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Two Times the Blessing

Ral & Rhonda Nwosu of Ral’s Fine Catering & Café Bistro Welcome Twin Daughters, Raquel & Rachel By: Fatiyah Douglas Staff Restaurant & Dining Editor On March 23, 2007 at 7:00 am, two twin angels entered the world, Raquel Ndidi Nwosu and Rachel Amaka Nwosu. Their proud parents, Ral & Rhonda Nwosu, are owners of Ral’s Fine Catering & Café Bistro located in Houston’s Memorial West area. The birth of their daughters is a true testimony of faith, perseverance and knowing & expecting God’s promised to be fulfilled in their lives. The couple endured four miscarriages, one of which was ectopic, but continued to work towards God’s promise. “God is faithful even when you are not experiencing the manifestation of the Word,” says Rhonda. “I did not allow myself to have a pity party for long. I count it as a blessing that all the losses occurred during the greatest expansion of our business, so I was very busy and just kept moving no matter what happened and believed and trusted in God.” The fraternal sisters were born practically at the same time – being delivered within the same minute. Raquel Ndidi, 3.7 oz, was the first to arrive. Mother describes her as the most expressive, looking like daddy and has mom’s personality. The younger sibling, Rachel Amaka, 4.3 oz, is calmer, looks

like mom and has daddy’s personality. “What an awesome combination,” Rhonda states proudly.

New proud Mom, Rhonda Nwosu, proudly presents Raquel Ndidi & Rachel Amaka Nwosu.

Ral & Rhonda named their daughters in tribute of their fathers. Rhonda’s father passed when she was a babe and wanted to name her Rachel meaning lamb. Ral wanted both girls to have the same name – thus Rachel and the Spanish version of Rachel, Raquel. Their middle names were given by their Ibo Nigerian grandfather. Ndidi means patience and Amaka means beautiful. Houstonians have been treated to the especially elegant cuisine prepared by Ral for more than 12 years. Originally started in1994 as solely a caterer in 2005, the Nwosu’s stepped out on faith and open their first restaurant, Ral’s

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 

Café Bistro located at 1330 Wirt Road in Houston’s prestigious West Memorial area. Ral is an accomplished and well acknowledge chef with numerous accolades including 2003-2006 Top 25 Caterer in Houston by Houston Business Journal, 2006 Best Chef – H Texas Magazine and 2006 Caterer of the Year – Port of Houston. Ral’s Café Bistro menu selection is an eclectic combination of traditional and contemporary recipes from around the world ranging from Alfredo with chicken or shrimp to pork tenderloin, specialty entrée salads, Cuban black bean soup, Thai Shrimp Martini, fish tacos, Norwegian Salmon, various pastas, and African style chicken egusi. Sunday brunch at Ral’s Café Bistro is Houston’s best kept secret and dining value. For only $13.95 guests are served an endless variety of entrees, salads, omelets, breakfast breads, carved meats, and more. Grand finales are more than grand with a dessert selection that includes a variety of unique cakes, pastries, mousses, bread pudding, cookies and more. All prepared by Ral’s on-staff executive pastry chef. Rhonda looks forward to celebrating her first Mother’s Day and encourages all those desiring children to remain faithful, steadfast and offers the following thoughts:

• Get the word and confess it no matter what you see or feel • Have fun while you are waiting on your precious bundles of joy/blessings • Sow seeds and rejoice with others who are expecting • Help, attend and participate with others -- attend showers • Work to help children in your family, school and/or church • Read and do your homework on motherhood – a lot has changed! • She recommends “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize “God is no respector of persons. If He did it for me after 12 years, he will do it for you. Wherever I saw an expecting mom, I would confess, ‘Father I thank you that you have not forgotten about me, you said children are heritage and a gift from you.’”

New Parents, Ral & Rhonda Nwosu, celebrate the expectation of their twin daughters duing a festive shower that turned to a praise service.


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Empowerment Foundation, an organization known for its free monthly Empowered to Empower Seminars that impart information on credit ministry,...

Gospel Truth May 2007 - Sparkles on page 9  

Empowerment Foundation, an organization known for its free monthly Empowered to Empower Seminars that impart information on credit ministry,...