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05 May 2010 Dear Reader, We are pleased to meet you again and this time, with an interesting theme, 'Seasons'. Catch our writers talk about their memories of summer, adventures with snow and the joys of spring! Don't miss our art and photography sections that pay perfect tributes to the seasons. And, there are nine little stories on the rain too, one each for the nine human emotions. There's also a sci-fi story that looks into the future and carries a strong message. Centuries from now, will kids ever know what seasons are? What's more, we are bringing in the analogies too in this issue. We have our writer of the month taking an interesting stance on the 'seasons and life' equation and someone talking about how innocence is a season in its own way.

We bring in seasons in cinema. There's also a story on life's race and the review of an interesting book. So, we won't hold you back any more! Go ahead and we sincerely hope you enjoy every page of this issue! Please don't forget to drop in a mail to comments.spark@gmail.c om to let us know how you liked the issue. You can also leave a comment for us at our website, http://sparkthemag.wordp, where you can also rate this issue. We will meet you next month with yet another interesting edition of Spark! Until then, goodbye! Cheers, Spark Editorial Team

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Spark May 2010 Issue  

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Spark May 2010 Issue  

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