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JUNE 2008

Phrase That Praise

Double Blessing! By Ral and Rhonda Nwosu

In 1995, Ral and I married and soon after we joined Lakewood Church. We planned to have children, so we secretly waited and prayed. We wrote our petitions to God on each offering envelope, declaring our “seeds for children”. In October 1999, we moved to a home in Sugar Land and reserved the middle bedroom for our children. Our prayers were answered in December 2000. We told all of our family and friends in anticipation of our new addition. But our first ultra sound indicated no heartbeat and we were crushed.

Congratulations to the Power of One contest winner Imelda Carcamo! Imelda recruited one new STM member which qualified her for the contest. At our recent STM Coffeehouse, the winner was announced and Imelda will enjoy dinner at Downtown Houston’s Aquarium restaurant as well as a limousine escort to an evening of fun! Thank you for participating!

We got pregnant again in 2002. This time we were cautiously happy, reluctant to breathe a word to anyone. Regrettably, there was another loss. I couldn’t help but feel angry until I found two scriptures. Isaiah 61:7 and Psalms 126:5 promised us “double for our shame and trouble”. Ral and I stood on those scriptures without wavering. In a step of faith, I went out and purchased a set of twin christening outfits. Our third pregnancy in 2003 resulted in yet another miscarriage. We cried out to the Lord for each of these three lost lives, but remained confident that He would deliver children. After our fourth miscarriage, the Lord led us to one of the top infertility physicians in Europe. This doctor specialized in recurring miscarriages. After numerous tests it was revealed that I needed immunology therapy. We viewed this as a God given answer after nine long years! In 2006, I heard the Lord clearly impress upon me, “give Me ninety days and I will give you the desires of your heart”. I shook in my boots as I sought my treatment, but our pregnancy was confirmed on August 28, 2006. We were further blessed in September with the news of two heartbeats. On March 23, 2007, our double miracle arrived. Fraternal twins, Raquel Ndidi and Rachel Amaka, came home healthy fourteen days later. Their grandfather gave them their middle names: Niddi, meaning faith & patience and Amaka, meaning beautiful. The births of our daughters are double testimonies of faith, perseverance as well as our knowledge and expectation of God’s fulfilled promises. God is no respecter of persons. If He did this for me and my wonderful husband, after eleven years, then He will do it for you. We encourage all those desiring children to remain faithful and steadfast. We just celebrated our first Christmas as Mother and Father. It was well worth the wait! BUILDING




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STM Updates:

Events Calendar

New Team Agendas:

Our new pre-service team meetings have kicked off and are off to a great start. Teams meet each week for a time of prayer, encouragement, exhortation and relationship building. Agendas are available at the North Lobby Information center located on the 2nd floor. Look for the sign that says “STM Leadership Connection” to pick up your agenda. Agendas are now available online on the STM homepage at

Email Etiquette:

We would like to remind you and your team members about STM’s procedures regarding email etiquette. Email addresses are distributed to team leaders and members with the understanding that it is solely to be used for STM related information and prayer requests.  Under no circumstances should emails be disseminated to fellow STM members with personal, political or business/sales related content. The following examples will help you understand what types of emails fit into the categories:   Business/Sales:  Soliciting business for companies for profit such as Mary Kay, Insurance Sales, Financial needs etc.   Personal:  Forwards, Spam, Chain letters and Petitions that would disclose member’s email addresses and clutter mailboxes.                     Political/Religious:  Religious or political opinions that may not be shared by other members.  We would like to respect the privacy and confidentiality of our STM members and continue to use this form of communication in a decent and orderly manner.  When replying to emails be mindful if the email is for a specific person or a group.  Choosing the “Reply to All” option may not be suitable for some emails.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding what is appropriate content for emails, please feel free to contact us at (713) 491-1348.

Thank you for your cooperation!





June 20 Michael W. Smith Concert (STM Movie Night postponed.) Friday, 7pm Sanctuary July 12 STM Leader’s Breakfast Saturday, 9am The Loft, 4th floor July 21 I Am Lakewood A Volunteer Celebration (Church-wide Volunteer Event) Monday, 7pm July 22 – August 12 PrayerLife, Tuesdays, 7pm 3001 B, 3rd floor

F.Y.I. The New & Improved Volunteer Process – Did you know that we are making changes to the volunteer recruitment and application process? Now, within a matter of days after an application is submitted, the member will receive a phone call and an invitation to attend the Discover Volunteering class held every Sunday at 12:30 – 1:30 pm in Room 3025 J. During this class, members will receive great information about being a part of the Lakewood Volunteer Ministries and be informed about the next steps in becoming a volunteer. Keep up the good work by inviting others to serve with you!

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Lakewood Service team_June08  

Phrase That Praise In 1995, Ral and I married and soon after we joined Lakewood Church. We planned to have children, so we secretly waited a...

Lakewood Service team_June08  

Phrase That Praise In 1995, Ral and I married and soon after we joined Lakewood Church. We planned to have children, so we secretly waited a...