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Tamar Maerim’s 35 Day Spring Challenge! The prep half week is meant to get rid of old habits and start some new good ones & prepare you for the weeks to come

a better idea of your relationship with food. What do I crave? Do I eat in response to certain emotions? What if anything would I change about why and how I eat?

Wednesday - Making Changes

Thursday - Keep Cleansing

Keep cutting the caffeine & sugar down while increasing the amount of water you drink. This will actually make you less tired & more alert! Start to make healthier choices when you eat. Stay away from processed or fried foods. Go grocery shopping and see if you can keep out of the middle aisles. Most of the fresh foods (fruits, veggies, meats, dairy) are kept on the outside aisles.

Start cutting back on all the stuff you know is bad for you, caffeine, sugar, alcohol... I know it’s not so realistic (as a student) to completely remove some of these habits but imagine how much better you would feel if you just lessened your intake. If you drink 3 cups of coffee a day, start by keeping it at two. If you are a sugar junkie, enjoy one delicious treat that fulfills you, but keep it to one. DRINK LOTS OF H20! At the end of the day start a journal for the upcoming weeks. Today try to spend 20 minutes being honest about your diet and writing out realistic hopes for the future. Then think of ways that you can make those hopes a reality. You can also ipsum dolor met toset ask lorem yourself the following questions get

Friday & Saturday Stay Focused, Reflect & Rest Keep focused on eating fresher & healthier foods while cutting down on the caffeine & sugar. Spend some time getting a little more active. Take a brisk walk with a friend in

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Helpful ideas for the Week:

Week ONE Prep Half Week


the sunshine or put on your fave music and dance around in your room. (If you live with people, dance through the house. It will shock them and make them laugh = happier people). Choose one of these days to seriously cut back on your tech use, internet, tv, emailing, bbm. Pay attention to your senses and maybe you’ll notice what you’ve been missing with these distractions. Write out your exercise habits and your main daily stressors. How much time do you sit compared to moving a day? How do you feel when you exercise? How do you deal with stress & on a scale what would you rate your stress levels? What would you change about your reactions to stress? What kind of physical activity makes you feel your best and how often would you love to do it?

Sunday - Review & Set Goals Use today to go over your journal entries. What kind of realistic goals can you set for the weeks ahead?

Squeeze lemon or grapefruit into your water to make it tastier.

Stock up on healthier treats to curb your cravings for the bad stuff. Keep some in your bag during the day (try chocolate covered gogi berries). Tone down stimulating activities an hour before bed to help you wind down earlier, shut your computer down at this time so you don’t start something new

Sparks 'n Seeds Project 2009  
Sparks 'n Seeds Project 2009  

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