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MAY 2007, Volume 1, issue 5

Houston to Hollywood

Vivica A. Fox stars in Houston’s Own $100 Million Producers’ Production By: Reshonda Tape-Billingsley Staff Writer Mega movie star Vivica A. Fox is once again showcasing her acting skills. This time as the lead character in Je’Caryous Johnson’s blockbuster stage play, “Whatever She Wants,” is now showing at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston. Also starring in the play is the German-born, former model and actor Boris Kodjoe, and the original “Shaft,” Richard Roundtree. “Whatever She Wants” touches on the growing number of American women who are currently single, yet they are still seeking love. The play could not have come at a better time. According to the latest U.S. Census, 51 percent of American women are single and African-American women surpass that figure, with a whopping 70 percent single. Sixty-two percent of Black families (up from 23 percent in 1967) are now headed by single women. Sixty-seven percent of Black children (up from 17 percent in 1967) are born out of wedlock. The percentage of Black women who are married has declined from 62 percent to 37 percent between 1950 and 1998. In the same period, the percentage of nevermarried Black women has doubled, from 21 percent to 41 percent. “It’s no secret that there is a decline in the Black family structure. African-

American women are deeming themselves ‘happily single,’ so the very institution of marriage is going down the drain,” says Je’Caryous Johnson, who wrote, directed and produced the play. “The reasons more and more Black women are going at it alone is because they are afraid to trust. Therefore, instead they choose to try and control. You don’t have to control what you trust. This play is about bringing us back to love, and taking a chance on trusting one another which in turn will help boost those disturbing statistics.” In “Whatever She Wants,” Fox stars as ‘Vivian’, a women who doesn’t “have time for these co-dependent self-destructive relationships.” With an investment granted to her by her father, Theodore (Richard Roundtree), Vivian begins the “Whatever She Wants” private club for

the social elite. It is a place, she deems, where women can get their “dating prayers answered.” Through a series of screenings: such as questions, a showcase of talent, and the hilarious ‘Good Man Detector,’ Vivian promises her female members that they can finally say goodbye to hurt because her system works. That is until she meets Julian, (Boris Kodjoe) a man that finally inspires Vivian to trust enough to let her guard down and allow the love she has always wanted into her life. The catch is, that he falls short of some of the characteristics she wants in a man. The play looks at all the superficial ways we try to find love, and how many people hate to gamble on love and can lose out because of that fear. Johnson also adds, “…love is a risk, but you have to throw

An Evening of Empowerment with Cicely Tyson and Melvin Williams By: Aswad Walker Staff Writer

Empowerment Foundation, an organization known for its free monthly Empowered to Empower Seminars that impart information on credit

ministers to women on self-esteem and self-worth in Christ through her God’s Woman By Design Ministry, serving as Director of Ministries at Fountain of Praise, leading the Women of Praise

Mia Wright, Deavra Daughtry

Legendary actress Cicely Tyson

Purpose to Blessings Productions, founded by local entrepreneurial giant Deavra Daughtry, will host “An Evening of Empowerment with Ms. Cicely Tyson” on Friday, May 18, 2007 at the Hilton University of Houston Hotel, 4800 Calhoun, Houston, TX 77204. Benefiting the Texas Women’s

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The play is the brainchild of Je’Caryous Johnson, a Houston native and awardwinning playwright. Who, along with his business partner, Gary Guidry, and their company, I’m Ready Productions, has garnered international acclaim as Hollywood’s next hundred million dollar producers. The question is then asked of Johnson, the successful, yet single author, playwright, and director, how do you know so much about love? “I am single and it’s not that I know so much. I guess I just know what I want and I would like to believe that I am not the only person in the world who wants it,” says Johnson. And what Johnson wants is “a woman who knows that I am not perfect and who isn’t afraid to love me beyond my shortcomings. A woman, who feels what I am feeling, knows what I am thinking.” Just as the character Vivian of “Whatever She Wants” seeks more than a soul mate so does Johnson. “The word soul mate seems so used up. I think the woman I will marry will be in my DNA. Then I will know that she was tailor made just for me,” says Johnson. When he finds her he says, “I will spend my Continued on pg. 18

Other honorees include Ms. Argentina James, Director of Public Affairs for the Port of Houston Authority, a position responsible for strategically planning and implementing the Port of Houston Authority activities in community relations, government relations, media marketing, and media relations with an annual operating budget of nearly $7 million; and Ms. Tracye McDaniel, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the Greater Houston Partnership, charged with the oversight of daily operations at the Greater Houston Partnership, the fifth largest business partnership in the nation representing 10 counties in the Greater Houston area and 2000 businesses. Tyson, the legendary icon of stage and screen, best known for her portrayal of the title role in “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,” will provide the evening’s key note address on “Life Strategies for Living with Purpose.”

repair, budgeting, elder care, family relationship repair, and more. The event will pay special tribute to five honorees receiving the Women of Purpose and Vision Award. Honorees include Mrs. Audrey Lawson, Executive Director of the William A. Lawson Institute of Peace and Prosperity (WALIPP) Preparatory Academy, a unique HISD charter school founded to meet the critical academic and social development needs of middle school male youth; Rev. Mia Wright, the First Lady of the Fountain of Praise Church, who

your heart out on that crap table called life. Though most of the time you will strike out, but when you hit, you can hit a love so good that your bitter yesterdays become beautiful tomorrows.”

(Clockwise from Top-Left) Audrey Lawson, Argentina James,Tracye McDaniels, Cheryl Creuzot

Ministry, and coordinating the annual INSPIRE Conference; and Mrs. Cheryl Creuzot, President and CEO of Wealth Development Strategies, L.P. who was selected as one of the top financial advisors in the U.S. by Mutual Funds Magazine.

The nights activities will also include Melvin Williams of the Legendary Willams Brothers in a special musical tribute. Tickets are available online at,, and at all Ticketmaster locations. Ads are available in the special souvenir program by calling Gospel Truth News at 713-856-5511.


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In the Mind of the Publisher If there has ever been a time for the need for faith based media it is now. Following the tragedy of the massacre at Virginia Tech, which was the worst ever in Kerry F. Douglas Sr. history, and the Don Imus issue; it is time for people to have not only a voice but a voice of faith, of peace, of good news.

to other people’s ignorance. After Imus’ remarks, a radio station in Pennsylvania fired its long-time morning DJ after he encouraged listeners to repeat Imus’ racially charged comments in an on-air contest. The DJ told listeners to call and say “I’m a nappy-headed ho” for Tuesday’s “Phrase that Pays” contest. Three of the listeners who called were awarded tickets to a NASCAR promotion at a local club. People of faith, we need to stop letting what ignorant people say define us or what they think bother us.

After watching in sheer pain and agony the dreadful and senseless killings in Virginia, and then to hear the troubled young man who was responsible talk about how the rich students teased him and caused him to take action, it became clear to me that the boy just wanted to be heard. He took extreme measures to be heard, but ultimately, that is all he wanted. Then as I watched the ignorance of Imus in his degrading comments toward the Rutgers basketball team and him blaming Spike Lee and Hip Hop music, it was confirmation again. It is time that we the people of faith stand up and tell the truth.

Let’s take our voice back, let’s create our own media channels and support the ones we do have. The Gospel Truth News Houston paper, Gospel Truth Magazine, and The Kerry Douglas Radio Show is here to deliver the Gospel Truth or better yet the good news. To the families of those students at Virginia Tech, we from the gospel and faith based community send our deepest regrets and we hope that through our music, our sermons, and our news that your hearts will be encouraged. And That’s the Gospel Truth!

If our voice isn’t heard, then we will be constantly overlooked, degraded, and devalued. Not only did I have a problem with what Imus said, but even more so, how we react

If you have any comments or for more information, please contact Kerry Douglas at 713-856-5511 or you can e-mail him at:

“Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speak the truth in his heart.” Psalms 15:1-2 KJV

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“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. ” Matt. 6:20 KJV

Stages of Wealth Management

Gospel Truth News-Houston Contributed By Floyd H. Griffith

In today’s fast-paced world, investors have more to think about than simply their stock portfolios. When creating wealth, they must also consider issues like tax planning, risk management, borrowing needs, estate planning, and charitable giving. Life is about stages. So is wealth management. As investors move through stages of life, they face a succession of financial challenges. Some begin early and never go away. Others, like estate planning, come later in life. Wealth management can be viewed as a cycle with four main stages:

Wealth Accumulation During this phase, individuals are primarily focused on acquiring the assets they will need to meet their longterm financial goals. Wealth Preservation As investors move into their peak earnings years, their financial focus may gradually shift from asset growth to risk management – protecting their portfolios from unexpected adversity to market volatility. Wealth Utilization At some point, most individuals will need to draw upon their accumulated resources to fund specific needs, such as college tuition costs or retirement expenses. Wealth Transfer Many affluent individuals hope to leave a sizable legacy behind for their children, grandchildren or their community. Keep in mind, wealth management stages often overlap, and the transition between stages can be gradual.

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 

Therefore, individuals and their financial advisors must address a continuing change in new and old financial challenges. For example, increased life expectancies, soaring medical costs and rising expectations for higher living standards translate into retired investors having to balance both current income and capital growth. Finding strategies to address these problems may require difficult tradeoffs. Investors should weigh their risk tolerance against their investment return objectives. They may also have to decide between generating a high level of current income or a rate of capital growth sufficient to support a somewhat lower standard of living later in life. These decisions are difficult and should be made within the context of a comprehensive wealth management strategy. Working directly with a financial advisor could be a good strategy for reaching long-term investment goals. Together, you can review the appropriate investment options available and formulate a

personalized investment plan and other practical strategies for managing your finances now and throughout retirement. Floyd H. Griffith is a Financial Advisor with Smith Barney located in Sugar Land, Texas and may be reached at or floydhgriffith/. IRS Circular 230 Disclosure: Citigroup, Inc., its affiliates, and its employees are not in the business of providing tax or legal advice. These materials and any tax-related statements are not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used or relied upon, by any such taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties. Taxrelated statements, if any, may have been written in connection with the “promotion or marketing” of the transaction(s) or matters(s) addressed by these materials, to the extent allowed by applicable law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer’s particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Smith Barney is a division of Citigroup Global Market Inc. Member SIPC.


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“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” 1 Cor. 6:19 KJV

A Growing Epidemic

Childhood Obesity… A challenge facing many children today By: Maryna Hernandez Staff Writer Obesity in children, which was a rare problem, is now one of the most widespread medical problems in the United States. According to the American Obesity Association, 15% of adolescents (ages 12-19 years) and children (ages 6-11 years) are obese in the United States. Childhood obesity is currently one of the greatest challenges facing our children today. Obesity has a profound effect on a child’s life. It increases the child’s risk of numerous health problems, and it also can create emotional and social problems. Obese children are also more likely to be obese as adults, increasing their risk of serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke. There are many factors which can lead to obesity in children. Although obesity is not genetic, children who have obese parents, brothers, or sisters are more likely to be obese themselves. Genetics alone doesn’t lead to obesity. Obesity occurs only when a child consumes more calories than they use.

Dietary habits are another factor that leads to obesity in children. Children are more likely to consume more fast foods, processed snack foods, and sugary drinks daily than fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed and fast foods generally contain more calories than foods and fresh snacks that are prepared at home. Also, children who have a tendency to overeat (eating when they are not hungry) or to eat while watching TV, can develop bad eating habits which can lead to obesity. Perhaps one of the greatest contributing factors to obesity today is the decrease in physical activity in children. The popularity of television, computers, and video games have caused a great spike of inactivity. Children in the United States generally spend an average of three hours a day watching television, which not only contributes to inactivity, but also increases the urge to snack.

Parents need to focus on keeping children healthy and helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The first step is to make a plan that not only your child, but everyone in your family can follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The sooner you have a plan of action the better!

a variety of green, red, yellow, brown, and orange vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole-grain bread, pasta, and rice. Eat 2 or 3 servings of low-fat or nonfat dairy products every day. This can include a slice of cheese or a glass of milk. A healthy diet also includes 2-3 servings of foods from the meat and beans group. This includes lean meat, poultry, fish, cooked dry beans, eggs, and nuts.

Get out and get moving! Encourage your child to participate in physical activities that burn calories and uses different muscle groups: running games, bicycling, basketball, football, and swimming are a few examples of great activities to get your children involved in. The goal is allow your child to have fun while they are losing weight, by doing this, your child will want to participate in physical activities that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Increasing your child’s physical activity will help contribute to weight loss, but you also must control your child’s diet. Most of your diet should be whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Serve

Choose low-fat and tasty snack foods: fruit, fresh or dried, low-fat or nonfat yogurt or cheese, nuts or sunflower or pumpkin seeds, whole-grain breads, crackers, or rice cakes spread with a fruit spread or peanut butter, or frozen desserts such as frozen yogurt, fruit sorbet, popsicles, and fruit juice bars To help your child grow to be happy it is important that they live a healthy lifestyle with plenty of physical activity and a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Teaching your child good eating and exercising habits now can last a lifetime!

The Power to Empower

Houstonians honor Mother’s Day in a tradition that will keep on giving By: Carrie Edwards Staff Writer On Sunday May 13th, 2007 residents from all over Houston will honor Mother’s Day by participating in YMe’s third annual Houston’s Walk to Empower ™ at MacGregor Park starting at 9:00 a.m. Houston residents will be joining over 40, 000 others from across the country who are commemorating Mother’s Day by walking, running, and volunteering at Y-Me’s nationwide event. This National Breast Cancer Organizational™ event will help raise funds that will be used for breast cancer research and to help aids those in the fight against breast cancer. “Whether people are honoring the survivors in their lives, commemorating their own survivorship or remembering

those who are no longer with us, the Mother’s Day events are deeply meaningful and truly empowering.” Statement released by Y-Me’s Executive Director Debra Johnson. This year in Houston, 12,120 people are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 2,480 are expected to die. In the United States, more than 180,000 are expected to be diagnosed and 40,000 are estimated to die this year from breast cancer. It is currently estimated that 2.3 million women in the United States are currently living with breast cancer.

staffed solely by breast cancer survivors in the United States offering support and empathy at any time of the day or night. Services also offered by Y-Me include: support groups, early detection workshops, Y-Me wig & prosthetics bank, and various publications to keep woman everywhere informed and aware. All services offered are free of

charge. Currently the need for programs like Y-Me is vast, and the continued to support from the families, friends, and volunteers is encouraged. For more information on Y-Me’s Walk to Empowerment™ or to volunteer, please visit or call 1-877-YME-7223 x8510.

For almost thirty years, Y-Me has been the leading resource for breast cancer and breast health information, peer support and counseling. Y-Me is the currently the only 24-hour hotline

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Sudden or Traumatic Loss of a Loved One By: Allen L. Dave, Jr. Staff Writer

in its impact, course and meaning to each of us.

October 18, 2006, I faced my worst nightmare and the reality of a traumatic loss. My wife and the mother of my two young children died after having a wonderful dinner with friends planning her 40th birthday celebration. My heart raced at an unbearable speed and my world came to an end. A sudden traumatic piercing of my heart and uncontrollable grief hit me like a freight train. I cried out not questioning God, but asking God to give me the power and the words to tell my 8 & 10 years of age children their mother had died. I am a degreed death-care professional, this should have been easy, yet it took my nearly 18 hours to bring myself in control to face reality. Still I had to begin like most of you moving through the transformation of grief.

Thinking about reactions to the loss of a loved one, we tend to think only of the emotional reactions. Yet, people also experience physical and behavioral reactions. The intensity of grief changes over time and through personal growth. Some of the most typical emotional, physical, and behavioral reactions include the following:

Grief is similar to a roller coaster ride. It has its profound dips. It has extreme highs and sudden drops. Except that grief’s ride will not end soon. We all grieve and perceive loss differently. Grief differs based on who we are, whom we have lost, and how much our day-to-day life is altered by the death. A normal reaction to loss, grief is unique

ings once again: • Emotional: Anger, Fear, Guilt, Panic, Loneliness, Depression • Physical: Chest pains, Lack of energy, Headaches, Fatigue, Vulnerability to illness, Tension • Behavioral: Over-reactive, Hyper-sensitive, Running, Sleeplessness, Isolation, Need to relive death Adjustment—A time when you think you are going to “make it”:

Immediate Reactions—The first few weeks following death: • Emotional: Shock, Relief, Release • Physical: Numbness, Shortness of breath, Heavy chest, Empty feeling • Behavioral: Denial, Disorientation, Crying, Listlessness Later Reactions—After the shock wears off, you begin to feel your feel-

help is needed, don’t be afraid to ask for it. In conclusion, most of us have heard these words, “if you don’t grieve your grief, your grief will grieve you”. Grief is a normal, natural process following a loss. Grief is a painful adjustment experience after any significant loss engaging our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Only God and time can heal the piercing of our heart. Matthews 5:4, “blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”. Contact me at or 713734-1300.

• Emotional: Taking responsibility, Reconstructing your life • Physical: Looking forward, Doing things for oneself • Behavioral: Exploring new interests, Personal growth The above lists are guides and should not be considered all-inclusive. If you are in doubt, consult your physician or mental health practitioner. If outside



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“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” 1Timothy 6:8 KJV

This Is It Does It…Again

Houston’s Premiere Soul Food Restaurant Constructs a New 4900 Square Foot Facility in Bustling 4th Ward Community By: Fatiyah Douglas Staff Restaurant & Dining Editor

Not quite 13 years ago, the landscape of Houston’s 4th Ward, located near downtown, got a face lift with the opening of an all new This Is It Soul Food Restaurant. Houstonians quickly migrated to This Is It’s new location to get their fill of the restaurant’s signature entrees such as oxtails, smothered chicken and pork chops, chitterlings and, this writer’s favorite, turkey wings and pepper steak served with steaming sides like collard greens, yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes and, yes indeed, cornbread muffins. Four generations of the Joseph family, now under the leadership of Craig and Georgette Joseph, has served break-

fast, lunch, and dinner for more than 48 years. If you visited the restaurant lately, you will notice that in addition to all the new high-rise apartments and condominiums, as well as new single family housing and businesses, another change is taking place. In August of 2006 This Is It officially began construction of a new 4,912 square feet facility schedule to open in late August or early September of 2007. Gospel Truth News Houston recently spoke with Craig about the new building and what it means to Houston and their surrounding community. Craig shared that with all the new construction and residents, the transition for This Is It has been easy. “We still have our same clientele,” he stated. “Our new neighbors include young urban professionals who look for a fast meal with beer or wine and not necessarily a family restaurant serving soul food. Many come by the restaurant and ask me, ‘What is Soul Food?’ When I tell them, they usually reply, ‘That’s the food I grew up on.’” Craig also noted the value of the property has increased more than 100% since they purchase the property 13 years ago. This Is It’s new building is the Joseph’s family way of giving back to their loyal customers and the community. Some new features will be blended into the

restaurants new look, but the concept will remain the same. “We must stay true to our customers and ourselves,” Craig said and added, “That’s what got us where we are. Our motto going into our new facility is ‘This is it does it again for you, our customer, and community.” The planned grand-opening celebrations will certainly do it for customers and community. Craig was excited as he described activities such as live music featuring Gospel, Zydeco and R&B. “We are working with the support of our vendors for 2 days of great food, fellowship and celebration,” he explained. Surviving more than 48 years as a family black-owned and operated business is cause for celebration within itself. “You rarely see black businesses last this long,” Craig explained. “We have done so because we have remained consistent and committed.” Craig also offered the opinion that Black business would experience more and longer success if black people supported black businesses more. “Black dollars leave the black community every 15 minutes. We look for things to be wrong instead of being constructive of each other. We don’t want to see each other succeed.”

ing institutions. “It took us 35 years to get our first business loan and it was for less than 20% of the loan amount we requested. We had to buy the land and build our existing facility on what they approved us for. This was amazing considering we had been with that bank for so long. Craig felt if they had loaned This Is It the amount requested originally, it may not have been necessary to tear down and re-build after only 13 years. “You can’t tell it from looking at it, but it’s a lot wrong with this building from an ideal construction point of view.” Incidentally, the loan was granted by another lending institution after moving his business due to continued lack of support from their previous bank. Today, Houston’s This Is It Soul Food Restaurant continues to prove that with the support of loyal customers and the never-ending favor of God, black-owned and operated businesses can survive and pass the torch of community and self empowerment to generations to come. Stop by anytime and you will see the next generation of restaurateurs in action as Craig and Georgette’s two sons, Craig, Jr., age 25 and Christopher, age 19, dish out the next generation of oxtails and collard greens.

As a result, Craig and This Is It has had to work within a system that is not controlled by Blacks…banks and lend-

Houston’s Restaurant & Dining Guide

~Houston Locations~ 57 West Jazz Café 5757 Westheimer Houston, TX 77057 (713) 874-9222

Houston’s This Is It Soul Food 207 Gray Street Houston, TX 77002 (713) 659-1608

Breakfast Klub 3711 Travis Street Houston, TX 77002 (713) 528-8561

Mikki’s Cafe 10500 West Bellfort Street Suite 100 Houston, TX 77031 (281) 568-5115

Bunky’s 7265 Scott Street Houston, TX 77021 (713) 747-3663 (713) 747-0044 (fax)

Pass the Peas Soulfood Restaurant 6764 Highway 6 South Houston, TX 77083 (281) 498-4895

Family Cafe 2712 Blodgett Street Houston, TX 77004 (713) 520-8444 (713) 520-7432 (fax) Greatest B-B-Q 2358 Texas Parkway Missouri City, TX 77489 (281) 261-2264 (281) 438-2656 (fax)

Ral’s Fine Bistro & Catering 1330 Wirt Road Houston, TX 77055 (713) 688-7257 Red Cat Jazz Café 924 Congress Street Houston, TX 77002 (713) 226-7870

For a listing and advertising in Gospel Truth News “Houston’s Restaurant & Dining Guide” contact Fatiyah Douglas at or call 832-660-1171.

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The Breakfast Klub -- I

do not pay to stand in a long line outside and endure the elements just to have chicken and waffles… EXCEPT at The Breakfast KLUB. And why? Because it’s worth it. If I had the opportunity to submit this review about seven years ago, I could have said it was the best kept dining secret in Houston. But it’s too late for that…the secret is loosed! I first stumbled across The Breakfast KLUB by accident when they first opened and was excited about a chicken, waffles, grits and catfish breakfast in Houston! I dined…alone, and thought to myself, “It won’t be like this for long once everyone else gets a taste of this.” It wasn’t. Today, The Breakfast Klub serves the very best breakfast you can get any-

where. The food is hot, filled with flavor, prepared homestyled and served relatively fast. I’m especially impressed with the grits that are the perfect texture– not to soft & runny and not to hard. If you know anything about cooking…and I do. That takes patience and attention. The fried catfish and chicken is tasty & crunchy on the outside and moist & flavorable on the inside. Oh yeah, thanks for not serving anorexic chicken wings. I’ve gone on about breakfast, but the Breakfast Klub offers a variety of sandwiches, entrées, and salads that rival the breakfast. Proving the food and service to be consistent in all that it does. The Breakfast Klub is a social gathering complimented by great food. It is the perfect place to meet, greet, network and get involved. So bring your business cards – you never know who you might meet. -- Fatiyah Douglas Interested in a review – invite me over!


Two Times the Blessing

Ral & Rhonda Nwosu of Ral’s Fine Catering & Café Bistro Welcome Twin Daughters, Raquel & Rachel By: Fatiyah Douglas Staff Restaurant & Dining Editor On March 23, 2007 at 7:00 am, two twin angels entered the world, Raquel Ndidi Nwosu and Rachel Amaka Nwosu. Their proud parents, Ral & Rhonda Nwosu, are owners of Ral’s Fine Catering & Café Bistro located in Houston’s Memorial West area. The birth of their daughters is a true testimony of faith, perseverance and knowing & expecting God’s promised to be fulfilled in their lives. The couple endured four miscarriages, one of which was ectopic, but continued to work towards God’s promise. “God is faithful even when you are not experiencing the manifestation of the Word,” says Rhonda. “I did not allow myself to have a pity party for long. I count it as a blessing that all the losses occurred during the greatest expansion of our business, so I was very busy and just kept moving no matter what happened and believed and trusted in God.” The fraternal sisters were born practically at the same time – being delivered within the same minute. Raquel Ndidi, 3.7 oz, was the first to arrive. Mother describes her as the most expressive, looking like daddy and has mom’s personality. The younger sibling, Rachel Amaka, 4.3 oz, is calmer, looks

like mom and has daddy’s personality. “What an awesome combination,” Rhonda states proudly.

New proud Mom, Rhonda Nwosu, proudly presents Raquel Ndidi & Rachel Amaka Nwosu.

Ral & Rhonda named their daughters in tribute of their fathers. Rhonda’s father passed when she was a babe and wanted to name her Rachel meaning lamb. Ral wanted both girls to have the same name – thus Rachel and the Spanish version of Rachel, Raquel. Their middle names were given by their Ibo Nigerian grandfather. Ndidi means patience and Amaka means beautiful. Houstonians have been treated to the especially elegant cuisine prepared by Ral for more than 12 years. Originally started in1994 as solely a caterer in 2005, the Nwosu’s stepped out on faith and open their first restaurant, Ral’s

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 

Café Bistro located at 1330 Wirt Road in Houston’s prestigious West Memorial area. Ral is an accomplished and well acknowledge chef with numerous accolades including 2003-2006 Top 25 Caterer in Houston by Houston Business Journal, 2006 Best Chef – H Texas Magazine and 2006 Caterer of the Year – Port of Houston. Ral’s Café Bistro menu selection is an eclectic combination of traditional and contemporary recipes from around the world ranging from Alfredo with chicken or shrimp to pork tenderloin, specialty entrée salads, Cuban black bean soup, Thai Shrimp Martini, fish tacos, Norwegian Salmon, various pastas, and African style chicken egusi. Sunday brunch at Ral’s Café Bistro is Houston’s best kept secret and dining value. For only $13.95 guests are served an endless variety of entrees, salads, omelets, breakfast breads, carved meats, and more. Grand finales are more than grand with a dessert selection that includes a variety of unique cakes, pastries, mousses, bread pudding, cookies and more. All prepared by Ral’s on-staff executive pastry chef. Rhonda looks forward to celebrating her first Mother’s Day and encourages all those desiring children to remain faithful, steadfast and offers the following thoughts:

• Get the word and confess it no matter what you see or feel • Have fun while you are waiting on your precious bundles of joy/blessings • Sow seeds and rejoice with others who are expecting • Help, attend and participate with others -- attend showers • Work to help children in your family, school and/or church • Read and do your homework on motherhood – a lot has changed! • She recommends “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize “God is no respector of persons. If He did it for me after 12 years, he will do it for you. Wherever I saw an expecting mom, I would confess, ‘Father I thank you that you have not forgotten about me, you said children are heritage and a gift from you.’”

New Parents, Ral & Rhonda Nwosu, celebrate the expectation of their twin daughters duing a festive shower that turned to a praise service.


“And I will walk among you, and I will be your God, and ye shall be my people.” Lev. 26:12 KJV

ConocoPhillips, Tyson Foods Team On New Diesel Fuel Project By: John Porretto Associated Press Writer HOUSTON (AP) - Oil major ConocoPhillips and Tyson Foods Inc., the world’s largest meat producer, said they are teaming up to produce and market diesel fuel for U.S. vehicles using beef, pork and poultry fat.

couple of years to as much as 175 million gallons (662.4 million liters) a year - which Mulva said would amount to about 3 percent of ConocoPhillips’ total U.S. diesel production. “That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s very significant,” Mulva said. “In a tight market, every incremental increase

The board said the idea was to stimulate expansion of the technology needed to create that fuel and encourage development of new refining capacity. Two weeks ago, the trade association said, the Treasury Department expanded the provision so that companies like ConocoPhillips can produce diesel fuel from animal fats and vegetable oils using

The companies said Monday they have collaborated over the past year on ways to combine Tyson’s expertise in protein chemistry and production with ConocoPhillips’ processing and marketing knowledge to introduce a renewable diesel fuel with lower carbon emissions than conventional fuels.

Tyson said it will begin preprocessing animal fat at some of its North American rendering plants this summer. Tyson President and CEO Richard Bond said his company’s potential investment would likely be less than that of ConocoPhillips. The oil company and Tyson, based in Springdale, Arkansas, said the finished product will be renewable diesel fuel mixtures that meet all federal standards for ultra-low-sulfur diesel. They expect to ramp up production over the next

ConocoPhillips said it developed the technology to create the new fuel at a plant in Ireland, where it began commercial production of renewable diesel using soybean oil late last year. But the rising cost of soybean and other oils, which account for the bulk of biodiesel fuel stock, has led to the push to use cheap and plentiful animal fats. That shift to animal fat as a fuel stock could be key to making the budding biodiesel industry a reliable fuel source for U.S. trucking fleets, among other uses, experts say. Biofuels are seen as a way to reduce harmful emissions and wean consumers off fossil fuels. For now, they account for an extremely small percentage of the world’s fuel market. “This strategic alliance is a big win for the entire agricultural sector because it paves the way for greater participation of fats and oils in renewable fuels,” Bond said.

But some renewable-fuel advocates say ConocoPhillips will be able to take unfair advantage of a tax credit designed to create new refining capacity for clean-burning fuels, even though they will be using existing refineries. ConocoPhillips said it planned to spend about $100 million (euro73.8 million) over several years to produce the fuel, Chairman and Chief Executive Jim Mulva said at a news conference. It hopes to introduce the fuel at gas stations in the U.S. Midwest in the fourth quarter of this year.

in the market place.”

helps improve supply availability and reduces retail-price pressure.” The National Biodiesel Board, a trade association, noted that ConocoPhillips and other large oil companies had successfully lobbied the Treasury Department to allow them to take advantage of a renewable diesel tax credit. That 2005 provision allows companies that create a type of renewable fuel from animal carcasses and other food wastes to qualify for a dollar-per-gallon (3.8-liter) tax incentive.

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 10

existing refining capabilities. “The broader interpretation creates a tax loophole for large integrated refineries to subsidize to the tune of $1 (74 euro cents) per gallon their existing refinery capacity in a way that most likely will not result in new refinery capacity,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board. ConocoPhillips spokesman Phil Blackburn acknowledged the company discussed the issue with federal officials, but said that “government incentives are needed to make the product competitive

For companies like Tyson, the attraction is simple. Being the nation’s biggest meat company, Tyson is also the biggest producer of leftover fat from chicken, cattle and hogs. Tyson said the alliance is expected to be a positive step for its “long-term financial performance.” Once the fuel is at full production in 2009, Tyson said it expects the venture to add between 4 cents and 16 cents a share to its annual earnings. ConocoPhillips became the first major U.S. oil company to join a corporate/environmental coalition urging Congress to require limits on greenhouse gases tied to global warming.


“Spirit & Truth” 2nd Annual SOS Ministries Golf Tournament

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“That Which Dwelleth in Me...”

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Pasadena Strawberry Festival

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Dancin’ In The Streets The Bobby Jones International Gospel Industry and Artist Retreat

EVENTS BY VENUE Verizon Wireless Theater 520 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

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~May 5 “Spirit & Truth” - A Women’s and Young Women’s Conference 10:30 am

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60th Anniversary Gala - 7:00 pm

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University of Houston Hilton 4800 Calhoun Houston, TX 77204 For Info: 713-629-3700

~May 18 - Cicely Tyson - 7:00 pm

~May 6 - “The Covenant” - 6:30 pm

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811 Rusk Ave Houston, TX 77002 For Info: 713-225-1661

Alley Theatre

615 Texas Ave. Houston, TX 77002 For Info: 713-228-8421 ~OPENING DAY - May 19 Treasure Island - 7:00 pm

Miller Outdoor Theatre

100 Concert Drive (in Hermann Park) Houston, TX 77030 281. FREE.FUN (281.373.3386)

~May 24-27 Dancin’ In The Streets: Motown and More Review Call for Times


“Nothing Too Hard for God”: A Word On Faith By: Carl Guillory Contributing Writer; Citi Streets Limo Service There is nothing too hard for God. From brokenness to seeing the light, sometimes in life God has to move people and things out of your life to get your full attention, so that he may bring you to everlasting salvation. It happened to me. I walk through the Valley of the shadow. A believer would know what I mean. ‘I’ and ‘me’ were my vocabulary, but through brokenness that has changed. A wise man, my Grandfather, once told me that your tongue is like a pink tornado: it can destroy lives. That is so true. Be very careful what you speak,

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 12

good or bad. It can happen in your life if you really want to live. Fight on your knees. A man doesn’t start living until he gives all honor and glory to God. I always tell my boys to walk the righteousness; if you do, then God will bless everywhere you plant your feet. Also, believe in yourself. God has put dreams and desires in each of our hearts. The Bible says in the book of John 5:14-15 that “if we ask in faith, according to God’s will, he will hear us and answer those prayers.” From a big dream to reality, I got on my knees and prayed. Then, I believed in my heart that it would happen. Like

713-856-5511 •

the snap of a finger it happened. I got scared; then I remembered what I prayed for. In my spirit I believed that if you take one day at a time, and don’t quit, then the Glory will come. It has! We have been in business for five years, doing business with large corporations, as well as worldwide travel agencies. Remember there is no ‘I’ and ‘ME’ in ‘WE’. It takes a team, and God has brought together a great team here at Citi Streets. Hands down we are the best limousine company in the city. By the way, our “Citi” stands for “Christ Is Totally Involved.


An Experience to Last a Lifetime “The 8 Day Experience” By: Jennifer Edwards Staff Writer During the month of May, the St Stephen Baptist Church will be hosting, “The 8 Day Experience; From Dust to Life!” God has given Pastor Paul D. Landrew a vision to have a series of services designed to move people from a hopelessness state of mind to a restored hope with the aim of enabling them to walk in the newness of life. Pastor Landrew has organized the gathering of eight great men and women from across the country each with a “different voice” to be a blessing to those who come for the experience. The experience will begin on May 1st, 2007 with Pastor Chris Hartwell of Cross Roads Community Church in Houston, Texas. Services will continue on May 2nd, 2007 with Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant of The Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland. “This time of ministry will be a life changing experience,” are the words of Bishop Paul Morton of Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Church in Atlanta, Georgia who will be sharing the word on May 8th, 2007.

On May 15th, 2007, Bishop Liston Page of The Highway Cathedral in Paterson, New Jersey will be administering the word. On May 16th, Pastor Sheryl Brady of The River Church in Durham, North Carolina will be the guest speaker. The final week of The Experience will have a home flavor featuring the ministry of Bishop Shelton Bady of Harvest Time Church in Houston, Texas. He likens the experience “such as the experience to the encounter that Paul had with Jesus on the road to Damascus. It will be an encounter with God, that will leave your life totally different.”; and closing out will be the host, Pastor Paul D. Landrew of the St. Stephen Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. This is the second year of “The 8 Day Experience” to be hosted by Pastor Landrew and the St. Stephen Church family. The first experience was in May of 2006. The outcome was phenomenal! Pastor Landrew said that the lingering success was well beyond what could have been imagined in the prayer and planning stages and he knows that God will bless this 2007 experience as well. There are already plans for next year’s experience to be called “8 days in ’08!” The services will be held at 7:30 pm nightly at the St. Stephen Baptist Church 170 Rittenhouse Houston, TX 77076. If you would like more information please call (713) 742-0200, extension 102.

Dr. Ralph D. West of The Church Without Walls in Houston, Texas will continue to renew hope on May 9th, 2007.

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 13


“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matt. 7:15 KJV

Preacher Plans Branch Davidian Memorial the property lacks running water and a septic system. As part of the tabernacle, he plans to include a pair of rams, sheep, goats, cows and doves to represent the biblical requirement for sacrifices, although no animals actually will be killed. Pace said he also wants to pay tribute to the Davidians who died by building a memorial wall with each victim’s name engraved on stones under a large mesquite tree.

The Branch Davidian compound fire which killed nearly 80 in Waco, TX in 1993.

By ANGELA K. BROWN Associated Press Writer WACO, Texas (AP) - A new religious community is rising from the ashes of the Branch Davidian compound here, 14 years after nearly 80 people died in a blaze that ended an armed standoff with federal authorities. About a dozen believers gather each weekend in a chapel for services led by Charles J. Pace, leader of The Branch, The Lord Our Righteousness. He plans to build a museum, tabernacle, amphitheater and wellness center as part of his new, reorganized sect of the Branch Davidians. But the few remaining Davidians who once lived at the compound with religious leader David Koresh oppose the project. They fear the museum will not accurately depict the events of April 19, 1993, because Pace despised Koresh and was not living in Texas at the time. “He’ll portray us as deceived and put us down and say David Koresh was the devil,” said Clive Doyle, who survived the fire and moved off the property last year after clashing with Pace over Koresh and religious doctrine. On Feb. 28, 1993, authorities tried to arrest Koresh for stockpiling guns and explosives. The ensuing shootout killed four U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents and six Davidians. That began a 51-day standoff that ended with an inferno that survivors say was ignited by tear gas rounds fired into the buildings. The government claims the Davidians committed suicide by setting the fire and shooting themselves. A 10-month independent investigation concluded in 2000 that Koresh was solely to blame. The raid, the siege and its fiery conclusion were seen by some as an

unwarranted government intrusion into personal and religious freedoms. Exactly two years after the Texas tragedy, Timothy McVeigh detonated a bomb at the Oklahoma City federal building, killing 168 people in an act intended to avenge the Davidians’ deaths. Pace left the Branch Davidians in the mid-1980s after a split in which most people continued to follow the charismatic Koresh. He claims Koresh twisted the Bible’s teachings by fathering more than a dozen children with members’ wives.

The granite stones had been placed under crepe myrtle trees planted near the chapel a few years ago. But Pace moved the stones, saying the grove is an abomination, according to the Bible. He is now deciding whether to destroy the trees. Last year Pace cut down Koresh’s tree and broke his stone. But he plans to place another - bearing Koresh’s real name, Vernon Howell - on the wall. Although Pace believes Koresh misled the Davidians, they thought they were following God’s will. Despite his differences with the sect, Pace blames the U.S. government for unjustly “executing” the Davidians. But he also adds that the tragedy fulfilled biblical prophecy.

But, Pace estimates that the project will take years (and several million dollars in donations) to complete, partly because

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 14

“You have to ask, ‘What is the story that the community would want to tell?’” he asked. Doyle, whose 18-year-old daughter died in the blaze, said he wishes the site could have a larger memorial telling the victims’ story. But he refuses to participate in the project or to give Pace the Davidians’ mementos that he displayed in his own museum there a few years ago. Sheila Martin, who left the compound during the standoff with three of her children but lost her husband and four other children in the fire, said she also opposes Pace’s plans. She said he was not trying to honor the victims but call attention to himself. “I don’t think it’s anything that God is pleased with,” Martin said.



www. gospeltruthmagazine .com

Visitors still come to the site about 10 miles east of Waco. But there are no signs directing them there or markers commemorating its notorious place in history; only a few charred remnants of the compound remain, piled under some brush near a swimming pool. Near a small chapel built a few years later are plaques with names of the Davidians and ATF agents who died.

“I believe people are going to be coming here seeking truth, and they’re going to find it and they’re going to be healed, physically and spiritually,” said Pace, a licensed massage therapist.

Jim Vaughan, director of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, said raising millions to develop such a memorial is unlikely without “a whole lot of meetings and input and conversations in the community.”


Pace, 57, returned to the Waco-area property - owned by the church, an offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventists - in 1994 because “I just felt I needed to be here to represent the true church.” Since then he and his family have lived on its 77 acres of sprawling pastures and ponds.

Pace has no plans to build his own compound, but he foresees “a spiritual community” with families living separately in houses or mobile homes, attending church and seeking treatment at the wellness center.

from the tragic events.

Late Branch Davidian Leader, Vernon Howell, aka: David Koresh

Ray Feight Sr., a contractor who lives at the site and attends its church, said the goal is to change the negative image. “We want the David Koresh thing to be history; we want to go on,” Feight said. “It’s daunting - we don’t have the finances or the means to do all this. It seems like when God calls people to do this, there’s no way, but it’s all about restoration and healing. The image of this scarred land needs to be healed.” Waco has long tried to distance itself


may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 15


Purpose In The Chaos: Part 2

Minister Mia K. Wright The Fountain of Praise, Houston

as “chaotic”, something that had not yet taken shape. Then there is a change. The scripture tells us that God developed purpose out of chaos. His spirit moved upon the face of the deep creating order where disorder existed. With everything already in place, all of the necessary components existing, the world took shape and became what it was destined to be. There was a catalyst to propel it towards its destiny. Four key events happened as God’s spirit hovered over the formless earth. First God spoke to the condition and then God saw the condition. Following this, God separated the condition from its previous state and then God sealed it with His approval.

In continuation of the article Purpose in the Chaos (published January 2007) we continue to look at the condition and state of things in Genesis 1. Genesis 1:1-4 marks the first of God’s remarkable and awesome works. In the beginning, that which existed was without form and void. Empty, and with out purpose may describe the state of being. It can clearly be defined

What happens when God speaks? Throughout the creation story, God spoke saying “Let there be…” All things that were chaotic were given a purpose and a function. Light was called out of darkness; water was defined by its location. The mountains, grass, seas, and creatures were called forth out of the chaotic mix of what existed in the beginning. There is a great power in God’s speaking. In fact, as we are told in Isaiah 55:11, His word cannot return void. “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Furthermore there is finality and assuredly when God speaks, things happen. When Christ spoke “Peace” to the elements, the wind and the waves obeyed (Mark 4:39). When Christ spoke, “Peace” to a hemorrhaging woman at the well (Mark 5:25), not only does her body receive healing, but the brokenness she experienced for twelve years reaches a peaceful conclusion. Even into our personal chaos, God speaks and says “LET THERE BE…” and there will be. I received a message from one sister who was intrigued by the topic Purpose IN Chaos. She shared that so much had happened in her life – abused as a child, abandoned by her father, and later a series of failed relationships that she believes stemmed from the insecurities bred in her childhood. She found herself in the midst of a divorce and she was expecting a child. “How can there be a purpose in the midst of all this chaos?” she asked. You might be considering your own personal circumstances and asking the exact same question. My answer is simple. God says in Jeremiah 29:11, a scripture I hold to dearly, “I alone know the plans that I have for you; they are for good and not evil to give you a future and a hope.” Take confidence in knowing that God has plans for your

life! The first step is to affirm that in your spirit. You are not a mistake nor do you exist by happenstance. God has planned your life and assigned a purpose to your life even before the foundation of the world! Secondly, God himself declares that His plans are good and not evil. While in the midst of horrible things happening to good people, we often ask God “why?” God in His sovereignty does know all things and even the things that make no sense to us make sense to God. Paul reminds us in Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good.” All is an inclusive word, not leaving anything out! Lastly, God says that His plans will give you a future and a hope, which says to me that this is not the end, it is not final! God has the final say so over every event. Chaos can make us think that we are all alone or that it is as bad as it could ever get. God is saying the opposite. Yes, it feels bad, but God’s grace will carry you through. The next article will further examine what God did in the midst of chaos and how it more intimately relates to our personal lives. As it is covered, I pray that the spirit of God, who hovers over our lives and lives within us, will reveal more of God to each of us, especially in the midst of chaos.

Benefits of a Christian Higher Education Education with a biblical focus

By Gary Ledbetter Staff Writer

College-bound students must take into account an amazing array of details as they finally decide where to enroll. For the Christian student, an additional characteristic should be considered— compatibility with his or her beliefs and lifestyle. My experience as a Christian college graduate and as the father of children who attend a Christian university suggests some benefits you should consider. Relationships are an important part of any educational experience. Students away from home for the first time will find relational aspects of their education even more crucial. A Christian school is uniquely equipped to provide positive relationships for its students. For one thing, most Christian schools are smaller. The largest may be only one tenth the size of a state’s public university. A smaller student body allows for better attention from the

school’s faculty and administration. Size and the tendency of believers to watch out for one another can provide encouragement as well as accountability to a young person facing new challenges and opportunities. Certainly, a state school is interested in encouraging students, but a school with a Christian mission statement will be better equipped to meet these needs. In addition to relationships, a Christian university or college will normally provide an atmosphere more familiar to Christian students. A non-Christian campus, especially a large one, can be quite a shock to incoming freshmen.

and even the scope of an educational experience, and Christian schools may be less influenced by cultural (or educational) fads. A Christian college or university should also teach from a biblical worldview. Ultimately, there is little point in attending a school that calls itself “Christian” if it does not approach all truth as being from God. This is a potential strength as well as a challenge to Christian schools. A biblical worldview will see God as the source of truth in mathematics, science, history, and all other disciplines. Christians believe that God not only made all things, but also knows them intimately.

Therefore, His lordship over our studies is not limited to biblical studies. Not all students have the same needs, not even all Christian students. For many, though, a solid Christian college or university will be the right choice. A Christian school can provide a positive educational experience and a strong biblical foundation for all the things God will call upon them to do in the years that follow.

The more wholesome environment on a Christian campus can provide just as many opportunities without all the distractions and stress. This is not to say that believers should be shut away from the world or be afraid of their neighbors. Higher education is an important job, and some students can find the flash and noise of a big college town detrimental to a good education. A final benefit of Christian higher education is perhaps the most significant. The quality of a Christian college experience is higher than any other. Christian educators have an additional motivation to do their work with excellence—the call of Christ on their lives to do just that (I Cor. 10:31, Col. 3:17). Quality may also be enhanced by the emphasis on subjects and teaching deemed by God to be of first importance. A biblical focus will inform the manner, content,

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 16


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Vivica A. Fox continued from p.1

play and novel. An astounding three million people (and counting) have turned out for I’m Ready’s productions. Performing in over fifty cities nationwide, I’m Ready has broken box office records and fields daily requests from promoters anxious to bring an I’m Ready production to their city. “People will ask what makes our company so unique,” says Guidry. “It’s because we have a no-fear, outsidethe-box approach to bringing the best of entertainment to the stage.”

Scene from “Whatever She Wants”

nine-to-five making sure her twenty-four hours is an eternity of joy,” says Johnson.

Playwright Je’Caryous Johnson

Johnson is also no stranger to the entertainment industry. With over 14 years of experience in the performing arts, he has trained with such theater masters

as Edward Albee, Jose Quintero, and Uta Hagen. He has directed some of the best theater legends, including Billy Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree and Louis Gossett, Jr.

Guidry and Johnson always have boldly gone where no one has dared go before. From turning bestselling African-American novels into plays, to approaching box-office superstars (Denzel Washington was the first actor the duo ever approached about starring in one of their plays), I’m Ready Productions seeks to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. And in doing so, have changed the face of American touring theater.

Today, Johnson is making his mark in the entertainment arena, becoming one of the most sought-after playwrights in the industry. His entertaining and thought-provoking scripts have attracted some of the biggest names in the business – celebrities who would love to star in one of his shows.

“For a long time, there was a negative connotation associated with Black theater,” said Guidry. “So when we came into the marketplace with a new approach, something fresh and clean that didn’t come with the stereotype of gospel/chitlins circuit or gospel/low production, it brought a sense of legitimacy to the entire genre.”

I’m Ready is known for its blockbuster, soul-stirring plays and to date, has grossed over $70 million dollars. In the world of urban theater, I’m Ready Productions Inc., ranks second only to Tyler Perry. Johnson and Guidry (also a Houston native), have revolutionized the urban theater market and now have plans to take their talents to the big screen. The duo is working with national producers on Men, Money & Gold Diggers, the movie, based on their sell-out

After I’m Ready successfully transformed national bestselling author Michael Baisden’s book Men Cry in the Dark into a stage play, America started to take notice. “Not only were the fans turning out in record-breaking numbers, but the media started to recognize the difference between gospel low-budget and the things that I’m Ready was doing. Tyler Perry had his successful plays going, but he was still carrying the gospel theatre title at the time, which

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 18

lumped him into the category with everybody else. So we started the trend of urban theatre,” says Guidry. With each I’m Ready production, the demographics of attendees began to change. “We had book clubs coming out, people with Master’s degrees, and more middle class and upper class people coming out and actually enjoying the shows,” Guidry added. “I just think that the overall reaction to it was a breath of fresh air. It was something different and it just re-energized the market. When gospel theatre was starting to take a downward turn it really re-energized the market place.” Now, the company hopes to parlay that same success that they have with their plays onto the big screen. With Hollywood knocking down their door; Guidry and Johnson look forward to representing Houston in Hollywood. The DVDs of their shows have already became a popular staple among fans attending the shows, but now, the company has secured an unprecedented DVD distribution deal with Image Entertainment. All of their DVDs are now available in retail outlets nationwide and at video rental stores like Blockbuster. They are also currently working on several television and feature film projects. Now, the duo is ready to once again spread their wings, and to do for the film industry what they have done in the theatre world – revolutionize the way America sees Black productions. Their new production efforts will have more of a spiritual focus. “We are looking at merging the secular and gospel worlds with faith-based films. History has proven that in a world of chaos, spirituality is the only thing that can bring us back,” Johnson added. As Guidry and Johnson have proven time and time again, the sky is the limit when it comes to where they go from here.


may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 19


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Look No Further:

Your New Car is Here!


12:42 PM

Page 1





MSRP** , Over 20 to choose from

2007 Volvo S60 2.5T

(From Left) Sterling L Whitley,Jr., Andre Garner, Marvin Ard

By: Jennifer Edwards Staff Writer Stop in to Houston’s #1 Volvo Dealership in 2007 and you will be greeted by a staff whose primary goal is to make you part of their ever expanding family. Volvo of Houston is on of the premier car dealerships in the country. There commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. Leading the exceptional experience that every customer has is: Andre Garner, New Car Sales Manager; Sterling L. Whitley, Jr., Finance Director; and Marvin Ard, Sales Director. These exceptional African-American men will make sure that your experience is second to none. Working with Volvo of Houston since 2005, Andre Garner, member of St. Matthew’s Baptist Church, is the New Car Sales Manager. With over twelve years of experience in the car industry, he will make sure that all of your new car needs are met. Building a strong, family relationship with his customers that will continue beyond the initial sell of the car is what keeps customers coming

back. Continuing the great succession of leaders is Marvin Ard, member of Southwest Community Baptist Church. Marvin has been selling cars since 1999. With over 8 years as an account executive, his hand on experience is wonderful and you will want anyone in search of a car to meet with Marvin today!




MSRP on all S40’s in stock, hurry for best selection

2007 Volvo S40

Rounding out the three elite is Sterling L. Whitley, Jr.; Finance Director. Sterling has almost 10 years of knowledge in the automobile industry. Sterling specializes in getting financing for all credit needs! When you work with Sterling, he will treat you as a member of his family. With these men leading your car buying experience, there is no way you can go wrong! When you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, go to Volvo of Houston, where you will find, “an atmosphere like no other. If you don’t believe it, come by and find out for yourself!”

800-730-1371 visit us at:

** Savings applies to all retired loaners and demos in stock. Financing Available through Volvo Finance WAC. Pictures for illustration purposes only see dealer for full details. Offer expires 6/30/2007.

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 21


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COMMUNITY may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 23


“Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near..” Isaiah 55:6 KJV

The New North American Union can Union. The North American Union plan is simple… Erase the borders.

The CFR report states: The three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the governments’ physical control of cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America. A long-term goal for a North American border action plan should be joint screening of travelers from third countries at their first point of entry into North America and the elimination of most controls over the temporary movement of these travelers within North America.

(From Left) President Vicente Fox of Mexico, President George W. Bush, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin

By: Brad Hudson Staff Writer On March 23, 2005, George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin met in Waco, Texas and agreed in private to merge their individual countries with one another. The three Presidents then issued a joint statement announcing the creation of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North

America” (SPP). The creation of this new agreement was never submitted to Congress for debate and decision. The blueprint Mr. Bush is following was laid out in a 2005 report titled “Building a North American Community” published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR report connects the dots between the Bush administration’s actual policy on illegal immigration and the drive to create the North Ameri-

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 24

The CFR document also calls for creating a “North American preference” so that employers can recruit low-paid workers from anywhere in North America. No longer will illegal aliens have to be smuggled across the border; employers can openly recruit legal “aliens” willing to work for a fraction of U.S. wages. Proponents of the new “North American Community” claim that its purpose is to increase security and prosperity for all three nations through enhanced cooperation. However, critics maintain that the partnership will sacrifice U.S. sovereignty by eliminating borders between countries and inevitably ending the United States as we know it. Texas Republican Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul says

that Mr. Bush has presided over a system wide doctrine of violating the Constitution, from the Iraq War and the “War on Terrorism” all the way to his pursuit of the North American Union agenda which is proceeding without legally required Congressional oversight.

“I think the goal is one world government. Globalists and one-world promoters never seem to tire of coming up with ways to undermine the sovereignty of the United States. The most recent attempt comes in the form of the misnamed ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America’ (SPP). In reality, this new “partnership” will likely make us far less secure and certainly less prosperous. Even more troubling are reports that under this new “partnership,” a massive highway is being planned to stretch from Canada into Mexico, through the state of Texas. This is likely to cost the U.S. taxpayer untold billions of dollars, will require eminent domain takings on an almost unimaginable scale, and will make the U.S. more vulnerable to those who seek to enter our country to do us harm. This all adds up to not only more and bigger government, but to the establishment of an unelected mega-government. I just hope and pray that we can wake up enough people…” The 2006 NAU progress report states that everything is on track for the merger to go into effect by 2010.


For souvenir and sponsership book call 713-856-5511!! may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 25


Black America: We Scare Me

Attorney Roy Miller

By: Attorney Roy Miller Staff Writer

“I have chased my chaser in a relentless effort to self destruct, so why should I now be surprised to find myself captive of my chaser.” Those words came to me years ago and I repeat them everyday to remind myself of how easy it is to accompany temptation into the web of sin. I love being Black, but I also love people of all races. I write and speak on the life of Black America because I feel familiar with what makes us laugh and what makes us cry; what makes us happy and what makes us sad; and, what makes us sin and what makes us love. I feel that we as Black

Americans are chasing our chaser. We have lost compassion because our hearts have denied God access. There is much that Black America should consider.

Black America, what if there really is a God? What if there really is a heaven and a hell? What if God really did blow his breath into only one human (Adam) and our lives are an extension of the life that God blew into Adam? What are we doing to Gods breath of life? Are we desperately trying to suffocate God with what we say and by what we do? What if God was serious about it being a great abomination for man to lay with man and woman to lay with woman? What if Jesus was serious about holding the death penalty to the standard of he who is without sin, cast the first stone? What if God is serious about us having to justify ourselves for what we say and what we do? What if we really do convict ourselves with what we say and what we do? What if God placed man as head of household as a necessity for development of his kingdom and not just for concerns of people? When we are not doing Gods desire, are we then serving the desires of another God? Is God serious about us serving only him? Can we justify our

sinful acts by explaining to God how we served him 99 out of 100 times, but served another God only once? Will God understand? Will God understand how the man rich with 1000 coats sat and watched 999 poor men without coats freeze to death in their poverty? How much should a rich man give to the needy and why is it so hard for a rich man to get into heaven? Are we worshipping the lease holder or the owner and where will we go when the lease expires? What do we owe to the lost soul, if anything at all, a day or a year? Its not quite so clear, if time equals pain that was cost. God, let us love you again and let us love each other again. God, give us the ability to see the spirit of people and not just the body. We are lost and we are so far away from home. The day is almost over and we still have not made up our minds. Time is of essence and I really mean it when I say, Black America: We Scare Me! Roy Miller is an attorney practicing in Macon, Ga. A primary focus of his practice is on securing safe environments for young people. He is mostly known for being the first and only person to succeed at having the n-word deleted

from a major dictionary.

Attorney Miller also does motivational speaking. Visit his website at www., send e-mail to or call (478) 745-2402 for more information. Attorney Miller is mostly known for being the first and only person to succeed at having the n-word deleted from a major dictionary.

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The Real ID Act Is Unreal Critics Claim By: Brad Hudson Staff Writer

licenses while creating a federal database of state-issued identification. The Act was passed by the Senate in 2005 without debate due to Sensenbrenner attaching it as a rider on military spending bill.

plete control over who you say you are, and the next Mohammed Atta would still be able to obtain a state driver’s license, it will be too late to reverse course...”

Rep. James Sensenbrenner

Initially set up to take effect in May of 2008, states have been given an extension and will now have until December 31, 2009 to comply with the new federal standards. The extra time was granted mainly due to many state motor vehicle divisions across the nation saying that the Act would be a “nightmare” to implement and stating that it would be “impossible” to meet the 2008 deadline.

James Sensenbrenner (R – Wisconsin), the congressman that introduced the Patriot Act and the controversial immigration bill that ordered additional criminal penalties for aiding and abetting illegal aliens, authored the Real ID Act, which requires additional scrutiny of citizenship before issuing drivers

Supporters of the Real ID Act say that unifying licensing rules will curb fraudulent IDs, thereby curbing terrorist activity. However, critics claim that couldn’t be further from the truth while stating that non-existent privacy, rampant identity theft and billions of wasted dollars will be the end result. Matthew Dunlap, the Secretary of State for Maine echoes this sentiment. “The Real ID Act is not real. It is a bizarre policy fiction with murky goals. Once billions of public treasure is expended and the government has com-

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 26

Alexander (R-TN) and Richard Durbin (D-IL) came together to reject Sensenbrenner’s proposal when they wrote in a letter to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN): “Real ID Act provisions would be so difficult for states to implement, the bill would undermine an initiative that can make the nation safer from terrorism.” But perhaps the website sums up the growing anti-Real ID movement the best.

On January 25, Maine became the first state to reject the Real ID Act, despite the threat that the state’s Driver’s Licenses would no longer be recognized by the federal government for a variety of purposes including boarding an airplane and entering federal courthouses. Idaho later followed Maine by rejecting participation in the program as well.

The Real ID Act creates a federal identity document that every American will need in order to fly on commercial airlines, enter government buildings, open a bank account, and more. It creates huge administrative burdens for state governments, while providing no federal funds for implementing its onerous requirements. At the same time, it does nothing to combat terrorism, and puts us at greater risk for invasions of privacy and identity theft. It appears the countdown to New Years Eve 2009 will begin earlier than ever before.

In addition, Senators reached across party lines as John Sununu (R-NH), Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), Lamar


may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 27


may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 28


“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” Matt. 7:7 KJV

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may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 29

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt. 18:20 KJV New Home Family Worship Center - Houston R.C. Blakes, Jr. 4800 Calhoun Street Houston, 77204 713-741-2447 Sunday Worship: 10:00am Sunday School: 9:00am Bible Study(Wed): 7:00pm

Harvest Time Church Bishop Shelton Bady 17770 Imperial Valley Drive Houston, TX 77060 281-423-3612 Sunday Worship: 8:30am,11:00am Tuesday Noon Day: 12:00pm Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Worship Center

Pastor Willie J. Coleman, Sr.

3604 Hadley Houston, TX 77004 713-659-5067 Sunday School: 9:30am Morning Worship: 10:45am

St. Agnes Church Bishop Gene A. Moore Sr. 3730 South Acres Dr Houston, TX 77047 713-733-0146 Sunday Worship: 11:00am Bible Study Tuesday: 12:00 Noon & 7:00pm Sunday School: 10:30am

Candlelight Worship Center Overseer Rena’ Lewis 3202 Bennington Houston, TX 77093 713-631-3052 Sunday Worship: 10:45am Monday Prayer: 6:30pm Bible Study (Thur.): 7:00pm

The Living Word - Church of Houston Pastor Craig I. Carter 3371 Dixie Drive Houston, TX 77021 713-741-6778 Sunday Worship: 11:00am Praise Service (Sun.): 7:00pm Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm

Canaan Baptist Church Rev. Val D. Adams 5117 Lockwood Drive Houston, TX 77026 713-673-2827 Sunday Worship: 9:35am Praise Service (Sun.): 7:30pm Bible Study (Wed.): 6:30pm

United Bible Fellowship Ministries Apostle Julius Glass 12539 Cutten Rd. Houston, TX 77066 281-880-9705 Sun. Christian Bible Teaching: 9:00am Sun. Praise & Worship: 10:30am Wed. Bible Enrichment: 7:00pm

The Fountain of Praise Pastor Remus Wright 13950 Hillcroft Avenue Houston, TX 77085 713-433-1824 Sunday Worship: 7:30am, 10:00am, & 12:30pm Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm

Above & Beyond Fellowship Pastor William J. Lindsey & Lady Shawn 3315 Spring Cypress Bld 1-A Spring, TX 77388 281-355-6161 Sunday Morning Worship Experience: 9am & 11am Saturday Service (Conroe, TX): 6pm Mid Week Service: 2nd & 4th Wednesday

New Light Christian Center

Drs. I.V. & Bridget Hilliard 1535 Greensmark Drive Houston, TX 77067 281-875 4448 Sunday: 9:00am Other two locations information on website

Greater Truth Temple Worship Center Pastor Dexter B. Kyle 5118 W. Orem Blvd. Houston, TX 77045 713.413.4992 Sunday: 8:30am Educational Hour: 10:00 am Worship: 11:15am Bible Study (Wed): 7:00pm

St. James United Methodist Church Pastor Develous A. Bright 1217 Wilson Street Houston, TX 77019 713-651-1184 Sunday School: 10:00am Worship Service Sunday: 11:00am Bible Study (Tue.): 6:30pm

Faith Christian Church International Apostle Debra Ford 5517 Broadway, Suite K Pearland, TX 77581 281-997-1151 Sunday Worship: 9:00am, 10:00am Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm

Pleasant Hill Church of Deliverance Pastor Gene Johnson 312 North 6th Street La Porte, TX 77571 281-471-4021 Sunday Worship: 11:00am Christian Education (Sun.): 9:30am Bible Study (Wed.): 7:30pm

Step of Faith Missionary Baptist Church Pastor James Ballard 3503 Sunbeam Street Houston, TX 77051 713-731-2620 Sunday School: 9:30am Sunday Worship: 11:00am Bible Study (Wed.): 8:00pm

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 30 CHURCH LISTINGS

Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. Rev. Dr. J. J. Roberson, Pastor 7817 Calhoun Road Houston, TX 77033 713-733-9170 Sunday School: 9:00am Sunday Worship: 10:30am & 7:00pm

Fountain of Faith Baptist Church Pastor Mark A. Cain 9999 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77042 713-270-4567 Sunday School: 9:15am Sunday: 11:00am Bible Study: 7:00pm

Mt. Ararat Baptist Church

Rev. Michael E. Rutledge 5801 W. Montgomery Road Houston, TX 77091 713-692-9954 Sunday Worship: 8:00am & 11:00am Sunday School: 9:30 AM. Bible Study(Wed):11:00am & 7:00pm www.lifewaylink/

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His Way Baptist Church Pastor Keith Douglas 8606 Observatory Street Houston, TX 77088 281-820-5288 Sunday Worship: 9:30am Spiritual Classes (Sun.): 11:00am Bible Study: Wed. 7:00pm

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Abundant Life Christian Fellowship Church Apostle Raymond L. Rogers Sr. & Rosaland Rogers 7114 Breen Road Houston, TX 281-405-8123 Sunday Worship: 10:00am Bible Study (Wed.): 7:30pm


Lily of the Valley Baptist Church Pastor B. James Noel, Sr.

St. Luke First Worship Center Rev. Harvey M. Walker, Senior Pastor

10711 Dulcimer Houston, TX 77004 713-733-4642 Sunday Worship: 8:00am Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm

3225 W. Orem Drive Houston, TX 77045 713-433-2862 Sunday: 8:45am & 11:00am Bible Study (Tue.): 12:00pm Bible Study (Wed.): 8:00pm

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Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Inc. Kenneth K. Rose Jr., Senior Pastor

6900 Weaver Road Houston, TX 77028 713-633-3370 Sunday Service: 8:30am,11:30am & 7:00pm Prayer Meeting (Wed.): 7:00pm Bible Study: 8:15pm

3618-A Stassen Houston, TX 77051 713-734-0610 Sunday Services Intercessory Prayer: 9:00am Morning Worship: 10:00am Children’s Church: 10:00am

3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston, TX 77004 713-748-5240 Sunday Worship: 7:30am, 10:30am, & 12:30pm Bible Study (Wed.): 12:00pm & 7:00pm

1421 West St. Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-239-0141 Fax: 832-595-8938 Sunday Worship: 8:15 am, 10:00 am Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm

8600 Sweetwater Lane Houston, TX 77037 281-598-1860 Sunday School: 9:30am Sunday Worship: 11:00am Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00pm Website:

Southwest Community Christian Center Rev. Gregg John Patrick

5510 West Sam Houston Parkway North Houston, TX 77041 713-466-7161 Sunday School: 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship: 10:30 a.m. Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00 p.m.

3535 Brewster Houston, TX 77026 713-673-7694 Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM Bible Study (Wed.): 7:00 PM

Zion Christian Center Outreach Pastor Winfred & First Lady Algene Garrett 5530 Van Fleet Houston, Texas 77033 713-734-3049 In House Sunday Service: 9:30am Intercessory Prayer: 10am Worship Service: 11am Youth Church: 12pm Wed. Service & Meeting: 7pm

615 Westshire Drive Houston, Texas 77013 713-675-6558 Sunday Worship: 10 AM Bible Study (Tues): 7 PM

New Beginnings Christian Center Bishop Robert L. Campbell, Sr. Pastor Gretchen Campbell

8424 Ley Road Houston, TX 77028 713-631-3603 Sunday Service: 9:00am Wednesday: 8:00pm

Greater Macedonia Baptist Church Pastor I.V. Alfred, Jr. & Earnestine Alfred

New Bethel Worship Experience Pastor Caleb B. Anderson

1023 Pinemont Drive Houston, TX 77018 713-688-2900 Sunday: 8:45am & 11:30am Worship Thursday: 6:45pm

New Oasis of Faith Cathedral (Main Campus) Bishop Thomas E. Wallace

Faith Tabernacle Christian Center Bishop C.R. Demerson & Lady “D”

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Dr. Marcus D. Cosby

Greater Vision Church Rev. L.D. Lee, Pastor, & First Lady Lee

The Community of Faith Church Bishop James Dixon, II and Tanisha Dixon

4880 Bellaire Blvd Houston,TX 77083 281-983-LOVE (5683) Sunday Worship: 7:45am & 11:00am Bible Study (wed): 7:30pm

First Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries

First Metropolitan Church Pastors John & Evelyn Ogletree

Dr. Barbara Adaer-Sampson - Prophetess/Senior Pastor

8870 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. Houston, TX 77040 713-983-7888 Sunday: 7:45 am and 10:45 am Sunday School: 9:30 am Bible Study (Tues. & Wed.): 7:30 pm

Cliffdale Baptist Church Pastor Fred Sanders III

14026 E. Hardy Rd. (Temp.) Houston, TX 77039 832-893-3361 Sunday Worship: 5:00pm Please call for venues and dates.

Enlighten Ministries Pastor Ronald Hubbard

3511 Pinemont Dr. Houston, TX 77018 713-385-9128 Sunday School 10:15am Sunday Service 11:00am 4th Sunday Rhema Word: 7:00pm Prayer Hour (Tues) 7:00pm Bible Study (Tues) 8:00pm Thur. Night Christian 12-Step program 7:00pm

854 Enterprise Houston, TX 77088 281-447-8850 Sunday School 9:45am Sunday Service 11:00am Bible Study (Wed) 7:30pm

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may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 31


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Jackson Calls Imus Firing a ‘Victory For Decency’ “I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.” Psalms 104:32 KJV

Rev. Jesse Jackson

By TARA BURGHART Associated Press Writer CHICAGO (AP) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Friday it was pattern of ``racial and gender degradation’’ - not just one incident - that cost radio show host Don Imus his job. “We do not gloat over this victory. In many ways, I feel sorry for Imus and look upon him with a certain compassion because for so many, the racial and gender degradation is so cultural, so built into the way they see the world,” Jackson said. Jackson held the news conference at his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition headquar-

ters a day after CBS fired Imus. Last week, Imus called the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos,” and Jackson’s group held protests calling for Imus’ ouster. “It is a victory for decency,” Jackson said. “We support free speech. We resist indecent speech.” When asked about the actions during the Imus controversy of Sen. Barack Obama, the Illinois Democrat running for president, Jackson indicated he thought Obama could have played a greater role. On Wednesday, Obama became the first presidential candidate to call for Imus to be fired. He also said he would never again appear on Imus’ show. “Those who are going to lead America must end up healing the racial wounds and fighting for racial justice and gender equality and workers’ rights,” Jackson said. He praised Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “very public position that she had not been invited and would not go on the (Imus) show.” Asked whether he was disappointed in Obama, who he endorsed last month, Jackson said no, but immediately added: “I know that there are those who in the political area try to keep their uniforms clean and avoid controversy. But leadership must ultimately move opinion and not follow opinion polls. And those that move opinion will have dirty uniforms and those that have clean uniforms are on the bench.” On Friday, Obama campaign spokes-

man Bill Burton said he did not believe Jackson was speaking about the senator. “If he wanted to say something about

Radio Personality Don Imus

Obama, he would have said something about Obama,” Burton said. The only black candidate in the presidential race, Obama told The Associated Press during a campaign stop Friday in South Carolina that as a parent, he constantly works to reinforce his two daughters’ sense of self-esteem. He said as constitutional lawyer, he’s a free speech advocate. “But just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should say something,” he said. “And I think that we have not talked enough about the harmful images and messages that are sent.”

Jackson was part of a delegation of civil rights activists and lawmakers who met with broadcast executives in New York Thursday. He said one topic of discussion was having more blacks and Latinos as commentators, hosts, writers and producers of national television and radio shows. Jackson also said he intends to talk with the major music corporations about ending the use of degrading language to refer to women in rap and other popular music. Jackson acknowledged that when he gets involved in issues involving racial stereotypes or freedom of speech, his critics bring up when he in 1984 called New York City “Hymietown” - in reference to the city’s large Jewish population. Jackson said he was wrong to use the term, but made it in private (to a reporter), apologized and has not repeated the mistake of using offensive slurs again. Imus, however, has used “the public airwaves to do it over and over again, the misuse of his power and the consistency of degradation,” Jackson said. “There really is no comparison. One has to stretch to make a comparison between an off-color remark that is wrong, and one who uses a platform for political purposes to type and stereotype people.”

Disney’s “Frog Princess” To Be Released in 2009 © Walt Disney Pictures

The character of Maddy will be brought to life by the voice of Anika Noni Rose. Rose, most famously known for her role in Dreamgirls, won the coveted role over Dreamgirls costar Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, and Tyra Banks.

‘Maddy’, Disney’s first African-American princess from “The Frog Princess”

Disney Press Release The Walt Disney Studios will continue its fairy tale legacy in animation by taking moviegoers on an all-new “once upon a time” musical adventure with its 2009 release of “The Frog Princess.”

A musical set in the legendary birthplace of jazz – New Orleans -- “The Frog Princess” will introduce the newest Disney princess, Maddy, a young African-American girl living amid the charming elegance and beauty of the enchanted French Quarter.

may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 33

Walt Disney Studios Chairman, David Cook, exclaimed that the Frog Princess is, “a great story with all the ingredients that go into making an extraordinary motion picture experience. Like many of Disney’s most popular fairy tales, it has elements of magic, fantasy, adventure, heart, humor, and music. The film’s New Orleans setting and strong princess character give the film lots of excitement and texture” From the heart of Louisiana’s mystical bayous and the banks of the mighty Mississippi, comes an unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a soulful singing crocodile, voodoo spells, and Cajun charm at every turn.

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may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 34


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’07 Nissan Frontier King SE

18999 ’06 Nissan Titan Crew Cab $ Automatic, AM/FM/CD, Cruise, Tilt Wheel. . . 18999 ’05 Nissan Murano $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, Cruise, Tilt . . . . . 18999 ’06 Nissan Xterra $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, AM/FM/CD . . . . . 19999 ’06 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, AM/FM/CD . . . . . 19999 ’06 Toyota Sienna $ Automatic, PW, PL, AM/FM/CD, Cruise, Tilt. . 19999 ’03 Infiniti G35 $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, AM/FM/CD . . . . . 19999 ’06 Dodge Charger SXT $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, Fog Lights. . . . . . 20999 ’04 Nissan Pathfinder Armada $ Auto, PW, PL, AM/FM/CD, Alloys. . . . . . . . . . 20999 Automatic, PW, PL, Cruise, Tilt, Alloys. . . . . .


’05 Toyota Tundra Limited


’05 Nissan Maxima SL


’03 Toyota Sequoia Limited


’07 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad


21999 Auto, PW, PL, Leather, Sunroof, Alloys . . . . . 21999 ’04 Infiniti G35 Coupe $ Auto, PW, PL, Leather, Sunroof, Spoiler . . . . 21999 ’06 Nissan Murano $ Automatic, PW, PL, AM/FM/CD, Certified . . . 22599 ’07 Nissan Maxima SE $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, Certified . . . . . . . 23599 ’07 Mazda CX-7 $ Auto, PW, PL, Alloys, AM/FM/CD, Warranty . . 23999 ’06 Nissan Pathfinder $ Automatic, PW, PL, Sunroof, Rear AC . . . . . . 23999 ’06 Lincoln Zephyr $ Automatic, PW, PL, Alloys, Leather, Sunroof. . 24999 ’05 VW R32 $ PW, PL, Alloys, 6-Speed, Leather. . . . . . . . . . 24999 Automatic, PW, PL, V-8, Captain Chairs . . . .


’03 Chevy Silverado Sport Side

16995 ’06 Buick Lucerne $ Automatic, AC, AM/FM/CD, PW, PL . . . . . . . . 17495 ’07 Pontiac G6 $ V-6, Auto, AC, Sunroof, Alloy Wheels . . . . . . . 17795 ’06 VW Jetta 2.5 $ Automatic, AC, Leather, Alloy Wheels . . . . . . 17895 ’07 Chevy Impala LT $ Automatic, AC, AM/FM/CD, Sunroof. . . . . . . . 17995 ’06 Toyota Sienna Van $ AM/FM/CD, Power Windows, Power Locks . . 17995 ’06 Ford Freestyle SEL $ Auto, AC, Leather, Sunroof, Alloy Wheels. . . . 17995 ’05 Nissan Altima SE $ V-6, Auto, AC, AM/FM/CD, Alloys, Certified . . 17995 ’07 Nissan Altima $ Automatic, Air Conditioning, AM/FM/CD . . . . 18895 Custom Paint, Chrome Whls, Leather, Good Miles.


’04 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL

18895 ’07 Chevy Malibu LT $ Auto, AC, Chrome Wheels, Sunroof, OnStar. . 18995 ’05 Nissan Titan Crew Cab $ Automatic, AC, AM/FM/CD, Power Pkg . . . . . 18995 ’05 Nissan 350Z $ AM/FM/CD, PW, PL, Alloys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18995 ’06 Ford F-150 Super Cab $ XLT, V-8, Chrome Wheels, PW, PL . . . . . . . . . 20695 ’06 BMW Mini Cooper $ Convertible, Automatic, AC, AM/FM/CD . . . . . 21995 ’05 Mercedes C230 $ Kompressor, Auto, Leather, Sports Pkg, Roof. . 21995 ’04 Chevy Tahoe LT $ Automatic, AC, Leather, Bose, Chrome Wheels. . 21995 ’06 Ford F-150 Super Crew $ Auto, AC, Step Rails, Tilt, Cruise, Alloys . . . . 22795 Auto, CD, Leather, Bose, Certified, Sunroof . .

Credit South: 713-349-6138

CHURCH LISTINGS may 2007 Vol 1, I-5, pg 35


22995 Auto, AC, AM/FM/CD, 20" Wheels, 6K Miles . . 23695 ’07 Nissan Maxima SE $ Automatic, AC, Alloys, Skyview Sunroof . . . . 23895 ’06 Nissan Murano $ AWD, AM/FM/CD, PW, PL, Alloy Wheels. . . . 23895 ’05 Ford Mustang GT $ Convertible, Auto, AC, Leather, Shaker Stereo . . 23895 ’07 Chrysler 300 $ Automatic, AC, 22" Wheels, Power Pkg . . . . 24695 ’07 Nissan Pathfinder SE $ Automatic, AC, AM/FM/CD, Alloy Wheels . . . 24695 ’04 Audi A4 1.8T $ Convertible, Auto, AC, Alloys, Bose, 23K . . . . 24995 ’07 Toyota Camry XLE $ Leather, AC, Sunroof, 6K Miles. . . . . . . . . . . . 25895 4x4, Leather, Roof, DVD, Alloys, Extra Clean. .

Credit North: 281-897-1649 GOSPELTRUTHNEWS.COM



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