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Currents Catherine Boardman’s mid-century masterpiece


Pet Issue

Braylon Beams’ unstoppable spirit Mestizo mixes Mexican

Meet Cuda, our Canine Cover winner


JULY 2015





Sherrills Ford, North Carolina | premiersir.com/id/3047072

Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.

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Nadine Deason (Roberts) 704.257.4226 | nadine@teamnadine.com www.ALakeHome.com


Seven Eagles | $3,200,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3024716


Denver | $3,000,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3024608

Governors Island | $1,900,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3067937

Sherrills Ford | $1,850,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3047072 WATERFRONT

Hickory | $1,699,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3047027

Point Largo | $1,500,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3025112

Denver | $1,500,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3092269


Iron Station | $1,300,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3039927

Mooresville | $1,300,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3082445


Norman Estates | $1,275,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3051070 WATERFRONT

The Point | $1,190,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3063310 23 ACRES

Mooresville | $937,600 usd premiersir.com/id/3078288

Point Largo | $1,180,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3024966

Overlook | $1,175,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3063117

Northview Harbour | $1,250,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3031388 WATERFRONT

Denver | $999,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3093264 WATERFRONT


Verdict Ridge | $847,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3024674

Windemere Island | $1,475,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3074315

China Grove | $757,400 usd premiersir.com/id/3064222

Northview Harbour | $700,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3031726

Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.


Lakepoint North | $675,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3070850 WATERFRONT

Denver | $550,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3084216

4.64 ACRES


Troutman | $650,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3093503

Woodside Park | $585,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3041736



Northview Harbour | $545,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3071618

Denver | $529,900 usd premiersir.com/id/3031411


Terrell | $490,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3070234

Eagle Farm | $550,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3084099

Northview Harbour | $515,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3083077 GOLF COURSE

Wynfield | $450,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3075821

Mooresville | $450,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3090542

Verdict Ridge | $439,900 usd premiersir.com/id/3076177 WATERVIEW

Northview Harbour | $425,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3025071

Latta Springs | $300,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3085608

Waterside Landing | $400,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3090007

Westport | $374,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3025104



Windemere Island | $290,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3074284

Hager Mountain | $217,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3058806

Sherrills Ford | $350,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3071143 BOAT SLIP

Sailview | $175,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3089110

HOMESITES Denver | $119,900 usd premiersir.com/id/3025031

Sailview | $72,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3024987

Harbor Oaks | $52,500 usd premiersir.com/id/3062834

Winding Forest | $9,900 usd premiersir.com/id/3026990

Norman Pointe | $79,900 usd premiersir.com/id/3073214

Pebble Bay | $69,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3073196

Harbor Oaks | $52,500 usd premiersir.com/id/3062997

Denver | $8,500 usd premiersir.com/id/3032941

Pebble Bay | $79,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3066870

Forest Shores | $61,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3077186

Wagon Trail Estates | $27,000 usd premiersir.com/id/3044365

Denver | $8,500 usd premiersir.com/id/3032945



10 The Main Channel What’s hip at Lake Norman

18 Porthole

CURRENTS’ Canine Cover Competition

20 Captain’s Chair Cuda, our 140-pound cover dog

22 Game Changers Adah Fitzgerald owns her dream

24 Blair’s Bits

Braylon Beam knows how to live

Contents 36 C URRENTS’

Essay Contest Winner

Meg Hewitt never met a critter she didn’t like

38 T he Galley with 24 Lynn and Glenn Mestizo offers Mexican with a mix

27 Rip Currents — Style 42 G rapevine 30 Rip Currents — Pets 45 T houghts from 38 the Man Cave Pretty patriotic finds

Kristine Nelson’s service dog gives her peace of mind

Laurel Gray lets its grapes do the talking

The misadventures of dog training

48 G ame On

Basketball’s band of brothers

60 Home Port

Catherine Boardman’s mid-century masterpiece


69 C urrently


A jazz festival, a comic farce and food trucks

72 L ori’s Larks

Lori K. Tate embraces gratitude during a paddleboard yoga class


Currents Catherine Boardman’s mid-century masterpiece

About the Cover:

Photo of Cuda, CURRENTS Canine Cover Winner, by Sarah McGraw Photography.


Vol. 8 No. 7 July 2015


Pet Issue

Braylon Beams’ unstoppable spirit Mestizo mixes Mexican

Meet Cuda, our Canine Cover winner


JULY 2015



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6/24/15 10:40 AM

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19425 PENINSULA SHORES DRIVE | $1,987,000

17606 WESTWARD REACH ROAD | $2,400,000

17105 NIBLICK LANE | $525,000


18101 WATERCRAFT PLACE | $1,099,000

18704 JOHN CONNOR ROAD | $1,100,000



r de un


18901 PENINSULA CLUB DRIVE | $1,585,000


ws vie ve o c de wi

21321 BETHEL CHURCH ROAD | $794,000



t rac nt o rc de un



r de un

ct tra n co

t rac nt co

19756 HAGEN KNOLL DRIVE | $450,000

LuxuryPortfolio.com/LakeNorman Dixie Dean

Broker, Realtor速 | Allen Tate Company

704-641-1465 Dixie.Dean@allentate.com DixieDean.com | LuxuryPortfolio.com

t rac nt o rc de un





18125 SUNSET COVE LANE | $1,525,000

19311 STABLEFORD LANE | $699,000


ct tra on c r de un

17220 PLAYERS RIDGE DRIVE | $399,000


WATERFRONT 20204 LOLA CIRCLE | $3,800,000

ld so




Lori K. Tate

Photo by Glenn Roberson

At The Helm


is name is Smudge, and he has had a life of tremendous ups and downs. Fourteen years ago my cousin, Jeff, and his friend, Griff, found him on the side of the road in the Phillippines. Jeff’s family adopted the white cat with random black markings immediately, and so began Smudge’s adventurous new life. Soon after he moved in, Smudge knocked over a crystal vase in my cousin’s apartment, and a shard of it cut his tail off. In April 2007 after my cousin’s family moved to Belgium, Smudge got run over by a car and had to have his leg amputated. “He had large metal screws sticking out of his remaining back leg for a few weeks, as it was broken in several places,” remembers Jeff. Despite all of that, Smudge persevered and proved to be a source of comfort and humor for Jeff, and in particular Jeff’s mother, Marti. I’ve mentioned my cousin Marti in this column before, and I can’t help but do it again as my family lost Marti to cancer this past March. As much as we tried to be there for her every minute that she needed us, no one was able to do that better than Smudge. He nestled on her bed while she rested. He made her laugh as he

SMUDGE — THE WONDER CAT A little ball of fur on the side of the road turned into a lifelong friend chased birds in the yard. He woke her at sunrise for his breakfast. And he was happy to watch as many episodes of Downton Abbey as she liked. Marti and her husband, Luc, lived all over the world, as Luc works for the European Union. No matter where they were living, they spent as many summers as they could at their condo on Lake Norman, and they always brought Smudge with them. When Marti was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in Malaysia, she immediately booked a flight to Charlotte so she could be treated here. Because she was trying to get here so quickly, her husband pulled a few strings to make sure that Smudge could come too, as Luc knew how imperative their cat would be in her treatment. After Marti’s memorial service, at least three people asked me about Smudge. How was he doing? Was he going back to Malaysia with Luc? Does he need a new home? Everyone who knew Marti knew that Smudge was a big part of her life — regardless of the fact that he had three legs and no tail. I can only guess what he represented to her, but I know what he represented

to me. As I watched him run with three legs, I was reminded of how we all have obstacles. The degree of these obstacles depends on how we meet them. For Smudge, he didn’t let losing a leg slow him down or make him any less of a cat. The same can be said for Marti. Three weeks before she died she met my family at Sabi for lunch and proceeded to go shopping after. One week before she died she withstood a harsh chemo treatment in an effort to buy just a little more time. Two days before she died she ate Chinese take-out with her husband, children and Smudge by her bedside. She lived her life until the end, and that’s all any of us can hope for. I have no idea when I’ll see Smudge again, as this summer looks so differently than past summers to our family, but I’ve heard reports that he enjoys lying by the windows in the sun in his Malaysian highrise apartment. I imagine his dreams are filled with visions of Lake Norman, of birds and of his beloved Marti.

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Main Channel Movers, Shakers, Style, Shopping, Trends, Happenings and More at Lake Norman

Reaching the Pinnacle Davidson’s Nicole Perri finds her footing on the Inca trail


When Nicole Perri reached that milestone 40th birthday in May 2014, she set out to embrace a challenge. “I needed the next big thing and something to focus my energies toward, and hiking the Inca Trail is something I’ve always had in my heart and wanted to do,” says Perri. A busy wife and mom of three in Davidson, Perri spent a year preparing for the strenuous 26-mile hike. Interval training and core strengthening equipped her for the low oxygen levels at high altitudes. She made the trek with Lori Love, a high school friend who now lives in Washington, D.C. Four days of the nine-day excursion in Peru were spent hiking with an Enigma

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Tours group. It included 12 men and women ages 29 to 45 from the United States, as well Great Britain, Italy and Germany. With their tour guides, the group covered about five to seven hours on the trail each day, averaging about a mile per hour. An architect by trade, Perri marveled at the Inca ruins nestled along the trail. “What’s interesting about it is it’s so preserved and intact. The more holy the building, the more precise the stonework,” she explains. “They used the natural landscape, stone on caves or rock formations, and built on top of it or around it instead of leveling it and building from the ground base.” Perri’s last day on the trail was all down hill, and she slipped three times.

Nicole Perri of Davidson hiked the Inca Trail in Peru to celebrate her 40th birthday.

She focused on the Bible verse Habakkuk 3:19, which had become her source of encouragement throughout the year. “My prayer during the hike was, ‘God, move this mountain, whatever it is. Make my feet like hinds’ feet.’ All of a sudden I felt like I’d found those hinds’ feet,” she says. “I felt this surge of power. I was able to hop down that mountain instead of being scared about tripping, and it was freeing.” — by Holly Becker, Photography courtesy of Lori Love

A Cat with More than Nine Lives

In the Kitchen with Jill Dahan

Patty Andrews and her cat, Lucy, who survived 40 days in a storm drain just days after surgery.

The holidays are often thought to be a time of miracles, and no one knows that better than Patty Andrews. The Sherrills Ford resident and her cat, Lucy, have been together for 12 years, and the trauma they experienced last fall only proves how much they belong together. Andrews took Lucy in as a stray in 2003. Last fall, the gray and fluffy cat with a sweet disposition was dealing with some health concerns. “She was constantly constipated, and the concern was that she would rupture,” explains Andrews, who is a fitness trainer in the Lake Norman area. Lucy’s veterinarian, Dr. Mike Heinen of Lake Norman Animal Hospital in Mooresville, decided exploratory surgery was needed. On November 4, he discovered a mass that was most likely malignant. Luckily the mass was benign, and the problem turned out to be Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Andrews proceeded with visiting her elderly mother in Arizona while her brother, KC Green, picked Lucy up from the vet on November 10 and took her to his second-story Cornelius apartment to recover. On November 13, Lucy jumped off of his balcony in the middle of the night and vanished. Andrews was on her way home from Arizona. She and her brother searched all night to no avail.

They posted fliers in Cornelius, Davidson and Mooresville. They ran ads in The Charlotte Observer and the former davidsonnews.net. Friends wrote Facebook postings, mass e-mails and even searched on foot for Lucy. For the first couple of weeks, Andrews checked the local animal shelter on an almost daily basis. She also checked in with Lucky Cats, a local non-profit that helps feral cats, and The Humane Society. No luck. Thirty days passed and still no Lucy. Veterinarians said it was doubtful that Lucy could still be alive, considering she was eight days post-op and had a three-inch-long incision held together by 15 staples. And then there was the fact that she probably didn’t have any food or shelter. Andrews continued to search for her cat and finally, at the suggestion of her clients, decided she would adopt another feline friend to help ease the pain. On December 13, Andrews got her car checked at a nearby mechanic’s shop, and she discovered that he had a liter of 4-month-old kittens. She took a peek, and a little black, scrawny kitten took a liking to her. Later that day she took him and his sister home. She named them Gracie and George. Ten days later Andrews got a call from her brother’s neighbor reporting that she had found Lucy — alive. Lucy had been hiding in a storm drain for 40 days a mere 40 yards from Andrews’ brother’s apartment. “Do you know how many times I walked past that storm drain looking for her?” asks Andrews. “No one could believe she was still alive.” Emaciated and dehydrated, Lucy spent the night at Lake Norman Animal Hospital before returning home on Christmas Eve. “She was so loving from the moment we found her. She was purring while they were removing her staples,” says Andrews, who is now the happy owner of three cats. “You just can never give up hope … She made the effort to hang in there for me; I certainly will for her.” — Lori K. Tate, photography courtesy of Patty Andrews

Photography courtesy of Elke Talbot

Patty Andrews and her cat, Lucy, prove that you should never give up hope

Dark Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sarnies Cookies and ice cream go together like July 4th and fireworks, so what could be better than a good-for‑you ice cream sandwich. Homemade dark chocolate cookies chock full of antioxidants, low sugar and naturally gluten free are sandwiched outside ice cream like your grandparents made. Make the cookies ahead, scoop the ice cream into balls, lay out some nuts for dipping and you can set up your own ice cream sandwich bar. Summer never tasted so good! Ingredients 150 grams of dark chocolate (67 percent or above cacao) 1 tablespoon of salted butter 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar (Big Tree with Vanilla is fabulous.) 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon of brown rice flour (I use True Sprouted Flour brand.) 1/4 teaspoon of non-aluminum baking powder 1 handful of dark chocolate chips (67 percent or above) — optional 1 pint of milk coffee, mint confetti or other fab flavor of ice cream (Three Twins Ice Cream is my favorite.) Instructions Melt chocolate and butter on low until just melted. Mix in the sugar, flour and baking powder until combined. Drop by a tablespoon full onto baking parchment paper-lined baking sheet. With the back of the spoon, swirl them out until about 1 1/2 inches in diameter each. Sprinkle with a couple chips if desired. Bake at 350 F for about seven minutes and remove and leave on parchment paper until cool before transferring. Remove ice cream and cut into one-inch slices and then cut each slice into four pieces. Refreeze pieces until ready to serve. To serve, place cookies and ice cream pieces on a serving plate and let guests place ice cream between two cookies and press together gently. Each sandwich can be rolled in chocolate or nut pieces. Makes about 20 cookies (10 sarnies). Jill Dahan lives in Cornelius and is the author of Starting Fresh! Recipes for Life. She also teaches cooking classes at Earth Fare in Huntersville. You can 11 learn more about her at www.jilldahan.com. lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Shop & Tell Boutiques blossom

Mooresville Town Square, Mooresville, www.mainstreamboutique.com, look for Mainstream Boutique on Facebook.

Michelle Willis has opened an Aqua B Boutique location in Mooresville on Bluefield Road in Winslow Bay Commons (the Super Target shopping center). This locally owned boutique, with another location in Hickory, carries the Simply Southern line, as well as Good Works Bracelets, Rock Revival and Big Star jeans, Bed Stu shoes, Gleeful Peacock jewelry and more. Aqua B Boutique, 688B Bluefield Road, Mooresville, www.aquabboutique.com.


There are lots of new shops at The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden these days. Alexandra’s Accents features one-of-a-kind throw blankets made by owner Sandra McCaslin, who has had two of her blankets used in a Broadway play. In addition to Ashley Carol, she sells her throws at locations in Boston and Newport, Rhode Island and has shipped them all over the world. Look for Alexandra’s Accents at https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlexsAttic Amy Crofoot, owner of The Feathered Nest, offers a unique selection of fine gifts and home décor accessories. “I feature specialty items that celebrate life in the area,” she explains. “For example, I work with an artist in South Carolina who takes wine bottles, cuts them into glasses and etches them with different images. I have a Lake Norman Boating set featuring a captain’s wheel, cabin cruiser, Danforth anchor and sailboat.” Look for The Feathered Nest on Facebook or visit www.thefeatherednestnc.com. Molly Trask and her mother, Cheryl Rountree, have opened The Mermaid’s Pearl, where you’ll find handmade crafts such as jewelry and paintings that are nautical based and focus on the leisure aspect of lake/beach style living. The mother/ daughter combo creates several types of jewelry using techniques such as pearl knotting, crocheting and wire wrapping to make each piece is one of a kind. Trask also sells her photos in the space. Look for The Mermaid’s Pearl on Facebook. Tracy Stiff opened ALTA Ladies Boutique, where she sells her original resort designs (perfect for lake living). You’ll also find

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Photography courtesy of Mainstream Boutique

throughout the Lake Norman area

From left, Charlotte Parris and her daughter, Anitra Mitchell, are the co-owners of Mainstream Boutique in Mooresville, along with Anitra’s husband, Brad.

jewelry in her space. The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden, 20901 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, look for The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden on Facebook. Luna’s at the Lake in Cornelius now features shoes through its sister company named Blonde Faith. Anita Madalozzo has launched the shoe boutique within Luna’s. Look for styles by Cordani, Diana Warner, Nicole Miller, Pelle Moda, Splendid Shoes, Pelle Moda, as well as jewelry by Diana Warner, Julio, Mickey Lynn and Seasonal Whispers. Be sure to check out the cocktail clutches made from mesh by Whiting & Davis — perfect for your next soiree. Blonde Faith at Luna’s at the Lake, 19732 One Norman Boulevard, Suite 340, Cornelius, look for Luna’s at the Lake on Facebook. Anitra and Brad Mitchell and Charlotte Parris have opened a second location of Mainstream Boutique, and this one is in Mooresville. “Our first location in Winston Salem, North Carolina already caters to many women in the LKN [Lake Norman] area, so we thought it was time to expand our personal shopping experience toward the water,” says Anitra. Founded in 1991 by Marie DeNicola as a direct sales company, Mainstream Boutique is a women’s retail clothing and accessories franchise that offers a variety of affordable, fashion-forward pieces for women of all ages. Mooresvile’s 1,400-square-foot location features sizes XS through 3X. Mainstream Boutique, 126 Mooresville Commons Way, Suite C,

Papaya Papers is now Note + Nest Paperie. New owner Tracie Stier-Johnson has doubled the size of the Cornelius store in addition to its offerings. Look for gifts by Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade, as well as a large variety of baby gifts, Scout bags, jewelry, planners, specialized teacher gifts, and customized stationary and invitations. Note + Nest Paperie, 19818 North Cove Road, Jetton Village, Cornelius www.noteandnestpaperie.com. Sofas + Cheers brings a new approach to furniture shopping, as it is an upscale seating boutique featuring American-made designer-styled sofas, chairs, ottomans and throw pillows. The store is located in Davidson’s Metrolina Warehouse, which was built in 1890. Owner Larry Hendricks is dedicated to customer service, so don’t be surprised if he offers you a glass of wine if you’re in the store around 4 p.m. “My hope is that the customer will be pleased with our simple lines and price points,” says Hendricks. “I want them to go home in a cheerful mood after their purchase.” Sofas + Cheers, 216 Eden Street, Davidson. Cornelius’ Magnolia Plaza recently grew sweeter with the opening of Sweet Magnolia, a boutique specializing in resort wear for women of all sizes and ages. The brainchild of sisters Tracy and Sissy Parks, the boutique has a fresh and happy feeling from the moment you walk in. Their cousin, Vicki Clarke, who has a boutique called Victoria’s Ragpatch in Calabash and Ocean Isle, encouraged the sisters to open a store like hers at Lake Norman. Here you will find designs by Jude Connally and Gretchen Scott, as well as bags by Raleigh-based designer Holly Aiken. There are also TKEES flip-flops and swimsuits by La Blanca, Sea Waves and Trina Turk. “If you’re a size 10 or 12 and you come in here with a friend who is a size two, everyone can find something,” says Tracy, who designed cute Lake Norman T-shirts and hats donning the phrase “Best Day Ever” and a picture of a black bloodhound. “Whether your 17 or 70, there’s something here for you,” adds Sissy. Sweet Magnolia, 8301 Magnolia Estates Drive, Magnolia Plaza, Cornelius, look for Sweet Magnolia Lake Norman on Facebook.

For all of your lake and sports gift needs!

19420 Jetton Road • Ste. 103 • Cornelius, NC 28031


www.rivalssportsandhome.com • Visit us on Facebook

13 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com



The Flood of the Century

1916 — It was a cool July by North Carolina Piedmont standards. The rain had been steady since July 5, when a tropical cyclone hurled itself into the Alabama shores and stood almost still over the Southeast. “Showers today and probably Tuesday,” read a resigned headline in the July 10 Charlotte Observer. Streams swelled and red clay mud stuck to shoes in heavy clumps, but rain and flooding was nothing new for Catawba River people anyway. Small floods, called freshets, happened most every year. The workers at the Monbo Mill in northern Iredell County had gotten used to it. Each summer, they would move supplies and machinery to higher shelves. Rising waters would often slow or stop the wheelhouse that powered the spinners and looms. The worst anyone alive that summer could remember was the flood of 1901. And even then, the mill only had to close for a couple of days, and there was no serious damage. Teenager Reginald Turner, the Monbo Mill owners’ son, was excited. He and his friends took turns guessing just how high the waters would rise as mill hands climbed ladders in the company store, moving goods as high as they could get them. On July 13, though, the rain slowed, and the clouds thinned. An article in the Observer said the worst was over. Only Alabama was in danger now, the paper said. The paper was wrong. The worst hadn’t even begun. The rain started falling again the morning of July 14, and a steady wind rattled the tree limbs. By that afternoon the pole ferries stopped running, and their owners tied the flat-bottomed barges tightly to the docks. The rain fell faster,

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Reginald Turner looking at the wreckage of his father’s Monbo Mill in 1916.

and the wind gusts left the trees swinging. Late that afternoon, it was time to leave the mill and head for higher ground. By sunset, the waters had seeped into the mill high enough for the current to bust the windows. Turner and his brother, Rodney, headed home by boat, hoping that by morning the waters would recede. But the rains only came down harder Saturday as the center of the storm moved into western North Carolina. More than a foot of rain would fall that Saturday. The Catawba crested as high as 47 feet. That afternoon, Turner watched as the waters lifted the roof of the Monbo cotton warehouse and carried it along in the current. The bales of cotton followed. The same scene played up and down the Catawba River. Men stood on hills with long hooks trying to save what bales they could. Amid the torrent, tall corn crops rotted, as rooftops and telephone poles and the bloated corpses of cows floated downstream. Snakes hung and hissed from the tree limbs they had slithered to after being washed out from lower ground.

Further west, entire villages crumbled in landslides. When the waters finally receded that Sunday afternoon, the people who count such things said 80 people had died. At the Southern Power office in New York, a stenographer monitoring the telegraph reports coming in from down south told his co-workers that they might as well start searching for new jobs. “The company’s washed the hell down the river,” he said. The reports from the Southern Power plants were downright terrifying. Lookout Shoals Dam had burst. The Rocky Creek Hydro Station near Great Falls was heavily damaged, too. Actuaries estimated the economic losses at $22 million ($480 million in 2014 dollars). Southern Power’s share totaled in the millions of dollars. It would take decades to recover. — Chuck McShane, photography courtesy of Iredell Museums Chuck McShane is director of research at the Charlotte Chamber and the author of A History of Lake Norman: Fish Camps and Ferraris. Contact him at chuckmcshane@ gmail.com. On Twitter: @chuckmcshane

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15 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Ric Johnsen opened the area’s first solely triathlon-focused facility in a Cornelius storefront just four months ago.

Triathlon’s New Home at the Lake Ric Johnsen shares his love of triathlons with anyone who is interested

When lifelong triathlete Ric Johnsen moved back to North Carolina six years ago, he knew he had to be near Charlotte if he wanted to feel the pulse of the sport he loved since he first raced in 1984. More specifically, he learned, he had to be near Lake Norman if he wanted to be near its core. But when the eight-time Ironman, coach and referee began searching for that one center point where athletes trained and gathered, much like they do in other triathlon meccas like Boulder, Austin and San Diego, he was surprised to find there was no one yet doing the job he believed was needed. So, borrowing the philosophy of offering athletes of all abilities the right fit, the right training and the right equipment, not to mention the right environment to learn, share and socialize, from his friends at Podium Multisport Atlanta, Johnsen opened the area’s first solely triathlon-focused facility in a Cornelius storefront just four months ago. “We want to be that one resource for the athlete, the place where the novice right up to the pro can come for everything from being properly fitted for the right

“Operating a successful business in the motorsports industry comes with unique challenges. Over the years, Wheeler & Company has provided us with guidance, support and analysis that are integral to the management of our company. Their responsiveness and proactive approach make them an important member of the FLUIDYNE team.” Gary Johnson, Owner FLUIDYNE

160 Medical Providers. One you.

Experience When It Counts

One Choice. Piedmont HealthCare.

Over 32 specialties and 50 locations serving Statesville, Mooresville, Huntersville, Mocksville and Troutman.


Corporate Office | 650 Signal Hill Drive Ext. | Statesville, NC 28625 704.873.4277 | www.PiedmontHealthCare.com

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

124 E. Plaza Drive, Suite E | Mooresville, NC 28115

704.664.6464 | www.WheelerCoCPA.com


Summer is here … and so are we! “We want to be that one resource for the athlete, the place where the novice right up to the pro can come for everything,” says owner Ric Johnsen.

bike, to training with their own coach, to simply connecting with others and building the community,” says Johnsen, owner of Podium Multisport North Carolina in Cornelius. “And from our fit and training studios to our lounge and retail floor, I’m hoping we will become that focal point and trusted advisor to the triathlon community. “When you walk into Podium, you may come with a goal, with an idea or with a dream, and you may come alone or with the coach of your choice, but when you walk out,” he adds, “no matter who you are, we hope you leave with, perhaps, not just a bike but your own personalized bike, as well as a knowledge of the mechanics to make the changes that will help you improve and fall in love with what we believe is a truly life-changing sport.” — Mike Savicki, photography courtesy of Podium Multisport THE SCOOP For more information regarding Podium Multisport North Carolina in Cornelius, visit www.teampodiumnc.com.

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Photography cou rtesy of The

One way to bring the outside in is with this twig chandelier we discovered at The Feathered Nest at The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden. Each piece varies in price depending on the details of the fixture, as size and finishes vary. One thing is for sure regardless of how you order it, it’s a wonderful conversation piece for your next dinner party. Twig chandelier, price varies. The Feathered Nest at The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden, 20901 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, www.featherednestnc.com or look for The Shoppes at Ashley Carol Home & Garden on Facebook.

Feathered Nest

We Just LOVE!

Drs Coleman & Coleman

CAROLINAOMS.COM 19910 Northcove Road • Cornelius • 704 892 1198

Lake Norman’s Trusted Choice For Oral Surgery Since 1985


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Porthole photography by Sarah McGraw Photography

From left, Theresa Wengel and Stephanie Lang with Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge stand with Mac Sheehan and Cuda, the winner of the competition.


Jordan-Elizabeth Long and Jane Austen won first runner-up.

On Saturday, May 2, CURRENTS held its Canine Cover Competition on Davidson’s Village Green during Town Day. Blair Miller, WSOC-TV news anchor and columnist for CURRENTS, served as the emcee. More than 40 dogs of all shapes and sizes participated. Sharon Simpson, publisher and co-owner of CURRENTS; Kim Fleming, economic development manager for The Town of Davidson; and Woody Washam, mayor pro-tem of Cornelius served as the judges. Cuda, a Presa Canario owned by Mac Sheehan, won the competition. Jane Austen, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owned by Jordan-Elizabeth Long was the first runner-up, and Dashiell, a Mini Wire-Haired Dachshund owned by Beth From left, Stephanie Lang with Beth Gibbs and Dashiell, Gibbs, came in second. Proceeds from the event benefited The Humane Society who came in second. of Charlotte and Friends of the Animals, a local non-profit organization that promotes responsible pet ownership, provides low-cost spay/neuter services and promotes adoption of homeless pets.

18 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

19 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Captain’s Chair

Malachi Sheehan and his dog, Cuda, CURRENTS Canine Cover winner.

by Renee Roberson photography by Sarah McGraw Photography


COMPANION Presa Canario “Cuda” takes top prize at CURRENTS Canine Cover Competition 20 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com


ith the registered name of Cuda El Tigre, there’s no way this dog couldn’t be a champion. Huntersville resident Malachi Sheehan first entered his dog Cuda, a purebred Presa Canario, in CURRENTS Canine Cover Competition last year, where he placed third. This year Cuda returned and took the top prize. Weighing in at 140 pounds, 2-year-old Cuda has a rare reverse brindle fawn coat and his laid-back personality garners attention wherever he goes. Known for its devotion and protection of family, the Presa Canario is also called a “guardian” breed. We spoke with Sheehan about how he first discovered his love for the Presa Canario breed, which originated in Spain’s Canary Islands in the 1700s, and what he and Cuda, who is registered with the United Perro de Presa Canario Club (U.P.C.C.), like to do in their spare time on the lake.

The Presa Canario is a fascinating breed. How did you first become acquainted with this type of dog? My relationship with the Presa started in 2005 when I was volunteering for Underdog ResQ in Boston as a foster dad. A Grand Presa Canario came in named Debo. Debo and I bonded very quickly, and I adopted him after about six months. We traveled all over the country, and Debo lived a very exciting life. Debo helped me get through many challenges, and sadly at 11 years old Debo was diagnosed with bone cancer. I was heartbroken and took all measures to slow the cancer and try to save him. I was able to enjoy Debo for another year and then any true dog lover knows the pain after what came next.

You have a great story about how you had to bring Cuda into your life with you after finding him online. After a period of healing [after Debo’s death], I soon discovered Cuda and could

not get him out of my mind. He came from a championship breeder in Kansas. His dad, Dino, is a famous Presa Canario on YouTube and competes in many large dog breed shows. He can pull up to 2,000-3,000-pound sleds. I flew to Kansas, met Cuda, and fell in love. At 16 weeks, he was a little 27-pound fireball with a great personality. I attempted to fly back with Cuda, but he was two pounds over the limit for the crate carry-on. I had to rent a car and drive back to Lake Norman with him, but it worked out very well. I bonded with him for the 14-hour trip, and it was a great experience.

What are some things you enjoy doing with Cuda? I drive to New England regularly to see family and friends, and he’s a fantastic travel companion. We’ve gone all the way to Canada and up and down the East Coast. I train him at Off Leash Dog Training, and we also do group lessons in Ballantyne and in Huntersville. He actually spent two weeks at Off Leash Dog Training, and Cuda was professionally

trained for obedience. I work in sales, and I’m able to bring him in the car with me when time allows. Cuda is a very strong swimmer and loves to be in the lake. He’ll retrieve sticks all day long and loves the exercise. We visit pubs and restaurants all the time. You can regularly find us at Birkdale and Mac’s Speed Shop in Charlotte.

Cuda even has his own business card. How did that happen? I’m often asked, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ We get stopped by police often — not for anything illegal — only because many officers want to meet him and are curious about the mysterious breed. That occurs when walking in the city of Charlotte, and it’s great. It happened so much that I had 2,000 Cuda business cards made to hand out to people to answer the many questions I get asked. It makes life with a Presa tons of fun, and we meet many interesting people. Cuda is very kid friendly and always allows children to pet and greet him.

Meat the Family

STEAKS | PASTA | SEAFOOD Vote for us @ www.lncurrents.com/BOTL Best Burger • Best Appetizer • Best Wine Selection • Best Steak • Best Dessert

Book Your Reservation Now For Restaurant Week - July 17-26 RESTAURANT & BAR OPEN NIGHTLY 104 S. MAIN STREET, MOORESVILLE, NC 28115 | HISTORIC DOWNTOWN 704-230-1720 | www.epicchophouse.com 21 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Game Changers

Up Close and Personal What’s the best advice you have ever been given? My mom wrote me a letter before I got married that said, “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance . . . I hope you dance.” These are some of the lyrics from I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.

by Rosie Molinary photography by Ben Sherrill

What advice do you give regularly? Don’t underestimate the value of living near your family. What is one thing or app you cannot live without? I adore Instagram personally and


Adah Fitzgerald always wanted to own a small town shop, so when Davidson’s Main Street Books was put up for sale, she jumped at the chance to become the new owner.

Owning Her

Dream 22

Adah Fitzgerald understands that opportunity is not a lengthy visitor

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

professionally, and I always feel a little anxious if I do not have something to read. When you were 8 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? A paleontologist. What book do you love to recommend? State of Wonder by Ann Patchett What is your best habit? Unloading the dishwasher and making the bed every morning and writing letters. I write and send a letter at least once a month.

f there is any lesson in Adah Fitzgerald’s game-changing career, it is this: when the dream opportunity presents itself, you have to move fast. Fitzgerald, the new co-owner (with her mother) of Main Street Books in Davidson, had long thought about owning a small town shop that would allow her to provide a service to her neighbors while building community. So when the now-defunct DavidsonNews.net shared the news over the winter that the owners of Main Street Books were looking for buyers so that they could retire, Fitzgerald, 36, a former school teacher, was immediately intrigued. “I really liked the idea of being a part of Main Street in this way — having a store and being able to make partnerships and connections. It was very instantaneously appealing. My mom and stepdad were also intrigued; we just pursued it. This was the perfect opportunity to pick up the mantle,” says Fitzgerald, who first came to Davidson as an undergraduate in 1997 and now lives with her family in Mooresville. A long-time science teacher at Woodlawn School, Fitzgerald had already made one career transition in the summer of 2014 when she left teaching to spend more time with her children who are 3 and 5. And while owning a retail business is not effortless, Fitzgerald was struck by the autonomy she could have when she made the decision to pursue purchasing the store. “Being a business owner, you can decide to have your kids at work with you. I recruited Catherine Hamilton-Genson early on to help me, and she was looking to get back into the workforce a little bit after finishing her graduate degree and having kids. We could make this commitment to our kids and ourselves that we could have them at work with us because there was no reason why we couldn’t,” Fitzgerald explains. Now, Fitzgerald is hard at work living her new purpose on Main Street by carefully curating her book stacks, having meaningful conversations with her patrons and planning events that are a good fit for the community. Though a career in education wouldn’t seem to be a training ground for owning a business, Fitzgerald is struck by how partnering with parents in their child’s education really was great training for customer service. “There’s a lot of interpersonal interaction, and I do think teaching really helped make sure that I could do that well. I particularly love connecting people to books that are awesome that they have never heard of and having them come back and tell me about them,” she says. “People are paying their hard-earned dollars for these books and so it is important that we are doing our very best to connect them to books that are going to be what they want.”

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Convenient location Adjacent to Petco & Target 10110 Northcross Center Ct, Suite 100 Huntersville, NC 28078

Alisha Fennell DVM

Alycen Adams DVM 704-439-0600 www.CarolinasVetCare.com

J. Parks Interior Design 336.341.0329 jparks23@triad.rr.com For more information, please visit


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“Imagine your skin at its best” 17039 Kenton Dr., Suite 100, Cornelius (Next to Bruster’s Ice Cream at Kenton Place)

704-896-8837 | CoolsculptingLKN.com Kerry Shafran, MD, FAAD | Lindsay Jayson, PA-C | Keri Squittieri, PA-C | Mari Klos, CMA, LE

Call for Your Free Consultatio n Today! 23 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Blair’s Bits by Blair Miller photography by Canady Howard

Braylon Beam Just Keeps Dancing Denver’s brave 6-year-old inspires as he fights


o say that 6-year-old Braylon Beam is unique just doesn’t seem right. He’s extraordinary in every sense of the word. His parents say they’ve always known that Braylon is a special child. “We have thought that he is an ‘old soul’ who cares and loves other people,” says Jesse Beam, Braylon’s father. “He exhibits knowledge of what people need and how they feel far beyond his years.”

He’ll kick it

Braylon, who is a kindergartner at Rock Springs Elementary in Denver, has

Six-year-old Braylon Beam is an “old soul” who is wise beyond is years.

24 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Braylon lives in Denver with his parents, Meredith and Jesse Beam.

story was published in People magazine and across social media websites. She invited the family to be guests on the show and while that was huge in itself, the show’s host did so much more. DeGeneres gave the family a car after

they wrecked theirs. Then, a couple of days after his appearance on the television show, DeGeneres pushed the #JustKeepDancing movement on Twitter and Facebook as a way to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. People sent in videos, showing their own inspiration.

Painting and Crafts for children ages 5-12 Summer schedule of sessions: July 27-July 31 • Aug 3-28 Session 1 Into the Woods, Session 2 Under the Sea Cost is $170 for first child, $155 for each additional Child 704-608-9257 for details FOR the ADULTS



Neurofibromatosis 1. He’s currently going through cancer treatments for a tumor on his optic nerve. He’s nearly blind in one eye, and his father says his vision has declined in the other eye. “The last scan revealed that the tumor is stable,” says Jesse. “The tumor is either dying and causing inflammation of his nerve, or it’s growing and cutting off the blood flow within the nerve.” But Braylon has shown he’s a committed fighter who isn’t willing to give up, and his sense of optimism is contagious, literally. During his chemo treatments, Braylon dances his way through them, as well as at the end. He tells his family that he has to show he’s brave. “If cancer has a butt, I’ll kick it,” Braylon says. His story has caught the attention of the country with features in USA Today, The Washington Post and ESPN and perhaps his biggest following came from an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres found out about Braylon Beam after his

25 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Braylon’s story and fight have naturally brought his family closer and allowed them to realize how important their time together is as a family.

Keep Going

minds so that we can continue our fight. Our sincere thanks really seems inadequate to express how much community support has meant to us.” About The Writer

The motivation to help Braylon is likely a result of Braylon motivating so many others along the way. “Braylon keeps us going,” says Jesse. “We know that we have to take a step at a time through this nightmare because Braylon’s life depends on us. His sweet nature, his sense of humor and his constant attention to his latest dance moves always keep us positive so that we have the

strength to persevere through his ordeal.” So many different community groups in Denver have stepped up to love on Braylon and his family through fundraisers and just raising awareness. From fish fry events, to barbecues, to bake sales to everything else, the community has responded with countless ways to help. The Carolina Panthers even got involved when they recently “signed” Braylon to a one-day deal to coach the Panthers, which he’s preparing to do at Fan Fest on August 7. “These activities all help Braylon through the stress of his treatments,” says Jesse. Braylon’s story and fight have naturally brought his family closer and allowed them to realize how important their time together is as a family. But without the community support, it might look a lot different. “All of these people have made a nightmare situation more bearable for Braylon and our family,” explains Jesse. “People have encouraged us and brought us to a better place in our hearts and

Blair Miller anchors the evening newscasts for WSOC-TV, Channel 9. He’s lived in Cornelius for the past three years and is a contributing writer to CURRENTS.

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Don Carney

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(704) 664-9111

190 Jackson St. Davidson


227 West Plaza Dr. Mooresville

Angela Jackson

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Ron Parks, LUTCF

Tracey Fox Smith

(704) 892-6004

Mooresville (704) 799-1571

(704) 548-0500

(704) 528-4141

19824 West Catawba Ave. Suite D Cornelius

584 Brawley School Rd. Suite 102

9713 Northcross Center Ct. Huntersville

Earl Carney Insurance 171 Wagner St. Troutman

Optional feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Damaged items may be repaired in some cases. Details vary by state and policy language. Please consult your policy for the specifics of your selected coverages. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle, Brand New Belongings, Join the Nation and We put members first, because we don’t have shareholders are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPR-0599AO (08/14)


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IO # :


REVISED 2/4/15

Rip Currents — Style

Vintage Quilt Salad and Dessert Paper Plates, $4.50 for 8, The Fresh Market, 20623 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, www.thefreshmarket.com.

Zinka Colored Nose Coat, $6.99 each, Icywakes Surf Shop, 20601 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, www.icywakessurfshop.com.

Julie Brown Cosmetic Set, $22.95, Trade Secrets booth at BLACKLION, Northcross Shopping Center, 9751 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville, www.blacklion.com.

by Lori K. Tate photography by Glenn Roberson

Lake Norman Red Floatable Visor by Vizers, $17.95, Uncommon Scents, Northcross Shopping Center, 9715 Sam Furr Road, #B, Huntersville, www.uncommonscents.com.

Liberty Tortilla Chips by RW Garcia, $3 a bag, The Fresh Market, 20623 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, www.thefreshmarket.com.

Uptown: Freeport Anchor Flip-Flop by Tidewater, $26.95, Uncommon Scents, Northcross Shopping Center, 9715 Sam Furr Road, #B, Huntersville, www.uncommonscents.com.

Lake Girl Big Gulp Solo Cup, $12.95, The Ladyship booth at BLACKLION, Northcross Shopping Center, 9751 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville, www.blacklion.com.

The Creativity Bucket — kit includes acrylic paint, paint brushes, small canvas panels, mixed media art pad, art pencils, clay, glitter glue and a reusable bucket with shovel — $26, Sanctuary of Davidson, 108 S. Main Street, Davidson, www.sanctuaryofdavidson.com.

Pretty Patriotic

Show off July’s stylish colors

ROXY Baseball Cap, $24, Icywakes Surf Shop, 20601 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, www.icywakessurfshop.com.

Macrame Wrap Bracelet by From Me to Ewe, $58, Sanctuary of Davidson, 108 S. Main Street, Davidson, www.sanctuaryofdavidson.com.


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

19425 Peninsula Shores Drive Cornelius, NC

4682 Ashley Lane Denver, NC

Dixie Dean

Lee Ann Miller

Lake Norman 704-641-1465 Dixie.Dean@allentate.com

Lake Norman 704-562-2922 LeeAnn.Miller@allentate.com

Offered at $1,987,000 Magnificent waterfront home in The Peninsula on Lake Norman, with views starting at the front door. Gather guests around the large island in the huge gourmet kitchen with commercial range and dine in the spacious dining room or lakeside on the private dock beneath 20x20 covered gazebo. First floor study/living room, great room with two-story stone fireplace. Kitchen, great room and spacious master suite open to terrace. Four large bedrooms up, fabulous lake level features bar, fireplace, additional bedroom suite, two offices, exercise, media. MLS#3062010

Offered at $1,325,000 If casual elegance describes your perfect lake home...then you have found your next home. Approximately 250 feet of Lake Norman shoreline brings privacy and serenity to this home. Natural beauty surrounds you as you relax on your covered veranda overlooking the rear yard and lake. The attention to details and quality craftsmanship can be found throughout home; 12-foot barrel ceiling in dining room, arched openings, custom cabinetry, large bonus room/office with built-ins and an entertainment headquarters on basement level are just a few examples. MLS#3084344

199 Washam Road

19319 Betty Stough Road

Mooresville, NC

Suzette Gerhardt

Lake Norman 704-500-3610 Suzette.Gerhardt@allentate.com Offered at $1,315,000 Waterfront full brick home with 240 feet of riprapped shoreline, pier, floating dock and jet ski lift. Big water view, full in-ground irrigation. Master on the main level, large open kitchen with granite countertops, breakfast room, dining room, two-story great room with stone fireplace, coffered ceiling and built-ins. Three spacious bedrooms up all with full baths, large bonus room, exercise room and heavy moldings throughout home. MLS#3081249

Cornelius, NC

Anita Sabates

Lake Norman 704-562-2515 Anita.Sabates@allentate.com Offered at $1,225,000 Exquisite estate on 1.2 acres just minutes from the Peninsula Country Club. Gourmet kitchen opens to spacious breakfast room and family keeping room. Superior outdoor living includes magnificent private pool and spa with outdoor fireplace, grilling area, covered porch and outdoor dining area. Luxurious master suite includes private sitting area, abundant closet space and peaceful spa like bath. Home includes two laundry rooms, two offices and large bedroom on the main living area. MLS#3082045

1796 Brawley School Road Mooresville, NC

CONNECTING YOU TO THE WORLD OF LUXURY. Luxury real estate is far more than a transaction. It’s about living the life you deserve.

Candi Schuerger

Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-400-1232 Candi.Schuerger@allentate.com Offered at $950,000 This beautiful custom golf course home was built by Augusta Homes and is loaded with every imaginable detail. The gourmet kitchen features a surplus of custom cabinets with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a large center island. You’ll find a casual dining area off the kitchen as well as a formal dining room with crown molding and chair rail. The great room has a large gas-log fireplace, and the sitting room features floor to ceiling windows on two walls to bring in the sunlight. MLS#3074705

109 Chatfield Cove Drive Mooresville, NC

Marcia Liedle

Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-574-0479 Marcia.Liedle@allentate.com Offered at $800,000 Beautiful waterfront retreat. Large home on nearly one acre lot. Covered dock with lift built in 2006, 250 feet of shoreline, deep wide cove, and sandy beach. Fabulous stone walls and stairs on lake side. Beautiful wood floors thru out much of home. 3.5 updated baths, huge dining room. Fresh paint, screen porch, great location with circular drive and low taxes. Great home is perfect for family gatherings as there is room for everyone. Home warranty. HVACs new in 2011 and whole house water filtration system. MLS#3090422

We know a commitment at this level requires a rock-solid relationship with experts who truly understand worldwide and local markets. With a global network with 50 years of proven results, and as the luxury leader in the Carolinas, we can connect you to the world of luxury. Because anything is possible when you know the right people. For more information, call 1-866-743-1101 or visit allentate.luxuryportfolio.com.

Rip Currents — Pets

Jochen started out as a pet for Kristine Nelson, but as time went on he evolved into so much more.

by Lori K. Tate photography by Ken Noblezada

At Your

Service 30 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Kristine Nelson and her dog, Jochen, make a good team


ochen started out as a pet for Kristine Nelson, but as time went on he evolved into so much more. A lifelong dog lover, the Cornelius resident takes her European Doberman everywhere she goes, as he is a certified service dog and a therapy dog. “He is my best friend,” she says. “I love him so much. I would be lost without this dog.”

Meant to be Nelson got Jochen (pronounced Yoken) on January 23, 2011 from a breeder in Missouri. “I always remember that day because it was the day the Green Bay Packers won the NFC Championship Game,” recalls the Wisconsin native, who is a huge Packers fan. “He was good luck.” Jochen is German for “created by God.” Nelson had a Doberman named Luciano who had passed away the previous November. She knew she wanted another one, but she also needed time to grieve her loss. While flipping through a magazine while she was home for Christmas in Wisconsin, she saw an article about the Missouri breeder. “I took a chance and contacted her, and she said, ‘Well, I have one dog that would be what your other dog was to you,’ and it was this guy,” recalls Nelson, as she pats Jochen on the head in her office at Berkshire Signature Properties in Huntersville’s Birkdale Village. “I went back and forth a lot because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but I pulled the trigger and got him, and I’ve never looked back.” When she brought 10-month-old Jochen home she had a hard time bonding with him because he was trained in German. She went to Dogs by Andy Kennels and Training in Mooresville to learn how to communicate with him better. They did a series of offleash obedience courses, and then they began training him as a therapy dog. “He is such a calm and loving dog,” says Nelson of her 105-pound best friend. “We went through Therapy International, and we passed all of our tests.” The two began volunteering at Levine & Dickson Hospice

Kristine Nelson of Cornelius and her service dog, Rochen, are always together.

House in Huntersville a few years ago. They also volunteer at Brookdale Churchill, a senior living community in Mooresville. “Jochen is the perfect height for their beds [at Hospice], so he will go up and he will rest his head right where their hands are. Most of the Hospice patients can’t do a lot of petting, so it’s mainly for their

families. The nurses love to see him. It gives people something else to think about.” At Brookdale Churchill, things are a bit more active, as Nelson and Jochen play bingo with the residents regularly. “We have a blast up there,” she says, adding that they are in the process of doing volunteer interviews at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Jochen is a European Doberman, who has been trained as a therapy dog and a service dog.

A calming alternative The other part of Jochen’s responsibilities involves him being a service dog to Nelson. In the process of Jochen’s training, Andy suggested they see if the dog would bite. “He [Andy] started him [Jochen] out real easy on a puppy tug to see if he had that drive to bite and chase, and he had it instantly,” remembers Nelson. “It wasn’t something he had to train. He had that instinct to protect.” With that revelation, Nelson and Andy began thinking that Jochen would be a good service dog for Nelson, as she has high anxiety. Andy is an evaluator for service dogs, and he took it from there. Jochen now has a Department of Justice ID, which allows him to go anywhere with Nelson. They fly together, mostly on Delta, because Nelson says they are the most accommodating airline for service dogs. “They [the Delta staff] will save a whole row for us in the bulk head seats, or they’ll Continued on page 34

216 Eden Street (located in the Metrolina Warehouse)

Davidson, NC 28036

(828) 612-0284 Larry Hendricks, owner SofasCheers.com 32 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

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Nelson and Jochen walk four miles a day together when weather permits, and they also enjoy paddleboarding. Continued from page 34

put us in first class where there’s more room. They’ll usually make a little announcement and say we have a special traveler onboard,” explains Nelson. “It’s funny because a lot of kids on flights will bring their parents up to see him, and I’m sure that it’s instantly a calming thing and a distraction for the kids.” As a Realtor, Nelson is constantly meeting people she doesn’t know in vacant locations, so Jochen searches the houses before she goes in to make sure they are safe. He’s also a deterrent for anyone contemplating foul play. They train twice a week focusing on bite work. “There’s a decoy, and he’s the guy dressed in a bite suit, and he’ll take the bites from Jochen,” she says. “Most recently we’ve been working on his blind searches, so he has to search a whole field for the bad guy.” Jochen enjoys swimming the most when he’s not working. Nelson purchased a paddleboard last year, so they like to take it out on the lake. They also walk four miles a day when it’s not so hot. Recently, Nelson was having a hard time concentrating in church because of the crowds, so she spoke with her minister about it and he encouraged her to bring Jochen. Now they go to church together at Lake Forest in Huntersville. “My anxiety is 100 percent of how I’m wired. The alternative is medication, but then it makes me a zombie throughout the day,” says Nelson. “There has to be an alternative, and that’s where he [Jochen] came in. He is always with me. We are never not together.”

Norman - Mt. Island - Wylie


Your 24/HR Help on the Water! LakeResponse.com

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Only by calling. Past members must be expired for one year.

Immediate Response - Professional Service

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Dr. Dr. Nicole Nicole Sheehan Sheehan

Dr. Dr. Carrie Carrie Uehlein Uehlein

Treat your pet to a Greener World

www.lcsti.com 912.484.1767

NATURAL NATURAL SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS FOR FOR LONGER LONGER AND HEALTHIER LIVES. AND HEALTHIER LIVES. 445 445 S. S. Main Main St. St. Davidson, Davidson, NC NC 704-765-1171 704-765-1171 Davidsonvet@gmail.com Davidsonvet@gmail.com

T H E U LT I M AT E VA C AT I O N CHARLOTTE / 2919 Boyer St. / 704.393.3647 LAKE NORMAN / 15020 Brown Mill Rd. / 704.875.8668 Pet Paradise wants to “Make a Splash” this summer by donating $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Visit www.timetomakeasplash.com to find out how you can help.

For additional locations or to make a reservation, visit www.PetParadise.com or call 1.877.PETS.PLAY.


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CURRENTS’ Essay Contest Winner by Meg Hewitt photography courtesy of Meg Hewitt


A True Tail

Meg Hewitt recalls how a boat ride turned into a rescue Y es, I am a critter addict. Whether fur, feathers, scales or slime, they fascinate me. Dead or alive, bloated, belly up or face down, it doesn’t matter to me — I appreciate their existence whatever their form. Lake Norman teems with an abundance of critter variety

and entertains me for hours. My husband and son humor my interest in them, as they smile and tolerate it. One day while out on the water, I was challenged with three questions: What is it, where did it come from and now, what do I do? We were off Blythe Landing, in the center of the channel, heading

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Meg Hewitt's husband, Jack, rescued a drowning possum near Blythe Landing. Hewitt admits that she is a critter addict.

back to our marina. I was sitting in the front, on the open bow of our powerboat and spied a potential critter ahead in the deep water. Knowingly, my husband, Jack, slowed the boat down and circled around my find so I could observe. It was a long,

sinuous gray snake ... or so I thought. The reality was that it was the tail of a possum, still attached to its owner. Pitifully, the possum was drowning, and his last bubbles of breath were escaping from his muzzle. Its little head bobbled and then went slowly back down under the surface, accepting the inevitable. But not me or my crew!

“Throw out the noodle,” I commanded. Amazingly, the possum still had the instinct to wrap it’s tail around it. Unfortunately, it’s head was still under water. “Throw out the raft! Jump in there and help it!” I yelled. And that’s what my husband did. The possum dragged itself onto the float. My husband attached the lifesaver with a rope, tied it to the boat and towed our castaway toward shore. My son, Matthew, walked the raft to the edge and helped the possum wearily disembark onto the land. It vanished into the tall grass, but not before giving us a grateful possum “grin,” which I knew was straight from that beating heart, under all that soggy fur. We never answered my middle question, but we did solve the other two. We took the correct action and did the right thing. We know we saved the life of something most people consider ugly and disgusting — worthless, useless. But not by me, I mean us. Meg Hewitt is a weekend warrior from Lewisburg, West Virginia. She hopes Meg Hewitt to someday retire from real estate and move to Lake Norman to become a daily critter watcher. She is the winner of CURRENTS Magazine’s First Annual Essay Contest.

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The Galley with Lynn and Glenn by Lynn Roberson photography by Glenn Roberson


Mexican with a



t was while growing up in Mexico City that sisters Alicia Ramirez and Lupita Barrera first felt the fusion of cuisines and cultures. These early experiences have inspired their newly opened Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine in Davidson. “We remember what we used to eat,” Ramirez says. “In Mexico, you eat a lot of seafood, a lot of fresh food, a lot of different stews and soups and vegetables. The variety is immense. We’re from Mexico City, and Mexico City is very eclectic. You find everything in Mexico City. We have authentic and traditional food from every area, from north to south, from coast to coast.” The name Mestizo reflects the heritage and the blending of tradition with the new. Mestizo Mexicans are Mexican people of Tortas with a cup of soup involves chicken with open face bread, refried beans, lettuce, sour cream and avocado cilantro sauce.

Mestizo brings a taste of Mexico City to Davidson

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Mini Habanero Crab Cakes feature habanero avocado cilantro sauce, crab cakes, beet and onion strings

Sisters Alicia Ramirez and Lupita Barrera with family members Sergio Barrera, Andrea Barrera and Humberto Olea.

mixed ancestry, and authentic Mexican cuisine springs from that blending. “It’s a fusion of the European with the natives,” Ramirez explains. “In our case, it would be Spaniard and the Indian in Mexico. Mestizo is the fusion of the Spanish heritage that we have, when they came, and they used the ingredients that they found. So that’s our food.”

All in the family The sisters draw from family recipes and

a variety of cultural influences, combined with a commitment to having no frozen ingredients. Family members brainstormed to decide what to offer as regular menu items. They rotate in the favorites that did not make the cut as specials. “We liked the idea of doing something newer and fresher,” Ramirez says. “Some of the items are traditional, and some of them are more contemporary. The ingredients we are using are more in line with the way people eat right now,

Camarones Al Huasteco is a favorite with jumbo shrimp, coconut pineapple gastrique sauce and Mexican rice.

which is lighter, healthier, with the same flavor without all the exaggerated amounts of fat or oils or salt.” The restaurant brings in ingredients from Mexico, sometimes through


Where Beauty

Functionality Meet

122 Summerville Dr, Mooresville, NC • 704-663-3497


39 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

overnight express companies. “We want to let the people know there’s something more than burritos and enchiladas,” Barrera says. “We want to show a little bit about Mexico City, too. We have some traditional dishes, like Mixiote de pollo. It’s a very traditional dish in Mexico, chicken baked in a banana leaf.” According to Ramirez, they intend to add more weekly specials. “We’re going to bring more seafood,” she says. “We don’t change the menu, but we will add more specials. For desserts, for example, we’re going to use the fruits that are in season to make cakes or desserts that are Mexican.”

A showcase of culture The sisters and other family members, who are Lake Norman residents, had long wanted to open this type of restaurant in the area. “We always loved Davidson, and when we were passing the building, which was empty, one day we decided to stop at the town and ask,” Barrera recalls. They learned that owners Tom Clark and Joe Poteat wanted to lease the space, and they struck a

Meat lovers will enjoy Agujas Cortas — short ribs, chile ancho red wine sauce, Mexican rice and poblano rajas.

deal. The building previously housed the offices of Cairn Studio, which made Clark’s collectible gnome figurines. The Town of Davidson permitted the restaurant to open a patio with small tables, chairs and umbrellas in keeping with the overall ambiance of downtown

Our name’s not the only thing Unique about us. We understand your Unique business and provide flexible, custom-tailored options to help you succeed. Your quest stops here for a business banking partner that understands you.

Davidson. The brick patio nestles beside the restaurant just north of the post office. Inside, leather chairs snug up to the tables with customized table wraps featuring photography that showcases the culture and people of Mexico City. Modern decorative light bulbs suspend from the ceiling, adding sparkle and an elegant touch. Vivid paintings by muralist Diego Rivera and other well-known artists adorn the wall. With its music, food and décor, the restaurant gives an authentic feel to the dining experience. “Everybody knows everybody else,” Barrera says. “In the afternoons, people enter the door and say ‘hi’ to each other. We like that. We like to feel they can meet their friends here, and it’s like a family with everybody.” THE SCOOP Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine 121 N. Main St. Davidson 704.997.5933 Hours: Tue-Thu 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.; Fri-Sat 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

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With Branches in Cornelius, Downtown Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and Mooresville. Southpark Coming in July!

Just ask Nicole. Dr. Nicole Sheehan, Aquesta Business Banking Customer and owner of The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson.


Proud to be among the top 10 banks in North Carolina for SBA loan growth.

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Glenn Roberson


PHOTOGRAPHY glennroberson.com

Glenn’s new book PHOTOGRAPHING Beauty is now available at amazon.com

Grapevine by Trevor Burton

Laurel Gray

Allowing vines and grapes to do all the talking W

hen it comes to floating boats, I get my nautical lift by talking to winemakers and winery owners. You get to taste their wines, of course, but you also get to explore the philosophy that went into each wine. As I’ve said many times before, it’s like discussing a poem with the poet who wrote it. So, color me elated when I visited with Kim Meyers at Laurel Gray Vineyards. Kim and her husband, Benny, are the owners of Laurel Gray. The Meyers are onto something. There’s a deep philosophy here, and it shines through in the wines. It’s all about respect for the “terroir” and drawing everything from it. Terroir is an untranslatable French word. It describes the “whereness” of a wine. It’s a combination of soil, climate and winemaking methodology. Let’s look a little at this terroir that I’m talking about. Laurel Gray Vineyards is located in Hamptonville, just a small hop up Interstate 77. Hamptonville is in the Swan Creek AVA (American Viticultural Area), a sub-region of

The start of something good — a gnarly vine and an early bud that’s going to end up in a glass of Viognier.

42 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

the Yadkin Valley. The Swan Creek AVA is small, encompassing less than 180 square miles. It was only recently that it was recognized as distinct enough to merit its own AVA designation. That’s thanks to the Brushy Mountains to its west.

The dirt on Swan Creek

Vive le Swan Creek — thank you, Brushy Mountains.

doesn’t mean that much. That’s where I got my vinous jollies at Laurel Gray. The only grapes used in the vineyards are grape varieties that are seen in France. This might sound like some kind of Francophile quirk, but Meyers explained the reason behind it. There was a lot of research and testing conducted before planting. French varieties were chosen because Laurel Gray’s soils, climate and elevation all indicated those to be the best. So it’s not a case of “Vive la France,” it’s more like “Vive le Swan Creek.” Then there’s the second piece of philosophy. None of the grapevines get any irrigation —apart from early plantings that need a little help to get them going. Dry farming (not using irrigation) is what makes everything work. Go back to my description of grapevines tunneling down into cracks in the rock. If they are irrigated they have no need to do any of that arduous stuff. They just sit back and sip up what’s served to them. This might sound counterintuitive. Why not feed the vines to get a bigger yield? Make life easy, more grapes more wine. Nothing could be more wrong. The lower the yields, the more concentrated the juices in the grapes.

About The Writer

Over millions of years the crest of the Brushy Mountains eroded away to deposit several feet of loamy, volcanic soil on top of a bed of solid rock in the land below. Here we are, today, and that soil and rock are magic when it comes to wine. Grapevine roots dig down deep into soil looking for moisture and nourishment; they can go down 50 feet or more. All of the good stuff underground finds its way into the vine’s root system, into its grapes and into the wine. The gnarly, 14-year-old vines at Laurel Gray get down into the volcanic soil, but they go even further, seeking out cracks in the rocks to tunnel into. Quoting a winemaking buddy of mine, "If a grapevine were an animal, it would be a goat." Goats eat pretty well anything, and grapevines flourish in the nastiest of soils. That sounds like a bad thing, but it isn’t — the nastier and harsher the soils, the more complexity and character get into the wines. Enough about the dirt. The Brushy Mountains come into play a second time. They work in combination with the Blue Ridge chain to the northeast to create a natural funnel that sends cooling winds through the vineyard. The winds play a double role, as they combat North Carolina’s humidity. Humidity can cause grapes to rot, and growers have to pick them early before they get damaged. That affects, negatively, the quality of the wines. Swan Creek’s winds also keep the grapevines cool, three to five degrees cooler than locations even a mile away. Because of that, harvest is later. Fruit has more time on the vine to develop complex varietal flavors. All of this is about the environment, but without the right wine philosophy it

The deeper the roots go, the more goodies are drawn from the earth. Vines have to suffer to produce great wines. All that talk of geology and winemaking built up a thirst, and so I got to check out what all this means when it came to wine. First, a comment — the use of French grape varieties does not mean that the goal at Laurel Gray Vineyards is to produce look-alike French wines. Anything but. The goal is to let the unique terroir of Swan Creek shine through in the wines. I tasted a whole array of wines — it’s tough work researching material for these columns. Rather than go through the whole list, I’ll focus on just one of the wines to give you an idea. I’m a fool when it comes to wines from the Côte Rôtie region of France. It’s there that some of the greatest Viognierbased wines, Condrieu, are produced. So, I was more than just interested in tasting Laurel Gray’s Viognier. The wine is barrel fermented and then aged in new French oak. I wasn’t trying to judge whether it was better or worse than a glass of Condrieu —that’s a dumb thing to do anyway. I wanted to see it for what it is, a Swan Creek wine. The wine has a full body, almost creamy. It’s smooth, and yet there is definitely an acidic edge. It has all the rich, warm fruits and the little floral aroma you’d expect in a Viognier. Beautiful. Thank you, Brushy Mountains. I’m constantly joyful that living at Lake Norman makes it so easy to visit some great vineyards. As I said at the beginning of the article, nothing beats tasting wine with the person responsible for getting it into the bottle — one of life’s great pleasures. Try it, it’s so close by, and the rewards are so great. Enjoy. Trevor Burton of Mooresville is certified by the International Sommelier Guild, he is founder of SST Wine Experiences and, along with his wife, Mary Ellen, conducts wine education and tasting tours to wine regions throughout the world.


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“Cotton” Ketchie’s

Landmark Galleries, Inc. Preserving our heritage through Art, Photography, & Literature

Unleash Your Inner Puppy! Dog & Cat Boarding

y Doggie Da Camp

• Custom Framing

Come on in, the water’s fine!

• NC Handmade Pottery • Celebrating 35 Years in Downtown Mooresville

• 10,000 sq ft Climate Controlled Facility on 3 ½ Acres • 20’ x 40’ Zero entry, In-ground Bone shaped Swimming Pool • 6 very large outdoor Play Areas covered with artificial turf • Spacious Deluxe, Double Deluxe or Luxury Cabins for Overnight • Web Cams so you can watch your Camper at play • Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Vote for us: Best Gallery


212 N Main St, Mooresville, NC • (800) 842-8604 • (704) 664-4122



Boarding • Daycare Training • Wellness

10835 Bailey Road • Cornelius, NC 28031 704-895-8444 • www.campwaggingtails.com

Ahead of the Curve...

Complete Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System Now at Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Center

Lake Norman Orthopedic Spine Center is one of only a few institutes worldwide that offers O-arm® Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System technology. This revolutionary scanning system combines the best features of C-arm technology with intraoperative 3-D imaging and navigation. For patients, O-arm® System technology may mean smaller incisions, faster recovery times and better surgical outcomes.

O-arm® is a registered trademark of Medtronic.


Kenneth e. Wood, M.d.

“The O-arm® System takes a complex surgery and makes it seem routine.”

170 Medical Park Road, Suite 102, Mooresville, NC 28117 | 704.660.4750 44 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Ben J. Garrido, M.d.


— Ken Wood, M.D.

Thoughts from the Man Cave

arly last fall, when the decision was made to bring a dog into our household to serve primarily as a companion for our toddler daughter, I immediately began researching breeds that behave well with (read: don’t eat) small children. To my surprise, I found, literally, dozens of compatible breeds from the fun-loving retriever to the loyal and handsome boxer. Being the logical, organized type, I prepared a spreadsheet with breeds ranked according to trainability and traits I thought were important and shared it with my wife.

by Mike Savicki


dogs love hamburgers Mike Savicki explores the misadventures of dog training

45 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

When my wife told me we would be getting a rescue dog, and she would know the exact dog only when she sees and connects with it, I panicked. Getting a rescue dog, I thought, was like taking a chance on the lottery. Not the dollar type of scratch-off lottery where you typically win your dollar back then lose it when you go back in to get a second ticket, but the big, mega-billions, jackpot-type lottery that everyone plays in a frenzy once or twice a year and someone from a town you never heard of wins not once but twice. Rescue dogs, I had heard, were unpredictable and uncooperative. If any dog would eat our toddler and not think twice about swallowing her whole, I assumed it would be a rescue. But logic was no match for emotion so, reluctantly, I put away my list, and we headed off one Saturday morning to peruse rescues in search of that winning lottery ticket dog. My wife, a lifelong dog owner, was convinced she was out there. I, as a novice, had my doubts. Now, let’s fast-forward a bit to where “Stella” has now found her new home. She came from a rescue just outside Charlotte, and the only type of traceable breed listed on her papers was “Cur.” Three little letters, that’s it. There weren’t many other details about her genesis either. Such is a rescue. My wife connected with Stella almost immediately that morning, and the match was made. The decision was never in doubt. I just had to do my best to get the three of us into the van and on the road before Stella convinced my wife to bring home all her friends, too. We were that close. The rescue gave us a few baggies of food plus a cool foldable, dog-carrying bag to go along with the guarantee that if we didn’t like Stella in a week or two we could bring her back. In my mind, I figured we might at least break even with a cool parting gift if things didn’t work out in those early few days. But what kind of person in their right mind returns a living, breathing, slobbering, energetic, thankful, playful, approximately 1-year-old dog back

46 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

to a rescue? I was on the fence until my wife told me it wouldn’t be us. So, with the dog at home, I began researching “Cur.” When I saw pictures of the breed sitting on branches high up in trees with captive birds in its grasp, I thought about calling a tree service to rid our yard of every limb lower than 20 feet. When I read that the larger versions of the breed could jump over most fences, I envisioned our dog leaping from rooftop to rooftop like one of Santa’s reindeer, so I thought about calling a fence company and requesting the tallest residential fence permitted within town limits. It was only when I learned that the book and Disney movie, Old Yeller, was originally written about a “Cur,” and that they are generally kind, loyal, calming, caring and nurturing, that I gained some hope. I figured at least our toddler had a fighting chance of survival. Training Stella has become a lesson in learning for me. I never knew a dog didn't come preprogrammed with the knowledge that simply passing through the door and stepping outside automatically ensures she will take care of her business in the proper place. Or that simply attaching a leash to a collar means she will walk peacefully alongside me and not bolt without notice after who knows what. It took me multiple platters of fully cooked hamburgers over countless weekends to realize dogs can (read: do) get up on countertops when no one is looking. “What may be common sense to one dog owner may not cross the mind of another,” says Toni Stoltz, CDT, owner 4 Positive Paws, LLC, which serves the Lake Norman area. “You have to realize that unless they are told ‘no,’ everything you see is fair game in the eyes of the dog.” I wish we had learned that

lesson before we sacrificed nearly a dozen stuffed animals, plus countless socks and shoes. Only after a couple sessions with Tim Canty, a trainer who mainly honed his craft by spending nearly a decade in the Camp Wagging Tails play yard channeling dogs and dog behavior a la Caesar Milan, did I begin to have hope in my life. “Dog training isn’t a straightforward progression, and it is difficult to know sometimes where to start,” explains Canty, “but if you put in the time and effort, and work every day, then it’s likely it will work out.” As of today, Canty's words are ringing true. Yes, the foyer still sometimes serves as an emergency restroom, but our toddler is still here and she has all her limbs intact, which is nice. Now, if I could just remember not to leave the hamburgers on the countertop when I make a run back to the grill.

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VW • Audi • Porsche • Range Rover • Lexus Open 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Weekdays • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat.

209 W. Plaza Drive, Mooresville • 704-662-9364 randymarionsubaru.com

OLD is the new NEW The largest antique mall in the south 325 McGill Ave. NW, Concord, NC 28026 704-787-9351 • www.depotgibsonmill.com Mon-Sat 10-7 • Sunday 1-6

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Game On

From left, Dakota Greenwell from Mooresville High School, Blake Scherrman of Davidson Day and Spencer Russell from Hough High School.

by Mike Savicki photography by Glenn Roberson


Basketball’s Band of Brothers

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com


t is just a week before the last of the three will cross the stage for his high school graduation, and instead of relaxing at the beach, wakeboarding on the lake or simply saying a last goodbye to school friends, Blake Scherrman, Spencer Russell and Dakota Greenwell are sweating through yet another workout at Mooresville Vertimax. Their sessions there have played an integral role in helping each grow and improve as basketball players, and now, with the hope of playing college basketball on the horizon, the trio has raised the intensity level. They value the all-around benefits of the physical training, as well as how training together is helping them learn character and grow spiritually.

Finding fate Today’s workout combines agility training with speed work and weights, and each excels in his own way. Dakota demonstrates his uncanny vertical leaping ability (which is rumored to be better than a guy named Lebron). Spencer powers through the strength exercises that flow from his experience as a big man. And Blake, as the shortest of the three, dazzles with his brand of speed and quickness. Through sweat and a shared love of basketball, the three have quickly become close friends. Why basketball? Because basketball is their common language. The sport is what brought the three together. If you turn the clock back even four or five months earlier to the end of March, when varsity basketball season came to a close for the Davidson Day (Blake Scherrman), Hough High School (Spencer Russell) and Mooresville High

School (Dakota Greenwell) seniors, chances were good that the three might not have pictured themselves working out together as school ended and summer vacation began. Blake and Spencer only barely knew each other from AAU, and Dakota and Spencer had only crossed paths when Hough played Mooresville. That was the extent of their shared relationships. Each had his own teammates and sets of friends. That’s how it works with high school sports. But when Blake, Spencer and Dakota began narrowing options for college, and thinking more about finding the right school to pursue academics and play basketball, their paths began to converge and overlap. Blake and Spencer made a college visit together to a small school in northwest Georgia, and both fell in love with the campus and environment along with the hope of continuing to play basketball. Dakota visited, too, and became similarly intrigued. “I committed to Berry,” Spencer texted to Blake shortly after returning from their visit. “I’m committing next week,” Blake texted in reply. “It will be cool to know someone,” they agreed. And when the pair learned from head men’s basketball coach, Jeff Rodgers, that Dakota would be attending, too, their friendship took shape. In no time at all, they began training together and became a fast band of basketball brothers; Blake as a point guard, Spencer a stretch forward and Dakota as a shooting guard.

Continued on page 52

Blake is a point guard, Spencer is a stretch forward and Dakota is a shooting guard.

All headed to Berry College, three Lake Norman-area basketball players prepare to discover the unique blend of Division III college sports and academics 49 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

dine, dazzle & pend the day in Davidson! Enjoy shopping and dining around town at our eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. The dining scene has exploded recently with many new establishments, offering fares sure to please any palate. Enjoy the annual 4th of July Celebration, or take in a Concert on the Green. (see box at far right for a list of events) Venture across the bridge at I-77, Exit 30 to watch a beautiful sunset over Lake Norman from a waterfront pub. Summer fun awaits you in Davidson! Seasons At The Lake

Decorate your life! Welcome summer with clothing and accessories from our LAKEGIRL collection, and more. Enhance your home with beautiful custom wreaths, arrangements, potted plants, candles, home accessories, and many more treasures. Visit our two locations: 106 South Main – Seasons on the Green & 428 South Main in the beautiful town of Davidson. facebook.com/seasonsatthelake South Main Sweet Shop Our eclectic mix of artisan chocolates, organic & fair trade chocolate bars, scoop-able bin candy, retro candy, and other confections is sure to please a wide variety of tastes. Our selection of chocolates and candy are perfect for gifts, gift baskets, celebrations, corporate events, weddings and care packages. www.southmainsweetshop.com

New To You Consignment Boutique Offering a wide selection of ladies’ current designer fashions at affordable prices. Come in and style yourself in our famous name brand clothing and accessories. www.newtoyou.vpweb.com

Restaurant X Located in the historic South Main Square in Davidson, Restaurant X is a cozy “hole-in-the-wall” Bistro with a delectable eclectic menu of truly International cuisine and a quirky “shabby-chic” interior karma. www.restaurantx-davidson.com


An authentic Mexican taqueria featuring fresh, sophisticated flavors served in generous portions and made on location daily. Full Bar featuring a variety of Signature Margaritas, Mexican beers and daily drink specials. www.carrburritos.com

Main Street Books

Stop by Main Street Books for a leisurely browse in the oldest building downtown. You’ll find bestsellers alongside our best local authors. Keep up with book signing events and story times on our website. www.mainstreetbooksdavidson.com

Dixieland Clothing Company “Coolers, Costas, and Clothing…We do it all at Dixieland!” YETI, Peter Millar, Southern Tide, Southern Proper, High Cotton, Costa Del Mar, Over Under, and More! facebook.com/dixielandclothing

Davidson Village Inn Guests are always made to feel welcome at the 18 room, European style, Davidson Village Inn serving breakfast and afternoon tea daily. www.davidsonvillageinn.com


In Davidson TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Davidson - where Dr. Dick Hay, Davidson

graduate ‘77, has been leading a caring, skilled, and compassionate staff since 1999. www.totalbondvets.com

Lake Norman Cottage Visit us for the perfect wine, beer and gift retail experience… then take a short waterfront walk over to The Cabin for local craft beers and cigars. www.lakenormancottage.com

North Harbor Club Restaurant

Always an intriguing dining experience, North Harbor Club is the perfect lakeside destination! Enjoy the ambiance of our dining rooms with views of the harbor from our wall of windows or at our lakefront patio, weather permitting. Conveniently located at North Harbor Place, by land right off I-77 at exit 30, or by boat in the Davidson Creek area at marker T4. www.NORTHHARBORCLUB.COM

Celebrate Summer! Bring the family and enjoy some summer fun!

North Harbor Place at Davidson Landing

Enjoy Lakeside Fine Dining at North Harbor Club. Boat to work? We offer exclusive Waterfront Office & Retail space. Boat Slips for lease & convenient, downtown Mini Storage. LakeNormanCompany.com

July 4th Parade and Concert on the Green

Parade starts at 5:30 p.m. (line up at Davidson Elementary parking lot) Concert on the Green - 6:00—8:00 p.m. featuring Pushh (80’s, 90’s, and Today)

Concerts on the Green (all concerts start at 6:00 p.m.)

August 2 – featuring Image (old school R&B), Movie on the Green following concert August 16 – featuring the Rusty Knox Band (Americana) September 6 – featuring Back Beat (Beatles Tribute) September 20 – featuring Davidson College Symphony & Jazz Ensemble


For Information on Town of Davidson events visit www.townofdavidson.org

Berry College bound, these three Lake Norman-area basketball players are committed to the sport of basketball. Continued from page 49

More than the game


What makes their friendship even more unique is that all three share a similar passion for academics. Each values classwork as highly as athletics. And at Berry College as a NCAA Division III player in the Southern Athletic Association, they understand academics must share the stage with athletics. There are no scholarships, and there are no guarantees. To remain eligible to play the sport they love, each knows he has to stay dedicated to the classroom as much as the basketball floor. Coach Rogers made the point clear to his new recruits. “The first thing I say about a Division III athlete is that he is a kid who wants a complete experience in college. He values and understands the academic challenges and loves and wants to continue playing their sport,” he explains. “Sure, he might be able to earn a scholarship somewhere else, but he understands the value of a great education and wants to be challenged academically as well as

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

athletically. He is a kid who has character and is looking beyond simply the next four years at what an education will do 10, 20, 30 years down the road. He knows that as a Division I athlete, your sport defines you, and as a Division III athlete, your sport compliments who you are as a person.” So, with both athletic and academic challenges on the horizon, Blake, Spencer and Dakota continue their workouts. They are making the most of their time together at Vertimax, playing open gym ball and preparing for the academic rigors, too. They are excited, nervous and hopeful about what their opportunity at Berry might bring and excited to be beginning a new chapter with friends. “It’s comforting to know you are going somewhere new and different, but you won’t be alone,” Dakota says. “That was definitely one of my worries,” Blake adds. “That I’d be going somewhere and starting something pretty challenging and new all alone. But now, since I’ve met these guys, and we have become friends, I’m ready to go.”

What makes their friendship even more unique is that all three share a similar passion for academics.


to SMALL dogs


BIG dogs


PUREBREDS Lake Norman loves their furry friends and CURRENTS CANINE COVER COMPETITION showcased over 40 of them on May 2 during Davidson Town Day.



HUGE hug,




and a larger than life to all of our sponsors who made this event a great success! Because of you, the Humane Society of Charlotte and Friends of the Animals of Iredell County can continue their great work in providing loving homes and healthy environments for dogs and cats throughout our area.

Patrice Reynolds, exec. director of Friends of the Animals receives CURRENTS’ donation

Kim Sheehey, Special Events Manager receives CURRENTS’ donation

to our Event Planner

and WSOCTV News Anchor Blair Miller for emceeing the event! CONGRATULATIONS


CURRENTS’ Publisher, Sharon Simpson presents donation


CURRENTS’ Publisher, Sharon Simpson presents donation

See you next year, May 7, 2016 on the Green in Davidson!

to our 2015 Canine Cover Winner, CUDA!

Your source for real estate available in Lake Norman and nearby areas.


Waterfront in The Peninsula 19425 Peninsula Shores Drive 6 Bedrooms, 6.5 Baths 7,504 Sq Ft $1,987,000 DETAILS: Magnificent waterfront home with views starting at the front door. Gather guests around the large island in the gourmet kitchen & dine in the spacious dining room or lakeside on the private dock beneath the 20x20 gazebo. Dixie Dean Allen Tate Company 704-641-1465 Dixie.Dean@allentate.com

Under $750,000

Uwharrie Point



4841 Sq. Ft $989,000 5 Bedrooms 5 Full Baths 1 Half Bath

140 Lilac Mist Loop $489,000

#3092269 $1,500,000

DETAILS: 5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths and over 3,200 sq. feet in popular Davidson Pointe community. Attached Two-Car Garage. Just outside downtown Davidson but low Iredell County Taxes!

DETAILS: Superior lake views from this peninsula lot with breathtaking main-channel water frontage that boasts 357 feet of Lake Norman shoreline. Enviable exceptional waterfront paradise with private pier, deck and porch area overlooking a flat backyard. Interior has been completely renovated with a new gourmet kitchen, stunning hardwood floors, incredible lake views from almost every room. Master and guest suites on lower level. Upper level offers large recreation area and kitchenette.

DETAILS: Magnificent golf estate, on 15th green and fairway of Uwharrie Point's Old North State Club. Main level master with view of golf course and four guest bedrooms, all with private baths upstairs. Stunning living spaces perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Entertain guests on the patio, covered porch and reminisce around the fire pit. This home is a true golf champions dream with its incredible golf course view. David Whittman premiersothebysrealty.com

Frances Dawson The Lake Norman Group of RE/MAX Executive at the Lake 704-701-7599 www.HomesOfLKN.com

Team Nadine www.ALakeHome.com


Waterfront Home & Pool!

Waterfront Home!

1796 Brawley School Road 4BR 4/1BA - The Point $950,000 MLS #3074705

118 Fairburn Drive

4BR 3BA - Mooresville $899,900 MLS #3074238

215 Pinnacle Shores Drive

9.2 Waterfront Acres!

Beautiful 1 Acre Lot!

Golf Course Lot & Boatslip!

996 Fern Hill Road

140 Bridlepath Lane

9.2 Acre Waterfront Lot - Mooresville $745,000 MLS #3007361

Salt Water Pool!

112 Whispering Cove Court 4BR 4/1BA - Northington Woods $523,000 MLS #3090436

4BR 4/1BA - Pinnacle Shores $800,000 MLS #3074103

205 Brownstone Drive

4BR 3/1BA - Bridle Path $549,999 MLS #3004370

1.2 Acre Waterview Lot - The Point $525,000 MLS #3085154

Waterfront Lot!

Lake Access!

191 Northington Woods Drive

.86 Acre Waterfront Lot - Northington Woods $300,000 MLS #3026091

119 Lakeland Road

.46 Acre Lot - Holiday Harbour $50,000 MLS #3079490

Candi Schuerger

Making Your Real Estate Transaction a Sweet Experience

Broker, Realtor速 704-400-1232 Candi@CandiSugar.com

frances dawson







Full Brick, Refinished hardwoods, 5 Bedrooms. Amazing outdoor Living Space. Walk to your Deeded Boatslip.

Completely updated home. Fantastic kitchen w/custom cabinets, SS Appliances,exotic granite and center island.Gorgeous hardwoods thru-out most of main. All 4.5 Baths recently updated.Huge Master Suite.

5 Bedrooms + Bonus Rm + Main Floor Office. Kitchen updated with Granite counter & SS Appliances. Master has two walk-in closets. Fenced Backyard & Deeded Boatslip.

Brick Ranch - 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths with open Floorplan, Attached Garage and huge Corner-Lot.



4485 Rustling Woods


7875 Buena Vista


SAILVIEW CUSTOM 7903 Chapel Creek

Walk-to Deeded Boatslip, Master on Main with custom closet. Incredible outdoor entertaining space.

$579,000 HOME LOTS FOR SALE DENVER MLS 2164633 Lot #39 Rippling Cove Court .56 acre $59,900 MLS 3061337 Lot #301 Rustling Woods Drive .51 acre $63,000 MLS 3068162 Lot #311 Rustling Woods, .50 acre $72,000

7994 Buena Vista

706 Norman Drive




140 Lilac Mist Loop



Popular Denver/Stanley area community. Walk to dining, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths and over 3,200 sq. feet in popular grocery shopping and community pool. Spacious Kitchen and Davidson Pointe community. Attached Two-Car Garage. Just Breakfast Bay open to Great Room. Flat backyard. outside downtown Davidson but low Iredell County Taxes!

MLS 3043542 Lot #351 Crepe Ridge Drive .70 acre $64,000

MLS 2164745 Lot #30 Buena Vista Drive .56 acre $75,000

MLS 3043560 Lot #346 Crepe Ridge Drive .65 acre $64,000

MLS 2164762 Lot #5 Cricket Cove Court .71 acre $80,000

MLS 3043551 Lot #350 Crepe Ridge Drive .70 acre $67,000

MLS 2070377 Lot #303 Rustling Woods Drive .63 acre $79,000

stop dreaming . . . start living 704.701.7599 | HOMESof LKN.COM | frances@HOMESof LKN.COM

STATESVILLE MLS 2211206 Lot #23 Southern Horizon Drive 1.90 acre $35,000 MLS 2209208 Lot #43 Windingwood Drive 1.90 acre $45,000 MOORESVILLE MLS 3059322 - Lot #225 Mainview .23 acre $44,000

Amber Garchar 704.562.4731

This rare Lake Norman retreat exemplifies quality craftsmanship with a contemporary flare. MLS #3080544 ~ $3,750,000

Ann Scott 704.763.2072

A captivating estate offers main channel views, 4 car garage, pier & two slips! MLS #3079125 ~ $950,000

Darlene Teeter 704.677.2402

Reduced! Best price per square foot on the golf course in The Peninsula. MLS #3042037 ~ $725,000

Debbie Monroe

Darlene Teeter



E x p er i enc e M at t ers !

17048 Jetton Road • The Peninsula • $1,075,000

Stunning Golf Course home! Come live the dream in this golf course home with private backyard oasis.

21120 Blakely Shores Dr. • Waterford Point • $1,775,790 Exquisite waterfront home with extensive architectural detail throughout, featuring 3 story great room.

Melinda Meade-White, CRS An ELITE Broker selling to Lake Norman and Charlotte families for over 27 years.

704.534.9208 MelindaMeadeWhite@gmail.com


Homeport by Lori K. Tate photography by Amy Ellis


60 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Catherine Boardman designed her Davidson home with pieces she loves

Interior designer Catherine Boardman and her dog, Max, stand in the entryway of her Davidson home..

C The living room painted in Benjamin Moore’s Super White, one of Boardman’s all-time favorite interior colors, offers a crisp, gallery look. The brick fireplace, also painted in Super White, continues the fresh approach, while a cotton velvet Mitchell Gold couch in bottle green adds a pop of color.

atherine Boardman has the original plans for her 1964 mid-century modern home in Davidson, but she has no idea who the architect was. The owner of Catherine Boardman Interiors and Charlotte’s Mix Modern Home at Alexander Scott Interiors has researched it only to come up empty-handed. All she knows is that she loves his or her work and has made it a comfortable and chic home for her family.

White Out

Boardman did some staging work for the previous owner of her home and never forgot about the house. “I always remembered it. I wasn’t ready to move at the time,” explains Boardman, who lived with her husband, Henry, and two children, Eli and Annie, in a brick bungalow nearby. “It came back on the market again later, and I always remembered some of the cool features of the house. …I loved the feel of this house.”


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

The kitchen cabinets are original to the home. Boardman painted all of the home's doors black with the exception of the front door, which is Dreamsicle Orange.

The family also needed more space than their bungalow could provide, so in 2006, they purchased the home. “I didn’t have a master plan for this house. I always just kind of let things roll out,” explains Boardman sitting in a Mitchell Gold swivel chair in her living room. “I always have ideas in my head about what I’d like to do in my home or in my client’s homes. Then when the time is right, we kind of pull the trigger. So that’s how I’ve approached this house, too.” Other than a screened-in porch added by the previous owner, the floor plan hasn’t changed since the home was built. The living room painted in Benjamin Moore’s Super White, one of Boardman’s all-time favorite interior colors, offers a crisp, gallery look. The brick fireplace, also painted in Super White, continues the fresh approach, while a cotton velvet Mitchell Gold couch in bottle green adds a pop of color.

Savor Your Summer. Luxury & Performance has Come

to the Lake!

July 17-26

Visit Randy Marion Cadillac for all your service, parts and accessory needs

220 W. Plaza Drive • I-77, Exit 36, Hwy. 150

Open 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Weekdays • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat.


704-663-3201 Service Direct • RANDYMARION.COM

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Prix fixe menus • 100+ restaurants


Above, The previous owners finished the floor of the screened-in porch with a marine varnish, which has stood the test of time. Below, Boardman found this bamboo sofa and table at Our Towns Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Cornelius. She repainted the couch and had pillows made for it. Above The television is hidden in a vintageinspired Vanguard TV cabinet, while Mitchell Gold swivel chairs allow for easy viewing.

Boardman snagged two “wall flowers” featuring gold leaf on the inside and a turquoise patina on the outside from her store for the space. The television rises out of a vintage-inspired TV cabinet by Vanguard that she found eight years ago in Hickory. “I’ll come across things, and I can make a decision pretty easily about whether it’s going to work or not, she says. “That cabinet was something that I jumped on.” The living room runs parallel to the screened-in porch, where the family spends a bulk of its time. The previous owners treated the wood floor with a marine varnish, so Boardman hasn’t had to touch it since. The porch’s bamboo sofa was a find from Our Towns Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Boardman painted it black and had cushions made for it. The rocking chairs were made by a friend’s husband, and the table is also a Habitat find. All of the elements of the space, including the chirping birds outside, work together to create a tranquil respite.


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Above, A Milo Baughman console table she found at Charlotte’s Sleepy Poet Antique Mall continues the mid-century modern feel. Right, Boardman has chunks of black throughout her home from one of her dining room walls to a black carpet in the living room to most of the doors.

Above, Boardman was attracted to her home's mid-century modern architecture. Right, Books organized by color in her grandmother's china cabinet offer an artistic touch. Below, The kitchen offers plenty of storage space, and it also features excellent lighting.

Paint it black

64 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Boardman has chunks of black throughout her home from one of her dining room walls to a black carpet in the living room to all of the doors, with the exception of the front door, which is painted in a Dreamsicle Orange. The foyer exhibits a black and white graphic wallpaper print from Kelly Wearstler by Lee Jofa. A traditional wooden table handed down through her family accents the entryway. “You’ve got to make it work sometimes,” says Boardman. “You have certain things that you want to keep, either antiques or just pieces that you love, and I never have the budget to start fresh, so I’m always kind of working with what I have.” Another example of working with

“I didn’t have a master plan for this house. I always just kind of let things roll out.”

Wallpaper was added to the powder room to update its look.

things she has is in the master bedroom, where Boardman’s grandmother’s china cabinet now houses her books. Boardman painted the cabinet white, leaving the inside its original dark brown, and arranged the books by color for an artistic effect. The royal blue headboard she scored at HomeGoods works perfectly with her book arrangement and her lemon yellow Robert Abbey lamps. Her husband’s bass sits in the corner waiting on its next gig. The staircase leading to the basement was recently stained ebony, as it leads to another favorite spot for the family. Aside

Inside or Out, Your Cabinets Can Be Fabulous!

1035 B(2)

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fine cabinetry custom storage specialized milllwork Kitchens & Baths • Custom Closets Wainscot • Mantels • Office Built Ins • Cedar Shutters • Pergolas Garage Storage • Outdoor Cabinetry

COLOR BUILD: 80% Cyan 90% Magenta 70% Yellow 30% Black

Follow us www.houzz.com/pro/impactdesignresources

SouthEnd Showroom: 305 Foster Ave. Charlotte, NC 28203 • 704-778-6814 •



lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

from Boardman and her husband having home offices in the basement, the space offers a comfortable family room, complete with polished concrete floors and duct tape art by Boardman. The room’s television sits atop a Danish modern book shelf (the first piece of furniture she and her husband purchased together). A Mitchell Gold sleeper sofa offers a comfortable place for overnight guests to sleep. A Milo Baughman console table she found at Charlotte’s Sleepy Poet Antique Mall continues the mid-century modern feel. Every decorative touch of the space harkens back to Boardman’s belief that you should fill your home with the things you love. “I don’t care where it’s from,” says Boardman of her furnishings, “if I like it, I will get it.”

The basement's television sits atop a Danish modern book shelf (the first piece of furniture she and her husband purchased together). A Mitchell Gold sleeper sofa offers a comfortable place for overnight guests to sleep.

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lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Living Well Your local resource for health and wellness services near you Audiology

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Riva Aesthetic Dermatology

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Kerry M. Shafran, MD, FAAD Lindsay Jayson, MPAS, PA-C Keri Squittieri, MMS, PA-C Mari Klos, CMA, LE 704-896-8837 Cornelius www.Rivaderm.com

Ears, Nose and Throat Piedmont HealthCare Keith Meetze, MD Thomas Warren, MD Herb Wettreich, MD Fred New, Jr., ANP

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704-726-1233 68 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com


Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival

Old Town Cornelius continues to find ways to entertain Lake Norman-area residents. The latest offering is a jazz festival scheduled for July 18 at Smithville Park. The event includes five bands, plus one special performance that remains a secret, in addition to six food trucks, a Kid Zone sponsored by the Lake Norman YMCA and craft beer from local Cornelius Breweries (think D9 Brewing Company and Ass Clown Brewing Company). There will also be a silent auction and variety of vendors. Proceeds from the OTC Jazz Festival will go towards supporting the Smithville Community Coalition, whose mission is to revitalize and transform the community into a vibrant, safe and attractive place to live and work that builds pride in its residents and attracts new developments of affordable homes and businesses, focusing on empowering all individuals and strengthening families. Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival, July 18, 4-9 p.m., free, Smithville Park, Cornelius, look for Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival on Facebook.

compiled by Lori K. Tate

The Big Three

Jazz, a crazy dinner party and food trucks



Don’t Dress for Dinner Davidson Community Players presents Don’t Dress for Dinner this month at Duke Family Performance Hall on the Davidson College campus. The theater company first performed this comedic farce by Marc Camoletti in 2005. The play, adapted by Robin Hawdon, focuses on a character named Bernard. With his wife out of town, an alibi from his best friend and a gourmet chef to add culinary spice, Bernard has the perfect evening planned for his mistress…or so he thinks. A romantic weekend in the countryside sounds great, except when your mistress, the cook, the best friend and wife will not cooperate. An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as the guests improvise at breakneck speed. This show is a frenetic case of mistaken identity with more twists than a corkscrew. The Guardian reported, “This breathtaking farce is a near faultless piece of theatrical invention.” Don’t Dress for Dinner; Davidson Community Players; July 15-26; Thu-Sat 8 p.m., Sun, 2 p.m.; advanced tickets $24, senior (65+) $22, student (under 21) $12 (recommended for ages 12 and up); Duke Family Performance Hall, Davidson College, www.davidsoncommunityplayers.org.

Historic Rural Hill Summer Food Truck Rally Food trucks continue to be the rage, and Historic Rural Hill in on trend with its Summer Food Truck Rally on July 24. This event offers more than 20 food trucks in addition to musical guests Josh Daniel and the Mark Schmick Project. Be sure to look for North Carolina-crafted beer and wine, as well as children’s activities, bounce houses, games, hayrides and more. Historic Rural Hill Summer Food Truck Rally, July 24, 5:309:30 p.m., Historic Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville, www.ruralhill.net.


lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

A month of things to do in the Lake Norman area Date Night

CHILDREN Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. (July 17-26) Sidney Horton directs this beloved musical for Mooresville Community Children’s Theater. When street rat Aladdin frees a genie from a lamp, he finds his wishes granted. However, he soon finds that the evil has other plans for the lamp — and for Princess Jasmine. Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 3 p.m. ad 7 p.m., Sunday 3 p.m., tickets TBA, The Charles Mack Citizen Center, Downtown Mooresville, www. mooresvillechildrenstheater.org.

CONCERTS LangTree Lake Norman LIVE (Every Thursday) This 21-week concert series features all sorts of music every Thurdsay evening. 5-10 p.m. Free. LangTree Lake Norman, Mooresville, www.langtreelkn.com. Mingling on the Green Concert Series (Every Friday and Saturday) Enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday evening at Birkdale Village. July 3, Soundbarrier; July 4, John T. Woodall Band; July 10, Xtrabakin; July 11, Rowan Big Band All Stars; July 17, Michael Wolf & D.B.A.; July 18, Indefinite; July 24, Throwback Thursday Party Band; July 25, Calvin Edwards Trio; July 31, Robert Trice, Jr. 7-9 p.m. Free. Birkdale Village, Huntersville, www.birkdalevillage.net.

Lake Norman Big Band (July 20) The Lake Norman Big Band plays every third Monday night at The Finish Line Restaurant in Mooresville. The show features favorite hits from the big band era and more. 7-9 p.m. $5 cover. Call 704.664.2695 for reservations. The Finish Line Restaurant, 125 Morlake Drive, Mooresville, www. thelakenormanbigband.org.

EVENTS July 3rd Summer Celebration (July 3) Ignite brighter possibilities with family fun, live entertainment and fireworks at the largest Independence Day celebration in the Lake Norman area at the Lowe’s YMCA in Mooresville. This year, the Y has partnered with Bella Love to add live entertainment like never before, including performances by Statesville native Rockie Lynne and The Glass Hammers. Fireworks round out the celebration. 4-10 p.m. Free. Lowe’s YMCA,170 Joe V. Knox Avenue, Mooresville, www.ymcacharlotte.org.

Live at the 115 (July 17) A celebration of local music that takes place monthly under the stars through October. No coolers or alcoholic beverages allowed. Music organized by Big Hat Larry’s Guitars, Music & More. John Franklin Moore Park (corner of Main Street and Center Avenue), free, www.downtownmooresville.com.

11th Annual 4th of July Celebration at Birkdale Village (July 4) Come show your patriotism when Lake Norman Hyundai joins the Town of Huntersville and Birkdale Village to host the 11th Annual 4th of July Celebration. There will be decorations for the children’s bikes to get them ready for the parade, hair painting, bubble makers, balloon twisters, music, water fight between the fire stations and more. The Sixth Annual Bike Safety Rodeo will be also returning to Birkdale Village on July 4th, starting at 9:00 a.m. until the beginning of the parade (roughly 2 hours). The course will be designed to provide safety instructions and bike handling counsel to youngsters between the ages of three through 16 (high school). 9 a.m. Free. Birkdale Village, Huntersville, www.huntersville.org.

Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival (July 18) Five bands and a special performance provide the entertain-

Festival of Food Trucks (July 11) Gourmet Fare (from a bunch of trucks). North Main Street (between Moore

Music on Main (July 3) Image performs music from the 1970s. 6:30-9:30 p.m. Free. The Lawn of the Mooresville Town Hall, www. downtownmooresville.com. Concerts on the Green (July 4) Pushh performs music from the ‘80s, ‘90s and today. 6-8 p.m. Free. Davidson Village Green, www.townofdavidson.org.


ment at this inaugural jazz festival. Six food trucks and beer from local breweries are also on the menu for the evening. Smithville Park, Cornelius, 4-9 p.m., free, look for Old Town Cornelius Jazz Festival on Facebook.

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Girls’ Night Out

Family Fun

Ave & Iredell Ave), 5-8:30 p.m., www. downtownmooresville.com. Big Day at the Lake (July 18) People in the Lake Norman community share their boats with children who otherwise don’t have the opportunity to get out on the water. The day concludes with a picnic and fun activities for more than 600 participants at Duke Energy’s EnergyExplorium in Huntersville. www.bigdayatthelake.com. Historic Rural Hill Summer Food Truck Rally (July 24) Enjoy food from more than 20 food trucks, in addition to music by Josh Daniel and the Mark Schmick Project. North Carolina beer and wine will be available, and there will also be children’s activities, bounce houses and hayrides. 5:30-9:30 p.m., Historic Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville, www.ruralhill.net.

FILM 2015 Outdoor Cinema Series (July 8, 22, 25) Enjoy movies under the stars through The Town of Cornelius. Annie (July 8) — Kenton Place, 17115 Kenton Drive; The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (July 22) — Kenton Place; Moms’ Night Out (July 25) — Jetton Park, 19000 Jetton Road (boats welcome), 8:30 p.m. Free. Locations listed above, www.cornelius.org. Indies + Docs (July 31-August 1) Mr. Turner explores the last quarter century of the great if eccentric British painter J.M.W. Turner (17751851). Profoundly affected by the death of his father, loved by a housekeeper he takes for granted and occasionally exploits sexually, he forms a close relationship with a seaside landlady with whom he eventually lives incognito in Chelsea. Throughout this, he travels, paints, stays with the country aristocracy, visits brothels, is a popular if anarchic member of the Royal Academy of Arts, has himself strapped to the mast of a ship so that he can paint a snowstorm, and is both celebrated and reviled by the public and by royalty. View Mr. Turner on a 17foot screen in 5.1 surround sound. 7 p.m. $9. Warehouse Performing Arts Center, 9216-A Westmoreland Road, Cornelius, www.studioccinema.com.

Me Time

GALLERIES Brick Row Art Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m. or by appointment. 21325 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, look for Brick Row Art Gallery on Facebook. Cornelius Arts Center MonThu 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri-Sat 9 a.m.-noon. 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, www.cornelius.org. “Cotton” Ketchie’s Landmark Galleries Various exhibitions. The work of watercolorist ‘Cotton’ Ketchie. Mon-Sat 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 212 North Main Street, Mooresville, 704.664.4122, www.landmark-galleries.com. Depot Art Gallery Photography exhibit. Opening reception, July 10, 6-8 p.m. 103 W. Center Avenue, Mooresville, www.magart.org. Foster’s Frame and Art Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10a.m.-4p.m. 403 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, 704.948.1750. Four Corners Framing and Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 112 S. Main Street, Mooresville, 704.662.7154, www.fcfgframing.com. Lake Country Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Exit 36 – Mooresville, between Belk and Kohl’s, 704.664.5022, www.lakecountrygallery.net. Sanctuary of Davidson Various exhibitions. 108 S. Main Street, Davidson, www.sanctuaryofdavidson.com. Tropical Connections Various exhibitions. Tue- Fri 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. or by appointment. 230 N. Main Street, Mooresville, www. tropicalconnectionslakenorman.com. The Van Every/Smith Galleries Rising Senior Art Majors (Through July 30) Having early exposure to what is involved in preparing for an exhibition, rising senior art majors experience first-hand the many steps required in showing their work. Come see a sneak peak of next year’s Senior Studio Art Major Shows. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat-Sun noon-4 p.m. Davidson College, The Van Every/Smith Galleries, 315 N. Main Street, Davidson, www. davidsoncollegeartgalleries.org.

M ONTHLY EVENTS Carolina Raptor Center Live bird presentations, flight shows, behindthe-scenes tours and more take place at Carolina Raptor Center throughout the month. Visit carolinaraptorcenter.org for more details.

Kadi Fit so you can enjoy your lunch with friends. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Look for Old Town Cornelius on Facebook. Davidson Farmer’s Market (Every Saturday) 9 a.m.-noon. Free. Next to Town Hall between Main and Jackson streets in downtown Davidson, www.davidsonfarmersmarket.org.

Mooresville Museum (First and The Artisan Market Craft Crawl (First Third Saturday)View exhibits and Saturday) Formerly known as the artifacts from Mooresville’s past and Mooresville Craft Crawl, this market present. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Free. 132 E. features baked goods, clothing, emCenter Avenue, Mooresville, www. broidery, jewelry, paintings, pottery, downtownmooresville.com. quilts and woodcarvings with an edge. 5-9 p.m. Free. Mooresville Town Square Downtown Mooresville Farmers Market (Every Saturday) This across from Lowe’s Foods. https:// www.facebook.com/artisanmarketnc. market features local produce, meats, eggs and more. 8 a.m.-noon. Downtown Mooresville Cruise- Corner of Church Street and East In (First Saturday) Downtown Iredell Avenue, Mooresville, www. Mooresville shines with chrome, glitter downtownmooresville.com. and sparkling paint during the monthly Cruise-In. It’s a great chance to show Richard’s Coffee Shop & Veterans Museum (Every Saturday) Enjoy off your car and chat with other car a community music jam every Satenthusiasts, surrounded by the archiurday. 9 a.m.- noon. Free. Richards tecturally historic backdrop of Downtown Mooresville. Downtown Moores- Coffee Shop & Veterans Museum, 165 N. Main Street, Mooresville, www. ville – Broad Street, 4-8p.m., free, downtownmooresville.com. www.downtownmooresville.com. Lunch in the Lot (every Wednesday and Friday) Feast from a food truck in Old Town Cornelius at Oak Street Mill. Tables and chairs are set up at

SPORTS Mooresville Spinners Come out and watch the Mooresville Spinners

play baseball. The Spinners are a summer collegiate baseball team in the Carolina Virginia League. July 1, Carolina, 7 p.m.; July 2, Exhibition Dry Pond Blue Sox, 7 p.m.; July 4, Catawba Valley, 7 p.m.; July 9, Catawba Valley, 7 p.m.; July 10, Kernersville, 7 p.m.; July 11, Roanoke, 6:30 p.m.; July 17, Montreat, 7 p.m.; July 18, Charlotte, 7 p.m.; July 22, Deep River, 7 p.m.; July 24, Virginia Marlins, 7 p.m.; July 28, Virginia Marlins, 7 p.m.; July 31, High Point Locos, 7 p.m. $5. Moor Park, 691 Broad Street, Mooresville, www.mooresvillespinners.com.

THEATRE Carrie The Musical (July 8-12)This show follows a young woman with telekinetic powers. An outcast at school, where she is bullied viciously for her differences, Carrie is also lost at home, with a fervently religious mother whose love traps her in its maw. When PE teacher Miss Gardner, kind classmate Sue Snell, and boyfriend Tommy Ross reach out to try and help Carrie, it seems that for once, Carrie might have a shot at being accepted. But Chris Hargensen, the class’s most vicious bully, has other ideas. Pushed to the brink, Carrie’s powers threaten to overwhelm her, and devour everyone around her in the way. This musi-

cal is for mature audiences. Times vary. $15. CSD Artspace, 404 Armour Street, Davidson, www.csdspartans.org. The Nerd (July 10-12) This sidesplitting comedy was first presented by the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, then produced in Great Britain, then went on to Broadway. The action centers on the hilarious dilemma of a young architect who is visited by a man he’s never met but who saved his life in Vietnam — the visitor turning out to be an incredibly inept, hopelessly stupid “nerd” who outstays his welcome with a vengeance. This is a rehearsed, scriptin-hand performance directed by Jim Esposito. Warehouse Performing Arts Center, 8 p.m. (Sunday 2 p.m.), $10, 9216-A Westmoreland Road, Cornelius, www.warehousepac.com. Don’t Dress for Dinner (July 16-26) This comedic farce by Marc Camoletti will have you in stitches as soon as the curtain goes up. It focuses on an evening of hilarious confusion at a countryside retreat. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Advanced tickets: $24, senior (65+) $22, student (21 and under) $12. Davidson Community Players, Duke Family Performance Hall, Davidson College, www.davidsoncommunityplayers.org.

71 lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

Lori’s Larks by Lori K. Tate photography by Glenn Roberson

I met Hughes at My Aloha Paddle & Surf’s lakeside location, where I quickly signed the required waiver. Then we grabbed our paddles and life jackets (a life jacket is required to be on the paddleboard, as it is considered to be a vessel) and made our way to the dock, where our paddleboards were waiting for us. I got to use a beautiful aqua blue board by Boga Yoga. It’s a good thing this wouldn’t fit in my beach bag because I was tempted to snag it. It’s a bit wider than my board and easier to paddle. The footing was comfortable, too. Elaine and I made our way around the dock to an open space to begin our class. Once we found the perfect spot, we threw out our anchors and got started. We began in child’s pose and did some stretching. While I didn’t fall off of the board, I was amazed at how every muscle in my body was working. From there we did downward dogs, planks, happy babies, dead bugs, in addition to some other moves I had never heard of. She

Get Up, Stand Up Lori K. Tate embraces gratitude as she learns to do yoga on a paddleboard



learned to paddleboard five years ago, and I love it. Last year I began experimenting with doing exercises on my board. I’d paddle to a secluded cove and knock out a set of crunches and a few planks. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. Wanting to take my paddleboard fitness to the next level, I enrolled in a SUP (stand up paddleboard) Yoga class at My Aloha Paddle & Surf in Cornelius. I felt good about the paddleboarding part, but not so great about the yoga part, as I’ve only taken two yoga classes in my life and was almost kicked out of one of them because of skill deficiencies. My instructor, Elaine Hughes, said that most people who take the class are in the same situation and that some don’t even know how to paddleboard. That gave me the positive boost I needed before we hit the water.

lake norman currents | July 2015 | www.lncurrents.com

CURRENTS Editor Lori K. Tate took her first SUP Yoga class under the instruction of Elaine Hughes (below) at My Aloha Paddle & Surf in Cornelius. Tate says she's game for another class.

threw out some yoga terms along the way that I didn’t know, but they sure sounded nice, even comforting. As I held a side stretch with one hand Hughes said I had fantastic balance. That made this 42-year-old mother of twins pretty happy, as I felt a bit redeemed in the yoga arena. As we continued our poses on the board, the water remained calm and the sun began to set. Hughes kept describing the scene as epic, and she was right. Although it was hot, a slight breeze brushed our boards, and all you could feel was happy. It was a gorgeous night on Lake Norman. After almost an hour, we finished our session by breathing in gratitude for our good health and for being able to have this experience. We also breathed in goodness and love. All three elements are easy to forget but so essential in appreciating life to the fullest extent. We paddled back to the dock and returned our paddles and jackets. As crazy as it sounds, I think I’m better at doing yoga on a paddleboard than I am in a studio. Maybe it was Hughes’ positive direction, maybe it was the calm water, maybe it was the awesome board or maybe it was because we were just supposed to have an epic night. THE SCOOP For more information regarding SUP Yoga classes at My Aloha Paddle & Surf in Cornelius, visit www.standuplkn.com.

Who will be named the

2015 Best of Lake Norman and bring home the coveted

CURRENT Award? YOU Decide!

We all have our favorite spot to eat, play and enjoy all things Lake Norman, so again this year CURRENTS Magazine is giving you the chance to choose the BEST OF LAKE NORMAN. Beginning June 1, simply go to our website at www.LNcurrents.com/BOTL and write in your favorite local spot in a variety of categories from Best Burger to Best Place to Work Out. On July 10, we’ll take the top five vote-getters and name them the finalists in our Best of the Lake competition. The business receiving the top number of writein votes will be named our 2015 Best of Lake Norman winner and awarded our beautiful CURRENT Award during a special ceremony in mid-July (details to come). Winners will also be featured inside our annual Best of the Lake issue publishing on August 3. The top five finalists will be listed in every category as well. We’ve listed the categories here to give you a chance to think about your favorites. All you have to do is go to our website at www.LNcurrents.com/BOTL and write in your favorites! Please limit your choices to locally owned (Lake Norman-area) businesses only. All completed entries will be eligible for a random drawing for $100, so be sure to enter your contact information on your ballot. Only ballots with 50 percent or more of the categories filled in will be considered.

Get your friends involved! Help us get the word out and the votes in! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, link our site to your site, call, text, e-mail and even tell your friends face to face. We already know we live in the BEST spot in the world, so let’s salute the BEST of the BEST.

Business Owners:

Encourage your customers to vote! You know your business is the best so make sure your customers get their votes in. Promote it on your website, your email blasts, your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Be sure to include our CURRENT Award ICON in all of your advertising, reminding our readers to vote for your business.

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2015 Best of the Lake Categories Food • Best Burger • Best Pizza • Best Appetizer • Best Beer Selection • Best Wine Selection • Best Steak • Best Seafood • Best Lakeside Dining • Best Ice Cream • Best Dessert • Best Sushi • Best Coffee • Best Mexican Food • Best Barbecue • Best Bakery

Arts & Culture • Best Art Gallery • Best Place to Take an Art Class • Best Place to Take a Music Class

Recreation • Best Place to Work Out • Best Place to take Yoga • Best Golf Course

Shopping • Best Women’s Boutique • Best Place to Buy Women’s Shoes • Best Place to Pamper Yourself • Best Place for Home Décor • Best Place to Buy Fashion Accessories • Best Gift Shop • Best Consignment Store • Best fine jewelry store Contest officially begins June 1, 2015. Votes will be accepted through July 10, 2015. Contest ends and voting site closed July 10, 2015 at 11pm. Employees of Venture Magazines and their families are not allowed to participate in the voting. Only one vote per computer. All results are final. Winners will be contacted by Venture Magazines and must agree to participate in a photo shoot or provide a photo to appear in the August issue of CURRENTS Magazine. CURRENTS Magazine reserves the right to delete undesirable or unacceptable content from the voting site.

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