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We just made it easier for

to donate to

your cause.

Within days, 150 million people will get the chance to donate to your charity. Let’s get ready. Meet Sparo.

Help yourselves and your cause.

What is the cost of participating?

Sparo is a revolutionary concept in charity fundraising that helps drive donations to your charity with no financial investment on your part.

To join, simply fill out and return the application with the requested information and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also submit the application online at Your organization’s name and logo will be listed on our online application and website at launch.

There is no cost to participate in the program, but we could use your help to spread the word to your subscriber base so we can maximize as many donations as we can for your charity. Please help Sparo fund your cause while making every day a day for giving. Sign up today!

 paro is the first online charity S application to be completely embedded on a retailer’s e-commerce website. Its only purpose is to enable millions of online shoppers to donate a percentage of their purchase amount to their favorite charities at checkout or just after their purchases have been made. There’s absolutely no cost to shoppers or nonprofits because participating retailers make the donations based on predetermined amounts (to cover their charitable commitments and to keep Sparo running the program).

Sign up today! Email: or call: 1 (877) 9-SPARO-1 (1-877-977-2761)

See how easily Sparo works Join Sparo today and create millions of new opportunities for online shoppers to donate to your charity — helping to boost your revenues and the financial support going to your cause. Email us today at or call 1 (877) 9-SPARO-1.

3 Online shoppers go to check out 3 Sparo application prompts donations 3 From our list of enrolled charities, shoppers decide which will receive a percentage of their total purchase amount as donations

3 Retailers process the requested

donations with no cost to shoppers or the charities

3 Shoppers repeat millions of times

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Purchase with a Purpose

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