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he staff at Sparkling Pools And Spas (SPAS) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia doesn’t just sell swimming pools and hot tubs, they provide a lifestyle of leisure, fitness, relaxation and togetherness for their clients. That is the reason why SPAS has grown to be Nova Scotia’s premiere place to find quality-built pools and installation.

In the 1980s, when owners Barry and Lee Dickson first started installing swimming pools, they never imagined it would lead to a business that would employ their family and their community. “Barry had decades of experience with construction. It was a natural fit for us to start installing pools,” Lee explains. Founded in 1992, Sparkling Pools and Spas has become a full service

shop providing everything from in-ground pool design to energy-efficient hot tubs and chemical maintenance. “It was perfect for us and I really enjoyed helping our clients and running the business here in the shop,” says Lee. Now, as SPAS enters their third decade, Barry and Lee have passed the torch

ABOVE L–R Lisa Dickson, Doug Corkum, Barry Dickson and Lee Dickson.

onto their daughter, Lisa Dickson. Along with Lisa’s husband, Doug Corkum, they continue to bring enthusiasm, family values and keen design sense to the business.

so that you don’t have to.” She is able to pick up on the finer details, making sure that your above-ground and in-ground pool design and installation is flawless.

are safe and that they aren’t bathing in a chemical soup.” SPAS’ innovative, ecofriendly plans for pools and hot tubs will be rolled out this season.

When I first met the Dickson family, I was touched by how they have worked to create something truly special. Small businesses are the life-blood of our community, and this particular business provides so much through their customer service and expertise. “I treat my clients like they’re family; ensuring they’re taken care of is what matters most,” Lisa explains. Growing up in the business, Lisa prides herself on knowing it inside and out. “Having an in-ground pool installed should be exciting and fun. We take care of all the little details

The crew at SPAS are experts in fibreglass and traditional in-ground pools and their sense of style and strong construction know-how is evident in their finished projects. “How can you tell if a pool is a SPAS-built pool?” Doug asks. “It’s stylish, it’s fun and it’s built to last. We’re perfectionists!” SPAS is now working hard to focus on eco-friendly maintenance for pools and hot tubs. “If you’re not innovative in this business and if you don’t listen to your customers, you won’t succeed,” Lisa explains. “Our customers want to know their families

It is through family values, hard work and exciting innovation that SPAS deserves to call themselves Nova Scotia’s in-ground pool perfectionists. If you’re ready to make your back yard dreams a reality, contact Lisa Dickson by phone at 902.462.8187 or via email at  FLH Sparkling Pools and Spas 515 Main St Dartmouth 902.462.8187

Sparkling Pools And Spas - In-Ground Pool Perfectionists  

An article about local family business Sparkling Pools And Spas in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Featuring in-ground and above ground pools, energ...