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The plan was simple: Take a few riders from each of our three major brands, stick them in a van, and head to Austin for the Texas Toast Jam. In between we would stop off in Houston to ride with some locals, have fun, party, and film a bangin’ edit. What we didn’t plan for was 10 days of oppressive heat, naked bums, and Dave Voelker. But none of those things stopped us from enjoying what truly keeps Austin “weird”. Enjoy this behind the scenes look through our trip and keep your eyes peeled for the full length edit dropping soon!

When we were thinking of objects for the Texas Toast Jam, we wanted to make something that would stand out. Standing 9 feet tall, the Subrosa Crest did more than just stand out.

Hoang with a wallride...

Greg Smee improvises during the curved wall contest. turndown.

Kyle Hart inspecting the grounds.










1. Ben doing his best impression of me. 2. Andy Martinez with his attempt. 3. Ryan takes the cake. 4. No matter where you are in Austin, you’ll always find a random on a BMX. 5. Greg was not stoked on the watches he bought off a random bum. 6. Look at that form! 7. Is that a dude or a chic? I don’t think it really mattered for the homie in the red hat. 8. Hoang, Ryan, and one solid middle finger. 9. Kyle wanted one thing, and one thing only. DEATH METAL PIZZA!

On this particular day, Hoang was trying a move for a good two hours. In the middle of his attempts, a random woman droven up and said how tired and hot we looked. She then proceeded to give us $20 worth of bananas and Gatorade. Hoang was particularly stoked and ended up lacing the move right after.

Hoang Tran rides his signature Vilicus frame, fork and bars from Subrosa, along with Subrosa Pivotal seat and post. Check the custom K-Swiss for optimal pedal grip.

Tom Smith is an Austin local and Shadow AM rider. When he wasn’t at home with his new born baby he was throwing down some wild moves on the streets. This day, we got permission from the tow truck driver to shred his ramp. If that wasn’t enough...

...the Lord himself, Dave Voelker, showed up. Check out the edit for even more moves Voelker layed down on the truck bed.

Media crew in full effect.

Kyle Hart shows you how NOT to do a footplant. Shin plant to death. Ouch!

This photo is titled, “Seth’s Rough Day.” He must have tried this move a couple hundred times. After getting robbed on a few 180’s out, we had to call it a day due to light, but not before Seth landed it the best he could.

Seth always has a mean looking bike. Riding his new signature Noctis cranks and Penumbra series seat, his whip is ready to take a beating.

29 spoke wheels.

These monstrous ditches stretch through the majority of Houston’s suburbs creating some real memorable spots. Seth K with the step down toboggan.

Just doin’ my job.

Need I say more?

Shades and no shoes. Hucke laying down a hanger at the Super 8 swimmin’ hole.

Part-time poolboy and Sputnic pro rider. Ben rides his signature Space Cobra frame in chrome red and Vultus bars in forks to best match his patriotic swim trunks.

Big thanks to Jeff and his family over at Bikeland USA for being so hospitable to our dudes as they cruised over before the Bear Branch Skatepark session.

The sheer joy on Ryan’s face as he watched kids trample over eachother for sprockets and grips was unmistakeable.

Air Kimbrough

Subrosa fan for life.

Rickey with the wild man move at Bear Branch skatepark. Quick hop on the dorrito to hanger on the bench. What you can’t see is the trash can immedietly after that he had to dodge.

Who says the old man can’t throw it down. Ryan Sher with a high speed tire slide down the ledge.

Sparkys Distribution - Toasted in Texas Trip  

Take an inside look at what went on during our recent trip to Texas for the Texas Toast Jam. Featuring some of the raddest dudes from The S...

Sparkys Distribution - Toasted in Texas Trip  

Take an inside look at what went on during our recent trip to Texas for the Texas Toast Jam. Featuring some of the raddest dudes from The S...