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HOUSTON, TX – January 12, 2011 – Prominent Houston resident, Rhonda Nwosu, announces the foundation of Sparkles of Life, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports women who struggle with the delayed parenting and issues with infertility. Every year, millions of couples experience problems with infertility. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 7.3 million women ages 15-44 have infertility issues. Nwosu and her husband Ral had four miscarriages before becoming the parents of twin girls in 2007. Based on this experience, Nwosu founded Sparkles of Life to provide support for other women with the same or similar problems. Sparkle of Life provides a variety of programs for women in all stages of conception and delivery, including women who are trying to conceive, those who are pregnant and women who are dealing with loss. The organization offers several programs, such as: •

Countdown to Conception - This program provides information, classes and referrals for pregnant and pregnancy-expected women.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters - This forum is designed for women to mentor and support each other, especially for women without family support during their trimesters.

When a Sparkle is Lost - A team of counselors and therapists provides grief therapy and other counseling as needed for families who have experienced loss. In addition to counseling, art and music therapy are included to aid in the healing process.

Help Along the Way (Sparkles Concierge) - This is an outreach program designed to provide personal care services to pregnant women (especially those women who are experiencing complications).

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Bundle of Joy – This program provides services for the family after the mother and baby are home. Services include respite care, shopping and meal services and eco-living.

Sparkle of Life will launch its first annual fundraiser “Mother’s Heart Brunch” on May 7, 2011 at the beautiful Villa Ballrooms located at 3330 South Dairy Ashford. This unique celebration will offer a fresh perspective on all ways we mother. Any woman who has a heart to mother, whether it’s through mentoring, adoption or support for a family/friend that is experiencing a delay in the desire of their heart is welcome to attend. We are honored to have founder and executive director of the annual Metamorphosis Women’s Empowerment Conference Minister Mia Wright as our keynote speaker. She has inspired thousands of women to embrace the change necessary to live more fulfilling lives. To the 16,000 members of The Fountain of Praise she is a minister, teacher, organizer, leader, Co-Pastor and First Lady. She also serves as a mentor to women in ministry, helping them to develop their leadership potential through guidance and encouragement.) Nwosu is a sought-after speaker on the topic of infertility and is available for speaking engagements. To book her as a speaker or for more information about Sparkles of Life, Inc., visit the website; or 281-397-3260. About Rhonda Lewis Nwosu Rhonda Lewis Nwosu is a 21st century woman of faith with multi-faceted experiences and careers, including professional counselor, entrepreneur and mentor. As a result if the Nwosu’s published testimony in June 2008 on Lakewood Church’s website; thousands have been ministered to in the area of infertility and faith. Rhonda is married to Ral Nwosu, Master Chef and owner of the award-winning Ral’s Catering.


Sparkles of Life Press Release  

This is the press release for Sparkles of Life, Inc. Sparkles of Life is nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families on their pa...

Sparkles of Life Press Release  

This is the press release for Sparkles of Life, Inc. Sparkles of Life is nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families on their pa...