in jazz, hip hop, tap, clogging and ballet. Smith is currently employed with Johnson Development in Spartanburg.

ROSTER Name Class Hometown High School Reisha Alston Fr Columbia, SC Dreher Lonna Aun Fr Lexington, SC Lexington Halsey Carey So Columbia SC Lexington Cara Hallman Fr Rock Hill, SC Northwestern Juliet Hawkins So Charleston SC James Island Heather Hendrix Fr Spartanburg, SC Dorman Allison Jordan So Lexington SC Lexington Ashlyn King Fr Rock Hill Northwestern Kayla McCoy So Lyman SC Byrnes Dani Neely Fr York, SC York Comprehesive Hannah Nivens Fr Clover, SC Clover Hannah-Rae Roddy So Inman, SC Chapman Kayla Shelley Fr Greenwood, SC Greenwood

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Athletic Training Head Athletic Trainer

Mark Mancebo Mancebo enters his second year at SMC as Director of Athletic Training Mancebo is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Massage Therapist and received hi s Master ’s from We s t e r n Carolina University in Health Science Education. He also received his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from California State University, Sacramento. Mancebo’s goal is to prevent injuries and return athletes to activity as quickly as possible. Mancebo enjoys teaching student athletic trainers about the profession, learning the latest techniques possible, and researching all aspects of Sports Medicine.

A key component of athletic performance is sports medicine. The training staff and facilities at SMC offer student athletes a variety of resources for keeping fit and maximizing their performance.

“SMC has definitely taken a huge step towards ensuring the safety and health concerns its 280 student athletes. Mark has a great wealth of knowledge and experience to serve the entire Athletic Department. We are excited that he is here at SMC,” said Mark Perdue, SMC Athletic Director.


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