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Cover page photographs: Top Row (L to R) : mikeoliveri, Tela Chhe, Anupama Krishnakumar Middle Row: rammorrison, Mark Brannan, phil moore, souravdas Bottom Row: huangjiahui, bagaball, climbnh2003

Picture by kathrynaaker

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* names have been changed.

* names have been changed.

Picture by Vipul Sangoi

Picture by Sam Kumar

Picture by loresui

Picture by astraliaz

Picture by childrenbookreview

Picture by ecstaticist

Picture by yann seitek

All Pictures Š Geeta Ramanujam

All Pictures Š S.Sowmya

Niranjan Ravi and his mother Ramamani Ravi with Former President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. Picture Courtesy : Ramamani Ravi

Ramesh Sundar working on a mopping cloth in his loom. Picture Courtesy : Lakshmi Sundar

Picture by Dave-F

Anupama Krishnakumar Jenani Srikanth Maya Kumar Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy Shreya Ramachandran Vani Viswanathan Varsha Sreenivasan Anita Ratnam, Dancer and Choreographer S.Sowmya, Carnatic Vocalist Sathya Saran, Writer and Journalist Geeta Ramanujam, Director, Kathalaya Meera Sivakumar, Fellow, Teach for India (Interviews by Anupama Krishnakumar)

pen image: M shades Mic and loudspeaker images, quotation marks: Google Images

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Spark - September 2010 Issue  

September 2010 issue of Spark

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