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All photo by: Tristan Afre

Trey Jones, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Ryan Sher, and Shadow TM Ryan Chadwick

It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.

Trey Jones going upside down showing off his impression of the Cult face.

A lot of people became huge fans of Simone after seeing him ride stop after stop.

Are the 9.5� Vultus bars big enough to fit around your mellon?

Banned Budsaw sprocket in memory of Rickey.

So many Shadow supporters showed up and braved the weather to meet the crew and get some autographs.

Ed’s provided us all with special nametags. Just in case the kids didn’t know who this filthy, dirtbag was.

It didn’t matter how cold or rainy it was, Trey had to get his ice cream. Burrr!

Kids are always trying to one up the pros these days. Mega cone with sprinkles please.

Lahsaan Kobza. Manual to oppo 180 lookback. Dialed.

Ed’s Bike Shop starts them young.

What happens when Lahsaan Kobza runs into you rolling out fakie and splits open your eye? You get a new sprocket. Laser with his best Muhommad Ali impresssion.

Ben Hucke buzzin’ his shoulder.

Simone clicking an ice to tuck on the Ed’s up ledge.

Not only was 2x4 a stop on Shadow’s Keep it Local North East tour, but it was a destination for a bunch of BMX brands. Hanging out with Crandall from FBM is always a good time.

Trey put in work to land this nose to 360. Check out the edit for some more wild moves that went down on this obstacle.

When you’re at Ed’s in Vineland, you’re like family.

Shadow Ravager sprocket & Interlock chain Ben Hucke signature penumbra seat

Ben Hucke

Shadow Ravager TL stem

Ben Hucke signature Local grip

Shadow Raptor front hub

Lahsaan getting ready to send a massive 180 with a little help from The Sez

A huge amount of support was shown from fans of Rickey Bates. RB x GD #Banned4Life

Simone Barraco was shredding nonstop at all the shops. Here he is laying down another wild combo with an ice to nose to bar

Even Shadow owner Ronnie B came out to show Van and the 2x4 crew some love.

Trey Jones. 2x4 Store. 180 Tuck No Hander.

Trey Jones, dropping in off the 2x4 roof in memory of our boy Rickey Bates.

All seriousness, all the time.

Ben Hucke doing his best to introduce Fuel TV to the Shadow Conspiracy Keep it Local tour.


Simone and Trey trying to figure out what to film next.

Whatever it takes to get that good angle.

Ben Hucke stretching out a nac-nac for the children at the infamous Philly Ghetto Banks

Sizing up one of the best moves of the trip...

Bump jump gap to nose manual.

Trey Jones’ bike.

Shadow Ravager TL stem

Shadow Ravager alloy pedals

Shadow Interlock chain & Noctis cranks

Trey Jones signature penumbra seat

Bunnyhop drop in, into the polejam.

LK was the unofficial Shadow hype man of the trip. Always able to get the kids to throw down some wild moves for free product.

Trey making sure the Pennskate ramps look good on film.

Kids will do anything for free stickers.


Styling out of a wallride.

Seth trying to signal that he’s got something to film.

Ben trying to signal he’s ready to go home.

Lahsaan contemplating sending one of the wildest moves of the trip...

...better watch the edit to see how this one turned out.

Keep It Local North East Tour Be on the look out for the edit dropping Wed. December 7th

The Shadow Conspiracy Keep it Local Tour, Coming to your town soon!

The Shadow Conspiracy - Keep It Local North East Tour  
The Shadow Conspiracy - Keep It Local North East Tour  

The Shadow Conspiracy - Keep It Local North East Tour